Amir - a little surprise

Teenage Max has met three Greek brothers, Giorgos, Kyriakos and Dimitrios, whilst staying in Greece. Max has developed a relationship with Giorgos. Now Max has returned to Greece to join the brothers working at the villa. In this episode, the American visitors get a surprise in a visit from Jodie's boyfriend Amir, but not as much as a surprise as Amirgets !
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Amir was a bit worried about Jodie, she had missed their regular meetings and whilst nothing had been said, he felt that their relationship might have warranted more. They had met the previous year when Jodie was in Europe on trip, and had stayed in touch. It had been sheer luck that the offer of the villa to Gavin came their way just when Amir took the job nearby. Amir was a gentle, careful bloke and he was worried about Jodie. So when he had his break, he got on his scooter and drove over to the villa. He just intended to check whether she was well.

It was very large and very grand, far more than he had imagined and it made him nervous. Perhaps she had decided that he wasn't worth it. But then he heard voices, including Jodie's. He walked round the side of the villa. There was a side gate and a Greek who was entirely naked apart from an apron was stood watching him. He explained that he was a friend of Jodie's, the man grinned and showed him the way.

Amir stood transfixed, hidden by the plants and brickwork which surrounded the pool. There were four naked people there. An older man and a younger, both long haired. They looked like Americans and Amir presumed they were the brother and father Jodie had talked of. The older man was sitting astride the younger, riding up and down on his cock. Whilst Jodie was watching eagerly, whilst another young Greek was fucking her from behind. Jodie's brother, asked her if she wanted to swap and she agreed. Both siblings disengaged from their partners, none of them made the effort to cover up and the young Greek was particularly well endowed. Even compared to Jodie's brother, Amir felt a bit small. He should have turned and left, but he was not only horrified but also fascinated and turned on. The new configuration saw Jodie being fucked by her brother, whilst the Greek fucked their father.

Amir was about to leave, mainly because he was confused, struggling between his very real shock at what he was seeing but also shocked at his own response, finding it exciting. His cock was hard. Jodie saw him and waved him over but he shook his head and turned on his heels, angry and confused. He ignored his phone when it rang, and then he promptly received a text from Jodie, asking why he'd left.

Amir finally answered his phone that evening but the resulting phone call was angry and confused. He started drinking and by the evening was drunk on duty, he was thrown out from the job and continued his drinking binge, spending the night on the beach. Next morning, Amir was feeling very grim indeed. He didn't usually drink, and had rarely done so to excess. He now had no job and nowhere to live (his shared room went with the job). And he probably looked a mess. Not knowing where to turn, Amir walked towards the villa.

He worked his way round, as close as possible to the side of the terrace. He had to keep avoiding the Greek guys who were working there, but finally Amir got to a position where he'd be able to see Jodie. He sat down to wait. Jodie was shocked, surprised and apologetic. She'd almost forgotten about Amir, the last couple of days had been so full of sex. With Jay, with Gavin and above all with all three Greeks. Jodie had seen things she'd only read about and discovered all sorts of delights, such as taking it front and back at the same time. Not to mention what Kyriakos could do with his tongue. She'd never seen two guys getting it one together, but the sight of her father's arse being stretched was a real turn on.

Now Amir was stood there, looking forlorn, filthy, jobless and pathetic. He'd always been a bit conventional but now she wondered how far he would go. All business-like now, Jodie said that she might be able to do something for Amir but he had to do exactly as she said. Agreed? Exactly. Amir agreed.

Jodie bundled him into her room without his being seen and then went in search of Jay. He was still in bed, alone luckily. She told him what was needed and went to her room. First off she told Amir to strip, he removed his filthy shirt and trousers then, with reluctance his undershirt. He stood there in his boxers. Those too. Amir looked shocked. But what could he do, Jodie had promptly put his clothes in the trash, if he ran now he had less than before. Amir stripped off his underpants and stood, hands in front of his genitals, waiting. At that moment Jay came in, he said hi to Amir, kissed his sister good morning as if it was the most natural thing in the world that all three of them should be naked. Amir looked at Jay, the way he was openly displaying himself, playing with his cock and how it was smoothly shaved.

Jodie shooed Amir into the bathroom, he stood admiring the luxury not realising at first that both Jay and Jodie had come in with him. That was the moment when Amir realised that he might have agreed to something foolish, that Jodie's help might not be simple. Jay smiled at him and said that they were going to tidy Amir up a bit. He produced a beard trimmer and said that they were going to give him a quick trim. Before Amir could object, Jay had removed a large swathe of his chest hair. At that point Amir gave up. He was naked, tired and had nowhere to go. He didn't want to go anywhere, he loved Jodie and would do anything for her. So Amir stood there.

Amir wasn't that hairy, thank goodness, because it took Jay and Jodie long enough to get his chest, belly, cock, balls and arse shaved smooth. They left off his arms and legs. The results looked great. Afterwards they left him to shower, have a shit and such in privacy. As he was drying, Amir could hear that brother and sister were having an argument, about him.

Clean, dry, his beard shaved to its usual stunningly neat precision, naked and smooth with his cock and balls visible as never before, Amir walked into the bedroom. Jay had a set of clothes and he walked towards Amir with them. Jodie sat mutinously on the bed saying nothing. OK brother, you got a choice. Either you can take these clothes and the cash we've been able to find and leave; I'll try and arrange for my Dad to give you some sort of reference, I'm sure he will. Amir looked at Jay, and realised that under the long hair, scraggy beard and nakedness, the boy was good hearted.

Or, you can stay. In which case you get to sleep with Jodie every night. But, you have to stay naked the whole time, and keep yourself shaved (unconsciously Amir ran a hand over his smooth pubes), you'll be expected to have sex with everyone. That's your role. You're probably new to getting your arse fucked, but I tell you brother once you've got over the first rush, its fabulous. Jay's exact meaning dawned on Amir, and the extent of Jodie's plan. Amir had never been intimate with a guy, two days ago the very idea would have shocked him, and few people had seen him naked. Now he was stood naked, close to Jay whose hand ran down Amir's front, all the way down and caressed Amir's cock. It was his cock which betrayed him, it was rock hard. Amir knew that however much Jodie and Jay humiliated him, he would stay. Every since he had seen them all having sex the previous day the images had stayed printed on his brain, not just Jodie but the sight of her father's arse being ploughed. Though he had been brought up to believe such things were wrong, another part of his brain was keen to find out more. And now he was.

When he said he wanted to say, both Jodie and Jay grinned. Jay dumped the clothes down and pushed him gently down onto the bed. Jay pulled something else from a pile of things on the bed and squatted in front of Amir, taking his cock and balls into his hands and squeezing them into a cock-ring. The sensation was curiously intriguing, and the results pressed Amir's cock and balls forward in an impressive fashion.

With a murmur of nice, Jodie squatted down and took Amir's cock into her mouth. He expected Jay to leave them, but not at all. Instead Jay gave his own cock a few pulls, grinned at Amir and then climbed onto the bed. It was a moment before Amir realised what was expected of him, but then he opened his mouth and took Jay's cock into it; not all of it, Jay was surprisingly gentle and considerate knowing this was Amir's first time. Amir was bewildered by the array of new sensations assaulting him, his mouth, his cock and his arse (where Jodie was exploring with her hands, slipping a finger in and out). Amir came quickly and explosively, with Jodie taking his cum into her mouth. It took Jay longer and he too expected Amir to swallow, something Amir did with profound shock.

Afterwards Jodie said that they'd better get cleaned up and get some breakfast, but Jay grinned and said that there was one more thing. He gestured to the bed and Jodie nodded, better get him well stretched. So after a wash down, Amir was put back on the bed, his legs lifted and Jay applied lubricant to Amir's arse, then slipped a finger in, then two and finally three. When Amir seemed about to climax, Jay grabbed his cock and said don't do it yet buddy. Then grabbed something and applied it to Amir's arse, Amir felt pressure, firm pressure. Jay said relax and Jodie leaned over and kissed him deeply. Suddenly there was a sharp pain and a giving way, pain and pleasure mingled and his arse felt surprisingly full. Jay grinned at him: keep that in all day today and your arse will be ready for fucking tomorrow, OK? Amir looked down, he had a substantial butt plug in him. He nodded at Jay and got up. It felt strange, and the plug rubbed against his prostate in a manner which was not unpleasant but meant that his cock was already half-hard.

By now Amir was hungry. Once he saw the array of food laid out he forgot about the fact that he was naked, his cock half-hard and a butt plug in his arse. He concentrated on eating. He could see Gavin grinning as Jodie and Jay explained to their father what had happened. He seemed delighted with the prospect and came over to say hi to Amir, commenting that it was great that he was joining them and that he was sure that he could find a job for Amir at the University when they returned there. All the while Amir was mesmerised by Gavin's half hard cock, which Gavin was stroking with one hand whilst with the other he first patted Amir on the back and then allowed it to drop lower, giving Amir's butt plug a tweak. He finished by saying that when Amir had finished his breakfast, perhaps he could come and show Gavin what he could do. With that Gavin gave Amir's now nearly rock-hard cock a gentle stroke.

This wasn't anything like what Amir had imagined meeting Jodie's family.

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