Tabi's Tale (Part 38)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 38)

Amy's New Friend

I chatted with Emma a little while ago,” Amy said excitedly almost as soon as Tabi put her purse down on the kitchen counter, “and she said her mom would be calling you around seven o'clock. Can Emma come down Friday afternoon?”

Hold on a second, let me catch my breath,” Tabi laughed bending forward to kiss her on the forehead and gently tweak one of Amy's stiff tan nipples, “I just walked in the door.”

Tabi stripped off her blouse and bra then pulled her panties down from under her skirt, putting her soiled clothing in the laundry and folded the skirt over her arm before walking into the family room where Alex was playing the never ending video game. He barely looked up when she bent over to give him a kiss, her bare tits brushing against the side of his head.

She stood under the warm water cascading across her back, washing away many of the tensions of the day when Alex walked in and sat down on the commode. She smiled at her son and playfully jiggled her tits, expecting to see his dick grow in his hand. Instead he sat just looking at her glumly.

OK, what's the problem?” she inquired, stepping out of the shower and drying herself.

Is it true?” he asked, looking up with side, sad eyes.

Is what true?” Tabi responded. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Amy said Emma is coming for the weekend and I have to go to Dad's or Ethan's or someplace else while she's here,” Alex answered.

Well, I'm not sure what your sister and Emma talked about yet, so we can work it out over dinner and after I talk to Emma's mother later this evening,” Tabi responded, dropping to one knee in front of her son and cupping her son's limp dick and tight ball sac in one hand, “but you now the rule, we all have to agree on something like this, just like she had to agree about Bradley or Ethan.”

Alex looked at her as a bright smile grew on his face. Tabi leaned forward and flicked her tongue across his lips and, not waiting for his tongue to meet hers, licked her way down his chest and belly.

By the time she wrapped her lips around his cock, he hardened to his full four inches. He thrust his hips up as she swallowed the entirety of his dick as well as his balls, swirling her tongue around them in her mouth. He groaned loudly before tensing and grunting several strings of sticky jism directly down his mother's throat.

OK, so tell me what you discussed with Emma before her mother calls in a little while,” Tabi stated flatly to Amy as she pushed her empty plate away and took a sip of her half empty wine glass.

Emma made a deal with her brother and has the car they share for the whole weekend,” Amy started excitedly, “and she wants to come here and spend the weekend with”

Does that include your brother?” Tabi asked pointedly after Amy stopped talking.

She didn't exactly say, we mostly talked about doing things with the two of us,” Amy answered softly, “and you since she really likes girl-girl play.”

So you want your brother to go away for the weekend while she's here? Do I have that right?”

Yeah, that would be perfect,” Amy replied with a bright smile.

And are you willing to do that, Alex?”

No!” Alex responded emphatically, staring at his sister.

That's settled then...she can't come,” Tabi stated flatly.

Wha...what...why not?” Amy gasped, a stunned look on her face.

It's the rule we all agreed to...any one of us can say no and that's the end of she can't come, unless....”

Unless what?” Amy asked somewhat desperately.

You...and Emma...can come to an arrangement that is satisfactory to your brother. In that case, I will not object and she can come visit.”

Amy glared at her brother while he sat staring back with a smile on his face like the cat that just ate the canary. Tabi could almost see yellow feathers falling from his lips.

So what do you want?” Amy finally demanded with a scowl.

I want her to give me a blow job and I want to fuck her,” he grinned.

Well, that would be up to Emma in any case,” Tabi interjected, “and besides neither wouldn't take the entire weekend. How about, if Emma agrees, you spend one night at Ethan's and the other here with us?”

Alright, I can live with that, with one more condition,” Alex answered after staring down at his hands for a few moments, “as long as Ethan can be here too.”

Again, that's up to Emma but seems like a fair deal to me,” Tabi said and turned to her daughter. “You ask her if that's OK with her and we can go from there.”

They were clearing the dishes from the table when Amy's phone rang. She walked into the other room to talk with Emma while Tabi took Alex by the hand and lead him over to the couch, sitting with her thighs spread wide and pushing him down to his knees between them. He slipped a finger inside her pussy and barely started to lick her clit when Amy walked in extending the phone to Tabi.

Emma says she's fine with everything we talked about and her mom wants to talk to you,” she said with a bright smile.

Hi, Clair, so nice to talk to you again,” Tabi said, squirming slightly when Alex's finger found her still soft g-spot.

Hello, Tabi, I can't tell you how excited Emma is about visiting Amy...and all of you,” Emma's mother answered enthusiastically.

We are really happy to have her,” Tabi responded with a little gasp as a familiar tingle began to grow in her pussy, “and maybe one of these days all of you can come visit.”

Sounds wonderful or perhaps you all could come up here,” Clair replied.

Definitely something to look forward to. Is there anything I need to know about Emma before she gets allergies...limits...and so forth?”

Oh no, nothing to worry about there,” Clair laughed, “she's completely agreeable to just about anything you want to do with...and to...her as long as it doesn't still hurt in the morning...not too much anyway.”

Then I'm sure we'll have a great time,” Tabi answered, containing a low moan as her pussy clenched around her son's finger. “I'll have Amy send her the info she needs for her GPS and we'll see her Friday afternoon.”

Tabi handed the phone back to Amy and grabbed the back of Alex's head with both hands, pulling her son's face into her pussy as the first wave of her orgasm crested, flooding her twelve year old boy's cheeks and chin with her musky pussy juices. Amy didn't pay any attention to them, turning and walking to the other room to finish her conversation with Emma.

So everything set and she agrees with the deal we made?” Tabi asked, looking up from sucking Alex's cock when Amy came back in the room.

Yeah everything's set,” Amy relied, sitting down on the couch next to her brother and watching her mother resume sucking her brother's dick. “She'll be here late Friday afternoon and needs to leave midday on Sunday.”

And what about me and Ethan?” Alex moaned, his quivering legs telling his mother and sister he was very close to cumming in Tabi's mouth.

Oh she's fine with that too, as long as we have the all girls night on Friday. She even said we could invite Bradley too or anyone else if we she could suck and fuck at least one real cock!” Amy laughed and jumped out of the way when Alex tried to punch her in the shoulder.

Tabi snorted just as Alex's cum spurted into her mouth. She ended up spraying his watery sperm all over his legs before falling on her back on the floor and laughing uproariously. When she regained her composure, Tabi took both kids' hands in hers and lead them to her bedroom.

You did say Emma likes you to be in charge, didn't you?” she asked Amy as she sat down on the edge of the bed with Alex beside her.

That's what she told me at Grandma's,” Amy answered, “and got really excited when I spanked her pussy.”

Then I think we all need a little practice before she gets here,” Tabi grinned and fell backward with her legs spread wide and knees pulled up, “so for the rest of the night, you're in charge, Amy, of both Alex and me and we'll do anything you want.”

Amy grinned down at them both wickedly, turned and pulled the strap-on from the drawer in the nightstand. Over the next hour or so, Amy fucked both of them with the toy. Tabi had the most intense orgasm of the night with Amy fucking her ass while Alex was cumming in her mouth.

That Friday, Tabi took off work a little early. She wanted to be home when Emma arrived and she had to drop Alex off at Ethan's first. She was pouring herself a glass of wine when she heard a car horn honk out front, followed a moment latter by the front door bell.

Amy raced to the door followed immediately by a wave of teenage shrieking and giggling. Tabi waited patiently standing at the kitchen counter, even as her pussy throbbed in anticipation of the evening to come.

Emma walked in smiling brightly, one arm around Amy's bare shoulders. She carried a gift wrapped package in one hand and had a large canvas carry all bag draped over her other shoulder. When she spotted Tabi, she dropped the bag on the floor and placed the package on the counter top before walking in Tabi's direction.

As she approached, Tabi felt her own nipples stiffen. The sixteen year old was as tall as Tabi, with well developed tits that had not yet surrendered as much as a millimeter to gravity. A firm round ass topped long athletic legs,complimenting nicely the remainder of her lithe body.

She wore a crop top cut so high it barely covered the lower half of her obviously bare tits with the stiff nipples pressing out prominently. Her daisy mae shorts rode up between her pussy lips so tightly Tabi was sure she caught a glimpse of a few tufts of the girl's light brown pussy hair peeking out the edges of the fabric.

Hello, Emma, it's so good to see you again,” Tabi said warmly, spreading her arms to engulf the sixteen year old girl and pull her close.

I'm really happy to be here,” Emma answered, returning the hug, slipping her hands down over Tabi's bare ass, “and I only got lost once, Mrs....”

Please, call me Tabi, after all we will be close...very, very close... these next few days,” Tabi murmured, placing two fingers on the young girl's lips.

Emma's eyes brightened. She flicked her tongue out to lick Tabi's finger tips, then sucked both of them into her mouth. Tabi smiled back and slid the other hand up under the cut off shirt and thumbed a stiff nipple.

When Emma moaned lowly, Tabi glanced over at her daughter and, with a flick of her head, motioned Amy to step closer. Amy wrapped her arms around Emma from behind and fumbled with the button holding the other girl's short closed. After a moment, Emma stepped away from them both and grinned wickedly.

I see I'm way overdressed,” she laughed, pulling the shirt over her head and letting her shorts fall to the floor around her ankles, “and I've masturbated every day for weeks thinking about both of you and how much fun we will have.”

Emma stepped closer to Amy, leaning in to ram her tongue into the younger girl's mouth while shoving her hand between her legs. Amy moaned and returned the kiss, groping at Emma's tits as Emma's fingers slipped into her pussy.

Tabi looked on, fingering herself as she watched her daughter and Emma kiss and grope each other. After a couple of minutes, she directed them down the hallway to her bedroom, letting Emma fall on top of Amy before she licked her way down to her daughter's pussy.

Amy groaned and writhed as an orgasm built in her young pussy. Emma eagerly licked her from her asshole to her clit and back again a number of times, before sucking Amy's clit into her mouth and ramming three fingers into her pussy.

With a scream, Amy started thrashing uncontrollably on Emma's face. Tabi looked on, watching her thirteen year old daughter cum while feeling an orgasm of her own building between her legs as she furious fingered herself. Emma stopped licking Amy's pussy long enough to look back over he shoulder, waggle her hips and grin at Tabi.

Lick me...finger pussy...anything you want...use my cunt!” Emma pleaded, spreading her legs so her pussy gaped open then returned her tongue to Amy's pussy slit.

Tabi crawled up behind Emma, spread her ass cheeks and licked the girl's puckered asshole. Emma back arched and she pressed her pussy back against Tabi's face. Tabi savored the pungent taste of the girl's pussy and ass for a moment then slipped a finger into her dripping slit.

Emma howled and thrashed her hips, all the while continuing to suck Amy's clit. Amy was at that point practically incoherent as one wave of orgasms after another flooded her body. Finally Amy slumped back and Emma rolled on her back, clamping her knees around Tabi's head.

Fuck me with your fingers,” she begged Tabi, “with your whole hand.”

Tabi slipped three fingers into the teenager's tight wet pussy, pressing on her g-spot hard as Emma writhed.

More...more...harder...more...,” Emma gasped, grabbing Tabi's wrist and forcing her entire hand into her pussy.

Emma screamed then wildly bucked, explosively spewing her pussy juices all over Tabi. Tabi just held still, letting the girl thrash around the hand filling her cunt. When she finally stopped, Tabi slowly removed her hand, the last coming out with an audible pop.

Tabi's own pussy was on fire as she fell backwards and furiously rubbed her clit. Amy crawled up and kissed her while slipping a hand down between her mother's legs and strummed Tabi's clit. A moment later, Emma slipped two fingers into Tabi's cunt and energetically rubbed her swelling g-spot. Tabi shrieked two orgasms before collapsing into a quivering heap with her daughter and their teenage friend.

When they recovered enough to take a break, they walked into the kitchen together. Tabi poured herself a glass of wine and after a little pleading gave some to both the girls. She grinned to herself when she realized they were both getting a little giddy after a second glass and, knowing how horny she got when she was drinking, figured they would feel the same.

Oh, I almost forgot,” Emma exclaimed reaching for the gift wrapped package on the kitchen counter, “my Mom asked me to give you this as a thank you present for having me this weekend.”

That is hardly necessary,” Tabi replied taking the package, “we are already just loving having you here.”

Open's really neat,” Emma went on excitedly, prancing around like she was about to begin peeing on herself.

Here, you open it,” Tabi grinned and handed the package to Amy.

Amy tore it open and then held up the box with a confused look on her face.

What is it?” she asked looking back and forth from her mother to Emma.

Here, let me show you,” Emma practically shouted in her excitement, ripping the box open and pulling out what looked like a two sided dildo, with one end a bit more curved than the other with an egg shaped protrusion on the end.

Amy still looked puzzled until Emma pulled a leather harness from the box.

Oh my god, is that...?” Tabi gasped

Yeah, a two sided strap-on,” Emma beamed and snapped the toy into the leather belts, “the curvy part goes into your pussy and the other into the ass or cunt you're fucking. It's one of my Mom's favorite toys...and mine too.”

Then we ought to give it a try,” Tabi smiled, gulped down the rest of her wine and encouraged the girls to do the same before leading them back to the bedroom.

She fished the lube out of the drawer and turned back to the girls. Emma grinned at her and held the curvy part out, letting Tabi lather it up before sliding it up between Amy's legs and into the younger girl's tight pussy.

I want her to fuck me,” Emma gasped, “I always want to be the one getting fucked.”

She sat on the edge of the bed as Amy stepped closer then reached over and touched the side of the toy.

Oh, there's one more vibrates, both sides,” she grinned flipping a switch that caused Amy to jump in surprise as the strap-on began vibrating slowly both in and outside her pussy.

Emma fell backwards with her legs spread, the pink gash of the inside of her pussy lips encircled by her thin light brown cunt hair. Tabi pulled the vibrating tip of the toy right up to the dark gaping hole leading inside the sixteen year old. Amy's legs were already trembling as she slid the fake cock all the way inside the shrieking Emma, both girls cumming together on the toy vibrating inside their pussies.

So how did you convince your brother let you have the car for the entire weekend?” Tabi asked as the three of them cuddled on the couch drinking another glass of wine.

Oh that was easy,” Emma giggled, “i just made a deal with him...a bigger deal than usual?”

A deal...what deal?” Amy inquired, snuggling closer to her mother.

Well, normally we take turns using the car during the week and on weekends. I'll get one Friday and he gets the Saturday and we switch the next weekend. Once in a while, we switch and all I have to do is give him an extra blow job or something. It took more to have it all weekend.”

What did you have to do?” Tabi said looking directly at the teenager.

I fucked his lacrosse team last Wednesday afternoon.”

How many guys are on the team?” Amy inquired, her tan nipples visibly stiffening.

Fourteen plus my brother.”

And you mother knew about this?”

Oh sure, she fluffed them for me.”


Sucked the next one in line so he was really hard when he fucked me.”

And all of them fucked you.”

Oh yes, some twice but I lost count at twenty three.”

Wow, that's amazing.” Amy gasped, “What in the world would your brother have to do for you if he needs you to make a big deal with him?”

Emma took another sip of her wine and smiled wickedly at them both before answering.

Have him arrange for the team to come over earlier so all of them can fuck me at least twice before they have to go home for dinner.”

Tabi laughed with a quick glance at Amy before hugging both girls to her tightly.

Your brother and Ethan are in real trouble.”

By the time they were ready for sleep, Tabi was worn out and didn't object to the girls spending the night together in Amy's room.

Over breakfast, Emma explained her parents and their friends played with both her and her brother for as long as she could remember. That included going to sex parties where sometimes they were the only kids.

That's when you met my parents?” Tabi asked meekly.

Oh yes, I've known them since I was a little girl. Your mother has played with my brother for years but I only fucked your father the first time right after I turned twelve. He really is good and your mom licked his cum from my pussy. Haven't you ever had sex with him?”

No, we only recently started doing things with each other and nothing with them. I don't think they're interested,” Tabi explained quietly sipping her coffee.

That explains why the party at their house with you was so...uh...quiet,” Emma answered with a wicked grin, “too bad, your dad is really a good should try him sometime.”

Yeah, maybe I should,” Tabi muttered softly to herself.

By the time she was ready to pick up Alex and Ethan later that day, they had each used the double strap-on with each other and cum once or twice otherwise on fingers and tongues. Tabi threw on a patterned sundress that didn't require a bra and didn't bother with panties.

She stopped to talk briefly with Ethan's mother, admiring the way Becky's breasts swayed gently beneath a simple tank top. She remembered what her son had said about Becky shaving her pussy in the shower, feeling a droplet of her own juice seeping down her thigh as she imagined the taste and feel of the other woman's wet cunt.

As soon as she pulled away from the curb, both boys peppered her with questions about Emma. Tabi just laughed and told them she and Amy had a lot of fun the night before. While she talked, she slowly pulled up the hem of her sundress until it bunched around her waist, exposing her already moist pussy. The more she talked, the faster she fingered herself as the boys gawked. By the time they got home, both of their hard dicks were pressing out the front of their shorts.

They ran into the house ahead of her, but Tabi practically tripped over them at the entry to the kitchen. Both boys stood absolutely still staring straight ahead with their mouths agape and eyes bulging from their heads.

Emma and Amy stood with their arms around each others shoulders smiling wickedly with the strap-ons swaying in front of their pussies.


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