Tabi's Tale (Part 29)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 29)

Some New Friends

Tabi blinked awake as Alex climbed into the bed between her and Amy and immediately began fingering both of their pussies. He grinned down at them as they moaned lowly and lubricated his fingers with their juices.

Really, Alex, what if Grandma hears or walks in and sees you doing this?” Tabi murmured and squirmed even more as her son's finger slipped inside the folds of her quickly moistening cunt. “We're not at home you know.”

They won't come in and won't hear unless you make a lot of noise,” he grinned as Amy groaned with his finger buried inside her pussy. “She's doing stuff in the kitchen and he's out on the patio. Besides, the way Grandma was looking at me this morning and touching herself, I don't think either one of them would mind at all.”

While she was hesitant to admit it, Tabi was slowly coming to the same conclusion. There was no doubt about the sexual tension in the pool and throughout the rest of the day before. After dinner last night, her mother all but invited Tabi to take her father's cock in her hand and possibly a lot more.

Amy moaned softly before burying her face in the pillow as a climax flooded her body. Tabi followed a moment later and didn't bother to muffle her sounds of pleasure. She then pulled Alex down and flipped him on his back sucking and licking his cock and balls with her daughter until he shot his watery cum on to both their faces.

So what's the agenda for today?” Tabi asked, sipping a coffee at the kitchen counter with her mother, a couple droplets of her son's dried cum visibly smeared on her chin.

Our friends should start arriving around noon,” her mother responded, not mentioning the dried jism even though she was looking directly at Tabi. “I'll need you to help me prepare some things in here. The kids can help your father clean the pool, hose off the patio and such outside. Once the others get here, I will introduce you and then we can all get comfortable with one another and do whatever we want for some fun in the sun.”

And they're all nudist?”

Oh yes and also members of a social club we belong to. Everyone is super friendly and I think you and the kids will like them a lot.”

With that, she and her mother spent the next couple of hours preparing some food, setting out paper plates and cups on the patio and other such things as they awaited the arrival of their visitors.

Even though she knew the guests were due at any moment, Tabi jumped when the doorbell first chimed. She was excited about meeting her parents' nudist friends but also unexpectedly a little nervous as well. In any case, the moment of truth was at hand.

While Tabi hung back in the kitchen, her mother went to answer the door, followed almost immediately by sounds of boisterous greetings. Moments later, her mother walked in with two women beside her, one clearly her mother's age and the other somewhat younger than Tabi. They each carried a covered dish and were followed by two men who were apparently their partners, with each of whom dragging a large wheeled cooler.

But Tabi hardly noticed.

Her eyes locked on the two young kids that trailed behind them, a girl who looked to be around six and a boy no more than four. Tabi had to gasp for a breath, with her pussy aching, as she focused on them shyly standing behind their mother. She could even feel a few droplets of wetness seeping down the inside of her thighs realizing that within a few moments she would see both of their angelic young bodies totally naked.

Her mother interrupted Tabi's revelry with introductions all around. The older man and woman were Ron and Nancy, long time friends of Tabi's parents. The younger couple were their daughter, Natalie, and her husband, Marty. Their kids were named Sadie and Jake. After hugs all around, her mother directed them to put their things in the living room and come out to the patio.

While they went to put their clothes away, Tabi help her mother put away the dishes Nancy and Natalie brought. The two coolers were mostly filled with beer and a few sodas and water clearly intended for the kids. Tabi dragged each of the coolers out to the patio.

By the time she returned to the kitchen after the second, Ron and Nancy were standing on either side of her mother talking softly. All three of them had their arms around the others waist while fondling each others asses. Her mother looked directly at Tabi and smiled, before giggling when Ron leaned forward and whispered something in her ear.

Before Tabi could say anything, Marty walked into the kitchen with an arm full of towels. Tabi's eyes widened when she saw the enormous size of the flaccid dick dangling between his legs. If she had to guess, she thought he had to be at least nine inches long and seriously thick when he got hard.

Natalie followed closely behind him, holding her kids' hands in each of hers. Both of the kids carried deflated floaties that would fit around their arms when they got In the pool.

You have two lovely kids,” Tabi told her while her gaze went back and forth to each of them and she unabashedly stared at Natalie's firm body.

Thank you,” Natalie responded, stopping to casually look Tabi over from head to toe, “my mother said your kids are here too.”

Yeah, they're in the pool, I've barely been able to get them out since we got here,” Tabi laughed.

Before Natalie could respond, the doorbell chimed again and Tabi's mother went to greet the next guests. Tabi turned to meet them and Natalie lead the kids out to the patio.

Meet Teddy and Clair, Tabi,” her mother said by way of introduction. “They are members of our social club too and these two are their kids, Nathan and Emma.”

Teddy and Clair were about Tabi's age, perhaps a few years older. Nathan was a tall athletic seventeen year old with an endearing grin Tabi immediately knew melted a lot of resolve, and opened more than his fair share of legs, among teenage girls. Natalie was apparently a year younger and also athletic, with large firm tits and a nice ass.

A few more people entered greeting everyone else with warm hugs. It didn't take long for Tabi to start losing track of names and that became even less important as all the guests stripped naked and headed to the pool and patio.

Tabi had not thought being in a crowd of nude people, all laughing and talking and having a good time, would be much of a big deal. Yet as she stood on the patio looking around at the naked bodies, old and young, short and tall, skinny and fat, she was momentarily overwhelmed. She had no idea in advance she would be so turned on.

Her nipples were hard as rocks when she grabbed a beer and sat down next to Natalie and her two small kids. Marty was blowing up the arm floaties while Natalie spread sun screen all over Jake and Sadie.

Natalie looked up and smiled at Tabi as she squirted some lotion in her hand and began applying it to her four year old son. She started with his face, worked down to his arms and shoulders then the rest of the front of his body. Little Jake squealed and squirmed when his mother very carefully and completely coated his pinky sized cock and tight ball sac. Except for the top of his head, there was not a hair to be seen on the little boy's smooth bare body.

When she was satisfied with the boy's front, she turned him around and repeated her actions on his back. When he turned, he was facing Tabi less than two feet away with his one inch or so long dick pointed right at her. He smiled at her and reached out to touch her stiff right nipple.

You're bigger than my Mommy and softer too,” he exclaimed innocently.

Now, Jake, you know you're not supposed to touch someone like that unless you are invited,” his mother scolded from behind him with a bright smile and impish glint in her eye.

It's OK, I don't mind at all,” Tabi responded and turned back to the little boy. “You can touch the other one too, if you want.”

Jake let out a delighted laugh and placed his free hand on Tabi's other tit as his mother finished putting the lotion on his legs. Tabi felt her pussy clench at both the boy's touch and the approving look on his mother's face.

C'mon, Jake, let's put these floaties on our arms,” his father interrupted them and took his son's hand to lead him over by the side of the pool.

As she watched them walk away, Tabi was sure Marty's dick had thickened some and the thought of seeing him fully hard sent another twitch through her cunt. Even just a little chubby, his dick was bigger than any should could remember seeing or certainly not feeling inside her mouth or pussy.

She turned her head back to watch Natalie lather the suntan lotion all over her six year old daughter's lithe smooth body. Unlike her brother, Natalie had the little girl face Tabi from the outset, doing the girl's back and arms first. Then she started at Sadie's shoulders and from behind, worked her way slowly and sensuously down the little girl's chest, stopping to rub her undeveloped nipples a few times before continuing down until she covered the outside of her legs.

Tabi wiggled around a little and without thinking cupped her left tit in one hand and thumbed her stiff aching nipple. Natalie smiled at her and started to work her way up the inside of Sadie's thighs, one leg at a time, stopping just as her fingers reached the little girl's smooth hairless mound.

She squirted a little more lotion on her hand and kissed her daughter's ear before pushing her hand down between Sadie's legs, The little girl squirmed and squatted just a little, just enough that Tabi thought the tight lips of the girl's pussy gaped open. She was sure of it when she saw the knuckle of Natalie's middle finger move up and down a few times as Sadie threw back her head and moaned lowly.

After a moment, Natalie straightened up and shooed her daughter off for Marty to put on the arm floaties. She then turned to look intently at Tabi, raised the finger that had just been touching her daughter's pussy and slowly sucked it into her mouth.

When she withdrew it from between her lips, she rubbed more lotion over her tits, lingering to gently pinch the quarter sized dark drown nipples before sliding her hand down between her own legs, splitting the folds of her smoothly shaved cunt. Tabi had no doubt when she saw that knuckle move again that Natalie had a finger inside her own pussy.

Thanks for the help with the kids,” Natalie cooed, stepping close to Tabi, leaning over so her small firm tits hung in Tabi's face.

My pleasure,” Tabi managed to gasp, although she had done no more than look.

I'm sure,” Natalie giggled, took Tabi's right hand and placed it firmly on her left tit, “and just consider this your invitation to touch them...both of them...all of us actually now that I think about it...any time...any where...and any want.”

With that, Natalie straightened up, turned and jumped into the pool. Tabi sat there stunned for a few moments, her tits aching and a few droplets of her pussy juices seeping out of her cunt. It was all she could do to keep from fingering herself to a quick sharp orgasm right then and there on the patio.

Tabi leaned back and closed her eyes, letting the buzz of multiple conversations wash over her until her breathing returned to normal. She sipped the remainder of her beer and looked around. It began to dawn on her that besides the smiles, laughter and pleasant conversation, there as a lot of touching and groping going on all around her.

She decided to go look for her mother to find out exactly what kind of social club this was. It seemed like one she would be more than pleased to join.

Alex was the only one in the kitchen when she entered the house, bent over as he rummaged through the remains of the buffet spread across the counter top. Tabi silently approached him and gave him a sharp slap on his ass. He jumped and turned in a single motion as she laughed loudly.

Have you seen Grandma?” she asked, picking up a chicken wing.

She went that way a little while ago,” her son responded, waving vaguely in the direction of the bedrooms before turning back to the ruins of the buffet.

Tabi finished the wing and walked in the direction of the bedrooms. Even before she reached the door to her parents' room, she heard some sounds that caused her to slow her approach. The door to the bedroom was wide open so Tabi cautiously peered around the edge, her heart rate almost immediately increasing dramatically.

Her mother lay on the bed on her back with her knees pulled up and her thighs spread wide. Nancy, the grandmother of the two little kids, knelt between her mother's legs with her face buried in her mother's pussy. The way Nancy's elbow moved told Tabi she was also furiously fingering that cunt.

But that was not even the most surprising thing happening. Her mother's head was turned to one side, frantically sucking seventeen year old Nathan's rigid cock.

Tabi's nipples immediately stiffened and she slid her hand down between her legs to split the wet folds of her pussy lips. The hard nub of her clit throbbed against her fingertip as her own orgasm began to surge through her body.

Then her mother let out a sharp loud yelp and her back arched. Nancy realized Tabi's mother was about to cum on her face and hands and started pumping her even harder before lifting up her head and firmly instructing the teenager to get behind and fuck her.

Nathan pulled his cock from Tabi's mother's mouth and stepped behind Nancy, spreading her ass cheeks with both hands before slamming his rigid cock into her welcoming pussy. He frantically pumped Nancy's pussy for a few minutes as Tabi's mother thrashed and quivered against Nancy's face, making no effort to keep quiet as one orgasm after another surged through her body.

Tabi leaned back against the wall in the hall as her first orgasm erupted on her hand. She madly kept fingering herself until she saw Nathan tense when he grunted his cum into the older woman's pussy. She collected herself and watched the three of them crumple into a heap on the bed then turned to walk down the hall before she was discovered.

She was about to go into the bathroom when that door opened and Ron stood there, startling them both for a moment.

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to surprise you,” he said gently unabashedly looking over her body up close.

No problem, in fact I have a couple of questions for you but I really need to pee first,” Tabi replied.

He stepped aside for her to enter but didn't turn to leave. When he made no effort to exit the bathroom, Tabi grinned devilishly, lowered herself on the toilet, spread her legs and let loose a torrent of piss.

Ron watched her intently, smiling broadly and fingering his small dick under his protruding belly. When she finished, Tabi wiped herself with a flourish and bent over to flush the toilet, giving Ron an unobstructed view of her ass and still damp slit. Then she curled her arm in his and they walked back to the patio. Neither said a word when they went past her parents' room and the three naked bodies intertwined on the bed.

Clearly there was more going on than a bunch of nudist enjoying a pool party. Tabi was very curious and after seeing Ron's wife lick and finger her own mother to multiple orgasms before being fucked herself by a teenager, she figured he might be a pretty perverse himself and a good source of information.

You know, this is the first time my kids and I have been involved with such a large group of naked people,” she began, handing him a cold beer and taking a sip of one herself. “My kids seem to be having a blast and frankly I didn't think I would be as turned on as I am seeing all these sexy bodies.”

Well, I'm very pleased to hear that. I grew up as a nudist,” he replied sipping his beer and turning to face her, close enough that his belly almost brushed against her side, “like my parents before me. My father started the nudist resort and social club we now own about a thirty minute drive from here. I met Nancy there when her parents joined. I was around twelve and she didn't even have any tits yet back then. We still live there year round with our daughter and her family.”

He took a deep drink of beer and smiled devilishly at Tabi. She could feel his eyes on her nipples as they involuntarily stiffened a little and when she looked down, his cock was standing straight out under his belly.

Well, do any of these parties involve more than...uh...just looking and...uh...talking?” Tabi asked stepping close enough his belly did touch her side.

Meaning what?” he asked but the glint in his eye and the hand suddenly resting on the top of her ass told Tabi it was not a serious question.

I mean is there any...touching and” she responded, brushing her fingertips over the arm touching her ass.

That depends on who you are with,” he chuckled and brushed his hand back and forth over Tabi's ass. “although both are pretty much a given when the club members get today. Nancy and I started with others together when we were teens and continue to today with men and women and couples...of all ages.”

Mmm that's really interesting,” Tabi cooed, pressing her ass back against his hand a little, “and does your daughter and her husband know you do that?”

Ron hesitated a moment, his grip tightening slightly on her ass. He gave her a wolfish smile and tweaked her nipple with his other hand.

Oh yes,” he said softly, “my daughter got...involved shall we say...when she was really quite young...younger even than her own children are now. One of the reasons she married Marty was his enthusiasm when introduced to our life style.”

Tabi felt her pussy clench as he talked, her throat suddenly dry and her heart racing.

And...and the...little...ones...?” she managed to croak.

Do I detect some interest on your part in more than...uh...just looking...or talking?” he asked with an impish grin.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure we would be very a lot more,” Tabi managed to mutter after a moment's hesitation.

We?” he inquired, raising a questioning eyebrow.

I am for sure and I have a fuck buddy back home who most likely would be as kids are,” Tabi quietly muttered, moving her own hand to his ass.

Most interesting,” he cooed, “and your kids are of the age that, shall we say, I find most intriguing...for both boys and girls.”

I like young ones too, the younger the better, and practically cream my panties, when I'm wearing some, seeing guys together,” Tabi continued, “so we may have a lot in common.”

Indeed,” he murmured and tugged her nipple gently. “I'll go talk with Nancy and perhaps we can get together again a little later.”

Sounds good but now I really need to cool off in the pool,” Tabi told him and turned to step away before turning back and taking his rigid cock in her hand and bending forward to whisper in his ear, “and I assume your daughter's invitation to touch anytime and anywhere includes you as well.”

She turned on her heel, walked to the edge of the pool, jumped in and swam to the other side where Marty was playing with his young son and little girl.


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