Tabi's Tale (Part 32)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 32)

Not So Secret

With a cold beer in their hands, Tab and Ron walked past her mother and the two kids eating a snack at the patio table. He opened the sliding glass door and stepped aside for her to enter first, tentatively brushing a hand over her ass as she passed. In response, Tabi stopped and looked back at him, grinned wickedly and squeezed the head of his dick.

Alex looked up from yet another plate of food when he saw his mother enter the kitchen. He grinned and went back to eating as she and Ron walked over to him.

The bottomless pit,” Tabi laughed to Ron as she hugged Alex around his waist and kissed him on his ear, one of her tits pressing firmly against his arm, “you have no idea how much a boy this age vacuums up in food every day but then he does have plenty of energy too...always ready to go.”

She hugged Alex a little closer, her hand falling to his ass and lingering there as she grinned at Ron. The older man's dick remained rigidly point out from under his protruding belly and, when Tabi cupped his balls gently, he moved closer to them both.

You...uh...said something about...a talk,” he gasped, tentatively brushing a finger across one of her stiff nipples.

Tabi grinned at him, tugged his balls gently and flicked her tongue in Alex's ear. Her son turned his head toward her and after a moment's hesitation cupped her other tit.

Let's find a place to get more...comfortable,” Tabi cooed and turned toward the hall leading to the bedrooms holding each of their rigid dicks in her hands.

The doors to all three bedrooms were wide open...and the rooms already occupied.

In the master, Tabi's father had his face buried in Nancy's cunt as he energetically drove his fingers in and out of her pussy.

In the office, Emma and Amy lay on the bed licking each other's pussies.

In the guest room, Natalie was bent over the bed, furiously rubbing her clit as Nathan frantically fucked her from behind.

Well I see at least everyone remembered one of the few rules we have at our parties,” Ron chuckled as they watched his wife start thrashing furiously before clamping her thighs around Tabi's father's head.

Oh, and what might that be?” Tabi asked, feeling both of their dicks throb in her hand as they watched.

No matter what you are doing, or with whom, doors are never closed...ever...period,” he smiled, pulling on her nipple a little harder than before, “it's a matter of both safety and lechery.”

Hmm, sounds both sensible and intriguing to me,” Tabi responded, “then again I like to watch almost as much as I like being watched.”

With no other choices, Tabi pulled them into the bathroom and closed the door, out of necessity because of the tight squeeze. She stood behind Alex, reached around him and took his hard four inch dick in both her hands.

As I recall, you said something to me earlier about boys my son's age are the most intriguing for you,” she cooed, slowly stroking one hand the length of Alex's dick while squeezing his balls with the other. “Perhaps you would like to take a closer look at his sweet little dick.”

Ron was practically drooling as he reached down and took Alex's throbbing cock in his hand. Tabi kissed Alex again on his ear then sat on the toilet with one foot up on the vanity so her pussy lips gaped wide open. Ron looked over at her for a moment and as soon as Tabi smiled her approval, he dropped to his knees and sucked Alex's dick all the way into his mouth.

Alex threw his head back and leaned against the wall, slowly at first, and then faster and harder, thrashing his hips and plunging his dick all the way into the older man's mouth. After a few minutes he tensed and quivered just before grunting his watery jism down Ron's throat.

Ron kept sucking Alex's dick until it went completely limp. He leaned back on his heels with a few droplets of the preteen boy's cum glistening on his lips. He scooped them up with his tongue before turning to Tabi.

Yummy, that was very sweet,” he grinned, his own cock so engorged it looked like it was about to explode.

That was very special, by the way,” Tabi murmured, fingering her own pussy with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other, “since you are the first adult, besides me, to suck him like that. Now, Alex, where's your manners? Thank Ron properly.”

Her son grinned wickedly before motioning Ron to stand. He then fell to his knees and quickly sucked the old man's five and a half inch dick all the way into his mouth. It took only a minute or so for Ron's cum to flood into Alex's mouth and down his throat. Alex managed to swallow all but a few drops that dribbled out of the corners of his mouth.

When his orgasm faded, Ron collapsed down on the floor breathing heavily. Tabi grinned at her son and motioned him to her.

And that's also the first adult cock he's sucked,” she cooed before pulling Alex to his knees in front of her. “Now lick my pussy, sweetie, I really need to cum hard...right now.”

By the time they gathered themselves and left the bathroom, the three bedrooms were empty. As soon as they got to the kitchen, Alex excused himself to rummage around in the refrigerator again while Tabi and Ron walked out to the patio.

Sadie and Jake were still sitting at the table with Tabi's mother. They both jumped up and ran to Tabi when she stepped out of the house.

Tabi! Tabi! We want to swim some more!” they yelled, running over to her and wrapping their arms around her legs.

Oh I think it's been long enough since they ate,” Nancy said coming up behind them, smiling approvingly before flicking a small flake of crusty dried cum from her husband's chin.

Tabi took the kids' hands in hers and walked toward the pool. She turned to look back when Nancy called out “Have fun” softly, seeing her wrap her fingers around Ron's flaccid cock while he cupped one of her saggy tits.

Natalie stood waist deep in the water chatting with Tabi's parents as they sat with their legs dangling over the edge of the pool. Tabi stood on the opposite edge and, after a word of encouragement, jumped into the water with both of the little kids. They sputtered some when they got their heads back above the surface then laughed and chattered happily.

For the next few minutes, the kids splashed and giggled, clinging to Tabi with an arm around her neck and a hand on her tits. Tabi joined right in with them, feeling Jake's tiny cock and Sadie's tight slit at every opportunity.

By the time Natalie swam over to them, the kids were stating to wear down noticeably. She wrapped her arms around her son and held him out in front of her, keeping her eyes locked on Tabi's as she very deliberately fondled little Jake's stiff dick between two fingers.

Tabi smiled back at her and hugged Sadie close, sliding a hand down between the six year old's legs and dragging a finger up through her tight slit. Her mother just grinned devilishly, nodding her approval.

I'm afraid we have to get going soon,” Natalie finally said, taking a sharp intake of breath when she saw Tabi's knuckle slowly pumping a fingertip in and out of her young daughter's taut pussy, “but I am sure we all want to get together again very soon since I'm sure we could have even more fun.”

The kids were obviously tiring so they got out of the pool and dried them off, giving Tabi one final chance to fondle them both with their mother's smiling blessing. Tabi got herself a cold beer when Natalie took the kids in the house to find their clothes and was talking with Alex when they came back out accompanied by the grandparents and the two teenagers.

After hugs all around, including Natalie brushing her hand over Alex's half hard dick as Tabi smiled, they headed for the cars. Ron stopped and handed Tabi a piece of paper before following the others.

Here's my cell number and email,” he said with a broad grin, “let us know when you will next visit or otherwise want to get together.”

With that, he squeezed her ass cheek softly and got into the car.

You know, Mom, you never really answered my question yesterday,” Tabi said as she helped her mother straighten up the kitchen.

What question was that?” her mother responded as she kept wiping the counter top, her sagging tits swaying in time with every swipe of her arm.

The one about when you and Dad started having sex with other people,” Tabi answered, mildly annoyed with her mother's habit of answering a question with a question of her own, “and I already told you I'm not at all bothered about it.”

Her mother straightened up and looked at Tabi intently for a moment, clearly silently debating herself how much to say to her daughter. Tabi reached in the refrigerator, grabbed two beers and handed one to her mother.

You remember that I used to travel a lot when I worked for the airlines,” her mother finally murmured softly after taking a deep drink of her beer and motioning for Tabi to join her on the sofa.

Sure, I remember,” Tabi answered, sitting down and turning her body to face her mother.

I started doing that kind of schedule early on, even before meeting your father. Sometimes, especially when I was gone for a week or more, I would get...lonely or even...needy. There were always someone around, on the plane, in the bar at the hotel, so it was easy to find someone take the edge off.”

So you cheated on Daddy!”

No, not exactly. He always knew whenever I did something with anyone. It excited him for me to tell him all about it when I got home. It excited me to tell him in very explicit detail. So we made it part of our sex life and he encouraged me to do more and more with anyone I wanted, as often as I wanted.”

Tabi slowly drank from her beer looking at her mother, not exactly sure what to make of this confession. After a moment her mother continued.

Anyway, one time I was stuck in Chicago with an overnight weather delay. I went to the bar and happened to start talking with a very nice couple. Long story short, I ended up in their bed for the night, playing with them both. The next day, I was shocked when they boarded the plane coming here.”

Ron and Nancy?” Tabi guessed, her pussy beginning to twitch.

Right you are,” her mother went on, her own nipples clearly stiffening as she talked.”
“When we landed, I had another drink with them at the airport and they invited your father and me to visit them at what turned out to be the nudist resort they operate. We did and the rest is history.”

And when did this all start, if you don't mind me asking?” Tabi murmured finishing the beer.

Let me see, you were probably four or five that first time,” her mother answered, drained her own beer and went to get them each a fresh one.

Tabi looked up in surprise, not expecting her mother to confide they had begun play with others before she had left home.

I never had any idea,” Tabi murmured as her mother handed her a cold beer and sat back down.

Well is wasn't something we were exactly broadcasting,” her mother grinned, “and as you got older we thought it best for you to find your own way.”

I appreciate that but now I'm starting to think I need to rethink all sorts of things,” Tabi answered after a moment of thought, “I'm not bothered at all about what you do and in fact I am intrigued with and really like the idea.”

That night, after everyone went to bed, Tabi first went into the room where Amy was staying, licking and fingering her daughter to a couple of orgasms. She stopped outside the now completely open door to her parents bedroom before returning to her waiting son.

Fuck me, Daddy...fill me with your cum...harder, Daddy...more...more...MORE!” she heard her mother shriek as her father furiously rammed his cock into her mother from behind.

Now, kitten...I'm you, kitten...NOW!” her father groaned as he grunted his cum into her mother's welcoming pussy.

Tabi fingered herself to a quick hard orgasm peeking around the door frame watching them before returning to her own bedroom, climbing on Alex and riding him frantically until his cum coated the inside of her cunt. Her own orgasm was so intense she almost passed out before collapsing down on her son, imagining it was her father's dick filling her pussy with his warm sticky sperm.

The Ride Home

Neither her mother or father said anything the next morning about the conversation. After one final swim, Tab gathered up the kids and all their belongings and began the three hour or so drive home. She had some definitive ideas about how they would spend the time.

So, did you both have a good time this weekend?” Tabi asked after they got settled in at cruising speed on the interstate. “And how did you feel being naked around other people all the time?”

It was great,” Alex immediately gushed enthusiastically, “I just wish I could have done stuff with everyone.”

Oh really?” Tabi asked feeling a gentle twitch in her pussy, “And what stuff did you do?”

Well you know about Ron and how Natalie jerked me off in the pool,” Alex stated as he started to rub his obviously stiffening dick through his shorts. “Then yesterday, Natalie took me into the bedroom and while I was fucking her, her mother came in and after I finished cumming in Natalie, her mother licked Natalie clean while she sucked me then I fucked Nancy and she sucked me hard yet again while Natalie lick her clean then they both sucked me off. I told them I wished we could have one big sex party and they said maybe we will someday soon.”

Both Tabi and Amy giggled as Alex breathlessly recounted his experiences. When he finished, Tabi looked at her daughter questioningly.

How about you...have anything to add?” she asked her daughter while, with a sharp look, indicating to Alex he should shut up and listen for a few minutes.

Amy sat staring ahead pensively for a few moments before answering. Then she turned her entire body in the passenger seat to face her mother.

I didn't have a problem being naked with all those people...after a few minutes anyway,” Amy said softly looking back and forth from her mother to her brother, “and I really liked some of them, especially Emma.”

Yeah, we saw how much you liked Emma...especially down between your legs,” Alex laughed. did...?” Amy sputtered and glared at her brother.

Don't get upset,” Tabi interjected with a devilish grin, “we happened to walk down the hall and saw you and Emma. It's no big deal. I told you it was fine to do anything that makes you feel good and that includes playing with Emma or anyone else you want.”

I bet her pussy was really juicy and tasty too,” Alex exclaimed, ducking to one side to avoid the water bottle Amy aimed at his head.

As a matter of fact, she is...both,” Amy said huffily, turning to stare out the window.

Hey, Mom, I have another question,” Alex almost immediately added.

OK, and what is that sweetie?”

The next time Ethan comes over, can he get naked with us?”

She hesitated a moment before responding.

Well, I'm not sure about that,” she said carefully, looking over at Amy, “it seems to me that's the kind of decision we should all agree to before we do anything.”

I'm all for it and I'm sure Ethan is too,” Alex beamed before reaching over and gently poking his finger in Amy's shoulder. “So what do you say, sis?”

Sure, why not?” Amy answered after a moment, brushing her brother's hand away and glaring at him, “maybe his dick is big enough to be worth looking at, unlike you.”

That's settled then,” Tabi declared, suppressing a giggle at the exchange, “if..and I mean if...Nathan wants to be nude when he's in our house, he can be. Moreover, in the future, if any one of us wants to do something that involves someone else, all three of us must agree in advance. You both agree?”

Fine with me,” Alex answered immediately, starting to fondle his cock through his shorts. “Sasha and any other of your friends can be naked around me anytime!”

You're a pig,” Amy retorted before turning to her mother, “but that sounds fine with me and I'm voting no right now about any of his other friends!”

OK, we are agreed,” Tabi said, hardly able to restrain her laughter.

The conversation had gone much better than she hoped. She knew that getting Ethan naked with them was but the next step to including him in their play. Tabi could hardly wait to see the look on Amy's face the first time her daughter watched Tabi suck Ethan's cock into her mouth or the twelve year old fucked her. Even more exciting still was the thought of seeing both boys slide their cocks, and shooting their watery cum, into her daughter's pussy and mouth.

Tabi let the conversation lag for a few moments, even though she was dying to hear a lot more from her daughter. Besides, she could tell Amy had plenty more on her mind so waiting a few minutes until her daughter wanted to talk voluntarily was worthwhile.

So you did have a lot of fun even if you aren't bragging about it as crassly as your brother?” Tabi finally asked, running her hand over her daughter's arm.

Yeah...I did,” Amy answered meekly, turning back to face Tabi, “and I could see having even more fun with some of those people too.”

I'm very glad to hear that,” Tabi said softly, “but there's still something bothering you a little.”

Emma told me she has lots of sex with lots of people, including her brother, Nathan, and their parents,” Amy continued somewhat sheepishly.

We do the same thing, so I don't see the problem with that,” Tabi answered, feeling her pussy clench a little as a bunch of possibilities ran through her head, “they surely love each other a lot too.”

She also said her parents take them to parties at Ron and Nancy's resort where there are a lot of people having sex with each other.”

That sounds like great fun, Mom, can we go sometime?” Alex interjected eagerly as he slipped his hardened dick out of his shorts and stoked himself slowly.

Let your sister finish what she has to say and then we can talk about what we can and cannot do,” Tabi admonished him, smiling sly as she watched him play with his cock in the rear view mirror. “Go on, Amy.”

They went to a party there last month and...and...,” Amy stuttered a moment and looked intently at her mother, “...Grandpa fucked her and Grandma licked her pussy clean after he was done.”

Even Alex sat in stunned silence for a moment after Amy said that, although he did stroke himself a little faster. Tabi took a deep breath before addressing them both.

It came as a surprise to me, but my mother told me all about her and my father having sex with other people for a long time,” Tabi finally said softly. “I told her I had no problem with it at all and hope we can all be closer as a family.”

Did you ever do...anything...with Grandpa when you were growing up?” Amy asked softly.

No,” Tabi answered directly, “and my mother said that they always thought I should make my own choices just like I think you should both make yours.”

The conversation stalled again for a few minutes, as each of them considered their own thoughts. Naturally, it was Alex who was first to break the silence.

Does that mean I can fuck Grandma and give Grandpa a blow job next time we see them?” he asked, making no effort to hide the precum drizzling from the tip of his dick.

Tabi and Amy looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Well, I suppose you can ask politely,” Tabi gasped trying to regain her breath.

Hmm, Grandma does have really nice soft tits,” Alex mused, closing his eyes and stroking himself faster, “and I bet her pussy is really warm and wet.”

With that, he shot four strings of cum on to his bare belly, having enough sense to pull his shirt up just before his cock exploded. Tabi and Amy giggled again watching him.

Tabi unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down over her hips so she could reach inside her panties and finger her own pussy as she drove. She looked over at Amy to see her daughter following suit and the two of them played with themselves as they continued down the road.

Did she like it?” Tabi finally asked huskily, pressing a fingertip against the throbbing nub of her clit. “Did Emma like...fucking my father?”

Yeah,” Amy grinned, quickly moving the fingers shoved under the panties between her own legs,, “she said I really ought to try it with him myself...he's really a good fuck.”


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