Tabi's Tale (Part 21)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 21)

Alone With Amy

Tabi honked the horn, jumped out of the car and waved to get Amy's attention when she spotted her daughter exiting the school grounds. She had taken off work a few hours early just to have this time with Amy.

Hi, Mom, what are you doing here?” her daughter asked approaching the car.

Since we are going to be home alone tonight, I thought we'd do a little shopping and get some dinner out before going home. I need some down time and I can't think of a better way to relax than go shopping.”

Amy enthusiastically agreed as she climbed into the car.

They wandered around the mall for a couple of hours, stopping in various stores to make a few purchases. Their last stop was an intimate apparel shop filled with extremely sexy, and often revealing, bras and panties. They perused the aisles and merchandise, stopping to closely exam some items and giggle at others.

They already had two bras each in their hands when Tabi spotted some especially sexy panties, ones so sheer she had no doubt every pussy hair would be clearly visible. She held them up with both hands, smiling at her daughter through the flimsy fabric.

What do you think?” she asked with a wicked grin.

I can see right through it,” her daughter gasped, “might as well not be wearing anything.”

Yeah, I think that's the idea,” Tabi laughed and threw two pairs on the pile with the bras before turning back to Amy. “Do you want a couple of pairs too?”

Amy blushed and shook her head no. As she went to pick up the other items, Tabi spotted a thong that was little more than a finger wide strip of velvety material going around the waist joined with one that went down between the legs. She picked it up and examined it carefully, reminded of the skimpy outfits worn by the girls at the club in New York.

Why would you want that?” Amy asked skeptically. “It doesn't cover...anything!”

Well, sweetie,” Tabi grinned impishly, adding the thong to the pile of garments, “most panties are meant to be put on and worn and then there are some like these, designed be taken off.”

Oh!” Amy gasped, realization slowly dawning on her as she followed her mother to the cashier.

Stashing the purchases in the trunk, Tabi drove to a chain Italian restaurant they both liked, had a pleasant dinner and then drove home. As soon as they dropped all the packages on the dining room table, Tabi stripped off her blouse and bra and headed to her room.

I need to get more comfortable and we can deal with all this tomorrow,” she called out to Amy over her shoulder. “You go do the same and then we can watch some TV together.”

After hanging up her skirt, Tabi pulled off her panties and stood in front of the mirror inhaling the scent of her own pussy. Her thoughts drifted back to the thong she bought and the girls in the club in New York. Before she even realized it, she was sprawled on the bed rubbing BOB up and down in her wet pussy slit and over her throbbing clit.

Just as her orgasm started to spread from her cunt, Tabi heard a scuffling sound and looked up to see Amy standing in the doorway, wearing only a pair of white panties, watching her intently. She smiled weakly at her daughter and gestured for her to enter.

You are welcome to come in and sit right here,” Tabi said softly, patting a spot on the bed next to her. “I told you there's nothing wrong with doing this and I just suddenly felt the need to cum.”

Tabi went back to lightly touching her clit with the tip of the vibrator as Amy reluctantly approached the bed, sat and intently watched her mother masturbate. Tabi kept her eyes locked on Amy's small puffy tits as her climax flooded her body, moaning loudly and thrashing wildly until the last vestiges of her orgasm faded away.

That was nice,” she murmured when her breathing returned to normal, “and I'm happy you got to watch how I please myself. Would you like to try?”

Amy shook her head negatively, refusing to take the toy her mother offered to her.

Well, since it's just me and you, you could at least go naked with me tonight,” Tabi muttered into Amy's ear.

Her daughter looked at her oddly for a moment then stripped her panties down over her thighs and stepped out of them. Tabi felt another tingle in her pussy seeing her daughter's thickening thatch of dark hair leading to the even darker gash of her pussy slit.

Now, that wasn't so hard and feels a lot better, doesn't it?” Tabi grinned, shamelessly looking at her naked daughter.

With that, Tabi got up from the bed, extending her hand to Amy to lead her to the family room. She stopped and picked up one of the DVDs she purchased at the adult store on her way out of her bedroom.

They turned on some TV show but didn't really pay much attention to it. Rather they gossiped about Amy's school, the boys she liked, the girls she hung out with and other such things. Tabi let her legs fall open as they sat there, making no effort to conceal her gaping pussy from her daughter. Then Amy surprised Tabi with a question.

Is Bradley your boyfriend now?” she asked softly.

No, we're just friends,” Tabi answered, turning to face her daughter and noticing the way Amy's nipples seemed a little more erect.

You sure seemed to be a lot more than just friends...last night,” Amy continued more boldly, pulling one leg up under herself as she too turned on the couch.

Tabi just looked at her for a moment before answering. The way Amy sat, she gave her mother an unobstructed view of her tight pussy slit with the just beginnings of a fleshy curl on the edges of those lips. Unconsciously, Tabi spread her own thighs even more and brushed her hand over her throbbing mound.

Why do you say that?” Tabi asked, feeling the first hints of the wetness seeping from her cunt on to a fingertip.

You had sex with him last night so that seems more than friends to me,” Amy exclaimed.

Yes we did,” Tabi stated flatly after a moment's hesitation while pressing her fingertip against her pulsing clit. “He and I are both grownups with urges and needs that sometimes we cannot satisfy by ourselves.”

Amy stayed silent for a moment and Tabi noticed her daughter's eyes were locked on Tabi's finger and pussy. She smiled weakly and dragged the fingertip up and down in her wet slit a couple of times before plunging her middle finger inside herself up to the second knuckle. Amy's eyes widened as Tabi slowly pumped the finger in and out of her pussy and started rubbing her clit with her other hand. I...told you...about...playing with...yourself...,” Tabi gasped, the immediacy of her growing orgasm making it hard for her to concentrate on anything but her throbbing pussy, “sometime will start...having sex...with others...maybe boys...maybe girls...maybe both...and will good too...whoever you...have sex with...because it'”

It sure sounded like you were having fun,” Amy stated, casually pinching one of her own nipples as she watched her mother finger herself to another orgasm.

That statement was more than enough to put Tabi over the top. Bradley had been a really good fuck the night before, intensified for Tabi by knowing that her son was secretly watching from the backyard. When she realized her daughter probably masturbated as well hearing her mother's shrieks of pleasure, the orgasm exploded on her hands. She writhed and moaned right there next to her thirteen year old daughter until the final spasms of her climax totally faded away.

Opening her eyes, Tabi saw Amy staring at her and gently twirling a small stiff nipple in two fingers. She smiled devilishly, pulled the finger from inside her pussy and slowly, sensually licked it.

You can do that to yourself if you want,” Tabi cooed, “this is our time together without your brother.”

Maybe later,” Amy muttered, blushed and turned back to the TV.

They sat silently for a few minutes before Tabi stood and brought them both a cold drink. Before sitting back down, she put the DVD in the player and grinned at Amy. As soon as the video started, it was obviously a girl-on-girl porn movie. Amy's head snapped a questioning look at her mother before looking back to the screen.

This is one of the kinds of porn I like to watch sometimes,” Tabi explained, cupping both tits in her hands and gently pinching her nipples. “Girl-on-girl porn gets me really excited and I wanted to share that with you since we are having our own girls only day.”

Amy mumbled something unintelligible and kept her eyes locked on the screen. Tabi knew from secretly checking her phone that Amy regularly viewed very similar porn. It was one reason she purchased that particular DVD.

After a couple of minutes, Tabi could hear her daughter's breathing become more ragged. Amy slumped back against the sofa pinching one of her puffy little nipples and slipping her other hand down between her legs.

Tabi just smiled and nodded her approval when Amy glanced over at her, then spread her thighs a little wider as she looked back at the TV. Tabi scooted herself around a little so she had a better view as Amy obviously was getting her fingertip wet rubbing it up and down between her puffy pink pussy lips before starting to rub the tiny nub of her young clit.

On the screen, the girls, who started off kissing passionately, had stripped each other naked. The blonde was sucking on the brunette's tits at the same time she slipped two fingers into the brunette's smooth bare pussy.

Amy moaned lowly and slid further down on her back, her thighs spread wide. With one hand she rubbed her clit furiously while with the other she plunged a finger in and out of her pussy as fast as she could go.

A quick glance told Tabi that on the screen one girl was furiously licking and finger fucking the others pussy as fast as she could. She turned her full attention back to her daughter as Amy's moaned again. The thirteen year old girl's body quivered, her back arched as she frantically fingered herself. After a minute or so, she collapsed back on the sofa with her thighs clamped around her hands.

That was awesome,” Tabi said softly continuing to finger her own clit, “you looked like you really liked what they were doing and it felt pretty good touching yourself.”

Yeah, it did feel good and what that girl was doing to the other was so hot,” Amy responded meekly, not exactly sure what to do with herself next after just masturbating to a satisfying orgasm right in front of her grinning mother.

Tabi paused the video and extended her arms. Amy crawled over to her and nuzzled against Tabi's side, one of her mother's nipples pressing against her face. With one arm around her daughter's shoulder, she started the video again.

This is my favorite part seeing and doing sometimes,” Tabi murmured, as one girl climbed on top of the other and they licked each others hairless pussies, quickly fingering herself to another sharp orgasm.

By the time the video finished, both of them were thoroughly aroused again. Amy openly fingered herself as she nestled in Tabi's arms. Tabi leaned over and kissed her daughter on the forehead and stood up.

Start the video again from the beginning, “ she instructed Amy, “I'll be right back.”

By the time Amy had the video restarted, Tabi came back in the room smiling brightly, holding BOB in one hand and Bunny in the other. She sat down on the couch with her back against the armrest and had Amy do the same so they were facing each other.

You use BOB first so I can see how you like to pleasure yourself,” Tabi said matter-of-factually to her daughter, “and after we both have an orgasm, we'll trade off and do it again.”

Amy grinned back at her, pulled her knees up and spread her thighs. Tabi's breath caught in her throat seeing her daughter stretch the skin covering her hood until her clit popped out and she began lightly rubbing the vibrator over it.

She moaned lowly, matching those coming from the TV as her orgasm built. Tabi reached over and moved BOB just a little to the side, knowing that would stimulate her daughter even more.

Keep it right there,” Tabi instructed her.

Amy looked up in surprise and almost immediately began to cum on the toy, thrashing her hips wildly. Tabi cupped one of Amy's small tips in her hand and thumbed her nipple until her daughter's orgasm completely faded away.

That felt a lot better, didn't it, when I moved BOB just a little?” Tabi murmured, sliding Bunny into her own pussy and turning it on low as the buzzing small finger rubbed against her clit.

Yeah, that felt really good,” Amy muttered, still lightly touching her puffy mound.

There's all...sorts of...little tricks...I you...,” Tabi stammered as her own orgasm grew, “just...let me...know...when.”

OK...I will,” Amy answered and stared at her just as Tabi's back arched and her thighs quivered, a massive orgasm flooding through her.

They watched the remainder of the video again, cuddled together and exchanging the toys to watch each other masturbate again right before it ended. By then, they were both exhausted.

Tabi suggested Amy sleep with her but she declined and went to her own room. As she lay on her bed recalling the events of the night, Tabi fingered herself again, hoping her daughter would soon want to learn more ways to pleasure herself and imagining how sweet that young pussy would taste cumming on her tongue. She didn't bother to muffle her moans when she climaxed again.

Let's hurry up and get these chores done so we can get back out in the sun,” Tabi exclaimed, finishing her coffee, putting the cup in the sink and turning to her daughter.

OK, sounds good,” Amy agreed putting her own plate and glass in the sink and turning to smile at her mother.

I'm so glad you decided to stay naked with me today,” Tabi added, giving her daughter a tight hug before stepping back and looking at her critically, “but you have to be careful not to get burned.”

With that she tenderly brushed her hand over her daughter's ass and across the line left by the bikini bottoms. Amy didn't pull away at her mother's touch so Tabi let her hand linger on the bottom side of her daughter's firm ass cheek.

How are you feeling this morning?” Tabi asked, wanting so very much to move her hand only an inch or two and touch Amy's tight warm pussy.

Great, how about you?” Amy beamed back.

Me too,” Tabi responded, “that was a lot of fun we had last night.”

It was,” her daughter confirmed and hugged Tabi tightly, her little hands brushing across her mother's ass, “I liked it a lot.”

Tabi broke off the hug even as she felt a twinge in her pussy. It seemed to her that Amy was inviting her to do more and the very thought aroused her tremendously, sending a trickle of pussy juices oozing down the inside of her thighs.

By late morning, Tabi felt they had done more than enough housework and she was anxious to get out into the sun. She came up behind Amy and hugged her close, intentionally rubbing her hands over her daughter's small puffy tits. Amy immediately rubbed her ass back against Tabi's thigh in response. Tabi's pussy twitched again.

They gathered up some towels and lotion and went out on the patio. The sun was hot beating down on both their bare bodies.

Feels great, doesn't it, being outdoors with nothing on?” Tabi commented as she stretched luxuriously before spreading some lotion across her tits and down towards her crotch.

Tabi watch intently as Amy covered herself with the lotion and then lay down on her back, her legs spread slightly apart, enough for Tabi to see the barely open gash of her daughter's pussy slit. They lay chatting quietly for the next thirty minutes or so before Tabi thought they should turn over.

I'll tell you what,” Tabi smiled at Amy, “let me do your back first and then you can put the lotion on me.”

Amy grinned her agreement and lay on her stomach with her head resting on her hands. Tabi started at her daughter's shoulders and slowly rubbed in the lotion as she moved her hands down Amy's back. Her fingers began to tremble when she reached Amy's firm ass.

Looks like you're starting to burn again along the line of the bikini bottom,” Tabi murmured with a low gasp and spread even more lotion on Amy's ass, pushing her fingers gently between the taut cheeks.

Oh, Mom, that feels really good,” Amy moaned lowly and spread her thighs even wider at Tabi's touch.

With a sharp intake of breath, Tabi moved her hands off Amy's ass and down her upper thigh, the side of her finger brushing against the puffy edge of Amy's mound, right at the crease where the thigh turned to cunt.

Amy moaned lowly and squirmed a little, her thighs and her pussy lips separating even more. Tabi stopped, thinking her daughter was uncomfortable with such intimate touches but Amy turned her head and smiled.

"That feels...really nice...Mom," she muttered and wiggled her hips again against Tabi's hand.

Tabi squirted more lotion on Amy's other ass cheek. As she rubbed it in, she pushed them apart enough to see her daughter's tight puckered asshole. Amy just moaned again when Tabi spread more lotion down through the crack of her ass and across that tight anus.

After taking a deep breath, Tabi brought a finger up on each side of her daughter's mound, gently rubbing the puffy flesh as she moved even closer to the slightly gaping slit. Amy stirred and propped herself up on one elbow and looked back at her mother. Tabi quickly removed her hands entirely.

"You know what, Mom...I think I really need some lotion on the front too," her daughter smiled impishly, rolling on her back and spreading her legs wide while pinching both of her puffy tits, "and I need you to show me another one of those tricks you told me about too."

Tabi's pussy clenched as she leaned forward to kiss Amy on the lips, slightly surprised when her daughter's tongue darted against her lips. She broke off the kiss long enough to squirt some lotion in one hand and cup Amy's protruding mound. As their tongues lashed together, Tabi split the folds of her thirteen year old daughter's pussy slit with a finger, dragging it up through the soft, warm flesh until finding the hard nub of her clit.

Amy writhed and moaned, thrashing her hips against her mother's hand with growing urgency as her orgasm grew. Tabi muffled her increasing cries with an ongoing passionate kiss as she continued swirling a finger around her daughter's clit. When Amy's back arched, signaling the beginning of her orgasm, Tabi slid her middle finger into her daughter's pussy hole, feeling the tight moist flesh clamping on her until the moment passed and the climax faded away.

When Amy started to breath more normally again, Tabi removed the finger from her daughter's pussy and brought it to her nose. She deeply inhaled the scent of her daughter's sex before sucking the finger into her mouth and grinning at Amy.

"I liked that trick...a lot," Amy cooed as Tabi scooted over to the other lounger.

"Then come over here and show me what you learned," Tabi smiled and spread her legs wide.

Amy smiled back at her and knelt next to her mother, putting a hand down between Tabi's legs. Tabi put her own hand on top of her daughter's, directing Amy's fingers between the folds of her pussy until settling on her pulsing clit.

Oh yeah...there...right there...rub your finger...and press...hard...there...oh god...yes that's...the spot...god yes...there...THERE!”


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