Tabi's Tale (Part 23)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 23)

Ever More Daring

Tabi's eyes blinked open to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sizzling bacon and the feel of her son peeling back the sheets to crawl up between her splayed legs.

Amy's making breakfast and told me to come get you,” he grinned and split her pussy lips with the tip of his tongue that swirled around her clit before looking up again. “she says it will be ready in about ten minutes.”

Then I guess you better hurry,” she moaned, grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face into her pussy.

Alex slipped two fingers into her cunt and sucked her clit between his lips. Tabi moaned and began to thrash, an orgasm building quickly. With a final gasp, she clamped her thighs around his head with a quick hard climax. When she released his head, he looked up grinning devilishly.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.”

Amy looked up from the stove when Tabi entered, smiling happily.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom,” she called out.

Tabi grimaced a little when she saw the mess in the kitchen but was so happy about the gesture her son and daughter were making she didn't really care. She walked around the counter and gave Amy a warm hug.

I'm glad you thought to put on an apron,” she said to her daughter before looking down over Amy's shoulder to see that her ass was bare.

I didn't at first,” Amy responded with a laugh, “but then the bacon splattered on my titties and it hurt. Now go sit down, breakfast is ready.”

Tabi grabbed a cup of coffee and went out to the table on the patio, delightedly watching her son and daughter serve the breakfast before sitting themselves. Just before taking her chair, Amy pulled off the apron, confirming she was naked beneath it.

Alex smiled broadly and licked his lips as his sister sat down with them. Tabi felt her pussy twitch at that, remembering the time a week or so before when Alex told her he wanted to lick his sister's pussy after the two of them watched Amy bring herself to a couple of orgasms with BOB. The very thought of watching Alex lick Amy's pussy drove Tabi over the edge to a massive orgasm at the time.

This was very lovely,” Tabi said to them both softly as she pushed the plate away and sipped a second cup of coffee, “and I'm so glad you are both making it so special for me too, being naked together.”

Amy blushed a little while Alex just grinned. Then he gathered up some of plates and went back into the house.

Are you OK?”” Tabi asked her daughter, putting her hand on top of Amy's on the table. “I was a little surprised you were completely nude this morning.”

I'm fine,” Amy responded with a smile, “and after a couple of minutes I wasn't even noticing any more.”

Well, you are both making me very happy,” Tabi said quietly, standing to stretch before giving Amy a kiss on her forehead, “and doesn't it just feel wonderful being naked outdoors on such a nice spring day.” really does,” Amy murmured softly, peering at her mother with a pensive look on her face, “I probably should have done much more a lot sooner.”

The kids insisted she just relax since it was her day and they would take care of cleaning up. Tabi grabbed another coffee and went to call her own mother. She gave each of the kids a chance to say hello before sitting down for an extended conversation.

I've got a surprise for you,” Tabi exclaimed as the discussion began to lag after a few minutes.

Oh really, dear, what is it?” her mother asked.

We started going naked around the house here...all three of us.”

Really...well that's wonderful, honey, your father will be really happy to hear it. What possessed you do do it now? We always thought you should have been doing it since they were very little.”

I've always been conflicted,” Tabi responded, “but as you know my ex husband really objected. Recently I started thinking about it and now both of them are walking around naked as we speak. Anyway, they'll be out of school in a few weeks and I have some vacation time. So we can come visit then and you and Dad won't have to wear clothes...we'll get naked with you.”

They chatted for a few more minutes before saying their goodbyes. Tabi hung up the phone and sat thinking for a moment. Now she needed to explain to Alex and Amy they would be spending some time soon with their grandparents...with everyone completely nude.

Shortly after noon, Tabi and Amy headed back out to get some more sun. Tabi lay down on her back and turned to her daughter.

Will you put lotion on me, please,” she murmured, “all over me?”

Amy cocked her head and looked at her mother oddly. Tabi just smiled, slowly spread her thighs and cupped both of her tits.

Everywhere you can reach...all over me,” she repeated huskily and smiled devilishly.

When Amy still hesitated, Tabi took the lotion and squirted a large gob on each of her tits and another on the strip of hair topping her pussy, just like she had for her son the day before. Then she smiled again at her daughter.

You can start right there...on these three spots,” she moaned, took Amy's hands and placed them on her tits.

Tabi lay back, closed her eyes and reveled in feel of her daughter's hands massaging both of her tits. Her nipples stiffened and she squirmed with pleasure as Amy slowly worked one hand down between her mother's legs, splitting the already puffy folds of Tabi's pussy with one finger.

Oh yes, baby, just like that,” Tabi groaned, pinching her own free erect nipple while Amy pulled on the other and fingered her mother's clit. “Don't...don't stop...oh god yes...yes...YES!”

Amy kept rubbing he mother's clit until Tabi slumped down on the lounger and opened her eyes. Amy grinned down at her for a moment, bent forward and gave Tabi a soft kiss and moved to the other lounge chair.

That's when Tabi could see Alex standing behind her grinning devilishly with his rigid cock in his hand. Tabi glanced over to see Amy propped up in a sitting position watch them both with a wry smile on her face.

Tabi motioned Alex closer, making no attempt to disguise what she was doing next. She cupped his balls in one hand and started stroking his hard dick with the other, pulling him closer until his cock head was but inches from her face.

That feel good, honey?” she murmured as he started to moan and tremble.

Alex groaned again a bit louder, his thighs quivering in anticipation of cumming in his mother's hand. Tabi glanced over at Amy and smiled before turning back to her son. She started moving her hand faster and faster while gently squeezing and tugging on his balls.

Mommy...Mommy...Mommy...,” was all her son could manage to moan as his cum shot out of his throbbing dick on to her cheeks and chin then dribbled down on to her tits.

When his cock deflated, Alex sat down on the other lounger and smiled at both his mother and sister. Tabi rubbed most of her son's cum into her skin before scooping up the last little bit and moving over next to her daughter.

Lay back, its your turn,” she said softly, gently pushing Amy on to her back and rubbing the remaining cum on to her daughter's small tan nipples.

Tabi leaned forward and traced her daughter's lips with her own tongue while sliding a hand down between her legs. At first Amy started to object, squirmed uncomfortably, here eyes darting back and forth from her mother to her brother sitting nearby and watching intently.

Relax, baby, it's OK if he's here and watching you enjoy yourself, just like it was OK for you to watch him cum a few minutes ago,” Tabi cooed in Amy's ear and slid a finger between the soft, wet folds of her daughter's pussy.

Amy moaned lowly at first as her mother swirled a fingertip around her developing clit. She began to shake and tremble as her orgasm built until with a loud cry her entire body tensed and quivered uncontrollably for several moments. Tabi held Amy close until her daughter slumped back on the lounger and smiled wanly.

Did you like that, sweetie,...did it feel good?” Tabi whispered in her daughter's ear and softly caressed her back and ass.

Yeah, Mom...that was even better than...than last night,” Amy murmured, turning her head to look up at her mother and smile brightly.

I'm glad you like it, baby...there is so much more we can do to make each other feel even better,” Tabi cooed, kissed her daughter and moved back to the other lounger.

They all lay silently for a while, enjoying the warm sun. Tabi glanced back and forth, still amazed both her kids were out there naked with her. Before she even realized it, her fingers strummed her throbbing clit. She moaned lowly and looked back at her kids. Alex's cock was rock hard in his hand again as he slowly stroked himself. Amy's legs were spread wide while she fingered her own developing clit. Both smiled brightly watching their mother masturbate until Tabi's orgasm flooded her body.

That night after dinner, they settled in together to watch TV. The kids cuddled in on either side of Tabi. She put her arms around their shoulders and held them close. After a bit, Alex started fondling his limp dick. Tabi smiled and nudged Amy, drawing her daughter's attention to what her brother was doing.

When Alex's cock began to harden in his hand, Tabi took her arm from around his shoulder, reached down and wrapped her fingers around her son's dick. He grinned at her and put his hand down between her legs.

Tabi happily spread her thighs and reached down with her other hand to caress Amy's puffy tit, swirling the stiffening nipple in two fingers. Amy gasped lowly and Tabi leaned over to whisper in her ear.

Isn't that hot, baby, watching me stroke our brother's hard cock. You can touch him too if you want.”

Amy shook her head no, but kept her eyes locked on her mother's hand. At the same time she slipped her hand down between her own legs and strummed her clit.

That's OK, honey, you do what makes you feel good and I like to watch you touch yourself like that....and so does your brother.”

On her other side, Alex grinned and slumped back against the sofa, closing his eyes as his legs began to tremble and sliding his finger up and down in Tabi's pussy slit a little faster. Tabi turned to him and licked the outside of his ear.

Slow down a little, sweetie, we want your sister to really enjoy the show,” she cooed and tightened her fingers around the base of his cock to slow the building orgasm.

Tabi brought Alex to the brink of an orgasm three more times. She slowed him each time while closely watching Amy. Her daughter kept her eyes locked on her mother's hand stroking her brother's hard cock the entire time. When Amy moaned lowly in anticipation of her own orgasm, Tabi stroked Alex harder and faster.

Now, baby, cum for your Mommy, cum on my hand while your sister is cumming on her own,” Tabi groaned.

Amy moaned again even louder and writhed around as her climax flooded her body. Alex shot his sticky jism on to his own belly and chest, with the last spurt covering his mother's hand.

Tabi waited patiently as they both recovered their breath, scooping the spent cum from her son's belly and licking her fingers clean. She leaned over and softly kissed the tip of his dick, a few strings of his jism sticking to her lips as she turned back to her daughter, spread the cum still on her fingers over Amy's small tits and bent forward to kiss her on the lips.

Amy was so surprised she didn't even move. Tabi straightened up, smiling broadly when she saw the droplet of Alex's cum glistening on Amy's lips.

Time for you both to get ready for bed,” she said softly, “you do have school again tomorrow.”

Tabi drained a glass of wine as soon as she came in the door after work. The past three days at work had been hell and she just needed to chill out.

Where's your sister?” she asked Alex when he wandered into the kitchen and took a soda out of the refrigerator.

Her room, I guess,” he answered turning toward her so she had a clear view of his limp cock dangling between his legs.

She gave him a quick warm hug, brushed her hand over his dick and headed down the hall, striping her own clothes off as she went. The tension of the day was slowly washing out of her body with the warm water flowing over her in the shower when Alex came into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and looked at her.

Tabi smiled at him and playfully tweaked one of her nipples then raised a leg to start shaving herself. She finished one leg and was about to begin the other when she noticed Alex was just watching...not slowly stroking himself but just watching.

Not that it bothered her, in fact, she liked having her son watch her in the shower. By this point, though, his cock was usually pretty hard in his hand as he waited for her to finish by shaving all but the thin strip of hair above her pussy and bring herself to a loud orgasm with the hand held shower head. She finished herself in the usual way in any case, turned off the water and started drying her hair before saying anything to her son.

So what's the problem?” she finally asked while deliberately drying her pussy almost in his face. “By now you usually have jerked off once watching me play with myself and can get hard again if I start to suck you.”

Yeah, I usually do,” he said sheepishly and looked up at her, “it's just that I wanted to talk to you about something and didn't want to”

Hmm, that does sound serious,” she murmured, leaning over to kiss him on the top of his head so her tits deliberately dangled right in front of his face as her fingertips brushed over his now half hard dick. “You better hurry up and tell me what it is because it's time for dinner and I need you to cum in my mouth before I go make it.”

With that, Tabi fell to her knees in front of her son, gently pushed his thighs apart and began to lick his cock and balls. Alex groaned and began to harden even more when his mother took the head of is four inch cock between her lips and flicked her tongue through his piss slit. remember how hot it was...that time I watched and Bradley,” he moaned as Tabi softly squeezed his balls.

Of course I remember...that's one of the most erotic things I can remember doing...ever,” she answered, taking his dick out of her mouth for a moment before swallowing him all the way down to his balls then continuing, “I'm guessing you want me to invite him over so you can watch again.”

Sort of,” he gasped, his dick throbbing against her lips.

Sort of?” Tabi asked, immediately letting his dick slide out of her mouth while she continued stroking him gently and looked him directly in the eye, “What exactly do you mean by sort of?”

Uh...well...uh...I was talking...uh...with Ethan...and I guess...I must have...uh...said something...uh...about...that night,” he sputtered.

Tabi just froze for a moment, her hand still gripping his dick. Alex averted her eyes,looking down meekly waiting for her to respond.

You told Ethan?” she finally said so softly he was more disconcerted than if she was yelling at him. “You told Ethan you watched me fuck Bradley?”

Yeah...uh...we were talking...uh...about what we ...we would like to do...with each other...and...uh...with you...and I just...kind of...mentioned how was...seeing his your mouth...and your pussy,” Alex continued tentative, looking up to gaze directly at his mother, “and you hot Ethan thinks you are...and he got real excited...uh...when I told him...uh...about watching you and...uh...the more I told him....the more turned on he...uh...we both got and then...he...let me fuck him...after he...uh...made me...promise.

Promise?...What did you promise Ethan?”

Uh...I ask you would be alright...uh...if he...uh...if both of us...together...uh...can watch and Bradley...uh...sometime...uh...when you fuck him.”

Tabi just stared at her son with her mouth agape, a dozen reasons to immediately deny her son's request running through her mind. At the same time, her pussy twitched and she could feel a few droplets of her juices seeping down the inside of her thigh.

Oh, honey, I don't know,” Tabi gasped, tightening her grip on his dick while her nipples visibly stiffened, “we could all get in so much trouble.”

We wouldn't ever tell or Ethan,” he pleaded, “and he told tell you that he'll do anything you say...anything you want...if you will let us watch...anything at all.”

Tabi was at a loss for words but her pussy was on fire. She stood, took her son's hand in hers and lead him into the bedroom. She shoved him down on the bed and knelt between his legs, sucking his cock hard again before straddling his hips and directing that throbbing dick into her pussy.

She rode him fiercely until her son grunted his cum into her cunt. As soon as he slipped out of her, she rolled over and pulled his face down between her legs, stridently instructing him to lick her clean of his own cum from her pussy with his tongue. Alex kept at it until the last of her orgasm faded away and she clamped her thighs around his ears.

When her breathing returned to normal, Tabi pulled him close for a kiss, one Alex returned eagerly, sharing the cum and pussy juices coating his tongue with her.

Let me think about what you asked,” she murmured into his ear, “now go get cleaned up for dinner.”

Her mind was already made up but she needed a little time to figure it out how to make it work.


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