New Visitors - Gavin, Jody and Jay

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa. In this episode, Max and the brothers are awaiting new guests
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With the German's gone, Max and Giorgos took advantage of the few days grace to move into the villa and sleep in one of the rooms. The Germans had left it in a bit of a state, and quite a bit more than a quick clean-down was required. Giorgos insisted on doing the pool properly as well. So evenings were quiet, but Max didn't care. He and Giorgos spent a lot of time together, sitting in the dark on the edge of the terrace watching the stars. Dimitrios and Kyriakos didn't mind, they seemed to welcome the time on their own and Max sensed that things were changing. When he mentioned this to Giorgos, the Greek man smiled and said that he suspected that they would soon be moving into their own room as Dimitrios and Kyriakos were wanting space of their own. It wasn't a problem, Giorgos seemed to welcome the idea that his brothers' relationship was developing.

There was also bad news, Dimitrios's results from university had come through and he had not done well enough. To go on to his final year he would need better marks, which meant re-sitting the previous year, which in turn meant an extra year before he could earn money. Despite Giorgos saying that they could afford it, it was obvious that Dimitrios was upset and disappointed. Kyriakos took him off for the last two days, to visit friends and leave Max and Giorgos alone.

Their time alone was restricted because Herr Hans had a couple of business events, entertaining clients. There was nothing sexual about these affairs, they were purely about hospitality and making contacts. That said, there were plenty of people who propositioned Max and Giorgos as they served. At the second event, Herr Hans took Giorgos to one side to let him know that Tobias and Luan had moved to a villa close to that where Eva was living and that he had restored Tobias's allowance. Giorgos was relieved.

Between the two events, Herr Hans brought a small group of guests to the villa, both men and women. And this time, Max and Giorgos were expected to perform. As both Dimitrios and Kyriakos were away, Max and Giorgos had their work cut out even though Herr Hans arranged for one of his other staff to cater. It was busy afternoon, cocks were sucked, arses licked, arses and cunts fucked, all with a sense of service. When the guests finally left, it was clear a good time had been had by all, and Giorgos was relieved that they had taken the trouble to clean the pool properly. Cleaning up, Giorgos found an envelope from Herr Hans containing a huge tip.

Dimitrios and Kyriakos arrived back late the night before the next visitors were to arrive. They were devastated to have missed Herr Hans' business entertaining, but had had valuable time alone and it showed in the way that their relationship was far more relaxed.

The next visitors were American, an academic and his twin children, who seemed entirely in awe of the villa and its facilities. They were particularly surprised to find their four staff entirely naked and the two teenagers Jody and Jay spent a lot of time staring at crotches. Once luggage was stowed and Jay and Jody were exploring their rooms, Gavin had taken Giorgos on one side to find out what was drill. When Giorgos explained, Gavin's eyes goggled and Giorgos had to explain that they were at Gavin's service so would do whatever was wanted, including covering up (though in fact no-one had ever asked that). And, just for good measure, Giorgos made it clear in the politest possible way what 'whatever' was.

Gavin went to consult his children, and after much discussion behind closed doors, he returned to inform Giorgos that nudity would be OK but that the family would not be taking them up on any sexual favours thank you.

Max and the brothers were all surprised when Gavin and family appeared for drinks on the terrace all entirely naked. The twins, whilst not identical were clearly Gavin's children and the likeness was emphasised by them all having the same shoulder length brown hair. Gavin had a neat goatee beard, though his body was relatively smooth, just a light sprinkling of hair leading down to a mass of pubes hiding moderate sized cock, cut with a flared head. Jay was his father without beard, though his body was smoother. Jody was slim with tight pert breasts. Of the three, she was the most comfortable naked. Jay was least confident and hid this with a degree of loud swagger, which caused his sister to roll her eyes. All three were clearly fascinated and slightly embarrassed by the openly sexual display from Max and the Greeks.

When they retired to their quarters Max and the younger brothers did not hold out much hope of any sexual adventures, but Giorgos disagreed and predicted that when they had got over their inhibitions there would be no stopping them.

The next day was notable mainly for questions. At various times during the day Max and each of the Greeks had to answer innumerable questions. Jody was most direct, he was curious about Max's shaving, about the sex and how Max liked being nude all the time. Jody seemed intent on finding out just how everything worked, and Max found his detailed questioning rather annoying eventually, but tried to be polite.

The subject of incest came up because Max was curious and figured that if Jody was asking him so many questions, then he'd ask some of his own. Jody's reaction to Max's questions as to whether he'd done it with his Dad or his sisters was a picture, he claimed never to have thought about it but Max thought he had. To Jody's own question on the subject, Max answered candidly, that yes he and his Dad had done it, and he hoped to do it again it had been great.

By this time, Max was beginning to get hard and so was Jay, but the American boy rather than seeing this as an opportunity scurried away still rather embarrassed. So Max went to find Dimitrios, and the pair of them had a ball-relieving fuck.

Jay's father Gavin was equally curious, but more circumspect with his questions. He kept finding excuses to pop into the house or the kitchen and then ask Dimitrios or Kyriakos a question, about nudity, sex with house guests etc. He wanted to know how long Max had been shaving, and was a little taken aback at Max's candid description of his relationship with Rolf and the goings on at the villa when he had first arrived. But it was in fact Dimitrios who waxed lyrical to Gavin about shaving, talking of how he currently shaved his arse and his balls, but was thinking of going the whole hog and suggesting to Gavin that with a body like his, his cock would look better smooth.

Whilst Jay and Gavin sunbathed nude during the day, they tended to wander round wearing shorts for most of the time. Jody did sometimes sunbathe, but she spent a lot of the first day in her room, and the second day borrowed one of the villa's motor scooters to go off to the town and did not come back until it was nearly time for dinner.

But Max, Dimitrios and Kyriakos were kept busy in other ways as the American's were demanding as guests, they might not want to have sex with the boys but they certain expected service in many other ways. Still, that was what they were there for and Max settled down and got on with it. But there were quiet moments, when he still managed to sneak away to fuck with Giorgos or one of the boys. Though they were discreet, Max was aware of Jay's eye on him. He mentioned this in the evening and Kyriakos commented that he was sure that Gavin had been watching him and Dimitrios fuck. They didn't mind having an audience, but it almost felt as if they were being spied on.

Next day Jay cornered Max and quizzed him some more about his relationship with the Greeks, not really understanding how Max could be in a relationship with Giorgos but still fuck the other brothers. And he was clearly fascinated by the idea of incest, he kept returning to the fact that Dimitrios and his brothers fucked each other as well. In one area things relaxed. Jay didn't disappear when he got hard, and Max was able to appreciate the sight of his slim but long cock when hard. There was no question of sex, yet. But Jay seemed to welcome Max as a companion as the two masturbated. Gavin was equally fascinated about incest and managed to talk to both Giorgos and Kyriakos about it again.

That evening the boys had split up after their meal, with Dimitrios and Kyriakos spending time together and Giorgos and Max doing likewise. Giorgos and Max were walking by the beach when they came across Gavin. Both Giorgos and Max were naked, and had not clothes with them, and despite having just fucked both were half hard. Gavin greeted them enthusiastically and seemed to be disposed to chat. He had clearly been drinking, but wasn't drunk though he was chattier and more open than usual.

Gavin was full of admiration for Giorgos' relationship with his brothers, with Gavin admitting that he wished he had something similar particularly with Jay. How on this holiday he'd hoped things would be different, but couldn't work out how. He talked of how he'd always wanted to be able to wander round naked and erect in front of Jay and Jody and feel that they could as well. Gavin seemed to be disposed to sit and talk, whilst Giorgos had brought a bottle of wine for him and Max to share. Whilst Giorgos went to get a third glass, Max relieved Gavin of his shorts. It proved relatively easy, and the approach made things go further.

By the time Giorgos returned, Max had Gavin's cock in his mouth, and Giorgos willingly joined in. They didn't fuck Gavin, he didn't seem ready for that yet, but certainly showed that he knew his way around with his mouth. Afterwards, over a glass of wine, Gavin talked of how he envied their freedom and loved being able to be naked all the time. It was Gavin who brought the subject of shaving up, and both Giorgos and Max encouraged him in the idea. By the end, Gavin was hard again but didn't want Max or Giorgos to give him relief. Instead he was going to walk back to his room naked and proud.

Gavin wasn't the only one wandering about, and Jay was amazed to see his father walking naked, having been talking to two of the Greeks (he couldn't see whom). Jay had decided to have a late night swim and was himself naked, but the water disguised the fact that he was getting hard. Gavin deliberately walked close to where his son was and the two exchanged greetings. Jay suggested that his father might join him, but Gavin just laughed and said that he had other things to take care off. All the while Gavin's cock pointed proudly upwards, bobbing around as he walked back to his room.

Next morning Gavin had a surprise for everyone. He appeared at breakfast naked, rather than wearing shorts and he had shaved; his cock, arse, belly and balls were all now completely smooth. Jay grinned when he saw his father and complimented him on his new look. Jay was amazed at how relaxed his father looked, and recalled his amazement at seeing his father erect the previous night. Jay's cock was beginning to twitch so he excused himself and had a wank, thinking of his father's cock. When he returned, Jay too was naked. They both stayed that way until it was time to go an top up on some sun. Jodie was amused by the way the two had started to show off, but she too joined in.

After breakfast the three Americans settled down by the pool. Dimitrios stayed around to tend to their needs, whilst Giorgos went off on some errands for Herr Hans. Kyriakos took Max with him to the market. They were late leaving because they had been too busy observing the Americans and commenting on Gavin's new found confidence and his new look. But Kyriakos didn't really need much, it was just an excuse to get out of the villa.

They had a pleasant morning wandering round, visiting lots of Kyriakos's contacts and being entertained with coffee. In between Kyriakos talked of how he'd love to work somewhere where he could admit that he lived with Dimitrios; people didn't have to know that they were brothers. But here everyone was too conservative and he could not imagine telling them that he was living with a guy. Max had always assumed that Kyriakos loved working at the villa and was surprised that he could admit that anything else. Kyriakos talked of his ideal, a place where the four of them could live and work, open in their sexuality and with enough space so that the two couples could be private when necessary. As it was Dimitrios and Kyriakos could only have privacy if they arranged it.

Max was a bit embarrassed that he'd not thought of this. But by now, as they were leaving town, Kyriakos had other concerns and asked Max to take his shorts off. So Max sat in the jeep naked, and with one hand Kyriakos caressed his smooth pubes saying that Dimitrios had promised to shave soon and that he could not wait. The attention made Max's cock rise, even though he was aware that they might be seen. Eventually Kyriakos pulled up at their usual place. By the time they got out of the jeep, Kyriakos was naked too and was spraying piss all over Max. Max knelt down and allowed himself to be soaked, putting his face up to Kyriakos's cock as if it was a shower. Then Kyriakos thrust his cock into Max's mouth, and they were off.

Afterwards, both were soaked in piss and cum, so Kyriakos suggested having a quick swim. There was a way down to the sea and the beach in that area was quiet. So the pair jogged down to the sea, across the pebbly beach and careless of the fact that they were naked. It was only when returning back to the jeep that they realised that there was another couple there, also fucking. The two were completely absorbed, another pair of horny holiday makers. As they drove the jeep back to the road, they came across a pair of bikes, Kyriakos recognised one it belonged to the villa. He insisted on stopping and walking back to see who the couple was. There was enough cover from the dunes that they could not be seen, but the couple had their tongues down each others throats, oblivious. They were both naked. The girl was Jodie, and the guy was a man Max didn't recognise. But Kyriakos did, once back in the car he told Max that it was a bloke called Amir who worked in one of the bigger hotels. Then Kyriakos grinned and said that Jodie had good taste, Amir was cute. Max asked if Kyriakos had ever fucked him. But Kyriakos made wry smile, no he hadn't as far as the brothers knew Amir was 100% straight.

The news about Jodie would be a nine-seconds wonder with the Greek brothers. Though Max was fascinated, the brothers didn't really care. Jodie wasn't doing anything wrong and she returned the villa's bike every night. Quite who she fucked was her business. Max was curious about how she'd met Amir, but despite some speculation no-one had any idea.

When they returned to the villa however, all thought of Jodie was driven out of their minds by the sight of Dimitrios fucking Gavin by the pool.

The morning had started normally enough, with Gavin and Jay going to sunbathe by the pool. Jodie had disappeared, but that wasn't unusual.

After an hour or so Dimitrios came out with drinks for Gavin and Jay. When Gavin turned over Jay was amazed that Gavin's cock was nearly hard. He'd never seen his father be so revealing and Jay expected Gavin to get up and go for a wank. Instead Gavin got up to have a swim, his cock projecting magnificently from his shaved belly. Gavin was getting hard as well, but he was too shy to do anything and whilst his father was in the pool he slipped off to his room.

Once there Jay thought about his conversation after breakfast with his father. Jodie had disappeared and the Greeks gone off to do whatever tasks they did. Jay plucked up courage and mentioned his father's disappearing pubes. Gavin said that he'd liked the look on Max and wondered about doing it, but had then realised it was now or never. If he was getting an overall tan, then he had to tan everywhere and shaving later would leave him with a white patch. At this Gavin had grinned at his son and gone off to his room.

Now Jay thought about what his father had said. He thought that Max looked good with his pubes shaved, and Jay's father did too. It was the work of an instant to run the clippers over them an remove the majority, then it was too late to go back and he shaved off the rest. Only once finished did he allow himself to wank and relieve his hard cock. Looking in the mirror he decided that it did indeed look good.

By the pool, Gavin found that the swim did not really cool him off, being so open and showing off his erect dick had made him even more excited. When Dimitrios came over and asked if he could help, Gavin found his cock in Dimitrios's mouth before he could even think about it. It didn't take much for Gavin to agree to having Dimitrios fuck him, his resistance was minimal and he was so charged up that he never thought about Jodie or Jay.

Max and Kyriakos returned to find Dimitrios busy on Gavin's arse and they willingly joined in the fun. Gavin hadn't been fucked for a long time and now was making up for it, with his arse being shared round Max, Dimitrios and Kyriakos. When Jay returned to the pool it was to find a scene of complete abandonment. He stood watching for a while, uncertain what to do, but he cock was rock hard again at the sight of his father. Then Max came over and took Jay's cock into his mouth. Jay wouldn't fuck, but it was enough to satisfy Max for the moment.

Jodie missed all the fun, by the time she returned her father and her brother were both in their rooms. There was something of an atmosphere over dinner and she presumed that they'd had a row, which often happened. So all three separated after dinner and retired to their rooms. Much later Gavin was sitting by the beach, rather regretting the day's activities as worried over Jay's reaction when Jay appeared. Jay, as usually happened when he was anxious, had turned belligerent and announced that he couldn't stay in the villa any longer and was going first thing tomorrow.

Gavin apologised and said that if it was because of what happened that afternoon, he would guarantee it wouldn't happened again. His apologies were cut short as Jay sat down and started muttering that it wasn't that, but that he needed to go. Gavin reiterated his apology about that afternoon, when Jay burst out that Gavin didn't understand. Jay had to leave because he'd wanted to be there, to join in with the others, with his father. He then burst into tears.

Quietly Gavin talked of how he had realised that the Greek brothers all had a sexual relationship and that he had had a talk with Giorgos about it. He had been shocked at first, but also envious thinking how much he would have liked a similar relationship but had never dared. Gavin then spoke of the encouragement he'd received to be a little more daring, to appear erect and he'd wished for the same for Jay and Jodie.

Jay had stiffened when Gavin first mentioned incest and then kept listening. Gavin rested a hand on his son's back, feeling the warmth through the thin shirt and also the tenseness in the muscles. Gavin said he'd found it liberating to shave and had noticed that Jay had done the same. Jay spoke for the first time, saying quietly that it had looked good on his Dad, especially when hard. Gavin said that he'd never had chance to get a proper look at Jay, could he?

Jay stood up and took his t-shirt off and then dropped his shorts, he was naked underneath and his cock was already getting hard. Gavin ran a hand over his son's smooth belly, and Jay's cock jumped to attention. Gavin leaned over and took it in his mouth. The rest, as they say, is history. Needless to say Gavin's arse got another going over, this time from his son's cock; much to Jay's surprise but to his delight as well.

Jodie looking out of her window when, to her amazement, she saw her father and Jay returning to the villa, both naked and semi-erect. Her father and Jay? Jodie was a little envious. Amir was a considerate lover but he was rather unadventurous and Jodie would have been pleased to have been in Jay's situation, or her father's.

Next morning, it was if something had been released. Gavin considered coming to breakfast naked, but in the end pulled on a pair of shorts. Instead of staggering straight from bed, Jay showered and shaved so that he was freshly smooth. Despite having a wank in the shower, his cock was starting to get hard again, and he thought 'what the hell' and wandered naked into breakfast, with more braggadacio and apparent confidence than he really felt, but he needn't have worried. Only Gavin was there, and at the sight of son's cock so bravely on display, Gavin grinned and slipped his own shorts off. Jay ate a quick breakfast enjoying the sight of his father's erect cock, then Gavin walked over and took his son's cock into his mouth. All resolutions to be restrained were gone.

When Max walked out to clear breakfast things he stood amazed, watching Gavin and Jay fuck and admiring the fact that both were now shaved smooth, a look which went rather well with their long hair. It was amazing to think of the change that had come over them in the last couple of days, the way they had relaxed. Max just watched until Jay had finished fucking his father and was fascinated to see that the two finished with a deep kiss, the remainder of the weekend might prove interesting.

Max went over to join Gavin and Jay, taking over when Jay withdrew and enjoying the feel of slipping his cock into Gavin's arse. When Dimitrios saw what was happening he went and fetched Kyriakos Jay was stood stroking his cock enjoying the sight of his father get fucked by Max. In no time at all he found himself set upon by the two Greeks. Dimitrios and Kyriakos were perhaps slightly less well disposed to the Americans than Max, and they enjoyed the opportunity that was presented. Jay had a Greek mouth pressed to his arse and his cock swallowed by another. His resistance was minimal, even when Kyriakos kissed him, and before long Jay found himself with Dimitrios's cock pressing against his virgin arse.

When Jodie finally appeared for breakfast, it was to find a sexual free for all going on. Her father was being fucked by a succession of Greeks, whilst Jay seemed to be content to take as many cocks as he could. Her up-tight brother was certainly getting broken in. Kyriakos was perfectly happy to transfer his attentions to Jodie and she hardly felt like refusing.

It was a rather sore and somewhat shell-shocked family who found themselves relaxing by the pool. All three had had a soak in the bath, and all three had shaved carefully. There seemed general agreement that clothes were not the order of the day. Mid morning, when Jay turned over so that he was on his back, his cock was jutting proudly up. Instead of being embarrassed he stroked it and Gavin came over and lowered himself onto it. Jodie watched enviously until she spotted Giorgios coming in from his business, his shorts were already off and his cock was swinging suggestively.

Giorgos was far more imaginative and had a far bigger cock than Amir. Jodie completely forgot she was due to meet him and, like Jay and Gavin, spent the whole day taking every advantage of the sex on offer from the Greeks and Max.

The next few days were more like the sort of events that the Greeks were used to at the villa, and they and Max settled down to a regular routine. But there was slightly disturbing news, as yet a rumour. Giorgos had heard that Herr Hans was going to close the villa, that it was going to be simply a rental property or sold, and that he was reducing his involvement in his business interests in Greece. There had even been suggestions that he might return to Germany, without Eva. Even though Giorgos tried to play it down as a rumour, both Max and his brothers were immediately unsettled by the possibility. That they might have to split up, not work together was horrifying to them and that they might have to work in an ordinary rental property almost as bad. All three brothers enjoyed the opportunities and freedom that working for Herr Hans brought. Max's grandmother had had a saying about 'not borrowing trouble', and he only now began to understand it. But it was easier said than done. So evenings had a slightly low feeling to them, with a little of the carefree nature gone.

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