Tabi's Tale (Part 27)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 27)

Just The Boys

Before Tabi even fully turned to face them, the boys both slammed into her, chattering excitedly. She pulled them close and fondled their taut asses while they groped her tits and pussy. After a couple of minutes, she took them by their hands and lead them to her bedroom.

She pushed Ethan down on his back and straddled his head. The twelve year old boy grinned up at her until she shoved her dripping pussy into his face, forcing out the gooey mixture of Bradley's cum and her own juices into his mouth and over his cheeks.

Ethan eagerly licked her dripping cunt while Alex pushed her down enough to rim her tight asshole. She bucked furiously, her orgasm coursing through her body practically smothering Ethan.

By the time her climax started to fade, she rolled to the side and her son rammed his rigid dick into her sticky pussy. Alex was too excited to last long, shooting his watery cum into her cunt after just a few thrusts. As soon as he pulled out of her, Ethan took his place and, if anything, filling her pussy with his jism even faster.

While one fucked her, she sucked the other hard again. She thought each of the boys had cum in her three or four times, and knew she climaxed on their dicks twice, before everyone needed a breather. Even twelve year old boys eventually cannot get instantly hard again and Tabi's pussy and ass were feeling a little sore and swollen.

So I take it you boys enjoyed the show,” Tabi laughed as she sipped a beer and even allowed the boys to share one.

When they both started talking at the same time, Tabi grinned again and told them to take turns. They had plenty of time, the rest of that night and the entire day and night after that.

That's the hottest thing I ever saw,” Ethan enthused, “even hotter than any porn.”

Yeah we both jerked off once then sucked each other again too,” Alex added, “especially when you fucked him with the strap-on.”

I...we both...want you to do that to us,” Ethan chimed in, “and watch again whenever we can.”

By the time they finished their drinks, the boys were ready for another go. Alex got on his back and Tabi rode her son's dick while sucking Ethan. After Alex again flooded her pussy with his cum, she rolled over, pulled up her knees and let Ethan climb on top of her, thrashing wildly until he too had cum in her.

She tried sucking both of their limp two inch cocks hard again, but they were done for the night. Tabi fell asleep with a boy cuddled under each of her arms, their watery cum seeping out of her pussy.

When Tabi awakened in the morning, the boys lay on either side of her, each with a throbbing morning hard on. She eased herself out of the bed without waking them and went to make herself some coffee. She thought about all that happened the night before and planned out what she planned to do to and with the two twelve year old boys the rest of the weekend.

Her own arousal grew the more she thought about them. She finished her coffee and walked quietly back to her bedroom. The boys lay on their sides sucking each others dicks when she entered. Tabi grinned and sat down on the side of the bed, brushing her hands over both of their ass cheeks.

Don't stop now,” she muttered drawing a finger up between Ethan's ass cheeks and swirling the tip around his tight anus, “I like watching you suck each other.”

She removed her hands from their bodies long enough to grab the bottle of lube and BOB from the nightstand. She coated the toy before spreading even more lube generously over Ethan's anus.

Keep sucking him, Alex, until he shoots his cum into your mouth,” Tabi cooed, turned the vibrator on low and pressed the tip against Ethan's puckered asshole.

Ethan gasped and tensed his body, driving his rigid four inch cock deeper into Alex's throat. With just a slight push, most of the vibrator disappeared into the twelve year old boy's asshole. Tabi twisted the toy around a little until Ethan's shudder told her the tip was pressing against his developing prostate.

Now, Alex, harder...faster...suck him deeper,” Tabi hissed as Ethan's entire body quivered uncontrollably.

Alex gagged as his buddy's spunk flooded down his throat but kept Ethan's cock in his mouth until it completely deflated. When he finally looked up at his mother with a satisfied grin, two strings of Ethan's jism drizzled from the corner of his mouth down to his hairless chest.

Can I do that next, Mommy?” Alex asked with a bright smile.

Oh, honey, you will definitely get your turn, but first you need to fuck me in my ass,” Tabi answered and rolled on her hands and knees with her ass in the air.

Her son crawled up behind her and with a single hard thrust plunged his dick all the way into her bowels. Alex humped her frantically while Tabi fingered her clit as fast as she could, her climax building quickly and flooding her entire body.

Next to them, Ethan watched Alex ass fuck his own mother. His cock got hard enough again that when Alex finally slipped out of Tabi's asshole, Ethan was right there to fill her bowels with even more warm watery jism as she climaxed again and again on her fingers.

The remainder of the day was an eclectic mix of mundane chores and sexual play in various combinations. While Tabi went about tidying up the house and doing laundry, the boys helped some and then went off to continue their video game. At one point, she watched them from the other room as they casually jerked each other off before returning to the game. Tabi fingered herself to an orgasm as she looked on.

Throughout the day, all three of them would touch each other constantly, sometimes in passing and sometimes to the point of a climax. After lunch, they went out on the patio to get some sun and Tabi lathered up both boys in turn, stroking their little hard cocks until they shot their cum on to their own bellies and her hand. When both boys were done, she lay back and had them finger her pussy together while sucking her tits.

After dinner, she took them back to her bedroom and pulled out the strap-on. The boys looked on wide eyed as she adjusted the harness with the smallest of the three fake cocks firmly attached. While the smallest, it was still considerably longer and thicker than either boys' developing dicks.

“Both of you, get on your hands and knees with your hips touching,” she instructed them.

When they were settled, she squirted some lube directly into both of their assholes and spread the excess around their tight sphincters. She slipped a finger into each of their anuses, swirling them around until both boys were stretched enough to accept the plastic dick.

She kept her finger buried in Ethan's asshole while she gently shoved the tip of he strap-on into her son's anus. Alex grunted and tensed at the first push and Tabi pulled out completely after a half dozen thrusts that went into him barely half the length of the fake dick.

They changed positions and Tabi repeated the effort with Ethan while she fingered Alex's ass. Again, the boy was only able to take about half the length of the toy into his ass.

When it became obvious that was as much as they could manage that time, Tabi removed the strap-on and took both boys' cocks into her mouth at the same time, licking and sucking them until both shot their watery cum down her throat.

Not bad for the first time,” she cooed softly as the boys cuddled up under her arms, “and we'll have plenty of chances to try again soon.”

Tabi was licking up the last remnants of Ethan's cum from his balls when the phone rang. His mother was calling to say she would be there in five minutes. The boys scrambled back to Alex's room to get dressed as Tabi threw on a tank top and shorts.

She greeted Becky at the door, chatting amiably until Ethan appeared. With one last hug, she sent him on the way, hoping Becky didn't notice the sheen of dried cum that coated the inside of her thighs.

Playing With Both

Each day for the following week, Tabi did all she could to draw Amy into even more explicit play and make sure her daughter was comfortable as she did so. She went into Amy's room one night with both BOB and Bunny, smiling brightly as she closed the door behind her.

I thought we might have a little private time while your brother is playing his video game,” Tabi cooed, sitting down and placing the two toys between her daughter's spread legs. “There's something I want you to do for me if you would.”

Sure, Mom, what is it?” Amy asked looking back and forth from the toys to her mother.

Tabi grinned devilishly at her daughter and picked up BOB. She turned it on low and brushed the vibrating tip across her stiff nipples before handing it to Amy and flopping backwards with her thighs spread wide.

I want you to use this on me, fuck my pussy with it as long and as hard as you want,” she cooed, spreading her dripping pussy lips until her pink clit popped out from under her fleshy hood. “You decide when I can't cum any longer, no matter what I say.”

Amy grinned at her mother evilly and placed the tip of the vibrator right on Tabi's clit. Tabi shuddered and pinched her erect nipples, thrusting her hips toward her daughter's hand and the pulsing toy.

With a wicked giggle, Amy shoved BOB all the way into her mother's dripping cunt, pumping it in and out fast and hard. With her other hand, she picked up Bunny, turned it on and placed the vibrating tip directly on Tabi's clit.

Tabi shrieked and thrashed about wildly, one orgasm barely receding before the next flooded through her. Tabi begged her to stop twice, but each time Amy refused and Tabi came to the realization her daughter liked, and was getting off herself, being in complete control.

When at last Tabi could take no more, she slumped back, quivering uncontrollably as the afterglow of her multiple orgasms slowly faded away. Amy pulled BOB from her mother's dripping cunt and, as her mother looked on in a daze, proceeded to fuck herself to a quick hard climax.

The next night, Alex again excused himself and went to his room. Tabi put the girl on girl DVD on and cuddled with Amy as they each rubbed their own clits. As they both became more aroused, Tabi took Amy's hand in hers and put it directly on her pussy.

Finger me, rub my clit and put your finger in me,” Tabi groaned, “just like you do to make yourself feel good.”

Amy slipped two fingers into her mother's dripping pussy and rolled her thumb back and forth over Tabi's clit. Tabi moaned and thrashed as an orgasm built between her thighs but stopped before actually climaxing.

She crawled down between Amy's legs, pushing her daughter's thighs wide apart and slid a finger into Amy's tight wet pussy. Amy gasped and thrust her hips against her mother's hand as Tabi lowered her head and took Amy's throbbing clit between her lips. Amy pulled Tabi's face tightly against her crotch as her orgasm washed through her thirteen year old body, her wet tight cunt clamping on her mother's finger until the last spasm of that climax faded.

Oh god, baby, lick me, lick me now,” Tabi groaned, collapsing back on the couch, her juices dripping freely out of her throbbing pussy.

Amy dove down between her mother's thighs without any hesitation, sliding two fingers into Tabi's cunt and licking around the hard nub of her mother's clit. Tabi was so wet her juices squished noisily against her daughter's face and dribbled down over her asshole. It only took a moment for Tabi to tense and groan a massive orgasm. Even as Tabi's climax faded, Amy kept scooping up the pungent juices with her tongue.

Hey, that looks like fun,” Alex said loudly over his sister's shoulder, innocently acting like he never licked his mother's pussy before, “can I do that too?”

Amy's head bolted upright in surprise. When she tried to stand, Tabi just held her hand and pulled her down next to her on the couch.

Sure, honey, you are welcome to lick Mommy's pussy if you want to,” she moaned.

Alex wasted no time burying his face between Tabi's legs, his tongue hungrily licking the pungent juices still leaking from her. Just before the next climax washed through Tabi's body, she glanced over to see a surprised but intrigued Amy watching intently and fingering herself slowly.

Tabi was not about to let this moment pass without taking full advantage. Even before the last vestiges of that orgasm faded away, she pulled Alex up for a deep kiss, tasting her own pussy on his lips then sat him down next to his sister. She crawled down between his thighs and took his rigid cock in her hands, licking his balls before running her tongue slowly up the short shaft.

She glanced over at Amy as she flicked a droplet of precum from the tip of Alex's dick before swallowing him all the way in until her nose pressed against his thin thatch of pubic hair. She slowly removed her son's cock from her mouth.

Without a word, she reached over and took Amy's hand in hers and placed it on Alex's throbbing dick. For a moment Amy resisted but Tabi intertwined their fingers and slowly started stroking her son.

Alex groaned loudly and leaned back fully enjoying the feeling of his mother and sister jerking him off. By the time he shot his load of cum on his own belly and both of their hands, Amy was enthusiastically stroking him up and down.

Amy demurred when Tabi offered the cum covered fingers to her, so Tabi licked both hers and her daughter's completely clean. Then she moved over between Amy's legs, sliding a finger into her while licking her daughter's wet slit.

As Amy moaned and began to thrash back on her mother's face, Alex reached over and gently cupped one of her tiny tits. As her orgasm built, Amy reached up and pulled her brother's hand even tighter against her erect nipple.

After that night, Amy was more open to touching and being touched when Alex was around. After a few more days, she had no problem stroking him while Tabi licked her pussy and fingered her. Tabi cautioned Alex to take it slow until his sister was fully comfortable.

With Tabi's enthusiastic encouragement, she and Amy openly used the vibrators on themselves and each other, often with Alex watching and stroking himself nearby. Just as Tabi was about to cum one evening, Alex stepped in front of her and furiously jerked off until his watery cum splattered all over her pussy.

As soon as she pulled the vibrator from her pussy, Alex knelt down and licked all of his spent spunk from her mound and belly. Next to them, Amy groaned loudly climaxing as she watched her brother lick their mother's pussy clean.

To that point, Alex heeded his mothers words and limited his touches of his sister to her tits and her hand around his dick. Tabi was ready for them to go much further as Amy became more comfortable.

They were cuddled together on the couch again one night, with Tabi holding Alex's dick in one hand and fingering Amy with the other. When Alex reached for her pussy, Tabi took his hand and placed it down between her daughter's legs. Amy looked startled for a moment but didn't pull away. Tabi looked down at her and smiled, seeing Alex begin to slowly move his finger up and down in his sister's tight wet slit.

Amy groaned lowly and pushed her pussy up against her brother's hand. He began strumming her clit a little faster.

Oh...Mommy...Mommy...that,” she gasped.

Yes, baby, feel it...let go...let yourself cum,” Tabi murmured into her daughter's ear and motioned for her son to move down between Amy's legs.

He slowly slipped a finger into Amy's tight pussy, seeking her g-spot the way he knew his mother liked. Amy thrashed furiously, moaning loudly while Tabi strummed her daughter's throbbing clit. Then Tabi spread Amy's pussy lips until her daughter's small pink clit popped out from beneath its fleshy hood.

With a nod from Tabi, Alex lowered his head and flicked his tongue up through his sister's pussy slit and across her sensitive clit. Amy screeched and arched her back, pressing her cunt even tighter against her brother's face. Alex kept pressing the swelling g-spot and sucked in her clit as his sister thrashed.

Mommy...Mommy...Mommy...,” Amy screamed her orgasm and coated her brother's face with her sticky juices.

When she finally slumped down, Alex grinned at his mother, the sheen of Amy's pussy juices coating his cheeks and chin. Tabi pulled him up, grabbing his rigid cock as she kissed him deeply. She glanced at her daughter then pushed Alex on to his back right in front of her, straddled his hips and directed his throbbing dick into her dripping pussy.

As soon as Alex was as deep inside her cunt as he could go, Tabi turned and looked directly at her daughter as she rode him. It didn't take long for Alex to grunt his cum into his mother's pussy and she thrashed against him furiously, climaxing herself when she felt his jism leaking down the inside of her thighs.

Amy looked surprised at first but the longer she watched her brother fuck their mother for the very first time, her own arousal returned. By the time Tabi's orgasm peaked, Amy was furiously fingering her own clit.

As soon as her own orgasm faded, Tabi climbed off her son and began licking his slick cock and balls. She reached up and took her daughter's hand and pulled her down onto the floor with her. After a moment's hesitation, Amy flicked out her tongue and tasted the tip of her brother's stiffening dick.

With a wide grin, Tabi joined her daughter licking Alex's hardening dick. She held it upright after a moment and smiled at Amy, nodding her head to give the thirteen year old girl permission to take her brother's cock into her mouth. Very tentatively at first, then faster and faster, Amy bobbed her head up and down on Alex's shaft until he moaned loudly in anticipation of cumming again.

Not yet, sweetie, hold off just a few more minutes,” Tabi whispered in Alex's ear.

Then she pushed Amy on to her back and had Alex crawl up between her spread thighs. Tabi leaned down, kissed her daughter passionately and began rubbing the head of Alex's cock up and down in the glistening pink flesh of Amy's pussy slit. Amy shuddered and began squeezing her nipples as the tip of her brother's cock brushed over her swollen clit, moaning lowly as another orgasm built in her young cunt.

Alex's dick was poised at the opening into his sister's pussy when Tabi reached behind him, grabbed his ass cheek and pushed. The look on Alex's face was priceless when he realized his cock was buried as deep into Amy's pussy as he could go. Tabi nodded her approval and he began pumping in and out of her furiously.

Tabi was already cumming on her own fingers when she saw the first of Alex's cum seeping out of Amy's pussy. As soon as he pulled away, she dove down, licking up as much of that sticky mixture of her son's jism and her daughter's juices as she could.

Her son's cum never before tasted so sweet as that moment.


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