Tabi's Tale (Part 5)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 5)

A Bigger Step

OK, boys,” Tabi said softly as she stood, her erect nipples poking out from her jiggling tits and the yoga pants drawing up even tighter into her pussy slit, “go get in your pajamas and then set up the sleeping bags while I clean up and get more comfortable myself.”

As they turned and walked back to Alex's bedroom, Tabi cupped both her tits in her hands and pinched her already aching nipples. She finished the glass of wine, enjoying the mild buzz as she headed to her own room. Hearing their voices as she passed her son's room, she stopped in the hallway to listen.

Dude, your Mom is so hot and sure has a nice body,” she heard Ethan telling Alex excitedly, “I even got a look at her titties and did you see the way those pants showed off her pussy?”

Tabi couldn't quite make out her son's reply, but she really didn't need to do so. He knew he was torn between ogling her body and remembering she was still his mother. From the way his dick occasionally bulged from his pants, she also knew looking was winning.

She reached down between her legs, running her fingers over the wet spot spreading down her thighs. Then she heard Ethan again.

Look how hard my cock is,” he said,” and I can see yours is half hard too in your underpants.”

That was almost too much for Tabi. Between the lightheaded effects of the wine and the her already aching arousal, she needed some relief and right away. She rushed to her room, stripping off the t-shirt as she went then sat on the bed and pulled off the yoga pants. She flopped on her back with her legs dangling over the side of the bed, pinched her right nipple hard while using her other hand to frantically rub her throbbing clit.

Laying in the after glow of a quick, sharp orgasm, she noticed the bedroom door was wide open. She didn't know if the boys watched her cum but hoped they did.

Then she raised a sticky finger to her nose, inhaling the overwhelming scent of her sex. With a devilish grin, she scooped up as much of her juices as she could manage with both hands, smearing it on her tits and stomach and legs.

Satisfied that there was no way the boys would miss the aroma of her pussy, she went to the dresser and pulled out an over sized, loose fitting tank top that barely covered both tits at the same time and reached to the middle of her thighs. Without putting on any panties, she walked back to the family room, not even needing to tweak her nipples to get them hard again.

The boys were flipping through the streaming movie options when she walked to the counter and poured herself another glass of wine. She smiled when she realized that without even asking her, they gravitated toward the videos that definitely included nudity. She let them look at their options for a few minutes before stepping up behind them.

Oh, let's watch that one,” she murmured leaning forward so her tits dangled down and the tank top pulled up over her ass, picking a movie she knew featured enough nudity to practically classify as porn.

After giving them a moment to look at her swaying tits, she stood up and placed the wine glass on a table beside the sofa. When she bent forward, the tank top again rode up and she was sure the boys now realized she wasn't wearing any panties.

Get the movie set up and started, Alex, and I'll make us some popcorn,” she told them before walking back to the kitchen with her pussy throbbing.

By the time the popcorn was done, the movie started and the boys lay on their stomachs to watch. She filled a large bowl for them and a smaller one for herself before walking over to stand directly over them. As they looked up, both boys had an unobstructed look at her bare cunt. Again she waited a moment before going to sit on the couch, grinning to herself as they squirmed to get comfortable laying on their growing hard ons.

Tabi slumped back on the sofa, letting her knees slowly spread open. As she did so, the tank top rode up toward her waist, almost fully exposing her pussy.

Ethan in particular was paying more attention to her than the movie, while her son studiously tried not to look back at her and keep his attention on the screen. Every time she caught Ethan looking, she smiled and spread her legs just a little more.

At one point she reached for her wine and a tit popped out from beneath the tank top. She didn't make an effort to cover herself. When she put the wine glass back down, Ethan was unabashedly staring at her. She just smiled and let a hand fall between her legs with two fingers laying against the top of her pussy slit.

It was time to take the next risque and even more taboo step she had been thinking about all afternoon.

She closed her eyes and let her head loll back in the sofa, squinting barely enough that she could still see them. For a few minutes nothing happened other than Ethan turned and stared directly at her. She could just make out the way his cock bulged beneath his pajama bottoms.

Dude, I think your Mom passed out,” Ethan whispered, elbowing Alex.

Maybe, she was drinking a lot of wine,” Alex answered, taking a good look at his mother's exposed pussy before turning back to the movie.

She's almost naked...let's take a closer look,” Ethan continued, getting to his knees and crawling toward Tabi.

No, just leave her alone,” Alex said protectively, before standing up, “and I need to take a leak.”

Yeah, OK, I'm right behind you,” Ethan muttered while crawling until his chest almost touched Tabi's knees before standing up.

Tabi squinted from beneath her closed eyelids, being able to clearly see the way Ethan's dick tented his pajamas. He reached down and pulled the tank top up a little to give himself a clearer view of her pussy then pulled his bottoms down and took his rigid four inch cock in his hand.

Seeing that hard young dick so close made Tabi's pussy twitch. She moaned lowly and changed position slightly, enough that her other breast peaked out of the tank top. After a moment's hesitation, Ethan reached over and lightly touched one exposed nipple.

A jolt like electricity coursed through Tabi's pussy and she could feel a couple of droplets of her juices seeping from her throbbing clit down toward her asshole. She squirmed again, feeling like she was going to explode. It took every bit of control she could muster not to reach out and take the twelve year old boy's hard cock in her own hand.

Ethan sat down on the couch next to her, his hip touching hers as he fondled her bare tit with one hand and stroked himself with the other.

Dude, what are you doing?” she heard her son whisper anxiously from off to one side.

Shh, she's passed out,” Ethan warned him, “come over and take a look.”

Both boys froze as Tabi moved a little, adjusting her body as she was leaning a bit more toward Ethan and could see them both through her squinting eyes. Alex stepped closer, enthralled seeing his mother's bare tit and fully exposed pussy so close. He slipped his pajama bottom down and stroked his now hard dick too.

Tabi adjusted herself again, moaning lowly but keeping her eyes closed. One of her hands flopped to the side and landed on Ethan's thigh about three inches from his stiff cock.

The boys froze where they were, afraid she was waking up. When she didn't move again after a minute, Ethan squeezed her tit again and gently picked up her hand and placed it right on his stiff dick.

Dude...,” was all her son could say watching his friend and furiously stroking himself.

Tabi moaned again, spreading her legs even wider while leaning over toward Ethan and ever so gently closing her fingers around his rigid, throbbing dick. With a low moan it took only seconds before the twelve year old boy's cum spurted on to her hand and his leg. She squinted up at her son just in time to see his jism shoot from his dick with a few droplets splashing on her knee.

When they finished the boys just stared at each other for a moment. Then Ethan gently raised her hand from his dick and the two of them rushed off to the bathroom. Tabi waited a few minutes before raising her cum coated fingers to her mouth and licking them clean.

Before the boys returned, she went to her own room and sprawled naked on her back with the bedroom door wide open. She rubbed the remainder of Ethan's cum still in her fingers through the folds of her pussy slit then brought herself to two massive, satisfying orgasms. She smiled to herself just before the second washed through her when she thought she spotted the boys sneaking a peek from around the door.

The next morning, the boys were already up playing a video game when she walked into the kitchen. She was wearing the same tank top from the night before again without any panties.

The boys cautiously, and somewhat guiltily, watched her as she made them some pancakes, apparently looking for some sign that she knew what they had done the night before. After a while, they seemed to relax a bit thinking she did not remember.

After Tabi placed the plates with their pancakes between them, making sure to bend forward far enough they both got another glimpse of her bare tits, Tabi hugged them both from behind, feeling her nipples press into their backs. She sat across from them as they ate, keeping one hand down between her legs and the folds of her pussy under the table.

When's baseball practice today?” she asked as they cleared the table.

Eleven o'clock,” Alex answered.

Since you are staying at Ethan's tonight, why don't you pack up your pajamas and a change of clothes and take them with you. Don't forget your toothbrush either. You can go right over there after practice.”

Tabi went about doing the laundry and some other chores until the boys were ready to leave. She again gave them warm, tight hugs, crushing her tits against their bodies again, wishing she could reach down and fondle their developing cocks.

As soon as the door closed behind the boys, Tabi stripped off the tank top and threw it on the pile of dirty laundry. She stopped to drink another cup of coffee, recalling the events of the night before.

Her nipples tingled as she remembered the way the twelve year old boy tentatively touched her tit, the way her pussy twitched as her son's friend shot his cum into her hand, he way her son's jism splashed on her knee, the way she lusted to take them both into her hand and her mouth and her pussy.

With no one in the house to hear, she screamed her orgasm pumping BOB in and out of her throbbing pussy as hard as she could with it on the highest vibration setting.

A Talk With Amy

Amy...hey Amy...come in here a minute will you?” Tabi shouted as she pulled yet another dress from the closet and laid it on the bed next to the three already there along with four different panties and three lacy bras.

What?” Amy asked somewhat curtly as she walked in the door, stopping when she saw her totally naked mother fussing with the items on the bed.

I want you opinion about what I should wear tonight.” Tabi responded not even looking up at her daughter, “sit over there and tell me what you think.”

Amy slouched into a chair near the bed, grumbling in annoyance. After a moment it dawned on Tabi that the thirteen year old was probably about to have her period. Tabi herself felt even hornier than normal with a vague deep down ache in her tits, a sure sign she would have her own period in the next day or so. Amy was pretty much on the same schedule. Then again, it was worth putting up with a cranky daughter and some random aches if fucking the unsuspecting Bradley later would be even more intense.

By the time Tabi slipped on the second dress, turning and twirling in front of the full length mirror, Amy was getting into the spirit of things. She made a few comments about this or that dress until between them they settled on a dark blue one that fell to the middle of Tabi's thighs and subtly accented her breasts.

After putting the others back in the closet, Tabi held up a pair of panties in each hand, asking her daughter's opinion of those as well as a bra. They again decided on black hiphugger panties and a matching lacy bra that the top of which would be just visible under the blue dress. Since Bradley was not much taller than Tabi, they agreed black flats were the best shoe choice.

You were serious weren't you?” Amy said softly as the still nude Tabi draped the bra and panties over the top of the mirror.

About what?”

About being naked all the time.”

Tabi turned and sat down on the bed, looking at her daughter for a moment without saying anything.

Yes, I was serious,” she finally said. “It's the way I grew up and I feel much more comfortable being nude. I also meant what I told you about making your own choice.”'s just...,” Amy stammered uncomfortably.

You're embarrassed about being naked around your brother,” Tabi finished for her.

Yes and him looking at me and him being naked around me,” Amy murmured.

Well I can understand that but I'll let you in on a secret. In a house where everyone is naked, everyone looks at everyone else at first and after a while you don't even notice. But I'll make you a deal. We're going to New York for spring break and until then I'll wear something around the house until after we get back at least. You're welcome to do the same if you want, especially when it is just you and me here.”

What about Alex?”

I'll have a talk with him and explain what's going on and make the same deal with him. That fair?”

Amy thought about it for a moment and stood up.

OK, I still have my doubts but that seems fair enough, especially when we are alone.”

Very good, then why don't you show me right now?”

Amy looked at her in surprise for a moment, then grinned broadly and quickly pulled off her shirt and bra and dropped her yoga pants around her ankle. Tabi took a sharp intake of breath seeing her naked daughter but tried not to stare too much. She rose and gave Amy a big hug, thrilled by the way her daughter's puffy tits pressed against the skin of her own body.

There is one more thing I want to talk to you about,” Tabi said as she broke off the hug, opened the night stand drawer and picked up BOB.

Amy's jawed dropped, her face flushed and she tried to turn away from her mother. Tabi sat back down on the bed and patted the spot next to her, indicating to Amy to sit there.

I noticed my vibrator was moved and wanted to know if you were using it,” Tabi began speaking softly with her eyes locked on her daughter.

No...I...I never...,” Amy stammered, her head bowed and not looking at her mother.

Tabi smiled and gently touched her daughter's thigh while continuing to hold the vibrator in her other hand. Her own nipples were already erect.

I'm not mad at you,” Tabi said softly, “in fact, quite the opposite. I'm really happy and pleased and excited for you.”

You are?” Amy asked, confusion washing across her face.

Sure, it means to me that you are taking the next step towards truly growing up. It always felt good touching yourself down there...between your legs...even when you were a little girl.”

Amy nodded her head slowly.

And lately, especially after your periods started, it felt even better, made your whole body tingle and shake when you touched yourself with your fingers.”

Amy nodded again, raising her head just enough to look at her mother.

Then you found this,” Tabi continued holding up the vibrator, “and it feels even better sometimes, doesn't it?” does,” Amy whispered hoarsely looking at the toy.

There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It is perfectly natural for you to masturbate now that you are growing up. In fact it is just another sign you are growing up. Everybody does it from time to time, boys and girls and grown up men and women too. I started when I was younger than you are now and still do it almost every day. I get lonely sometimes and do have some needs and urges, just like you. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find it?”

Amy blushed again and looked down at her feet dangling off the side of the bed.

I...I heard a noise going to my room one night...your door was open a little...I looked in and...and saw you...rubbing it on yourself...and heard you,” she stammered lowly before looking up at her mother, “and then you moaned and quivered like it felt really good. So the next day after school, I looked in the drawer and tried it.”

Did it feel good?”

Yeah...kind of...but the first time it was...rough,” Amy answered.

You want me to tell you a secret?” Tabi smiled, “I call the vibrator BOB.”

BOB? You gave it...a name?”

Sure...BOB...battery operated boyfriend!”

With that, they both started to giggle, the tension of the conversation broken. Tabi turned BOB on the lowest vibration setting and put her arm around Amy's shoulder.

Personally, I like the lowest setting best and there are lots of places it feels good to touch besides between your legs,” Tabi said, putting the very tip of the vibrator on one of her nipples.

After a moment, she removed it from her nipple and gently placed it on one of Amy's. Her daughter tensed and pulled back slightly before starting to smile.

That feels good, doesn't it?” Tabi murmured.

Amy nodded as Tabi then brushed the tip of the toy slowly up and down the inside of one of her own thighs, stopping just short of the throbbing lips of her pussy. Amy looked on with widening eyes until Tabi handed her the toy.

Here, you try it,” she cooed and sat back as Amy touched both of her small tits, the inside of both thighs and even the thin thatch of hair growing above her pussy.

Tabi silently willed her daughter to put the toy directly on her pussy and clit and cum as she watched. Amy stopped short of doing that, turned BOB off and handed it back to her mother.

I'll tell you what,” Tabi said as she fingered the toy, “why don't you go online and find vibrators. We can check them out together and maybe buy a new one for us both. After all, the two of us using the same one every day might wear it out quickly!”

OK,” Amy responded with a grin and rose to leave.

I need to start getting ready. You know where to find BOB when you need it,” Tabi said opening the drawer of the nightstand.

Hmm, Mom...could I...have” Amy asked softly, extending her hand.

Tabi felt her pussy clench as she gave the toy to her daughter. She rose, gave Amy a tight, warm hug and kissed her on the forehead.

Have fun,” was all she said before turning and going to the bathroom and shower.

As soon as the water was warm enough, Tabi stepped into the shower and pressed the hand held shower head against her clit, cumming hard and fast as she leaned back against the tiled wall, knowing her thirteen year old daughter was also cumming with BOB just down the hall.

After Tabi dried herself and walked back to the bedroom, she found BOB standing upright on the night stand. She drew it to her nose, hoping to inhale the scent of her daughter's sex but could only get a whiff of the liquid hand soap in the other bathroom.

She spent the rest of the time before Bradley was to pick her up doing her make up and hair and getting dressed. Just before he was due to arrive, she walked down the hall and poked her head into her daughter's bedroom.

I'll be leaving in a few minutes. Call me if there's any problem,” she said since Amy was going to be home alone for the evening. “And here, I won't be needing this for at least the next few hours.”

Tabi flipped BOB on to the bed at her daughter's knees, winked at her and closed the door, just as the doorbell rang announcing Bradley.


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