Tabi's Tale (Part 36)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 36)

Another Night With Amy

Amy was standing at the kitchen counter eating a bowl of ice cream when Tabi came into the house after work. She stopped for a moment to admire her daughter's profile, noting with pride, and a touch of lust, how Amy's tits and ass where both filling out quite nicely.

In a few weeks, Amy would be going back to school as a high school freshman. Tabi had no doubt her daughter would attract the older boys like flies to honey...with the tasty honey pot being her sweet, and ever so available, pussy. Tab's own pussy twitched in unabashed anticipation of the variety of cum she would soon be eagerly licking from her daughter's cunt on a regular basis.

Where's your brother?” Tabi asked as she entered the kitchen and walked up behind Amy to give her a kiss on her cheek, removing her blouse and bra as she approached.

He went off with Ethan and Ethan's mom,” Amy answered, pressing her bare ass back against Tabi's crotch, “she said to tell you she's taking them to a movie and dinner and would bring home tomorrow afternoon.”

You two weren't naked when she got here, were you?” Tabi asked, suddenly panicking that Ethan's mother would get an inkling of what they did when her son was there.

Naw,” Amy answered, gulping down another spoonful of ice cream, “she called first so Alex got dressed to go with them and I put on a long t-shirt. She didn't even come in, just told me what to tell you at the door and they left.”

"That's very nice of her," Tabi breathed a sigh of relief, wondering why it never occurred to her to take the boys to a movie...and play with their little cocks in the back row of the darkened theater like she did with so many others when she was a teenager.

On the spur of the moment, she reached over her daughter's shoulder and scooped up some of the ice cream with her finger. She sucked it into her mouth, reached into the bowl again then dabbed it on her daughter's erect nipple.

Amy squirmed and giggled, turned and splattered the spoon across one of Tabi's tits.

Oh, now you did it!” Tabi laughed, scooped up even more of the ice cream, rammed her hand up between Amy's legs and smeared it all over her daughter's smooth bare pussy mound.

Amy howled and laughed, taking the bowl and pouring it down the front of Tabi's chest, covering her tits and starting an all out food fight. They rubbed the sticky melting ice cream all over each other, their touches becoming more urgent until they embraced and kissed passionately.

Tabi sucked in one of her daughters sticky nipples even as she felt Amy's hand split the folds of her dripping pussy. She moaned lowly, pulling the erect nipple through her teeth, causing Amy to yelp and ram her fingers deeper into her mother's pussy.

When she felt the edge of the kitchen island pressing against her ass, Tabi boosted herself up and fell backwards, giving Amy unfettered access to her dripping slit. Her daughter did not hesitate, diving down between her mother's thighs, pushing aside her wet panties and ferociously licking her throbbing clit while sliding three fingers into Tabi's welcoming cunt.

With the start of her first orgasm, Tabi pulled Amy's head to her even more tightly, thrashing wildly as her juices added to the sticky gooey mix coating Amy's face. She shrieked a second climax before slumping back to look up at her grinning daughter.

She smiled back weakly before standing to realize what a mess each of them were. She took her daughter by the hand and lead her to the shower. They stood facing each other, the warm water washing over them as they kissed passionately, their tongues lashing each other as they groped and fumbled with each others bodies.

With her mother's fingers buried in her dripping pussy, Amy's knees finally buckled, her orgasm filling every cell of her body. Tabi muffled her daughter's scream with her own mouth and tongue, pressing two finger tips hard against Amy's swollen g-spot until the thirteen year old girl slumped to her knees.

Tabi dried her off gently and lead her to the bed, taking most of the next hour kissing and nibbling all over her daughter's quivering body...her lips...her ear...her nipples...her toes...her throbbing clit...pulling back each time just as Amy approached the edge of an orgasmic cliff. When Amy could no longer hold back, Tabi buried her face in her daughter's pussy, lapping up the musky pungent juices that gushed out to coat her face.

"Oh, Mom, that was...awesome," Amy murmured lowly when she finally regained her composure and was breathing close to normally, "but now, it's my turn."

"Oh really and what do you have in mind?" Tabi asked dreamily swirling one of her daughter's still stiff nipples in two fingers.

"You'll see," Amy answered mysteriously, propped herself up and slid off the side of the bed.

She stood and opened the drawer in the nightstand that contained the various toys. With a flourish, she pulled out the strap-on harness and attached the largest of the three fake cocks, Then she reached in again and threw both "BOB" and "Bunny" on the bed next to her mother.

"For the next little while, you are not going to be Mom," Amy said with an evil grin as she slathered lube all over the large fake cock dangling in front of her pussy.

"Is that so?" Tabi responded, feeling a growing warm tingle in her own pussy at the unexpected confidence suddenly projected by her daughter. "What am I to be then?"

"My bitch," Amy practically shouted, pulling Tabi by the arm to the side of the bed, "now, on your knees, bitch, I'm going to fuck you until you pass out!"

Tabi was so stunned by this unusual aggressiveness she barely noticed as Amy flipped her around until her ass was in the air and pointed right at the fake dick. She arched her back when Amy shoved the dildo into her pussy hard and grabbed her hair with one hand.

"Now, put 'Bunny' on your clit, bitch, on high," Amy instructed her mother as she began plunging the fake cock in and out of Tabi's throbbing pussy.

As soon as she felt the vibrating tip of the toy touch her sensitive clit, Tabi could feel an orgasm building deep in her cunt. She started thrashing faster even as Amy pulled harder on her hair.

"Oh god...yes...yes...more...more...," Tabi groaned, the first wave of her climax crashing on the shore of her dripping pussy.

"Like that do you, bitch?" Amy responded in such a wicked tone of voice that made Tabi shuddered even harder. "Well, see how this feels!"

Just then, Tabi felt the pulsing end of 'BOB' pushing into her tight asshole. She shrieked and dropped the other vibrator pressed against her clit, an overwhelmingly series of strong orgasms flooding through her body.


Amy pounded her mother's pussy and ass relentlessly even when Tabi begged her daughter to stop until the next orgasm reduced her to screaming and sputtering yet again.

She might have passed out momentarily. The next thing she remembered was looking up as Amy removed the strap-on harness and sat down next to her quivering body on the bed.

"Are you alright, Mom?" Amy asked solicitously, gently petting her mother's back. “I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I'm fine, honey and you didn't hurt me...well you did...but it hurt so good and I liked everything you did...everything," Tabi murmured.

"I kinda got carried away," Amy said softly, "and I didn't mean to call you that...bitch, but it just slipped out."

"No problem, honey, I liked it...I liked it a lot and I'm really glad to see you take charge like that," Tabi muttered, "it made everything feel even better and I hope you can do it again should do that to your brother sometime too."

"Yeah, I just might," Amy giggled leaning back and sliding 'Bunny' into her pussy and gasping as the vibration struck her clit, “and maybe I'll do it to Ethan too."

"Somehow I don't think either one of them would argue with you," Tabi cooed lowly watching her daughter masturbate herself to a quick hard orgasm.

When she stopped quivering, Amy helped her mother stand and they went back to the shower to gently and sensuously wash the sweat and scent of sex from each other.

"Mom, do you mind if I ask you something?" Amy asked as they finished their dinner and moved to the couch to cuddle and watch some TV.

Not at all, sweetie, ask me anything you want,” Tabi answered, taking a sip of wine as she wrapped an arm around Amy's shoulder and idly fondled a stiff nipple.

You remember Emma, from Grandma and Grandpa's?”

Sure, honey, that really nice girl you liked so much.”

She and I have been chatting online and I would really like it if she could come visit for a weekend sometime,” Amy said meekly.

I think that might be a wonderful idea, sweetie, but isn't she a lot older than you?” Tabi asked as her pussy twitched recalling Emma's lithe body and luscious nipples.

Only a couple of years, Amy retorted, “”She's sixteen and I'm almost fourteen. Besides she can drive and she said she has a car she shares with her brother. If she wants to use it to drive down here, she said she could make a deal with him.”

Well I suppose it would be OK but I would want to talk to her mother to make sure,” Tabi stated, starting to like the idea of making contact with that family other than through her parents.

"Emma already talked to her mom and she says that is not a problem as long as it's OK with you...and she said she really wants to do a lot more wild stuff with us," Amy continued, snuggling in closer to her mother and casually fingering the strip of hair leading to Tabi's pussy slit.

"Oh and what does that mean?" Tabi inquired perking up with her daughter's statement. "Did you do more with her at Grandma's house than you told me already?"

Amy squirmed around a little and Tabi let her hand fall down between her daughter's legs, immediately feeling the growing heat radiating from the thirteen year old girl's smooth pussy.

Emma said she likes to do...uh...different stuff, not only the usual things like you or Alex do with me...and...and...she be do things,” Amy explained haltingly, turning her head to look at her mother and reaching up to gently tug one of Tabi's nipples, “and I...I liked doing her.”

Tabi sat stunned for a moment, trying to comprehend what her daughter was telling her. Her pussy was on fire, suddenly realizing where Amy's sudden aggressive behavior early had come from...and how aroused she was to have her daughter so thoroughly dominate her.

So...Emma showed to do...what you did...earlier?” Tabi finally gasped, surprised at the wicked glint in her daughter's eyes.

Yeah, and she wants to do more when she comes here...a lot more,” Amy grinned and pulled Tabi's nipple hard. “I told her about Alex and Ethan and Bradley and she wants to do everything with them...all that we possibly can but she did ask that the first night her, that it just be me..and you..and we do everything she asks us to do to her...everything.”

Tabi winced but didn't pull away as the sharp pain in her nipple flowed directly to her pussy. She slipped a finger between the now moist folds of Amy's pussy slit, finding the dripping hole and sliding in as far as she could reach, fingering her daughter to another climax as she flicked her tongue into Amy's ear.

Tomorrow, find out when I can talk to Emma's mother.”

Remember when I told you that we all had to agree if one of us wanted to do a family?” Tabi asked as she and Amy stood at the kitchen counter eating yet more ice cream.

Sure, it's one reason I asked you about Emma,” Amy answered before swallowing another large spoonful, “although I didn't think I really needed to ask Alex if he wanted to fuck Emma.”

No, I suppose you didn't,” Tabi laughed, “but that's not why I was asking.”

OK, what it is then?” Amy responded, rinsing her empty bowl in the sink.

I want to invite Bradley to come over again on Saturday to play with us...all of us, including Ethan and spend the night,” Tabi stated flatly. “I was wondering how you felt about that.”

I'm fine with it,” Amy said softly after a moments hesitation then turned to look directly at her mother, “in fact I was wondering when you would next invite him to visit.”

You sure?” Tabi asked, noticing the way Amy's nipples stood erect on her small conical tits. “I don't want to force you do do anything you don't want to do and you were sort of reluctant last time he was here.”

Yeah, I was but only because I needed to get more comfortable with doing anything with him. It was kind of weird seeing him naked and playing with you and Alex since I've known him so long. It might have been easier if he were a stranger actually.”

'Yeah, that does make sense in a way,” Tabi said softly, “but I take it you've changed your mind.”

Amy blushed and smiled shyly, absentmindedly twirling her right nipple in two fingers before answering. Tabi felt her own pussy twitch, a droplet of juices dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

Not so much changed my mind as ready to do a lot more,” Amy grinned, stepping around the kitchen island to stand directly in front of her mother. “I've always thought he was a very attractive man, especially when he would tease and flirt with me and the other girls...and then I saw that big beautiful cock.”

Tabi reached over and drew Amy closer, giving her another deep passionate kiss. Amy responded by ramming her tongue into her mother's mouth and two fingers into Tabi's wet warm pussy.

Ever since I saw him naked and then slide his dick into you, I've been thinking about how nice his cock will feel inside me,” Amy continued after breaking off the kiss. “I even masturbated a few times imagining how good that will feel. So yes, Mom, I'm ready...very, very fuck Bradley the next time he comes over. In fact, it might be really fun to spend a night with just him and you and me.”

Oh, honey, you have no idea how happy you are making me,” Tabi gushed and pulled Amy close, “It will be so hot to guide his cock into your sweet pussy for the first time.”

Mom, you mind if I ask you something else?” Amy cooed, swirling a finger around one of Tabi's stiff sweat soaked nipples.

They lay on the rumpled sheets of Tabi's bed basking in the after glow of multiple orgasms, the room filled with the lingering aroma of their sex. Amy was snuggled up Tabi's arm, one leg laying across Tabi's hip with some of her pussy juices continuing to seep out of her cunt to coat her mother's thigh.

Sure, baby, you know you can ask me anything at anytime and I'll answer as best I can.”

There's a boy I like and I was wondering if it would be alright for me to invite him over sometime,” Amy murmured, looking up at Tabi.

Of course, honey, you can have your friend over anytime,” Tabi responded softly petting her daughter's hair. “I would just ask until I am comfortable with him that you have him over when I am here as a matter of safety. Anybody I know?”

As a matter of fact, yes you do,” Amy responded and gently pinched Tabi's nipple, “you remember Tim from down the street?”

Timmie? Of course, he used to cut the grass before your brother was big enough to do it. Isn't he a lot older than you?”

Well, he is seventeen, but I'm almost fourteen so not that big a difference,” Amy explained plaintively, “Do you mind if he's older?”

No, not at all,” Tabi answered after a moment's thought, “I want you to do whatever makes you happy and you know that if it feels good, I have no problem with anything you do...anything at all.”

Thanks, Mom...I really do like him,” Amy cooed and kissed Tabi passionately.

Then let's have him come over on Friday evening when your brother will be staying with your father so I'll be the only one home with you,” Tabi murmured as she slid down her daughter's body, splitting Amy's wet warm pussy slit with her tongue before sucking in her clit and fingering her to another shrieking orgasm.

The Neighbor Boy

Tabi gulped down the rest of her wine when she heard the doorbell chime and stood up. She wanted to give Amy a moment to answer, so she brushed her hands down over the front of the v-neck shirt she was wearing, the dark brown of her stiff nipples clearly visible through the thin material. The shirt fell to just below her ass cheeks barely covering the lacy panties she had on underneath, the only other thing she was wearing.

She waited until she heard Amy and Timmie in the kitchen before going to join them, stopping for a second to take a good look at the seventeen year old boy. He really was pretty good looking as he towered over her daughter, enough that Tabi felt a sudden twitch deep in her pussy. Any reservation she had about the rest of the evening dissipated immediately. Amy was going to fuck this boy repeatedly in the next couple of hours...and frankly Tabi was really envious.

Hi, Timmie, it's good to see you again,” she called out as she entered the kitchen, noting with smug satisfaction how the seventeen year old's jaw dropped and eyes bulged seeing her tits swaying underneath her shirt.

Amy smiled brightly standing next to the boy, her own tan conical nipples pressing out firmly against the one size too small white shirt she wore over a mid thigh length skirt and no panties. Tabi removed Amy's panties before Timmie arrived, fingering her daughter until Amy's pussy was was slick with her own juices.

Trust me, he'll get really turned on by the scent of your sex,” Tabi told her daughter as she sucked the finger glistening with Amy's pussy juices into her mouth and fingered herself to a quick hard orgasm, “and mine.”

Tabi stood next to Amy as she talked to them both casually rubbing her hand up and down on Amy's arm and making sure Timmie saw the way her thumb brushed lightly over her daughter's left nipple.

Well...uh...Mom, I think we'll go to my room for a while now,” Amy said after a few minutes, hooking her arm in the crook of the teenage boy's.

Of course, honey, you two go right ahead,” Tabi murmured softly, bending forward to hug her daughter so Timmie got a clear view of her tits down the front of her shirt then turned and hugged him tightly too, “and have fun.”

She smiled to herself and slid a hand under the waistband of her panties after they turned and walked to Amy' room. There was no missing the throbbing bulge in Timmie's jeans. She gulped down a glass of wine, giving them a few minutes to get settled before creeping out to the backyard.

While Amy showered earlier, Tabi sneaked into her room, made sure none of the pillows would block her view, partially closed the drapes and opened the window a few inches. She wanted to be able to both see and hear her daughter fucking the older boy.

By the time Tabi got into the backyard and crept up close to the window into her daughter's bedroom, Amy and Timmie were seated on her bed talking softly. Amy's skirt was bunched up around her waist, the gaping lips of her pussy clearly visible to Tabi and probably barely out of Timmie's sight. Her hand was on Timmie's thigh, just inches from the obvious bulge in his jeans.

Good girl” Tabi thought as she split the folds of her own pussy inside her already moist panties and leaned in as close to the window as she dared, straining to hear what they were saying.

I'm really glad you could come over,” Amy murmured, looking up at Timmie even as her hand inched closer to his crotch.

Me too,” he responded, reaching over to softly touch her bare knee with a fingertip, “I was surprised your Mom didn't have a problem with us coming in here...with the door closed.”

She just wants us to be comfortable and have fun,” Amy cooed with a devilish grin.

Does she always dress so...uh...uh...with so...uh...little on?” he asked, blushing slightly as Amy turned to him with her hand lightly brushing over the bulge in his jeans.

Oh, no,” Amy laughed, “she got dressed up for you. Usually she's naked around the house...we all are.”

Really? You too...and your brother too?”

Sure, almost all the should try it yourself,” Amy gasped and reached to undo his belt.

What...what are you doing? What if she comes in?” Timmie exclaimed nervously.

“”She won't come in and even if she did she wouldn't care. She did tell us to have fun and I want to have lots of fun with you.”

With that, Amy got on her knees on the bed and pulled her shirt over her head, throwing it on the floor and pulling off her skirt. Timmie was stunned, his mouth wide open as he looked at the newly naked Amy. She grinned at him, placed one of his hands on a bare tit and kissed him passionately for a moment.

You do want to have some fun with me too, don't you?” Amy giggled and fell backwards with her legs spread wide.

Tabi could see a string of precum stretching to the sheets when Timmie ripped off his clothes and climbed on top of her daughter. Amy reached down and directed his rigid dick into her tight pussy, letting out a loud moan as he rammed his dick all the way into her with a single thrust.

Timmie plunged in and out of Amy's pussy frantically, his body tensing after only a minute or so when he grunted his cum into her. Outside, Tabi was furiously rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy, cumming when she saw the teenager's cock disappear inside her daughter's cunt and then again when he rolled to the side and Amy shifted around to take his glistening cock into her mouth.

Amy had not yet cum when she swallowed Timmie's cock. Almost immediately, he hardened again and Tabi was not even sure he every completely softened. When he started to moan lowly again, Amy straddled his hips and slowly lowered herself down until his dick was buried as deep as his six inch cock could go in her dripping pussy.

She planted her hands on his chest and rhythmically began riding up and down, letting out a low cry as she quivered and climaxed on his dick. They both began thrusting harder and faster and Amy shrieked a second orgasm as Timmie grunted his cum deep into her pussy.

When Amy rolled to her side, Tabi could see a veritable river of creamy cum leaking from her daughter's puffy pussy. She fingered herself to yet another orgasm then hurried into the house as Amy and Timmie lay quietly on the bed.

She drank another glass of wine and needlessly straightened things up in the kitchen waiting for them to come out of Amy's room. After a half hour or so, she went back outside and looked in the window again.

Amy was on her knees with her head buried in the sheets as Timmie slowly, languorously fucked her from behind. She gasped and moaned another orgasm while the teenage boy kept pounding her pussy from behind until his entire body shuddered and he shot another load of jism deep into the thirteen year old girl's dripping pussy.

I want that cock...oh god...I need that young cock in my cunt,” Tab thought to herself as she climaxed again on her fingers.

When they finally stirred and started to get dressed, Tabi dashed back into the kitchen. A few moments later Timmie and Amy walked in with her wearing only a t-shirt that barely covered her pussy.

I do hope you had a lot of fun and will come again real soon,” Tabi gushed to Timmie and gave him a tight hug, feeling her tits pressing against his chest.

Yes, ma'am” he grinned broadly, “a great time and I will come again real soon.”

Tabi sipped her wine as Amy escorted him to the door, stopping to get on her tiptoes to give him a kiss before he left. She walked back to her mother with a wide shit eating grin. Tabi smiled brightly and took her daughter's hand.

You better still have some of his cum inside your pussy for me to lick out!”


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