Tabi's Tale (Part 44)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 44)

An Invitation

I thought her father was supposed to be the first to fuck her,” Tabi sighed, looking up as she took Natalie's erect nipple from her mouth.

They lay on Tabi's bed with little Jake down between his mother's legs, happily pumping his hand in and out of her pussy and licking her clit. Natalie squirmed around a little, placing her hand on her son's head to draw him even closer as the inside of her thighs began to quiver. Then she pulled Tabi up to her, ramming her tongue into Tabi's mouth even as her entire body shuddered.

She clamped her thighs around her son's head and moaned loudly, another orgasm coursing through her body for a few moments. When she finally relaxed and slumped back, her four year old son crawled up on top of her.

Feel good, Mommy...make you feel good?” he asked enthusiastically, the sheen of her pussy juices gleaming on his cheeks and chin.

Oh, yes, sweetie, you make Mommy feel really, really good,” she responded giving him a quick kiss while fondling his ass. “Now why don't you make Tabi feel good too and then she and I will make you feel good.”

OK,” he responded gleefully and slid down between Tabi's legs.

Even as Natalie gently pushed Tabi on to her back, Tabi felt the little boy's fingers split her already wet and sticky pussy slit. Natalie leaned over and kissed Tabi passionately for a moment before propping herself up on one elbow and idly twirled one of Tabi's nipples in her hand.

To answer your earlier question,” Natalie sighed, petting the back of her son's head as the four year old lowered his face to Tabi's pussy, “usually a girl in our family gets fucked first by her father on her sixth birthday, followed by her grandfather and then any brothers old enough to do it. After that, she's free to fuck anyone she so desires whenever she wants. It has been that way for generations, for me and my parent's mothers and theirs and theirs before that.”

So why the sudden change and have my son be the first to slide his cock inside her?” Tabi murmured, squirming as she felt Jake's tongue strum her clit.

Two reasons actually, beside the fact Marty could really injure her if he tried to fuck her any time soon,” Natalie answered, giving Tabi another kiss. “First, by family tradition, no other male relative can fuck her until she's no longer a virgin, including my own father. Second, she has been pestering us to death since her birthday three months ago.”

I still don't get it,” Tabi groaned, tightening her thighs around Jake's head as the first twinges of an orgasm trickled through her cunt.

Well, he's not family and has a small enough dick not to hurt her,” Natalie grinned before kissing Tabi again and lowering her head to bite one of her nipples, “and now that's she's been fucked, she's happy and my father and brothers, and any other guy for that matter, are now allowed to fuck her too.”

Tabi gasped, the climax building in her cunt flooding through her body, her juices coating Jake's face until the wave finally receded. She slumped back, pulled the little boy up to lay between her and his mother. Together they licked his tiny dick, their tongues lashing each other as much or more than Jake's cock.

Mom, can I borrow the strap-on, the double vibrating one?” Amy asked from the doorway.

Tabi snapped awake from where she dozed off next to Natalie. Little Jake lay between them snoring softly. She absentmindedly fondled his pinky sized dick as she focused on her daughter.

Sure, baby, why?” Tabi responded hazily, removing her hand from the four year old boy's cock and swinging her legs over the edge of the bed to open the toy drawer in the nightstand.

Ron and Marty want me to use it on them again,” she replied with a devilish smile as she walked over to the side of the bed, “and It doesn't look like you are going to need it again tonight.”

No, I suppose not,” Tabi laughed and rummaged around in the drawer to pull out the toy and a bottle of lube, “and if we change our minds, there are other options.”

Next to her, Natalie blinked awake and smiled up at the thirteen year old girl.

My husband or my father?” she moaned lowly seeing the strap-on in Amy's hand.

Both!” Amy grinned wickedly and turned to leave.

One sec, Amy, come over here,” Natalie said motioning the teenager to her side of the bed.

When she approached, Natalie pulled her closer and whispered something in Amy's ear. Amy listened intently before straightening up.

Great idea,” she giggled, glanced over at her mother and left the room with her tight developing ass swaying seductively.

Wow, she's really going to be a handful as she gets older,” Natalie commented, sliding off the bed and walking around to stand in front of Tabi.

She already is,” Tabi sighed, running her hand up the inside of Natalie's thigh to split her slick pussy lips, “so what did you tell her?”

Just wait a moment and then we'll go see,” she gasped as Tabi's finger slipped into her dripping pussy.

Natalie reached down and pulled Tabi closer by pinching both of her nipples. She groaned lowly as Tabi swirled a second finger into her cunt before leaning forward for a passionate kiss. Her knees buckled, pussy juices coating Tabi's fingers and arm.

Holy shit!” they heard Ron bellow, interrupting the intensity of the moment and the growing orgasm flooding Natalie's pussy.

What's that?” Tabi asked turning to look toward the door.

Let's go see,” Natalie replied, extending a hand to Tabi and turned away from the bed.

Tabi rose and looked down at the sleeping four year old. Her pussy twitched as she reached down and gently fondled his little dick. Natalie put her hand on top of Tabi's and bent over to kiss Tabi's ear.

Did you try to have him fuck you last night?” she cooed in Tabi's ear.

Yeah, but it didn't work out very well,” Tabi responded with a mournful sigh.

I'll tell you a secret,” Natalie continued pulling Tabi towards the bedroom door, “I've tried too...a number of times...without success, but his little dick does feel really good rubbing my clit. I'll rub him on yours later but now let's go see what your daughter is doing to my father and my husband.”

They heard a loud slap followed by a couple of pained grunts as they approached Amy's room. They glanced at each other with a shrug and turned into the open door, stopping only a step or two inside the room to watch.

Ron was on his knees, his face buried in the pillows, grasping the crumpled sheets in both hands with his ass in the air. Marty mounted him from behind, leaning forward to wrap his arms around Ron's body. With every one of Ron's moans or yelps, Marty rhythmically plunged his thick dick even deeper into his father-in-law's bowels.


Amy stood behind Marty, her knees slightly bent as she pressed the tip of the vibrating strap-on into his asshole. Each time Marty pulled his dick somewhat out of Ron, Amy slapped his ass and rammed the strap-on in his ass as deep as she could manage.


You like that man pussy sucking in your cock, don't you Marty?” the thirteen year old growled as Marty plunged his monstrous cock deep into Ron's ass, arching his back and grunting loudly. “But he's not as tight as my young cunt and just think how tight your little girl's snatch will be even after my baby brother keeps fucking her over and over right across the hall.”


You want to watch me fuck your little girl after you cum in Ron's ass?”


Lick up all that sperm and blow it into her pussy for me to fuck?”


My brother is getting her nice and loose right now, stretching her sweet little cunt wide open...filling her with his hot sperm.”


Ron moaned his discomfort and arousal as Marty kept pounding that huge dick deep into his father-in-law's asshole. Marty gasped and looked back over his shoulder at the teenager fucking him.

Oh god...yes...yes...I want to see you...fuck my...little girl,” Marty croaked, his thighs beginning to quiver.


Tabi could see from the way her daughter's ass cheeks clenched that Amy was getting very close to an orgasm of her own. Marty's back arched and he cried out as his cum began flooding into Ron's ass. Amy pumped him even harder and faster, groaning loudly as her own climax coursed through her body.

Fuck...fuck...fuck!” Amy shrieked, her entire body quivering and her face flushing a bright red as she pounded Marty's ass until he slumped down on top of Ron and started to roll to the side.

Amy pulled the fake cock out of Marty's ass and collapsed backwards. Ron disentangled himself from Marty and crawled over to the thirteen year old, Marty's cum pouring out of his asshole.

Ron didn't say a word. With a single motion, he threw his leg over Amy's hips facing her and lowered himself down on the fake dick she held straight up. After he settled down so the entirety of the strap-on was buried in his ass, Amy just smiled and grabbed his dick with both hands, jerking him off until his sticky semen squirted on to her face and tits as he frenetically rode the plastic cock.

Natalie and Tabi just looked on in astonishment as thirteen year old Amy thoroughly dominated the two grown men. Even as the two of them lay panting, Amy released the harness and slipped the vibrating end of the strap-on out of her pussy, She climbed up next to the two men and slapped both of their asses sharply.

C'mon you two wusses,” she grinned, “suck each other hard for me to see and the first one that gets hard enough can fuck me in the ass.”

Tabi gasped and leaned back against the wall, fingering herself frantically. Next to her Natalie was doing the same thing as they watched Amy start to play with her own pussy.

Fuck, she is really going to be a handful and then some,” Natalie moaned, her legs trembling as some pussy juice dripped over her fingers and down the inside of her thighs.

More than I could ever hope,” Tabi gasped, her knees buckling as a quick sharp orgasm flooded her body thinking about just how slutty her daughter was much further Amy could go...and how turned on she was at the thought.

I hope it's my father who gets hard first,” Natalie said softly, taking Tabi's hand and leading her across the hall to Alex's room, “I'm afraid my husband's cock might really injure her asshole.”

Yeah, you're probably right,” Tabi agreed, slipping a finger between Natalie's ass cheeks and swirling the tip around her anus.

Hi, sweetie, having fun?”

Alex turned his head and smiled brightly at his mother, all the while keeping up a slow, steady rhythm fucking little Sadie. The young girl was on her knees, her face buried in her grandmother's pussy. Alex rested his hands on both of the girl's hips as he slowly pumped his dick in and out of her tight pussy.

Tabi stepped next to her son, tenderly taking his face in both of her hands to kiss him passionately. As his tongue thrashed against hers in his mouth, he started to hump the little girl even faster. Tabi pulled him even closer, wanting to feel his body tense and shudder when he started shooting his watery sperm into Sadie's warm, tight cunt.

Natalie bent down to kiss her mother while at the same time holding the back of Sadie's head so she would not pull back from Nancy's pussy. Sadie sputtered as Nancy's pussy juices began gushing on to her face. Nancy let out a shriek only slightly muffled by her daughter's mouth, her back arched and her entire body quivering. Natalie yanked both of her mother's nipples hard, causing Nancy's shriek to morph into an undulating scream, practically suffocating her six year old granddaughter with her erupting pussy juices and the thighs clamping around the little girl's head.

Sadie was trapped between her writhing grandmother and Alex ramming his cumming cock into her cunt. Her squeals into her grandmother's crotch went unheard until Nancy shuddered one last time and released the little girls' head. About the same time, Alex's cum exploded into Sadie's pussy, filling her completely and rapidly gushing out to dribble down her thighs.

The little girl looked up at her mother grinning brightly, pussy juices coating her cheeks and dripping from her chin. The remnants of Alex's sperm continued to seep from her tight bare cunt.

You go with Tabi, sweetie,” Natalie said to her daughter and climbed up to cuddle with Alex, “Nana and I are going to stay here with Alex.”

Tabi rose and took the little girl's hand to walk back to her own bedroom. When she looked down she could see even more dried cum caking her flat chest and tangled in her hair.

Now let's see if what Tabi tells me about how fast twelve year old boys can get hard again is true,” she heard Nancy giggle as they turned to walk down the hall.

In the bedroom, Tabi lifted Sadie on to the bed and ever so gently pushed her on to her back, She slowly spread the little girl's thighs, taking her time to fully appreciate the way Sadie's pussy lips gaped open, the interior pink flesh glistening with her son's watery cum and the girl's own wetness.

Tabi raised one little foot to her mouth, slowly sucking each of Sadie's toes as the young girl squirmed and giggled. She dropped the foot and started to pick up the other one as she smiled down at the little girl.

Touch yourself for me, baby,” she murmured before sucking in the other toes, “the way you see your mommy touch her pussy sometimes and make herself feel good.”

Without hesitating, Sadie reached down and pulled back the hood covering her clit, the tiny pink wet nub gleaming in the low light. For her entire life, she'd watched her mother and grandmother and others touch themselves and be touched by others. She didn't really have an actual orgasm but it still felt good to circle her fingertip on that developing clit.

Tabi sharply inhaled watching the six year old swirl her fingertip around that budding nub. Sadie moaned lowly, whatever passed for a six year old's climax beginning to tingle between her legs. Tabi sucked in all the toes on one foot and reached down between her legs to rub her own throbbing clit.

Her eyes were locked on Sadie's fingers dancing across that tiny clit. When her own climax began, she dropped Sadie's foot and rested her weight on one hand as she furiously fingered herself until the last vestiges of the orgasm faded away and she collapsed down next to the little girl. They snuggled together next to Sadie's brother, falling asleep to a chorus of Jake's soft snores.

In the dim predawn light filtering in through the bedroom window, Tabi gasped awake, feeling as if she was on the verge of an orgasm...because she was.

Sadie lay on one side of her with Jake on the other. Both of them were sucking one of Tabi's erect nipples and rubbing her throbbing clit. She barely had time to put her arms around both of their shoulders and hug them close when a quick sharp orgasm coursed through her body.

As she lay panting, Sadie crawled over Tabi's body and took her brother's pinky sized cock in her mouth. The little girl smiled at Tabi with her eyes as she sucked her brother's tiny dick and licked his tight ball sac. Jake squealed as a dry cum swelled up in his crotch, pulling his sister's hair and thrashing wildly for a few moments.

When he slumped back, Sadie climbed up and straddled his face, spreading her pussy lips so her little brother had free access to her inner lips with his tongue. Tabi felt her own pussy tingle again especially as Sadie started rubbing her undeveloped clit while her brother licked her. She finally shuddered and moaned lowly, rolling on to her side between Jake and Tabi.

That's quite a nice way to wake up,” Tabi smiled, reaching across Sadie to fondle Jake's little dick.

Mommy says it's the best way to wake up,” Sadie grinned, rolling on her back and tugging one of Tabi's stiff nipples, “and so does Nana.”

I bet she does,” Tabi responded cheerfully, squirming around to bury her face between the little girl's legs while feeling the young boy's cock harden against her thumb.

Tabi could smell the brewing coffee as she walked down the hall holding both of the little ones by the hand. Ron and Nancy leaned against the kitchen counter sipping from their cups and put them down for hugs all around. Tabi could see the sheen of pussy juices coating Ron's dick and a few crusts of cum sticking to Nancy's cunt and inner thighs.

While Nancy poured some juice for the kids, Ron picked up his coffee and directed Tabi's attention to the couch in the other room. Marty sat back with his legs splayed wide open with Amy kneeling between his thighs. She was roughly pulling on his balls while trying to take more than the thick head of his dick into her mouth.

Marty groaned loudly and started cumming in the thirteen year old girl's mouth. Amy kept him between her lips for a moment then pulled her head back to have him spray her face and tits with his creamy sperm.

It won't be too long until she can take his cock a lot her throat and in her pussy,” Nancy cooed in Tabi's ear as she reached around and slid a finger into Tabi's sticky pussy.

God, I hope so, I really do,” Tabi murmured, turning to kiss Nancy passionately as the two of them fingered each other frantically.

Ron took his coffee and went to sit down next to his son-in-law. Amy immediately crawled between his legs, sucking him hard until he started to cum, again pulling his shooting dick from her mouth to have his jism splattered all over her face and tits. When he finished, Amy stood and walked over to her mother and Nancy, throwing her arms around them both as they continued fingering each other.

Marty followed almost immediately, hugging both women as well right over Amy. He playfully slapped each of them on the ass and turned toward the bedrooms.

I'm going to go fuck my wife,” he announced gleefully, “in whatever hole your son is not occupying at the moment.”

Tabi made breakfast for all, sending Sadie to roust her mother and father and Alex from the bedroom when the food was ready. Both Ron and Marty made a point of fucking Tabi languorously before it was time for them to leave in the early afternoon.

Remember everything we talked about,” Natalie muttered into Tabi's ear before a final hug, “and maybe you and the kids can visit us sometime soon. I'm sure both you and Amy will love that very special feeling you can get at our place.”

Tabi felt another twitch in her pussy and stood with her arms folded under her tits with Amy and Alex at her side watching them load up their car and drive away.

Ethan is going to be so jealous!” Alex yelped and bounded away toward his room.

So when are we going to visit them?” Amy asked as she and Tabi stepped back into the kitchen. “Ron told me their dog's dick is even bigger than Marty's.”


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