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Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa. In this episode, we catch up with Max's parents, Anthony and Teresa
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Anthony and Teresa had decided to have a few days away to celebrate Teresa's complete return to health. Her scare had been nowhere near as bad as they thought and now they wanted to get their lives back on track. The hotel was in an idyllic spot, but they did not plan to go out much. They had taken a luxury suite and planned to spend as much time as possible in their room.

The hotel was small and they were shown to their room by an attentive young man in his 20's who insisted on carrying their luggage. Both Anthony and Teresa walked behind him, which gave them both a great view of his arse in its tightly tailored trousers. Once inside the room the young man, who was French and whose name was Luc, proved highly attentive.

There was a welcome package in the room and Anthony had taken the trouble to phone ahead and order a bottle of champagne. Luc offered to open it and as he did so, Anthony mentioned that the weekend was something of a celebration without going in to details. Almost before the door was closed behind Luc, Anthony was slipping off his clothes to show Teresa his other present to her. He was going commando (he never did anything else now) and so was soon naked so that Teresa could see the effect of his shaved cock and balls being slipped into a cock ring. Anthony was starting to get hard, so that his foreskin was pulled back giving Teresa a view of a glorious new addition, a gleaming PA.

In their discussions following the departure of the Greeks, the subject of piercing had come up. Teresa had mentioned a few times that, rather surprisingly, she found the idea of a guy with a pierced dick rather sexy, provided it was well done and there was only one piercing. Also, she'd heard that a PA could be very stimulating in sex. She was about to find out, and couldn't wait.

The unpacking could wait and Teresa slipped off her own clothes. They hadn't gone very far when there was a knock at the door and, before they could do anything, it sprang open and Luc appeared with a present for them from the management. Lu was sang-froid personified, smiling and giving them the present as if it was the most normal thing in the world for them to be naked and for Anthony to be hard. And perhaps, in Luc's world it was, they didn't know. Luc noted with interest that Anthony's dick remained hard, and that he had a PA. Neither Anthony nor Teresa made an effort to cover up . As Luc left he said that if they needed anything, they were to call, he was on duty all weekend. It could have meant everything or nothing. But for the moment, Anthony and Teresa were interested only in themselves.

Anthony had brought another toy as well, a dildo which they put to extremely good use. Anthony had discovered his arse, and enjoyed getting it played with. When Luc returned to take their order for dinner, both Anthony and Teresa were completely absorbed in their play with Teresa fucking Anthony with the dildo. Anthony found it stimulating to be so on show, he enjoyed showing his everything. Teresa noted that Luc seemed interested and unembarrassed, and a bulge in his trousers seemed to indicate he was hard, but it was difficult to tell.

Anthony and Teresa explored everything the room had too offer, and spent a long time relaxing in the huge bath. When Luc came to clear away their dinner remains, he commented that it was pleasant to take a walk in the evening, and that if they took the path through the shrubbery, then they would certainly meet interesting people. He re-iterated this a few times, leaving Anthony and Teresa pretty sure it was an invitation, but to what?

So they decided on a quiet post-dinner stroll. Decently dressed they walked across the terrace to the winding path through the shrubbery. They passed one or two people from the hotel with a similar idea, and then as they got further from the hotel it seemed as if they are alone and the light from the illuminated terrace got rather less. Then there was a figure in white shirt, black trousers smoking a cigarette. It was Luc and he grinned when he saw Anthony and Teresa. He kissed first Anthony and then Teresa, deep exploratory kisses. Then whilst Luc explored Teresa's breasts, unfettered and easily accessible, Anthony dropped down and started unfastening Luc's trousers, revealing a pair of tiny, well filled white briefs. These were soon pulled down too and Anthony soon had Luc's cock in his mouth. The sex was inevitably brief, Luc was only on his break, but Teresa and Anthony squeezed Luc into a sandwich as Luc fucked the one and was fucked by the other. Afterwards Luc thanked them, and informed them that he was working a split shift tomorrow and was free from 2.30pm to 5pm. They agreed that he was to come to their room.

They were spotted by the maitre d'hotel as they walked back along the terrace and ordered a final night-cap to be drunk outside under the stars. He was Italian and brought their drinks himself, commenting that he hoped that they had had a lovely walk. Anthony wondered how much he had seen, but the guy was smoothly unreadable, though both Anthony and Teresa noticed how his arse was outlined by his tight trousers.

Next morning they got up promptly, had a good breakfast and set off on a long walk over the moors above the hotel. They managed to time the walk well and for lunch, stopped in at a pub which was beautifully situated if somewhat distant and solitary to get to. By they time that Luc knocked on their room door at 2.35, both Anthony and Teresa had showered, and Anthony was freshly shaved. Neither bothered to dress, and Luc was soon relieved of his clothes. He was wearing the same as yesterday (the exact same clothes if truth be told). Underneath he was slim, neatly put together but surprisingly unhairy except for his bush of sandy pubes. His cock was in proportion, slim and elegant rather than thick and beer-can like.

Luc proved to be a willing participant and eager learner, keen to explore every inch of both Anthony and Teresa. He showed himself to be an ideal third partner, equally happy fucking Anthony or Teresa, or being fucked. By the end of the afternoon all orifices had been explored, more than once and all three had tired arses. Luc showed himself really up for anything, when he let Anthony and Teresa shave him. So that when he dressed for duty he had not only managed to lose his briefs, so he had to go commando, but was smoothly without pubes too. They arranged to meet for a follow up session the following afternoon.

Inevitably, Anthony and Teresa fell asleep after Luc left which made them rather late for dinner. Luckily the restaurant was still serving and the maitre d'hotel had saved them a good table on the terrace. In a creeper covered alcove and nicely sheltered, the maitre d'hotel grinned at them and informed them that they would be able to be private and relax. Quite what he meant by that, they soon discovered. The maitre d'hotel, whose name was Giovanni, personally ushered them into their seats and put their linen napkins on their laps. As he was doing Teresa's, Giovanni's hands spent far longer than they ought as he explored her thighs and cunt, allowing his fingers to caress the lips of her shaved and naked pussy. When he had finished Teresa's dress was unfastened at the front, and her modesty covered only with the napkin. A similar procedure followed with Anthony, who found a pair of hands exploring his cock and unfastening his trousers to allow the now erect member release. Anthony finished up with his cock and balls fully exposed, just covered by his napkin.

Between courses, Giovanni returned to check that they were OK and to re-position their napkins, allowing his hands to explore further so that he explored Teresa's cunt more fully and nearly brought Anthony to climax. Each time also, he adjusted Anthony's trousers to that they were a little lower leaving him more and more exposed.

It was a slightly surreal meal, because the food and the wine itself were superb and the service excellent. Nobody let on that both Anthony and Teresa were so exposed, and both the couple found it rather exciting. Teresa spent much of the meal with one of her hands round Anthony's cock and by the end of the meal his trousers were so far down that he was convinced it must be obvious that he was naked, but no-one commented.

The meal took a long time and by the time they reached the desert course, the restaurant was clearing. Giovanni brought the desert menu and gave it to them, asking if there was anything they fancied. As they studied the menu he stood by Teresa's side, and calmly unfastened his trousers and unzipped to reveal that he too as going commando. He released a very substantial cock and balls, surrounded by neatly trimmed pubes and proffered his hard-on to Teresa. She stroked Giovanni's cock at first, enjoying the outrageous feel of doing so publicly in the restaurant and then was encouraged to go further, taking his cock into her mouth. As Teresa expertly brought Giovanni to climax, Anthony stroked his own cock and climaxed at the same time. Afterwards Giovanni thanked them, and zipped up as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

When the waiter brought their deserts, Teresa and Anthony were still unfastened and completely exposed. The waiter simply grinned.

After dinner, though it was late, Teresa and Anthony went for a walk. The gardens just off the terrace were sufficiently lit to be able to wander around and there were other couples about. Once clear of the terrace, Anthony stopped for a moment and slipped off his trousers; after the evening's events he felt like being daring. They walked, with Anthony's cock bobbing freely around, receiving a few glances from other walkers but mainly grins. Finally they stopped and Anthony took Teresa, publicly and not worrying who might be watching.

Next morning they breakfasted late, but still managed to go for a nice long walk and call in at the pub afterwards. Showered, shaved and naked in their room, when someone knocked at the door it wasn't Luc but Giovanni. He smiled as he entered, explaining that Luc had swapped shifts and would now be free in the evening and they had him instead. At this he unfastened his trousers to reveal his own erect cock; as yesterday he wasn't wearing any underwear. As he quickly stripped, Giovanni talked about the previous evening and how he had been longing to fuck them both properly.

He was as good as his word. A far more active guy than Luc, and far more concerned with his sense of his own masculinity, there were things that Giovanni would not do. But for an exciting fuck, you could not beat him and he was happy demonstrating his skills on both Anthony and Teresa.

Afterwards, as he dressed again, Anthony asked him if he provided the special services he'd given them, to all their guests. Giovanni grinned and said no, only to special guests, and winked at them as he left.

Anthony and Teresa decided to cancel their dinner reservation, and eat in the room. That way they could enjoy as much of Luc's company as possible. They showered, again, had a rest and ordered room service. By now they had become blasé and when the waiter arrived not only were both naked, but Anthony's cock was started to get hard again.

Both were certainly ready to welcome Luc when he arrived off his shift. He was still wearing his uniform clothes (white shirt, tight black trousers) and stripping them off revealed a lack of underwear which pleased Anthony. Things were more relaxed than the previous day but there was still plenty of exploration. Luc had intended to only stay a couple of hours, but when dinner arrived he was still there with Anthony's cock deep in his arse and his tongue flicking over Teresa's cunt. The waiter did not bat an eyelid at seeing one of his colleagues so engaged, but Luc knew that it would be all over the hotel. He didn't mind being notorious, in fact rather liked it, and the manager winked at such things if the hotel guests were happy and Anthony and Teresa clearly were.

Dinner was followed by a bath, with all three of them and Luc allowed himself to be shaved again; he was rather getting to like it. He confessed that he had enjoyed the feeling of being smooth, and of going commando and was planning to continue both habits.

Luc was fun, flexible and charming. He was not only a great fuck, but loved to explore and was as happy with Anthony's cock up his arse as pounding away on Anthony or Teresa, though what Luc loved the most was being in the middle of a sandwich. He was also charming company, and they enjoyed simply chatting to him.

By the end of the evening everyone was feeling fucked out, but it seemed a shame to stop. So, even though Luca had to be up incredibly early, he stayed and shared their bed. A first for everyone, and they all enjoyed it so much that they knew it would happen again somehow. A connection had been made.

Next morning was a bit of a let down as Teresa and Anthony packed after breakfast. But Lu came to 'help' with their luggage and gave each a passionate kiss.

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