Tabi's Tale (Part 37)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "
Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 37)

Bradley Meets Ethan

Amy! Amy! He's come on out!” Tabi called out as she heard the car horn honk in the front of the house.

Shrugging a yellow sun dress over her bare tits and ass, Amy walked into the kitchen and looked out the front window.

Go on, you only have to spend a minute or two but...he is your go say hello,” Tabi said sternly looking over her daughter's shoulder and then reaching for the robe she had on a hook near the door.

She tightened the belt of the robe and went back to preparing dinner. She didn't really expect her ex husband to come in the house, he almost never did, but she had no intention of giving him even a glimpse of her body. He long ago forfeited that.

Alex burst into the kitchen, followed closely by Ethan. That surprised Tabi.

I thought your mother was going to drop you off later,” she said to her son's buddy as Ethan stopped stripping naked with his shirt in his hand and looked at Tabi in her robe.

I asked Dad to stop and get him while we were driving back here anyway,” Alex responded, not hesitating to remove his own clothes.

Aren't we all getting naked?” Ethan asked plaintively looking at Tabi like he was about to cry.

It was all Tabi could do to keep from bursting out laughing when she saw the distraught look on Ethan's face. She glanced out the window long enough to see her ex husband's car pulling away from the curb before she stepped around the island and pulled loose the belt holding her robe closed.

Of course we are and lot more, honey,” she murmured, her tits swaying gently from side to side with each step and gathered the twelve year old boy to her for a tight hug.

Ethan grinned up at her as his face pressed into her soft tits. Tabi shrugged the robe off her shoulders, dropped to one knee and unbuttoned Ethan's shorts. As soon as she pulled them down around his knees, his four inch cock popped straight out into her face.

Did you boys cum yet today?” she muttered, kissed the tip of Ethan's cock and reached one hand out so Alex came close enough for her to wrap her fingers around his dick as well.

Only once, this morning in bed,” Ethan groaned as a droplet of his precum beaded on the tip of his rigid dick, “when we jerked each other off after waking up.”

My, my...that was so long ago...such a long time to wait” Tabi cooed and flicked the droplet of cum from Ethan's cock with the tip of her tongue, “and I haven't had a taste of sweet boy cum yet today either. I think we should all fix that right now.”

She pulled Alex closer until the tips of their cocks touched each other. She swirled her tongue around both of the boys' cock heads and pulled them into her mouth together, bobbing her head slightly as they started to hump back and forth in unison. She wasn't sure which one of them first started to cum in her mouth but the other followed within seconds., She kept sucking them until both boys went limp and slipped out of her mouth.

Wow, Mom, I've never seen you do that before,” Amy gasped from just over Tabi's shoulder.

Tabi turned, opened her mouth to show her daughter both boys' cum coating her tongue then grinned happily as she swallowed, with just a few strings drizzling from her chin.

You should try it,” Tabi purred, wiping the last bit of cum from her lips with the back of her hand, “they taste great.”

I'll wait,” Amy responded with an impish smile of her own before turning and walking away, “for later...for all of it...everywhere.”

Tabi felt another tingle in her pussy, knowing in a few hours she would see Bradley's cock slide into Amy's mouth, the only question being if it was before or after she guided his six inch dick into her daughter's tight cunt for the very first time.

I'll get it!” Amy called out gleefully, jumping to her feet when the door bell chimed to announce Bradley's arrival.

With her conical tits bouncing with every step, a naked Amy pranced to the front door and pulled it open wide. Bradley stood in the doorway with his mouth agape staring at the thirteen year old's stiff nipples and protruding mound.

Hi Bradley, come on in...we've been waiting for you,” Amy cooed lustily, stepping aside to allow him to enter before closing the door.

Bradley stood staring at Amy, stunned to see her stark naked at the front door. Tabi walked up between them, giving him a warm kiss and brushing her hand over the obvious bulge in his jeans.

Oh, Amy, I think he's really happy to see us,” Tabi murmured, pulling her daughter closer, “so why don't you give him a hand getting more comfortable.”

With that, Tabi rammed her tongue into Bradley's mouth as Amy unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down around his ankles. She giggled lowly seeing the way his rigid cock poked out against his boxers before pulling them down as well.

His rock hard cock sprung straight out, almost poking Amy in the eye. She giggled again, kissed the very tip then turned and went back to the family room.

Now that was some...uh...welcome,” Bradley gasped, breaking off the kiss and pulling his shirt over his head.

Trust me, it's just the beginning,” Tabi whispered into his ear as she wrapped her fingers around his hard dick then lead him into the family room.

Bradley stopped short in the doorway when he saw Ethan sitting in a chair, with Alex kneeling between his legs sucking on his little cock. On another chair, Amy was watching the boys while slowly swirling a finger around her developing clit.

Oh, that's Ethan,” Tabi said casually before tugging Bradley's dick to have him sit next to her on the couch. “He's Alex's best friend and a trusted playmate...for us all.”

Ethan waved and slumped back against the back of the chair, running his hands through Alex's hair as his legs began to tremble. Tabi slowly stroked Bradley's dick when he sat down, both of them joining Amy in watching Alex suck Ethan.

After a few moments, Tabi leaned over and slipped Bradley's dick into her mouth while gently fondling his balls. Bradley's cock throbbed noticeably when they all heard Ethan groan and shoot his cum into Alex's mouth. Tabi looked up at Bradley and slowly slipped his dick from between her lips and turned to Amy.

Would you like to help and get a taste, honey?” Tabi asked her daughter ever so sweetly, holding Bradley's dick out toward Amy.

She got up and took the few steps to stand at Bradley's knees, smiling weakly as Tabi stroked his dick a few more times. Bradley looked up at her wide eyed as she slowly dropped to her knees, leaned forward and licked the head of his cock. Then with another look at him, and a wicked smile, she slipped his cock head between her lips and took more than half his length into her mouth with a single motion.

For an instant, a chill ran down Tabi's spine, second guessing her decision to allow this as her better angel seemed to whisper in her ear....

....what have you done? That's your thirteen year old daughter
taking a grown man's cock into her mouth...and if she keeps it
up for long, his cum will gush down her throat...and then..and
then...he will want to fuck her...and fill her pussy with his dick
and his sperm....”

.but she didn't say anything, just passively watched for a moment. Bradley was groaning lowly. Amy took his dick out of her mouth for a few seconds to catch her breath...and smiled angelically at her mother...before resuming to suck on the older man's throbbing cock.

Tabi felt her own juices leaking down the inside of her thighs, realizing they were both enjoying the situation completely. The devil seemingly on her shoulder took over....

....this is what you wanted for so very long...and now your
pussy is throbbing watching your daughter happily suck his
dick. She's becoming the cock sucking, cum loving slut you
so want her to be and in a minute, his cum will fill her mouth.
After you suck him hard again, he'll fuck her...hard and
deep...filling her sweet young cunt with his thick throbbing
dick and warm creamy sperm...just the way you planned and
always wanted....”

.and quickly won the argument.

Alex and Ethan stood on either side and slightly behind Amy furiously jerking their hard four inch cocks. Tabi glanced at Bradley. He moaned again, his eyes closed and his thighs quivering, his hands on the back of Amy's head with his cock plunging ever deeper into her mouth and throat.

Tabi's pussy was on fire as she dropped to her knees next to her daughter. She cupped Bradley's balls in her hand then leaned forward to flick her tongue across the base of his dick. Amy took his cock out of her mouth to take another deep breath then joined Tabi in licking up and down the length of his throbbing shaft.

With the first taste of Bradley's precum, Tabi pulled her head back and held his dick out for her daughter. Amy grinned wickedly and sucked almost the entire six inch length into her mouth.

After a moment, Bradley tensed and Amy sputtered and gagged as his cum flooded into her mouth and down her throat. He shot a lot more than Amy was used to from her brother or Ethan. She swallowed a good deal of it but when his dick deflated and slipped out of her mouth, she looked up with a gleeful smile, two strings of Bradley's sperm stretched back to coat his cock and balls.

Both Tabi and Amy collapse backward on to the floor. Alex jumped in and eagerly licked the remaining spent cum coating Bradley's dick. Amy began rubbing her pussy frantically but Tabi needed more than that...she needed to be a hard cock shooting warm sticky semen...deep inside her aching pussy...right then.

Tabi grabbed Ethan by the arm and pulled him down on top of her. As he wiggled around trying to slide his hard little dick into her, she clutched his cock head, directed him into her throbbing cunt and wrapped her legs around his waist.

She was writhing so frenetically it was all Ethan could to hang on and ride her hips and pussy like a bucking bronco. Even as one boy started to fill her cunt with his watery sperm, her son rammed his rigid dick into her mouth and furiously pounded her throat.

When she looked over to one side, she could see Bradley on his knees with his face buried between Amy's legs. Her daughter squirmed and moaned as she explosively climaxed on Bradley's face.

Ethan rolled off Tabi when his cock deflated inside her and Alex immediately took his place, quickly grunting even more cum into his mother's dripping cunt. Ethan rolled almost directly under Bradley's hips, taking the older man's hard again cock into his mouth even as Amy shrieked yet another orgasm with Bradley's tongue flailing her clit.

Watching Ethan suck a grown man's dick caused Tabi to cum again herself, especially since the twelve year old boy seemed to be in heaven with every thrust down his throat. More importantly, he made Bradley's dick rock hard again in short order....

It's can't wait another it now!”
the voice of the devil on her shoulder seemed to shout into
Tabi's ear.

.She crawled over to Bradley and took his thick hard cock from Ethan's mouth and rubbed it up in down in between the wet folds of Amy's puffy pussy slit. Amy moaned loudly and writhed as Tabi rammed her tongue into Bradley's mouth then pulled back and looked at him plaintively while swirling his cock head around the tight entry hole to her thirteen year old daughter's pussy.

Fuck it now...slide your cock into my baby's sweet cunt,” Tabi hissed, holding Bradley's dick in place until the entire head disappeared into Amy's pussy, “fill her up with your cock and cum...fuck her...oh god yes...fuck her...fuck her...fuck her!”

Amy gasped when Bradley's cock first stretched her cunt hole open then thrashed harder and faster the deeper his cock penetrated into her. Bradley started off slowly, pressing his dick steadily into her until his pubic bone pressed against the thin strip of hair topping Amy's pussy slit. He just held himself there for a moment, letting Amy writhe on his dick before just as slowly pulling himself out of her until just his head remained in her pussy.

He leaned forward and rammed his tongue into Amy's mouth then plunged his dick back into her, harder and faster, picking up the pace as a flood of cum was obviously building in his balls. Amy shrieked and thrashed uncontrollably, her tight pussy sucking his cock as effectively as her mother had ever done with her mouth.

Tabi sat back on her heals, furiously fingering her own clit and pussy as she watched Bradley thoroughly fuck her young daughter. When Bradley back arched and he clearly started shooting his jism into Amy's cunt, Tabi leaned forward, kissed her daughter passionately while fondling her small conical tits. Amy shrieked her own orgasm feeling the waves of sticky sperm flooding her cunt and leaking out around Bradley's cock to coat her thighs.

As soon as Bradley's cock deflated and slipped out of Amy, Tabi dove down between her daughter's legs and eagerly licked up as much of the mixture of Bradley's jism and her own daughters pussy juices as she could manage. All the while Amy screamed with each orgasmic wave rolling one after another through her young body.

They all lay panting in a tangled heap for a few minutes before deciding to take a break. Tabi pour herself and Bradley a glass of wine and, after a moments thought, one for Amy as well. The thirteen year old beamed being recognized as a grown up even as Tabi's pussy tingled seeing the sheen of cum and pussy juices glistening on the inside of her daughter's thighs. She even let the boys share a beer.

Are you sure you're OK, sweetie?” Tabi asked solicitously, gently petting her daughter's hair while Amy sat between her knees on the floor in front of her.

Oh yeah, Mom,” Amy responded enthusiastically before shifting her gaze to Bradley and smiling brightly, “more than OK...much, much more.”

Tabi looked over to Bradley sitting next to her on the couch. He grinned sheepishly at her, apparently still somewhat surprised but genuinely happy. Amy stood and kissed Tabi softly then leaned forward and did the same with Bradley, her hand brushing over his deflated cock. With a smile at them both she headed toward her room, following the boys who left a bit earlier.

Tabi turned and smiled at Bradley, glad for the chance to talk with him privately. She leaned in and snuggled under his arm while absentmindedly fondling his limp cock. He put his arm around her shoulder and swirled a stiff nipple in two fingers.

And how are you holding up?” Tabi murmured softly, thumbing the slit splitting the head of his cock.

I should be asking you that,” he laughed, tugging the nipple hard enough that she squirmed but didn't object, “after all I just fucked your thirteen year old daughter after she sucked me until I filled her mouth with my cum and your son licked my cock and balls clean and his buddy sucked me hard enough to ram my dick into her sweet tight pussy.”

Is that an objection because I sure as hell am not complaining?” Tabi cooed, twisting his cock head between her thumb and two fingers.

Hardly, it's a fantasy come true,” he responded, leaning in to flick his tongue into her ear, “I'm just a little shocked and surprised.”

You shouldn't be. I wanted you to fuck her, just like I wanted you to suck my son and his buddy.” Tabi replied, “and I take it that fantasy might just include a certain fourteen year old girl that stays with you sometimes.”

Yeah, I do have some perverted thoughts about my own daughter sometimes,” he blushed. “I've even stood in the hall listening to her and her boyfriend and..and...jerked off.”

The difference between us is I had the chance act on my perversions,” Tabi laughed, “and want my kids to be as incorrigible as I am. Picture your daughter in mine's place next time you stick your dick in her if it makes you feel better or more aroused.”

Next time?”

Of course, you didn't think we were done for the evening did you? The kids are taking a break like us but when we finish our drinks, we'll gather them up on the way to my bed and fuck and suck until we can't.”

Damn, you really are a complete degenerate aren't you?” Bradley chuckled.

You don't know the half of it,” she answered and leaned forward to lick the head of his now half hard cock.

Is that so...perhaps you'll enlighten me.”

Tabi straightened up and looked at him seriously for a moment...and then she did. She told him everything about how she enticed her kids, the visit to her parents' house and the people they met there, the offer she had to play more with that family and, after gulping down the last of her wine, her unsatisfied lust for her own father and mother...and insatiable craving for ever younger and younger boys and girls.

Bradley listened to it all without comment until she finally stopped talking and looked at him wistfully. He hugged her close before saying anything but Tabi could tell from the way his cock hardened in her hand he was not put off by her confession.

I knew you had a wild side,” Bradley said softly, pulling her closer and tugging even harder on her nipple, “but I never imagined you were this depraved. I'm really turned on by the idea of all you want, although, I must admit, I'm really unsure about kids that age.”

Tabi leaned in and kissed him passionately, slowly stroking his now rigid cock. He pushed his hand down between her legs and dragged a finger through the slick folds of her dripping pussy. She groaned before standing and leading him down the hall to her bedroom.

The kids were already waiting on Tabi's bed when they walked in. Alex lay on his back with his sister sucking his cock with Ethan fucking her from behind.

We started without you,” Alex called out gleefully before pulling Amy's face down on his cock hard, arching his back and flooding her mouth with his watery jism. Amy waited until her brother's deflated cock slipped from her mouth before looking up and grinning at Tabi and Bradley watching them from the doorway.

Go ahead...she wants your cock her mouth,” Tabi cooed, gently pushing Bradley toward the bed.

As soon as Bradley climbed on the bed, Tabi gently dragged Ethan away from Amy, rolled on her back and had the young boy slip his cock into her waiting pussy. She looked over to see Amy swallowing Bradley's dick until Alex straddled her face so she could suck in his quickly reanimating dick.

Tabi clamped her pussy around Ethan's dick, sucking his cum out of him. He rolled over and she crawled over to straddle Bradley's face. When Amy saw that, she climbed up and slowly lowered herself down over Bradly's cock.

She and her mother pawed at each others tits while kissing passionately, lashing their tongues together in each others mouths while riding Bradley's cock and face. Ethan climbed up to stand in front of Tabi, so she took his flaccid dick into her mouth, sucking him hard again even as his cum dribbled out of her pussy into Bradley's mouth. Amy sucked Alex hard again too and as soon as Bradley filled her pussy with his sperm again, she rolled on her back for Alex to fuck her.

The next hour or two went on like that, mixing and matching in every way possible for the five of them. Tabi could not believe how turned on she got when Bradley sucked both Alex and Ethan in turn, with both boys' semen dripping from his mouth when he then turned and kissed her passionately. Both boys and Bradley shot their cum into Amy and Tabi's pussies and Alex and Ethan sucked Bradley together after he did both of them.

At last, they all need to sleep. Alex and Ethan headed off for Alex's room. Tabi offered Amy the chance to sleep with her and Bradley but she said she was too tired and declined. Tabi drifted off to sleep nestled in Bradley's arms with his hands firmly gripping both her tits.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and streaks of bright sunlight greeted Tabi as she blinked awake. She rolled over in the empty bed, clutching at the rumpled sheets when she realized she was alone.

She padded out to the kitchen, but it too was empty She pushed open Alex's bedroom door to see the two boys still sleeping, their morning woodies already rigidly floating on their bellies with each breath. For a moment she considered climbing up between them, waking them up with her hands and mouth.

A sharp yelp drew her attention. She turned, pushed open Amy's partially closed door and stopped short.

Bradley was between Amy's splayed legs, slowly, sensuously, languorously pumping his cock in and out of the young girl's pussy, with each thrust drawing his dick out until just the very tip split her puffy wet pussy lips, then driving all the way back inside her until his pubic bone ground against her clit.

As Tabi watched, he leaned forward and kissed Amy passionately, their tongues lashing together outside their mouths for a moment until he again drove his dick deep into her cunt.

Oh yes...more...more...harder...,” Amy gasped and thrust her hips up to meet his dick, her legs wrapped around his waist, “please...please more...Daddy...more...harder, Daddy...harder...yes, Daddy...yes!”

Neither of them noticed as Tabi stepped a little closer, rubbing her pussy with one hand and pulling on a stiff nipple with the other. Bradley started to pump his cock in and out of Amy a little faster, clearly a massive orgasm building in his balls.

God yes, baby...your so warm...Daddy's close, honey...close to his little girl's...cunt...oh fuck...Jill!” he groaned, his entire body trembling.

Tabi wasn't sure if she should be angry or terribly aroused when she realized Bradley was fucking her as if Amy's pussy was that of his own daughter, more like making love to her than just fucking. She stepped right next to the bed as Bradley's back arched, slapping his ass to drive him even deeper into Amy's pussy as he began to flooded the young girl with his sperm.

You like fucking little girls?” she whispered into his ear as she began caressing Amy's tits. “You like that tight cunt engulfing your dick...sucking your cum out of you and deep into that sweet young pussy...making a thirteen year old girl into a whore...your own little slut...just what you always wanted...jerked off thinking fucking pervert...your little girl...fucking you...being your fucking slut”

Oh good...god...yes!” he shrieked and wildly thrashed his cum into Amy.

Amy shrieked her own orgasm. As soon as Bradley rolled off her, Tabi dove down between her daughter's legs and eagerly licked up as much of the spent sperm seeping out of her that she could manage, giving Amy yet another orgasm in the process.

When Tabi looked up, Alex and Ethan stood in the doorway stroking their rigid little dicks. Tabi motioned them to her, taking both of their cocks in her hand.

Ethan, you fuck me while Bradley sucks Alex,” she instructed, “and after you both cum, we'll switch places and do it again...and then you can fuck my slut daughter.”

Amy kissed Bradley at the front door then stood aside while Tabi did the same. After he walked to his car, Tabi turned to her daughter with a wry smile.

So you want to tell me how that got started this morning?” she asked as the two of them walked back to the kitchen, “not that I mind but I was surprised.”

He was drinking coffee when I came in the kitchen with his cock already half hard. The more we talked the harder he got and I asked him if he played with Jill the way we do together. He said no but always wanted to and then asked me would I pretend to be her. I thought that was a pretty hot idea...and then you walked in.”

Oh god yes, that is really hot,” Tabi gasped, pulling her daughter close, “and I'm sorry I called you names.”

Don't be, it turned me on, especially when the three of them all fucked me again in a row. I did tell him he can call me Jill every time he fucks me if he wants,” Amy murmured into Tabi's tit, “as long as I can call him Daddy.”

Damn, she's turning into more of a slut than I could have ever hoped,” Tabi thought to herself, dragging Amy to the couch and once again enthusiastically sliding her tongue between the puffy folds of her daughter's wet and still very sticky cunt.


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