Jack Edwards

Tan Lines 1

Scotty and I met when our mothers met. Our moms had both been recently divorced and both had young kids; Scott and I were nine, my little sister Dee was seven. They met through work. Scott's mom was a court stenographer and my mom transcribed proceedings for several local court reporters. They were both still fairly young. My mom was thirty and Scott's mom, Jessie was twenty-nine. My mom's name is Laura.

They became instant best friends, very alike in some ways, and very different in others. Jessie’s mom was Chinese (both Jessie and Scotty have thick, but very fine black hair and dark eyes). My Mom’s background is Scandinavian (blond hair and blue eyes). Jesse is quiet, Mom is outgoing. And yet, both are slender and athletic. They love tennis. And both are intelligent, strong-willed women. They respected each other, and frankly, appreciated each other's friendship more than that of any man either had met.

When the opportunity came for my mom to move us into an apartment in the same complex as Jessie and Scotty, she jumped at it. Mom worked from home, and it was natural that she would start looking after Scott during the daytime, for Jessie, and that’s when he and I became like brothers.

We moved in at the beginning of summer, once school had finished – third grade for me and Scotty. He and I started spending all day, every day together. We hit it off quickly, partly because we had our moms in common.

Both our moms drank, by the way; not that they were alcoholics. They tended to have a bit of wine at night, especially on the weekends. Those times they had a bit too much, they would be sort of silly. Occasionally, they'd complain to each other about men, and how they'd never let a man take over either of their lives again. "No more men," one or the other of them would say. "No more men until the right one comes along." Then, if Scotty and I were still awake, one or the other of them would grin at Scotty and me, and say, "David and Scott are the only men for us," and they'd wink at us affectionately.

When they stayed up late together, they'd send Scotty to bed with me, which was a twin bed at the time, and Jessie would sleep over on the couch or with mom on her king sized bed. Partly because the bed was small, and partly because we were buddies, and partly because we were two boys without our dads, but who had moms with strong personalities, we tended to sleep snuggled together. Other kids had stuffed animals to sleep with. Scotty and I had each other.

I remember a few of those early nights, our moms coming into my room and talking quietly about how cute we were, snuggled together, and was it sweet. They would kiss our foreheads and pat our butts or heads, and close the door.

We didn't know it until much later, but one of those nights, early on, after sending us off to bed, our moms sipped their wine and got into another trash-men session. They were sitting together on the couch, and so when Jessie started to weep because she was drunk and depressed at how hard it was supporting Scott and her, Mom put her arm over Jessie's shoulders and gave them a squeeze to comfort her. Jesse looked up at her gratefully, and their faces were only inches apart. They disagreed later as to who kissed whom, but they kissed. It was very soon after that, that we all moved into a rental house together -- "To share expenses," they explained to us.

Scott and I got our own room, each with our own twin bed. The first night, Scotty came over to my bed and climbed in with me. We snuggled together to fall asleep, and we continued to sleep together in just one bed. My blond, little sister… Dee got her hair color from Mom; I'm redheaded like Dad; we both have blue eyes… Dee got her own room, and our moms shared the master bedroom.

Scott and I often got stiffies sleeping together, but didn't think much of it. Sometimes, he'd rub his on my butt or I'd rub mine on his, depending on who was snuggled behind whom. We took baths together, hung together at school and afterward, got into soccer together on the same team, and were basically like twins without actually being twins.

That next summer, when we were ten, the senior patrol leader of our scout troop had us sleep in his tent at scout camp, and at night, he taught us how to suck each other off, and how to cornhole. The first night back home, Scotty and I cornholed each other when we took our bath together.

That night, in bed, we lay on our sides facing each other. Scotty rubbed my arm with his hand. "Davey?" he asked quietly. "Wanna sleep naked?"

I grinned, and we had our sleeping shorts off in a flash. We rubbed stiffies. Rubbing stiffies wasn't something we learned at scout camp; we’d been rubbing stiffies on each other for a year. Rubbing them together came naturally. Usually with me on top and Scotty on his back, we'd hold each other by the backs of the shoulders and he'd spread his legs or wrap them around my waist. We'd press the sides of our faces together, and grind our stiffies between us.

We started sleeping naked every night, and our mom's didn't know because we always wore our sleeping shorts to bed before kicking them off under the covers. Getting naked and rubbing stiffies became a nightly thing. We loved rubbing stiffies, but it wasn't all we did, by a long shot. And yet, almost every night, when we were done, Scotty laid his head on my shoulder and traced his fingers on my stomach while I stroked his back, and we talked before falling asleep. Every night, I felt asleep with the scent of Scotty’s hair in my nostrils. We’d wake in any number of positions, but that’s how we fell asleep.

Unless one of us was sick, our moms left us alone at night. I think once or twice they came in and found Sonny sleeping on my shoulder. Our nakedness was hidden under the covers, and I remember them kissing us on our foreheads before going back out.

Scotty’s and my birthdays were less than a month apart in April and May, and that year, our moms had gotten us a combined gift of a Playstation, along with a TV for our room. Tekkan came out that summer, and when we weren't kicking around a soccer ball outside, we'd play Tekkan in our room for hours. Mom insisted we keep our door shut so she could concentrate on work. With the door closed, Scotty and I sometimes let the sound on the game go on while one or the other of us got down onto all-fours and the other one knelt behind for an afternoon ride.

Back then, of course, we couldn't shoot. But we had discovered dry orgasms at scout camp, and we'd suck or cornhole until we got them. We called them ‘Ahs!’, because Scott had a tendency to go, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" when he had his dry climax; quietly of course, because of our moms. I tended to shudder with mine.

As you would expect from our moms, we were both slender boys. Back then, our stiffies were skinny twigs, but we loved them. Neither of us was circumcised, and we loved playing with our skin. My legs and arms were longer than Scotty's and I was slightly taller, but we fit together well. So did our personalities. We were incredibly best buds. Sexing together only made us tighter. Just after we turned eleven, our moms got us a double bed, as a concession to our insisting on sleeping in the same bed.

But it was also about that time that, like most boys that age, Scotty and I began to notice our moms as 'females', and not without some pride. They were very attractive women, athletic and young. They didn't smoke, they ate right, they played lots of tennis.

Neither of them had big breasts; but I thought that was cool. I never liked udders on a woman. My mom's shoulders are wider than Jessie’s, and so my mom's breasts sat sort of high and apart. (Incidentally, I have high pecs; I wonder if there's some gene that's the same for both.) Jessie’s breasts, though small, were closer together, and where my mom had a wide cleavage, when Jessie wore a snug top, her cleavage was narrow as a buttcrack. Around the house, they tended to go braless, and at night, they wore only big t-shirts for sleeping, and we thought, panties. So we had a pretty good idea how they were put together. We'd each seen our mom's naked when we were younger, so we had that to go on as well. But now, Scotty and I were interested in seeing more.

When he and I realized that each of us was trying to sneak glimpses of our moms, when they were changing or heading for the bathroom to shower, we joined forces. That's how we wound up sneaking out of bed one night to peek under the door of their bedroom. We heard their bed, making noise. They were moving around on it. We wondered what they were doing. Then it got quite and we could hear soft moans. I started breathing harder, and I could hear Scotty doing the same. Then we heard Jessie going "Ah! Ah! Ah!" just like Scotty did when he was getting the Ahs. I was lying behind Scott as we both struggled to see more under the door, but we couldn't see the top of the bed. I pressed my stiffy to Scott's back while we were trying, and he reached back to rub my butt. Finally, the light went out, and it got completely quiet.

Silently, we got up from the floor. Scotty grabbed my hand and we scooted back to our room where we tore off our sleeping shorts and flew onto the bed together, entwining slender legs and desperately rubbing stiffies.

The next night, we snuck out the front door after they'd gone to bed, and went around to the back of the house to peek into their bedroom windows. We couldn’t find the smallest crack through the curtains, and we gave up in frustration.

We looked at our moms differently after that, and started noticing signs of their true relationship, which had been there all along. We looked for opportunities to see more, but their bedroom had its own bath, and other than just barging in on them, we didn't have a chance. So we did try to 'accidentally' barge in on them, but they always had the door locked.

Of course, Scotty and I looked at girls, too, but probably because he and I sexed together all the time, we looked at boys at least as much. I first caught Scotty looking at Geof Kaiser's butt at soccer practice when Geof bent over to retie his shoe. It had caught my eye as well. I grinned at Scotty and he grinned back. When we showered at the pool, we both stared and tried not to, at Alex Waggoner's privates. At twelve, he was already getting as hung as a horse.

We turned twelve that spring as well, and been developing our own little packages. We were right at that stage before first cum and first pubes when the equipment grows real fast and boys suddenly have something really big to play with.

Our moms thought it was 'cute' that we didn't want them helping us buy underwear that spring. Truth was, Scotty and I wanted to get some briefs that would hold it all up and out there to show off under our shorts. Our moms noticed immediately and teased us.

"They're turning into little men on us, Jessie," my mom said when we came to the supper table that first night in our new underwear. She motioned with her eyes at our crotches. She was so obvious, even my sister looked.

Beautiful young men," Jessie agreed. "Those thick mops of hair and those pretty eyes and those long legs. I expect girls to start calling on the phone any day."

Truth was, a couple of girls had. So had a couple of boys.

"And muscles," I said proudly. "Scotty and me... we're getting 'definition', look." I pulled up my shirt. With all the soccer we played, and us being thin guys to start with, our muscles were getting pretty easy to see. Scotty pulled up his shirt as well. The seams of our tummy muscles were visible on both of us.

"Turn around," Mom said, narrowing her eyes and rubbing her jaw with a critical expression. We turned our backs to them.

'What do you think?" Mom asked Jessie.

"Very nice butts, Laurie," Jessie answered. "We better get them chastity belts."

Both moms laughed. "What's a chastity belt?" Scotty asked as we sat down to the table.

"I'll tell you later," Mom said, which meant she wouldn't tell us later. We looked it up, of course.

It was just after that, that Mom asked, "Are you boys sure you don't each want your own bed now? Before long, you'll be a little big to be sharing a double bed."

"Nah," Scotty and I told her. "We're fine."

It happened only a couple of days into our twelfth summer, on an afternoon when we had the door closed to 'play Tekkan’. I had Scotty on his back on our bed with a pillow stuffed under his butt. I was on top of him, only this time, instead of rubbing boners, I had my boner up his butt while he had his legs wide apart and was rubbing his boner up against my belly. We were holding on to each other, and I pumped my hips while Scotty met my thrusts. It was one of our better sessions; we were really going at it, which twelve-year-olds can do, when Scotty froze and gasped.

I lifted the side of my face from his. "What?"

"Your mom just looked in at the door," he whispered.

I glanced at the door; it was closed. "I locked it," I told him.

"But I saw her, Davey. I looked over, and she was watching us. She saw me and closed the door."

We lay there a moment. "She's gone now," I finally said. "Let's finish."

Mom said nothing, to us, but it wasn't hard to feel as though both our moms were looking at us a little differently. Not angrily or anything like that. It was more like, they looked a little worried, or more exactly, like they wondered if they should be worried.

They didn't do anything to make us sleep apart, or spend any less time together. Scotty and I had about decided they were going to be cool with it, when they sprang a surprise on us two weeks later. "Your dad's going to have Dee this weekend," Mom told us on a Tuesday night while Dee was taking her bath.

"Just Dee?" I asked, disappointed. We hardly ever saw our dad, and I really liked him.

"Just Dee this time," Mom said. "He's taking her and a couple of her friends to do girl/dad things. And don't pout. He's taken just you and Scotty fishing and camping before. Let him have time with Dee."

I frowned.

"It's not that bad," Jessie said with a smile. "We have a treat for you boys."

Scotty and I perked up.

"One of the judges I work for has a condo on the beach in Galveston,” she explained. “He said we can use it this weekend. Laurie and I are taking Friday off, and the four of us are going to spend all day Friday and Saturday and Sunday, at the beach."

“All, right!” I said. Scotty and I high-fived.

Mom and Jessie came into our room Thursday night, as Scotty and I were packing. "We bought you new swimsuits," Mom told us. "You both needed new ones for the summe. And since you boys are such little studs now, and we thought you might worry about your tan lines, so we got you... these." She held out a couple of white swim briefs. "We got the sizes off the underwear you just bought. Try them on."

Scotty and I took them. "They look awfully small," Scotty said, dangling his. It really did look small.

"So does you underwear, in case you hadn't noticed," Jessie pointed out.

"Well, go on, try them on," Mom said.

"Now? You guys gotta leave the room," I told her.

"Ha!" Jessie said laughing. "It's not like we've never seen you two without clothes. You were born without them, you know."

"Mom!" Scotty whined.

"Oh, all right," Jessie said. She and mom left the room.

The speedos had very short side seams… as in almost none. It was like the suits barely covered our butt cracks in back, and in front, if we'd had pubes, they probably would have shown. As it was, the little valleys between the insides of our hipbones and the V muscles down to our pubic mounds left little gaps between the suits and our skin.

The effect was almost like we were wearing tiny, skin-tight diapers, only diapers would have covered more. Their tiny-ness made our torsos and legs look long. Their snug fit in back made our rounded bottoms look like... well, rounded little butts. In front, they weren't much more than full little nylon sacks of balls and dicks... getting fuller by the moment as we gazed at ourselves in the mirror.

"Shee-it, Scotty," I murmured. "We're hot!"

"Smokin'!" he agreed.

"We can't go out to our moms like this," I complained. Our rising boners were stretching the nylon fabric impossibly far I front, but if we pulled our boners upward, there was no place to put them. They'd pop up over the waistband, or I should say, hipband, even if we pointed them out to the sides.

"They're a little small," we told our moms.

"Why didn't you wear them out so we could have a look at them?" Mom asked.

"Are they too tight?" Jessie asked.

"In places," Scotty answered.

My mom laughed. "Well they're supposed to be tight in places." She waved dismissively. "As long as you can get them on, we won't worry about taking them back. You'll need new ones before long anyway."

Friday morning, we dropped Dee off at Dad's office, and then headed for Galveston. The condo really was on the beach. It was on the sixth floor of the building, facing the gulf, and had floor to ceiling windows across the front. Scotty and I took the smaller of the two bedrooms. Between the two bedrooms was a living room, dining room combination with a kitchen at the back and a balcony out front, overlooking the gulf. On the balcony sat a hot tub. "Oh, wow!" Scotty and I kept saying.

We hauled everything up to the condo as quickly as we could. Scotty and I were so excited about getting down to the water, we didn't even spring boners when we put the new swimsuits on. To be sure, though we pulled on long t-shirts.

"Not so fast," Mom called as we prepared to dash out the door. "Take those shirts off, and let us put sunscreen on you two."

Scotty and I exchanged panicked glances. "Well do each other," I quickly said. "Just give us the sunscreen and we'll put it on down at the beach."

"Yeah, right," Mom said. "Come on, get those shirts off. Besides, we haven't gotten to see you in your new swimsuits yet."

We were trapped. Reluctantly, Scotty and I pulled off our shirts. "Oh, my!" my mom said, softly.

Jessie said nothing for a moment, but just stared.

That made it difficult, because at twelve years old, the harder you try not to spring a boner, the harder the boner is going to spring.

"Here," Mom said, passing a bottle of sunscreen to Jessie. "You do Scott and I'll do David."

I breathed a partial sigh of relief. At least with my own mom putting on the sunscreen, it wouldn't be as hard to keep things down.

They began with our shoulders, back of the neck, and backs... all the way down to the backs of the swimsuits. "Ok," Scotty said, "we can do the rest ourselves."

"Not likely," his mom said. "Let us finish."

They did the backs of our legs, then turned us and did our arms, then our necks and chests. I was trying to think about the beach and the water and getting out of the condo... anything but Mom's hands rubbing cream over my belly and then down onto my legs which were even smoother than hers back then. Her hands brushed my package on both sides as she gooped all the way up to the inseams of the swimsuit. I was miserable; I expected my boner to tear through the nylon of the swimsuit at any second and poke my mom's eye.

Finally she stood, smiling as if trying not to laugh, and did my face and ears. Gratefully, Sonny and I pulled on our shirts and dashed out the door. Behind us, we heard our moms break into laughter.

"That was so not cool!" Scotty said.

Even with t-shirts on that came below the bottoms of our swimsuits, Scotty and I felt a little naked crossing the sand to the edge of the beach. I thought I saw a few people watching us, especially when we dropped our shirts and towels on the sand. We dashed into the water as quickly as we could, and headed out into the swells. The first time we body-surfed on a small wave, we discovered something about the swimsuits. "Oh, dude," I said to Scotty as we stood up in knee deep water, "I can see everything!"

"Me, too," he murmured, swallowing.

Our moms came down to the water just after we had made our discovery. They were in new swimsuits as well... barely. The bottom of Mom's was like hardly more than a string around her hips, with a little triangle of fabric, low in the front, and not a whole lot more in the back, and a little bow on each side, like all you had to do was pull on it, and it'd fall off. Her top was basically made up of little strips of fabric that covered slightly more than her nipples and tied behind her neck. Between her breasts, right in the middle, was another little string bow, and around her back was more string.

Jessie's suit didn't have the bows, but was about the same ratio of string and fabric. The big difference with hers was up top where her fabric strained tighter and her nipples were real easy to see. It was like, easy to see both mom’s breasts, and on Jessie, those breasts looked ready to pop out. Lot's of people stared at them.

"We aren't ever gonna be able to get out of the water," Scotty murmured sadly as our moms approached us, rounded hips swaying.

They weren't exactly walking like normal. They weren't exactly slinking either, but they had their hips out in front, bellies flat, taking longer steps. I tried not to stare, but though mom's suit was red and Jessie’s was blue, and they weren't even wet yet, as they drew closer, we could see things pretty clearly. It was obvious; they'd completely waxed or shaved their pubes. We could see their crevices and the shape of their labia.

"Whoa, dude," I murmured as we backed to waist-deep water with the intention of at least partially hiding our crotches.

They came up to us, grinning. "You like our new swimsuits?" Jessie asked, turning around for us.

"Awesome!" Scotty said. “Yeah, awesome!” I echoed.

"Show us how to ride the waves like you two were doing," Mom said, turning to scan incoming swells. When she did, I couldn't help but notice how, in profile, with her head back and pale, blond hair blowing, she looked a little like those silhouettes on the mud flaps of some trucks, pert breasts and all. Beyond her, I noticed a couple of guys whose eyes looked like they would pop out. They looked like they were in their twenties, and they hadn’t been there a moment before. Mom and Jessie ignored them.

Scotty and I tried to help our moms catch waves, even holding Mom or Jessie up between us, one at a time, and giving them shoves on the butt as the swells came through. Boners sorta came and went, and then our moms got us onto their shoulders for horse fights.

We fought in chest-deep water on Jessie which was like, almost neck deep water for Scotty and me. I was on Mom’s shoulders, trying not to get too hard of a hard-on as my package pressed on the back of her neck. By then, Scotty and I both had given up on completely hiding boners when they came; our moms seemed cool enough with them, as if guys our age getting boners was completely normal.

A guy the age that Scotty and I were, appreciates having an athletic mom. Both our moms were sorta strong and did pretty good as our ‘horses’. At one point, I grabbed Scotty and he held on. We both went over, taking our moms with us. We all got tangled up, and then Jessie had her arm behind the small of my back, pulling me up from under a swell. We sputtered as we broke the surface and she stood up, her arm still behind my back, clutching my belly to hers. Our smooth legs were tangled, mine off the bottom. Her breasts pressed my chest, and my crotch pressed her lower belly. Jessie shook her long, back hair back, water spraying, and then her smiling face, glistening wet was only inches from mine. Her clear eyes were beautiful, her face was beautiful, she was beautiful. I just zoned out on her, and vaguely realized how much Scotty looked like his mom. Jessie looked really happy. Grinning, she gave me a peck on the lips, and then set me down.

I was hard as a rock as Mom picked me up on her shoulders again, and Jessie got Scotty back onto hers. We played hard. Once when we went over, Scotty clutched at Mom, and his hand caught her top. When we came up, her boob was out. I thought Scotty was gonna have a melt down, but Mom just laughed and put it away. At least twice, Jessie’s hand brushed my crotch when we all went over, so I accidentally brushed her breasts. A couple of times, Mom got pieces of my crotch when she grabbed the front of my thighs from behind to lift me onto her shoulders. It wasn’t exactly sexy; it was playing… I thought.

Scotty and I volunteered to take turns being horses, but our moms were too heavy for our shoulders and so we fought with them on our backs, piggy-back style. I felt mostly skin from Mom’s breasts against my back.

“OK, time to head in,” Mom announced. “We don’t want you boys to get sunburned the first day out here. Let’s go in for the heat of the day.”

Walking up from the beach, everyone really did stare at our moms and us; Scotty and me, too… some young guys. We didn’t bother putting our shirts on, and I really liked feeling hot. Scotty and I glanced at the front of each other’s suits and shook our heads; you really could see everything, and our dicks were still sorta thick. He and I sucked in our boy bellies, trying for flat, and headed up onto the sea wall.

The condos had a freshwater pool, and we jumped in to rinse the salt water off. Swimming in the new swimsuits was like swimming naked. The cool water felt great. But the pool was still in the sun. “Time to head up to the room, boys,” Mom announced.

We climbed out. “Davey and I are gonna get in the hot tub,” Scotty announced.

“Not in those swimsuits,” Mom said. “You’ve probably got sand in them, and that won’t be good for the tub, and the hot water won’t be good for the suits.”

Scotty and I glanced at each other. “Do we wear underwear?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly,” Mom said. “Don’t wear anything. We’ll give you a few minutes head start. Leave your suits in the kitchen sink so we can wash them, and just get into the hot tub.”

Scotty and I glanced at each other, shrugged, and dashed for the stairway.

We left our suits in the sink and quickly eased into the hot tub, moving close together. I reached into his lap at the same moment he reached into mine. “I really need a wank,” I said.

“I know,” Scotty agreed. “This is so weird.”

“But sorta cool, you know,” I said. “I mean, our moms are cool. All that horsing around with us like that, and not getting all wired cuz we spring boners.”

“You’re mom felt me up,” Scotty said.

“Yeah, your mom did me. They think it’s funny. They’re like, teasing us; I think it’s cuz they’re sorta proud of how we’re getting good bodies already.”

“Yeah, well, their teasing is gonna give me a permanent stiffy.”

The sliding glass door from the living room opened and our moms leaned out. “How’s the water?” Jessie asked.

We had the tub going, and there were plenty of bubbles to hide us, but we both slid a little lower in the water. “Not very hot,” I told them.

“Oh?” Mom said with a slight frown. She and Jessie came up to the hot tub and dipped their fingers into the water. Scotty and I both covered our crotches under the water. “It’s not so bad,” Mom said.

“It’s not bad at all,” Jessie agreed, taking a seat on the edge of the tub. The tub sat in an enclosure which gave it an eight inch, wooden seat around the top of tub.

“Shall we?” Mom asked.

Jessie smiled and stood up. We watched, dumbfounded as our moms took off their tops, and their bare breasts were… right there! And then, they took off their bottoms. Scotty and I stared, transfixed. And when they lifted their legs to step in, our mouths dropped as we had clear views of everything between their legs. They were bald down there; completely. They had waxed everything.

“Look at them,” Mom said, laughing. “Their eyes couldn’t get any wider.”

Jessie laughed, too, as she took a seat beside me and Mom took a seat beside Scotty; all four of us crowding up down at one end of the tub. “It’s not like we haven’t seen you boys naked before, and you’ve seen us almost naked,” Jessie said.

I swallowed, nodding dumbly, my eyes on her breasts as they floated in the water.

“They probably have erections again,” Mom said. “You know how boys their age are.”

Jessie smiled. “Do you have a hard-on again?” she asked looking right into my eyes.

She was so pretty, and so… naked. I didn’t think to lie; I just nodded dumbly again. We were sitting on a seat that ran around the inside of the hot tub. It angled out so that Scotty and I were leaning back. With our moms so close, it gave us a sort of trapped, helpless feeling. The hard-on I had just admitted to, felt like it was pointing a mile high and I couldn’t back my butt up because of the slope of the seat.

“How big is it?” Jessie asked, reaching into my lap. Her hand closed around my boner, and my mind went completely numb. I laid my head back, closing my eyes, thinking that this couldn’t be happening.

“Oh, Laurie,” Jessie said over the noise of the hot tub. “Your baby boy is packing quite a surprise. He’s quite the little stud.”

“Scotty’s got plenty to be proud of, too,” Mom said. “I told you he did.”

I glanced over through the slit of an eye to see that Mom had her hand in Scotty’s lap. Meanwhile, Jesse felt over my balls and gave a stroke to my shaft, and I could barely breathe. When we got older, both Scotty and I turned out to be hung a little better than average, but back then, what we had may have seemed big because we were still pretty small guys… I mean, twelve, right? Of course, our moms could have been boosting our self esteem.

Jessie’s hand ran up and down inside my thigh. “They’ve got good legs, too,” she said. “Good muscles.” She fondled my floating balls again. I trembled. “Aw, Davey, I’m sorry,” she murmured close to my ear, “I’ve gotten you all tense. I didn’t mean to do that.

She pulled me a little away from Scotty, and the next thing I knew, she was sitting astride my lap, facing me, rubbing the muscles on the side of my neck. “Relax, baby,” she said, her forehead touching mine. “Here,” she said, finding my hands under the water and lifting them to her breasts. “Caressing a woman’s breasts relaxing for a man,” she said softly.

Yeah, right! I thought, or barely thought. My mind was on Jessie’s boobs. They were absolutely perfect… perfectly shaped, perfect complexion, not too big, but full looking, dark nipples… they filled my hands, all wet and slippery… and I did caress them.

Jessie smiled, a much different smile than I had ever seen before. “That feels nice, Davey” she murmured. She shifted. Grasping my shoulders, she pulled her knees up and out to her sides so that her bottom slid forward into my lap. Suddenly and electrically, I felt her bald labia press my cock up against my belly. My heart raced.

Jessie’s face moved very close to mine. I caught my breath, as her lips gently touched mine. I took a shuddering breath through my nostrils. She pressed her lips more firmly. Her tongue probed at my lips, and when I opened my mouth, she thrust it in, while at the same time grinding forward, pressing the crevice of her vulva firmly on my upturned shaft.

My head fell back against the rim of the tub, but Jessie stayed with me, probing with her tongue. Finally, she let me catch my breath. She put her mouth to my ear. “Have you boys started shooting cum yet?” she asked in a whisper.

“No,” I croaked in an amazingly hoarse voice.

“Good,” she whispered. She shifted, lifting off me a moment, and I felt her hand on my shaft. Then the impossible happened. I felt her rub my crown in her crevice, felt her fleshy lips slide over my head, and suddenly her warmth sheathed me… sliding down over my crown and shaft, her vagina caressing, tightening, her pelvic bones pressing all the way down into my lap, driving my boner up into her as far as it would go.

I gasped. She wrapped her arms behind my neck, and her mouth covered mine again. All this time, my hands had been on her breasts; I squeezed them now, mindlessly, as she slowly ground around on my shaft, driving my dick up into her vagina. I drove up my hips reflexively.

“Jessie, honey, look at your boy,” Mom said.

Jessie twisted in my lap and I lifted my head to look past her. What I saw took a moment to register because almost all I could think of were the feelings from Jessie’s weight in my lap and my cock completely embedded in her snug warmth. But on the opposite side of the tub, Mom had Scotty on his back on the wooden seat around the hot tub. His thin legs dangled off on either side, and Mom was sitting between them, pointing Scotty’s upward-curving twig of a cock at the ceiling. She had the base between her thumb and finger, and using them, she made Scotty’s cock do a circle in the air. “Isn’t it gorgeous, Jessie?” Mom asked Jessie with a grin. “Isn’t he gorgeous?”

Jessie nodded. Poor Scotty’s eyes were closed and his head was lolling.

As we watched, Mom lowered her mouth to Scotty’s dick and licked all over the crown. She took it into her mouth and took its length all the way into her throat. I was amazed to see her mouth and nose press his belly. She bobbed once, twice. Then she lifted her head and patted Scotty’s belly. “You’re beautiful, baby,” she said.

Keeping his cock in her hand, Mom got up and moved up to straddle his hips. Her slender, hairless legs looked almost like a boy’s as she bent one to steady herself on the seat inside the hot tub and planted her other foot outside the tub on the balcony floor. I watched unbelievingly as she pointed Scotty’s dick up between her legs and eased down onto Scotty’s lap, taking his boner up inside her.

Jessie turned back to me and smiled. She took my face in both hands and kissed me. “Let’s do that, baby. Lie down on the edge of the tub like Scotty’s doing.”

I didn’t want to move my cock from inside Jessie, but she rose off me. Dreamily, I climbed up onto the edge of the hot tub across from Mom and Scotty, and lay back with my legs over either side like Scotty. “Laurie, look at your boy,” Jessie said, pointing my cock upward. “Both proud little studs, aren’t they?”

I glanced over. Mom was leaning forward over Scotty, her hands on the tub edge on either side of his neck. She was grinding her pelvis against his, but she paused to look over at us. Then she smiled at me. I mean, it was my mom, fucking my best friend, smiling at me because I had a nice boner, that her best friend had just been riding. It was as unreal as a movie… except that the sex was incredibly real and we were incredibly naked.

Then Mom bent down, and holding the side of Scotty’s face, she kissed him and began probing his mouth with her tongue like Jessie had done mine. Scotty reached up for my mom’s breasts. He looked sorta small under her, and his hands, which I always thought so big for our age, like a puppy’s paws are big on a puppy, didn’t look so big on her breasts.

Turning back, I watched Jessie straddle my hips, and then take the base of my cock in a couple of fingers. She point it up into her crevice, and then lowered herself. It was like slow motion, the tendons stretching between her legs, the puffy lips of her labia parting for my crown, my crown disappearing, and then my shaft slowly vanishing as she slid down until it was gone completely and she was spread flat on my lap, and my cock was sheathed by the most amazing, caressing, warmth… and then Jessie’s sheath slid up and down… deliciously over… my crown and cock.

Jessie bent over me the way mom was doing to Scotty, and like Scotty, I reached up for two handfuls of breast. She smiled at me; her eyes, heavy lidded as I enjoyed her breasts. She ground her pelvis on mine, forward and back. I pulled up my knees behind her to stay buried as much as I could. Her eyes closed a moment in concentration and pleasure. Watching her face, it blew my mind that I was giving a grown, beautiful woman pleasure. She noticed me watching, and smiled. Bending down farther over me, she covered my mouth with hers, and this time, my tongue did the probing, into her mouth.

Jessie ground and ground and suddenly, I was letting go of her breasts and clutching at her sides. My voice hadn't changed yet, and I remember the high sound of it as my head arched back and I went "Uh! Uh! Uh!", grunting with each of her hard grinds, pawing at her sides. Dry orgasms for preteens who aren't shooting yet can go on quite a while, and powerfully. Mine was still going when I heard Jessie's soft, "Ah!, Ah!, Ah!". Her insides tightened on me, and I shuddered uncontrollably.

And then it was over. Jessie nuzzled my face. "*Way to go, tiger!" she whispered. Carefully, she rose off me and lifted me by the hand. When you're twelve, erections don't always go away with the first, dry orgasm. My stiffy pointed skyward, all wet and slick as I got up, and Jessie smiled at me.

She led me by the hand to the sliding glass door to the master bedroom. I glanced back to see Mom, looking all slender and athletic, grinding solidly over Scotty's smaller body. Her breast dangled free because Scotty's hands clutched at her shoulders. She was watching his face, almost tenderly, like a mother and a child. Cradling his cheek in her hand, she bent even lower over him, kissing softly on the lips… tenderly as a mother, as a lover. She kissed over his face; her wet, blond hair, back behind her ears, a contrast to Scotty's thick, wet mop of black. Scotty's body tensed and he arched back, going, "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

“Davey,” Jessie said softly, pulling me into the bedroom.


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