Tabi's Tale (Part 20)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 20)

Tabi Can't Refuse

Tabi pulled into the garage, turned off the engine and leaned forward to rest her forehead on her hands on the steering wheel. She was terribly conflicted. What she said and did in the next few minutes might have major repercussions on her and her kids.

One the one hand, the mere thought that anyone, including her fuck buddy Bradley, would get the slightest hint of her lust for her son and daughter absolutely and rightfully terrified her. On the other, the sheer perversity of her twelve year old son spying on her, with her knowledge, while she sucked and fucked Bradley thrilled her beyond belief, causing her to twice masturbate in the restroom at work that day just thinking about it.

Bradley would knock on her door the night after next and she would suck and fuck him until his cock no longer hardened. That was now certain. She still had a chance to keep it just that, just another recreational sex session, and not let her son watch as he asked. She could just tell him no and not give him the chance.

Yet, the intensity of the way he made the request and the excitement it stirred in her clouded her better judgment. After a couple more moments of thought she smiled to herself and got out of the car.

It was time to have another talk with her son

Tabi walked into the kitchen and put her purse down on the counter. She could hear the video game her son was playing in the other room. She unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged out of her bra as she headed toward the family room and stopped suddenly in the doorway.

Alex was sitting naked on the edge of the couch, totally focused on the video game he was playing. His flaccid cock and tight balls dangled beneath him, swaying slightly with each movement he made. Tabi was not surprised to see him nude. The night before he told her how comfortable he now was even when his sister was around.

What caused her to pause was seeing her daughter sitting in a chair opposite her brother. Amy was topless with her ankles crossed on the chair, the crotch of her pale blue panties clearly visible. She held her phone in one hand, seeming to be concentrating on it but Tabi could tell the way she was brushing a thumb of the other hand over an erect nipple she was staring over the phone at her brother's dick.

Neither of them had noticed her, so Tabi backed up into the kitchen, her pussy on fire. She quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes and then called out loudly to let her kids know she was home before walking back into the family room.

Hi, Mom,” Alex responded barely glancing at her before returning his attention to his game.

Tabi walked over to him, bending forward to kiss the top of his head, her tits pressing against his back and her hand brushing down his chest and belly to linger for a few seconds on his soft dick. Before removing her hand, she glanced over at Amy and smiled.

Amy looked at her quizzically as Tabi took the few steps necessary to stand in front of her daughter, bending to kiss her on the forehead with her tits dangling right in front of Amy's face. She straightened up, grinned down at her daughter and announced they should get washed up before dinner.

Over dinner, they talked about their days and other inconsequential matters. When they were done, Tabi was still trying to figure out a plausible way to talk with Alex alone and without possible interruption

Would you like to use Bunny or BOB again tonight?” she quietly asked Amy as Alex walked away from the table.

Her daughter's face flushed a bright red and she shot a glance toward her brother who seemingly didn't hear his mother's question. Tabi just smiled at Amy and patted the top of her hand.

Oh, don't worry about him. He didn't hear me and I doubt he knows or cares anything about those toys.”

Well...if you...don't mind...,” Amy answered and smiled meekly.

Then let's go get one of them,” Tabi grinned back, picking up the clothes she shucked off when she arrived home and lead her daughter down the hall to her bedroom.

While Tabi threw her dirty clothing into a hamper, Amy opened the nightstand drawer and looked back and forth at the two toys. Tabi came up behind her, wrapping her arms around her daughter and pulling her close.

So, which one tonight?” she murmured into Amy's ear, feeling the thirteen year old girl's small nipples stiffen against her forearms.

I think...Bunny,” Amy cooed, putting BOB back in the drawer.

Good choice,” Tabi responded and kissed her on the top of the head before reaching in the drawer and picking up a small bottle of lube, “and try coating the big part with this before you put it inside yourself.”

With that they walked back toward Amy's room, stopping for a moment before she went in.

I'll stop in and get that back from you before I go to sleep,” Tabi cooed and kissed her daughter on the forehead again, “and remember what I told you.”

Oh yeah, I remember,” Amy grinned, “the second time is even better.”

And the third is better yet,” Tabi laughed and walked away as Amy closed the door behind her.

So are we going to go out in the yard and watch her play with herself?” Alex asked without looking up from his video game as Tabi entered the family room.

No, not tonight,” she answered, sitting next to him and pushing the controller away from his hands, “I have something much more important and exciting to talk to you about right now.”

Alex looked up in surprise, turning to face her as Tabi reached down and fondled his flaccid dick. Tabi looked back at him , pausing just one more moment before taking an irreversible step.

You can watch,” she said flatly looking right into her son's eyes.” Alex stuttered, surprised and confused by his mother's statement.

Like you asked me about last night, Bradley is coming over on Thursday night...and you can watch us fuck.”

Alex's cock instantly hardened in her hand, the look of confusion replaced by a broad grin. With just a few quick strokes, his cum oozed out over his mother's hand. When he finished, he picked up her hand and licked her fingers clean.

Wow, Mom...that's great...I can't will be so cool...,” he rambled on excitedly for a moment before Tabi leaned over, kissed his lips and licked a wayward droplet of his jism from his chin.

Yeah, it is really exciting and I am very turned on about the thought of you watching and then fucking and licking me after Bradley is gone, but we have to be very careful. It will be a disaster if we get caught, so we have to think through every step of how we are going to do this.”

Her son solemnly nodded his agreement and brushed a hand up the inside of her thigh. Tabi moaned lowly and spread her legs for him, trembling slightly when his fingers split the wet, warm folds of her pussy. He grinned as he slipped two fingers inside her, instantly finding her swelling g-spot before burying his face in her cunt and sucking her throbbing clit.

Tabi pulled her son's face hard into her pussy as she started to cum, biting her lip to keep from screaming while coating his face with her juices. When here orgasm faded, she kissed him passionately while he twirled a stiff nipple in his fingers.

Anything you want, Mom...I'll do anything you want ...whenever you want,” he grinned before Tabi kissed him again.

I thought that's what you would say,” she smiled and started stroking his stiffening cock, “so this is what we're going to do.”

Now, remember, my friend Bradley is coming over around 9:00 so I want you both in your rooms for the night by 8:30, teeth brushed and everything,” Tabi said nervously.

We know, Mom, that's the third time you told us,” Amy responded in exasperation, “since we started eating dinner.”

Tabi giggled anxiously, glancing back and forth from her son to her daughter. Amy shook her head slightly and finished off a piece of cake while Alex stood to take his dirty dishes to the sink.

Sorry,” Tabi said meekly, “just a little tense since he's never been here before.”

I'll shower now,” Alex announced and heading back toward his bedroom, his four inch cock swaying with every step.

As they cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, Tabi turned to her daughter with a smile.

Would you like to use BOB or Bunny tonight?” she asked with an impish grin, “I doubt I'll need either one.”

Her daughter looked at her for a moment before breaking into a bright smile.

I'm not sure, but thanks for the offer.”

Tell you what, go take a shower when you brother gets out and I'll put them both on your bed.”

Amy grinned again and turned toward her room. Tabi could see her daughter's tiny tan nipples were erect. She brought the two toys into Amy's room, entering just as her naked daughter was picking up a towel to wrap around herself to go to the shower. Tabi's pussy tingled seeing the thickening thatch of dark hair topping her daughter's pussy. She tossed the toys on the bed, smiled at Amy and turned to leave.

Mom, mind if I ask you something?”

No, honey, ask me anything you want and I'll answer as best I can.”

Which one feels better inside you?” Amy asked earnestly, still standing naked with the towel in her hand.

BOB or Bunny?” Tabi asked, confused by the question.

No, not that, I know the difference between them,” Amy said smiling meekly, “I mean between them and...and a real cock.”

Tabi was stunned by the question, looking at her daughter with her mouth agape for a moment before trying to answer.'s a little...hard to...ah...explain,” Tabi stammered, “it's just...ah...different and more than...ah...just feeling good. Maybe we can discuss this...topic tomorrow in more...ah...detail.”

Oh, OK, I was just wondering since you are so excited about Bradley coming over,” Amy said coolly, then threw the towel over her shoulder and walked naked to the now empty bathroom.

Tabi watched her go, her tight developing ass cheeks swaying provocatively with every step. She walked into her own room, closing the door before coming to a sudden stop.

Alex lay on her bed, stroking his rigid cock with a devilish grin on his face. She climbed up on the bed, straddling his legs with his hard four inch cock resting against the strip of hair that topped her now dripping pussy.

Is everything set?” she moaned lowly, leaning forward so her son could tweak both of her stiff, throbbing nipples.

Just like we practiced last night,” he grinned, “the lamp by the window reflects on the glass so you can't see out and the drapes are half closed. He won't be able to see me even if he looks that way. I did open the window just a little.”

Why'd you do that?” she asked, her body stiffening. “He might see you.”

I don't think so,” he grinned up at his mother and pinched both of her nipples, “he won't even be looking that way and besides...I really like to hear you moan when you cum!”

Tabi leaned forward and rammed her tongue into his mouth as she raised her hips and felt his cock slide into her throbbing pussy. Alex pumped her hard as she fingered herself to a hard, quick orgasm, continuing to hump him until her son's cum coated the inside of her cunt.

Tabi was half way through a second glass of wine when the doorbell rang announcing Bradley's arrival. She loosened the belt holding the robe closed, letting it flop to the sides of her bare tits and pussy. As he walked in, she eagerly melted into his arms, grinding her crotch against his already hard dick as he grabbed her ass cheeks.

Where are the kids?” he gasped breaking off her passionate kiss to catch a breath.

In their rooms, with strict instructions to stay there while I have a guest over,” she moaned, loosening his belt and tugging down the zipper of his jeans.

Bradley's hard cock popped out into her hand. Tabi bent forward to lick the head as he ran a finger between her ass cheeks and swirled it around her asshole. She was sorely tempted to turn around and have him fuck her right there at the front door but thought better of it when she remembered her son could not see them there.

Instead she took his dick in her hand and lead him to her bedroom, slamming the door louder than she intended. That was the signal for Alex and, since she figured he was already in the yard watching his sister fuck herself with the vibrator, she wanted to make sure he heard it.

She dropped her robe and climbed on the bed. Bradley quickly disrobed and joined her. The two of them kissed and groped each other for a few minutes, giving Alex time to get in position before Tabi slid down Bradley's body and sucked his cock into her mouth. She licked the length of his shaft, sucked his balls into her mouth and pushed his legs up so she could rim his puckered asshole. By the time she returned to the head of his dick, the first strings of precum coated her tongue so she sucked him in until her nose pressed against his pubic hair and his cum splashed against the back of her throat.

As soon as he stopped cumming in her mouth, Bradley flipped Tabi over on her back and dove down between her legs. Two of his fingers slipped easily into her dripping cunt, followed by another in her asshole, while he flicked his tongue faster and faster over her throbbing clit.

Tabi howled her pleasure as a massive orgasm engulfed her cunt and spread to every other cell of her body. She writhed uncontrollably, gasping for air when she felt Bradley ram two more fingers into her pussy and another into her asshole, pumping in and out of her with an alternating motion.

She started to scream a second orgasm as he sucked her clit into his mouth then pulled on it with his teeth, softly raking the short length of that sensitive nub. Tabi lost all sense of time, as yet another orgasm washed over her.

At last, she clamped her knees around his head, needing a break lest she pass out. He looked up at her with a wicked grin, his face and short beard glistening with her juices.

My turn,” she gasped as she regained her breath, “get on your hands and knees.”

She swung her feet off the bed and pulled the unopened strap-on package from the nightstand drawer. She stood as she ripped it open, letting the three fake dicks fall on the bed. With a grin she reached for the middle sized one but Bradley stopped her hand.

Let's use the biggest one,” he smiled, “and fuck me as hard as you can.”

Tabi's pussy twitched as she adjusted the straps around her waist and down between her legs. Bradley put his face down in the bed with his ass in the air, reaching back to spread his cheeks. Tabi pressed the tip of the lube bottle against his anus, squirting some of the slippery fluid directly into his asshole before lathering up the fake cock.

Climbing up behind him she scooted him around a little, not to get more comfortable but to give her son the best view possible from his hiding spot outside the window. She slowly pressed the tip of the dildo against Bradley's asshole, keeping the pressure on while not pushing too hard.

His tight sphincter relaxed and the fake cock slid all the way into his ass. Tabi held still for a moment, long enough for Bradley to adjust to the toy stuffed into his bowels and for Tabi to turn her head toward the window and smiled brightly at her son. Then she slapped Bradley's ass sharply and began pumping him hard and fast.

Bradley grunted and gasped as she fucked him, his cock quickly hardening again. This went on for ten minutes or so before Bradley groaned that he was close to cumming again. Tabi pulled the fake dick from his asshole, undid the straps and kicked the toy off to the side. She got on her hands and knees and looked back at him over her shoulder.

My ass...and my pussy,” she moaned, “fuck me...fuck me in both.”

As Bradley lubed up her ass and his own dick, Tabi turned her head toward the window and winked at her son. Her back arched as Bradley shoved his cock into her cunt for three of four deep strokes, pulled out and repeated that motion in her ass. He went back and forth like that for a few moments until she started to cum again, clamping her asshole around his dick and quivering uncontrollably. His cum quickly followed, flooding her bowels and spurting out around his dick to trickle down her thighs.

When he slipped out of her, they lay together in a heap breathing raggedly and chatting about what a good situation they both found themselves. Tabi knew he could recover for one more round after a few minutes so when he started to stiffen a little more in her hand, she licked her way down his body and sucked his cock into her mouth again.

As soon as he was hard enough, she climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his dick. She rode him furiously, frantically fingering her clit while he pinched and pulled her nipples. She was facing the window and just before she started to cum again, she winked and smiled, knowing her son was intently watching. She thrashed wildly keeping going until Bradley grunted yet another load of his jism into her pussy.

With that final orgasm, Bradley was done for the night. They talked a little longer before he got up and went into the bathroom to piss. Tabi stood in the doorway watching him, conjuring up in her mind some future perversions she and he could share.

She escorted him to the front door still naked, rivulets of his sticky cum seeping down the inside of her thighs. They shared one more passionate kiss before he turned and left. Tabi immediately headed for her son's room, noting as she passed that no light came from under her daughter's door. She pushed Alex's bedroom door open but the room was empty.

Puzzled, she returned to her own room to find Alex laying naked on her bed, stroking his rigid dick in one hand while he carefully examined the strap-on he was turning over in the other. He looked up and grinned broadly when Tabi closed the door.

So how did you like the show?” she grinned and climbed up on the bed next to her son.

Awesome,” he responded, taking his hand off his cock and pinching one of her nipples, “it was like a live porn show...just for me. I loved it when you fucked him in the ass and he really has a nice big cock. I hope mine gets that big someday.”

Tabi leaned forward and kissed him as she groped for his hard dick. She was incredibly turned on again listening to her son.

I shot two loads of cum into the grass,” he continued, “I could have cum a third time, but I saved it for you, Mom.”

Oh, honey, that is so sweet,” Tabi moaned and straddled his hips, directing his four inch cock into her cum filled pussy.

Alex moaned and thrashed, fucking her for a couple of minutes before that third load of cum filled her cunt. As soon as he started to go limp, she crawled up and shoved her pussy into his face. Her son eager licked the gooey mixture of his and Bradley's cum, as well as her pussy juices, until she tensed and climaxed one more time on his face.

After he licked up all he could, she kissed him again passionately, tasting her own pussy and the cum mixture on his tongue. They cuddled and kissed for another ten or fifteen minutes before she sent him to his room and she lay quietly on the sex soaked sheets and drifted off to sleep.

She felt like a teenage girl who had just finished making out for the very first time.


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