Tabi's Tale (Part 9)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

The "Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story “His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 9)

Girls' Night Out

When Tabi and the kids arrived at Sara's apartment, she greeted them wrapped in a fluffy robe and barefoot. After hugs, including an especially tight one that told Tabi Sara was naked under the robe, she directed the kids to the other room to play video games while she finished dinner.

I have my sitter coming over at 7:00,” Sara told Tabi over a glass of wine in the kitchen while she dished out the food. “We are going to go to this really awesome place for drinks, you'll love it.”

After dinner, Sara had the kids clear the table as she and Tabi went to her room to get dressed. As soon as she was in the bedroom, Sara dropped the robe to the floor, revealing she wore only a pair of lacy panties beneath.

You haven't seen the girls since I had some work some, have you? Quite a bit different than the last time you saw my boobs.” Sara smiled and turned to Tabi, cupping both of her tits while brushing a thumb over the erect nipples. “Come take a closer look.”

They both took a couple of steps towards each other until they stood less than a foot apart. Tabi could feel her own nipples stiffening as Sara's scent washed over her.

You can touch them if you want,” Sara murmured huskily, “like you used to do.”

As Tabi tentatively extended a hand to hold Sara's left tit and gently rubbed the stiff nipple with her thumb. Sara brushed her hand down Tabi's arm and side until firmly cupping Tabi's ass cheek, ever so gently drawing her even closer. She leaned closer and tenderly kissed Tabi's lips, her tongue flicking so quickly that Tabi wasn't even sure it happened.

We are going to have so much fun tonight,” Sara murmured and stepped back, “but now help me decide what to wear.”

As Sara turned to walk into her closet, she stripped off her panties, her ass cheeks swaying provocatively. When she returned with four dresses on hangers, Tabi's breath caught in her throat seeing Sara's cleanly shaved pussy. Sara tried on all four before settling on a black one with a frilly hem that ended in mid thigh. After primping a bit in front of the mirror, she turned back to Tabi.

Well, I'm all set but we need to do a little about you before we go. The dress is plenty sexy, but will be even better without the bra and panties,” Sara grinned, unzipping the back of Tabi's dress to unclasp her bra, before pulling up the hem and stripping off Tabi's panties.

She held the panties to her nose, breathing in Tabi's pungent aroma with a big smile. Tabi grinned back at her, slipped one hand under Sara's dress and dragged a finger through her warm moist slit. Tabi slowly sucked the finger into her mouth before Sara pulled her close for a tongue lashing kiss.

Oh yeah, so much fun,” Sara cooed, just as the front doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of the sitter.

By the time they got to the living room, Aaron had already answered the door and was walking in with the sitter. Tabi expected a teenage girl and was surprised to see a lanky young man who appeared to be about seventeen with a shock of short blonde hair and blazing blue eyes.

Hi Josh,” Sara exclaimed, walking over and giving him a warm hug, “I'm so glad you could make it on a week night.”

She proceeded to introduce Tabi and the kids and tell Josh they would be back by eleven, making sure he had her cell number in his phone. Then with a final hug for all the kids, they left for the evening.

As they waited for the doorman to get them a cab, Tabi turned to Sara with an impish grin.

Well, that was a surprise...Josh I mean. You know, I bet Amy is beside herself with him there.”

Oh I'm sure he will be very nice to her. He lives a couple of floors down from us and is great with Aaron. Besides, he really is sweet...very very sweet,” Sara responded softly with a glint in her eye.

Oh my fucked that boy,” the sudden realization dawning on Tabi, “didn't you, you fucked him.”

Sara just grinned enigmatically as the cab pulled to the curb, they climbed in and she gave the driver an address.

OK, so what's the mystery? Where are you taking me?” Tabi asked impatiently as they drove away from Sara's apartment.

Don't get your panties in a bunch, you'll see in just a few minutes,” Sara answered and then giggled. “Oh, I forgot, you aren't wearing any panties!”

A few minutes later, the cab came to a stop in front of an unremarkable building with an understated sign above a single door. A very large man with no discernible neck opened the cab door then stepped back to hold the door into the building.

A strip joint?” Tabi questioned Sara.

A Gentleman's Club,” Sara responded with a pat on Tabi's ass the large guy acknowledged with a slight smile. “There's a difference and you're going to love it.”

They passed through a second set of doors into a softly lit foyer. Loud music blared in the background as they were greeted by a statuesque bottle blonde with large tits wearing nothing but a string around her waist that went down through her pussy slit and back up her ass crack.

Good evening, Sara. Table for two or are others joining you?” the blonde cooed, unabashedly undressing both Sara and Tabi with her eyes.

Just us, Candy,” Sara answered in a sultry murmur, “for now anyway.”

Just let me know if you want something super sweet,” the blonde grinned devilishly before turning to show them to a table.

As Candy started to step away from them, Sara reached over, tugged the thin string that disappeared between her ass cheeks and slipped a five dollar bill under it. Candy looked back with a smile and wiggled her ass, inviting the pat Sara gave her on her bare cheek.

You've been here before I take it,” Tabi grinned as they followed Candy to the table.

Private club,” Sara answered, “I often come here with...with my other friend.”

Before Tabi could say anything else, they entered the main room. The interior of the place was a lot larger than Tabi expected and very loud. Off to one side, a stage jutted out into the room, surrounded on three sides by bar stools occupied by a variety of men both young and old, mostly in rumpled business suits. On the other side, there were three levels terraced up with a dozen tables each facing the stage. More than half of the tables were filled with single men. Tabi could also see three couples scattered around.

They drew a considerable number of stares as Candy took them to a table in the first row directly across from the end of the stage, then leaned forward and whispered something in Sara's ear that elicited a quick giggle. Sara patted the other woman on the ass again and Candy returned to her post at the front door.

Here, take this,” Sara said softly handing Tabi a roll of bills. “Put that in your purse and put your purse on the table. No one will touch it there unless they want Lucas at the door to break their arm. You need to tip for everything and the more you tip the more you can do.”

I...I can't...take this,” Tabi protested.

Of course you can, so don't argue. Tonight is my treat and when it's gone, we'll leave.”

They barely settled in when another busty woman with short brown hair, walked over and leaned over the table so her soft tits with dark erect nipples dangled directly in their faces. She wasn't even wearing the token panties that Candy had on. A dark swatch of pussy hair pointed to the gash between her legs.

What can I get drink, that is?” she murmured.

Sara reached up and tweaked one of the woman's nipples, grinned and placed a drink order. Tab ordered as well and turned to Sara as the woman walked away.

That seemed rather brazen, touching her like that,” Tabi muttered, eliciting a loud laugh from Sara.

Oh sweetie, we haven't even gotten started. Look around, we are going to have so much fun,” Sara answered and placed her hand Tabi's thigh.

Tabi involuntarily spread her legs slightly at the touch and Sara moved her hand higher on Tabi's thigh to within a few inches of her pulsing pussy. Tabi shivered slightly and looked around the room.

On stage, a very young looking black woman writhed and wiggled, sometimes throwing herself around a pole and other times crawling to the edge of the stage so one of the men could slide a bill into a cord she wore around her waist just above the top of her smoothly shaved pussy. Otherwise she was completely nude.

A number of other equally naked women of various ages, sizes and body types circulated among the tables,stopping to talk to customers. Some of the customers groped them and in return were groped themselves, every action preceded by an exchange of bills. At the far end of the room, occasionally one of the women would enter or leave through a closed door with a patron.

First time here,” a friendly voice caught Tabi's attention.

She turned to see a smiling woman about her own age with long black hair, large round tits with dark brown quarter sized aureoles and an untrimmed thatch of pussy hair standing next to her, close enough that their knees almost touched. She smiled brightly and brushed a finger down Tabi's arm.

Yeah,” Tabi responded, turning toward the woman, “it was my friend's idea.”

I can understand why, she's definitely been here before.”

Tabi turned to see Sara with one hand on a redhead's ass while sucking in one of her bright pink nipples. The redhead had her hand up underneath Sara's skirt.

I'm Autumn, by the way, and you?” the woman asked moving her hand to softly brush across Tabi's back.

Tabi...and if you don't mind, could you explain how things work here a little,” Tabi answered, pulling a couple of five dollar bills from the roll Sara gave her earlier.

No need for that,” Autumn laughed pushing Tabi's hand with the money away, “you'll have all sorts of chances to give me and the other girls your money so I'll happily explain a few things to you first. As a private club, only our members and their guests are allowed to enter. Once inside, there are very few rules, mostly having to do with causing any injury. Anything else you want to do with any of the girls is negotiated between you and them. There are private rooms for an extra fee through the door near the back of the stage. All the girls will perform on stage for fifteen minute or so then circulate so you can take your pick.”

Tabi grinned at her and reached behind Autumn's back, cupping her ass and pulling her close enough to lick the tip of her erect nipple.

Now, you can tip me and since it's your first time here, I'll give you something special,” Autumn cooed, bending forward to ram her tongue into Tabi's mouth and a hand up under Tabi's skirt.

Autumn pulled away with a big smile when she realized Tabi wasn't wearing any panties, using one finger to split the already wet folds of Tabi's pussy. Tabi smiled back, picked up a bill and slid it between Autumn's pussy lips.

Damn, I have to go on stage in a minute,” Autumn groaned as she clamped her thighs around Autumn's hand. “I do hope you will still be here in a little while.”

With that she walked away and Tabi turned to see Sara leaning back with the redhead down between her knees. She smiled at Tabi and pulled the other woman's face even tighter into her pussy.

Tabi picked up her drink and looked around again. The young black girl finished her routine and was crawling around the edge of the stage accepting tips from the men seated there in exchange for letting them feel her tits and ass.

Next to her, Sara moaned lowly, extending a hand to grasp and squeezed Tabi's arm as the redhead licked her to orgasm. After a moment, Sara collapsed back on her seat and grinned at Tabi. The redhead stood and after accepting a generous tip from Sara, began to walk away.

Hold on a sec,” Sara said, “climb up on my friend and give her a lap dance.”

With a devilish grin, the redhead straddled Tabi's thighs and rubbed her pink tits across Tabi's face. She ran her hands down the sides of Tabi's head, across her neck and then pushed her hands underneath the top of her dress and cupped Tabi's tits. Then she thrust her hips forward until the bare pink lips of her pussy pressed against Tabi's face.

The redhead ground her pussy against Tabi's face, the pungent aroma of her pussy filling Tabi's nose and overwhelming her senses. She reached up between the redhead's legs, easily sliding a couple of fingers into the younger woman's very wet pussy.

The next two hours were a blur. Various girls came over to them, offering themselves and unabashedly touching and fondling both Sara and Tabi. Even without ordering, their drinks were never near empty. Other patrons moved closer to watch them although never so close as to actually make contact.

Just as Tabi noticed her stash of bills was almost depleted, the young black woman who had been on the stage when they first came in walked up to Tabi. Without saying a word she rammed her tongue into Tabi's mouth and her hand into Tabi's pussy. They kissed passionately as Tabi pulled the girl even closer, pressing her face into the small erect nipples. The girl groaned as Tabi's fingers massaged her g-spot, feeling the girl's juices seeping down her fingers and across her wrists.

The black girl's pussy clamped around Tabi's fingers and her legs began to quiver. With a low moan, she began to cum, flooding Tabi's hand with a torrent of pussy juices. Tabi pulled her hand back in surprise as the girl's knees buckled slightly. As she was about to walk away, Sara tugged on Tabi's elbow.

I'm almost out of cash and horny as fuck,” Sara whispered huskily into Tabi's ear, “let's get out of here and back to your room.”

They kissed passionately during the short cab ride and in the elevator up to Tabi's room, all the time shamelessly groping each other. Both dresses were flung off as soon as they were inside.

Sara pushed Tabi on to her back and immediately dove down between Tabi's legs, her tongue hungrily licking Tabi's clit while two fingers frantically massaged her swollen g-spot. A massive climax built in Tabi's cunt and flooded through every cell of her body. She clamped her thighs around Sara's head as she shrieked one orgasm after another until Sara needed to come up for air.

While Tabi slumped back breathing raggedly, Sara grinned evilly, crawled up over Tabi's body and straddled her head, grinding her dripping cunt into Tabi's face as she held Tabi's arms down over her head.

Oh yeah...that's it...lick my pussy...suck my me...oh fuck...fuck yeah...YEAH!” Sara screamed, her wet pussy slit gushing juices over Tabi's face and into her mouth.

After what seemed hours, Sara collapsed on her side next to Tabi. They both lay there in silence for a few minutes until their breathing returned to normal.

God, I needed that,” Sara cooed softly, leaning over to flick her tongue over Tabi's ear.

Me too,” Tabi agreed reaching over to twirl one of Sara's nipples in two finger, “you are still one of the best pussy lickers I ever met.”

Sara giggle and the two of them cuddled together just talking about inconsequential things for a few minutes.

Who is that other friend you mentioned when we got to the club?” Tabi asked at one point.

Sara thought for a moment and then proceeded to tell Tabi about a woman from her office that she gets together with for sex once in a while. The other woman was also married and ten years younger.

I have a confession to make too,” Tabi stated looking Sara directly in the eyes. “I happened to catch my son and his friend jerking off during a sleep over.”

Wow. What did you do?”

Nothing, I didn't want to embarrass either of them.”

Did you watch...everything?” Sara asked propping herself up on one elbow and continuing to fondle Tabi's tit.

Yeah, I did. I feel a little ashamed but it turned me on more than I would have thought.”

Sara's fingertip idly circled one of Tabi's nipples for a moment before she said anything else.

I can understand that,” she continued hoarsely, “every morning when I awake him, I see Aaron's little boner and I have to admit I take a good look at it. He doesn't seem to realize it even happens but I sure do.”

As she spoke, Sara dragged her hand down over Tabi's belly. Without even a thought, Tabi spread her legs a little wider and Sara slid her fingers over Tabi's puffy mound and split the folds of her wet pussy lips. They kissed again passionately as Tabi felt her way to Sara's clit. Within a few minutes they fingered each other to another more leisurely orgasm before getting dressed to go get Tabi's kids.

Mom, can Aaron spend the night with us tomorrow?” Alex asked as they gathered up their things to go back to the hotel.

Well, I suppose, but what does his mother say?”

Tabi looked over at a grinning Sara, realizing that having Sara's son spend the night at the hotel with them would give her friend a chance to spend the night with her other friend before her husband returned from his long business trip.

If it is not a bother and you don't mind, it's fine with me,” Sara answered smiling brightly.

OK, then that's settled and we can figure it out in the morning,” Tabi said shooing the kids toward the door.

She turned and gave Sara a warm hug, noticing over her friend's shoulder that Josh remained seated on the couch. She cock a questioning eyebrow at Sara when she broke off the hug.

Thank you, I really appreciate you taking him tomorrow for the night,” Sara murmured before giving Tabi a warm kiss, “and no, I'm not quite ready to go to sleep just yet.”

They walked the two blocks to the hotel with Tabi taking her shower first. She fingered herself to another orgasm picturing her friend Sara riding seventeen year old Josh's cock at that very moment.


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