Tabi's Tale (Part 45)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "
Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 45)

Some New Friends

Hey, Mom, don't forget about Saturday,” Alex called out over his shoulder as he placed his dirty dishes in the sink after dinner.

Saturday? What's Saturday?” Tabi asked, picking up her own plate.

My turn to have the guys over for our regular video game contest,” her son reminded her, wrapping his arms around her neck from behind, flicking the tip of his tongue into her ear and cupping both of her tits in his palms.

Oh yeah, I forgot all about it,” Tabi murmured, a slight shiver rolling through her body. “OK, what time?”

They'll be here around 1:00 and usually we're done by 4:00,” Alex continued while gently pinching both of her stiff nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and softly biting the top of her ear, sending bolts like electricity directly to her cunt.

Tabi squirmed around, feeling her pussy clench, a droplet of her juices seeping down the inside of her thigh. Her twelve year old son knew exactly how to turn her on and get her to do anything he wanted...anything at all.

Wait a minute,” Amy piped up from the other side of the table, short circuiting the intensity of the moment between her brother and her mother. “I thought all of us had to agree if someone is coming over.”

Well, it's not exactly the same,” Tabi responded, rising from her chair and giving Alex's rigid dick a tug. “These boys aren't coming over her to have sex with us all and it is a regular thing your brother's done for a long time.”

Great” Alex exclaimed happily, gave his mother's tit one final pull and headed toward his room.

It seems to me you have three choices for Saturday,” Tabi explained to her daughter as they stacked the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. “You can stay in your room the entire time the boys are here, you can find someplace else to go until they leave or you can hang out here with me.”

You''re not walk around front of all of Alex's friends...are you?” Amy asked eyeing her mother suspiciously.

Not exactly,” Tabi giggled and poured herself a glass of wine, handing the glass to her daughter for a sip.

Not exactly? Then what...exactly?”

As much as I would like to, I, or we if you stay here with me, can't just walk around naked in front of those twelve year old boys. The blow back from their parents after they talk...and they undoubtedly would talk...would get us in a lot of trouble, maybe even enough to cause problems with our other fun.”

So then what?”

The next best thing...we tease them so much their little dicks are so hard they hurt.”

How so?,” Amy murmured, her small nipples clearly stiffening.

As long as we wear enough to cover our nipples and pussy slits, we're just two girls sunbathing while the boys play video big deal as far as anyone else is concerned,” Tabi grinned wickedly, reaching over to tweak one of her daughter's nipples.

Amy's eyes widened as she began to understand what her mother was saying. She extended her hand and slipped a finger up between Tabi's legs, finding her mother's pussy slit already wet and warm.

Yeah, I see,” she groaned as Tabi pulled her close for a tongue lashing kiss, “I guess maybe I will just hang out with you on Saturday.”

Tabi was rummaging through her drawers looking for the skimpy bikini she wore the last time all the boys came over. She held it up, looking for ways she could trim even more of the thin fabric from the bathing suit when Amy walked in.

Which one should I wear?” she asked, holding up the two bikinis they bought at the beginning of the summer season.

Neither one of those,” Tabi responded smiling impishly.

But I don't have any others,” Amy whined, flopping her arms down to her sides.

Sure you do, just think back,” Tabi continued grinning devilishly, “that pink one from last probably still have that somewhere.”

But...but that one....barely fit the end of last summer,” Amy complained, looking at her mother incredulously.

Yeah...that's exactly the idea!”

It took a moment but Amy's eyes widened and a devilish smile spread across her face. Without another word she turned and ran back to her bedroom.

Tabi was sitting on the bed holding the small scissors she retrieved from her bathroom when Amy returned with the old pink bikini in hand.

Now what?” she asked her mother as she plopped down on the bed next to Tabi.

We're going to make this a lot sexier and a lot skimpier,” Tabi responded, holding the two pieces of the bikini up in her hands, looking back and forth from them to her daughter before saying anything else. “I guess I really didn't realize until just now how much you have grown in the last year.”

This thing hardly fit me last year,” Amy said.

It's not a matter of fitting, it's a matter of enough material to just cover your nipples and pussy lips,” Tabi answered and went to work cutting the inner lining out of both pieces of the bikini.

By the time she was done and held the two pieces up to the light, she could see her fingers through the sheer fabric.

Perfect,” Tabi murmured and turned to her daughter.

That doesn't hide...anything!” Amy gasped as her mother handed her the bikini.

We aren't trying to hide anything,” Tabi told her with a giggle, “just cover enough that a twelve year old boy with raging hormones and a big mouth cannot tell his parents that he saw you walking around naked. Now giving him something to think about when he goes home and jerks off is entirely another matter.”

Oh, I kind of like the idea of guys thinking about me when they jerk off,” Amy murmured lowly, a happy smile spreading across her face as she stood and took the top from Tabi's hand.

So do I, baby, so do I,” Tabi responded, “and four of Alex's friends will be doing just that later today thinking about both of us while you and I are fucking Alex and Ethan silly.”

Amy tied the string going around her neck into a bow and pulled the two patches of fabric over her tits. Even after Tabi yanked them tight to tie the string at her back, the top barely covered her erect nipples, let alone the sides of her small tits. Her light tan aureoles contrasted perfectly with the pink gauzy material, every bump and edge clearly visible.

The bottom came next, two flaps of material that that went down between her legs and connected with strings on each of her hips. Without the inner lining, the fabric drew up into Amy's pussy slit, leaving just enough to almost, but not quite, cover the outside edges of her mound. In the back, all but a finger width piece of the fabric near her waist disappeared between her ass cheeks.

I might as well be naked,” Amy giggled, twirling around to look at herself in Tabi's full length mirror.

True, but technically you are not and, as your mother, I see no reason you can't wear that for sunning with me in our back yard. Now go to your room and I'll come get you when the boys are settled in.”

Tabi tore off the tight white tank top and running shorts she wore to greet the boys and picked up her own skimpy powder blue bikini and robe. She didn't bother putting on either as she walked to her daughter's bedroom, figuring none of the boys was likely to be in that hallway and, if one of them was, she was perfectly happy for him to catch a glimpse of her bare tits and pussy and ass.

Amy was sitting against the headboard on her bed, her legs splayed open with the bikini bottom pulled to one side to fully expose her gaping pussy. She had her phone pointed down at her cunt.

What are you doing?” Tabi asked somewhat alarmed.

Teasing Tim,” Amy replied nonchalantly, moving the phone around to take a couple more pictures of her exposed pussy and quickly typing in a few words.

I really don't like the idea of you taking naked pictures of yourself and sending them around to other people,” Tabi complained as she sat down on the edge of the bed and gently rubbed her daughter's calf.

I'm not send any pictures of my face,” Amy answered and put down the phone.

Good and keep it that way,” Tabi said moving her hand further up her daughter's leg, “and why are you teasing Tim with pictures anyway? He can just come over and get a good close up look at your pussy anytime he wants with my complete, unequivocal approval.”

Oh he wants to, he's been begging to come over,” Amy grinned and thumbed one of her erect nipples, “but he's scared.”

Scared? What can he possibly be scared of here?”

I told him we are nudists at home,” Amy grinned mischievously, “and that he has to get naked after he comes in the door next time.”

Tabi just stared open mouthed at her daughter for a moment before bursting into laughter.

You told him that?”

Yep...and every time he sends me a text begging to come over I send him a picture of my pussy or tits and tell him I'm waiting for him...if he gets naked at the front door.”

Wow, that's really hard nosed,” Tabi laughed again. “You think he'll give in? Actually, I wouldn't mind getting a good, up close look at his cock.”

So far no, all he does is whine about his balls aching...but there is another option,” Amy said so softly Tabi wasn't sure she even heard her.

Oh...such as?”

Amy did something with her phone and handed it to her mother. There was a picture of a thick uncut cock dangling beneath a thick thatch of dark pubic hair.

What's this?”

Not what...who...Carlo,” Amy answered with a wan smile. “Hard to tell but he looks almost as big as Marty.”

Who's Carlo?” Tabi asked in confusion, taking the phone back to look at the picture again. “He does have a really nice looking dick.”

He's a friend of Tim's...the guy who delivered the pizza when Natalie was here,” Amy answered dreamily, “and he said he'd be glad to run in the house naked from his car if I would invite him over.”

Did you send him a pussy picture too?” Tabi asked with another laugh.

Not yet, just one of my tits since he already saw one, but I was thinking about doing it,” Amy replied smiling wickedly.

I have a better idea,” Tabi responded, climbing up next to her daughter, “let's send him one of both of our pussies.”

Amy giggled her agreement and pulled off her bikini bottom. They crowded together with Amy's leg over Tabi's thigh, both of their pussies gaping open. It took a couple of tries before they got a satisfactory one. Amy did something with the phone and announced the picture was sent. In less than thirty seconds, the phone buzzed a response.

He wants to know when to come over...and asks if he can stay dressed until he's inside the house,” Amy laughed, showing her mother the text.

Tell him we'll get back to him later, we have something else to do right now,” Tabi answered, her pussy twitching at the thought of seeing that boy naked the very first time she lays eyes on him.

Before we go tease the boys, we need to both play with ourselves until we cum and then put the bikini bottoms back on,” Tabi told her daughter, reaching down between her own legs. “The scent of our sex will drive them as crazy as seeing our tits and pussies peeking out through the flimsy fabric.”

It didn't take either of them very long to climax looking at the picture of Carlo's dick.

Tabi walked into the family room to the boisterous chatter of the six twelve year old boys. She had an untied robe draped over her shoulders and carried a couple of towels. Amy followed wearing a gauzy robe that barely reached her ass, her stiff nipples looking like they were about to push right through the thin material of her bikini top and the bottom drawn up into her pussy slit.

The conversation and banter in the room slowly rolled to a stop as they boys realized Amy and Tabi were there, replaced by gawking looks from bulging eyes and chin dropping wide open mouths. Amy walked to the refrigerator to get them some cold drinks, giving everyone in the room an unobstructed view of the way her bikini bottom pulled up into her pussy slit between her legs when she bent over.

Tabi stepped between the other boys to bend over and kiss her son on the head, her tits dangling provocatively with just the hint of a nipple visible on each one.

We're going to get some sun while you all play,” she murmured to Alex before standing and speaking to the other boys, “so you guys go ahead and have a lot of fun.”

With that she turned and stepped through the patio door, her tits and ass swaying with every step. Amy followed, with every eye in the room glued on them. It was all they could do to keep from bursting out laughing before they settled onto the lounge chairs.

Did you see the looks on their faces?” Amy giggled as she spread a towel on the chair, her perky ass pointed back toward the house.

And the hard ons too,” Tabi laughed, “every one of them had a bulge in his pants, even Alex and Ethan, and they know what we look like naked and that we're going to fuck them later. Now let's give them the next part of the show.”

OK, let me do you first,” Amy said enthusiastically. “Front or back?”

Do my back first and make sure to spend a lot of time touching my ass and all around my pussy,” Tabi told her, glancing back to see the faces of some of the boys peeking around the drapes over the patio door, “we do have an audience.”

Amy giggled again and, with a flourish, untied the knot holding the strings on the back of her mother's bikini, letting them fall off to the side. Tabi squirmed a little when Amy squirted a generous amount of the suntan lotion on her back, raising her torso enough to give the watching boys a brief glimpse of the side of her tit.

By then Amy was really getting into it all, sensuously and slowly rubbing the lotion all over Tabi's back, down her arms and even under her armpits and down the sides to brush over the sides of her mother's tits. When she got to Tabi's ass, Amy squirted on more lotion and, starting from the outside of Tabi's hips, tenderly worked her hands inward until her thumbs split Tabi's ass cheeks.

Tabi groaned lowly, spreading her legs even further, drawing the gauzy fabric of her bikini bottom even deeper into her now wet pussy slit. The stain of her wetness faintly darkened that material.

Amy shifted around and began spreading more lotion on her mother's legs, starting with each foot and stopping when her fingers softly rubbed against Tabi's pussy. The second time, Tabi turned her head and looked at her daughter with a sensuous smile.

You do realize I'm about ready to cum,” she moaned, trapping Amy's hand against her pussy by closing her legs together, “but now I think it's my turn to lather you up.”

You are kinda warm and wet,” Amy smirked, strumming a finger up and down between her mother's pussy lips through the flimsy bikini bottom. “Want me to keep going?”

Yes...because it feels so good and is so, so naughty,” Tabi gasped, “but no...since it's too early with all the boys still here and watching.”

With that, Tabi rolled on her side, briefly flashing a bare tit at the watching boys before pulling the top back down and adjusting it so it just barely covered her nipples. She motioned for Amy to lay down on her stomach and when her daughter was situated, untied the bikini top around her neck and back.

I bet there are six rock hard dicks inside the house right now,” Tabi murmured as she lathered up her daughter's back and reached under her sides to pinch both of Amy's erect nipples lightly.

Yeah, you're probably right,” Amy muttered as Tabi began massaging both of her daughter's ass cheeks and very deliberately brushing her fingers over Amy's barely covered pussy.

Then Tabi coated both of Amy's legs with the lotion, making a point of dragging a finger through the young girl's pussy lips both times she reached Amy's crotch. She shifted around a little and slipped a finger under Amy's bikini bottom to strum her daughter's throbbing clit.

Mom...what if they see!” Amy objected.

I'm blocking the view from the house with my body,” Tabi answered, sliding the finger into Amy's tight wet cunt, “but would you mind if they did?”

I'm not sure,” Amy gasped as her mother found her spongy g-spot, “probably not actually.”

Now I'm going to help you cum, right here,” Tabi whispered in Amy's ear, “but you can't thrash around or moan too loudly.”

Fuck...fuck...fuck...,” Amy muttered lowly, closing her hands into fists around the towel she was laying on as her pussy tightened on her mother's finger when she started to cum.

They had been laying on the loungers for about fifteen minutes after that orgasm when Amy turned to her mother with a devilish smile.

Mom, do you mind if I ask you something?”

No, ask away,” Tabi answered turning to look at her daughter.

Would you fuck those boys in the house?”

Hmm, there's a couple of parts to that question, but the short answer is yes,” Tabi replied, “you know how much I like sex of all kinds.”

All of the same time?”

Yes and yes, but...,”


Well...but I won't for a couple of reasons. They're all underage and I can't be sure they would keep their mouths shut. The more of them involved the more likely one of them would talk and that's a big problem.”

Yeah I can see that.”

So why do you ask?”

I was just wondering what it would be like to fuck all of them, one right after the other.”

I don't know, since I've never done anything like that,” Tabi murmured, feeling a few droplets of pussy juices seeping into her bikini bottom, “but it would be fun to find out sometime.”

Yeah, it really would, wouldn't it,” Amy muttered wistfully and turned her head to lay quietly for a few minutes.

I'm going to go get us some cold drinks,” Tabi said a few moments later, standing and adjusting her top to just cover her nipples and pulling the bottom out of her moist pussy slit a little.

Oh I almost forgot,” Amy said, sitting up and briefly exposing both of her tits before remembering to put the top back on. “Alex said one of his friends, Ned, the tallest one, might be someone we could invite to play with us.”

Really and why did he say that?”

I dunno, I just heard him say something to Ethan so you might ask them.”

I will,” Tabi responded softly and walked toward the house, not needing to brush her nipples to make them stiffen.

The idea of adding a third twelve year old boy to their play aroused and terrified her at the same time. Combined with her thirteen year old daughter's pensive comments about fucking multiple guys at the same time, her pussy tingled as she stepped through the sliding door to a half dozen obviously aroused preteen boys gawking at her.


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