Jack Edwards

Tan Lines 2

Jessie slid the door closed behind us and pulled me into her arms, trapping my upturned boner against her bald pubic mound. Her breasts pressed my collar bones. She was half a head taller than me, and smoothing my wet hair back along the sides of my head, she smiled gently down into my eyes. "Are you alright, Davey?"

She looked beautiful at that moment; her dark eyes so large and clear, her arching eyebrows so perfectly shaped, her wet hairline so thick and glistening, and her lips in that gentle smile. I wrapped my arms behind her, laying my hands up high on her back, and nodded dreamily. My lips parted; I wanted her to kiss me again. Jessie's smile broadened, and taking my face in her hands, she did just that.

She eased into my mouth with her tongue casually, familiarly, teaching. I rubbed my boner up against the soft lips of her pussy and the hardness of her pubic mound, and slid my hands down to her narrow waist and then onto the flair of her bottom. She lifted her mouth from mine and her eyes gazed into mine. "You like my body, Davey?" she asked softly.

I nodded. "You're awesome," I murmured.

A small smile spread on her lips. "Come to the bed, baby. We'll do a little show and tell." She took me by the hand and led me to the bed. Climbing onto it, she sat back against the headboard, spreading her legs wide and pulling up her knees. It opened her wide to me. Jessie patted the bed, right between her legs. "Get close, Davey, and I'll teach you about girls."

I got onto the bed on all-fours, bending close to her bald pubic area. Jessie was thirty-two that summer, and in great shape from hours of tennis each week with my mom. Her legs were lean, her belly flat, and all tendons and muscles between her legs were taut. Even her breasts looked firm and ripe… and that’s the right word. They looked… ripe; their small shapes, full, the skin lighter, as if stretched.

The vertical crevice between her legs was slightly parted at the top, and more apart at the bottom. "These," Jessie said, drawing her finger up her pussy lips, first one, then the other, "are a girl's labia. Feel them. The skin is very soft, like the skin on your dick."

I ran my fingertip over them. She was right.

"They are sensitive," she said. "It feels good to have them rubbed. If a girl lets you rub her there, even through her pants, she'll wind up opening her legs to you." Jessie laughed lightly. "Should I be telling you this?"

I nodded enthusiastically, and Jessie laughed again, reaching forward to muss the top of my head. She pulled apart the tops of her labia. "See that little nub there? That's my clitoris, or clit. It gets hard and swells when I get excited, just like your dick does, only it’s much, much smaller, of course. But it is just like a tiny little dick, see? It’s hard now. And it's very sensitive, just like the head of your penis. Don't rub on a girl’s clitoris directly unless she tells you to.” She leaned forward, confidentially. “If you use your tongue on it, very gently, you'll drive a girl crazy."

She laid her fingertips on either labia and pulled them apart, opening up like a butterfly. "This is all very sensitive. Do you see my opening, down at the bottom? That’s the opening to my vagina. My vagina is like a long, narrow tube. Your cock was inside it while ago. It dilates very wide when a girl has a baby, of course, but the rest of the time, it’s a narrow tube, just wide enough for a boy to slide into, but narrow enough to make the slide feel really good to both the boy and the girl."

I nodded. Her labia were parted enough for me to see her entrance, down at the bottom. I could see inside the rim; I could see the damp, smooth membrane lining her vagina. On her, it was darker than her skin. "You can put your finger inside if you want," she said. "See what it feels like."

Cautiously, I touched just inside the entrance.

"It's still very damp," Jessie said. "When a girl gets excited, she gets wet down there so that it's easier for a boy to slip inside her. When you're older, you'll make precum; that's what a boy makes, and it's very slippery. It comes out the end of your cock, and it makes it easier to slide into a girl as well." She smiled. "My pussy is wet, Davey, because you got me very excited." She stroked my head. "I'm excited still." I was still on all-fours. Jessie leaned her head sideways to look under my belly. "You’re still excited, too," she said with a grin.

She looked back down at my finger, touching her opening. "Slide your finger farther in," she said. "Feel around."

I did.

"Do you feel that little seam inside? That tiny little ridge?"

I nodded.

"Not every girl has a definite seam up the middle like that, but that spot feels real good to a girl. If you use your finger or tongue, remember that."

I slid my finger up and down it.

"Oh!" Jessie sighed, her eyes drooping.

I bent closer, sniffing. She smelled of salt water and chlorine, but I could smell her sex. It made me harder.

"Why don't we do a sixty-nine and you can play with it? Do you know what a sixty-nine is?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, nodding.

Jessie got down onto her side and cocked her leg up to open herself to me. I moved around to present my rock-hard boner to her and felt her close her hand over my balls and around the base of my shaft. "You go ahead and explore," she said. "Do whatever you want to or feel like doing. In the meantime, I'll do a little exploring of my own."

I glanced down between our bodies at her, and she winked at me. Then, as I watched, she took my dick into her mouth, all the way down to the base. For a moment, I just zoned out, especially when she bobbed, swirled my crown, and bobbed again.

Trying to clear my head, I turned to examine her more closely between the legs. I sniffed. I felt with my fingers. I felt her labia with my lips. They were very soft. Tentatively, I stuck the tip of my tongue into the top of her crevice, where she had shown me her clitoris. I felt the hard knob at the same time Jessie moaned to let me know I hit the spot. I felt over it with the tip of my tongue, very, very slowly with a sort of dabbing motion, then I began lightly sweeping the tip of my tongue over it, like I was licking it clean.

"Oh, baby," Jessie pulled off of my cock to moan. "That's very good."

I did a little more. Then I drew the tip of my tongue down the crevice between the lips of her labia, down to her entrance. She smelled stronger there, but very good; very heady to a twelve-year-old boy. I pressed in with my tongue to taste, but there wasn't much taste. The lining inside her vagina reminded me of the lining inside my cheek, especially feeling it with my tongue.

"Your licking feels good," Jessie murmured. "Lick around inside. For me, it will feel like this," she said, licking down my shaft and over my balls.

So I licked her; more and more enthusiastically as I relaxed and got into it. I licked over, around, inside, up and down. Jessie's slender legs were muscular and flexed as I felt up and down inside her thighs. She moved her pelvis under my tongue; that young-female-in-heat kind of moving that’s so intoxicating for any male, even one who was still a pre-teen.

Jessie worked over my cock with growing enthusiasm. Flicking the tip of my tongue on her clitoris seemed to prompt a huge effect, so I concentrated there, working all over it while Jessie went crazy on my boner. Warmth and scent grew dense at her opening, she thrust her pelvis at my face, and suddenly, she was very wet. Her mouth and tongue had me close to another dry climax, and I probed desperately at her clit with my tongue. We exploded into a climax together, and kept going, and going, until Jessie rolled onto her back with a huge sigh. "Oh, baby," she murmured, laying the back of her forearm over her eyes. "No man has ever done me like that."

I propped up on my elbow. "You liked it?" I asked hopefully.

She chuckled and held out her hands to me. I reversed positions and crawled into her arms. Jessie hugged my body to hers. "You were wonderful, Davey. Honestly… incredible."

I grinned happily. And then my eyes dropped to where her breasts flattened against my chest. She noticed. "You like my boobs, honey?' Jessie asked softy.

I looked up at her and nodded.

Smiling, she loosened her hold on me. "Explore them, too if you want."

I did, and Jessie pointed out the areolas and the nipples and how they reacted to stimulation and how to use my tongue on them or my fingertip. "They're hard right now, Jessie," I said, observing the obvious.

She chuckled. "So is your dick," she replied. She could feel it against her hip. "Does that thing ever go soft?"

"Uh-uh," I said, grinning... grinning the way a twelve-year-old boy does when he is truly relaxed.

She brushed my red hair back off my forehead; it had begun to dry. She smiled at me. "Do you want to put that stick of yours back up inside me?"

"Yessss," I whispered, gazing into her eyes earnestly.

Jessie was still on her back. She spread her legs for me. "Go for it, Tiger. We'll let you do the driving this time."

Shifting, I moved over her. Supporting myself up over her on my hands, I dropped my hips between her legs. Jessie pulled her knees up, which rotated her vagina upward. I used my hips to poke around for her with my dick, and quickly found the spot. I worked the crown in, and slowly sunk in.

"Oh, geez!" she murmured. "Talk about natural talent. You had no trouble doing that at all."

I smiled as I lay down onto her and rested my head on her breasts. It sounded like I had done well. I closed my eyes, held on to her sides, and moved my boner around inside her… feeling. Even then, my cock was definitely longer than my fingers, and it reached much farther up inside her. The warm, damp lining of her vagina felt very different, sheathed around my cock, than it had felt to my finger. That tube insider her she told me about, caressed my dick and slid up and down over my shaft and crown as I moved around, just like she said it would. It really was like I had slid my cock into a snug tube. I moaned softly.

"You like how that feels?" Jessie asked, stroking the back of my head as the side of my face rested on her breasts.

"Um-hum," I murmured.

"I do, too," she said softly.

I lifted my head and closed my mouth over one of her nipples. I tongued around her areola the way she had said to. I sucked, and began to pump my hips. Her breasts excited me, and I pumped faster as I sucked.
Jessie's fingers swept up and down my back. "Oh, baby," she whispered. "Faster feels good."

So I went even faster. A twelve-year-old boy can pump his hips pretty damn fast. I rabbit pumped her, between sucks on one nipple then the other. She moaned. She pawed my back. She planed her heels on the bed, outside my hips and moved her pelvis around under me as I thrust faster and faster. I pounded our pubes together. "Oh, yes," she said with a gasp. "Bang me!"

I banged, rapid-fire. Jessie moaned louder and arched back under me, and I kept going, and going. She wrapped her arms around the backs of my shoulders tightly and hung on as I alternated a grinding circle or two every once in a while with my pounding, and I suckled on her breasts. She squirmed and moaned and made soft cries. It excited me incredibly that I seemed to be whipping Jessie to a frenzy.

She held my shoulders tightly, but my hips flopped all around, banging, grinding. Before long, Jessie began crying out. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" I felt it get all slippery inside her. And then she just stayed all tense, holding my shoulders very tightly while I frenzy-fucked, and finally, got my own Ahs.

Only when I slowed down, did Jessie relax under me. "Holy shit," she murmured. "Maybe size really doesn't matter."

"Hmm?" I murmured, nuzzling between her breasts, eyes closed, smelling her warm, damp skin.

"Never mind, baby," she said softly. "You'll never have that problem anyway." She stroked the back of my head. "Let's nap."

"Um-hum," I murmured, relaxing.

"Your cock will finally get soft now, won't it?" she asked after a moment, a chuckle in her voice.

"Um-hum," I murmured, but I was asleep before my dick was soft enough to slip out of her.

"Davey," Jessie said quietly.

I lifted my head off her breast, startled, trying to remember where I was.

"I hear Laurie and Scott out in the living room. We haven't eaten lunch yet. Are you hungry?"

It had been comfortable, sleeping, my naked body on hers. Until she mentioned food, I was reluctant to get up. But I nodded and rolled off her. I sat up, rubbing my eyes.

She mussed my hair. "Sleepy head."

Jessie got off the bed, and opened the door to the living room. For an instant, I had an Awk-I'm-not-dressed reaction, and then I realized how stupid that was. I got up and followed her out.

Mom was in the kitchen. Scotty sat on a stool at the breakfast bar. I came up beside him, and stood awkwardly, head down. He wouldn't look at me either. What could I say? I had just fucked his mom, and he had just fucked mine.

Our moms watched us a moment. "Why don't you two boys go sit in the hot tub," Mom suggested. "We won't bother you. Just talk while we get some sandwiches made."

Heads down, we both went out onto the balcony. We stood looking at the hot tub, but neither of us made a move to get in. Instead, Scotty stepped to the outside of the hot tub, away from the sliding door, and sat down with his back to the tub enclosure. Whether it was so they wouldn’t see us, or we wouldn’t see them, I wasn’t sure, but I sat down onto the cool concrete of the balcony floor beside him. We stretched our legs straight out and settled, shoulder to shoulder.

"Weird shit, huh?" he said.

"Doesn't get any weirder."

He glanced at me. "We still friends."

I looked at him. "Of course."

He looked back out at the gulf sky. There were no clouds, only a pale, hazy blue sky. Seagulls cried nearby; it sounded like someone was feeding them. I gazed out, too.

"Do you think they did it cuz they caught us sexing together?" Scotty asked. "Like, do you think they're trying to turn us on to girls cuz they think we're gay?"

I shrugged. "Won't turn me off to you," I said. I patted his bare thigh, and left my hand there.

He patted mine, and left his hand there.

"You don't think they'll like, try to make us sleep separate or break us up or anything like that, do you?" Sonny asked.

"No," I said, truthfully. "They're not acting like it." I turned to him, and squeezed his thigh. We had slept together, actually on each other, since we were nine. We had sexed most nights for the last two years. I didn’t know how to say what I felt about him. Words like best friend or brother just didn’t seem to fit right. “Scotty,” I said, "I wouldn't let them split us up. I mean, like other than my mom, you're like, the most important person to me... ever... more important even than my dad and Dee. We’re tight, right? You can’t get tighter than we are."

Scotty nodded and patted my thigh. He looked into my eyes and his brow knitted with sincerity. "The tightest!"

Maybe because I'd been kissing with Jessie; I had an impulse. Scotty and I had never, ever kissed, but I wanted to kiss him now. I lifted my palm under the side of his jaw and held it as I brought my lips close to his. I paused there, our faces so close that his breath was on my lips and mine on his. A twelve-year-old boy can be quite pretty, even to another twelve-year-old boy, and Scotty seemed as beautiful… no… more beautiful to me than his mom. I kissed him. "You’re better than a brother," I said softly, keeping my lips close to his.

He reached behind my head and pulled our mouths together. This time, we opened our mouths to each other and probed in with our tongues and it was wildly exciting for totally different reasons than it had been exciting with Jessie. It was exciting because I was kissing another boy. It was exciting because I was kissing Scotty.

"We gonna keep sexing together?" he asked, pausing with our lips lightly in contact, making the answer obvious.

"All the time," I said.

He nodded very slightly, and we kissed again. We wrapped our arms around each other, and twisted at the hips to face each other more, I felt Scotty melt into me a little. I melted into him, too, relaxing with the boy I slept with every night; the tensions of sexing with our moms sliding away. There wasn’t a better feeling in the world than holding Scotty in that moment. We kissed a long time. Despite all the sexing earlier, our dicks thickened, and rolled up onto our legs.

Finally, we broke the kiss, and leaned back against the tub enclosure with twin sighs. Scotty looped his arm through mine and laid his leg over mine. We pulled our sides closer together, leaned our heads back, and gazed up at the sky.

"How was my mom?" he asked.

"*Un-be-liev-a-ble," I told him. "How was mine?"

"Dude," he said, "you don't wanna know."

"Your mom," I said, "like, showed me everything, and told me what girls like and how to turn them on."

"Yeah, Laurie showed me, too."

"Think they're gonna wanna sex some more?"

Scotty shrugged. "We got all weekend."

"Boys?" we heard Jessie say. We looked up to find her coming around the hot tub to us. Then she realized that from the waist up, she was visible from the beach, and quickly crossed her arms over her breast. "Shit!" Then she smiled at us. “Lunch is ready.”

We got up and followed her in.

"You two, OK?" Mom asked as we sat down at the small table. It was one of those oval-shaped dinette kinds of tables. Scotty and I sat across from each other at the middle, our moms took the ends.

"Oh, yeah," we both answered. I glanced at Scotty. "*Really OK," I said with a smile, and then I smiled at Jessie to let her know I was still cool with her, too. I felt her toe press softly against my foot as she smiled back. It felt so weird to be sitting down to eat as if we weren’t all naked, and then having Jessie nudge my foot under the table.

Mom nodded her, that’s-good, nod. Then her eye caught mine. “Jessie says you were a little tiger this morning.” Mom’s smile was close to a smirk. “Did you have fun?”

“Whoa, did I!” I murmured around a bite of sandwich. Jessie’s foot nudged mine again. Then she looked over to Scotty.

“Did you have fun, Scotty?” Jessie asked her son.

“Um-hum,” he said, nodding happily and glancing at Mom while he chewed a bite of food.

“Do you boys want to have more… fun later?” Mom asked with a wink at Jessie.

“Oh, yeah!” I managed to say a moment before Scotty said the same thing. And then, under the table, I felt his foot on mine, the one his mom wasn’t nudging, as if to say, whatever goes on, we’re still tight.

"Well let's eat,” Mom said. “Then we can go down to the water for a while, and you boys can show off your sexy swimsuits."

“Yeah,” Scotty said with an almost leering grin. “We’re gonna show off your sexy swim suits.”

Mom leaned forward over the table toward him. “And what makes you think we weren’t showing them off for you?”

Damn! My mom was making sexy talk at the table with my best friend. Way weird.

“We can try body surfing again,” Jessie said, lightening the mood.

It was still surreal as we sat there and began to talk about swimming and the beach and maybe watching a pay-per-view movie later, all like we weren't sitting there naked, and as if we hadn't sexed at all.

We finished eating, and cleared the table. "More sunscreen," Jessie said, grabbing up a bottle and taking me by the hand. She stood me in the middle of the room, and much like our moms had that morning, she applied sunscreen, beginning with my shoulders, only this time, without the small swim briefs in the way, she did my butt and up between my legs, rubbing behind my balls. By the time she turned me to face her, I was hard again.

Jessie glanced at Mom and Scotty. Scotty was in the same condition as me. “They sure have a hair trigger, don’t they?” Jessie said to Mom with a chuckle.

Mom smiled at Scotty as she turned him to face her. “I’m glad they do,” she said. And then she pulled Scotty into an embrace. The top of his head only came to her chin, so her breasts were right at his throat. I started to laugh, but then Scotty turned his face upward and Mom kissed him. Her hands lightly swept his back before she cupped his fleshy, little bottom and squeezed both globes.

I glanced at Jessie, and grinning, she gave me a peck on the lips before sunscreening my shoulders. She worked over my arms, chest, and belly the way Mom had that morning. Then my legs; applying lotion everywhere except my boner and my balls, but finally, she took my erection in her lotioned hand and smoothed sunscreen over it. “Don’t want you to get burned through that swimsuit of yours,” she said with a smile while my knees got all wobbly.

She even, lightly spread sunscreen over the skin of my scrotum, being careful to no pressure either testicle. By then, despite having sexed so much only a couple of hours before, my dick was achingly hard. She handed me the lotion. “Now me,” she said with a grin.

To say it was fun would be a huge understatement. For a boy of twelve to lotion a beautiful, naked woman was far, far better than anything imaginable. I was thorough; very thorough. And when I was on my knees, finishing up with the fronts of her legs, I kissed between them. I kissed her labia and took a deep breath of her. Then I tentatively probed with the tip of my tongue into the top of her crevice, looking for her clitoris.

“Baby,” she murmured, laying her hands on the back of my head. “You keep that up and we won’t make it down to the beach.”

Scotty looked at what I was doing, and quickly did the same to Mom. For a few moments, the room was very, very quiet except for the sound of the waves outside.

“Oh, hell!” Jessie murmured. She took me by the hand and backed up to one of the stools at the breakfast bar. There, she planted her bottom at the front edge of the bar stool, resting her heels on a rung that ran around the legs of the chair. She opened her legs wide to me and pulled me close between them. It was about the right height; actually, just a hair short. I bent my knees slightly, and pointed my boner downward at her opening. Jessie sucked in her belly, and resting her forearms on my shoulders, she curved her back, angling better for me.

I found her opening with my crown, and slid in. Jessie wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her mouth to mine. I took hold of her bottom, and ground in. On the next stool beside us, Mom took the same position as Jessie, and Scotty stepped up between Mom’s legs.

The room grew quiet except for the steady, dual slapping of laps between legs.

We built a sand castle that afternoon, the four of us. Lots of people came by to admire it, or rather, steal glances at our moms or us, or all of us. A couple of young guys, like fourteen or so, started helping, ogling our moms. Then a guy about sixteen stopped to help, and he ogled Scotty and me. It got to be a pretty big, and fancy, sand castle.

When we went into the water to wash off, our entourage followed us. When the sixteen-year-old guy started washing Scotty’s and my backs, and butts, the fourteen-year-old guys did the same for our moms. Our moms let them, and I could tell they were getting a kick out of it. All three of our helpers had on baggy swimsuits, but their bulges were nevertheless, obvious.

We played in the surf, and the sixteen-year-old copped feels of Scotty and me. Standing in chest-deep water, we copped some feels of our own. But when the fourteen-year-olds tried some of the same with our moms, our moms shut them down, and the two guys drifted off. The other guy stayed with us while we body surfed, but then drifted away when we started horse fighting off our mom’s shoulders again.

We swam in the pool again when we were done. Once, back in the room, I showered with Jessie and we washed each other. Scotty bathed with Mom. Then we all dressed up in nice shorts and shirts and went out for supper, on sort of a double date.

Afterward, we watched a movie. Mom and Scotty had the couch. I sat back in Jessie’s arms on the floor, and she stroked my hair as we watched.

I undressed her that night. She had a bra on, and taught me how to unfasten it. We sixty-nined again, and when she was really juicy, she rolled to her back and I crawled up between her legs. We fell asleep when we were done, just like we had that afternoon; with me still inside her.

When I woke in the morning with morning wood, I took a piss and kept it hard until I got back to bed. Jessie lay sleeping on her stomach. “Oh, Tiger,” Jessie murmured into her pillow when I rubbed her bottom. “Let me sleep a little longer.”

So I got up from the bed and went out to the kitchen. I poured myself some orange juice and turned on the TV to Saturday morning kid shows. A moment later, Scotty came out. He looked like he was getting over morning wood as well.

“Did you and Mom sex?” I asked as casually as if I was asking if he’d had breakfast yet.

Sleepily, Scotty shook his head. “She’s sleeping.”

“Yeah, your mom, too.”

Scotty nodded, and headed to the fridge.

We watched TV until our moms made it out and Jessie fixed us all breakfast. By then, it was ten in the morning, and Scotty and I wanted to go down to the beach. Mom and Jessie were being lazy, though and just sat there. So I got behind Mom, pulling her pale, blond hair back off her shoulders; she had very fine, soft hair. Then I began squeezing her shoulders the way I knew she liked, while she and Jessie talked.

Mom had good shoulders with tennis muscles. After the previous twenty-four hours, it was impossible to not think of Mom sexually, especially with us all naked. I’d been eyeing her breasts at breakfast; high, firm, separate mounds… and now, I massaged over her shoulders, and then down onto her chest. “That’s enough,” she said, but made no move to stop me and kept talking to Jessie. So I massaged lower, and holding my breath, massaged down onto her breasts. Mom grew quiet a moment as I lifted and caressed them. Jessie’s eyes were on Mom’s face. Then Mom stopped my hands. “If you boys want to go on down to the beach, go ahead,” she said, “but sunscreen first.”

Since neither she nor Jessie got up from the table, I assumed they meant for Scotty and I to sunscreen ourselves. Instead, I stepped behind Mom with one of the lotion bottles and began on the back of her neck and shoulders. Scotty did the same with Jessie. The two women grew quiet. And then Jessie closed her eyes and made a comfortable, purring sound as Scotty’s hands moved down onto her breasts.

Well, if he could, I should be able to. I slid my hands down onto Mom’s breasts, lifting, caressing once more, but now with lotion. My chin was in the nape of her neck, my cheek pressed against the side of her neck. I kissed the hollow under her ear, and Mom laid her head back onto my shoulder.

I circled her nipples with my finger tips. They were hard. I rolled them gently between my thumbs and fingers, feeling them. I sucked on the side of her neck… maybe I’d seen it done in a movie once; it was sort of natural to do. I slid a hand lower on her belly and felt her suck it in, tensing under my fingers. I needed more lotion.

Keeping one hand on her belly, I picked the lotion bottle up off where I’d set it on the table. Then keeping my hand on her belly, I came around to her side. The chairs were the swiveling kind and with my hands on her knees, I swiveled her to face me. Her head was back, eyes closed. I squirted more lotion on my fingers and then worked up her legs and on to her thighs, slowly spreading her knees and moving up between them.

At the other end of the table, Scotty followed my lead, doing the same with his mom. I spread the lotion over Mom’s stomach and up onto her breasts. With her head back, they were high and open. She had muscles in her chest and belly. I could feel them. I massaged her breasts again from this angle, and then worked lotion onto her belly, all the way down to just above her pubic mound.

Bending, I planted my lips, firmly, at the top of her crevice. I took a deep whiff of her. Her female scent was rich, but familiar with the scent of my own mom. Grabbing both sides of her bottom, I pulled her butt forward to the edge of the chair and lotioned all the way up the insides of her legs. And then, I rubbed lotion onto her pussy, and with my fingers, rubbed her labia. My breath quickened. Jessie had said that if a girl let you rub her there, she would wind up opening her legs to you.

Mom’s head was still back. Now it lolled. Sliding my hand downward between her legs, I bent once more to place my lips between her legs. This time, I probed the top of her slit with my tongue, finding that her clitoris was already hard. I swept it with just the tip of my tongue, and Mom shuddered. I kept it up, rubbing lower on her labia with my hand, slipping my finger into her opening. She was wet, very wet.

I wanted to do it right. I wanted to show Mom that I was a tiger. Rising to my feet, I took both her hands and lifted her. I was terrified of breaking the spell, but Mom came up, dreamily. I managed to get my boner between her legs as she stood, and it pressed up under her vulva as I held her and nuzzled between her breasts. She wrapped her arms around my head and kissed the top of my hair, and I knew then, that she was going to let me.

Taking her by the hand, I led her to the room she had shared the night before with Scotty. Glancing back, I saw his head between his mom’s legs. I closed the door behind us, keeping Mom’s hand firmly in mine. I took her to the bed and laid her back onto it, moving over her on all-fours.

Her head was back on the pillow, her pale hair around her head like a halo. I gazed down into her clear, blue eyes; eyes which stared up into my own with a vague helplessness. I kissed her lips, softly. Then I backed down her and she opened her legs.

As I had done the day before with Jessie, I supported myself up on my arms and used my hips to poke around for her opening. Mom reached down, and grabbing my boner, guided it to the spot.

I pushed in and felt my Mom’s vagina slide smoothly over my crown and down my shaft, caressing. I moaned as I hit bottom. I looked down at my bald pubic mound pressed flush to hers, and felt the press of our pubic bones. I looked up at Mom, and she looked away. I lay down onto her, reaching with my hands to grab the fronts of her shoulders, nuzzling into her breasts. “Mom,” I said softly. “I love you.”

“Oh, baby,” Mom whispered, wrapping her arms over my head. She kissed the top of my hair again and held me to her breasts. I circled my hips, moving around inside her, comfortably. She pulled her knees up, taking me deeper.

Closing my mouth over her right nipple, I began to pump. She felt slightly cooler inside than Jessie, as in temperature cooler. But she was just as snug, just as luxurious feeling on my boner. I sucked and she stroked the back of my head. I switched to the other nipple, sucking it. She moaned softly.

I kissed between her breasts, and then rested my chin there, looking up at her. Mom’s head was on the pillow, but her eyes were looking straight down at mine. “You ready for me to be a tiger?” I asked, and then grinned.

She laughed, and looked relieve as if my grin had removed any last misgivings about what we were doing. She mussed my hair. “Yeah, Davey, be a tiger.”

“Hold on to me,” I warned, grabbing her by her sides. She closed her arms around my shoulders as I closed my mouth over her right nipple once more. And then, with my hips, I let loose.

Mom smiled and stroked back my hair as we lay on our sides, facing each other, afterward. “You really are a little tiger,” she said softly. Then her brow furrowed. “Are you OK, Davey?”

I smiled. “Yeah.”


“Yeah, really.” I studied her face. “Are you OK?”

She smiled, sadly. “Yes. But this wasn’t supposed to happen. Jessie was supposed to be with you and I was supposed to be with Scotty.”

I frowned slightly. “Was all this because of Scotty and me sexing?”

Mom’s sad smile grew sadder, and she stroked my hair more softly. Then she shook her head slightly. “We know it’s too late to undo what’s between you and Scotty. I’m not sure I’d even want to. But we didn’t want you two boys to wind up only liking… you know, boys.” She laid her hand on the side of my face. “Neither of you have a good male roll model around, and we worried for you.” Then her smile lightened. “You really are a beautiful boy, Davey, and I don’t say that, just because I’m your mom. You and Scotty are both,” she grinned, “hot little studs.”

She rolled to her back, hand behind her head, her other hand drawing me closer. I cocked a leg over hers, pressing my now mostly-soft dick to her hip. I laid my hand on her breast, just covering it. “Jessie and I kept talking about how ‘hunky’ you two were becoming,” she said, “and how, if we were girls your age, we’d eat you up. And then I told Jessie about finding you and Scotty having sex together, and after we had a bit too much wine that night, she leaned back in my arms…” Mom stopped suddenly, realizing what she had said.

“We know you sex together, Mom,” I told her, matter-of-factly. “We’ve known for a long time.”

Her head rolled and she glanced down at me.

“Really,” I assured her.

Mom sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You boys aren’t dumb.” She stroked my hair a moment. “Anyway,” she said, continuing, “remember, we’d had a bit of wine… anyway, Jessie said, just point blank, ‘I have the hots for Davey,’ and I looked at her and laughed, and said I had the hots for Scotty, and why didn’t we make sure you two found out that girls can be fun, too. Then Jessie said, ‘And they’ll – meaning you and Scotty – will make great male companionship for us. If our boys like it, they can get laid all they want, and we can get laid all we want without having to put out for some guys who’d want to move in and take over.” She glanced at me. “Do we ever sound like we don’t like men?”

I snickered. “Sometimes.”

“Well,” she said, giving my back a vigorous rub, “we like some men. We like a certain couple of young men a lot.”

I lifted my head and looked into her eyes. “Scotty and I are gonna keep sexing together,” I said. “We’re gonna keep sleeping in the same bed, too.”

Mom nodded. “I understand.”

Then I frowned. “I don’t have to sex only with Jessie, right? I can sex with you, too?”

Mom studied me a moment, then chuckled and mussed my hair again. “I suppose, from time to time.” She sighed. “Truth is, both Jessie and I have had the hots for our own sons as well as each other’s.”

“Really?” I asked with a grin.

Mom smiled and nodded. “Yeah, really.”

“And I did OK? Sexing I mean?”

“Oh, baby,” she said with a sincere grin, “more than OK. Way more than OK.


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