Tabi's Tale (Part 43)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 43)

Perverse Moms' Club

Natalie's eyes locked on Tabi's, taking a seemingly endless moment before a wicked grin spread across her face. Without a word, she turned on another video, the same one Ron showed Tabi earlier. She held the phone up with one hand so they could both see the screen and began rubbing her clit with the other.

Especially the dog...getting fucked by a dog is one of the most perverse and...and most incredible things you can ever do,” Natalie gasped, intensely watching Tabi as Tabi watched the video again, watched the older woman direct the huge dog dick into the girl's pussy, watched the frenzied animal drive that cock deep into the young pussy, watched the girl scream one orgasm after the next as the dog pumped her cunt full of his hot sperm, watched as the girl mouthed the words 'Thank You' after the dog walked away from her and watched the veritable river of cum pouring out of that stretched gaping hole.

Natalie paused the video with the haggard, yet euphoric, face of the young girl staring out at them.

It was my fourteenth birthday...the very first time I was knotted,” Natalie murmured dreamily, a fingertip beginning to circle her pulsing clit again. “I was so excited, been begging my mother and father to let me do it for a long time, since the first time I watched my mother.”

The first old...were you” Tabi asked plaintively.

Hmm, ten, I think, or maybe right around my tenth birthday,” Natalie continued, her finger slowly swirling around her clit as she spoke. “A couple that I remembered from a few of our parties came to visit one day and brought along this beautiful black dog. He was very friendly and I remember it tickled a lot when he stuck his cold nose up between my legs and felt really good when he licked me. My parents and the other couple thought that was really funny.”

That the dog licked your pussy?” Tabi asked incredulously.

They were sitting around drinking beer and talking and watching me with the dog.” Natalie continued, sort of staring off into the distance as she talked, recalling an obviously fond memory. “He would chase me around, nudge my to the ground and lick my pussy. I would get up and pet him and then run around some more. After a while, the woman, Angie was her name, got up and came over to me.

'Want to see some of his tricks?' she asked me.”

Well, of course I did and she had the dog Sit and Rollover and such things and then had me tell him and he did them all right away. I was really excited.”

'Now, there's a special trick I need your help to do,' Angie told me.”

Of course I was more than willing to help. So she had me sit down and called Henry, the dog's name was Henry, over to sit next to me. He did and licked my face before she said anything else.”

'Back, Henry!' she called out and the dog dropped down and rolled on his back. That's when I first noticed his thick red cock starting to poke out from the furry sheath.”

'Now this is where I need your help,' Angie continued, having me kneel down next to the panting dog, 'I know you understand about a man's cock getting hard. Well the dog's the same way but needs a hand to start.'”

Having been fucked at least once or twice more or less every day for the previous four years, I pretty much thought I got it about hard dicks, but I didn't know where this was going,” Natalie explained, “but Angie quickly showed me what she wanted me to do.”

'Wrap your fingers around the head of his cock, just like you do your father, and start stroking him slowly,' she told me, placing my hand on the dog's really warm dick.”

You jerked off a dog?” Tabi asked , squirming around to face Natalie more directly.

Well, not exactly and not to completion that time,” Natalie went on, breathing a little more raggedly as she continued fingering her own pussy. “The dog's dick got big really fast after I touched it, all red and purple and rough looking.”

'Now's there one more thing I need you to do,' Angie whispered in my ear after the dog was really hard, 'blow on the end so the balloon you see starting to swell at the bottom gets bigger, just like this.'”

She lowered her head and pressed her lips against the end of the dog's dick and, sure enough, the knot at the base got a little bigger. She smiled at me so I bent forward and wrapped my lips around the head of the dog's dick and blew. He squirmed a little and some of his precum dribbled into my mouth. After a minute or so, Angie hugged me close, told me that was great and pulled me back while telling the dog to stand. His dick was huge then, flopping around underneath him, with a string of sticky precum stretching to the floor.”

'You ready?' Angie called out over my shoulder.”

I looked around to see my mother draped over a cushy hassock with her legs spread wide and my father spreading lube over and in her pussy. Angie's husband, Carl, picked me up and carried me to the couch while she took the dog to stand right behind my mother. The dog was panting and squirming around and even licked my mother's pussy and ass a few times while Angie leaned forward and whispered something in her ear.”

That's all incredible,” Tabi groaned and pinched her own erect nipples, “where were your brothers while all this was going on?”

To tell you the truth, I really don't know. I don't remember them being around at all until later.”


Yeah, after the dog finished with my mother, I remember them taking turns fucking Angie with my father, but that's all.”

So what happened to you?”

I was watching my mother intently, not really noticing anything else going on around me. Angie had the dog sitting right behind my mother and when she told the dog to mount, he climbed up and started humping her furiously. My father sat on the floor in front of my mother holding her arms as Angie reached down and guide the dog's dick into her pussy. With each thrust, the large knot at the base of the dog's dick I thought I helped blow up got closer to plunging into her and then...then....”

Then what?” Tabi insisted, her entire body tingling in anticipation.

Then that knot penetrated her pussy. She screamed and tensed, her back arching. For a few moments the dog humped her frantically before turning and pressing his ass back against hers. My mother kept thrashing and shrieking the entire time.”

'This is the best part,' Carl whispered in my ear and started feeling my pussy, 'the dog is filling her with his hot cum and she will have one orgasm after another until he pulls out.'”

'Sounds like he's hurting her,' I told Carl, spreading my legs so he could finger me more easily without really even thinking about it.”

'Not at all, you just ask her later,' he said, lifting me up and placing me back down with his cock pushing into my cunt.”

He was about the same size as my father and I just let him pump up and down while I still paid all of my attention to my mother and the dog. Finally, the dog just walked away and an enormous amount of his creamy cum poured out of my mother's pussy while she lay there quivering and breathing heavily. I didn't even notice Carl's jism leaking out of me until I got up and felt it dripping down my thighs.”

'Are you OK?' I asked my mother when I stepped in front of her as my father stood with his dick hard as a rock and walked over to climb on top of Angie where she flopped backward on the floor.”

'Oh yes, honey, I'm just fine,' she gasped with a weak smile, 'that was just wonderful, absolutely amazing.'”

Until she was ready to get up, I just sat there holding her hand watching my two brothers and my father take turns fucking Angie. When they couldn't get hard any longer, Carl gathered up the dog and they left.”

Well that's the first time you saw Nancy and a dog, but what about you?” Tabi asked.

Over the next few days my mother told me how great it was and then five or six times a year, Carl and Angie would visit with one or another of the dogs they were training. For a long time, I begged them to let me try but they would only let me suck and fondle the dogs hard...until my fourteenth birthday...and you saw the video. I was the most wondrous fuck of my life. I still like men and boys, don't get me wrong, but a dog fuck is on a completely different level of intensity and depravity.”

And after that?” Tabi gasped, starting to finger her own clit.

They still visit a half dozen times a year or so,” Natalie said with a wicked grin, “and now we have two little helpers to get the dogs hard for me and my mother, the way my brothers and I did for her all those years.”

With that, she turned on another video, one with Sadie and Jake happily grinning at the camera as they took turns licking a chocolate lab's angry looking red and purple cock, gobs of cum dribbling from their mouths and faces.

Like this clip from last weekend,” Natalie murmured lowly, plunging three fingers into Tabi's throbbing dripping cunt as Tabi shrieked her climax.

How about pizza for dinner?” Tabi asked as the afternoon light faded.

Everyone agreed and Tabi went about seeing what everyone wanted before placing an order for five large pizzas. Just before the delivery was scheduled, Marty insisted it would be their treat and dug out the cash to pay the delivery guy. When Tabi reached for her robe to go to the front door, Natalie stopped her.

Let me get them,” she said with an impish grin, “I don't get to do his very often.”

I'll give you a hand,” Amy piped up and ran to her room to return putting on a sheer robe that did little to conceal her conical nipples or shaved cunt. Tabi grinned, imagining the response from the young man when they opened the door. Hopefully he wouldn't drop and ruin all the pizzas.

Natalie and Amy giggled loudly as they went to answer the door. Tabi could hear that a conversation interrupted by gales of laughter was going on but was unable to make out the particulars until they returned with the boxes. The two of them were laughing so hard they could barely walk straight.

So what's so funny?” Tabi asked, taking the boxes from their hands and placing them on the counter top.

That's when she noticed Amy's right tit was hanging out of her robe and the sash tying Natalie's robe was untied, with the front completely open.

The look on his face,” Natalie started to say before the two of them practically collapsed laughing again, “does she know you knew him?”

No,” Amy managed to gasp, “I didn't even know he was doing that.”

What are you two babbling about?” Tabi asked a lot more crossly than she intended.

The delivery guy,” Natalie gasped before starting to laugh again even harder.

What about the delivery guy?”

The look on his face...,” Natalie sputtered.

So, what's the problem?” Tabi asked turning to Amy.

Well, I recognized him, a friend of Tim's. His name is Carlo,” Amy started to explained, containing her own laughter with considerable effort. “When I opened the door, his eyes bulged out of his head seeing this...and he almost dropped the pizzas.”

That's when she lunged forward...,” Natalie interjected before beginning to laugh so hard again tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Yeah and my left tit kinda popped out of the robe, “Amy continued, “but I didn't really notice at first.”

But the kid sure did,” Natalie managed to spit out, “his eyes were bulging out of his head.”

And that's not all that was bulging,” Amy added before they both started laughing uproariously again.

So anyway,” Natalie said again after a minute, “Amy steps back with the pizzas and I reach into the pocket of the robe for the money and the belt gets loose and I'm standing there pretty much naked. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He turned a bright red, grabbed the money and ran back to his car.”

He did have a really nice bulge in his jeans. I may have to invite him over sometime, with or without Tim,” Amy said before they hugged each other and started laughing hysterically again.

Tabi was sitting on the sofa after dinner, with little Jake on her lap. He was playfully pulling on one of her nipples while she gently swirled his small dick between her thumb and fore finger. Natalie walked over holding Sadie's hand and sat down next to Tabi, smiling warmly as she watched Tabi fondle her son's dick for a moment before speaking.

There's something we want to do with Sadie and we would like Alex to be involved,” Natalie said softly, caressing her son's thigh as she watched Tabi fondle his dick.

Fine with me if it's OK with him,” Tabi responded, a familiar tingle growing in her pussy when she saw the hunger in Natalie's eyes.

I wasn't really asking permission,” Natalie giggled, “but I did think you would want to watch. Just stay put, no need to move...or stop playing with my little boy's cock.”

With that, Natalie stood and bent forward to whisper something in Sadie's ear. The six year old smiled brightly, nodded her head affirmatively and hurried out of the room in the direction of the bedrooms. Natalie turned and walked to where Alex was sitting between Ron and Nancy.

After a moment's conversation, the three of them stood up, with Nancy walking over to sit down next to Tabi. A moment later, Marty walked into the room, carrying his six year old daughter on one arm and holding Amy's hand. His half hard cock swayed with each step, glistening with a mixture of cum and pussy juices that indicated he recently took his dick out of the thirteen year old girl's pussy.

What's going on?” Tabi asked, squirming around so she could keep one hand on Jake's dick and casually put the other on Nancy's thigh just below her pussy.

You know that Marty's is too big for Sadie, right?”

Yeah, Natalie told me that.”

By family rule, Ron can't fuck her until her father does first, even though his dick would probably fit inside her fairly easily.”

So what's all this about?” Tabi asked, feeling a few drops of her own pussy juices seeping down toward her asshole as Jake's little dick hardened in her fingers and he wiggled around happily.

The head of Marty's dick is too big and thick to penetrate her tight pussy without injuring her, but he can shoot his cum into her pussy. Just watch.”

Marty stepped on the to the air mattress in the middle of the floor and lowered Sadie down. Natalie showed Amy where to sit with her legs spread wide, then had Sadie lay down with the crown of her head nuzzled up to Amy's pussy.

You ready for Daddy to make you feel good, sweetie?” Marty asked his young daughter softly, kneeling between her legs and gently pushing them wide apart.

Oh yes, Daddy, I'm so, so ready,” Sadie squealed in delight, the pink flesh on the inside of her gaping pussy slit gleaming in the light.

And do you want Poppy to help you feel good too?” Natalie asked, sitting back on her heels right next to her daughter and reaching over to stroke Marty's rapidly hardening dick.

Yes, Mommy, that would be wonderful,” Sadie moaned lowly, extending her arms toward her father.

Can Alex help too?” Natalie asked, reaching behind her to take Tabi's son's dick in her hand.

Yes, Mommy, yes, yes, just pussy itches,” Sadie exclaimed as Marty bent forward, extending his tongue to lick his daughter's puckered lips.

Her tongue darted out to meet her father's, leading to a deep passionate kiss. Ever so slowly, Marty broke off the kiss and licked his way down his little girl's body, stopping to suck each of her undeveloped nipples into his mouth in turn before his tongue reached the top of the slit that continued down between her legs.

The six year old gasped and tensed her body. Amy kept holding her arms as Marty split his daughter's pussy lips with his tongue, licking up and down a few times before stopping to plunge the tip into her pussy hole as far as he could go.

Sadie squealed and squirmed as her father tongue fucked her tight young cunt. After a few moments, Marty straightened up and crawled a little closer until his rock hard dick touched the little girl's pussy slit. A string of precum stretch to her bare, smooth mound.

My god...he's going to...fuck her!” Tabi gasped, her finger tightening on Jake's hard little cock.

Not exactly...but just wait,” Nancy murmured and bent forward to lick the very tip of her grandson's cock and slipped her hand between Tabi's legs, a finger almost instantly finding the slick warm slit.

Natalie wrapped her fingers around her husband's drooling dick and spread her daughter's pussy lips topped with a little nub of a clit with her other hand. She slowly dragged the huge head of Marty's dick up and down between those lips, making a point of swirling it around Sadie's clit and the tiny dark hole leading inside her cunt.

Mommy...Mommy...Mommy...,” Sadie shrieked and flailed her hips against her father's massive dick.

Marty shuddered, leaning backward as his body tensed. Natalie stopped dragging his cock up and down and pressed it against that small gaping hole while at the same time stroking Marty's dick faster and faster. Natalie released the pussy lips she was holding spread open so the edges closed around the very tip of Marty's dick.

With a deep groan, Marty started shooting his creamy cum into his six year old daughter's cunt even though the head of that dick only pressed against the tight opening. Within seconds, the sticky semen was shooting right back out as fast as Marty pumped it into her.

MOMMY...MOMMY...MOMMY!” Sadie screamed thrusting her hips forward in a futile attempt to get her father's dick to penetrate her even deeper.

Tabi clenched Nancy's fingers with her pussy, a hard climax flooding through her body as she watched Marty's cum fill the little girl's cunt. Before he was done, Sadie's entire mound and lower belly were coated with his sticky jism.

As soon as Marty finished cumming, he rolled to one side and Ron took his place. Natalie repeated what she had done with her husband, rubbing her father's dick up and down in her daughter's pussy slit until he started to cum. She held his dick right at Sadie's pussy hole until Ron finished filling the little girl's pussy and added his semen to the gobs coating her abdomen.

Nancy took her hand from Tabi's pussy, leaned down to kiss the tip of Jake's dick and climbed down to take Marty's deflating cock into her mouth. As Natalie, positioned Alex between Sadie's thighs, Nancy looked up at Tabi and grinned wickedly.

I suggest you come don't want to miss anything,” she murmured before licking down her son-in-law's dick and sucking his balls into her mouth.

Tabi took Jake's hand and crawled up to Sadie's side opposite Natalie, who grinned devilishly and rubbed Alex's dick head up and down in Sadie's cum coated slit. Natalie whispered something into Alex's ear then bent forward to say something to her daughter.

Are you ready, baby?” Natalie murmured, kissing the groaning, trembling little girl on the lips.

She held the tip of Alex's cock right against the six year old's pussy hole. Natalie rolled her eyes up to look at Tabi, smiled wryly and reached behind Alex, shoving him forward so his cock plunged all the way into Sadie's cunt.

Alex glanced over at Tabi for just a moment, seemingly in total surprise, their eyes meeting for just a second before Alex started to furiously ram his dick in and out of the little girl. Against the six year old girl's tight pussy and slight body, her son's small dick looked enormous, gleaming with the mix of cum and cunt cream with every thrust. Within moments, Alex added his semen to the cum already filling her and covering her pussy.

Tabi at first looked on in total surprise. There was no scream of pain as she would expect. Instead the little girl humped her son back enthusiastically until his cock deflated and slipped out of her.

A rush of arousal flooded through Tabi when she realized what just happened and saw Alex's cum coated dick slide completely out of Sadie's pussy. She fingered herself frantically knowing she just watched her son fuck a virgin...a six year old virgin at that...with the unambiguous help and approval of the little girl's mother and entire family.

Natalie was the first to dive down between her daughter's legs and scoop up some of the cum leaking out of her with her tongue. Nancy was next, followed by Marty and Ron, apparently following some ritual of passage within their family. Even little Jake was given a taste.

When they were done, Natalie invited Amy, Alex and Tabi to also lick the remnants that still seeped from that tight six year old pussy, with little Sadie squealing her delight and gratification the entire time.


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