Tabi's Tale (Part 33)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 33)

Moving On

Tabi was rinsing the shampoo from her hair when Alex and Amy walk into the bathroom. Neither said a word as Amy dropped to her knees and took her brother's cock into her mouth. Tabi's pussy clenched as she saw her son smile devilishly, place his hands on the back of his sister's head and plunge the entire length of his four inch cock in and out her mouth. By the time Tabi dried herself, Alex's dick was rock hard.

I thought I would get him ready for you,” Amy stood and grinned at her mother, then reached down between her own legs and scooped some watery jism from her pussy, “besides, he already fucked me waiting for you.”

I take you're not mad at your brother any longer,” Tabi laughed as she tweaked one of Amy's erect nipples with one hand and brushed the other over Alex's stiff throbbing dick.

Naw, I got to thinking about what we talked about on the way home and the more I did, the hornier I got,” Amy smiled and slipped a finger between her mother's warm, wet pussy lips. “So when I saw Alex playing with his cock in the family room, we kissed and made up.”

Well, not exactly kissed,” Alex laughed and pumped his hips and dick in Tabi's hand back and forth quickly, “but we did make up.”

With a snorted laugh, Tabi put her arms around both their shoulders and directed them to her bed. She lay on her back with Amy straddling her face while Alex climbed on top of her and rammed his hard cock into her welcoming pussy.

Even before Tabi's tongue found her daughter's tight wet slit, some of Alex's cum drizzled on to her lips and tongue. Amy pushed down, groaning her own growing orgasm as her mother enthusiastically sucked the thirteen year old's clit and gobbled down as much of the jism oozing from that pussy as she could manage.

Meanwhile, Alex's cum poured into his mother's pussy. When his dick finally fully deflated, he slipped out of her and rolled to the side. Tabi and Amy immediately pounced on that flaccid cock, licking and sucking his shaft and balls and fingering his taut asshole until he started to harden again.

Tabi pushed her daughter on to her back and straddled her face, letting the watery jism still filling her pussy dribble on to Amy's mouth and tongue. Amy eagerly lapped her mother's dripping cunt as her brother rammed his cock into her again, plunging in and out hard and fast until he again filled her tight little pussy with his semen. Tabi's own orgasm exploded on Amy's face as she watched her son shoot yet another load of his sperm into his sister's cunt.

They lay in an heap with arms and legs intertwined, breathing raggedly for a few minutes. She finally hustled the kids off to bed as the events of the weekend and long drive home finally started taking a toll. As Tabi started to drift off to sleep, a sudden chilling thought caused her to sit bolt upright in her bed.

Oh my god, have I made a mistake letting Alex cum inside her. The last thing I need is a pregnant thirteen year old daughter!”

Tabi sat in the examination room chair watching her daughter try unsuccessfully to adjust the gown provided by the doctor's assistant so it completely covered her ass. Amy finally gave up and sat on the exam table, her legs dangling toward the floor.

Is this really necessary, Mom?” Amy whined one more time as she had repeatedly ever since Tabi informed her of the appointment.

Yes it is,” Tabi informed her sternly for not the first time, “trust me, this is nothing compared to the problems we would have if you get pregnant.”

A sharp knock preceded the door opening as Dr. Wilisten entered smiling broadly followed by a young woman assistant with a compact laptop in her hand. He was a distinguished looking man in his mid fifties with just a touch of gray at his temples who obviously worked out regularly. He had been the kids' pediatrician since they were infants, although Amy was reaching an age when she would soon need a different physician.

Hello Tabi, Amy, it's nice to see you both again,” he intoned with a baritone voice that made Tabi's pussy quiver while shaking both their hands before stepping to a sink and thoroughly washing his hands, “and what brings you here today?”

Well, Amy is getting older and...uh...she now has a boyfriend,” Tabi began, moving to stand next to her daughter, “that, combined with some period irregularity, makes me think she needs birth control.”

I see,” he responded, cocking a questioning eye at Tabi and the blushing Amy before turning to the computer held out by the assistant and speaking out loud as he looked at the screen.

OK, let's see...pulse, blood pressure, respiration and body temperature are all about right...weight is good for your height...menarche about eighteen months ago...the second HPV booster is due...everything seems pretty normal.”

With that he stood and put the stethoscope earpieces in his ear as he approached the table. Amy flinched when the cold surface of the instrument first touched her back and she took in several deep breathes as he instructed. Then Dr Wilisten moved in front of her and smiled kindly.

This will only take a moment,” he said soothingly, pulling the knot holding the gown around Amy's neck until it slid down on to her thighs.

Tabi felt her pussy twitch and she was sure a few droplets of her pussy juices seeped into her panties as she watched the doctor manually examine each of her daughter's breasts in turn.

It's never too early for monthly breast self examination, young lady,” he said as he felt her small tits. “Pick a specific time, like the first day of your period, and touch them all over I like I'm doing right now and if you ever feel anything unusual, you need to tell your mother immediately.”

Amy just blushed and looked away from him, clearly embarrassed by the contact. When he finished he had her lay down on her back and palpated her abdomen before his assistant handed him some latex gloves and a small bottle of lube.

OK, one more thing and we are done,” he told her as he put on the gloves.

Ever so gently, he pushed Amy's thighs apart and slipped a finger into her tight pussy. Amy moaned lowly and squirmed a little until he pulled his finger out of her.

Everything seems just fine,” he said removing the gloves and washing his hands as Amy got dressed. “I'll write up that prescription and the nurse will give her the booster shot in a minute. Take care and make sure you make a habit of that monthly breast self examination...both of you.”

So, honey, how are you feeling?” Tabi asked as they drove to the drugstore near their house.

I was surprised the way he touched titties and especially the finger inside me,” Amy said softy after a moments hesitation.

I suppose I should have warned you about the breast and pelvic exams,” Tabi replied, feeling her own nipples stiffen, “but I wasn't sure he would do as much as he did. I must admit, it made me wet watching such a distinguished looking man slide his fingers into your pussy and caress your tits.”

Oh I'm not complaining one bit,” Amy exclaimed with a big grin, “actually, it really turned me on and I liked it...a lot. In fact, I think I want to have lots of other people touch me like that and much, much more.”

Ethan Joins In

Tabi smiled to herself when she walked into the kitchen and heard the boys chattering over the video game in the other room. She put own her purse and the plastic bag with three new porn DVDs she picked up on the way home....

.The same young man was at the counter of the adult store when she walked in, grinning lecherously at her as she approached him. She didn't hesitate at all, stepping behind the counter and grabbing his cock through his jeans.

I need to get some videos,” she cooed, squeezing his hardening cock and putting one of his hands on to her tit. “I thought you might have some suggestions and we can make another deal.”

What do you have in mind?” he gasped, tightly closing his fingers on her bra less tit.

A gay one with really young looking twinks, a lesbian one also with very young girls and a bi incest one, maybe with a husband and wife and their son and daughter,” she answered immediately with a devilish smile, having already discussed the purchase the night before with Amy and Alex, “and...uh...I forgot my purse again.”

The boy slipped off the stool where he was sitting and stepped in front of her, grinning even more broadly when he slid his hand under her skirt and up between her legs to find she wasn't wearing any panties. Before he could say anything, the office door flew open and a short, fat, balding man about sixty stood glaring at them.

Is there a problem here?” the older man asked gruffly.

This is the woman I was telling you about, Sol,” the younger man said, quickly taking his hands off Tabi's body, “the one who was here a couple of weeks ago when we sold all those extra condoms.”

Is that so?” Sol said quietly looking Tab over so intently she felt like his eyes were stripping her naked, causing a droplet or two of her pussy juices to tickle down the inside of her thighs.

And we were just discussing the...uh...payment for the videos I want,” Tabi chimed in, turning toward the older guy while suggestively undoing two buttons on her blouse.

Twenty nine ninety five each, plus tax,” the older man said coldly, flushing slightly when Tabi finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it open so her tits with erect nipples swayed from side to side.

I don't have my purse with me, so I was hoping there might be...uh...some other ways I could...uh...compensate you...both of you,” Tabi murmured as she raised her skirt to slip a hand down between her own legs.

Sol glanced around nervously, clearly looking to see if anyone else noticed what was happening at the counter. He then turned toward the office behind him and motioned for Tabi to follow.

As Tabi stepped into the office, the young man closed the door behind them and Sol turned with a wicked grin. Without a word, he unbuckled his pants and let them fall around his ankles then pushed his boxers down over his thick thighs. He reached down and took his small dick into one hand before sitting back in a chair.

Tabi didn't need to be told what was expected of her. She stepped between the old man's thighs and bent forward to take his dick in her mouth. He wasn't really much longer than her son although quite a bit thicker. His crotch reeked of sweat and piss.

Behind her, the younger man pushed her skirt up around her waist and spread her thighs wide. She looked back over her shoulder, intending to demand he put on a condom but the sheer perversity of what she was doing overwhelmed any notion of common sense.

The young man was still pounding her pussy relentlessly when Sol shot his load of thick, sticky cum down her throat....

.As the boys continued their game in the other room, Tabi poured herself some wine and stripped off her blouse and skirt. She folded the skirt and put it on top of the dryer, fished her panties and bra from her purse and put them and the blouse in the washing machine. She smiled to herself and clenched her pussy tightly, wanting to save some of the cum still remaining in her cunt for her son and his friend to taste.

By the time she walked back into the kitchen, the boys completed their game and were talking loudly. When she walked in on them, the stood and ran over to her, hugging her tightly as she rubbed her hands over their backs and asses.

Both boys were completely naked, their four inch cocks standing straight out from their bodies.

Where's Amy,” she asked leading the boys to the couch and sitting down with her legs spread wide.

Her room, I guess” Alex responded standing in front of his mother slowly stroking his hard dick, “she left us after we started playing the video game.”

That comment made Tabi wonder if her daughter had been naked with the boys or even saw them both. She figured she would find out soon enough.

I'll order some pizza and then we can watch some of the movies I brought home,” she murmured softly, taking each of the boys' hands in hers and pulling them close, “but first, my pussy really needs to feel a tongue and a cock...well two who's first?”

Alex dove down between her thighs and eagerly licked his mother's wet, sticky pussy, not making any comment about the jism already seeping out of her. Tabi drew Ethan close and took his cock into her mouth.

After a moment, her son mounted her and hurriedly rammed his cock into her cunt, shooting his cum into her quickly. As soon as Alex pulled out, Ethan took his place, also quickly loosing a flood of watery semen into her dripping cunt.

OK, what do you want on your pizza?” she asked, standing when both boys were done, enjoying the squishy feel of their warm watery sperm drizzling down the inside of her thighs.

They placed their orders and went back to another video game as Tabi walked down the hall to greet Amy and see what her daughter wanted on her pizza. Before knocking on Amy's door, she decided not to shower until at least she was ready to sleep, reveling in the thought of how sleazy and slutty she had already been, and wanted to continue to be, that evening.

May I come in?” Tabi asked quietly after softly knocking on Amy's door.

Sure, Mom,” her daughter answered from where she was propped up against the headboard of the bed, her legs casually splayed wide while she did something on her phone.

I'm going to order some pizza and want to know what you would like on a half,” Tabi explained as she sat on the edge of the bed and tenderly brushed her hand on Amy's thigh.

Amy squirmed slightly but didn't pull away, giving Tabi a clear view of her daughter's puffy pussy lips. Obviously Amy had recently masturbated and must have rubbed herself pretty vigorously. She probably did see both boys naked and maybe even more.

Alex and Ethan are both naked playing the video game,” Tabi informed her mostly to see how Amy reacted.

Yeah, I know,” Amy answered, “I saw them earlier when...when....”

When what?”

They were playing their stupid game and I was in the kitchen. Alex won I guess. When I looked in the room, Ethan was on his knees sucking Alex's cock until Alex shot his cum down Ethan's throat.”

So...they like to have fun together,” Tabi responded with a grin and brushed a fingertip over Amy's mons, surprised with how moist she was, “and it appears you had your own fun. Did you play with yourself and cum watching them or after you came back to your room?”

Watching,” Amy blushed and smiled sheepishly after a moment.

Nothing wrong with that,” her mother answered with an impish grin, “Ethan is practically family and don't be surprised when you see me touch him and play with him the same way I do you and your brother. You are probably welcome to do the same if you want. I really don't think Ethan will mind.”

Amy seemed taken aback by that statement but Tabi could see her nipples did stiffen a little.

OK, no promises,” her daughter stated before looking directly at Tabi with a bright smile, “but I am liking everything we do together so I'm willing to watch and see how it goes.”

Fair enough, honey,” Tabi responded, pressed her finger a little harder into her daughter's warm, wet slit and left to call for the pizza, her own pussy twitching in anticipation of the evening to come.

As they sat down to eat the pizza, Tabi deliberately kept quiet to see how the boys and Amy interacted doing a perfectly normal activity completely nude. The boys were as boisterous as usual, while Amy seemed to demur from most of the conversation. As she suspected, Ethan couldn't keep his eyes off Amy's or her own tits and Tabi knew the twelve year old boy's dick was rock hard under the table...because she occasionally reached down to stroke him with one hand throughout the meal.

We have three new movies to watch,” Tabi said with a wicked grin as the meal ended. “You boys go blow up the air mattresses for in front of the TV while Amy and I clean up. Ethan gets to pick the first one we watch.”

The boys stood with rigid hard ons, bringing a smile to both Tabi and Amy's faces. They both leered at the naked thirteen year old girl for a moment before going to inflate the mattresses. As the walked past her, Tabi reached out and gently fondled both of their cocks and smiled directly at Amy as they both extended a hand to touch her erect nipples.

So which one did you choose?” Tabi asked Ethan, coming up behind him and sliding her hand down over his hard little dick.

The girl-girl one,” he answered excitedly, turning to again fondle one of her tits while Tabi kept her fingers wrapped around his cock.

Sounds good to me,” Tabi answered and stepped away from him to flop down on the couch, “you boys get comfortable on the mattress in front of me and Amy can sit here on the couch.”

Tabi waited a moment to start the DVD, letting them all get settled and giving her a chance to put her arm around her daughter's shoulder and draw her close. She took a deep sip of her wine and put the glass down on the side table, freeing her hand to reach over and tweak one of Amy's stiff nipples.

Wanna bet which one of them cums first?” she whispered into her daughter's ear just as the movie began with two pretty young girls kissing passionately and vigorously fingering each other's shaved pussies.

Amy giggled and slipped a hand down between her own legs. Tabi grinned and flicked her tongue into the young girl's ear. Amy groaned lowly and began slowly fingering herself with her eyes locked on the TV screen.

When Ethan craned his neck to look back at them, Tabi smiled and put her hand on top of Amy's, adding her finger to her daughter's now wet slit. Amy moaned and pushed her pussy harder against both of their hands as Ethan nudged Alex so that both boys turned to watch.

With a quick flick of her wrist, Tabi slid a finger into Amy's dripping cunt, immediately finding her daughter's swollen g-spot. She pressed the sensitive gland hard until Amy gasped, tensed and moaned loudly cumming on her mother's finger.

Tabi kept her finger inside Amy's pussy until her daughter slumped back on the sofa, a satisfied grin on her face. Then she turned to the two boys kneeling right in front of them, furiously stroking their rigid four inch dicks. She slipped off the couch to kneel in front of them, taking each of their dicks in her hand.

I have much better places for you to shoot your cum than your hands,” she grinned.


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