Tabi's Tale (Part 34)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 34)

No Holding Back

Tabi could feel a trickle of her own pussy juices seeping down the inside of her thighs as she took both of the young boys' hard dicks in her hands. She leaned forward and licked the tip of each in turn before turning her head to look back at her daughter sitting on the couch behind her.

Amy looked on seemingly a bit surprised but not in shock, nor did she turn away or leave the room. Tabi smiled at her and turned back to take Ethan's cock all the way into her mouth. The twelve year old boy thrust his hips against her face, his body tensing almost immediately followed by a loud groan as he shot his cum down Tabi's throat.

She waited until the last droplets coated her tongue before letting his limp cock slip from between her lips. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and crawled back up on the couch with her daughter.

So are you OK with that...seeing me suck Ethan?” Tabi asked Amy quietly, ever so lightly brushing a fingertip over her daughter's erect nipple.

Yeah...I'm fine,” Amy answered a bit sullenly but not pulling back from her mother's touch.

And I'm doing this with Ethan for the same reasons I do things with you and your makes me feel good and makes him feel good too.”

I understand, Mom,” Amy answered, pressing her mother's hand against her tit and sliding the other down between her legs, “I know it feels good and it turns me on watching.”

You know I'm kind of a freak when it comes to sex,” Tabi continued, leaning over to give her daughter a deep tongue lashing kiss, “I love it all and can never get enough. I don't want to scare you off. I want you to do what you think is best for yourself but also learn to enjoy anything and everything that feels love it all also.”

So do I, Mom,” Amy responded, repeating the passionate kiss as her hand slid down between Tabi's thighs, “I want to watch and learn from you...about everything.”

That was more than enough for Tabi. She crawled back on the mattress on her hands and knees, directing her son to mount her from behind while she took Ethan's cock back into her mouth. A quick glance told her Amy was fingering herself frantically.

Alex fucked her from behind furiously, loosing his watery cum into her pussy very quickly. As soon as he was done, Tabi rolled on her back and had Ethan climb on top of her. The twelve year old was again rock hard and slid easily into her dripping cunt.

Tabi motioned Amy over to straddle her face so she could hungrily lick her daughter's dripping pussy while Ethan poured his watery cum into her pussy. Soon as Ethan finished cumming in her, Alex dove down to lick his mother's pussy clean while his sister thrashed against her face, flooding her mother's face with her juices as her orgasm drove Tabi over the edge once again.

At that point, they all needed a break, at least long enough for the two young boys to get hard again...about the time it took Tabi to finish another glass of wine. Tabi just sat back as both Alex and Ethan urged Amy to fuck them, but her daughter declined, apparently not ready to fuck her brother in front of his buddy or do Ethan either.

With a little urging from Tabi, Amy did agree to touch them both and as they hardened in her hands she grinned devilishly, stroked them harder and faster until both boys shot a load of cum all over her fingers. Tabi was frantically fingering herself watching them and nodded her approval when Ethan slipped a hand down between Amy's thighs and fingered her to an orgasm while her brother sucked her tits.

With the boys ready to cum yet again, Tabi dove down between Amy's legs, licking her clit and fingering her pussy, bringing her daughter to one more orgasm as the boys shot their sperm on to her tits.

Amy headed for the shower with a big grin on her face when her breathing returned to normal and she finally stopped quivering. Tabi took the boys into her room and cuddled with them on each side of her as they fell asleep, the last of their watery cum leaking down over her asshole to puddle on the sheet below.

One of the things Tabi most loved about the twelve year old boys was the way they could recover so quickly, often not even getting completely soft after cumming in her pussy or mouth and always ready to go again after a few minutes. It seemed the more they did cum, the more they could cum...and that was especially true when they first woke up in the morning, with their morning woodies and balls so full of jism they were ready to explode.

Neither twelve year old disappointed Tabi that morning.

Tabi woke up abruptly when Ethan rolled over on to his back next to her. As soon as her head cleared, she could see both boys' throbbing morning hard ons seemingly floating up and down on their bellies with each breath they took.

She could feel her own pussy moistening again even as she moved to a position looking down at the two boys and their enticing throbbing dicks. Ever so gently she wrapped her fingers around them both, softly thumbing the pulsing heads.

Alex stirred and blinked open his eyes, moaning lowly as he smiled up at his mother. Tabi smiled back at him before lowering her head and flicking the tip of her tongue over her son's throbbing cock head. He groaned louder and thrust his hips up far enough that the entire length of his dick disappeared into her mouth.

With her eyes locked on his, Tabi bobbed her head up and down on her son's cock as he writhed beneath her, ever more loudly moaning his pleasure as his jism welled up in his balls. He was close...very, very exploding into her throat.

Next to them, Ethan was thrashing about as Tabi stroked his hard dick. She began moving her hand harder and faster, wanting the twelve year old to cum almost immediately after her son filled her mouth.

She was always partial to the feel and taste of the thick, creamy semen that the boys shot with their first orgasm of the day. That morning she had every intention of feeling and tasting them both at the same time.

Alex tensed and arched his back as he flooded his mother's mouth and throat with his sticky sperm. As soon as he finished, Tabi moved over and took Ethan's cock between her lips, fingering the boy's asshole in the way she knew made him cum almost instantaneously. Ethan gasped, spurting his cum down her throat.

She barely had time to swallow and catch her breath when she felt Alex push her ass cheeks apart and press the head of his still rigid dick against her pussy. She arched her back and pressed back against his dick, feeling him plunge all the way into her cunt with a single thrust.

As her son frantically fucked her from behind, Tabi went back to sucking Ethan's dick, making him hard as possible. As soon as Alex shot another load of his jism in her, Ethan took his place, quickly spewing his semen into Tabi's dripping cunt while she furiously rubbed her clit to a hard, fast climax.

Tabi sat at the kitchen counter drinking another cup of coffee and grinning happily. Ever since Amy walked into the bedroom as Tabi and the boys lay breathing heavily, she had been relentlessly teasing both of them.

Even twelve year old boys needed a little time to recover after two quick orgasms and Amy knew it. She stood in the doorway watching her brother and Ethan fuck her mother without saying a word. When they collapsed, she stepped up to the side of the bed, cupping a conical tit with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other.

Gee, Mom, I'm really horny right now,” Amy whined with an impish smile, “and I was really hoping Alex and Ethan could both stick their dicks inside me...right now.”

Tabi rolled on her back and as soon as she saw the grin on her daughter's face, she realized what was going on and was happy to play along.

I'm sure they will both get hard again...soon,” Tabi murmured with a wicked grin, looking at the boys and their soft, shriveled little cocks.

But I don't want to wait,” Amy pouted, the gleam of merriment in her eye almost causing Tabi to burst out laughing. “I've been thinking about it since last night and I need a dick in”

She climbed up on the bed and cuddled under her mother's arm, reaching down to drag a fingertip through the gooey mixture of cum and pussy juices seeping from Tabi's pussy.

I'll be hard again real soon!” Ethan exclaimed, getting on his knees and starting to stroke his flaccid dick.

Me too,” Alex chimed in, “and before him too.”

No, I mean right this minute!” Amy sulked, burying her face against her mother's tit and flicking her fingertip over Tabi's clit. “My pussy is itching real bad and I need something inside to make it feel better.”

Hmm, I do have one idea although it's not exactly the same,” Tabi gasped, a warm tingle growing in her pussy as Amy slowly strummed her mother's engorged clit.

Will it fill my pussy and make me feel good, Mommy?” Amy asked, smiling impishly at her mother.

Oh yes, sweetie, it will definitely do that,” Tabi responded and leaned forward to ram her tongue into her daughter's welcoming mouth.

Then do it to me, Mommy, anything you want that makes me feel good.”

Tabi untangled her arms and legs from her daughter and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She opened the drawer to the nightstand, reached in and pulled out the strap-on and a bottle of lube.

Oh, Mommy...oh yes...oh yes, Mommy...that will feel so good in me!” Amy moaned, scooting over so her ass was right at the edge of the bed and her legs pulled up high over her head.

As she adjusted the belts and lubed up the small fake dick, Tabi glanced over at the boys trying frantically to make themselves hard enough again to fuck Amy.

Get off the bed and stand on either side of us,” she instructed them, stepping between her daughter's raised thighs and rubbing the tip of the fake cock up and down a few times between the folds of Amy's pussy slit.

While the boys hurried to get in position, Tabi reached back into the drawer and picked up BOB. She grinned wickedly and handed it to her daughter.

Why don't you use this on your clit while I fill your sweet little cunt,” Tabi murmured, pressing the tip of the dildo against the tight wet opening into her daughter's pussy, “and after you cum on this toy, I'll lick your pussy until you cum again on my face.”

Amy groaned her approval and switched on BOB almost at the same moment Tabi plunged the fake dick into Amy's pussy and started to rhythmically pump her hard and fast. Within a minute, Amy was groaning loudly, writhing about uncontrollably as the first orgasm flooded her body.

Tabi kept fucking her daughter until the thirteen year old girl dropped the still vibrating toy and flopped back on the bed. When her legs stopped quivering, Tabi slowly pulled the fake dick out of Amy's cunt, undid the belts and knelt to lick the girl's dripping slit.

She savored the musky taste of Amy's pussy, licking her from her anus to her clit and back again a few times before sucking the throbbing clit into her mouth. Amy started to thrash her hips again as she moaned yet another orgasm, coating her mother's face with even more pussy juices.

All the while, the boys stood watching, stroking themselves frantically. When Amy's climax finally faded and Tabi stood up, they both clamored for their turn to fuck her.

Amy was having none of it. She sat up on the edge of the bed and smiled weakly.

Thanks, Mom, that was really great,” she cooed before standing and starting to walk out of the room.

But...but...what about us?” Alex sputtered, holding his now rigid cock in his hand, watching his sister's taut ass as she headed for the door.

Yeah, we're ready now...we want a turn too,” Ethan chimed in looking equally miffed.

You had your chance,” Amy grinned back at them before turning and leaving the room, “but my pussy doesn't itch anymore...not right now anyway.”

But, Mom...,” Alex complained in frustration.

Hey, it's up to her and if she doesn't want to play with either of you now, she doesn't have to,” Tabi responded, leering at both of them and barely able to contain a giggle, “but that doesn't mean your hard cocks and fresh cum need to go to waste.”

Over the next few hours, Amy continued to torment both boys, much to Tabi's amusement. When they would get involved in a video game, Amy would sit in a nearby chair, play with her tits and masturbate to a loud orgasm. When they tried to touch her, she would demur, leaving them standing with their throbbing cocks in their hands. In frustration, the boys would jerk themselves or each other off and as soon as they shot their cum, Amy found another way to tease them before leaving them thwarted again.

At one point, Alex asked if Ethan could stay another night but when they checked with his mother, they found out he had to go to a family dinner that night. Tabi suggest his mother bring a change of clothes when she came to pick him up, saving herself a trip since they were coming back that way anyhow and giving her an extra few hours to play with the young boy.

You know, Amy, I noticed you need to shave again when I was licking your pussy this morning,” Tabi said casually while they were all eating lunch out on the patio, “and I probably need a touch up myself. So why don't we shave each other after lunch?”

Both boys perked up at the suggestion, realizing they were about to see a new and different form of intimacy. Amy grinned as well, after looking down to check out the state of her growing pussy hair.

Sure, sounds like fun,” Amy declared after a moment's thought, then turned to her mother with a wicked grin. “Why don't we shave them too?”

A sharp tingle surged through Tab's pussy with that suggestion. She knew immediately that the boys would look a lot younger without the admittedly minimal pubic hair each had...much, much younger.

Do you want to keep the little strip or should I shave it all off?” Tabi asked, standing between Amy's spread legs.

They had decided to use the kitchen table as the place for each of them to lay while being shaved. It had the advantages of being a comfortable height, ready access to warm water and not a problem with any spills.

I think I want to keep the strip of hair for now,” her daughter responded as Tabi placed a warm, wet hand towel over Amy's mound and pressed it down gently.

Tabi squirted a large gob of foaming shaving cream into her hand and as it expanded she plucked the washcloth off of Amy's warm pussy. She stopped for a moment to gaze at the tight gash with just a hint of pink flesh peeking out from the folds of her daughter's pussy lips.

Ever so slowly she spread the soapy foam over the thirteen year old girl's mound all the way to her puckered asshole before drawing a finger up through Amy's taut slit and pressed for a second on her daughter's throbbing clit.

Try not to don't want a cut down there,” Tabi murmured softly as Amy moaned and squirmed a little.

With that, she spread the skin on the right side of Amy's mound near her asshole and began shaving. There really wasn't all that much hair anywhere on her daughter's pussy but Tabi took her time, thoroughly removing any except the finger width strip pointing to her daughter's tight slit. When she was done, she squeezed the excess water from a wash cloth and wiped up the excess shaving cream then towel dried Amy's pussy.

That feels really good,” Amy muttered as she sat up with a grin and looked down before running a finger over the smooth, bare skin of her pussy. “Thanks, Mom, now it's my turn to do you.”

As soon has they had some fresh warm water, Tabi climbed up on the table and spread her thighs wide, smiling at her daughter and the two boys standing there with their cocks in their hands. She could feel the growing warmth and tingle between her legs as her daughter ever so carefully shaved all of her pussy but the thin strip above her slit.

Amy dried her off but before she could pull away, Tabi took her daughter's hand and dragged it up between the wet folds of her pussy lips. She moaned lowly and pressed Amy's fingertips into her cunt hole while starting to finger her own clit with the other.

Harder, baby...deeper...put your me...deeper,” Tabi gasped, holding Amy's wrist and pushing the girl's hand into her cunt.

With a wicked smile, Amy twisted her hand and pushed. Tabi gasped with the pinch and looked down to see her daughter's hand buried in her pussy half way to her elbow. Slowly at first, then harder and faster, Amy pumped her arm and the closed fist in Tabi's cunt as her mother shrieked one orgasm after another.

At last she collapsed back breathing hard and smiling up at her daughter. Amy grinned back and slowly pulled her hand out of Tabi's pussy with an audible pop.

Wow,” Ethan finally exclaimed, standing next to Alex with his rock hard cock in his hand, “I've never seen anything like that before.”

Tabi pushed herself up to a sitting position and grinned at the boys, still shuddering slightly.

OK, boys, your turn,” she said with an impish grin. “We'll do you together, I'll shave Alex while Amy does Ethan.”

The boys looked at each other and quickly positioned themselves on the table. Amy followed her mother's lead placing a warm washcloth on Ethan's cock and balls and then spreading the shaving cream all over his crotch.

As she began to shave her son, Tabi took Alex's cock head in two fingers of one hand, holding it upright while she removed every bit of what little hair there was on her son's crotch. Amy watched closely and then did the same for Ethan. They clamored off the table when Amy and Tabi finished, looking at and touching their smooth, soft groins.

Gee, we look like we are three years old,” Ethan finally exclaimed, causing Tabi's pussy to twitch again.

Yes, I know,” she muttered with a deep sigh, “and I think you both look great.”

Amy turned and placed a hand on each of the boys' hard cocks before looking back over her shoulder at her mother.

You know, Mom, I itch again...down there,” she cooed.

Tabi walked up behind Amy, fondling both of her daughter's tits for a moment before placing her hands on top of her daughter's on the boys' throbbing dicks. A few droplets of precum seeped through their fingers from both of their tips.

That's something we can fix right now, can't we boys?” Tabi laughed, took Amy's hand and walked toward her bedroom.

The boys scrambled to follow, beating them to the bedroom and jumping on the bed as Tabi and Amy entered. Tabi directed Ethan to get on his back, held his rigid four inch cock upright and nodded to Amy to straddle his hips. Tabi's pussy was on fire as she directed Ethan's cock into her daughter's cunt.

Amy lowered herself until Ethan's dick was as far inside her cunt as he could go. She put both hands on the twelve year old boy's chest and proceeded to ride him up and down as he grabbed and pulled her small tits.

It only took a few moments for Ethan to cry out and shudder as his cum flooded into Amy's pussy. She kept riding him hard until his dick softened and he slipped out of her.

As soon as that happened, Amy rolled on her back with her legs in the air, immediately ready for her brother to slam his cock into her dripping pussy. Alex rammed her hard and fast, holding her arms down as his cum poured into her already sticky cunt.

As soon as Alex rolled to the side, Tabi dove down and licked Amy's pussy, savoring the mixture of her daughter's pussy juices and the two boys' sperm gushing into her mouth. Amy clamped her knees around her mother's head as she climaxed twice before slumping back on the bed. Both boys were hard enough again by then so Tabi sucked Alex as Ethan fucked her from behind while Amy just watched and smiled the entire time.

After Ethan left with his mother, they played again with the strap-on, taking turns fucking Alex and licking his sperm from each others pussies. They lay cuddled together in Tabi's bed, totally spent and completely satiated as they started to drift off to sleep.

What do you think about inviting Bradley over for dinner one night this coming week,” she asked her son and daughter with a devilish glint in her eye, “for a naked family dinner?”

Their wicked grins were all the answer Tabi needed.


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