Tabi's Tale (Part 40)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "
Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 40)

The New Friends Visit

Tabi stared wide eyed at the screen, the trembling that started in the smoothly shaved mound between her legs quickly reaching her fingers. She glanced around furtively, then quickly stood, hoping the wetness seeping from her throbbing slit had yet to leave a visible stain on the back of her skirt...or at least not one big enough someone nearby would notice.

Fortunately, the unisex restroom was vacant and she took advantage, closing and locking the door behind her before pulling her skirt up around her waist and sliding a hand down between her legs. Her panties were soaked, so wet she needed to take them off but not until she furiously rubbed her hand over the erect nub of her throbbing clit right through the thin fabric, muffling her cries in the back of her hand when the first orgasm flooded through her body.

She leaned with both hands on the sink as her breathing returned to normal, the dripping wet panties down around her ankles, She picked them up, bringing them to her nose to inhale the almost intoxicating aroma of her sex with just a hint of piss. She placed them in the plastic bag she kept just for that purpose, knowing how arousing it would be to watch her son sniff and suck them while jerking off for her when she got home.

Then she sat down on the toilet to again read the email on her phone, her free hand almost automatically dropping between her legs to again finger her slick pussy slit, rereading the reply to her email.

Sadie and Jake cannot wait to play with you again and neither can
the rest of us. Natalie says they're yours for the entire weekend. We'll
be there Friday afternoon...and immediately ready for everyone to get
naked and more.


The response to her email inquiry had taken less than a half hour. In just a few days she was promised unfettered access to a six year old girl and a four year old boy...a pledge made by the little ones' mother and grandfather no less. She leaned back, again covering the sounds of her orgasm with the back of her hand when her pussy juices splashing into the toilet water beneath her.

When Tabi got home from work that night, she walked in on Alex enthusiastically fucking his sister from behind while the two of them watched a girl on girl porn video on the TV. From the glistening semen coating the inside of Amy's thighs, Tabi could tell her son had already cum inside his sister at least once.

She walked over and sat in a chair so both of them could see her approve by fingering herself to an orgasm even as her daughter shrieked another climax on her brother's cock. Tabi didn't object at all seeing them originate sex play on their own. On the contrary, she was pleased to see her kids taking the initiative, but she did wonder how long it would be until it was some other boy or girl on their knees getting fucked or sliding a hard cock into Alex's mouth or Amy's pussy...and would she continue to be welcome to join in when that happened.

Over dinner, Tabi filled them in on the upcoming visit. Alex was completely enthused instantly, openly taking about all the possible combinations he could enjoy in two days. Amy was a bit more reserved, allowing she wasn't particularly attracted to Ron but readily admitted she liked the idea of fucking Marty, with his nine inch cock, and tasting Natalie's smoothly shaved pussy. By the end of the meal, she agreed to try it all and Tabi admitted she too dreamed of that massive dick filling her pussy...but definitely secondary to fondling that little boy and girl.

Tabi fucked herself to another orgasm with “Bunny”, picturing Marty's huge cock filling her daughter's pussy while Amy sucked Jake's pinky sized dick. She had no idea how much of that nine inch cock Amy could take into her thirteen year old pussy, but it drove Tabi wild waiting to see for herself.

The remainder of the week crawled by, the anticipation building for all three of them.

Alex spent one night at Ethan's, returning the next afternoon raving about the way Ethan's mother spent the entire evening in a sheer nightie and panties that gave both boys a barely concealed look at her tits and shaved pussy. Tabi made him describe Becky's body in excruciating detail while she sucked his cock, gulped down his first load of cum, then got him hard again to fuck her.

The night Alex was away, Tabi and Amy discussed the upcoming weekend in detail, telling each other the things they both wanted to do with their new friends. Before going to sleep, Amy informed her mother she was really open to the idea of playing with the little ones too and that she was up for anything...with all the adults.

By lunch time that Friday, Tabi was so beyond excited she couldn't concentrate on anything else...just being alone with those two small kids...doing whatever she wanted to and with them...the thought of taking that pinky finger size dick into her mouth and have it morph into the father's nine inch monster...pressing aside the tight smooth lips of the little girl's pussy with her tongue...the monster dick in her pussy and the little boy's cock in her mouth...those little ones...licking her...fingering her...pressing their hands deep into her cunt...and all the time, the smiling approval of their mother as she gets fucked by Tabi's son.

After the third masturbation break before noon, Tabi could stand it no longer and went home.

Tabi took a deep breath as she reached for the knob after the door bell chimed, much more nervous than she expected to be. Her nipples were so stiff they ached and her pussy twitched in anticipation. Then her knees almost buckled, her legs feeling like they were melting as she threw open the door.

Sadie and Jake smiled up at her angelically, their mother standing behind them with a hand on each of their shoulders, grinning wickedly. Natalie herded the kids in the door just before they rushed to Tabi, throwing their arms around her legs and chattering over one another excitedly.

Natalie leaned forward over both kids, cupped Tabi's right tit in her hand and kissed her passionately for a moment while the rest of the family crowded in behind her. She stepped aside and in turn, Ron, Nancy and Marty groped and kissed Tabi as they entered the house. After closing the front door, Tabi looked down at the two smiling kids.

Can you help me take this off?” Sadie asked coyly, smiled up at Tabi and raised her hands over her head.

Tabi reached down and took the hem of the six year old girl's powder blue sleeveless sundress in both hands and pulled if up over Sadie's head. The little girl smiled brightly, naked save for cotton panties emblazoned with lions and tigers and elephants, the lightly stained gusset slightly drawn up between the tight lips of her pussy slit. She wiggled her hips suggestively then slid the panties down over her knees and let them fall to the floor around her ankles.

Me too,” Jake announced holding his arms up above his head so Tabi could remove his shirt. When she pulled down his shorts, his little finger sized cock poked straight out at her since he wasn't wearing any underwear. Tabi dropped to one knee and hugged them both close, her hands fondling their tight little ass cheeks as they snuggled their faces into her tits.

I need to pee,” Sadie declared loudly

Me too,” her little brother chimed in.

Tabi was about to lead them down the hall to a bathroom when Amy stepped up to her.

I'll take them since I have to go too,” Amy murmured, extending her hand to take each of the kids' in hers, “I think they need a little of your help in the kitchen.”

As she watched them go, all three of their still developing asses swaying seductively, Tabi felt another twitch in her pussy. She turned and headed to the kitchen, to help Natalie arrange drinks and set out some snacks for everyone. After things settled down a bit, Tabi found herself alone with Natalie in the kitchen.

Is there anything I need to know that is off limits,” Tabi cooed into Natalie's ear while groping her tits from behind.

No, everything is cool,” Natalie responded, rubbing her ass back against Tabi's pussy and holding her hands even tighter on her tits, “as long as everyone is respectful and didn't try to force anything, we are all open to doing everything that feels good.”

And the little ones...Sadie and Jake?” Tabi gasped, flicking the tip of her tongue into Natalie's ear and sliding a hand down between her legs, easily splitting the other woman's slick warm pussy lips.

Natalie squirmed around in Tabi's arms, turning to face her then placing Tabi's hand back down between her legs. She grinned evilly, leaned forward for another passionate kiss and slipped a finger between the folds of Tabi's dripping pussy.

The only limit is don't hurt them...otherwise...they are here for you...and your and your kids,” Natalie moaned, adjusting her hips so Tabi's finger penetrated her pussy up to the first knuckle, “and they will do anything...and want that makes you feel good.”

My kids and myself feel exactly the same way,” Tabi shuddered as Natalie lightly strummed the sensitive nub of her clit, “and I know my son expressly asked if he could play with Sadie and possibly even fuck her.”

We'll have to see about that since my daughter is still a least in terms of an actual cock sliding into her sweet tight pussy,” Natalie murmured and pulled Tabi's hand even harder against her dripping cunt. “We've been waiting tor her father to be the first to actually penetrate her but as you know he's so big he might really hurt her. She's already asking why she can't have a dick inside her cunt like me and the other girls.”

I'll make sure to tell the son he's not allowed to put his cock in her pussy without your expressed permission then,” Tabi answered

At that moment, Marty walked over to them, putting a hand around both of their waists. Natalie gently stroked his half hard dick a couple of times and grinned at Tabi. Then she turned and walked over to Alex who was chatting with Ron and Nancy, threw her arms around the twelve year old boy for a tight hug before dropping to her knees and taking Alex's four inch cock into her mouth.

Her parents looked on approvingly for a moment before Ron fell to a knee beside her and started licking and sucking Alex's dick with his daughter. Nancy smiled and petted Ron and Natalie's heads as Alex began to tremble and moan.

She likes boys your son's age...and younger...just like her father,” Marty whispered into Tabi's ear as he ran a hand down her back and across her ass.

She turned to him with a devilish grin and took his cock in her hands, needing both to completely encircle its massive girth. She bent forward and flicked her tongue over the huge head, tasting a few droplets of precum.

I need your cock in me, pounding me hard and deep...right now,” Tabi cooed, dragging him to the living room floor and straddling his waist. She slid down over him without hesitation, his gigantic dick filling her pussy like she had never been filled before. When she glanced down, she could see he was only about two thirds of the way inside her cunt.

Tabi howled her orgasm feeling that humongous dick head pounding the deepest recesses of her pussy like no one had ever done before. When she went to catch her breath resting her hands on his chest, he waved a hand and his daughter trotted over with a bright smile on her face.

Give Daddy a taste, sweetie,” he moaned lowly, still bucking up and down into Tabi's cunt.

Sadie grinned at him and sat down on his face. His tongue flicked out to split the little girl's pussy slit. Sadie moaned before smiling at Tabi and reaching out to grasp both of Tabi's tits. Tabi shrieked a second climax, riding Marty's cock hard and without regard to the way his massive member was assaulting the inside of her cunt.

Then, like a fire hose first opening, she could feel his jism exploding inside her pussy, gushing into her and seeping out all around the thickness of his dick. She rolled to her back, gasping for air with his sticky semen drooling from her pussy slit.

Go ahead, sweetie, I know she'll like it,” Tabi heard Marty say to Sadie in a low whisper.

A moment later, the little girl slammed her face into Tabi's cunt and began eagerly licking the mixture of her father's cum and Tabi's pussy juices leaking out from between Tabi's legs. Tabi's eyes rolled back in her head and she clamped her thighs around the little girl's face as an even more massive orgasm exploded through her body.

When it finally started to fade, she looked up at a grinning Marty, stroking himself hard again with one hand while shoving his small son toward her with the other. Jake looked up at his father and, after seeing an approving nod, knelt next to Tabi's head.

She had to but turn her head to take the four year old boy's dick into her mouth.

She did...

...and was in heaven.

Another orgasm welled up in her cunt as Sadie kept pummeling her pussy with her hand and Jake gleefully thrust his hips back and forth in her mouth. She could taste the hint of his piss as she swirled her tongue around his tiny cock and tight balls. Even though she knew he could not shoot any semen into her mouth, she reveled in the pleasure she was giving the little boy, groaning loudly when her next climax seized her entire body.

When the last spasm of that climax passed, Tabi looked up to see Sadie grinning at her wickedly while the little girl and her brother eagerly licked the pussy juices and cum from Sadie's fingers and forearm. She sat up and hugged them both close to her and looked around the room.

Natalie was bent over at the waist, sucking her father's cock deep into her throat while Alex frantically fucked her from behind, grasping both of Natalie's ass cheeks in his hands. Tabi heard Natalie gag and sputter as Ron's jism flooded her mouth and throat but she kept bobbing her head up and down on his cock until Alex finished cumming in her pussy and flopped down on the floor next to her.

Across the room, Amy and Nancy were licking Marty's cock together. He was obviously rock hard again when Nancy helped Amy to her feet and stood with her legs splayed over him before slowly lowering herself onto the massive dick. Nancy held her son-in-law's cock upright for Tabi's thirteen year old daughter, brushing it back and forth between the folds of Amy's pussy when she got close enough.

That's right, take it slow and easy,” Nancy instructed Amy as the lips of the girl's cunt engulfed just the tip of Marty's huge cock, “just a little at a time until it feels comfortable inside you.”

It hurts,” Amy moaned lowly and stopped lowering her cunt on to Marty's dick with not even half the head yet inside her.

Take your time, let your pussy lips and hole stretch,” Nancy comforted her, reaching down to gently rub a finger over Amy's clit, “trust me you will stretch and he feels so good inside you, filling your cunt with his cock and his cum...filling you like you have never been filled before.”

It hurts!” Amy groaned again a little louder even as the entire head of Marty's cock disappeared inside her pussy.

Tabi hugged the little boy and his sister close as she looked toward her own daughter. Amy glanced her way and Tabi smiled at her, nodding her head in approval and encouragement then spread her own legs so her daughter could see the remnant's of Marty's cum still seeping from her pussy.

Amy smiled back weakly and wiggled her hips enough that another inch or so of Marty's cock slipped inside her. This time she didn't cry out. Rather she placed both hands on the older man's chest, pushed herself up until the bottom edges of his cock head peeked from her pussy lips and then lowered herself until he was more than half way inside her cunt.

Ever so slowly she pushed her hips back up and then down again, slowly building a steady rhythm while taking that monstrous dick even deeper. Marty groaned and cupped both of her developing tits in his hands while still keeping his own hips still, letting the thirteen year old girl set the pace and depth of his penetration.

Next to her, Nancy kept slowly rotating a finger on Amy's clit. Tabi could see the growing wetness of her daughter's pussy glistening on the sides of Marty's dick each time Amy raised herself until he was almost completely out of her cunt.

With a shriek that captured the attention of everyone in the room, Amy started thrashing violently on Marty's dick, a mind numbing series of orgasms cascading through her young body in waves. Marty's back arched and his body tensed. He moved his hands from Amy's tits to her ass cheeks, holding her in place as his cum exploded inside her pussy.

His jism quickly filled her cunt and gushed out around the sides of his cock as fast as his balls could pump the semen to her battered cervix. With a final scream, Amy rolled to the side on to her back, a rivulet of thick creamy cum streaming from her puffy, bruised pussy slit.

Nancy wasted no time diving down between Amy's thighs to lick the sperm dripping out of her. After a moment, she looked up with a smile and invited Tabi and the little kids to partake with her. Even after giving both kids the chance to have their fill, there was plenty of that sticky cum still seeping from her daughter's cunt when Tabi lowered her head and began to lick.

After the initial outburst, things settled down into something of a routine or at least an extended pause. Tabi gave the two little ones a snack and then walked around observing the ongoing play. Natalie had turned her attention to Amy, Marty took a nap and Alex was happily ensconced between Nancy's legs.

Ron was drinking a beer on the patio, looking through his phone when Tabi approached him. He smiled brightly and patted the seat next to him for her to sit down.

Checking your messages?” Tabi asked wryly, placing her hand directly on his flaccid cock.

No, not exactly,” he grinned in response, “just checking some comparisons.”

Comparisons?” Tabi asked in some confusion.

That opened the floodgates. Ron had lots of stories and loved to talk. He began telling her about other times he and the family played together and with others. He told her he had been taking pictures and making videos of that play from before the time Natalie was even born.

Really?” an increasingly intrigued Tabi asked, her hand tightening on his now half hard dick. “I've always shied away from having my picture taken, even when dressed.”

Oh we're all quite the opposite and enjoy taking pictures and videos, especially in the kinkiest or most perverse positions or situations we can arrange,” he explained cheerfully, placing the phone on his thigh and putting his arm around her shoulder.

Tabi snuggled up under his arm and slowly stroked him as he went through his collection of pornographic, and probably in some cases illegal, pictures and videos. Some were obviously old, while others quite recent. There were men and women, singles, couples and groups, old and young including some very young indeed and there was a story that went with each one. Tabi's pussy was dripping wet when he got to the last one.

A definite favorite of mine,” he gasped and slipped a finger into Tabi's pussy before continuing.

A young woman was on her hands and knees, legs spread wide. An older woman brought a chocolate lab dog up behind the younger woman. The dog licked the younger woman's asshole and pussy a few times as the younger woman groaned and writhed about. Then with the assistance of the older woman, the dog mounted her, wrapping it's paws tightly around the woman's sides and flailing around wildly until the older woman directed the humongous angry looking dick into the younger one's pussy. She screamed as the dog wildly thrashed and rammed that dick into her.

Oh and this is the best part of all!” Ron exclaimed, his five and a half inch cock completely rigid in Tabi's hand.

The young woman screamed even louder, her back arching and her entire body shuddering. The dog humped her furiously for another minute then suddenly stopped and turned with his ass pressed back against hers, standing relatively still as the young woman shrieked and flailed uncontrollably.

The dog knotted her and for the next ten minutes or so will be pouring his hot cum deep into her pussy,” Ron continued excitedly feeling around for Tabi's g-spot as she stroked him even harder. “He'll pump almost a quart of sperm into her cunt and little or none will leak out around the knot that plugs her pussy hole.”

Tabi felt her own orgasm growing until she moaned lowly and clamped her pussy on Ron's fingers. As soon as she finished she bent forward and took his cock into her mouth, just in time to catch almost all of the jism shooting from his dick while he held the screen so she could continue to watch the video.

The young woman let out another long mournful howl. The dog pulled his massive dick and the deflating knot from her pussy and walked away. The woman dropped her head on her hands, moaning lowly with a veritable river of sticky white cum pouring out of her cunt. The camera panned around and the young woman lifted her head to look directly at the lens with tears streaming down her cheeks and a weak smile on her face.

Thank you,” silently mouthed a thirteen or fourteen year old Natalie.


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