Tabi's Tale (Part 25)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 25)

More Comfortable

Tabi sat sipping a cold beer in the warm sun thinking about how far she and her kids had come in just a few months. There was still much more she wanted to do with them, both individually and together but, all in all, the level of their perversity was far more than she ever realistically expected.

Alex was following in her footsteps toward becoming a flat out pervert. He was always eager and willing to do whatever she suggested, had seemingly unlimited stamina and reveled in new and more depraved play. She was sure her son would do anything she asked or suggested with anyone at anytime. Her pussy tingled just considering the possibilities.

Amy was more circumspect but Tabi had no doubt her daughter would become more involved. She was already comfortable masturbating with her mother, bringing Tabi to orgasm with her fingers and their toys and watching her brother cum on his own, and in their mother's, hand.

In a few weeks they would be visiting Tabi's nudist parents and, for the first time, be naked with them for the entire weekend. Before they made that trip, Tabi intended to see her son's hard cock disappear inside her daughter's tight pussy. It was time to take another step in that direction.

Alex, would you be a sweetheart and get me a fresh beer?” she asked with a wicked grin that her son knew was just the prelude of more fun to come.

Sure, Mom. Do you want anything while I'm up, Amy?” he asked his sister after standing, stretching his arms and legs and scratching under his balls so his cock and balls flopped around.

Water would be good,” she answered, propping herself up on one elbow from where she was lying on her stomach, one small tit dangling invitingly.

Tabi reached up as her son walked by, cupping his balls in one hand and taking the hardening head in the other. Amy looked on intently as Tabi stoked him a few times and he leaned forward to tweak one of her nipples.

As her son walked back into the house, Tabi got up and stepped over to the lounge chair on which her daughter was laying on her back.

You better turn over before your ass gets burned,” Tabi said cheerfully and gave Amy a playful smack on her right cheek.

Amy flipped over and grinned up at her. Tabi squirted a gob of lotion on both of her daughter's small conical tits and slowly rubbed it in. Amy groaned lowly, her nipples stiffening under Tabi's palms. After a moment, Tabi squeezed more lotion in one hand and put her hand down between Amy's legs and rubbed the cream all over her daughter's prominent mons.

Hmm, that feels nice,” Amy moaned and spread her legs even more.

Want me to make you feel even better?” Tabi murmured, leaning forward to flick her tongue in Amy's ear.

Amy shuddered a little and wiggled her hips, enough for Tabi's fingers to split the folds of the thirteen year old girl's tight, wet pussy. Tabi just held her finger tightly in that warm crease, feeling her daughter's clit throbbing with every heart beat.

Yes...oh,” Amy gasped and thrust her hips against Tabi's hand.

Your brother is going to see, you know.”

I...I don''t...don't stop,” Amy moaned a little louder and thrashed her hips against her mother's fingers.

That was exactly what Tabi wanted to hear. Having Amy comfortable with her brother watching while she masturbated or her mother fingered her to an orgasm was the next, if only an intermediate, step in Tabi's overall plan.

She shifted around, placing her left hand flat on Amy's pubic bone with the thumb rolling over her daughter's throbbing clit. Then she slid the tip of the middle finger of her right hand up and down between Amy's pussy lips, letting her daughter's growing wetness lubricate the finger.


Yes, baby, it feels so good...just think about how good...oh yes, it.” Tabi murmured into her daughter's ear as her middle finger plunged into Amy's thrashing cunt.

As Amy began to screech her orgasm, Tabi looked up to see a grinning Alex standing right over them both, a beer and two waters in his hands. With a nod of her head, she indicated for him to put the drinks down and move closer.

He stood across from his mother directly over his sister's head and stroked his now rigid cock. Tabi concentrated her attention on her daughter as Amy moaned and writhed until the last of her orgasm faded away.

With a final gasp, Amy slumped back in the lounger still trembling slightly in the after glow of her climax with Tabi's finger still inside her pussy. Tabi waited until her daughter opened her eyes before leaning forward and taking the tip of her son's cock between her lips.

Tabi glanced down to see her daughter staring straight up with her own mouth open in surprise. It was the first time Amy saw her mother take Alex's dick into her mouth. Tabi smiled as much as she could as Alex pushed his cock deeper into her throat. She cupped his balls with one hand and started slowly pumping her fingers in and out of Amy's pussy again.

Alex moaned and put his hand on the back of his mother's head, pulling her face toward him as he thrust his hips forward, driving his four inch cock as deep into her mouth as he could manage. Tabi swirled her tongue around his cock head and shaft as he humped her face faster and faster.

Below them, Amy groaned, her pussy tightening on Tabi's finger the faster her brother rammed his cock in and out of their mother's mouth. Tabi responded by sliding her finger in and out of Amy's pussy harder even as Alex tensed and filled her mouth with his watery cum.

She waited until he was almost completely deflated and stepped back to look own at her daughter. Amy was staring at her, beginning to again tremble uncontrollably.

Do it, baby, do it,” she murmured softly, a few droplets of Alex's spent cum dribbling from the side of her mouth to splatter on Amy's tits, “cum for it.”

Amy's face flushed bright red as her body tensed and quivered. She began thrashing about wildly on her mother's hand until, with one final spasm, she collapsed back breathing raggedly.

Now that was really, really hot!” Alex exclaimed, grabbed a water bottle and settled in on one of the other loungers, fiddle with his limp spittle coated cock.

Wow, honey, that looked like you really liked everything we were doing,” Tabi cooed, leaning forward to kiss Amy lightly on the lips.

I'm not...just not...sure...,” Amy sputtered, sitting up next to her mother.

Not sure about what honey? That felt good didn't it?” did...but...but...,” she stammered, suddenly got up and ran into the house.

Tabi sat stunned watching Amy's back until she disappeared behind the sliding glass door. She flinched when he felt a hand on her shoulder.

What got into her?” Alex asked from behind his mother, sliding a hand down over her shoulder to pinch an erect nipple.

I don't know,” Tabi murmured, her pussy twitching with his touch, “but I do know I don't want you to stop what you're doing.”

Alex leaned forward and lightly bit her ear, the way he knew always drove his mother into a frenzy. Tabi moaned loudly and flopped on to her back, pulling her son down next to her. He immediately pushed one hand down between her legs and started sucking on an erect nipple.

Tabi's orgasm began almost as soon as his fingers found her swollen g-spot, Alex pounded that sensitive gland hard the way his mother taught him to give her the most pleasure. By the time the last of Tabi's climax faded, the twelve year old boy was rock hard again.

As much as she wanted her son to fill her pussy right then and there with his watery cum, Tabi held back, not sure yet what the problem was with Amy. Instead, she sat up and jerked him off frantically until her son exploded on to her face and tits before spreading his warm sticky cum all over herself like an exotic lotion.

Sometime after dinner, when things settled down, Tabi went into Amy's room and closed the door behind her. Amy looked up from the tablet she held on her knees and smiled wanly.

Tabi sat down on the bed, casually massaging her daughter's foot as they talked, mostly about inconsequential things, stuff happening at school and the boys and girls Amy was interested in. As Amy relaxed, the touched became more intimate until Tabi was fondling her daughter's small tits in both hands.

Amy moaned lowly and scooted down on the bed until she was mostly prone. Tabi moved a hand slowly down across her belly to cup her daughter's pussy before splitting the lips with a finger.

Tabi leaned forward to suck on one stiff tan nipple as she rubbed her finger up and down in Amy's wet warm slit. Amy groaned a little louder and ground her pussy against her mother's hand as Tabi slipped a finger inside her tight pussy.

Is that OK, sweetie?” Tabi cooed, sliding her finger in and out of Amy's pussy a little faster.

Oh yeah...oh Mommy...yes...yes,” Amy gasped and thrust her hips even harder against Tabi's hand.

Tabi's own pussy was aching as her excitement grew. She started licking her way down her daughter's body until she was just about to split Amy's pussy lips with her tongue.

No...please...not that...I don't want...that,” Amy tensed suddenly and shoved Tabi's head aside.

Why, baby, it feels so good,” Tabi responded in surprise.

I just don't,” Amy answered and covered her mound with one hand.

But...but you will love it,” Tabi cried.

I...I don',” Amy gasped and turned her head away.

Tabi looked up at her daughter in confusion, her own arousal burning in her pussy and the aroma of her daughter's sex wafting into her nostrils. She stopped for just a second but couldn't help herself. She was just too close. She pushed Amy's hand aside and dove into the thirteen year old's dripping pussy, going directly to sucking on Amy's clit.,” Amy groaned.

It was too late for Tabi to stop. She kept licking Amy's clit and slit furiously. After a few moments her daughter's cries of protest turned to moans of pleasure. Tabi kept alternating between sucking on Amy's clit to ramming her tongue as deep as she could into the young girl's dripping hole.

Amy grabbed her mother's hair and pulled her face even tighter against her pussy, moaning and bucking against Tabi's face. As her orgasm peaked, Amy clamped her thighs around Tabi's head and shrieked.

Tabi kept licking her pussy until Amy slumped back in the bed, smiling brightly when the last vestiges of orgasm faded away. Tabi pulled her close for a tight hug and kissed her tenderly

I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean to force you but I was just so excited and you tasted so good, I just couldn't help myself,” Tabi started to explain.

'“It's OK, really did feel good and...and I really liked it...a lot,” Amy murmured holding her mother tightly.

Then why did you want me to stop?”

Because...well...when you touch me...or I touch you...that's playing with yourself... and that's alright,” Amy explained lowly, “but when you use your tongue...and lick me like that...well...that more like...uh...having sex...and I didn't was have sex with you....that's incest.”

So that's what was bothering you about what I did with your brother earlier,” Tabi said softly, “when I took him in my mouth.”

Yeah...I'm just not sure...if that's right ...or not.”

I understand what you are saying, baby,” Tabi whispered into Amy's ear and fondled her soft, firm ass cheek, “and some people think it's a bad thing. I don't as long as it is all about showing you and your brother how much I love you both and I want you to learn how to love me and others you will encounter throughout your life. Do you understand?”

Amy nodded and smiled brightly, making Tabi even more aroused but she didn't want to make Amy feel pressured. She kissed her on the forehead and climbed off the bed.

Go brush your teeth and get to sleep,” Tabi murmured and walked to her own room, knowing that would be just the first time she tasted Amy's pussy and she wanted more...a lot more.

Alex lay on Tabi's bed twirling BOB in his hand when she walked in. He looked up with a devilish grin as Tabi crawled on to the bed with him, hovering over her son with her tits dangling above his face and she slowly fondled his stiff dick.

He switched BOB on and held the vibrating tip against one of her nipples. Tabi groaned as a jolt like electricity went straight to her already dripping pussy. She straddled his hips and placed the throbbing head of his now hard dick at the entry to her pussy.

I'll tell you what,” she groaned while slowly sliding down until her son's dick was buried in her pussy, “fuck me now, fill me with your cum and after I am done, I'll lick your ass and stuff that toy in your ass until you're hard enough to cum again in me...anywhere you want.”

With a wolfish grin, Alex started grinding his hips against his mother's crotch. Tabi reached up and pulled his hand with BOB down so it vibrated against her clit and his cock at the same time, clamping her pussy around his cock until well after he filled her with his watery cum.

When he finally slumped back on the bed, Tabi hopped off him and rolled him on to his hands and knees. She spread his ass cheeks with both hands and swirled her tongue around his tight anus.

Tabi slobbered all over her son's asshole, even driving her tongue in a little way. Then she picked up BOB, turned it on low and pressed the tip against his tight sphincter. She stopped long enough to reach in the nightstand drawer and pull out the bottle of lube, squirting a generous amount on Alex's asshole before sliding a finger into him to the second knuckle.

Alex groaned and buried his face in a pillow and pressed his ass back against her hand. Tabi swirled her finger around, stretching his tight asshole. She slowly removed her finger and again pressed the vibrator tip against his gaping anus.

With just a slight push, half the length of BOB slid into Alex's asshole. His head popped up as he let out a yelp, pushing his hips back so even more of the toy plunged into his bowels.

Oh...Mommy...Mommy....oh yes....right...there...oh...Mommy...there...right there...don't...don't stop...oh Mommy...Mommy!” he moaned loudly.

Tabi took his stiffening dick in her other hand and started to milk his cum from him, knowing she had hit right on his developing prostate and he was about to have the most intense orgasm of his life. He again buried his face in the pillow to muffle his shriek as spurt after spurt of his creamy jism puddled on the sheet beneath him.

At last, he collapsed into a quivering heap, breathing raggedly. Tabi crawled up next to him, holding him tightly until they both inadvertently fell asleep. When Tabi awoke, the first gray light of dawn was barely brightening the sky. Alex lay next to her, his morning wood seemingly floating on his belly with every breath.

She crawled down between his legs and took his stiff dick into her mouth. He awoke and smiled as she slipped a finger into his still well lubed asshole. She looked up and then flipped him over on to his hands and knees, to hover over her while he started pumping his dick into her mouth. All the while, she kept a finger buried in his ass, feeling the small prostate gland harden when he grunted his cum into her mouth and down her throat. As soon as he finished cumming, Alex slid down her body, slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and furiously sucked her clit until she shuddered uncontrollably, her orgasm surging through every cell in her body.

The next evening, Tabi made a point of giving Bunny to Amy before she took Alex by the hand and lead him to her room. They lay on her bed for a while, kissing and caressing each other until his four inch cock was as hard as it was going to get. When her son started to mount her from the front, she kissed him gently and rolled to the side.

No that way...not tonight,” she murmured into his ear, “I want your cock and cum in me again, but tonight I want you to fuck me in my ass.”

She reached over and pulled BOB and a bottle of lube from the drawer in the nightstand, slowly and lovingly coating her son's dick with the viscous fluid before climbing on to her hands and knees.

Start by licking my asshole and pussy,” Tabi instructed him as she spread her ass cheeks with both hands.

Alex dove in eagerly, furiously licking the full length of her pussy slit several times, stopping to swirly the tip of his tongue around her puckered anus before repeating the process. Tabi groaned as her pleasure grew before handing the lube bottle back to her son.

Stick the tip of the bottle in my asshole and squeeze,” she gasped as she reached for the vibrator, “then spread whatever leaks out all around and put the head of your cock right there.”

While Alex did as he was told and positioned himself, Tabi slid BOB into her cunt but did not turn it on. She looked back over her shoulder at her son and grinned devilishly.

Do it, sweetie...push your cock...into my it now....fuck your Mommy's asshole!” she begged pushing her hips back and feeling her son's dickhead breach her tight sphincter to bury his full length into her bowels.

She let him pump her hard for a moment, knowing her tight asshole was going to suck the cum out of him even faster than her wet pussy. Alex grabbed her hips and groaned as his own orgasm built rapidly.

When she felt his legs begin to quiver, she switched on the toy in her pussy, feeling it vibrate against her g-spot and her son's swollen cock at the same time. Alex cried out in surprise and immediately loosed his watery cum into her ass. With her own orgasm, Tabi tightened the grip on his cock, holding him inside her until her climax faded away.

The rolled to the side breathing heavily, but Tabi was not done. She straddled her son's face, pressing her dripping asshole against him.

Lick me...lick all your cum from my asshole,” she commanded him.

Alex happily complied, his tongue darting from her dripping asshole to her wet pussy, sucking in the gobs of his own cum. As he did so his dick stiffened again and Tabi leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth, reveling in the pungent, musky taste of his jism mixed with that of her own ass.


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