Tabi's Tale (Part 3)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 3)

For All The Boys

Tabi stopped momentarily at the entry to the family room, watching the five twelve year old boys chattering and giggling and elbowing each other as they played a video game. She walked up behind her son and put a hand on his shoulder. Alex turned and looked up at her, his mouth falling open in astonishment seeing the way she was dressed.

OK, boys, you need to finish up the game. I know your mothers expect you home for dinner,” she announced.

Each of them turned to respond to her, stopping short when they saw the way her hard nipples pressed out against the tank top and the tight shorts outlined and pulled up into her pussy. She felt a warm tingle between her legs as they gawked and thought she even spotted a growing bulge in one of the boy's jeans.

She smiled to herself as she walked to the kitchen, knowing the boys all stood staring at the firm curves of her ass and the way the shorts disappeared into her butt crack. Her tits tingled and she was sure a bit of pussy juices seeped into the seam of the shorts.

Three of the boys trooped out of the house, keeping their eyes locked on her tits and pussy until they were out the door. Tabi smiled as she envisioned them back home in their rooms, jerking off thinking about her.

Have you decided what you want on your pizza tonight?” she asked Alex and his best friend Ethan as they sat down at the kitchen table.

Ethan and Alex had known each other since kindergarten. He seemed to stay over at Tabi's house almost every Friday because he knew that was always pizza night. His mother, Becki, was something of a health and fitness freak and didn't order pizza or serve lots of the other snacks and junk food that was standard fare at Tabi's house.

Aside from that, Becki was a sweet and generous person. Alex was always welcome to visit or stay at their house, whether or not her firefighter husband was home. So the boys often stayed at one house or the other on most weekends.

Go ask your sister what she wants on her pizza, Alex. I'll order two large ones and each of us can have whatever we want on a half,” Tabi said while pouring herself a glass of wine.

Amy!” Alex turned and shouted.

Geez, I could have yelled like that,” Tabi laughed, “now go to her room and ask her nicely what she wants.”

Alex stood and headed off toward his sister's room. Tabi sipped her wine and smiled at Ethan, asking him about school as she watched her son go. When Alex disappeared into the hallway, Tabi took another deep drink and shrugged her shoulder so that her right tit slipped out of the side of the tank top.

Ethan's mouth dropped open as he suddenly had an unobstructed view of Tabi's tit and erect nipple. She acted as if nothing happened, continuing to ask him a couple of questions as he stared and stammered.

When she saw Alex returning, she turned and casually adjusted the tank top to cover herself. Tabi was so turned on she was sure some of her pussy juices were seeping into the shorts and down the inside of her thighs.

About a half hour later, the doorbell rang. Tabi grabbed her purse and went to answer, feeling her stiff aching nipples pressing out against the tank top. The delivery guy was a young man in his early twenties she estimated as she leaned forward to take the boxes from his hands, her tits dangling and swaying for him to clearly see down the front of her shirt. She could see the bulge in his pants when she handed him the cash and thanked him.

Amy walked to the table as Tabi brought in the pizza, sitting down without a word. Tabi raised a questioning eyebrow when she noticed her daughter was not wearing a bra but kept her own silence.

When they finished eating, Amy retreated to her room and Tabi sent the boys off to get in pajamas before watching a movie. After straightening up the kitchen, Tabi went to her room, leaving the door slightly ajar and stripped off the shorts and tank top. She stood naked fondling her tits with her back to the door when she heard the boys coming down the hall.

She bent over to rummage around in a drawer when she saw them in the mirror on her dresser. Both stopped and gawked at her bare ass and slightly gaping pussy slit. She gave them a few moments to stare before standing up and putting on a semi transparent nightie and matching bottom.

By the time she got back to the family room, the boys had blown up the air mattresses and arranged the sleeping bags where they would spend the night. Alex again pleaded to watch a “R” rated movie she had not allowed before. Tabi was feeling so horny she agreed, knowing that in addition to plenty of bare tits and asses, there was a scene in the video where a mother catches her son jerking off and another where one boy fucks his friend's mother.

Tabi reclined back on the couch while the boys stretched out below her on the air mattresses. As the movie went on, she smiled to herself as she saw them squirming, adjusting themselves, their cocks obviously getting hard. She spread her thighs watching them more than the movie, touching her damp nightie bottoms from time to time and smiling at the boys whenever they would try to sneak a peek at her.

When the movie was done, Tabi told them they could stay up for a while but not to make any noise. She headed to her room, stopping to poke her head in her daughter's room. Amy lay sprawled on her bed asleep, wearing just a long nightshirt that barely reached her thighs. The bedside light was still on, so Tabi quietly approached the bed, knowing her thirteen year old daughter was a light sleeper.

Before pulling the sheet up, Tabi lifted the edge of the nightshirt, tugging it up a little, enough to have a direct look at her daughter's pussy. Amy's pussy hair was the same dark color as the hair on her head and still fairly thin.

Tabi felt her heart begin to race, wanting very badly to touch that thatch of hair and then slide a finger between the tight folds of her daughter's pussy. She resigned herself to a moment of wishful looking before covering her daughter with the sheet, turning out the light and stepping back into the hall.

As soon as she reentered the hall, she could hear the boys talking somewhat excitedly in the family room. She silently padded down the hall and slipped into the darkened dining room where she had a perfect view of the boys and could clearly hear every word they said.

The boys were sitting on the sofa next to each other, seriously discussing the pros and cons of the various girls' titties and asses they saw in the movie. Their conversation excited Tabi mildly, since she had never heard her son or his buddy talk quite that way.

You're Mom is really hot!” Ethan blurted out suddenly. “Didn't you see how hard her nipples got?”

Alex's face flushed and he mumbled something in response that Tabi couldn't hear.

And those panties she had on, so tight I could almost make out the crack of her pussy,” Ethan continued, starting to rub his hand over the bulge growing in his pajama bottoms.

I don't want to talk about it,” Alex grumbled, blushing visibly while looking away from his friend.

Hey, don't worry about it, I spy on my Mom when she's naked all the time,” Ethan went on, his dick now clearly poking out from the pajamas.

Tabi's hand fell to her pussy with that statement, her finger wiggling under the waistband of her panties to gently circle her throbbing clit. Ethan's mother was quite attractive, toned and buff from her almost daily workouts. It made Tabi's pussy tingle to even think of her naked, let alone while her own son watched. did you manage to spy on your Mom naked?” Alex gasped, his interest perking up along with the hump in his pajamas.

Two or three nights a week, my Dad is on duty and spends the night at the station. About a year ago I found out that when she goes to take a shower, she closes the bedroom door but not the one into the bath. After I hear the shower start, I can sneak into the bedroom and see her in the mirror.”

Oh, wow, I never thought of that,” Alex muttered as he started rubbing his own stiffening dick.

Tabi hadn't either but is was something she intended to keep in mind, Her legs began to tremble as she rubbed her clit a little harder, feeling the increasing wetness of her pussy seeping down her thighs.

Oh, it gets a lot better,” Ethan murmured and pulled his pajamas down around his knees and flopped back on the sofa stroking his rigid dick.

Alex didn't seemed surprised when Ethan pulled out his cock and, a moment later, took off his own pajama bottoms and began stroking himself too. Tabi bit the back of one hand to keep from crying out when, for the first time she saw her son's dick hard and the way he confidently stroked himself.

So what's better than seeing your Mom naked?” Alex asked gasping a little.

Well, first she shaves her legs and puts a leg up on the side of the tub and shaves all the hair off her pussy,” Ethan moaned lowly, “so I can really see...everything.”

And what else?” Alex whispered huskily.

Sometimes, she will touch herself after she shaves smooth, puts her fingers inside her pussy and rubs the top of her slit until she moans and trembles all over.”

With that, Ethan reached over and pushed Alex's hand off his own cock and started jerking off Tabi's son. Alex just leaned back and closed his eyes the faster Ethan stroked him.

Next time you stay over, if my Dad is working, we can watch her together,” Ethan gasped as Alex's body tensed, his back arched and four or five spurts of watery cum shot on to his belly and his friend's hand.

As soon as he was done, Alex leaned forward and took Ethan's throbbing cock into his hand and jerked off his friend until Ethan's jism also splattered across his own belly. At the sight of Alex being jerked off and cumming, Tabi almost lost control of herself. When her son jerked off his best friend, she did lose it, biting her lip to muffle her cry as she climaxed on her fingers.

After sitting quietly for a moment, the boys got up and went to the bathroom down the hall to clean up, not bothering to put their pajama bottoms on. Tabi watched them go, their now limp dicks dangling between their legs as they walked. As soon as she heard the door close, she hurried to her own room.

She was incredibly aroused, not quite believing what she heard and witnessed. Before she heard the bathroom door open, she slipped BOB into her pussy and turned it on low, the faint buzzing muffled by her cunt and her moans stifled by a pillow on her face. It wasn't until she climaxed twice more that she noticed the door to the bedroom was more than half way open. She didn't care.

A Chance Encounter

Mom...Mom...wake up...we'll be late.”

Tabi's eyes blinked open as Amy stood over her, gently shaking her shoulder.

I have a game today, so you need to get up,” Amy said before taking a step backward.

When her eyes focused a little better, Tabby could see Amy was wearing her soccer uniform. She also then noticed she was herself naked and uncovered on the bed, with BOB resting against the side of her thigh.

Oh...OK...give me a couple of minutes,” Tabi mumbled as she swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Yes, but hurry, we're already late,” Amy answered, all the while keeping her eyes focused on the vibrator.

Hmm, I guess that's something else I need to discuss with her,” Tabi thought to herself as she stretched before heading to the bathroom.

As Tabi weaved through the sparse crowd at the soccer field, she nodded to some of the parents that she knew by sight while looking for a decent vantage point. The weather was still chilly enough that she wore jeans and a hoodie over a long sleeved t-shirt without a bra.

She was looking off to one side watching the girls do their stretching warm-ups when something suddenly jolted her arm, sending her still hot coffee splashing on her arm and front.

Oh, I'm so sorry...are you OK?” she heard a man say before turning to the source of the voice.

Tabi didn't recognize the man standing there trying to brush the spilled coffee from her arm. He looked to be a bit under six feet tall, reasonably fit under the layers of clothing, with short black hair and a fashionable two day scruff of beard.

Oh, it's nothing,” she answered, dabbing what coffee she could from her hoodie with the single napkin she had.

Well the least I can do is get you another cup,” he smiled, his piercing blue eye seeming to light up as he spoke, “c'mon, we can still get one at the truck before the match starts.”

They chatted amicably as they walked back to the food truck in the parking lot. His name was Bradley and his daughter, Jill, played on the same team as Amy, although she was a year older and a grade ahead. He only managed to get to the games the weekends his daughter stayed with him, probably the reason Tabi didn't remember seeing him before.

As they watched the girls play, Bradley explained some of the action to her. Tabi didn't really understand soccer, she was just there to support her daughter. She took a lot more interest in the man than the game as the match wore on.

I still feel badly about spilling coffee on you,” Bradley said as they walked to the cars when the match was over. “I'm taking Jill for some lunch and would be pleased if you and your daughter would join us.”

Oh, that's not...,” Tabi started to protest but Bradley raised his hand to stop her.

But I insist,” he grinned, crooking his arm toward her.

Tabi smiled and hooked her arm in his until they got to her car. Then she and Amy followed them to a nearby restaurant.

It turned out the girls barely knew each other but that didn't matter to Tabi. It had been a long time since a man had so openly flirted with her and she flirted right back.

Perhaps we can get together for a drink or dinner sometime,” Bradley said softly as they stopped next to her car after lunch.

Yes, I would like that,” Tabi responded with a soft smile.

They exchanged numbers with the promise to arrange a day and time soon.

He's cute,” Amy said as they drove away.

He seems very nice,” Tabi responded noncommittally as she drove.

You going to go out with him?”

I don't know, he hasn't even asked.”

Well, you know these days, you can ask him if you want. You don't have to wait for him to ask.”

We'll see,” Tabi answered as they drove the rest of the way home in silence.

When Amy went to shower, Tabi went to change out of the stained clothes. She lay on the bed and brought BOB out of the drawer, turning it on low as she slowly pumped it in and out of her throbbing pussy.

Oh yes,” she thought as her climax built to a crescendo, “I'm going to go out with him...and he is going to cum in my mouth...and in my pussy...and in my ass!”

For the rest of the day, she walked around the house doing various chores and making dinner in the skimpiest outfit yet, a tight t-shirt that accented rather than conceal her hard nipples and panties so transparent she could almost see the follicles of her pussy hair.

She was glad to see Amy spent the remainder of the day without a bra and yoga pants so tight they pulled up into her pussy slit and ass crack. After staring at them both for a while, Alex seemed to lose interest, not paying too much attention to either of them unless Tabi hugged him or leaned over so he had a good close up look at her tits.

That was fine with Tabi. She wanted him to think nothing of seeing her wearing less and less until she would be completely naked and hopefully he would be comfortable doing the same.

Late that night, Tabi sat sipping a glass of wine watching the late news after the kids went to bed. She didn't bother to stand outside their rooms, knowing quite well she wouldn't hear anything from Amy and that Alex was undoubtedly jerking off before sleeping.

She was counting on it.

After gulping down the rest of the wine, she stood and stripped off her damp panties. She brought them to her nose, inhaling the pungent scent of her own sex that permeated the moist gusset. Even more of her pussy juices seeped down the inside of her thighs.

She leaned against the kitchen counter with one hand and fingered herself to a quick, sharp orgasm. It wasn't very satisfying, certainly not as much as those she planned on having the rest of the night, but it was enough to take the edge off.

After she wiped the excess pussy juices from her slit and thighs, she took one more deep whiff and dropped the panties in the washing machine. Then she slowly walked down the hall, pinching and pulling on her erect nipples until she was practically on the edge of another orgasm.

At Amy's door, she stopped for a moment and listened, just in case she could hear her daughter's low moans if she was playing with her tight young pussy. As usual, she heard nothing, so turned to Alex's door across the hall.

Ever so carefully, she opened the door and stepped into her son's bedroom. She left the door about half way open and stepped closer to the bed, waiting for a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the dim light coming from the nightlight in the hall.

Alex lay sprawled on his back with his head turned away from her. She squatted down and got on her knees next to the bed, feeling around until her hand felt the cum coated sock laying on the floor. She picked it up, brought it to her nose and flicked out her tongue to taste the still warm jism. Then she brushed it over both her tits before rubbing it back and forth across her pulsing clit and through her throbbing slit.

With her legs wobbling, she stood and slowly pulled back the sheet that covered her son to about the middle of his chest. With a sharp intake of breath, she saw he was naked underneath the sheet, his shorts off to the side where he left them when he jerked off.

Her pussy twitched even harder as she looked at his small soft dick laying across his stomach, rising and falling with ever breath. She could even make out a string of his cum stretching from the tip of his cock.

With her heart racing, she reached down and touched the very tip of her son's cock with one finger. When he didn't move, she got bolder, slipping three fingers under his dick and closing them around it.

Alex moaned lowly and wiggled a little. Tabi immediately stopped, still holding his cock in her hand. He settled back again without waking although she thought she could feel his dick swelling and hardening in her fingers.

She just let it rest there for another minute or so, feeling the warmth radiating against her fingers. She leaned forward, flicking out her tongue to taste the small residue of his semen coating his piss slit. He groaned again, and rolled away from her.

Reluctantly, she let go of his cock and stepped back from the bed. As quietly as she could manage, she left the room, silently closing the door behind her.

Her pussy was on fire.

Tabi hurried to her room, pulling BOB from the drawer. She slipped the sock over the vibrator, turned it on and rammed it into her pussy, cumming again and again and again as her son's crusty cum coated the inside of her cunt.


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