Tabi's Tale (Part 8)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 8)

Spring Break Continues

Immediately after breakfast, Sara began their introduction to the sights and ways of New York City. She led them down the street to descend into a subway that would take them to lower Manhattan and their first stop as tourists, the 911 Memorial.

By the time they spent some time at the somber ground zero memorial itself, toured the underground museum and rode up to the Freedom Tower observation deck 1,250 feet above the site, it was early afternoon. They were all ready to grab some lunch and rest their aching legs and feet.

Sara relentlessly pushed on, leading them to the ferry to the Statue of Liberty after lunch. By the time they were finished there, everyone was ready to call it a day. Sara again led them to the subway for a ride back to their hotel.

The subway was packed, bodies pressed together so tightly it was impossible to not touch others. Tabi stood with her arm around Alex and Amy's shoulders with them facing her.

She thought she felt something press against her ass but it was too crowded to turn around. A moment later, there was no doubt. A hand brushed over her ass and and pressed against the crack of her ass toward the inside of her thighs. Tabi squirmed and the hand pulled away to return a few seconds later to fondle her even more and squeezing her ass cheek.

At that same moment, Amy gasped in front of her and looked up at Tabi wide eyed. Tabi realized her daughter was also being groped. The thought aroused her more than she wanted to readily admit. Just as the train pulled to a stop at their station, Tabi spread her feet enough she could feel the hand push between her thighs and rub over her asshole and pussy.

Do you always get groped on the subway?” Tabi asked Sara as they walked the short way to the hotel with the kids ahead of them.

Usually,” Sara laughed. “Why, did it bother you?”

Well, surprised, I guess, more than bothered,” Tabi admitted. “And I think Amy was groped too.”

I'm sure she was,” Sara answered. “Did you notice I stood with my back to Aaron?”

Yeah, so?”

That way, when somebody feels me up,” she grinned evilly, “at least they'll touch my tits and pussy, not just my ass.”

Tabi stopped up short in the street and looked at her friend. Sara just continued grinning as she put an arm around Tabi's waist, brushing her hand down over Tabi's ass.

I'll remember that,” Tabi finally responded with a big grin before they finished walking to the hotel lobby.

With hugs all around, Sara and Aaron left them in the hotel lobby. As Tabi hugged the little boy from behind, it dawned on her both boys may well have been groped in the subway too. It occurred to Tabi that Sara may have realized that as well and didn't seem at all concerned. She let her hand brush over the ten year old's crotch, clearly feeling his little boner pressing against her palm. Her pussy twitched as her hand lingered on his cock and he pressed back against her.

Tabi looked up from her tablet when she heard the bathroom door open. Amy walked out still drying her hair with a towel. She grinned impishly at her mother and stepped between the beds, facing her brother.

Her daughter was wearing a semi transparent nightie that mostly emphasized, rather than conceal, her small puffy nipples just beneath the thin fabric. The bottom edge of the nightie barely came to the top of her ass. Her lacy pink panties were drawn up in her ass crack and Tabi had no doubt, her pussy slit as well.

Ever so casually, Amy continued drying her hair just a few feet from her brother, her legs spread wide. When she finished, she walked to the dresser and bent over to look for something in a drawer, the nightie pulling up even further to totally expose her taut ass.

Tabi smiled while sneaking a glance at her son. She didn't know Amy would so enthusiastically start teasing him but it was working. Alex squirmed and his face flushed. Tabi just knew if she picked up that tablet, his hard dick would pop straight up.

After a few minutes, Amy climbed on the bed with Tabi, bending her knees and crossing her ankles so her knees spread wide and directed her full attention to her toes. Her brother's eyes were locked on the tight fabric barely covering her crotch.

Tabi got up and used the bathroom, When she came back out, she turned off the TV and told Alex to do the same with his tablet before bed. She grinned to herself as he twisted himself into a pretzel to conceal the hard on pressing out of his boxers and walked to the bathroom.

Tabi burst out laughing as soon as Alex closed the doors, leaning over to give her daughter a warm hug.

What in the world got into you?” she asked as Amy started laughing too.

I saw how he looked at you in just your panties and a t-shirt and wondered if he would look at me the same way,” Amy responded and lay down on her back on the bed.

With her nipples tightening, Tabi looked down at her daughter, whose puffy tits barely flattened as she lay on her back and the firm roundness of her mound even more prominent.

Well, I would say you probably shook him up,” Tabi commented, knowing quite well that Alex was jerking off into the sink at that very moment.

She didn't know if her daughter fully understood that and what her brother was obviously doing. It was a matter she needed to address but not right then.

Alex came out of the bathroom, his face no longer flushed and no obvious bulge in his boxers. Tabi rose and embraced him tightly, feeling her tits crush against his chest. Amy just looked up and grinned, pulling one foot up toward her body so that the fabric of her panties again stretched tautly over her pussy.

Her brother stared at her crotch for a moment, climbed into the other bed and rolled on his side facing away from them. Tabi crawled up next to her daughter, hugging her close for a moment before settling in to sleep, the warmth of the thirteen year old girl's back and ass radiating against Tabi's tits and belly.

Tabi was awakened with a start by an unexpected touch on one of her breasts. Amy had rolled in her sleep, her face planted under Tabi's arm and a hand resting on the stiffening nipple of Tabi's right tit.

She moaned lowly, finding herself readily aroused by the light contact. It had been a long time since another woman touched one of Tabi's breasts...much too long...and Tabi felt her pussy clench.

Her heart raced as she gently raised her daughter's hand, pulled the tank top aside to complete expose her tit and placed Amy's hand back down on the now erect nipple. She knew without putting her hand down between her legs that some pussy juices were seeping from her cunt.

Of the two kids, Amy was definitely the lighter sleeper. Tabi lay still, letting the warmth of her daughter's hand spread through her tit. Finally, she shifted slightly so she could reach across her own body and gently caress her daughter's taut ass.

Amy stirred slightly, freezing Tabi's hand on her daughter's hip. She moved again, this time rolling on to her back, dragging her hand off of Tabi's tit.

Tabi waited for a few minutes without moving and barely breathing. In the dim light coming from the bathroom, she had a good look at her daughter's puffy tits and the surprisingly prominent mound between her legs.

She bit her lip as she ever so gently pulled the nightie up until both of her daughter's tits were completely exposed. Tabi's pussy twitched again seeing the light tan nipples rise and fall with every breath. She hesitated a moment then lightly touched the very tip of one nipple with her finger.

When Amy didn't react at all, Tabi leaned forward and flicked her tongue across the other nipple as she softly touched the silky fabric covering Amy's pussy. The heat from her daughter's cunt felt like it was setting Tabi's fingers on fire. She could barely keep herself from slipping a hand under the waistband of those panties to slide a finger through the tight folds of her daughter's pussy.

Amy stirred again and her eyelids fluttered. Tabi removed her hand from between the girl's legs and flopped her arm across her daughter's chest.

Mom?...Mom?” Amy asked sleepily.

It's OK, honey, go back to sleep, we're just cuddling,” Tabi whispered and pulled her daughter closer.

Oh OK, that feels nice,” Amy moaned and closed her eyes, her face pressed tightly against her mother's bare breast while Tabi cupped one of Amy's bare tits.

Tabi kept her hand on her daughter's tit for a few more minutes, until her pussy felt like she was going to explode. She got out of the bed and went to the other one, gently pulling the sheet down until her son was uncovered down to his knees.

His little dick bulged slightly from his boxers. Tabi reached down and gently fondled him through the fabric, feeling his cock stiffen slightly against her palm. She stood again, replaced the covers and walked over to the window, shrugging off the tank top and pulling her panties down around her ankles.

She didn't know if anyone could see her standing there naked. She actually wished someone would watch her as she reached down between her legs and slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. When her orgasm buckled her knees, she leaned forward against the window with one hand, keeping her finger inside her pussy until the last vestiges of cumming faded away.

With the relief of that orgasm, she pulled her panties up and climbed back in bed with her daughter, falling asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Mom! Mom! Wake up, Mom!”

Tabi sat bolt upright blinking awake at the urgency in Amy's voice. Her daughter stood next to the bed, holding out the tank top Tabi dropped the night before. At that moment she realized she was sitting with both of her tits dangling fully exposed.

I woke up and Alex was standing at the foot of the bed,” Amy explained, barely able to contain her giggles as she spoke. “He was looking at your bare breasts and rubbing the front of his shorts. He really had a big boner. I told him to go in the bathroom and take care of it before you woke up.”

Tabi raised a questioning eyebrow as she looked at her daughter and took the shirt from her hand. She didn't bother putting it on.

And exactly, miss, what do you know about 'boners'?” she askd, patting the bed for Amy to sit next to her.

Oh, Mom, c'mon, I'm thirteen, I know about those things,” Amy said, blushing slightly as Tabi put her arms around her shoulders, “and besides, he's been trying to hide his boners all week looking at you walking around practically naked. It's pretty funny actually.”

Tabi looked at her daughter for a moment before starting to giggle herself.

'Yeah, I noticed he was squirming around a lot,” Tabi exclaimed, kissed Amy on the forehead and climbed out of the bed.

Just as she stood up, the bathroom door opened and Alex took two steps out before stopping short when he saw his mother topless.

Good morning, Alex,” she said cheerily as she walked past him toward the bathroom, “I hope you slept well.”

Alex stood stock still with his mouth agape. Tabi could hear Amy laughing hysterically as she closed the bathroom door, sat on the commode and fingered herself to a quick orgasm.

They spent the rest of the day taking a double decker bus tour around the city and then visiting Central Park. When they were returning to the hotel, Sara pulled Tabi aside while the kids roamed ahead.

I imagine you are all getting a bit worn out by now, I sure am. Why don't you and the kids plan on dinner at our house tomorrow and I'll have my sitter come stay with them after. You and I can go get a drink and I have just the place in mind. You'll love it!”

Sound good to me. We'll just go to a few museums and such and make it an early day before coming over to your place.”

They exchanged hugs all around again and Tabi made a point of pressing her hand against Aaron's crotch to feel his tiny dick. Sara didn't seem to notice and Aaron never reacted at all.

Oh, and wear something sexy,” Sara called back over her shoulder as they walked away.

Tabi rolled to her side, putting her arm over her son's side as he lay with his back to her. He trembled slightly as she leaned over and kissed his ear.

Goodnight, honey, sweet dreams,” she murmured.

G'nite, Mom,” he whispered.

Good night, Amy,” she called to her daughter in the other hotel room bed.

G'nite , Mom,” the thirteen year old girl responded as Tabi turned off the light between the two beds.

Tabi lay back and listened as their breathing became slower and deeper, yet she was unable to sleep. Her son lay so close, the warmth of his back and legs radiating on to her.

She had seen the small bulge of his cock covered by just the thin fabric of his boxers as he climbed into the bed. She felt how he stiffened slightly when she bent forward to kiss him, her nipples erect as her tits swayed freely under her own t-shirt, tits that she knew he could clearly see.

Those nipples were erect again and aching, begging for a tender touch. She reached up under her shirt and swirled one, then the other, in two fingers sending a jolt directly to her pussy.

With her other hand, she reached down between her legs, her fingers immediately contacting the damp gusset of her panties. She squirmed her hips slightly, letting her fingertip slip under the waistband to brush lightly across the hood of her throbbing clit. She bit her lip, not wanting to wake her son with a moan.

For a few moments she lay quietly, debating whether she should get out of the bed and masturbate in the bathroom. There was no way she was going to sleep without making herself cum at least once.

Her son moved in his sleep, twisting from his side to his back. One of his hands casually fell across her upper thigh, sending another jolt directly to her pussy. She propped herself up on one elbow and looked across to the other bed.

Her daughter lay on her side with her back to Tabi and Alex. Her regular breathing indicated she was already deeply asleep. Tabi looked down at the peaceful face of her sleeping son, her pussy throbbing.

Slowly, even hesitantly, she pulled the sheet covering them both back until her son was exposed down to his knees. His t-shirt was pulled up slightly around his belly and his obviously somewhat hard cock tented his boxers.

Tabi gasped seeing his dick pressing through the thin very close. Her own panties were now so wet she was afraid she would leave a stain on the sheet.

Ever so carefully, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of his underwear and pushed them down over the hump of his cock and just below his balls. Even in the dim light coming from the bathroom, she could make out the ridges around the mushroom head, the vein pulsing down one side, the thin thatch of hair sprouting above it all.

Her pussy throbbed so hard it hurt.

His flaccid four inch dick lay slightly skewered to one side on his stomach, gently rising and falling with every breath. Tabi reached over and tentatively touched the tip with one finger. When Alex didn't move, she became bolder, slipping three fingers underneath his cock so she could gently wrap them around the entire girth.

Her son stirred a little, startling her to a sudden stop, but didn't awaken. His breathing remained regular even as she was sure she felt his little cock stiffen and grow slightly in her hand.

Taking another breath,she rubbed her thumb over the head of his dick, feeling the way his piss slit split open, that same hole from which his jism would gush when he jerked off, the cum she so wanted to see...and feel...and taste.

Her grip tightened even more. He tossed and turned, his cock growing larger and thicker in her hand. At the same time, the hand on her thigh was pulled up enough that it brushed over her mons.

Tabi's pussy was on fire.

She put his dick down gently and pushed her own panties down over her thighs, then she took his cock back in one hand, holding it lightly even as it throbbed even more noticeably against her fingers. Then she spread her pussy lips with her other hand until her pulsing clit popped from beneath its fleshy hood.

Taking a deep breath, she took her son's hand in hers, intertwined their fingers and brought it down between her legs. He moaned lowly, grinding his hips as his cock grew rock hard in her hand. Ever so slowly, she took his index finger and strummed it over her throbbing clit.

Almost immediately, she started to cum, her climax flooding through every cell of her body. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, all the while gently stroking her son's cock. She clamped her thighs around both of their hands as her orgasm washed through her, her thighs quivering uncontrollably.

Next to her, her son thrashed even more then grunted loudly as his cum gushed out of his cock and across her fingers. Feeling the warm jism coating her hand pushed Tabi to yet another level, her juices flooding across her and her son's hand and soaking the bed beneath.

He moaned again, his eyes fluttering open for a moment, practically causing Tabi's heart to stop.

Mom...?” he asked sleepily his heavy lidded eyes barely open.

It's nothing, baby, just a dream,” Tabi cooed taking his hand off of her pussy and tenderly stroking his cheek, “now go back to sleep.”

Alex closed his eyes and rolled on his side. Tabi waited a moment, then reached down, scooped up as much of his jism from his belly that she could then pulled his boxers back up over his cock and balls.

Ever so carefully, she climbed from the bed and went into the bathroom. She licked some of her son's still warm cum from her hand then spread the rest all over the inside of her pussy slit as she fingered herself to another mind numbing orgasm, biting down on a towel to muffle her screams of pleasure.


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