Tom 16 - Chapter 14

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack and their parents Don and Amanda are off on holiday, to the south of France and plan to spend much of the time naked. Don and Amanda have hooked up with a local man Thomas (who works with Richard), whilst their friends Tony and Judith are on holiday not far away and have met a pair of Scots lads, Iain and Alistair. Colin and Garth are having similar holiday adventures staying with Antoine and his son, Thierry, and meeting a family of Finns, Lars, Jens and Øyvind
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Without Lars and his boys, Colin and Garth decided not to go to the lake the next day, instead they lazed about. At various times during the day both Antoine and Thierry came over to fuck. Neither Colin nor Garth had swum the previous day and neither had washed for three days, so they were beginning to build up a nice depth of smell. Colin had been aware that Lars and his sons had not really approved of Colin and Garth's liking of Horst and their fascination for Horst's layers of filth. Now, Colin and Garth were free to indulge. Though they were unlikely ever to build up the depth of grime that Horst had, both their arse cracks were developing a lovely rich pungent taste and smell.

When Thierry came over, it was clear that he too had been economical with cleaning. Normally his arse smelled of the soap used to clean it, but now it was entirely natural and highly pungent. A great delight. He made no comment to them, but to his father he commented that it seemed as if Colin and Garth were entirely of their opinion. Antoine, went over later to investigate and found an appreciative audience for his own stink. He even went so far as to fart whilst Garth's tongue was deep in his arse, something that Garth loved. As he left Antoine commented to Colin that Garth was turning into a proper pig, Colin coloured but admitted that it was true. Antoine laughed at Colin's discomfiture telling him that he should enjoy it.

After Antoine and Thierry had both departed Garth spent some time with his tongue buried deep in Colin's arse, cleaning it out thoroughly. Colin couldn't help but respond in kind. Afterwards Garth commented tentatively that he didn't see why they needed to bother washing until the holiday finished. Colin grinned and said that he thought that was probably true and both of them looked forward to a dirtier conclusion to the holiday.


Iain had got up first and made coffee. Neither boy could work out what to say about the previous night, Iain had fucked Alex and they had watched each other have sex with the others, both men and women. Iain went into the shower and Alex got up and helped himself to coffee.

Iain was spending hours in the shower and finally Alex could wait no longer and went in to have a piss even though Iain was still there. A heavy stream of piss came out of Alex's cock. Iain stayed behind the shower screen, but started to dry himself. It seemed easier to talk without seeing each other. He said the unthinkable, that he'd enjoyed last night. Alex agreed, in a mumble, as he shook his cock dry. Do you think we could do it again? Alex stopped dead, and went silent.

Iain muttered Alex? Then stepped from behind the shower screen, he didn't bother to shield himself with his towel. Alex stared at his friend, wondering what he'd just heard. And then saw what Iain had been doing. Iain's pubes were now gone, his body was completely smooth and looked smoking hot. Alex hadn't put his cock away and it was now virtually standing to attention. Iain looked down and grinned, I take it that means yes. Alex managed a nod, but still looked gob-smacked. Iain took a step towards his friend, gently pushed Alex's boxer shorts down and leaned over and kissed him. The previous day wasn't the first time that either had had sex with a guy, though previous occasions had been little more than drunken fumbles. But neither had ever knowingly kissed another guy, not properly. Iain had intended the kiss to develop into something more, and it was a long time before the gotten around to remembering their cocks and arses.

So, by the time Iain and Alex finally left the apartment they were late, but Judith and Tony were in no hurry. They were sitting getting some sun in the court-yard. They were also naked. Both Iain and Alex did a double take and Tony grinned. Judith explained that the walk through the woods was quiet and they'd got used to doing without clothes, people never minded and you met some interesting people. Iain and Alex looked at each other and Iain shrugged. He unfastened his shorts and pushed them and his boxers down, Alex did likewise. Both looked a little shamefaced, Iain was shaved completely smooth and Alex's balls and base of his cock were shaved, the rest of his pubes trimmed right down. Judith smiled and commented that the boys had been busy. The way their faces went bright red, it was clear just how busy they had been.


Thomas called in at the office before going on to see Don and Amanda, he informed Richard that he wouldn't be around much for the next couple of days until the visitors had left. Unusually, Thomas wasn't in his work gear, just wearing a pair of running shorts which did little to hide the bulge in his crotch. Richard joked that if many people saw him like that, they'd get more business. Richard adjusted himself, he wasn't wearing underwear and his cock was getting hard. Thomas joked that perhaps they should go naked and get even more business. Richard blurted out 'Do you fancy a fuck' before he could stop himself. Thomas's response was to grin and drop his shorts, commenting that it would open him up nicely for the day's business. It might have set Thomas up, but it left Richard's with his head swimming. He felt profoundly guilty but also excited, just the simple thought of fucking Thomas made him go hard. What the hell was he going to tell his girlfriend.

The fuck had made Thomas feel exhilarated and a bit crazy. He picked up his shorts but didn't bother to put them on. Formerly so careful about exactly what clothes he wore to work, Thomas now strode confidently naked to his car, he grinned to himself, he could get used to this. He parked some way away from Don and Amanda's house and enjoyed the walk, careless about whether he was seen by anyone he knew. Don and Amanda were waiting for Thomas. The morning was a repeat of the the previous day, and Thomas's arse got well and truly stretched. After lunch, Amanda suggested a walk on the beach.

Amanda and Don had talked about going nude on the beach but never done it. As a result of the excitement of their fuck session with Thomas it was irresistible. Completely nude, without any emergency clothing, it felt extremely liberating. They got quite a few grins and comments, no-one seemed to mind. It wasn't all tourists, Thomas saw people he knew and was aware that he was showing off in a way that he could never have imagined. His cock started to get hard, as did Don's, and they displayed them proudly.

At first all they did was talk, Thomas talked of his recent discoveries about his sexuality, and how he had started fucking with Richard. Exhibitionism came into it a lot, and Thomas discovered a lot in common with Don. Don and Amanda talked about their children, Tom and Jack, and Thomas was amazed at quite how sexual their relationship was. Finally talk turned to action and they found a spot in the dunes and Thomas took public display a step further, having his arse fucked in a very public manner and enjoying it. Don and Amanda had fucked with an audience at parties, and knew that they enjoyed people watching but they had never gone so far so publicly and in a manner which so unashamedly explored every possibility, with both Don and Thomas getting fucked at various times.


Ton and Dieter had had an argument during the night, about how far to go with Tom and Jack, but when the boys arrived all eager nakedness and erect cocks, it was difficult to gainsay their enthusiasm. Most of the day was spent as the previous one had been, with the boys free to explore Ton and Dieter's cocks, arses and more. Both boys spent a long time cleaning out the men's arses with the tongues, enjoying the sensation of having their face buried deep in the crack. Neither Ton nor Dieter had cleaned themselves out specially, so there were plenty of tastes and sensations to enjoy. They washed off all the piss and cum by having a dip in the sea, which only seemed to key the boys up for another round; with suitable breaks for eating of course. Quite who first brought up the subjected of Dieter's shaved head wasn't clear, but both Tom and Jack were fascinated. The end result was inevitable, when Tom and Jack left at the end of the afternoon both were sporting cleanly shaven heads, a look that both boys liked. It had started with Dieter just giving them buzz cuts, but both boys had wanted to go further. The results looked startlingly different, and Tom and Jack insisted on celebrating by going out onto the beach. Like their parents they ended up having very public sex, with Ton and Dieter, and enjoying it very much.

Colin and Garth were having a shaving moment too, their intention to have a quiet but dirty end to their holiday rather torpedoed by the itching of their shaved skin. Garth in particular could not face it any longer and they ended up having a long sexy shower session in which everything got clean and shaved, but not before Garth had spent a long time with his tongue up Colin's filthy arse.

They did not see too much of Antoine and Thierry, as both were involved in sorting out a new venue which they were letting as well as being friendly to a new batch of tenants elsewhere. But Colin and Garth were not too disappointed and in fact rather pleased to have more time to themselves. Quite how they were going to sort out their relationship in the long term, Colin did not knew but both were aware that from now one Garth would be sleeping in his father's bed and that the two were a couple, to all intents and purposes.

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