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Tan Lines 5

Mom had left the door to our bedroom open. The next morning, knocking at the front door awakened me. I lifted my head from Mom’s shoulder and looked out the windows. It was still early; maybe eight. “Maybe it’s Tory,” I said.

Mom gave me a sleepy kiss on the lips. “Don’t go down to the beach yet, Davey,” she said. “Let me sleep a little longer and we’ll all go together.”

I nodded and she gave me another little kiss. “Close the door to the bedroom when you go out.”

Figuring it was Tory, I didn’t bother to put on any clothes, but went straight to the door before he knocked again and woke everybody up. Standing behind the door, I opened it a crack. It was Tory. He smiled, sheepishly, and I let him in.

“Is everybody still sleeping?” he asked, looking around. “My family’s like, going back to Houston after lunch, and I was hoping you guys would come down to the beach one last time.”

My eyes dropped to the front of his swimsuit; all he was wearing besides flip-flops. It was tenting unmistakably. “My Mom’s still sleeping,” I said.

Tory had seen where my eyes went, and his eyes took in my naked body. “No, dude, not your mom,” he said, his eyes fixed on my dangling dick, “I was really hoping that you and Scotty and me… I… “ His eyes rose to mine. “Remember, you said I could fuck you?”

Looking at the front of his suit, I remembered what his erection looked like and how it drooled. I remembered what he looked like naked. And I remembered how he felt when my body was pressed to his. Knowing he wanted me… my dick rose like a lifting, thickening finger.

Tory grinned and reached for it. He stepped close, and I pressed my hand against the front of his suit. “Dude,” he whispered. “Let’s do it.”

I looked up at him and he covered my mouth with his. His mouth was hot. He pressed in with his tongue, and my dry mouthing mouth got wet from his. We pressed the fronts of our bodies together, and he grabbed my butt. Though I was still sleepy, his heat against my naked body was electrifying. I rested my hands on his shoulders; the muscles there were hard and his skin, very smooth. “Dude,” he whispered; hot breath beside my ear, “I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept thinking about you and how you said I could fuck you.” He pulled hard on my butt, pressing our boners between us.

“Wait,” I said. “We can’t leave Scotty out.” I pushed away, and while Tory waited, I padded silently into the second bedroom.

Jessie was spooned behind Scotty, cradling her son’s body with her own. I paused for a moment, just looking. Her breasts were flattened against his back. Their hips were nested like two S’s. They had the same, soft, golden skin and thick black hair. I was glad the two of them belong to Mom, Dee, and me… our one family.

I went to Scotty’s side of the bed and laid my hand on his cheek. I rubbed it gently. Scotty’s eyes opened. I motioned for him to follow me.

Scotty glanced at my boner, and smiled. He carefully extricated himself from Jessie’s arms and she rolled to her stomach. I took Scotty’s hand and led him out, closing the door behind us. That’s when he saw Tory.

“He wants to fuck us before he goes back to Houston,” I whispered. “You cool with that?”

“Duh!” Scotty said, giggling.

He was so cute when he did that, I kissed him. Now that we had started kissing each other, I liked kissing Scotty a lot. I liked being able to do it spontaneously, just because I felt like it. I kissed him good, rubbing my stiffy on his stomach. Scotty kissed back and came up hard.

I led him by the hand to Tory. “He’s got a swimsuit on again,” I told Scotty.

Scotty nodded. “Gotta take care of that.”

We got Tory on each side and tugged off his swimsuit just like we’d done in the water the day before. And then, just like the day before, we pressed him on both sides, pressing our boners against his legs and turning our faces up to him.

“Oh, shit,” Tory murmured, grabbing each of us by the butt. He kissed me, and then Scotty, and then me, and then Scotty.

We played with his big boner and balls. We rubbed our boners against him.

“Who do you want first?” I asked, enjoying the feel of his hard-muscled thigh between my legs.

“You,” he whispered back, “and Scotty can fuck my butt while I fuck yours. That felt good yesterday when you did me while Scotty sucked me.”

We put a cushion on the floor for my butt, and I lay back with my butt on it. Scotty gave Tory some lotion to do his dick and my butt. Lying there, watching his lean body and visible muscles – and dick that was drooling again, but this time for me – I pulled up my knees and opened them, eagerly.

Tory scooted up to my bottom on his knees, stroking his large cock. “I never tried it like this. I only tried cornholing with my buddy a couple of times and we did it doggy-style.”

I wiggled my butt at him. “You’ll like this,” I promised. “But go slow, OK?”

Tory nodded the brown mop of his golden-tinged hair. He looked down at my bottom and pointed the end of his cock downward. I felt cool lotion and precum in my crack and then his blunt crown against my opening.

I was used to getting fucked plenty by Scotty, otherwise, it might have been hard work taking Tory. But it only took some adjusting, and a little time letting him in. I watched his tensed belly and chest muscles, and his biceps and forearms, all while he eased in. It excited me because his fantastic, sixteen-year-old body was merging with mine. Somehow, when you sex with someone, their body belongs to you for a while.

When he was all the way in, he pumped his hips a few times. His head fell back, mouth open, neck muscles showing. He looked magnificent. Then he looked down at me, and I held my arms out to him.

Tory stretched out over me, going flat on me. He was taller enough that our mouths met naturally. I wrapped my legs and arms around him and hugged as he pumped his hips and probed hungrily in my mouth with his tongue. He felt strong; his body was hard and much denser than my mom’s or Jessie’s, or even Scotty’s for that matter.

“Do you like it this way?” I asked when our lips parted for a breath.

In answer, he covered my mouth again with his.

Scotty got behind Tory, and Tory slowed while Scotty lubed Tory’s bottom and positioned himself. Tory stopped when Scotty pushed his boner in, and then began again more slowly, pumping his hips between Scotty and me. It took a while to find a rhythm, but we did, with Scotty mainly hanging on.

Tory came hard. Scotty told me later he thought Tory’s butt was going to squeeze his boner right off. If we hadn’t been all flat with Scotty basically lying on Tory’s back, I think Tory would have thrown Scotty off with all his bucking. It was mainly his hips that were flying, though. His arms were tight around me.

Tory’s muscles got even harder and all tight. His breathing in my ear sounded like he was sprinting. The hardness of his pubic bone pounded my perineum right through his pubic hair, and his taut belly pressed my upturned boner with each undulation of his butt and lower back. In the end, I had my arms tightly around his neck, just taking it while his orgasm gave me one hell of a dry orgasm of my own.

Tory pulled out of me, and rolled off to the side, groaning and breathing hard. But Scotty wasn’t done, and he moved up to my bottom. He pushed in and doubled over me, and I closed my arms around him, all spent and comfortable and glad to have Scotty moving his familiar boner in my, now very wet, hole. I rubbed the side of my face against his and kissed in front of his ear. Of all the differences in the last couple of days, the freedom to be totally gay with Scotty was the best.

Tory rolled up on his side, watching. His cock hadn’t gotten soft, and he stroked as he watched. It was only a few moments before he was back on his knees and behind Scotty this time.

“Are you ready?” I asked Scotty, rubbing his cheek with mine.

“Yeah,” he said. Then he lowered his voice to a quiet whisper. “I’m glad he’s gonna do me this way, Davey. I like belly to belly with you.”

I kissed him again.

That’s how we finally finished, collapsing into a pile.

Scotty and I snuggled up on either side of Tory, resting our heads on his shoulders and our hands on the taut skin of his chest and belly. “When we’re all back in Houston,” I said, “you gotta come see us.”

“No shit,” Scotty said.

Tory wrapped his arms behind our shoulders. “I have my driver’s license,” he said. “I can drive over sometimes. I can even help you guys with soccer skills.”

“And we’ll help you with your sexing skills,” Scotty said, chuckling.

“Will your moms let me?”

“Yeah, they’ll let you,” I said, “right Scotty?”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “It’s too bad you didn’t sex with my mom, too, though. I mean, you sexed with Laurie and me and Davey. It’s like we left my mom out, and she doesn’t know what it’s like to sex with you.”

“She can probably guess,” I said.

“Too bad we wore you out already,” Scotty told him. “Cuz if you sexed with my mom, too, she’d probably want to see you again as much as we do.”

“I’m not worn out… not really,” Tory said.

We lifted our heads to look at him.

“I mean, I’m gay and all,” he said, “well, at least, I think I’m gay. But your moms are hot. Yesterday with Laurie was amazing, and Jessie… well she’s beautiful, too.”

“We have to wash your dick first,” I said. “Scotty and I can clean your dick and get it hard for you.”

The three of us quietly stole into Jessie’s room. She was still asleep on her stomach with one leg cocked and we could see the bottom of her pussy lips.

Scotty and I climbed on to the bed on either side of her and gently pressed our bodies to hers, stroking her skin, kissing her shoulders and back, stroking her legs. Tory got up on the bed between her legs and bending, kissed and stroked the back of her legs and over her butt.

Jessie moaned softly and moved, pleasurably between us. She was facing me and her eyes opened. “Hi, Davey,” she whispered. “Are we in a mood this morning?”

I kissed her. “Yes,” I said. “We’re gonna get you in the mood, too.”

“Well,” she said, “you’re going about it the right way.”

Tory bent down and I could tell when his tongue hit Jessie’s labia because she jumped with a little squeal. She murmured and moved her hips and closed her eyes. We could hear Tory’s licking.

Jessie rolled fully onto her stomach, spreading her legs wide, sliding her arms farther under her pillow, and lifting her butt to Tory’s mouth. “Umph!” she groaned into her pillow.

Scotty and I worked our hands under her breasts, caressing. Jessie got hotter and hotter. “Oh, damn, Laurie, you’re really good this morning,” Jessie murmured. “Please, let one of the boys climb on me; I am so ready.”

“It’s not Mom,” I told her. “Tory came to say good bye to you.”

Jessie lifted her head and looked back over her shoulder. Tory raised his head, smiling. Jessie saw the smile, then her eyes dropped to Tory’s erection. She looked at it a moment, and then at me. “The condoms are in the night stand there,” she said.

I opened the drawer, and Jessie stuffed a pillow under her tummy to lift her bottom. Scotty hurried around to my side of the bed. Neither of us had seen condoms. We pulled out a strip and tore off one of the squares.

“Tear open the wrapper and give me one,” Tory said, rubbing Jessie’s labia with his fingertips while watching us.

Scotty watched as I fumbled and finally managed to open the little package. I held it open, and he retrieved the disk. We turned to the bed and handed it to Tory. He looked at it a moment. “I’ve never actually put one on,” he said.

“You roll it down over your cock,” Jessie said. “Put the ring over your crown and roll it down.”

Tory tried the wrong side first. Scotty realized and took it from him, flipping it over, and then the two of them rolled it on. Tory got into position. Scotty and I guided him in and then watched as he lay down on Jessie from behind, reached under to take hold of her breasts. Then he rode. And because he’d come twice already that morning, he rode Jessie long and well, and I thought how someday Scotty and I would have big cocks and how we might take turns riding Jessie like that.

We saw Tory again that summer, but I’ll save that for another story. When we returned home from Galveston, we returned to our own beds, but for only a few nights. Thursday night, after Dee had gone to bed, Jessie came to our bed and led Scotty and me to their room. We closed the door, and all climbed in to bed together. Jessie and Scotty were giggling as I fell into Jessie’s arms and Scotty fell into Mom’s.

Most nights that summer, I slept in Scotty’s arms and to say that was the summer he and I first fell deeply in love would not be overstating it, even if we were only eleven, going on twelve. I don’t think that would be overstating it at all. And I thank our mothers for it, because they truly freed us up to be natural together, and with them. Oh, and they taught us to kiss; something Scotty and I will always love to do.

It was inevitable of course. I suppose we all knew that; five of us in one house and only four of us knowing the secret. It happened on a weekend toward the end of summer. Friday night, Mom, Jessie, Scotty, and I had sexed and slept together in their room. I woke, snuggled up behind Jessie with Scotty snuggled up behind me. I’d heard Mom exclaim, “What’s this?”

All three of us on the bed lifted our heads to find Mom at her closet doors. She and Jessie each had a wide closet with bi-fold doors and Mom had her doors open. On the floor, my nine-year-old sister, Dee, was waking up, rubbing her eyes.

Mom knelt beside her. “Dee, honey, what are you doing in here?”

Jessie hurriedly pulled covers up over us just as Dee glanced our way. Dee was frightened and her eyes teared up. Mom was naked, of course, but that didn’t stop her from pulling Dee into her arms. “It’s OK, honey,” she soothed. “Did you sleep in here all night?”

Dee nodded.

“When did you fall asleep?” Mom asked. “Before we came back to bed?”

Dee buried her face in Mom’s neck. “I’m sorry,” she blubbered. “I didn’t mean to watch.” Dee cried hard. Mom hugged her in her arms and rocked her. Scotty and I scrambled out and went to our room to dress.

Later, when Mom, Jessie, and Dee came out, Mom made an announcement. “Dee is a member of our family, just as much as Davey or Scotty or me or Jessie. We aren’t going to close our doors to her anymore, and if Dee wants to come in sometime and watch us, she can, but she doesn’t have to, OK?”

Dee looked right at Scotty and me. Scotty and I glanced at each other and nodded.

“That doesn’t mean that Dee should ever feel like she has to do any of the things we do, ever… right boys?”

We nodded, Dee watching us.

“And Dee knows that we don’t talk about any of the things we do with anybody else, right Dee?”

Dee looked up at Mom and nodded.

Later that afternoon, Mom pulled Scotty and me aside. “You boys must understand that really shook Dee up, watching us last night. It’s very important that we stay considerate of her. I don’t want her to ever feel like she has to do anything with us. You boys understand?”

We nodded.

“And no trying to get Dee to sex with you. She’s only nine years old. If she ever wants to explore her sexuality with us, it will be only when she’s ready, at her pace.”

“But the rest of us can still sex together, right?” Scotty asked.

Mom nodded. “I think we should tonight, actually. We need to it while what we told Dee is still fresh on her mind, and when Dee can be around. I want her to find out for herself that it’s fine with us if she stays away or watches from the door, or even comes into the room to watch.”

We nodded.

That night, we sexed with our moms again, but with the door open. Dee did watch from the doorway, in her jammies, her hand dropping between her legs when she didn’t think we were watching.

We sexed together again Saturday night, and Dee stood at the door again. “Dee?” Jessie asked. “Do you want to get on the bed with us? You don’t have to take your jammies off if you don’t want.”

Dee shook her head, but when we finished and settled together to sleep, she climbed onto the bed between Mom and me. She snuggled back against Mom, facing me. I smiled at her and took her hand to hold as we fell asleep. She squeezed it.

“Mom?” she asked, the next night as we sat around the supper table. “Can I take my bath tonight with Davey and Scotty?” Mom glanced up. “I used to,” Dee quickly continued. “I took baths with Davey when we were little.”

Mom glanced at Jessie.

Jessie shrugged. “It’s not like she hasn’t seen us all, more than naked, lately.”

Dee closed the door and undressed with us. Scotty and I got boners. It was hard not to. Scotty had never seen Dee naked, and I hadn’t seen her naked for a long time. The three of us stood outside the tub while the water filled, looking at each other.

“Can we touch you, Dee?” I asked. “Can we see what you’re like?”

She nodded and we came closer. Scotty and I kneeled in front of her and Dee put a foot up on the tub, opening herself to us. Her privates weren’t only hairless; they looked different than our Mom’s in other ways… like way smaller and more petite. But I recognized the parts. “Do you know the names of all your parts?” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Well,” I said, lifting my fingers to her cunny, “these are your labia, your pussy lips. They’re sensitive. If you let a guy rub you there, he’s gonna like, expect you to let him sex with you.” Her eyes brightened as I rubbed her there.

“This,” I said, “is your clitoris, your clit. It’s hard right now. That means you’re excited. It’s like a little dick and we can do things with it that feel real good for you.” To show her, I took Dee by the hips and carefully inserted my tongue between the tops of her soft, puffy labia. I tongued around the hard nub of her clit. Dee gasped and grabbed my head with both hands. Her foot almost came off the tub.

Scotty scooted around behind her and pressed his fingers up under her cunny. Dee jerked against my mouth. “Here’s your vagina,” I heard Scotty say. “That’s where a boy puts his dick when you make sex.”

I kept licking, and Scotty kept fingering Dee. She clung to my head with both hands and her little hips rocked. After a few moments, Scotty turned off the water and came back. We kept going. I expected Dee to get shaky feelings, especially the way she was moving, and I was right. With gasps and whimpers, she got shaky alright, and almost pulled my ears off.

I stood up, facing her, and grinned because Dee looked really out of it, all glassy-eyed. I kissed her then. I hugged her and kissed her and let her feel my stiffy against her belly. “Did you like that, Dee?” I asked softly.

She nodded.

Scotty hugged her from behind and I figured she felt his stiffy against her butt. “Sometime you can do that for us, Dee,” I told her. “Sometime you can suck one of our stiffies and we’ll suck your clit.”

“Wanna see Davey and me fuck?” Scotty asked quietly. “You got us all worked up.”

Dee nodded, so we let her go, and Scotty dropped to his back. I got between his legs and we added spit and I put my cock inside him. We made ourselves into a ball and went at it. Dee watched for a moment, and then knelt beside us and rubbed my back and butt while I pumped.

That night, Dee came to our room after Scotty and I had gone to bed. Mom and Jessie were still up watching TV. The door opened, Dee came in, and she closed the door behind her. Then she came quietly to our bed. Scotty’s head was on my shoulder, the way we usually went to sleep. Dee lifted the covers and crawled up onto the bed on my other side and laid her head on my free shoulder.

“Davey?” she whispered.

“Yeah, Dee?”

She rubbed my belly with her nine-year-old hand. “Do to me what you do to Mom and Jessie and Scotty.”

I looked at her large, sincere eyes and nodded. “OK.”

Wordlessly, we shifted, putting Dee on her back between Scotty and me. “We’ll get you ready first, Dee,” I told her. I glanced at Scotty, and he glanced at me. We knew what to do. We stroked and kissed inside her legs. He kissed her flat chest and licked her nipples. We stroked and kissed her cunny.

I knelt up and spread Dee’s legs, bending between them to lick her clit again. When her hips began moving and jerking, I licked down between her pussy lips and found her opening at the bottom. She was already damp. I tongued her good, probing deeply and getting her even wetter.

Scotty got a pillow and stuffed it under Dee’s bottom. I rose up and leaned forward over her on my hands. “Point my dick in, Scotty,” I said, my eyes on Dee’s. I felt Scotty’s hand tug and I went with it. I felt Dee’s wet labia on my crown and pushed. They parted, but much, much more snuggly than Mom’s or Jessie’s.

“Oh, Dee,” I murmured. I pushed in, but decided I had the angle wrong because I hit something. Dee clutched at my arms. I pulled back and tried again and felt something give way and the tight, wet sleeve of Dee’s vagina slid all the way down over my shaft.

She gasped and arched back. My bald pubic mound flattened against hers and I was buried all the way. I held still, though, because Dee’s hands really clamped down on my arms. Her eyes were clenched shut. “It hurts,” she gasped.

“It’s not supposed to hurt,” I told her.

She didn’t move, so I didn’t. And then, finally, her hips moved, adjusting, and her eyes relaxed. So I pulled out slightly and pushed back in. She arched back again and gasped, but this time, her eyes weren’t clenched and her mouth hung open. I pumped a few times and her head began to loll. “Feeling alright now?” I asked.

Dee nodded.

So I laid down on her and covered her mouth with mine. I pumped my hips long and slow and taught Dee kissing with tongue. Scotty, beside me, rubbed my bottom and leaned in to take a turn kissing Dee as well.

“Dee?” Scotty whispered. “Can I sex with you, too?”

Dee looked at him, and nodded dreamily, then smiled.

We were gonna tell our moms of course, but when they didn’t find Dee in bed in the morning, they leaned in to find her in our bed.

After that, Dee wanted to spend every night in bed with us, and Scotty and I finally had to appeal to our moms for help in getting a night alone together. That’s when they took Dee to bed with them and taught her that she could have fun with them just like she could with us.

Scotty and I are out of college now and have our own surveying business. We’re long past being in love. We’re at whatever love becomes when you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together and you both know it, and want it. I never thought it would be possible to love someone as much as I love Scotty. It seems like we’ve always been together. I can’t imagine ever not being together.

We still live at home, in a much nicer house now. We still live with our moms, though, and with Dee and the rest of our younger brothers and sisters.

The End

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