Tabi's Tale (Part 6)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 6)

Needed That

Bradley stood fidgeting nervously when Tabi opened the door. He was casually dressed in jeans, an oxford blue shirt and sports coat.

Wow, you look great,” he said a little too loudly.

You cleaned up pretty well yourself,” she laughed and closed the door behind her. “Shall we?”

They drove to a local steak house Tabi already told him she liked, exchanging small talk in the car and once they were seated...the usual stuff of a first time date...their work and kids, being divorced and such. While she tried to stay focused on the conversation, Tabi's thoughts kept drifting back to what had happened the night before with Alex and Ethan. The idea she watched the two boys jerk each other off, and may be right then doing it again at Ethan's house, caused her pussy to twitch and she could feel her panties getting damper.

The conversation came around to Bradley's fourteen year old daughter. He wished she and Amy were better friends, but a year older and one grade higher made a big difference at that age. Then he surprised Tabi with his admission.

She doesn't seem to have many friends any longer,” Bradley went on.

Oh, and why's that?” Tabi asked, sipping a little more wine, her interest suddenly piqued.

She has a boyfriend now, a sixteen year old from the same school, and they want to spend all their time together.”

That's not exactly surprising,” Tabi said softly, remembering how she was at that age...horny, reckless and stupid.

Well, her mother is not big on the idea at all,” Bradley continued between bites of his dinner and sips of wine, “she won't even let the two of them hang out at her place.”

And you do, I suppose,” Tabi responded, knowing right away were this was going and getting a little excited by the possibilities.

She only stays with me on weekends, and then not every one. At first they just would hang out watching TV and such. Then they started going back to her room....”

....and closing the door,” Tabi interrupted to finish his sentence, smiling impishly.

Bradley glanced over at her with a strained look on his face. He seemed to be conflicted between judging how much to say and asking her advice.

I try to be the good parent,” he continued softly, drinking down his wine and refilling the glass from the bottle on the table, “ and did talk to her about being responsible and making the right decisions.”

And exactly how many right decisions did you make at fourteen?” Tabi asked with a laugh. “Probably the same number as I or pretty damn close.”

Yeah, you have a point there,” Bradley said with a pained expression on his face. “I do go down the hall, but can't really tell if they're...well...doing anything in her room.”

From the hesitation in his voice, Tabi was not convinced and thought maybe he had heard more than he was willing to discuss. She wondered if, like herself, he was turned on by what he heard and imagined was going on behind the closed door. For the briefest moment, she considered telling him about her lustful interest in her own kids. She needed to know a lot more about him before she could do that.

As they finished their coffee, Tabi reached across the table and covered his hands with hers.

Why don't you take me home now?” she asked huskily.

Uh...but of everything OK?” he sputtered, clearly startled and surprised by her question.

Tabi immediately realized he misinterpreted her intent. She grinned at him devilishly and squeezed his hand.

I meant...your home....not mine...silly.”

The walked to the car with their arms around each other. As Bradly opened the door for her, Tabi turned and pulled him close for a kiss, her tongue flicking out to meet his. After a moment she pulled back and grinned while her hand brushed over his half hard cock. It was all she could do to keep her hands off his dick as he drove the short way to his place.

Bradley barely closed the door to his apartment when Tabi melted into his arms. They kissed passionately, pawing each other and tearing at the others clothes.

Hold on a sec, I have a better idea,” Tabi gasped after she loosened his belt and his jeans feel down around his ankles. “Where's the bedroom?”

He took her hand and lead her down a short hall with a bedroom off to each side. He turned to the right and stopped at the side of a king sized bed. He pulled her close again, kissing her neck as he fondled her tits with one hand and slid the other up under her dress.

Tabi tore off his shirt, not caring that a few buttons popped off as she did so. Then she pushed him backwards on to the bed and yanked off his boxers, stopping for just a second to admire the hard six inch cock that popped straight out. She took two steps backward and grinned evilly

Now you just sit right there and get that beautiful cock of yours good and hard,” she cooed as she reached behind her back and pulled down the zipper. “There's two things I really like, a nice hard cock in my mouth and pussy and to talk dirty...really filthy...while we fuck. Think you can do that?”

Bradley gulped as she slowly started to let her dress fall over one shoulder. Tabi started swaying her hips and fondling her tits as the dress continued to slide off her until it caught in her elbows.

Now stroke yourself for me. I like to see how my man will jerk off tomorrow thinking about fucking my cunt and playing with my tits,” she murmured, lowering her arms so the dress fell to the floor.

Bradley took his cock in his hand and started slowly stroking himself, his eyes never leaving Tabi's body. She kicked off her shoes and twirled around, giving him a good look at her in just a bra and lacy panties.

What do you want to do with that nice hard cock, Bradley?” she teased stepping closer but just out of his reach while she loosened the clasp holding her bra.

I...I...god...I want to fuck you!” he exclaimed, stroking himself a little faster as Tabi dropped her bra.

Oh you will, Bradley, you most certainly will, but I want to do something else first.”

Tabi stepped a little closer, cupping both her tits in her hands and pinching the erect nipples in two fingers. After a moment, she slid her right hand down under the waistband of her panties, splitting the dripping folds of her pussy with one finger. She slowly she began fingering herself, the knuckle moving up and down beneath the fabric right in front of his face.

Oh Bradley, my cunt is so hot and wet right now. I need your cock cumming in me, filling me. Can you do that for me, Bradley?”

Oh fuck yeah,” he groaned.

But first, there's something else I need, Bradley, I need very badly,” she moaned lowly, taking her finger from her pussy and leaning forward to brush it across his lips.

He immediately sucked the finger into his mouth and reached up to take both of her tits into his hands, squeezing and pulling her nipples. Tabi reached down and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing dick.

Take off my panties,” Tabi gasped.

Bradley ripped down her panties then pulled her to him, burying his face in her musky cunt. Tabi held him close for a few seconds, then pushed him on to his back again and dropping down between his spread thighs.

She held his rigid cock in both hands and looked up at him with a wicked grin. As soon as her tongue flicked across the tip, the first droplet of precum bubbled up through his piss slit. She held in on the tip of her tongue for him to see before swallowing and licking down the length of his shaft, around his ball sac and then back up to the throbbing head.

Bradley groaned as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock then ever so slowly lowered her head until her nose pressed firmly against his pubic hair. She raised her head until just the very tip of his dick was still in her mouth, keeping her eyes lock on his as she slowly increased the pace, bobbing up and down faster and faster while gently squeezing his balls.

Oh fuck...oh yeah...god...I'm cum...I'm cumming!” Bradley shrieked just a few moments later, pumping his hips against her face, driving his cock even deeper into her throat.

Tabi kept his cumming cock as deep in her throat and mouth as she could manage as he thrashed around. She felt the first spurt of his jism splash against the back of her throat and just held on until every last drop filled her mouth and he flopped back on the bed.

While she kept most of his cum in her mouth, a little dribbled from her lips, down over her chin and on to her tits. She pushed herself up enough to show him her spunk coated tongue before happily swallowing and leaning over to kiss him. His eagerness to return her kiss and share the remnants of his cum in her mouth got Tabi even more aroused.

Bradley rolled her on her back and licked his way down her body, stopping to suck both nipples into his mouth before reaching her sopping cunt. He first licked around the outside edges of her mound before splitting the folds of her pussy lips with his tongue. As he started sucking her pulsing clit, he slipped two fingers into her pussy, finding her swollen g-spot.

Tabi shrieked an almost immediate orgasm, soaking his face with her juices and writhing wildly. He didn't stop, continuing to suck her and finger her hard. A second, more intense orgasm welled up in her body, crashing over her like a huge wave. She lost all sense of space and time, the all consuming orgasm flooding every cell.

Still, Bradley didn't stop.

Suddenly as a third orgasm built, he flipped her on her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder to see his cock was rock hard again. He plunged it into her dripping cunt from behind, thrusting in and out hard and fast, the mushroom head striking her g-spot with every thrust.

Fuck me...fuck me like a two bit whore!” she screamed as the third orgasm washed over her.

She clamped her pussy around his dick, thrusting back so his cock would go as deep as possible into her cunt. Having cum in her mouth not very long before, Bradley was more than able to stay hard as he continued fucking her.

Let me get on top,” she moaned, feeling her own juices not only filling her pussy but also drizzling down both of her thighs.

Bradley pulled his dick out of her and flopped on his back. Tabi climbed on top of him, straddling his hips and using one hand to direct his cock back inside her. He reached up grabbed both of her tits, pinching her nipples as she rode him ever faster.

With a loud groan, his legs began to tremble. Tabi knew he was about to explode inside her pussy. She reached down and furiously fingered her clit, bringing herself to yet another orgasm as he filled her pussy with his sticky spunk. They lay breathing raggedly and continuing to kiss for a few minutes before gathering up the scattered clothing and going out to the kitchen for another glass of wine.

Wow, I really needed that,” she cooed, nuzzling into his neck.

Yeah, me too,” he answered, turning to kiss her again.

The talked for a while longer, agreeing neither wanted a serious relationship but liked the idea of having a regular fuck buddy two or three times a month. He drove her home and with one final lingering kiss, Tabi let herself into her own place.

Amy was still up when Tabi got home. She gave her daughter a tender kiss and went to her own bedroom, stripped off her clothes and decided to wait until morning to shower, enjoying the pungent aroma of the evening's sex still clinging to her body.

Just as she was about to drift off to sleep, she noticed BOB standing upright on her night stand again.

While The Girls Giggle

Tabi had taken extra pains to arrange everything that next Friday night. Amy was having three of her friends over for a sleepover and she pointedly didn't make any arrangements for Alex to spend the night at Ethan's house.

She wanted him home with her.

The giggling and whispered conversations had already begun by the time Tabi got home from work. The four girls came directly there after school and had ensconced themselves in the family room. She exchanged some pleasantries with them all before heading to her own room to get comfortable.

Tonight that meant leaving on the lacy, musky panties she wore all day at work and a tank top that somehow managed to slide partially off one boob or the other if she moved in just a certain way.

Going back to the kitchen, she informed the girls she was ordering pizza so they needed to put their orders for toppings in right away. No one noticed her rather skimpy attire while she couldn't help but admire the small puffy breasts and developing asses of the thirteen year old girls. Tabi's pussy twitched picturing them all naked, with their freely bouncing tits and just the hint of growing pussy hair over the top of the slits that went down between all their legs, as she maneuvered through the kitchen.

Moments before the pizza was to arrive, Tabi walked down the hall to knock on her son's bedroom door, stopping for just a moment to tweak both of her nipples hard.

Alex...the pizza's here soon...come get some,” she called out.

OK, Mom, be right there,” he answered after a moment against the background sound of his bed squeaking slightly.

Tabi turned and walked back toward the kitchen, looking back at him when she heard the door open. He was wearing loose fitting basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Her pussy twitch again when she briefly glimpsed the outline of his apparently half hard cock against the fabric of the shorts as he walked.

When the doorbell announced the pizza delivery, Tabi grabbed her purse and went to the door. The same young man who hardly looked old enough to drive was standing there carefully balancing three boxes. She took them from his hands, bending forward enough that she knew he had an unobstructed view down the front of her shirt.

After putting them down, she fumbled around in her purse for the payment and tip, shifting her shoulders just enough that the nipple of her right tit flopped out of the tank top. She just smiled as he stood staring at her bare breast then looked down to see the bulge of his hardened dick pressing out of his pants.

I bet he jerks off in his car before going back to the store,” Tabi smiled to herself as she closed the door and only then covered her tit and its erect nipple, the thought sending another twinge to her already damp pussy.

The girls quickly claimed two of the pizza boxes and returned to the family room. Tabi and her twelve year old son sat quietly at the kitchen table trying to ignore the incessant chatter from the other room.

The furtive side glances he gave her as he ate, as well as his mumbled conversation, told her he was getting a good look at her tits, looks she was more than happy for him to see. It as all she could do to keep from reaching out to fondle the cock she knew was getting hard from the way he squirmed in his seat.

When they finished eating, she stood and bent forward to clear the table, giving him another long look at her swaying tits with achingly erect nipples.

After I clean up and see what the girls are doing, why don't we watch a movie in my room?” she cooed as his eyes locked on her dangling breasts.

Huh, OK, I guess,” he mumbled, remaining seated as she grinned at him, clearly not wanting her to see his boner.

Great, go wash up and I'll be there in a couple of minutes,” Tabi responded, standing and turning, giving her twelve year old son a chance to escape without her seeing his hard on.

Tabi went into the family room and spent a couple of minutes chatting with the girls before heading down the hall to her bedroom. She met Alex just as he exited the bathroom, adjusting his basketball shorts with his face slightly flushed. He had obviously just finished jerking off. Tabi didn't mind, in fact, she expected that to happen. No matter. At his age, he would easily get hard again quickly and she had every intention that he did so.

Come up on the bed with me,” she instructed him, clicking on the remote and fluffing the pillow up behind them both.

She made a show of flipping through a variety of movie choices even though she had earlier already decided on the one they would watch together, one that was almost as explicit as those she watched with her father when she was a little girl. She didn't really expect her son to openly jerk off in front of her but she did want him to get as aroused as she could possibly make him.

Oh, here's one I haven't watched in a long time,” she cooed, stopping on the selected video. “As I recall, it is pretty sexy but I think you are grown up enough to watch it. You don't mind that, do you?”

He mumbled something unintelligible and flopped back against the pillows, his eyes locked on the opening scene of woman's bare tits accompanied by her sensual moans as she obviously masturbated, her hand and pussy just out of sight.

Tabi reached over and put her arm around his shoulder, pulling him close until his headed rested on her right tit, the erect nipple pressing into his cheek. She wiggled her hips slightly, drawing the thin fabric of her panties even further up into her damp pussy slit. The bottom of her shirt also pulled up, fully revealing the top of the tangled patch of hair leading to her pussy. Earlier she had rolled the top of those panties down until that hair was just visible.

Her twelve year old son gasped lowly against her breast, his body quivering ever so slightly. On the screen the woman got up from the bed and walked naked into the shower, sensually soaping her tits and hairy pussy.

Tabi brushed her hand lightly down her son's back until she could almost fondle his ass. When he squirmed against her, she could see the hard tip of his dick pushing against his shorts.

She absentmindedly pinched her other nipple slightly, sending a twinge to her already wet pussy. She spread her legs a little more, knowing he now had a clear look at both her cunt hair and the damp crease going down between her legs.

Oh this is my favorite part,” she cooed.

A man entered the bathroom on the screen, stopping to watch the naked woman touching herself. She smiled at him and beckoned him to her. He slowly stripped and joined her for a passionate kiss and embrace under the shower.

Alex squirmed again, his heart now racing. Tabi pulled him closer, her hand reaching down to cup an ass cheek. He rolled on his side toward her, one arm flopping across her stomach just above her throbbing pussy. It was all she could do to keep from reaching down and putting his hand down between her legs.

He moaned softly and moved his leg so it was almost on top of her thigh. She could feel his now rigid dick press against her hip, first firmly and then less so and then firmly again.

Oh my god, he's humping my thigh!” she suddenly realized, while ever so slightly pulling his ass cheek in time with her son's gently thrusts.

Since she didn't object, he steadily kept up the rhythmic thrusts probably thinking she didn't notice. Suddenly, he let out a low moan and his body tensed. His eyes were closed and his breathing ragged. Without thinking, Tabi reached down and lightly touched the nub of her clit, pressing the thin fabric of her panties even deeper into her pussy slit.

She was on the verge of an orgasm herself when she first felt the the warm, sticky stain spreading across the front of his shorts. She looked down again to see him watching her hand touching her pussy even as a spot of his jism coated her thigh.

She took the hand from between her legs and stroked his face, not saying a word. The movie was long over and neither of them had noticed.

You need to go brush your teeth and get to bed,” she cooed in his ear.

Alex sat up and Tabi made a point of not letting him see her glance at the wet spot spread across the front of his shorts. Before he could fully turn and walk away, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

Good night, sweetie, and sleep well,” she murmured into his ear.

G'nite, Mom,” he muttered and turned quickly away to go to the bathroom down the hall.

Tabi couldn't get BOB pumping in and out of her pussy hard enough or fast enough.


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