Jack Edwards

Tan Lines 3

It was almost eleven that morning before we finally made it out onto the beach. After depositing our belongings on a couple of beach towels, Scotty and I ran ahead of our moms into the water. They followed as Scotty and I tumbled, wrestled, and jostled together until we were past the breakers and up to our breastbones in water.

With our tiny swim briefs, it felt almost like being naked in the water. After being naked in the room so much, it just seemed really natural to pull off my suit and spin it around on my finger over the water, grinning at Scotty.

Laughing, he pulled off his swimsuit as well, also spinning it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a guy watching us. I glanced over to see that the sixteen-year-old who had hung with us the day before had followed us out into the water, but stopped several yards away when he saw what Scotty and I were doing. He edged forward more slowly, moving abreast of us as if 'just happening' to come up beside us.

"You'll be sorry if those wash away," Mom warned from a few yards back, where she and Jessie were standing, waist deep.

A swell had just passed me, and for fun, I let my spinning suit slip off my finger and fly into the water, three feet away. Scotty laughed and did the same as I reached for, and retrieved my suit.

"Hey, Mom!" I yelled. "You're right; I don't want to lose it. Here, keep it for me!" I balled my suit and threw it to her, grinning.

She caught it, and cocked an eyebrow. By then, Scotty had thrown his suit to Jessie, and the two of us took dove into the water, showing our bare butts. We horseplayed briefly, ball and butt grabbing, then I stopped Scotty and got real close to him, catching his floating dick in my hand. It was already pretty stiff. "What's that guy's name again?" I asked nodding in the direction of the sixteen-year-old who was watching us from close by. "The guy who we felt up yesterday."

Scotty grabbed my cock and glanced over at the older boy as we stroked each other under the water. Scotty waved his free hand at the boy. "That's Tory," he said; he always remembered names better than I.

Tory's cropped brown hair was wet and flattened back behind his ears. It glistened in the sun, down the back of his neck. He looked all golden as he smiled and waved back to us. He moved closer.

"Let's pull his suit off him," I suggested mischievously to Scotty.

Scotty grinned as an answer, and we swam for Tory. We slowed as we got to him, getting our feet back down on the bottom as we got close on either side.

"I can't believe you guys are butt-naked out here," Tory said, his grin even wider as he gazed down through the water at us. "Shee-it! You got boners."

Scotty closed on Tory's left; me on his right. "Oh, no you don’t!" Tory said, laughing as we grabbed the sides of the waistband on his baggy suit. He started to back up, but we held on, each of us wrapping our legs around one of his and clinging to him.

Tory was lean. I was surprised and delighted at the hardness of his body. The difference between an eleven-year-old like Scotty and me, and a teenager like Tory awed me. Eleven-year-olds can idolize a sixteen-year-old hunk, and I thought Tory was more than a hunk. The feel of his long-muscled leg between my slender legs, and his strong back and chest under my arms exited me. That wasn't all that excited me. I reached into the front of his swim suit.

"Holy shit, Scotty, he's got a big dick!" I said, closing my hand around it. Tory wasn't fully hard yet, but he had more than a handful of rubbery meat. Scotty quickly plunged his hand in as well. The two of us molded our bodies to Tory's sides, wrapping our legs around the outside of his hips and legs and hanging on.

Tory had stopped in chest-deep water, for him, and I felt his hand cup my bare butt. He looked to be doing the same to Scotty with his other hand, holding one of us on each hip. We were long-legged eleven-year-olds, but Tory was a head taller than us, and with the buoyancy of the water, he had no trouble holding us on.

Scotty and I hung on, too, though, with arms behind Tory's back and legs clinging to his while we felt him up inside his swim suit. Our stiffies pressed his side. Tory grew hard, and definitely, more than a handful of hard meat. Scotty and I could both grab parts of his cock at the same time. We also felt up Tory's balls; they were floating.

"Think we'll get this big, Davey?" Scotty asked.

"You will," Tory confidently said, pulling us more snuggly to his sides. "My cock was about the size of yours when I was your age."

"C'mon, Scotty," I said, "let's take his suit off.

Dropping from Tory's sides, we worked together to tug his suit down and off, and then we got back on him, one on each side, holding his suit together behind his back. He cupped our bottoms again and kept our stiffies snug to his sides, while our legs dangled in the water alongside his... the skin of his legs brushing inside our legs, our crotches pressed against the bare skin of his hips, our bellies against his naked sides. None of us said much for a moment or two while he walked slightly farther out, bobbing with us over the swells coming in. Only our balls were loose, and they floated against his skin.

I glanced back at our moms. They were talking and bobbing on the swells. Mom saw me looking, and gave me a slight frown as in don't-tease-that-poor-boy kind of frown. I grinned.

"Don't lose my suit," Tory warned. He turned his face to me when he said it, and for a second, we were nose to nose and his big, brown eyes were right there! He was way cute, and we were all naked and everything... I kissed him.

"Oh, geez," he murmured, looking around. Other than our moms, no one else was anywhere nearby. He turned nose to nose with me again. "You're mom will freak."

I kissed him again, longer. His wet lips were firm, and salty tasting from the water. He kissed back. I couldn’t believe I was kissing a cute teenage boy, and both of us naked.

"Let me try," Scotty insisted, turning Tory's face away from me with a hand on Tory's chin. He kissed Tory, and my eyes dropped to Tory’s neck. He had muscles in it, and with his head turned, the muscle on this side was bowing out. I laid my forehead on that muscle on the side of his neck and reached down for Tory’s swollen dick.

We drifted farther from our moms, staying in water almost up to our necks. We bobbed together over the swells, rubbing our stiffies against Tory’s side as we rose and fell. Scotty and I took turns kissing Tory or reaching down to play with his dick. After having sexed together like Scotty and I had for a couple of years, he and I knew how to do stuff like that, and how to kiss with tongue.

But then things grew mellow, like the gentle rising and falling in the water… we laid our heads on Tory’s shoulders and let our long, eleven-year-old legs dangle loosely against his strong legs while he held us up by our butts, the insides of our legs brushing Tory's leg muscles while he held our stiffies firmly against his sides by clutching our butts to him. His hands squeezed and kneaded our bare bottoms. Scotty and I kissed his collar bones and held on behind Tory’s back, his suit shared between our hands. In front, our two hands fondled his cock. He kissed the tops of our head and moaned softy; we could hear him between waves.

It was sexual, very sexual, but also very comfortable; very… special. I don’t know whether it was because Scotty and I had no dads around, and no older brothers, but Tory holding our naked bodies against his lean, naked body like that met some need we didn’t even know we had. He may have only been sixteen, but he was male, and older, and strong and it felt good, his holding us like two younger brothers against his sides.

Tory whimpered loud enough for us to hear and his hips pumped. Scotty and I caressed the end of his cock, hoping to feel cum, and we did feel a warm puff of liquid or two.

I felt Tory lay the side of his head onto the top of mine. He held on to our butts, and Scotty and I clung on to him, our arms around his belly and back. Our heads rested on his shoulders and we rubbed our stiffies against the bones and taut muscles of his sides until we'd each gotten our shakey feelings and slowed, floating.

Tory kissed the top of our heads and continued to bob with us slowly up and down over the swells. I looked up at him. His eyes were half closed, but they met mine. “I need my suit back,” he said with a sleepy smile. “We’re gonna get sunburned out here.”

I looked around for our moms. They were back on the beach, lying on our towels.

"Dudes," he said, softy. "I can't believe we did that. That was awesome!" He glanced around. "Where are your moms? Did they like, go to get the cops?”

“No,” I said laughing. “They’re back up on the beach.”

He glanced back that way, and I pulled Tory’s swimsuit from Scotty’s hand. Grinning at Tory, I pushed off, swimming away. “Our moms have our suits,” I yelled. “I’ll use yours.”

“Like hell, you will!” Torry called out, coming after me, but with Scotty still clinging to his hip.

I couldn’t move too fast and didn’t really want to. Tory caught me, catching me up with an arm around the waist. I struggled, laughing, and wound up belly to belly with Tory with his arm behind my waist. We were face to face, grinning, him and those gorgeous brown eyes, and I slipped my arm behind his neck. I kissed him as he held the front of my body to his. In that moment, I knew that the gay gene was in me, no matter what my mom wanted. I suspected it was in Scotty, too, whether we planted it ourselves or it came from somewhere else. Sexing with our moms was great stuff, but sexing with Tory was… awesome. I almost told him, I loved him.

I think our moms saw that there was something instantly special between us. As we came to waist-deep water, they came back out to us, our suits in their hands. Mom eyed me carefully, and glanced from me to Tory.

He looked sheepish and acted like he was going to go away, but I grabbed his hand and hung on to him.

“Time to go in, boys,” Mom said. “You’ve gotten enough sun for a while.”

“Everywhere,” Jessie said with an amused smirk.

“Can Tory come with us?” Scotty asked as he pulled on his swimsuit under the water.

Our moms glanced at each other, and I could see their disappointment. They probably wanted it to be just us. “Only for a little while,” I promised Mom. “Not for later.”

Mom smiled at that; at the implication of ‘later’. She glanced at Jessie. Jessie shrugged and nodded.

Scotty and I dragged Tory, each of us tugging him by a hand, us with our long legs and tiny diaper-like swim suits, and him with his baggy swimsuit and lean torso. He stopped on the beach to tell his older sister he was going with us for a while, and then we ran for the swimming pool.

Our moms swam with us for a few minutes, then called us out of the pool because we were still in the sun. In the elevator, Jessie and Mom asked Tory questions like where he was from (Houston), who he was with in Galveston (his parents and two older sisters), and how long he was staying (till the next day, like us).

As Mom unlocked the door and let us in, I grabbed Tory’s hand again. “We got a hot tub,” I told him. “But you gotta take off your suit to get in it with us. That’s the rule; no swimsuits in the hot tub.”

“That’s right,” Scotty echoed. “No swimsuits in the hot tub.”

Tory glanced nervously at Mom and Jessie. Mom shrugged and Jessie grinned.

“Are ya’ll like… nudists or something?” Tory asked as Scotty and I dragged him toward the balcony.

Mom laughed. “Or something,” she said, smiling.

Scotty and I pulled Tory out through the door to the balcony and over to the hot tub where we pulled off our suits, tossing them aside, and tugged down Tory’s. I for one, was anxious to see him naked, out of the water.

He kept his back to the windows. Inside, Mom and Jessie were leaning back on barstools watching. Tory’s body was perfect… at least to me. He was lean the way only a teen boy can be lean, all his muscles tight and showing, including his belly muscles, all the way down to his pubes which were gloriously thick and black, all in a tight patch below which hung his thick, limp cock, looking awesomely huge to two eleven-year-olds.

I stretched out my hand and ran my fingers into his pubic patch. Scotty from the other side, did the same, a small smile on his face; almost a smile of wonder. We used our fingertips to trace the seams of the muscles in his lower belly and the tops of his legs. We ran our fingers up through the creases inside his thighs. His cock began to rise, and when Scotty and I lifted his heavy balls on our two palms, Tory quickly got away from us and into the hot tub. We followed him in.

Scotty and I sandwiched him between us on the hot tub seat, shoulder to shoulder, all chummy with our backs to the windows inside. Scotty and my hands met in Tory’s lap. What he had there was ours to play with as far as Scotty and I were concerned. As we played, though, Tory reached into our laps and played with us.

We laughed and talked, fondling each other. And then we heard the door open. Mom and Jessie came out onto the balcony and Tory buried his hands between his legs.

Smiling mischievously, our moms removed their tops. Tory’s jaw dropped and his eyes went wide. Then they took off their bottoms and Tory’s eyes went even wider. “Do you boys mind if we join you?” Mom asked, as the two of them climbed in on the other side of the tub.

Mom got in facing me, and Jessie got in facing Scotty. Our legs crossed in the middle and when Mom stretched out hers, I felt her slide her toes up the inside of my thigh. I laughed and moved across to sit in her lap. I liked sitting by Tory, but I liked my mom a whole lot at that moment.

Smiling affectionately at me, Mom pulled my butt back in her lap, my back to her tummy. I leaned back against her and Mom hugged me to her. I glanced at Tory. His eyes were on Mom’s arms around me and our naked bodies, and I saw him swallow hard. I grinned at him and rubbed inside his thigh with my toe.

Tory gave me a lopsided smile. Scotty giggled and it looked like Jessie was playing with her foot between his legs. I leaned my head against the side of Mom’s jaw and felt her hand between my legs, covering my stiffy and balls.

“You’ve seen a naked girl before, haven’t you, Tory?” Mom asked.

Tory shook his head slowly. “No,” he said quietly, but then he nodded. “Well, except for my mom. I’ve seen her naked… when I was little. And I saw my sisters naked when we were little.”

“You’ve never had sex with a girl?” Jessie asked, sounding a little surprised.

Tory shook his head.

“You like boys better?” Mom asked. I couldn’t see her face, but her voice sounded calm, conversational; not judgmental at all… sort of like she had asked, “you have brown eyes?”

Tory shrugged.

“Have you had sex with a boy?” Jessie asked.

Tory nodded, and swallowed again. “It’s OK to say,” I said. “Scotty and I sex all the time.”

Tory took a deep breath, and then smiled lopsidedly.

“You don’t have to tell us, Tory,” Mom said. “Not if you don’t want to.”

Tory sat up a little. “No, it’s just… I did things with my friends when I was younger, but not… you know… lately.”

“So you aren’t sexually active?” Mom asked.

Tory shook his head, and then gave us a genuine smile. “But I’d like to be.”

Mom and Jessie both laughed. “It looked like you were having a good time with our boys earlier.”

Tory turned even redder than the sun and warm water had made him.

“We didn’t really sex with him,” I said, leaning my head back on Mom’s shoulder and looking up at her. “It was just sorta being naked together.”

Mom smiled and kissed my forehead. “You like Tory, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh!” I said loud enough for Tory to hear. I lifted my head to look across at him and I pressed my foot between his legs and found that he was still hard.

Mom and Jessie asked Tory more questions about him and his family and school. He asked things like where we lived (Mom didn’t answer directly) and whether we stayed naked all the time, and was it really OK with Mom and Jessie that Scotty and I sexed together.

“They’ve been sleeping together for years now,” Mom said. “We didn’t realize they were… sexing until lately, and it’s a little late to worry about that now.”

“Not that we’d worry about it,” Jessie said. “They’re brothers to each other and best friends. We haven’t told them this yet, but they’re adorable together.”

I glanced at Jessie, and she winked at me, then at Scotty. Scotty looked at me and grinned widely. “Adorable,” he mouthed and then screwed up his face.

“To be honest,” Mom said, “the three of you looked sweet out there earlier today. The boys like you, Tory.”

“And he’s really cute, Mom,” I said. “You should see him naked.”

Mom and Jessie chuckled. “We did see him naked, from the back,” Jessie said.

“You do have a cute butt, Tory,” Mom said, and I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Stand up, Tory,” I told him. “Let our moms see your front.”

Tory frowned slightly.

“You saw ours,” Mom reminded him with a chuckle.

“C’mon, Tory,” I encouraged.

Scotty stood up beside him, his stiffy pointing up clearly for us all to see. Tory saw it, for sure. Scotty tugged Tory up with two hands under his armpit and Tory stood, his sixteen-year-old cock rampant in all its glory.

“Oh, my” Jessie said, flatteringly. “A thick one. How long is it?”

“Over eight inches,” Tory said proudly. “Well, just over… sorta slightly over.”

Mom chuckled. “Do you play sports?” she asked. “You have a nice body.”

He nodded. “Soccer. I play a lot of soccer.” Now that he was up, he turned slightly from side to side, giving them a view.

“Turn around,” Mom said.

Tory obliged, turning around for us.

“I’m surprised some girl hasn’t raped you already,” Jessie said, laughing.

Tory shrugged and sat back down. “I’m a little shy, I guess,” he said.

“Not with us, you weren’t,” Scotty pointed out with a grin as he climbed into Tory’s lap. Tory pulled him back into his lap, to hold him the way Mom was holding me, and I figured that under all the bubbles and water, he was fondling Scotty the way Mom was fondling me.

“That’s cuz he likes boys,” I said.

We were quiet a few moments. Scotty and I were content to have our cocks played with. Tory seemed content to be playing with Scotty’s. Mom seemed OK with mine. But finally, Jessie stood up. “I’ll go fix us some lunch.”

Mom floated me from her lap. “I’ll help you.”

“Mom?” I asked as she got out. “It’s OK if we sex with Troy, isn’t it?”

Mom glanced from me to Tory and back. “Tory’s a big boy, Davey. As long as he really hasn’t been having sex with other kids, we won’t worry about him having an STD or something like that, but his dick is a little big for the kind of play you and Scotty do. We’re about to have lunch right now, anyway. Why don’t you give Tory a rest? He may want one.”

I don’t think so!” Scotty said from Tory’s lap, laughing.

Mom and Jessie exchanged glances as they dried off. “Eveready Bunnies,” Jessie murmured. They picked up their suits and turned for the door. “You boys should get out and dry off,” Mom said. “It won’t take us a second to get out the stuff for sandwiches.”

The three of us got out and grabbed up towels. Scotty and I took advantage of the opportunity to take a closer, hands-on look at Tory’s proud member.

I was the first to drop to my knees, but Scotty was only a second behind me. We looked close. We lifted his heavy balls. Admiringly, we turned his cock this way and that. To our eleven-year-old eyes, his equipment was a wonder. Tory was circumcised. We moved the skin up and down his shaft, testing the feel.

I pointing his crown right between my eyes, taking a closer look at it, and the little, dark slit in the end. It looked damp. Holding the base of his cock, I tried to force the tip of my tongue into the slit, to taste, and got a faintly salty something. I closed my mouth over his cock and swirled his crown with my tongue the way Scotty and I like it done.

“Oh, geez, shit!” Tory said, his knees buckling. He grabbed my head with both hands, but I had just started. I bobbed on him, taking what I could into my mouth, and even into my throat. After all, Scotty’s little twig of a cock had a few inches to it, and I could take the end of his past the back of my throat. I did the same with Tory’s… just a bit. I bobbed and Tory moaned.

“Let me try,” Scotty, said, nudging me. So I let him take Tory’s cock into his mouth, and I licked down around the base of his shaft and on his balls. I felt over his leg muscles and the muscles in his butt. His butt felt really firm.

I got up from my knees, walking behind him. I felt over the hard muscles in the back of his legs and his bottom and his back. He really was spectacular. I tugged down on his shoulders. “Kneel down,” I said.

Tory did, and when he did, Scotty had to bend down, too. Tory bent over, reaching under Scotty, reaching for his stiffy. That was really what I sorta wanted; Tory bending over. I stood behind Tory, really admiring his body. There was a bottle of after-sun lotion by the towels. I grabbed it up and squirted some in my hands. Then I slicked up my stiffy with it, and then rubbed some between Tory’s buttcheeks. Mom said they’d have lunch ready in a second, but I really didn’t want to wait.

Scotty flipped onto his back so Tory could get at his stiffy. Tory spread his knees wider, out to the sides, to lower his cock down to Scotty’s mouth, and once Scotty’s mouth was clamped back on, Tory bent over and took Scotty’s stiffy into his mouth. That made Tory sorta head-down and butt-high, and I was way ready. I knelt behind Tory’s bottom and aimed my boner between those two, marvelous, little globes of muscle.

I leaned back to see his pucker, put my crown against it, then straightened back up and pushed. My crown slipped in past his tightness. Tory was luxuriously warm inside. Whether from the hot tub or not, he was warmer inside than Scotty usually was. I grabbed him by the hips and pushed all the way in, burying my boner in that warmth until just the very bottom of my boner showed in the cleft of Tory’s trim buttocks.

The sensations were incredible. I pushed and wiggled, wanting to go as deep as I could because of his warmth inside and because his tightness felt great around the bottom of my shaft and his hard bottom felt good against my lap. I pulled back, and pushed in again, and then again. He was as tight as Scotty, and his pucker milked the shaft of my boner just as good.

Kneeling over him was a treat visually as well. I could see his spine and ribs and all the muscles in his back. Tory had a narrow waist and his butt flared from it into my lap like an upside down heart shape. His skin was smooth and I felt over it as I slowly pumped. His muscles were hard. His skin was warm, really warm from the hot tub.

The door opened and Mom and Jessie returned to the balcony, still naked, with cups of iced soft drinks in their hands. They pulled up two chairs and sat in them as casually as if they were watching a tennis match. My eyes met Mom’s.

“You’re hot, baby,” she said with a grin. “I had no idea you were as good at this as you are. We’ll just watch a while.”

“And cheer for each score,” Jessie added, laughing.

My attention returned to Tory. I bent over onto him, doubling my body onto his to feel his warm skin and hard muscles with my own belly and chest. I laid my head down on his back, wrapped my arms under him. Hanging on with eyes closed, I pumped my hips and simply enjoyed the feel of him under me, and the feel of his tightness going up and down my shaft, the impact of my lap with his hard bottom, the brush of the skin of my legs against the back of his.

I vaguely heard our moms talking; talking about how hot Scotty looked or Tory or me. A warm breeze blew over the balcony. The sound of the surf and occasional seagulls calmed and soothed. I was holding on to an older boy, a really cute and awesome older boy who I really liked, and Scotty and I were sexing with him like we were all buddies or brothers or something. And our moms were watching us as if we were just playing in the back yard, and calling out encouragement from time to time. I felt peaceful and content and comfortable… and really good down inside, where things were beginning to tighten and seize up with great sensations. My hips took on a life of their own; reflexes driving my boner hard into Tory’s bottom over and over.

He started bumping back against me, whether to meet my impacts or to move his cock in and out of Scotty’s mouth; either way, it felt good. His back smelled of hot tub and chlorine and even salt water. His muscles were hard under the side of my cheek. His tummy felt taut under my hands. And I thought a sixteen-year-old boy had to be the most fantastic creature in the whole universe.

All good things must end, and I enjoyed the ending of this one, tremendously. As I got closer to having my shakey feelings, I lifted my belly off Tory’s back, and grabbing him by the shoulders, I drove hard with my hips, over and over, mindlessly, vaguely aware of our moms watching me, until my dry orgasm exploded up from between my legs and shook my whole body.

I basically collapsed, rolling off to the side between us and our moms’ chairs. I rolled to my back and looked over at Scotty and Tory. Tory had Scotty’s stiffy all the way inside his mouth and throat. Scotty’s long legs and little hips squirmed under him, and he pawed the sides of Tory’s strong legs. He was having his shakey feelings. I could tell.

Tory’s butt was clenching. I could see the muscles flexing under his smooth, white skin. His hips were pumping, just slightly, so as not to choke Scotty, but pumping.

In a moment, they both slowed. Tory rose up, and sat back onto his haunches, eyes closed, his chest rising and falling. Scotty lay inert, his head back between Tory’s legs.

Mom and Jessie clapped, literally. The three of us glanced over at them, and they were both grinning. Jessie gave us two thumbs up, and then clapped some more.

Mom turned to Jessie. “Who needs TV, right?”

Jessie laughed and gave Mom a high-five.

Then Mom’s look became more serious, sort of sweet, and she slid off her chair to kneel beside me, and she took my hand, looking from me to Scotty. “I don’t want either you or Scotty to ever feel ashamed or embarrassed about sex, or the way you feel about each other, or even another boy like Tory. Sex is natural. Jessie and I both want you to always feel natural about it around us, and we want you to always feel like you can be honest with us. That doesn’t mean we don’t want you to be careful. Unprotected sex can be risky, or even dangerous. And don’t ever have sex just to use somebody. That isn’t good either. You understand?”

I nodded. She looked at Scotty, and he nodded, too. So did Tory.

Mom smiled at me again. “We can talk more later,” she said softly, and then she bent to kiss my lips. My hand went naturally to her dangling breasts and I caressed them. Mom smiled, her face still close, and she stroked my cheek with her hand. “We’ve got sandwiches ready. “You boys want any?”

“Yes!” I answered for us as we all got to our feet. Our moms went inside and we started to follow, but Scotty caught my arm.

He pointed at his mouth, and holding something in it, managed to say, “Cum.”

“Oh, shit!” I said. “You saved some!” I hadn’t even thought about Tory coming. I clamped my mouth onto Scotty’s and we wrapped our arms around each other while we passed the last of Tory’s cum back and forth between our mouths. Scotty saving some for me was incredible for what it meant between us. It sounds silly now. Maybe it would have sounded silly then. But it was really special.

We kissed until the cum was all gone. "Thanks, Scotty," I said, my forehead against his. "Thanks for not leaving me out."


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