The Twins

by Larkin

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Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male/female Copyright Larkin 2006

The Twins
By Larkin

"Come on, let me have a look. Why are you so shy? It isn't like I haven't seen one before.

Hannah had squeezed up against me. I was trapped because her twin brother was on the other side of me. 
She was bossy for a girl. 
The three of us sat on overstuffed couch in front of the TV. 
Boy-girl twins aren't identical but Hannah and Joshua looked awful lot alike.
Don't get me wrong, Hannah looks like a girl and Joshua looks like a boy. 
We were all in the same grade and we all were eleven years old.
Joshua was quick to mention that he is the oldest by ten minutes.
She tried to put her hand between my legs but I blocked her with my hand.

"Joshua, Nicky is being stupid!"

Joshua leaned forward, looked at Hannah and then looked at my pitiful effort at protecting my pants from invasion.

She said, "I can't help it. He's so cute!"

Hannah moved closer, forcing me tighter up against her brother. 
Joshua acted unconcerned but he didn't budge to give me any breathing space.
Then she put her face right up close to mine.

"Nicholas, you are so cute, why do you want to be a jerk?"

This time she tried a different tact. 
She softly tried to remove my grasp by tugging at my hands and looking into my face.

"Come on, I'm not going to do anything, I just want to see it."

I loosened my grip and she pulled my hands away.
I lay there between them, legs spread and hands at my side. 
I imagined myself looking completely stupid.
How am I supposed to know that they were a team working together?
How am I supposed to know that this is a planned strategy and they are using it on me?
How am I supposed to know that they do it to everyone who is foolish enough to sit up on this couch between Hannah and Joshua?
Hannah unbuttoned my pants. 
I look at her and then turned to see Joshua quietly watching what Hannah was doing.

"See, Nicky, you got all worried over nothing." I said silently to myself. "There! Now they're open so that you could see my white under pants. Satisfied?"

I think the expression on my face must have amused Hannah for the first time because she was trying not to laugh.

She said, "How come you don't get boxers like Joshua has?"

Joshua pulls up his shirt so I can see his blue boxer shorts.

I said, "I don't know, my Mom buys all my clothes."

They didn't seem to think that was a good enough excuse.
Hannah tugged my pants down further so that they were at my knees. 
Then she tried to pull my underpants out of the way but I re-coiled by pulling up my legs up in defense.

"Oh my God Nicky! I just want to see if you have a tan line! Why are you being such a little asshole?"

She made me feel stupid just for resisting her. 
She tried again.
Hannah exposed my penis and little balls for her brother to see. 
She laughed. 
It wasn't in a mean way, but more sympathetic.

She followed it with an "Awwww. Look at it, it's so cute!"

Joshua looked at my penis with vague interest but frowned at Hannah's gushy comments.
She had one arm resting on my thighs and the other on my belly.

This time she asked, "Nicky, can I touch it? Oh please, please, please?"

She was inches away from my face again and had the most mischievous smile. 
It must have been infectious because it made me smile too.
I didn't answer her question but instead, just shrugged my shoulders.
She guessed that probably meant, yes.
Hannah pinched the end of my dickie skin and pulled on it until it stretched like a rubber band and then let go.


I gave her a shocked and worried look but she just laughed.
She didn't seem to care if I protested or not. 
This time she squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger until it exposed my little penis brain. 
She tried to hold the skin back and grab onto it.

I pulled back and said, "What are you doing? Don't go touching that, you'll get it all dirty. You're not supposed to go touching that."

She laughed again, "That's how much you know. You don't even know how to use your own dick!"

Is she accusing me of not knowing how to pee out of my own dickie?
I mean, what else are you suppose to do with it? The last thing I need is for her to go getting it all dirty.

Hannah looked at her brother and said, "I don't think he even knows what a boner is?"

The two joined up and pulled me down until I was length ways on the couch.
Joshua positioned me so that my head was in his lap. 
I looked up and saw him looking down at me. 
His face was calm and relaxed. 
He pulled my arms back and held them in place. 
I imagined that I was being kidnapped or held hostage and that absolutely none of this was my fault.
I felt Hannah handling my penis. 
At first it was ticklish and unbearable. 
I squirmed and wiggled. 

I was thinking, "It's a good thing I changed my underwear this morning."

I looked down in horror to see Hannah putting my penis in her mouth. 
I wormed and squiggled.

"Hey, I go to the bathroom out of that thing, ya know!"

She wasn't going to let my complaints discourage her from doing what ever it was that she was doing. 
She tickled my balls and sucked hard on my dickie.
Gradually the feeling became strangely agreeable.

She said, "Holy moly, that took some doing!"

All three of us looked at my twitching boner. 
Every time Hannah touched it my stiff little dick jumped up and down.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" 

I have to admit that it felt very very good.
Whatever Hannah was doing, she was doing it perfectly.
I looked at her and then up at Joshua.
My head was comfortable in his lap but he lifted me up and pushed his pants down. 
I found myself back in his lap with his boner rubbing against my cheek. 
It had popped out of his boxers.

"Oh no way, help!" 

I sat up in protest and tried to get off the couch.
Both of them got up and began to strip me of all my clothes. 
Shoes and then socks popped off and dropped to the floor. Shirt, pants and underpants sailed away into the corner. 
I was naked and defenseless when they sat upon me.
Hannah became preoccupied sucking on my dickie boner.

She stopped for a moment and said, "Joshua, show him how to do it."

He climbed on me and was rubbing his cock on my mouth.

He said, "That's no fun, come on, open up and suck me."

When I did, he did the rest. 
Suddenly I was set free and I became a willing participant. 
I liked Hannah and Joshua. 
They liked each other and they liked me. 
They were fun and we played naked for hours.
You can't have this kind of fun if you are supervised by adults. No way!
A few days later, I was in for a big surprise. 
I was doing Joshua, Hannah was doing me and then something strange happened all over my body. 
It was very intense. I got up but it kept happening. 

I looked at Hannah and Joshua and said, "I'm dying and I'm going to be with the Lord, good bye, good bye!" 

They both started laughing. 

Hannah said, "Nicky, you're just cumming. It must be your first time!"