How the mighty are fallen

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa, with a set of German guests who are causing some trouble.
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It was perhaps fortuitous that the holiday came when it did. Max and Giorgos had come the closest they had ever done to having an argument; Max found Giorgos’s attitude to Luan difficult to comprehend. As far as Giorgos was concerned, Herr Hans was his boss and what Herr Hans said was law; Giorgos could not imagine going against Herr Hans. But Max was concerned for Luan, and finally Giorgos agreed that, when they returned, he would have a quiet word with Herr Hans.

The ‘villa’ turned out to be a converted barn, in the middle of an orchard, idyllically placed on a neighbouring island. It was short walk from the island’s port, but surrounded by undeveloped land. The facilities were basic compared to the villa, but still luxurious compared to the brothers quarters there. Giorgos tutted a bit about the state of it, but Max thought it fabulous. The first night, tired from their journey, they stayed put. Giorgos proved a versatile cook operating the outside barbecue. They both slept the sleep of the just, after a prolonged and surprisingly intense bout of sex.

Next morning Giorgos explained that the barn preserved its idyllic location because Herr Hans had bought all the surrounding land. Other areas had been developed for tourist villas, but here it was peace. That is, until Herr Hans decided the time was right to develop his own luxury villas. Max was saddened that the idyll could not last. But charmed by the old town, where they wandered round the port, ignored the tourists and had coffee in a bar where they were warmly greeted by the barman, more so when Max produced some hesitating words of Greek in response to his greeting.

As they walked back, Max allowed himself to grasp Giorgos’s hand and Giorgos did not object. He insisted that they be careful, except when near the barn where they sunbathed naked. Any sex had to take place indoors, so they were inside a lot.

That first full day, Giorgos insisted that they eat in town and he dressed with remarkable care. Max thought that something was the matter, he seemed on edge, but there had been no messages on his phone (though reception was so bad that they only came through intermittently). Then, just before they were about to leave Giorgos got hold of Max, he fumbled in his pocket and produced a box. This he opened, to reveal a pair of plain rings, just bands.

With much hesitation, and an untypical lack of confidence, Giorgos asked Max to marry him. Except that wasn’t possible of course. But now that Max was over 18, Giorgos wanted to do the next best thing, and pledge himself, themselves. That Giorgos wanted to spend the rest of his life with Max, and so did Kyriakos and Dimitrios. It wasn’t quite a proposal from all three brothers, but it was pretty close. Max stood on tiptoe and kissed Giorgos, told him yes and how much he loved him.

They were late for dinner of course.

Besides the ring, which Max wore on his wrong hand, there was another present, a chain for his neck from Kyriakos and Dmitrios, there was a little rectangular plaque on it with all four names interlinked. During dinner, Max even sneaked his hand under the table cloth, to rest in Giorgos’s lap, where Giorgos’s hand came to rest on top of it.

It was a magical few days, and when Dimitrios and Kyriakos met them from the ferry they were both grinning from ear to ear. All four went to a bar in the port where they toasted each other. And then Dimitrios and Kyriakos brought them up to date on all the news. It had been announced that Eva was pregnant and that Herr Hans was not the father, Eva was saying the baby was Tobias’s. But she was staying under Herr Hans’s protection, living in a house near the Herr Hans’s villa and he was going to pay for the baby’s education. If Tobias wanted anything to do with his son, then he would have to continue with obeying Herr Hans’s rules. Tobias had spent the weekend ‘entertaining’ Herr Hans’s clients, and then been taken to a clinic. There, reputedly, he had been circumcised and sterilised, with no possibility of reversal. He was also now using a hair removal cream, in time his body hair would be gone entirely. Once the Germans had gone, Tobias and Luan would be returning. Max wondered what had happened about Luan, but Dimitrios and Kyriakos did not know in detail. All they had heard was that now Luan was sharing Tobias’s shame and spending his time naked as well.

Max was still horrified at what had gone on and, shocked at the Greek brothers' collusion. Max and Giorgos had had a number of heated conversations about it and when his brothers had brought the matter up Giorgos had caught Max's eye and nodded. Giorgos would speak to Herr Hans, though privately he did not believe it would do any good.

By contrast the Germans were quiet and no bother. Horst had asked after Max and was looking forward to his return. Kaspar had been conspicuous by his absence, keeping to his room. Neither Kyriakos nor Dimitrios could fathom what had gone on. But clearly something had happened.

When they got to the villa, Horst, Ina and Karin were waiting for them. As Horst greeted Max and eagerly presented his arse for fucking, Giorgos was similarly greeted by Ina and Karin. Kaspar did not appear at all and when they asked about him, Horst simply said that he was in his room. They ended up late for the celebration dinner that Kyriakos has prepared. Afterwards the four celebrated with an intensively energetic bout of sex.

Much later, Max went for a walk leaving Giorgos to be boring and catch up on messages. There was a figure on the beach, it was Kaspar. He was stood staring out to sea, but when he heard Max he waved at him and Max had little excuse not to go over and join him. He had clearly had a drink and was rather maudlin, but glad to see Max. Kaspar’s conversation, if you could call it that, barely made sense, but when Max made to go Kaspar insisted on Max staying, putting a firm arm on Max’s shoulder; and saying that he had a something to tell Max.

This persisted for a bit, and was repeated so much by Kaspar that Max doubted that there was anything to tell, just the ramblings of a drunk. Then Kaspar started to make sense and Max realised that under verbal wanderings disguised a very real anxiety. In pieces Kaspar explained how he had always been attracted to men, but had failed to admit it even to himself properly. Instead he had channelled and disguised it, had over compensated and become hard and nasty. But Kaspar wanted children, so he had to be straight, didn’t he? At this point Kaspar burst into tears, to Max’s profound embarrassment; he might be telling the truth, but he was still drunk.

Max began to wonder where all this was leading, whether he might be expected to have sex with Kaspar and whether Kaspar was capable of it. Kaspar began to say how much he admired Max and the way Max coped with being gay, cue for more ramblings. Finally he pulled himself together and stood up, announcing that from now on things were going to be different. He was going to tell the world he was gay and to start he wanted Max to fuck him.

That was a bit of a shock. But Kasper stood up, dropped his shorts and bent over, presenting his arse to Max. It was smooth, pert and tight and Max couldn’t resist. He leaned over and applied his tongue, then forgoing any finger fore-play, he thrust his cock in. Kaspar cried out loud, he really was tight, but also insisted on Max keeping going. Max did, and suddenly he was deep inside Kasper’s virgin arse.

Max had intended to tell the boys about the episode when he returned, but it was so late Kyriakos and Dimitrios were asleep and Giorgos was almost falling asleep over his lap-top. So Max told it in whispered tones to Giorgos as they drifted off to sleep. Giorgos could barely believe it either.

Next morning Max was doing jobs on the terrace as Kyriakos served Horst, Ina and Karin breakfast. They all looked up when, to their surprise, Kaspar appeared. He was naked, but had made one or two changes. His long hair was pulled back into a pony-tail and his goatee was gone, leaving him looking far younger and more vulnerable. Also gone were Kaspar’s pubes, making his cock ring stand out even more.

As he helped himself to coffee, Kaspar calmly announced to all and sundry that he had resolved to be truer to himself, he apologised for his behaviour. From now on he was going to accept that he preferred guys and that from now on he would be true and be gay. His family had gone to great lengths to put up with him, but from now on he would be a reformed character. He also wanted to apologise for his treatment of Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios. His way of apologising was certainly unique. He went up to Dimitrios first, apologised for his treatment and offered his arse in compensation. Dimitrios grinned, and couldn’t resist. Max and the brothers took it in turns to fuck Kaspar, it became a game. It was also apparent that Kaspar's arse was not used to such treatment, he took Max and Dimitrios's cocks OK, but struggled a bit with Kyriakos's. When it came to Giorgos it was clear that Kaspar was in some difficulty. Ina disappeared and reappeared with some poppers, which made Max wonder what Ina got up to in the privacy of her bedroom. They did the trick, and Kaspar's joy when his arse slid all the way down Giorgos's cock was immediately apparent. There was one further cock up Kaspar's arse, his father took his turn too seemingly enjoying the change in roles.

Ina and Karin took themselves off for the day, announcing that they were going shopping; despite Kaspar's change in mood, they seemed keen not to be around him. Horst, by contrast, seemed content and the remainder of the day was quite unremarkable. By early afternoon each of the three Greek brothers had departed on a business errand, leaving Max tending to the few needs of Horst and Kaspar. After an early afternoon fuck, Horst went for a rest leaving Max with Kaspar. Kaspar too was keen to fuck, but even keener to talk. Max realised that he was a little bit drunk, but it had been an eventful few days. Afterwards Max commented to Giorgos that he wouldn't want Kaspar as a friend, but still he'd found the guy rather sad and lonely. Kaspar was keen to hear all about how Max knew that he was gay, and what his family thought. It wasn't so much a conversation as a therapy session.

By the evening meal, everyone was back. Max and the Greeks took their leave of the Germans and retired to their quarters thankfully. After the usual games and a simple meal, the three Greeks admitted that they had all been to see Herr Hans that afternoon. He had been surprised, but had seemed to take their opinion seriously, saying he would think about Tobias and Luan's fate. What was certain was that they would not be coming back to the villa, the boys would have a reasonable amount of time to prepare for the next guests. Max was relieved, but also worried. He finally confided his worries to Giorgos when they were alone, before retiring; of course, Giorgos agreed but he confessed that having seen Luan crying and witnessed what Herr Hans wished to do to Tobias, there was a moment when he felt that he had to stand up. Max felt proud of him.

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