Tabi's Tale (Part 7)


Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 7)

Spring Break

For months, Tabi planned on taking the kids to New York City for their spring break after the surprise invitation of an old high school friend. She and Sara had been very close in high school, but drifted apart after graduation, keeping occasionally in touch through social media.

Sara casually mentioned they should come visit sometime in her annual Christmas card “brag” note and after a little thought, Tabi agreed. After some back and forth, the agreed on the fast approaching spring break. That got Tabi to thinking about when they were closer in high school, much much closer....

.The first time they were together sexually, both of them were fifteen, alone at Sara's house after school. There was always a little flirty tension between them but Tabi just figured Sara was as horny as she was all the time.

You really look sexy,” Tabi commented without thinking as Sara stood in just her bra and panties putting her school clothes away.

What? You really think so?” Sara answered with a mixture of surprise and confusion playing across her face.

Yeah, you have a really cute ass,” Tabi continued, reaching over to lightly brush a hand over Sara's butt and down the back of her thigh.

But no titties like you,” Sara sighed, her shoulders slumping slightly.

It was true. Sara didn't even need the training bra she wore, her tits little more than the tips of her dime sized nipples. She was naturally pretty shy and a little nerdy, always the smartest person in their classes. In that combination, she didn't get very much attention from the boys and Tabi's offhanded comment seemingly meant a lot to her.

Don't worry about them, they'll grow out or you can always get a boob job later,” Tabi laughed, keeping her hand on the back of Sara's slightly trembling leg just below her ass cheek.

Yeah, I suppose,” Tabi responded lowly, sitting down on the bed next to Tabi so their knee touched, a plaintive look in her eyes. “But...but do you really think...I'm sexy?”

Tabi felt her own nipples stiffen looking at Sara's quivering lip and pleading eyes. Without another thought, she leaned over and kissed Sara on her lips, daintily brushing her tongue over the surprised girl's lips.

In a heartbeat, Sara returned the kiss, ramming her tongue into Sara's mouth as both girls began pawing each other. They tore at each others clothes until both were naked and Sara hovered over Tabi, twirling one erect nipple. Tabi rubbed her hand down Sara's back, across her ass and then back across her thigh. Sara instantly spread her legs, the gaping folds of her tight pussy lips warm and wet to Tabi's touch.

Sara moaned lowly, breaking off the kiss to slide down Tabi's body and take first one, then the other nipple into her mouth. At the same time, Tabi's hand pushed Sara's thighs apart, slipping a finger into her tight dripping cunt.

Oh god...that,” Sara moaned as Tabi swirled a fingertip around her pulsing clit.

They continued fingering and kissing each other for a few minutes, their increasingly loud moans and quivering thighs signaling the onset of each others orgasms. Just as she felt she was about to cum, Tabi pushed Sara on to her back and slid down between her legs.

She stopped for a second to admire Sara's soft, smooth, hairless pussy. Either Sara didn't have any pussy hair yet or she shaved smooth. It didn't matter to Tabi as she buried her face in Sara's cunt, licking and sucking the girl's throbbing clit and now easily sliding two fingers into her dripping pussy.

Sara thrashed and shrieked as she started to cum on Tabi's face. She grabbed Tabi's hair, pulling her in even tighter as her warm sticky pussy juices coated Tabi's face and lips and tongue. Tabi kept licking and sucking and fingering Sara's musky pussy until she clamped her thighs around Tabi's head and begged for her to stop.

That...was...fucking...awesome!” Sara exclaimed after her heart beat and ragged breathing both slowed. “I've never felt that good...touching or...playing with myself...ever. How'd you do that?”

Tabi grinned as she lay next to Sara, idly fingering her own moist pussy. She spread her thighs wide and then pulled the folds of her pussy lips apart with two fingers until her throbbing clit popped straight out from under its fleshy hood.

Climb over here between my legs,” Tabi instructed, “now slip two fingers into my cunt hole until you feel a spongy spot, press on it hard and start licking and sucking my clit.”

Sara was a natural. Tabi shrieked her next orgasm within moments....

.Tabi put her coffee down, walked back to her bedroom and took BOB out of the drawer. She pushed the gusset of her now wet panties to the side and roughly rammed the buzzing vibrator deep into her pussy. She smiled as she started to cum when she saw Amy standing in the doorway watching her and pinching her small tits.


Tabi threw her suitcase down on the bed nearest the bathroom and turned to Alex and Amy as they entered the hotel behind her.

I got first dibs on the bathroom,” she informed them before either could say a word, “then Alex and finally Amy.”

How come I have to wait until last?” Amy protested, stopping up so short in front of her mother that Alex bumped into her back.

Because you always take the longest,” Tabi answered her as she opened her suitcase. “You can both go pee first and then I'm taking a shower.”

Alex beat his sister to the bathroom door, practically slamming it in her face in his haste. Tabi just smiled and shook her head.

Hang up whatever needs it in the closet and unpack the rest of your things. You get the two drawers on the left. I'll use the two on the right and Alex can have the bottom one on both sides.”

Amy darted into the bathroom as soon as her brother exited and Tabi repeated her instructions while unpacking his own things. She had packed mostly casual sensible clothes since she expected they would be spending a lot of time walking. She hung up the two dresses and one skirt with compatible blouses before opening the drawers, carefully putting bras and panties in one and socks and t-shirts in the other.

From the corner of her eye, she saw her son furtively glancing her way. She took much more time than necessary folding and examining the bras and panties.

If he thinks it's exciting to see my bras and panties,” she thought to herself, “just wait until he gets to see a whole lot more in the close confines of this hotel room over the next week.”

Tabi sat down on the bed and removed her socks and sneakers. Then she unzipped her jeans and shrugged them off, dragging the top of her panties down enough to expose the very top of the strip of pussy hair leading to her cunt before reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra and pull it down from under her shirt.

Oh that feels so much better,” she murmured while gathering up the clothes, bending over far enough that her son had an unobstructed view of her dangling tits and the way her panties rode up into her ass crack.

Tabi stood under the shower, letting the hot water wash away the strain and stress of the day. The flight across the country had turned into a nightmare, beginning three hours late, encountering turbulent weather for most of the time before finally arriving well after noon instead of mid morning.

After almost an hour waiting for their luggage, they finally met up with Sara, who took them for an early dinner before dropping them at the hotel and going to pick up her son. Tabi and the kids wanted nothing more to do for the remainder of the evening than to relax and get a good night's sleep. After all, they had a very ambitious sightseeing schedule, starting first thing the next morning.

As the taut muscles of her shoulders relaxed, she thought back about the way her son tried so unsuccessfully to hide looking at her tits and ass. The next week would be most interesting she was sure, given the close proximity they would be in the hotel room.

She soaped her body, her nipples stiffening and her pussy clenching with a mild jolt. Her orgasm on her slippery finger was quick and hard, more a relief than pleasurable but welcome all the same.

While she dried her hair, she heard the kids squabbling over what to watch on the TV. She finished drying herself and bent to pick up the shirt and soiled panties she's worn all day. She slipped on the shirt, the bottom of which ended just below the downward curve of her ass, and held the panties up to her nose. The pungent aroma of her cunt with a hint of her piss filled her nostrils.

With a devilish grin, she placed the panties on the vanity next to the sink and flipped one edge over in a way that would not be accidentally repeated. She felt another twinge in her groin wondering if her son would pick them up...raise them to his nose...and sniff the scent of his mother's sex.

When she stepped out of the bathroom, Alex immediately jumped up and headed inside. He was still dressed in the clothes he wore all day and carried a pair of boxers and a t-shirt in one hand. He stopped short for a moment when he saw Tabi smiling at him, her hard nipples clearly pressing out against the thin fabric of her shirt. He mumbled something as he brushed past her and closed the bathroom door.

Amy sat on the foot of the bed, flipping through the unfamiliar channels on the TV. Tabi noted with some satisfaction that her daughter had removed her own bra while leaving on the revealing yoga pants she wore for the trip. Tabi stripped off the t-shirt and stood totally naked as she rummaged through the drawers, taking her time to find something to cover herself.

Aren't you afraid Alex will walk back in and see you like that?” Amy asked, turning her attention to Tabi.

No, not really. Are you?”

Well, I bet he would be embarrassed if he walked in and saw you...naked,” Amy continued.

Maybe, but then since when do you care if he gets embarrassed? Are you embarrassed to see your mother nude?”

It just doesn't seem right...your my...our...mother,” Amy muttered.

Hmm, I guessed I missed that part in the teenage girl's handbook about mother's needing to be fully dressed at all times. Maybe I should go shopping for one of those black dresses they make women wear in Arab countries,” Tabi laughed and picked up two pairs of lacy panties, holding them up at arm's length. “Which one should wear tonight...the white or the blue?”

Her daughter just looked at her with strange expression on her face and then burst out laughing.

What's so funny,?” Tabi inquired, turning so she was directly facing her daughter.

You really meant it then.”

Meant what?” Tabi asked not sure what Amy was talking about.

About going around naked in the house after we get back.”

Of course I meant it. I grew up that way and it feels so know, the comfortable way your boobs feel now after you took off your bra earlier, only better.”

Amy blushed a little and looked down before she started giggling uncontrollably.

Now what?” Tabi wondered.

I'm just imagining the look on Alex's face when he...when know...sees you naked the first time,” Amy laughed so hard she almost rolled off the bed.

Maybe I should just put these away and we can find out in a few minutes,” Tabi grinned, still holding the panties in each hand.

Oh no, not now,” Amy said suddenly serious. “I think we should wait until we get home.”


Sure, Mom, why should you have all the fun?”

Tabi walked over and hugged her daughter tightly, feeling Amy's puffy nipples pressing against her side.

I do have a question, though,” Amy stated after a moment. “Do I really have to sleep with him?”

Now it was Tabi's turn to giggle.

Well you're note really going to be 'sleeping' sleeping with your brother, just sharing the bed like you have hundred of times before for two of the nights we are here,” Tabi stated. “Like we discussed before we left, each of us gets two nights in bed alone and we take turns sharing the other nights. Since It's my call, tonight I'm sleeping alone.”

They heard the shower turn off so Tabi rose, put on the white panties and a loose fitting tank top. Amy picked up powder blue hiphugger panties and a t-shirt Tabi knew was at least one size too small.

I'll wear this tonight,” she smiled as Alex stepped out of the bathroom.

Tabi climbed up on the bed and propped herself up against the headboard with some pillows while she checked her email and text messages. Her nipples pressed stiffly out against her shirt and, with her legs spread wide, the white panties drew up into her slightly damp pussy. She glanced over to see Alex playing a game on his tablet while trying to sneak looks at her tits.

He didn't even look up when Amy came out of the bathroom until she spoke.

Oh, Mom, you left these in the bathroom,” Amy said cheerfully holding up Tabi's used panties with two fingers. “I found them on the floor.”

Put them in the pile with the other dirty clothes in the closet,” Tabi muttered, her pussy twitching knowing for certain that her son picked up those panties and probably sniffed them too while he jerked off.

She glanced over to see Alex blushing and squirming with his tablet on his lap. Her pussy clenched again realizing her son's dick was getting hard again just a few feet from her.

By that time, they were all exhausted. They watched TV for a short time, with Alex starting to doze off first. Tabi turned it off as well as the lights in the room except one in the bath. She leaned over to kiss them both, her nipples lightly brushing against their bodies and climbed back in the other bed alone.

As tired as she was, sleep just would not come. In a few minutes, both her kids were breathing deeply and regularly. After tossing and turning for a while, she got up and went to the window.

Their room was on the fifteenth floor of a high rise hotel surrounded by other high rise apartment and office buildings. A checkerboard of lights burned in hundred of windows she could see up and down the street, some In another hotel directly across the street from her.

She really couldn't see anything but the thought of hundreds of people all around her having sex right then turned her and and men...women and women...licking and sucking and fucking in every possible combination and position at that very minute. She pulled her shirt up around her neck and leaned forward, pressing her soft tits against the glass. Then she slipped her hand under the waistband of her panties, finding her throbbing clit popping out from her already sopping pussy.

It only took a few hard touches for her orgasm to begin, coursing through her entire body. Her knees buckled slightly as she climaxed, biting down on the back of her other hand to keep from crying out and waking her son and daughter just a few feet away.

With that orgasm, she climbed back into the bed and almost immediately fell asleep, not bothering to cover herself with as much as the sheet. She didn't even notice the way her right tit slipped out of her tank top.

Alex and Amy were up and about doing things on their phones even before the scheduled wake up call. At least they had enough sense to stay pretty quiet and let Tabi sleep.

When Tabi's eyes blinked open, she looked at the bedside clock and realized they needed to get moving to meet Sara and her son for breakfast in less than an hour. Amy giggled as Tabi walked into the bathroom and it wasn't until she looked in the mirror that she realized her right tit was dangling from her tank top, completely exposed. She smiled to herself, wondering if her son jerked off before or after seeing her tit that morning.

Sara rose to greet them as they entered the hotel restaurant, hugging all three of them warmly in turn and then introducing her ten year old son, Aaron. Over the years, Sara had blossomed into into a very attractive woman, helped along by that boob job she promised herself so many years before resulting in perfectly sculpted “C” cup tits.

Aaron was ten, with a lithe preteen body and a shock of blonde hair that emphasized his piercing green eyes. Tabi had no doubt girls would be falling all over themselves for him as he grew up. Her pussy twitched just giving him a welcoming hug.

Both Sara and her husband had great jobs and were reasonably well off. Sara's only complaint was his work required him to travel extensively, sometimes weeks at a time. This particular week was one of those and he wouldn't be returning until after Tabi and the kids had already gone home. The upside was Aaron was also on spring break and Sara was more then willing to take the time off work to spend with them and show them around.

Being the ever organized one, she had an exhaustive and exhausting schedule of places to see and go for the entire week already planned out.


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