Jack Edwards

Tan Lines 4

There were only four chairs around the table, so our moms set up a picnic on a sheet in the middle of the floor between the couch and TV. They brought food, and we all sat around it to eat. Mom and Jessie sat cross-legged, back against the couch. Scotty and I stretched out on our sides on either side of them with Tory between us. All of us were naked but just as casual as if we were sitting around a picnic table with our clothes on.

My eyes kept going to Tory’s lap. On his other side, I noticed Scotty’s eyes doing the same. Tory’s sixteen-year-old equipment fascinated us two eleven-year-old boys – his balls lying splayed on the carpeted floor and his flaccid cock, still thick, lying down onto the carpet like a snake sliding down onto the floor.

Tory’s eyes flickered to our bodies as well, but also made occasional glances to our moms’ bodies. The way they were sitting, it was all there to see.

We talked as we ate. First, mostly Scotty and me as Tory asked about how Scotty and I started out together and our moms listened with interest as we told him about that summer camp in scouts. I grinned at Scotty as I related how we started sexing together after that, and Scotty came over and lay down on his side in front of me so I could hug on him and we snuggled with his bare butt in my lap and my arm around his chest.

“We’re like bros, aren’t we Scotty,” I said, giving him a squeeze.

“Better ‘n that,” he said, reaching back to pat my butt. “We’re like best friends and bros.”

“And little lovers,” Jessie murmured. When Scotty and I looked at her, she smiled. I really got the impression back then that she thought we were cute together.

I glanced at Mom. She was watching Tory. I hadn’t seen her look at someone like that before… sorta serious. She caught me watching her and smiled at me.

Jessie turned to Tory. “So how about you, Tory?” Jessie asked. “Tell us about yourself. You said you never had sex with a girl? Do you think you’re gay? What have you done with boys?” She stretched out on her side like Scotty and me, and her boobs, firm as they were, sorta hung toward the floor.

Tory saw, and swallowed hard. “I, uh… my best friend and another guy… “ he glanced at me and Scotty, “when we were about Davey and Scotty’s age, we played around with each other, mainly just jacking each other off at first. Then my best friend and I really got into sucking each other’s cocks. We liked that and we liked rubbing our stiffies like Scotty and Davey said they did. We tried cornholing, but liked sucking each other’s cocks better.”

“You must not have done it right,” I said, hugging Scotty’s bottom to my lap. “Did you do it like I did to you earlier?”

Tory’s cock rolled on the carpet. We all saw it

“Yeah,” Tory said. “That was cool.”

“You wanna fuck me?” I asked. “Scotty and I can show you how we do it, and it’s really awesome.”

“Or he can fuck me,” Scotty suggested.

Tory’s cock rose off the carpet.

I glanced at Mom to make sure she wouldn’t be mad about me offering to let Tory fuck me and all. Her eyes were on Tory’s rising cock. Her back was almost to the couch and she leaned back against it, pulling her knees up and out, planting her feet on the carpet out to the sides. She did it like she was being all relaxed and casual and stuff, but it opened her wide up to Tory and his cock really sprang up a boner, really fast.

“Maybe Tory would like to take a closer look at what a woman is like,” Mom said, and her voice was like, lower and thicker.”

“I can show you, Tory,” I said, confident with my newly-acquired knowledge. I scrambled up from behind Scotty and just outside Mom’s open legs. “Come closer over here,” I told Tory. “Mom, scoot your hips out so he can see real close.”

Mom, her eyes never leaving Tory’s cock, scooted her butt forward and her legs apart, knees bent and feet planted to the sides like before. She scooted her butt far enough forward that she was almost prone with her head propped back against the front of the couch. Tory pushed aside his plate and came forward on his hands and knees between Mom’s legs.

He bent low over her cunny while I lay on the other side of Mom’s leg on my stomach, pointing out all the things Jessie had taught me. Scotty came up, lying down on my back to watch. Jessie moved up on Mom’s other side to watch and I saw her eyes go to Mom’s. She smiled and caressed Mom’s hand.

I spread Mom’s labia and gave Tory the tour while he knelt over her. I had him touch her and feel around with his own fingers.

“Oh, geez,” Scotty said. “Tory’s leaking stuff.”

We glanced at Tory’s cock. Something clear and viscous drooled of the end of his cock.

“That’s precum,” Jessie said. “A boy makes that when he’s ready to fuck. It lubricates the girl’s vagina. Remember?” she asked me. “I told you about it.”

I nodded.

“A boy doesn’t normally make that when he’s already come a couple of times,” Jessie said, thoughtfully. She looked from Mom, who was watching Tory, to Tory, whose eyes were focused between Mom’s legs.

I remembered what else Jessie had told me. “Rub here,” I told Tory, taking his fingers and pressing them on to Mom’s labia. He started to rub. “When a girl let’s you rub her there,” I told him, “that means she’ll open herself to you.”

Tory’s eyes rose to Mom’s. She said nothing, but just watched him, expectantly.

“We brought condoms,” Jessie reminded her in a quiet voice, “in case the boys were already shooting. Remember? I’ll get one.”

Mom’s eyes fell to Tory’s thick, dripping cock and it was weird to see that kind of desire in my Mom’s eyes. She shook her head slightly. “It’s a safe time of month for me,” she said. Her eyes met Tory’s and she parted her legs slightly more. He came forward, up over her, on his hands, angling his hips down. Mom reached down between her legs and grabbed his oozing erection, pulling him forward. Their foreheads met as they looked down between their bodies and Mom rubbed Tory’s ooze into her crevice.

She tugged, and his hips went forward. We watched from the sides – Scotty’s and my faces were like, right there -- as the lips of Mom’s labia opened and stretched around Tory’s thick cock. Then we watched his cock slowly disappear between them until his belly pressed flat between her legs.

He was still up on his hands. Their faces were together, and Mom cradled the side of his face with her hand, rubbing his cheek with hers. Tory kissed her, driving forward with his hips, and their mouths worked together. They edged around so that mom could lay her head back and Tory laid down on her, his eyes boring down into hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

Scotty and I watched silently, learning more about how a male is with a female, even a young male, but on the other side of puberty from us. Tory was as big as Mom, and Mom was lean in her own way. Their two, athletic bodies began to work together as their mouths stayed locked. Tory’s muscled little bottom rose and fell between Mom’s legs.

Scotty and I felt over Tory’s flexing butt and up and down the backs of his leg muscles. Jessie’s hand joined ours, feeling Tory’s muscles working under his smooth skin. I looked at Jessie, my stiffy twitching. She glanced me and Scotty and her lips parted.

I got up from under Scotty, took his hand, and went around to Jessie. She was on her back by the time we got there. Kneeling between her legs, I could smell her excitement. I licked with my tongue around her clitoris. Scotty sucked on his mom’s breasts.

Jessie started to moan. Her hips were moving and she pulled her labia open with the fingers of both hands, looking past Scotty at me. I crawled up between her legs and she grabbed under my arms, pulling me up, and pulling her knees up. I probed with my hips again, sorta proud I could find her with my cock that way, and I did. I pushed in and felt the warm, wet tube of Jessie’s vagina slide down over my boner. With a moan, I buried my face between her breasts and worked my hips, going deep as I could.

Scotty’s hands and mouth moved from his mom’s breasts to the back of my shoulders and neck. He moved over me, lying down on my back and he felt good there, his warm skin and the weight of his body on my back and butt. I felt his stiffy press down the length of my buttcrack and I squeezed it, wiggling my butt under him. Lying under Scotty and on top of Jessie, us between her legs and her arms around us, I was smothered in their warm skin, the smell of Jessie’s sex, their breath and caresses.

Scotty lifted his hips and used spit on his cock. I spit into my hand and put some in my butt. Between Scotty and me, spit was usually enough. Scotty eased in and the three of us tightened up. He kissed on the side of my neck while I sucked on Jessie’s nipples.

Starting out, I did most of the pumping. Scotties stiffy felt great up my butt and every time I ground my cock down inside Jessie, I clenched on Scotty’s boner. I could feel his balls on my perineum. I felt my balls drape Jessie’s. Scotty moaned. I moaned. “This feels fuckin’ awesome,” I murmured. “Feel OK for you, Jessie?”

“Oh, yeah, baby,” she murmured rubbing the back of my head while planting her feet and lifting her pelvis under me.

“You, too, Scotty?” I asked.


“Here,” I said, tapping one of Jessie’s nipples with my finger. “You suck on this one Scotty, and I’ll suck on the other.”

Scotty stretched up over me to wrap his hand around his mom’s breast, squeezing it up to lick on the nipple. I did the same with mine. We licked and sucked and I pumped my hips for both of us.

I glanced the other way and saw Tory really pounding between Mom’s legs. They were pawing on each other and Mom was arching back under him and grinding her hips while he pounded. I looked at all the muscles working in his back and butt and legs and ground harder with my own hips.

“Jessie?” I whispered, lifting my head, “is Mom not gonna like doing stuff with us anymore… I mean, after doing stuff with Tory?”

Surprisingly, from the middle of all that passion a few feet away, I heard Mom’s voice. “You better believe it, honey.” I glanced over. Mom and Tory were still going at it hot, grunting and breathing and I wondered if I heard what I thought I heard.

“We’ll be like Tory in a couple of years,” Scotty said, kissing beside my ear. “You’ll see.”

I turned back toward Scotty. He smiled and moved his lips closer to mine. It took a little twisting, but we kissed. Then Scotty ground his hips down into my bottom. “And we’re always gonna want each other.” He put his mouth to my ear. “We’re sexy,” he whispered, then chuckled, then stuck his tongue in my ear and fucked in my butt.

The joining of the three of us became like one hot bolt from Scotty’s cock, right through my butt and through my cock and into Jessie’s vagina. With each, harder slam of Scotty into my bottom, Jessie and I squirmed and moaned.

We rested afterward, there on the floor. Jessie brought blankets and Tory slept, snuggled with Mom. Scotty and I snuggled on to Jessie. We joined our hands over her flat belly.

That afternoon, we swam, but there were a lot of people in the water and we kept our swimsuits on. Tory was real quiet at first but Scotty and I jumped on him, trying to dunk him, and we got him to loosen up. I figured he felt awkward around us because of sexing with my mom, but we played with him, and loosened him up, especially when we played with his swimsuit under the water, giving him wedgies or trying to pull it down.

We didn’t stay in the surf long. There was a sand volleyball pit in the shade of the condo building. All five of us played and lots of other guys, and girls, came to play. Too many, in fact, and we moved on to the pool.

Our moms wanted to go shopping, but Tory was going to have to go with his family for supper later, so just Mom, Jessie, Scotty and I went shopping for hats and shorts. When Scotty and I asked about swimsuits, Mom and Jessie declined to let us get any. “We haven’t enjoyed your cute little white ones enough yet,” Jessie said. But then she was back a few moments later with sheer brief underwear in her hands and a mischievous grin.

They took us to supper at a restaurant with seating on a dock, with candles. It was weird, but in a good way, because one moment it was just Scotty and me being boys with our moms and the next, it was us being their lovers with legs brushing under the table.

They let Scotty and me walk on the beach that night. Mom and Jessie sat on the sea wall, just talking, and Scotty and I walked along the edge of the surf. The moon was silver in a black sky, and it made clouds silver as they blew across it. We didn’t say much at first, but the Scotty took my hand. We walked holding hands like a boy and girl do and didn’t care about the handful of other people out walking on the beach. It seemed such a natural thing to do.

We came across a beer can, and had an impromptu soccer match under the moon. We got into a shoulder grappling match, and I tried picking Scotty up over my shoulder. We fell laughing. And then, while I was lying on my back, looking up at the stars Scotty leaned over me, the wind blowing his dark hair silently. He lowered his mouth to mine and kissed me very softly. He lifted his head and gazed down into my eyes. I smiled at him. I liked Scotty just a whole lot right then.

He grinned back, and poked me in the ribs before jumping up and running back toward our moms. I caught up with him, and threw my arm over his shoulders as we walked. He put his arm behind my back.

There was a chick flick on the TV when we got back to the room. We got naked. Mom and Jessie lay together on the couch; Jessie leaning back against Mom, covered with a blanket. Scotty and I had a couple of cushions on the floor and a blanket for ourselves.

To say that our lives had gone through a revolution the last two days would be an understatement. As awesome as it had been, it was also great to be just Scotty and me again, there on the floor under our blanket. We started out on our backs, Scotty’s head on my shoulder as we watched the movie, but then he rolled up on his side against me. He cocked his leg over my privates and rubbed his hand on my tummy. So I rolled up to him.

We entwined our legs and wrapped our arms around each other, and then we kissed. Of all the new stuff we’d learned in the previous two days, nothing was any better than learning to kiss with Scotty.

We might have only been eleven, but we’d spent virtually every day together for three years; we slept all over each other every night; we’d sexed together almost every day for two years. As much as two young boys ever had, Scotty and I loved each other. We didn’t think of it in those terms, but lying together at the beginning of that summer, all naked and tangled up with Scotty, I felt a huge surge of affection for him the second time that night. At eleven, kids start becoming capable of feeling true emotions, and I truly felt a swelling of my heart for Scotty. Maybe, just maybe, part of it was always feeling happiest hugging naked with Scotty.

Sexing with your mom and her best friend and a teenage boy, all for the first time was fun, but way stressful. It felt so good at that moment, just being with Scotty, that my throat tightened and my eyes grew damp.

We kissed gently. We stroked each others arms and sides. We pressed our stiffies against each other. We hugged. We put the sides of our cheeks together and squeezed each other hard.

Scotty rolled to his back, pulling on me to come up over him. I did, laying on him, my hips between his legs. We ground stiffies and kissed. I heard a moan and glanced up. Mom and Jessie were making out on the couch and their blanket had fallen away. I threw ours off, too. Somehow, it seemed right to let them see the real us; the real Scotty and me. They were letting us see the real them.

Scotty ran his hands over my back and down to my butt. He squeezed on my butt cheeks. That’s another thing eleven-year-olds can do… I mean, when you’re younger, you might really admire the way another boy looks, especially an older one, especially an athletic boy. But at eleven, the naked body of another boy can stir you sexually. Scotty and I both had nice bodies. Like Tory, we played lots of soccer. It felt good to have Scotty’s hands appreciating my buns. I appreciated his.

He pulled his knees up and out, and we applied spit; me to my boner, him to his butt. I eased into him, putting my cock back into the tight little hole where it belonged. We made ourselves into a tight ball and ground together, and I thought I would always love Scotty.

I woke when Mom lifted me from the floor. I was a boney, long-legged eleven-year-old, but Mom knelt on the floor and lifted me up with an arm under my back and one under my legs. She carried me to her bed and laid me back on it, then stepped into the bathroom.

In a moment, she was back with a warm, wet washrag which she used to clean my dick; it had, after all, been inside Scotty’s bottom. Mom cleaned me, then she tossed the rag aside and lay down partly on me, on my side, one breast on my chest and her vulva on my thigh. She stroked my face fondly and smiled at me in the dim light of the room. “It’s our last night here,” she said softly. “I wanted to spend it with you, and Jessie wanted to spend it with Scotty.”

I nodded.

Mom kissed my lips softly. “You have no idea how much I love you, Davey. Dee, too, of course. I’m so proud of both of you, in so many ways. But you,” she said, kissing my lips softly again, “you are one boy in a million. So is Scotty.”

My dick stiffied up with Mom lying on me like that. I tickled my fingers on the soft side of her breast, flattened on my chest, and I smiled at her. “We’re gonna sex again at home, right? And I’ll get to sex with Jessie, too?”

Mom nodded. “Oh, yeah,” she said, and then grinned. “Are you OK with that, baby? I’m not going to like, ruin you for life.”

I shook my head slowly. “I love you, Momma,” I said simply.

Her smile softened, and her eyes got glittery. “I love you, too, baby,” she said in a quiet voice. “You have no idea how much.” She kissed me again, a long, lingering, gentle kiss while her hand fondled me between my legs.

She kissed my cheek, then my neck, my throat, my chest. She ran her tongue over my nipples, around and around, and then she drew her lips and tongue down my belly. She bent over my middle and her tongue ran up and down the insides of my thighs. Her breath tickled my skin. She licked slowly and lovingly over my balls, and I thought I would have to remember how she did it so I could do it to Scotty.

Mom took my dick into her mouth and did even more things that I wanted to remember to do to Scotty. What mattered most, was that Mom liked sucking my cock. She seemed to really like it.

She sucked and tongued and swirled, pulling off rub inside my thighs each time my hips began to buck and I started getting shaky feelings. Finally, mercifully, she knelt astride my hips and pointed my dick up into her crevice. Mom’s cunny was wet and when she sat down into my lap, her wet cunny lips pressed around the base of my dick with a slick sound and her weight stretched me far up inside her. Then Mom leaned forward over me, bringing her face close to mine. I caressed her breasts as she smiled at me. “Now, baby,” she said, “I’m going to show you just who you inherited being a tiger from.

I got my shaky feeling, but Mom still rode me, keeping me hard. But then she stopped and looked down at me. Her skin was damp with sweat and wisps of hair stuck to her wet forehead. She leaned down over me again, and I closed my hands over the damp skin of her breasts. Her breath came through her nostrils and she stared at me for a moment, only breathing.

“Jessie and I are going to teach you,” she whispered, laying a hand on the side of my face. “We’ll teach you how to enjoy girls and have your way with them. They’ll worship you Davey. You’re going to be a beautiful boy; you already are.” She bent and ran her tongue around inside my mouth, filling my mouth with her hot breath. “By the time you are Tory’s age,” she whispered. ‘You will be a male tiger, and you will take me or Jessie whenever you want… but always remember to love us, Davey. Always remember after you ride us, to be sweet.”

I nodded, sucking Mom’s tongue into my mouth. I caressed her breasts and she ground her crotch on mine. I could feel the hardness of her clit on my bald pubic mound and the dampness of her excitement, and it stirred me to think of taking her like Tory had, only like a tiger.

Mom held me in her sleep that night, and I slept well, just as I had done the night before with Jessie. But I’d be glad to get home. After the passion of the evening, I still missed sleeping with Scotty.


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