Tabi's Tale (Part 4)


Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 4)

More Than One Way

Tabi was barely paying attention as her coworker chattered on incessantly while they walked across the street to have lunch in the food court of the mall. She could barely concentrate on anything these days but her lust for her kids.

Each of the previous three nights she sneaked into her son's room after he went to sleep, sniffed and licked his cum encrusted sock, held or licked his flaccid dick and masturbated by the side of his bed before going back to her own room to cum again with BOB. The night before, after cumming on her fingers while still in his room, she carefully rubbed the sticky juices across her son's lips before going back to her room. She unsuccessfully wracked her brain trying to figure out how to watch him jerk off again...and even more arousing...having him watch her while he knew she was aware he was watching.

As usual, the food court was crowded but they found a table near the entrance. As she began eating, Tabi noticed a woman entering with two small kids, a boy and a girl. The kids were very cute and it particularly caught Tabi's eye that the girl was wearing a short flared skirt with tight white leggings pulled up into her tight slit.

Tabi started daydreaming, thinking about when she was a teen herself....

.When she was thirteen or so, Tabi got her first request to babysit. All of their family friends were nudists too, so it was quite convenient for them to ask Tabi to stay with their younger children when they went out. She didn't mind being naked and wasn't put off that the kids she stayed with were as well.

She found herself getting aroused being around those kids, especially when giving them a bath or putting them to bed. They thought nothing of her nakedness, of course, nor were they shy when casually touching her tits or pussy. While she ever touched them more than necessary to bathe them, she would sit and look at the smooth hairless pussies or bare thumb sized dicks after they went to sleep and finger herself to multiple orgasms....

.Tabi felt her pussy twitch as she looked between the girl's spread legs, imagining the smooth mound and slit just barely covered by the fabric of her tights. She turned her head to keep from staring any longer and noticed an older heavy set man at the next table. He kept squirming around and adjusting the crotch of his pants. Tabi realized the man was staring at the little girl's groin too and was trying to hide his stiffening dick. It made her even more aroused thinking that he had a hard cock in a public place and was probably going to jerk off soon undressing that little girl in his mind.

When they got back to the office, Tabi excused herself and went to the restroom, fingering herself to two quick orgasms before returning to her desk.

Just before leaving for the day, she got a text from Bradley, asking if she would like to go out to dinner the following Saturday. She only needed a few seconds to accept his invitation in her mind, but wanted to wait long enough to respond that she didn't seem anxious or desperate.

He probably hoped to get lucky with her, but she had much more definitive plans. It had been way too long since she had a real cock in her mouth or pussy and had every intention of sucking him until he filled her mouth with his cum then getting him hard again and fucking him until he was totally spent.

She spent the drive home plotting out exactly how she would do all that.

Tabi made a point of slipping out of her bra and sliding it down from under her blouse as she greeted Alex. His eyes seemed to pop out of his head a little but she didn't do anything to let him know she noticed, just gave him a hard hug crushing her tits against him.

Where's Amy?” she asked, stepping back from the gentle touch of his stiffening dick against her leg.

Her room, I guess, I haven't seen her since we got home,” he responded turning in such a way that he apparently hoped his mother wouldn't notice the bulge in his jeans.

She started walking toward the bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse as she went. She had it half undone when Alex called out to her.

Oh, Mom, can Ethan stay over again on Friday?”

She turned back to him, a little quickly, enough that her right tit popped out from the open blouse. Tabi just smiled at her son, letting her breast with the erect nipple sway for a moment before casually covering herself with the blouse. Alex squirmed uncomfortably, trying unsuccessfully to disguise the way he was gawking at his mother's bare breast.

Of course, honey, you know I how much I like Ethan. He's always welcome here any time he wants, as long as it's OK with his mother that he comes.” Tabi smiled, pretty sure her son didn't catch the double entendre. “The other boys can come over to play video games too, but need to go home for dinner. Now, I need a shower before I make us something to eat.”

She leaned forward to give him a kiss on his forehead, and another good look at her tits, before turning and heading toward her bedroom. By the time she turned into the hallway, her blouse was completely open. She spotted Amy just entering her room at the same moment.

Hey, Amy,” she called out and kept walking, her tits swaying free of the blouse, “what are you doing?”

Oh, I got a report to finish up,” her daughter responded and hurried into her room, closing the door behind her.

Tabi didn't think much of it, continuing on to her own room and purposefully leaving the door almost completely open. She shrugged off her blouse and threw it and the bra on the bed before stepping out of her skirt, running a finger through the folds of her pussy to feel the filmy crust of her dried juices from the mid day orgasms

After hanging the skirt in her closet, she went to pick up the blouse and skirt to put them in the hamper. As she reached for them, she noticed the nightstand drawer was slightly askew, not completely closed. When she went to straighten it out, she saw BOB was definitely not in the same place she left it the night before.

A sudden realization dawned on Tabi. Her daughter had found the vibrator and may well have used it on her own thirteen year old pussy. In fact, it might have been just moments ago that Amy had an orgasm on the toy.

So that's why she only had on panties and a t-shirt with no bra!” Tabi thought as she looked at the vibrator.

The very idea of the toy vibrating on her daughter's pussy and clit aroused Tabi more than she expected. She remembered finding, and using, her mother's dildos when she was about Amy's age.

She brought the toy to her nose, hoping to detect a slight difference in their aromas but could not differentiate between the scent of her own sex and that of her daughter's any more than she could when she sniffed both of their soiled panties before putting them in the washing machine.

Putting BOB away, she realized this was another topic she needed to discuss with Amy sometime soon. First she wanted to think about it a bit, to come up with an approach that would neither embarrass her daughter or scare her away.

Before she went into the bathroom, she walked over to the bedroom door and half closed it then looked toward the bath. With the bathroom door fully open, she could clearly see all of the shower. Then she went in the bath and adjusted the medicine cabinet mirror so she could see the open bedroom door also reflected in the bath mirror.

She put a towel over the top of the sliding clear glass shower door, just enough that anyone looking would not be able to see her face and eyes but would have an unobstructed view of the rest of her body. She waited a moment as the water warmed and then, just as she stepped into the shower, she saw Alex in the mirror cautiously peeking around the bedroom door.


Ever so leisurely, she rinsed her entire body with the hand held shower head. Then she slowly soaped herself up, taking her time to fondle each of her tits, cover both of her legs and then used her fingers to spread her pussy lips as she lathered her crotch.

All the while, she made sure to face the mirror. Alex crept into the room to stand near the foot of the bed with his eyes locked on her reflection. From where he stood, he couldn't see her face and eyes so he had no idea she was able to see him.

Before rinsing off the soap, Tabi played with her tits, twirling the nipples in two fingers and pulling on them as she moaned softly. Her son was rubbing his hard cock through the front of his shorts. She rinsed off all the soap then put one foot up on the bench in the shower and spread her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand.

She saw Alex slide his hand under the waistband of his shorts. She took the hand held shower head in her other hand and directed the pulsing spray directly on her pussy. She could see her son's hand moving up and down inside his shorts.

At that point she was ready to scream out and beg him to drop his shorts and jerk off for her to see. Instead, she felt the familiar tingle of a growing orgasm radiated through her thighs.

A glance at her son told her he was very close to cumming. Alex leaned with one hand on the bed, his face flushed, his body tensed, while the hand inside his shorts moved up and down furiously.

If he moaned when he started to cum, Tabi never heard it. Her own orgasm flooded through her body and she gasped and groaned loudly, not caring, even wanting, that her son could hear her climax.

By the time she finished cumming, Alex was gone.

She rinsed and dried off, then put on a pair of panties and a tight t-shirt that left nothing to the imagination about the shape of her tits, the color of her nipples or the outline of her mound and pussy slit.

While the kids went off after dinner to finish their homework, Tabi drank another glass of wine thinking about how she wanted to orchestrate the upcoming weekend. First, she called her former husband and suggested he pick Amy up from school on Friday and spend some time with her, perhaps a movie and overnight and then drop her at soccer practice the next morning.

Then she called Ethan's mother to say it was alright for her son to stay over on Friday but could Alex stay there on Saturday.

Oh but of course,” Becki answered cheerfully, “no problem at all. In fact, Scott is on duty all this weekend, so I'll be happy to have the company.”

Tabi felt her pussy twitch during that conversation, wondering if Alex and Ethan would have the chance to watch Becki shower and play with herself as the boys discussed earlier. It occurred to her that, like her, there was nothing accidental about it at all, making her pussy itch even more. The two boys may not get pizza at Becki's house but there was a very good chance they would get quite the eyeful of a smooth shaved pussy and perfectly sculpted tits.

Finally, she texted Bradley to accept his dinner invitation for Saturday night. She just smiled to herself with his quick, eager response. Whatever he had planned, she intended to finish the date off with his cock cumming in her mouth and then her pussy. It had been way too long and and was way past time to end her current suck and fuck drought.

The week seemed to drag on interminably. Each night after work, she changed into something provocative, giving both her son and daughter tantalizing glimpses of her tits and pussy. Seeing the slight bulge in her son's jeans always sent a mild twinge to her cunt and stiffened her nipples.

Amy didn't seem to pay much attention to either of them, spend most of her time texting on her phone. Tabi did notice the girl seemed to stop wearing a bra in the house, not that it was all that noticeable with her daughter's tiny tits.

Tabi became bolder every evening after the kids went to bed. She would wait a good half hour sipping some wine until she was sure they were asleep. Then she would creep down the hall, listening to make sure they were not awake, wearing only a nearly transparent nightie that ended just where her pussy hair began and no bottom.

She had started to bring the cum coated sock from the night before with her into her son's room, to replace the one with the fresh jism. She would also peel back the sheet covering her baby boy, thrilled to see his limp cock on his belly, touching it with the tip of a finger as she rubbed her own clit and occasionally slipping her hand beneath it to hold in her hand. Once or twice, her son moaned lowly and squirmed as his dick hardened a little. It was all she could do to keep from taking his dick into her mouth right then. Before she left his room, she always made a point of smearing some of her sticky pussy juices under her son's nose and on his lips.

Each night, she would next go to her daughter's room, pulling back the bed covering to see Amy's tight young pussy with the thin thatch of hair. Ever so softly, she brushed some of her pussy juices on her daughter's lips before leaving the room and going back to her own to masturbate herself to sleep.

By the time Friday afternoon arrived, Tabi had worked herself into a frenzy of excitement and arousal, so much so that she fingered herself to two unsatisfying orgasms in the restroom during the day and contemplated stopping on the way home for a third. Instead she bought two bottles of wine and removed her bra in the car before going into the house.

The five twelve year old boys were laughing and rough housing as usual when she entered. She put down the wine and walked into the family room to greet them, giving Alex a warm hug that crushed her tits against his body. Ethan looked at her expectantly but she simply smiled at him and walked toward her room.

She shucked her clothes at the door to the bedroom, flinging them into a corner to be picked up later. She didn't bother closing the door behind her although she really didn't expect any of the boys to come wandering that way.

The yoga pants and tight white t-shirt that showed off her nipples were already folded neatly on a shelf in the closet. She slipped them on, tugged the yoga pants up into her slit and tweaked her nipples stiff.

At first, none of the boys paid her any attention when she walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. Then one noticed her, nudged the one next to him and stared. In a moment they were all looking at her with a combination of surprise and arousal. At least two of them, Ethan and another boy, had visible hard ons.

She slowly drank the glass of wine giving them all a good look at her. Then she walked over to announce it was time for the other boys to go home for dinner. They thanked her as they left, their eyes locked on her erect nipples and protruding mound. Tabi smiled and put her arms around Alex and Ethan's shoulder's, pulling them close until she could feel her bare tits crushing into their sides. She imagined each of those boys would go home and jerk off thinking about her tits and pussy and ass. That aroused her even more.

While they waited for the pizza, Tabi sat on a chair while Alex and Ethan continued their game. Ethan kept stealing looks at her and she obliged him by spreading her thighs and smiling back. By the time the pizza arrived, she had no doubt his little dick was throbbing.

The pizza delivery guy was a teenager who didn't look old enough to drive. He stood with his mouth agape when she opened the door, her nipples pressing out firmly against the fabric of her shirt. She made sure he had a good look at the way the yoga pants pulled up into her ass crack and pussy slit as she bent over to rummage around in her purse to pay the bill and give him a tip. He made no move to conceal the obvious bulge in his pants.

Tabi giggled to herself as she walked back to the kitchen. Now to get those two boys in the other room equally aroused...and more.

While they sat at the table eating pizza, Alex tried to feign indifference while Ethan eagerly stared at her nipples and tits. Tabi made a point of turning and moving in such a way that her tits jiggled and the nipples stayed hard.

She finished a third glass of wine, feeling both aroused and relaxed as they finished eating, the warm buzz in her head extending directly to her pussy.

If there ever was a perfect time to tease and tantalize and titillate and arouse her son and his twelve year old buddy...and she hoped more, a lot more...this was it.


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