The Country Cottage (Part 2)

 The Country Cottage
(Part 2)

The Arrangements


Our hostess led us to our rooms explaining things as we walked through the sprawling old worldly complex filled with a seemingly endless array of antique furniture and knickknacks.

The novel shared bathroom was intriguing, especially since we would be using the same as their grown children, who apparently shared a room. I found myself more aroused than curious about such an unusual, and perhaps proscribed, arrangement. As Carol demonstrated the operation of the privacy bolt, her daughter Alice stepped into the bathroom at that exact moment...totally naked.

Her mother just smiled.

Oh there you are, dear. If you are done taking care of Ted for now, I will need some help in the kitchen while Lisa and Dan get ready for dinner. Our other guests should be here by then as well.” Carol murmured softly, leaned over and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

Both Dan and I just stood gawking at the young woman who made no move to cover herself.

I was sure Dan was both surprised and aroused. I had seen plenty of other naked women in her life but somehow this was different, prompting a familiar tingle between my legs.

Alice's large soft tits were topped by dark brown aureoles and pierced nipples. A thick triangular thatch of hair, dotted with crusted white droplets that I immediately recognized as drying semen, covered her crotch. Behind her, a grinning naked man sat with his legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

Please pardon my manners, but you haven't been properly introduced to my brother Ted yet, have you?” Alice said softly as a nude Ted walked up behind her.

Carol could see the surprise on our faces and chuckled. I suspected she also saw the bulge I just knew was protruding from Dan's pants.

I did explain that this was a Family Fun establishment. Alice has always taken very good care her big brother. Despite being only two years older, in his eyes, she is still his little baby sister and treats her as his own little girl. She loves that, don't you baby?”

We had only heard Alice speak in the reception area and then she sounded very shy and serious. Now she just giggled in a babyish voice

I love being Teddy's baby girl.”

She likes spreading her legs for Teddy too and opening her cunt for him.” Carol murmured and playfully smacked her daughter’s bare bottom.

Carol turned to her smiling son, who was also naked with a big stiff dick. He made no effort to cover himself either.

How was she today, Ted?” his mother asked.

She was awesome as usual, Mom, just the way you know I like ,” Ted responded.

He put his arms around his sister, cupped her ample breasts in his hands and pulled the nipple rings. Alice looked directly at me, smiled, cooed and rubbed her ass back against her brother's hardening cock.

With that, Carol guided us back into our own bedroom. I did not hear the privacy latch close.

Well, we finished all the registration details, Lisa. Before you complete payment, I have to ask if are you satisfied with all the facilities...and arrangements. If you are not pleased with anything, you are free to leave and Bob and I will happily return your deposit.

Dan had recovered by now and looked directly at me before he spoke.

I...we...think it is ideal, Carol, just what we were looking for.”

This is a friendly, family oriented establishment and as such all adults are welcome to join in with our family if they wish.” Carol said not rushing us at all.

I looked at Dan. I nodded. He nodded back and gently took my hand in his.

We would very much like to be a part of your family, Carol.”

Carol smiled and moved towards me, putting her arms around me and kissing me full on the lips in front of my husband. She pushed her tongue out and I found myself opening my mouth in acceptance. At the same time she raised her right hand and gently squeezed my left breast.

My pussy clenched and the moment was made even more exquisite by the fact that my husband was watching from only a few feet away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him squeeze the front of his trousers. I felt so juicy and yet so relaxed as Carol drew back, at the same time tenderly patting my ass before easing herself away.

Both of you will have to make a full Confession to Father John later on, Lisa, but for now I want a quick summary of three things you each fantasize about.”

I took a deep breath and looked at Dan. We were in too deep now to change our minds. He nodded agreement.

It was embarrassing, but for the next ten minutes we told her some of our most intimate desires and thoughts. Dan blushed as I told her secret things about him and I did the same when he told her a thing or two surprising personal about me.

Does this count as a Confession, Carol?” I asked rather timidly when we were done.

Oh hardly, my dear,” Carol laughed, “I'm not really in a position for that but Bob will want a few details about our afternoon.”

When will we meet Father John and Mother Rose?”

They will be having dinner with us this evening When I tell him that you and your husband are joining the family, he will probably want to give you Confession sometime tomorrow in the Main Lounge, most likely starting with Lisa as we are having our first glass of wine.”

But won't it be a private Confession, Carol?” I gasped

Of course not, Lisa. Now you are part of the family, it is important that we all know every one of your secrets and especially all your sins. You already know a few of ours.”

I assumed she was talking about Alice and Ted.

As you saw in the bath, my son regularly fucks my daughter. It is part of the love we all share. After all, who better to share your love and yourself than your family?”

You and Bob are family in the same way, Carol?” Dan asked.

Very much so, Dan. Bob is my brother as well as my husband. Alice enjoys being fucked by her father and obviously it is the same with Ted and myself. Everyone enjoys everyone else in every way we can in our family and always have. We will fill you both in with a lot more details at dinner.”

With that she stepped close to me and took my face in both hands and gave me another deep passionate kiss. Then she turned to Dan, placed both of his hands on her billowing tits, reached down between his legs to stroke his bulging dick and kissed him lustily as well.

Cocktails are served at 5:00 and dinner is at 7:00,” she exclaimed, giving us both a playful but firm slap on our asses as she left the room.


I could barely catch my breath staring at the naked young woman standing in front of us. Alice's tits were magnificent, made even more alluring by the silver rings dangling from each erect nipple.

My dick was rock hard, aching to burst through the fabric of my trousers. Alice introduced the naked man who came up behind her, and cupped those awesome tits, as her brother Ted. When I stole a glance at Lisa, I saw her nipples stiffened beneath her blouse.

Carol seemed unperturbed at all by the situation, talking casually with Lisa and Alice in a way that meant this was not only the normal situation here, but the expected one. I finally managed to drag my eyes and attention off Alice's tits and hairy pussy to concentrate on what Carol was saying. My dick hardened completely as I realized Lisa and I were being told quite a bit about this incestuous family.

When Carol led us back to our bedroom, she directly asked if we were amenable to those arrangements. If not, she offered to fully refund our deposits. I managed to clear my head enough to agree to the arrangements she was suggesting. Then she explicitly asked if we wanted to join them in their incestuous activities.

Lisa looked at me and nodded her assent I nodded back and took her hand in mine. Carol smiled broadly then stepped up, wrapped her arms around Lisa and gave her a tongue lashing kiss. Lisa eagerly returned that kiss when Carol began caressing Lisa's left breast.

Without a thought, I rubbed my throbbing cock through my pants. Surely my wife and Carol noticed but didn't pay any attention. I had no doubt my underwear was already stained with my precum.

Carol drew back from the kiss and patted Lisa's ass affectionately. The she asked us to each tell her three fantasies or secrets. It had something to do with the confession we were expected to make to Father John at some point. My attention was locked on Carol's glorious tits and wondered how long it would be before I found out if her cunt hair was as thick as her daughter's.

Lisa told Carol about her headmaster and dirty old man fantasies and then surprised and aroused me that she had a secret longing to have sex with another woman while I watched and masturbated. I mentioned my fetish for large tits, having a threesome with another woman and being told what to do.

Carol explained this was not the confession she and Lisa discussed. She just wanted a little information to share with Bob before dinner. At that point it didn't surprise me to learn that Bob was both her husband and brother.

Before she turned to leave, she gave Lisa another passionate kiss. Then she turned to me, placed both of my hands on her awesome tits and kissed me deeply while fondling my rock hard dick. She left after telling us cocktails were at 5:00 and dinner at 7:00.

When we were alone, Lisa and I just sat down on the bed and looked at each other.

I am beginning to really understand what family fun means Lisa.”

She nodded, her eyes burning with lust and arousal, then threw herself on top of me as we frantically tore off each others clothing. My cum shot into her dripping wet pussy on the third thrust and she shrieked a monumental orgasm before my semen stopped gushing into her.

I didn't care her shrieks of pleasure could be heard by everyone in the house.


I was in a daze as I lay cuddled with Dan, his now soft cock pressed against my ass cheek and his warm sperm seeping down over my thigh. I could not believe how aroused I became as Carol divulged more and more about her incestuous family. My cunt was already soaking wet by the time I jumped Dan and he rammed his rock hard cock deep inside me.

He gently pinched my right nipple and whispered in my ear.

Are you as turned on as I am with all this?”

What do you think?” I asked turning to face him, my nipples tingling as they brushed across his chest. “I just had one of the most intense orgasms of my life on your cock and I'm already ready for more.”

Dan pulled me closer and lightly slapped my ass. The sting went straight to my pussy, causing me to shudder in unexpected pleasure. He caressed my reddened ass cheek tenderly while gently sliding his tongue into my mouth then slipped down to suck my engorge clit until my orgasmic juices splattered all over his face.

We went into the bath together naked to shower and freshen up before getting dressed for dinner. As Dan reached to close the privacy bolt to Alice and Ted's room, I stopped his hand and smiled shyly. I sort of liked the idea one or both of them might walk in on us.

Shortly after 5:00, we walked into the lounge. Bob and Carol rose to greet us then directed us to some comfortable chairs. Carol made a point of sitting next to Dan on a stuffed sofa. Alice took our drink orders and I could not help but notice her skirt was very short and tight and clearly she had not bothered with a bra. Neither had I.

It was obvious that they wanted us to feel at home.

It's quiet at the moment Alice, so you may has well have a glass yourself and join us.” Carol said with a warm smile.

Thanks Mom, I would like that.” Alice smiled gratefully

I noticed there was no trace of the baby girl voice she had used in the bathroom. She looked and sounded like a respectable thirty two year old woman talking to her mother. We chatted for a few minutes about general things before Alice turned and looked me directly in the eyes.

My mother said that you would like to join our family now, Lisa...I may call you Lisa?”

Yes, Alice, of course call me Lisa, and yes, we are both most interested in becoming a part of your family.”

Her parents remained silent as the young woman continued.

You know we all do things together to please each other, Lisa. We please you and you please us. Are you ready to please us as we please you, Lisa?”

Yes, Alice, Carol explained to us about sharing your love together...and we did see you with Ted.”

A wicked grin spread across Alice's face. She leaned forward and placed a hand on my knee.

When you were getting dressed, Daddy wondered what sort of underwear you would put on.”

I looked at Bob and then at Carol. Neither of them said anything. They were waiting for me. I faltered a little but finally stammered an answer.

Well, we weren’t sure if it was going to be a formal dinner or not so, I'm afraid I overdressed a little and put on some stockings with a garter belt.”

Presumably, you put panties on as well, Lisa?”

She was leading me on now and I had to but follow.

Yes, Alice I do have panties on too.”

That’s nice, Lisa. I know you are in your thirties so it is sensible for a woman of your age to wear panties.” she smiled, seemingly satisfied with my answer.

Thank you, Alice.” I muttered not quite sure what that all meant.

It was quite clear that her mother and father were not interfering with this line of questioning as we all remained quiet for a few moments.

Tell us about your panties, Lisa,” Alice continued abruptly.

I took a deep breath. I wasn't expecting that, but we had started so there was no easy way to stop.

They are ordinary white cotton panties, Alice. A little thin, but not too small.”

Not thongs?”

No ordinary medium cut.”

If they are thin, Lisa, they must feel nice between your legs. Do they go up inside you very much?”

They do a little, Alice.”

What about your bottom?”

My bottom?”

Yes, your ass...Lisa. You have thin white panties on. You have a nice round ass. Do they ride up between your ass cheeks?”

Carol and Bob looked quite interested in all this and my husband looked both aroused and a bit confused at the question.

They do go up a bit, Alice.” I nodded blushing slightly.

Alice nodded and smiled at her parents.

I think she is ready, Mom.”

I think so as well, love.” Carol smiled and turned to her husband, “she’s ready, Bob.”

The chat had been some sort of preparation. Bob looked at me intently and extended his hands.

Come over here now. From what we all heard a little while ago, Lisa, I think you have been a naughty girl. Have you been a naughty little girl today?”

I panted as I realized that the things we had disclosed earlier were now common knowledge and probably everyone in the house heard me screech my orgasm. I knew I had to answer his question.

Yes, sir, I have been a naughty girl.” I muttered in embarrassment and stepped in front of him.

And how did you get the nickname Poppsi?” he asked gently taking my hands in his.

I knew Carol told him of my Dirty Old Man fantasy and that now it was about to become real.

When I had this overwhelmingly erotic fantasy in the past, I had always been alone in my bedroom or the toilet or the shower with just my own fingers for companionship. Now it was coming to life in the bar of a country manor with the old man's wife and daughter and my own husband eagerly looking on.

My Daddy used to call me that when I was a little girl. I would sit on his lap and he would hug me and kiss me and touch me. It always felt so good and made me so happy.”

There was a heavy silence for a long moment and then he used some other words from my private fantasy.

I want you to be my little girl, Poppsi and I will be your Daddy.”

Oh yes, thank you, Daddy.” I moaned, a warm tingle growing between my legs.

I wasn't sure what would happen next. Then Carol murmured.

Pull your skirt up, Poppsi, and bend over your Daddy's lap.”

I was in a dream as I did as I was told, knowing my panties were on show for all to see.

He started to smack my bottom. Not too hard but I could feel it getting hotter and presumably redder. It had never happened in real life before, but lots of times in fantasy.

My heart was in my mouth with excitement. Because I was so afraid and nervous, and my husband was watching, this was many times more exciting than the fantasy. I was so aroused I felt I might wet myself.

Then I heard Alice's voice from behind me.



Yes, Love?”


She wants her panties down.”


I gasped. I felt so humiliated. It was almost as if they could all read my mind.

Alice is right, Bob. Pull her panties down,” Carol spoke up decisively.


Bob eased my panties down over my bottom and whispered in my ear.

This is getting even better, isn't it, Poppsi?”


Oh yes, Daddy...oh god yes!”


My pussy was on fire!

Everyone seemed to be taking part in the conversation except my husband. His face was getting red with excitement and I could see a small movement in his trousers. He wasn’t overly big, but this conversation aroused him, no doubt furthered by Carol's hand resting on the middle of his inner thigh.

Alice must have noticed him as well as I heard her tease him.

Poppsi likes it, Danny Boy, doesn’t she.”

Yes it certainly appears she does, Alice,” he muttered apparently having trouble speaking distinctly.

It will get even nicer for her in a minute Danny, when Daddy does even more.”

More, Alice?”

He’ll open her legs, of course.” I heard Alice laugh and Dan gasp in surprise.

But ...but...but...” Dan stammered

But what?” Alice sounded cross “You both want to be in the family and play with us all, don’t you.”

It was so quiet for a brief moment we could almost hear my husband thinking before murmuring.

Yes I do, Alice...we both do.”

That's a good boy, Danny.” Carol exclaimed and moved her hand right over my husband's engorged cock, fondling him through his trousers.

Thank you, Mommy,” Dan simply answered, turning me on even more with the comment, and caressed one of Carol's ample tits.

Why don't you tell Poppsi to open her legs for Daddy.,” Carol said to my husband.

Her legs?” Dan questioned Carol.

Yes, dear, ask your wife to spread her legs and show us her sweet pussy,” Carol cooed seductively.

Dan leaned forward and spoke in a husky whisper, his hand never leaving Carol's right breast.

Lisa, please...please spread your legs for Daddy...and all of us.”

As I rolled over onto my back, my panties pulled down around my knees, I could feel my own wetness dribbling down the inside of my thighs. I giggled. This was even better than the fantasy. I opened my legs, restricted slightly by my tight panties. Luckily the elastic was quite stretchy so I could give them all a perfect view between my chubby thighs.

I could see Carol smiling and Alice was laughing as she addressed her father.

What do you think of her cunt, Daddy?”

Bob really was enjoying himself.

It's a nice looking pussy,” he agreed, “with luscious lips and not too much hair. You know how I don't like getting cunt hair caught in my teeth.”

I looked up at Alice staring hungrily straight between my legs.

Ted will like her cunt too. He likes juicy thick cunts.”

Not only Ted, Alice. All of us. She has a pussy all of us can truly enjoy.” Carol exclaimed huskily.

Then I knew for sure we really were welcomed into the family.

As Carol said that, Ted walked into the room accompanied by four couples of varying ages. They all smiled happily gazing down between my legs at my fully exposed pussy. Somehow I wasn't embarrassed at all, smiled back and spread my thighs for them as wide as I could manage.

All the guests are here now and dinner is ready,” Ted announced, gave his sister a quick kiss and brushed his hand over his mother's tit as he walked out of the room.

One of the new men helped me stand, his dick clearly bulging in his pants. I was so aroused it was all I could do to not fall to my knees and take that hard cock into my mouth right then and there.


I was taken aback by intense way Lisa pushed me down and tore at my clothes, attacking me with the ferocity of a starving animal. My dick was already throbbing so hard my cum shot into her pussy after but a few manic thrusts into her dripping wet cunt. She howled her orgasm like never before until we both collapsed hugging each other.

When she told me how aroused she was by the entire situation, I slid down her body, licking and sucking her dripping cunt and clit until she climaxed again on my face. I knew for sure she was ready to dive into the deep end of this incestuous pool when she stopped me from closing the privacy bolt in the bathroom. I think she would have fucked Ted and Alice right there on the floor if either of them walked in at that moment.

We were not sure about the expected attire for dinner. I put on some casual pleated slacks, a dress shirt with no tie and a sports coat. Lisa wore a frilly blouse, a plain short skirt and black stockings. She just grinned at me as she buttoned up the blouse and realized I knew she wasn't wearing a bra.

Carol and Bob rose and greeted us warmly when we walked into the lounge, giving us both hearty hugs. Alice took our drink orders and returned a few moments later as we settle into the comfortable furniture. Carol insisted I sit next to her on a stuffed couch, one just wide enough for us both with our hips and legs pressed firmly together.

We chatted amicably for a few minutes before Alice gazed intently at Lisa and started asking questions about her panties and hose. I was only half paying attention, recalling Alice's tits and nipple rings and dark cunt hair.

While Carol kept her gaze on Lisa, her hand rested lightly on my thigh. She occasionally took her eyes off Lisa and Bob, looked me in the eyes with a wicked smile and moved her hand closer to my crotch and my now stiff and throbbing dick. When she finally placed her hand directly on my cock, she took my hand in her free one and pressed it against her right tit. I could feel her erect nipple through the material of her blouse and bra and there was no doubt from the smile in her eyes she could feel my dick throbbing beneath her hand.

When Lisa rose and stepped in front of Bob, I turned my attention back to her. It took me a moment to even realize what was happening as she lifted her skirt and lay across Bob's lap, calling him Daddy. Bob spanked her a few times and then, encouraged by both Alice and Carol, pulled Lisa's panties down and smacked her bare bottom even more.

Alice turned to me with a devilish grin.

Poppsi likes it, Danny Boy, doesn’t she.”

Yes it certainly appears she does,” I moaned seeing the growing lust in Lisa's eyes.

It will get even nicer when Daddy does even more,” Alice responded


He’ll open her legs, of course.” Alice laughed and I gasped.

But ...but...but...” I stammered

But what?” Alice said “You both want to be in the family and play with us all, don’t you?”

Yes I do, Alice, we both do.”

That's a good boy Danny,” Carol exclaimed and squeezed my engorged cock through my trousers.

Thank you, Mommy,” I answered and caressed one of her ample tits.

Why don't you tell Poppsi to open her legs for Daddy,” Carol said to me.

I leaned forward and spoke in a husky whisper, my hand never leaving Carol's right breast.

Lisa, please...please spread your legs for Daddy...and all of us.”

I could tell by the wild look in her eyes that Lisa was more aroused than any time I could remember and would do anything any of us asked at that moment. They were discussing my wife's hairy pussy when Ted walked in with four other couples and announced all the guests were now here and dinner was ready.

Alice bent over to lick my ear, her tits freely swaying under her loose blouse. She took my hand and before I could rise, pulled it up between her legs. Her bare pussy was dripping wet.

Oh Danny boy, we are going to get along so very well!” she murmured into my ear and led me into the dining room.

We all milled around for a few moments until Bob walked in, got our attention and told us to find the seat with our name tag at the long dining room table. It took a few minutes for everyone to be seated and apparently deliberately not with our own partners.

Bob sat at one end, with Carol at the other and Ted and Alice on either side of her. They brought the food and drink from the kitchen and so were seated last. As Carol and Ted and Alice delivered steaming platters of meat and vegetables, Bob invited everyone to pour themselves some wine and started to speak.

As always. I am so glad to once again see so many dear members of the family gathered around,” he said warmly, “and to welcome some new members as well. For the benefit of those here for just the first time I will go around the table starting at my left and introduce each of you in turn.”

I glanced across the table at Lisa. Her face was slightly flushed and her eyes burned brightly. Without her saying a word, I knew she had come to the same realization as me, the definition of family here was a lot more inclusive than what we normally used.

First, we have Nora,” Bob said extending his hand to the young woman seated immediately to his left. “She is John and Rose's granddaughter and will be married by them tomorrow to her brother, Harry, who is at the other end sitting next to Alice.”

Nora was a short slight girl with shoulder length black hair and small perky tits. She blushed slightly at the introduction.

Next we have Gavin, who most of you already know. He's brought his eighteen year old daughter for her formal introduction to family life this week.”

Gavin was a short portly man with a completely bald head. He smiled weakly as he looked around the table and nodded.

Then, of course, is Mother Rose, with whom even the newest visitor is familiar by reputation at least.”

Rose couldn't have stood more than five feet tall, with extremely short gray hair and tits that seemed far too big for her stature. She looked around and smiled at everyone.

Next, we have Dan,” Bob continued indicating me, “he and his wife Lisa are visiting us for the very first time and are eager to join the family.”

I blushed slightly and kept my eyes down as others around me stirred. I glanced up quickly to see Lisa beaming at me and realized how very much she wanted to do this.

I believe most of you already know Nicole, who is visiting us again, this time with her youngest son, Will. Is that all four sons you've now brought us, Nicole?” Bob chuckled.

Nicole laughed and dropped her right hand on my thigh. She was a most elegant looking woman, at least my height, her head shaved so smooth it glistened in the light. Her tits were barely the bumps of her nipples and very little curve of an ass.

As Bob moved on, Nicole looked me directly in the eye and squeezed my thigh and smiled. My dick twitched and without another thought put my hand on the bare skin of her leg just above her knee. She squeezed my thigh again and moved her hand closer to my crotch. I did the same and by the time Bob moved on to the rest of the introductions, her hand was resting on top of my stiff cock and my hand felt the soft, curly hair covering her bare pussy, unimpeded by any panties.

Of course, everyone knows Ted and Carol and Alice,” Bob continued, “and those of you who still don't know them completely yet, surely will before your visit concludes.

There were a few giggles and outright guffaws at that and Bob just smiled brightly.

Now moving on, we have Harry, the soon to be husband of his sister, beautiful Nora,” Bob continued.

Harry looked so young he barely needed to shave. He was sort of lanky and clearly uncomfortable with the attention.

Then there is Lisa, Dan's lovely wife who, I can assure you after our...discussion... a little earlier today, will be a most welcome and eager addition to the family.”

I looked over and grinned at Lisa, her eyes ablaze with excitement...and even lust. Nicole notice my dick twitch and squeezed the head a little tighter and with her free hand, pushed my fingers a bit harder against her now damp pussy.

Father John needs no introduction to most of you and I am sure the rest will get to know him as well as anyone during your visit,” Bob went on nodding to the short, slim smiling man sitting next to Lisa.

Then, there is Casey, Gavin daughter who is also here for the first time. I'll bet her brother filled her in on his visit last year with their mother,” Bob grinned.

Casey looked to be no more than eighteen, about five foot two tall with a slim athletic body, flaming red hair and freckles everywhere. She wore a rather tight blouse unbuttoned to below her perky tits, with erect eraser sized nipples poking through the fabric. Her face was slightly flushed as she smiled brightly. I would not have been surprised if Father John was fondling her pussy at that very moment.

And finally, last but hardly least, is Will, Nicole's son who is also visiting us for the first time. With that, I wish everyone good cheer and enjoy the meal,” Bob finished and sat down.

Will was a strapping boy well over six feet tall, with well developed biceps stretching the material of his shirt. He squirmed around considerably, clearly uncomfortable with the attention of everyone else at the table.

As Bob sat and Carol and Ted finished serving the meal, Nicole leaned in to whisper in my ear.

My son has a very nice long thick cock that both you and your wife are most welcome to enjoy,” she murmured, “and I know he will like drinking your cum out of my cunt.”

It was all I could do to not shoot my cum into my pants right then, especially when Nicole wiggled her hips and my finger slipped between the folds of her now very wet pussy.

The need to use both hands to cut the meat on my plate, along with a few quiet questions from Mother Rose on my other side, kept me from finger fucking Nicole right then and there. It tuned out that was a wise decision. I found out later it was considered bad form to have or induce orgasms during meals.

With the dinner finished, we all walked our dirty plates and cutlery into the kitchen while Carol and Alice set out dessert and coffee. Bob announced The Playpen was open. I started to ask what that meant but he silenced me with is raised hand.

Lisa, Will, Casey and Dan, if we could have a moment,” he said as the others filed out of the dining room.

Bob and Father John led us down a short hall to what appeared to be an office with a small round conference table. The four of us sat while Bob handed each of us some papers, a pen and an envelope with our name already neatly printed on it.

What's this?” Casey asked a bit irritably, “I thought we were going to The Playpen my brother so raves about.”

Oh don't worry, we will be going there shortly and I assure you everyone will be waiting...or mostly anyway,” Father John said with a devilish smile, “but first since you four are here for the first time, we need a little more information for your confessions and induction into the family.”

I started looking through the papers, five or six pages listing just about every form of sexual activity I had ever heard about and a few I didn't. Lisa gasped audibly and looked up at Bob and John.

Some of this seems pretty personal,” she stated.

That it is,” Bob agreed, “but to properly fit into our very intimate family, we need to know every personal detail about you, your fantasies and your fetishes. Tomorrow, we will share the information with the others but first John and Rose will go over it and prepare for your confessions, so please be as honest and as accurate as possible.”

Lisa looked over at me, pleading for an answer. I just shrugged and began filling out the Fantasies and Fetishes questionnaire. After a moment, I could see her turn to the task as well. I was very curious how she would answer some of the questions about things we've never done as a couple or simply never discussed, like our masturbation habits, anal play, threesomes, orgies, submission and the like.

After perhaps ten minutes, everyone was done and, following Father John's instructions, placed the completed forms in the envelopes. He gathered them up, thanked us and left the room.

Now we can join the others in The Playpen lovely young Casey is so anxious to visit,” Bob chuckled and led us out a different door than the one we entered.

Casey hooked her arm in mine as we followed Bob and Lisa and Will down an unfamiliar hall to a double door at the end. Bob opened both doors and stepped back allowing us to all enter together.

At first glanced it looked like everyone else was there...and they were all mostly or completely nude.

I'm so excited,” Casey gushed pulling me closer, ”this will be my first ever orgy with people I haven't known my whole life!”


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