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Trevor's Summer

1. Trevor Gets His First BJ

The champagne made Trevor feel loopy. At least he figured it was the champagne -- he'd never felt this way before, and he'd never had any kind of booze before. At fourteen he guessed he was bright enough to add two and two and get buzzed.

He kept going back to the punchbowl for more, dipping out ladles of the mix -- orange juice and the happy stuff with discs of orange fruit floating in it to make it look more festive or something -- and ignored the way the men sometimes looked at him. Sly little nods to let him know they saw him, but were letting him get away with it. And a few unhappy, older guys, who seemed to get more angry the more of the stuff they drank. Angry, and loud.

Trevor realized, after a while, that he was getting kind of loud too, so he backed off and leaned against a pillar to watch the people swirl. A shrill laugh made him wince and he glanced over at Aunt Vi, who was cackling loud enough to craze the stained glass.

Well, it was her wedding, after all. Her fifth and, most hoped, the last. The other four had ended up so bad he wondered why she even tried any more.

Maybe what got her off was the crowds and everything. He'd heard some women loved getting married a lot more than being married, and wondered if maybe Aunt Vi was…

Bill, his cousin, sidled over and rolled his eyes. "Mom's been in the joy juice," he said.

Trevor smirked. "She's all right." Aunt Vi cackled again and Bill and Trevor swapped a look, then snorted.

Bill eyed Trevor's cup. "You like that shit?"

Trevor shrugged. "I've had worse."

Bill shot him a look that said I doubt it, but he nodded. "Me and Beth were gonna go to the lake later on. Wanna come with us?"

"Sure," Trevor said, the lights in his head wanting to make him giggle. Come with us. That was pretty good. He sipped his punch, his balls tightening, as Bill wandered off again. They skinny-dipped at the lake, and Beth, Bill's girlfriend, was fuckin' hot.

Bill, four years older than Trevor, had been the one to introduce him to the world of porn and hand-sex, loaning him some mags at the tender age of ten and, after a while, sharing his passwords to about fifteen different web sites. Trevor had been intimidated at first by the pictures and movies, all those hot chicks and hard guys just fucking each other like crazy, but from the very first time he'd looked at a mag he'd been sporting a rod hard enough to chip diamond.

He'd known he was supposed to be way too young to be looking at magazines like that, but that was only part of the reason he used to look forward to Bill's visits, when his porno supply would be refreshed. Under Bill's guidance Trevor had learned how to masturbate, using hand lotion to make it feel more authentic -- jacking off both himself and his cousin whenever the older boy came by, until Bill had moved on to girls -- and to appreciate the joys of tits and bush. They'd lay together naked in Trev's room, on his bed, looking at mags and stroking themselves until Bill would grab Trevor's hand and put it around his big, hairy tool, letting the boy finish him, watching his technique in approval.

He used to like jerking Bill off just to watch his cum spurt out at the end; it was almost like a magic trick. (Bill told him it felt a lot better than dry-firing; when Trev began blowing his own sauce he learned his cousin had been completely right. Coming dry was okay, but feeling his jizz squirt out of his dick made it feel a lot more complete.) After a while Trevor learned that he could make Bill's spoo shoot pretty far if he squeezed just right while his cousin was blowing his wad. The record had left milky thick streaks on the wall above the boys' heads. Trev hadn't noticed it until later, after it had crusted over and set into the paint. He'd scrubbed at it for most of an afternoon but could never quite get it all. The marks were still there in his bedroom, a faint darkening on the wall, dim stains of three-year-old sperm.

He wasn't gay for his cousin, though he had tried sucking his cock once. Bill had just got his license -- Trev was twelve then, still too young to even be sporting pubes, let alone shoot the pearly loads he made now -- and they had driven out alone to the lake and swum a while. Bill had recently been given head by his latest girlfriend -- a first for him -- and was full of praise at how good it had felt. Trevor had pressed him for details, fascinated at the older boy's description: "When you come, you like feel it everywhere, man, you come with your whole fuckin' body." When they got back into the car, both of them with massively hard rods, Bill had asked him for a BJ. "I'm not a fag or anything," he'd said, "but if you wanna like suck me off or something sometime, that'd be okay."

"What, you mean like now?" Trevor had said.

"Sure." Bill looked around to see if anyone was nearby, then down at his dick. "Go for it, kid. I won't tell anyone or anything."

Trevor had eyed Bill's big hard cock, his hairy balls heavy between his muscular thighs, then shrugged. "Okay," he'd said, and leaned over. As Bill sighed he started sucking the boy off like he saw in the porn videos online. Bill's dick was already big, and it was totally hard, the tip rubbery when it slid over his tongue. He worked his cousin inexpertly but earnestly, taking him all the way after a few minutes of steady, noisy slurping.

He hadn't liked it much, but he hadn't hated it either; Bill's cum tasted strange, salty and a little like pennies, and there had been a lot for him to swallow. As they drove home Trevor jacked himself off in the passenger's seat, Bill carefully not looking at him the whole time. Then he'd tugged his shorts back on and they finished the ride in a very awkward silence.

They'd never done that again. Bill had never asked for it a second time, but Trevor figured he would have done it if he'd been asked to. He really hadn't loved doing it, but it had been fun all the same.

Maybe, he thought now, it's because I swallowed it instead of spitting it out or something. Maybe it freaked him a little. But what else could he have done? Spewed Bill's sauce all over the dashboard?

The other times it was handjobs, and they were both a lot more comfortable leaving it there. It was just easier that way, not too faggy for either of them.

When he'd been a preteen kid Bill's cum had fascinated him every time, especially since he knew Bill couldn't just piss it out. He only shot at the end, when he was having an orgasm. (Or what Trev used to call a norgasm, mispronouncing it until Bill had corrected him one day.) Until he got old enough to shoot it himself he never really understood why it didn't come out other times.

He still didn't, not really, but he liked making himself come, sometimes jacking off in front of the mirror on his door just to watch the spunk squirt out of his cock and streak the glass, almost like he was in a porno. Once he'd even done it in front of his webcam -- not live, just recording it -- but deleted the file right after he was finished, feeling vaguely guilty and more than a little afraid. What if a hacker found it on his PC or something and put it online?

He'd even been afraid to connect to the net for a few days after that, worried that the MPEG was still floating around somewhere on his hard drive. Now he understood better; he was just being a stupid kid about that. Hackers couldn't really find that sort of stuff unless he named it something totally obvious, like Me Jacking Off Really Hard and Coming All Over My Chest.MPG, and even then only if he turned off his firewall, and even then only if he had spyware or something that let the hacker in. Even so, he stayed away from cam games. His friends sometimes farted around on his system, and any of them could stumble onto a cache like that by accident, and then who knew what could happen? Mike might not care, but he bet that Amy or Jody would freak to the world if they saw something like that.

He was still a virgin, and that really sucked.

He glanced at his hand, wrapped around the thin plastic cup, mist forming a halo around his fingertips. Technically he was still a virgin -- but he guessed his hand wasn't, maybe not his mouth either; and he knew Bill wasn't.

Beth wasn't either, and neither had been the first for the other. That was the part about hanging with Bill that rocked. Any time they went to the lake, Bill would drag his girlfriend of the moment off after a while and fuck her until she screamed, and Trevor always snuck up to watch. Bill knew about that, but said he didn't care.

Of course it sucked too, since Trevor wasn't getting any of what his cousin was, but still the show was excellent. Bill had the kind of body girls loved, lean and muscular, and a cock that was easily eight inches long. And he always managed to pump a fountain of thick white cum at the end, sometimes pulling out to spurt on the girl's belly, sometimes tit-fucking her, sometimes laying a stream along a perfect heart-shaped ass. He always fucked bareback, pulling out just when he started to spray before diving in for more, and it made for a pretty amazing spectacle.

Beth was new since last time and Trevor wondered how Bill would give it to her, what she would look like with his sauce dripping off her body, what parts of her body it would be dripping off of.

He went back for another cup, his cock turned to steel in his tux.

Bill sat up. "Be back," he said, disentangling himself from Beth. As he stood Trevor saw that his cousin's dick was solid. They'd been making it for a while by then, and Beth had stroked him while Bill fingerbanged her long and hard.

"Where you goin'?" Beth said, her nipples tight little peaks. Between her legs her bush, a carefully-trimmed strip, rose in fine black tangles.

"Gotta piss," Bill said, weaving toward the lap of cool, dark water. "You don't want me to do it in your twat, do you?"

"Don't take too long," Beth said, her hand coasting along her belly and over her hips. "Or I might just decide to jump on Trev." As she tickled her crotch she smirked at Trevor, then winked. Her fingers came up wet and gleaming.

"Fine by me," Bill shrugged, echoing Trevor's thoughts. Hard and drunk as he was -- Bill had brought a fifth of Bacardi and twelve-pack of Dr. Pepper -- Trevor found he was still able to get even harder.

Beth eyed Trevor's naked dick for a moment, then turned back to watch Bill, who was letting an absolutely massive fall of piss go into the lake. She sat up and meandered over to him as he stood and voided, slipping a hand over his ass. "You about done there, big boy?"

"Guess," Bill said, then shook his head. "Wait." He spasmed and jerked his hips forward, and another rill began. A final pulse splashed heavily into the lake and he sighed, then belched with total satisfaction. "Much better."

Beth reached around Bill's hips and shook something Trevor couldn't see. In the starlight little spatters fell like raindrops. "That's half the job done," Beth whispered, and Bill shuddered.

She glanced Trevor's way again, smiled faintly, and stepped in front of Bill to kiss him, pressing her body to his. Her arms circled his shoulders as his hands slid up along her torso, and then she reached down again. "Still got something in there that needs to come out," she said, stroking Bill's re-stiffened cock against her cunt. Watching them, Trevor shivered slightly. Bill had told him once that a girl could kiss a guy with her cunt-lips if she knew how to do it. It looked like Beth knew how. Her labia parted slightly to let Bill's tip slip between them and it came up gleaming with her juices.

"Yeah," Bill murmured as she knelt before him, her thighs resting in the water, her legs wide open. "Suck it." Trevor saw the glisten of her open pussy and let his hand slide down his shaft, rolling his balls slowly. She looked over at him, saw what he was doing, and smiled, then turned her attention to the thing in front of her face.

She began rolling her shoulders, her head bobbing and turning a little from side to side, and Bill sighed again, rocking his hips forward steadily. He put his hands in her hair and looked down as she kept moving. Trevor knew what was happening and stroked his dick while he watched Beth give Bill head.

Bill grunted and pulled Beth away. "That's good," he said.

"But you didn't come," Beth said, looking up, disappointed.

"I will," Bill said. "Let's go back to the blanket."

Beth's eyes slipped over to Trevor. "He's watching."

"So?" Bill said, pulling Beth to her feet. "He's too drunk to know or care anyway. You wanna fuck or not?"

Beth hesitated for just a moment, her eyes on Trevor again, then nodded at Bill.

She lay back on the blanket and kissed Bill as he moved on top of her, his cock long and solid, pressing her belly. His balls were heavy and round, his yellow pubes glistening around them, and she hefted them carefully. As he nuzzled her breasts she sighed, running her fingers through his hair. "Fuck me, Bill," she whispered.

"Yeah," Bill said, and moved up and nestled over her, his hips against hers, his penis throbbing between her thighs. As he nipped her earlobe she rocked her hips down and reached, and Bill lifted away a little. He'd said before that the first moment you slid into a girl was the best, that the way her warm wet pussy opened to let your dick inside, smooth and slick and tight, was the greatest thing about fucking. Trevor knew about that; he sort of did it with Mike, his best friend, the two of them smearing lotion on their thighs and pressing them together to simulate pussy, and it did feel pretty good whenever he first slid in between Mike's legs, his shaft rubbing against the other boy's smooth crotch. They never kissed or anything gay like that, but it still felt pretty close to fucking, or how Trevor imagined fucking must feel, fantasizing that the warm, taut boy who lay naked beneath him was just a flat-chested girl. Mike seemed to like it too when it was his turn, but he was also willing to play host to Trev's tool pretty much any time the boys got together.

Trevor saw his cousin's cock stroke over Beth's pussy, fully erect and slightly curved, the tip swollen, and knew that this was the moment of penetration, that he was about to see Bill's hard dick go inside Beth.

Bill leaned back to look into his girlfriend's eyes, resting on his parted knees and moving his hips in a little half-circle, sliding his tip between her labia until it gleamed, and then he kissed her as he eased back down, easing his stiff cock gently into her body. Beth sighed, writhing slowly, as Bill's dick disappeared in the slick wet groove of her sex until their hips were close together, the tangles of their pubes blending. "Yeah," Bill smiled at her, fully inside her. "Yeah, that's good. God you're so fucking warm…" He pushed her knees back, his back flexing regularly as he moved against her, in her, and Beth's tits bounced gently on her chest with each thrust.

She kept glancing Trevor's way as Bill fucked her, seeing that the boy was hard, that he was jacking off slowly as he watched her having sex. She didn't seem to mind too much. She was as drunk as everyone else, and seemed to like the sight of the boy's rigid, thick cock as Trevor masturbated openly, letting her see his hand slide over his long dick. She was able to concentrate more on what her boyfriend was doing to her than on what Trevor was doing to himself as he watched them, but she seemed also to be enjoying the frank display that Trevor was putting on.

In a while Bill lay fully atop her, moving solidly and steadily above her, thrusting down into her, and she arched her back and cried out her orgasm at the stars while Bill sucked at her neck. She let go slowly, cooing, then came again as Bill picked up the speed once more. After her second time Bill moaned. "Here I come," he panted.

"Let me see it, baby," Beth said. "Get it on me. Get it all over me."

Bill grunted, nodding, and pulled out as Beth grabbed him, stroking his glistening shaft. His ass flexed and he pumped, thrusting into the air, and a thick rope of white cum flew from his tip to land on her tits. He pumped again and again, the spunk rolling down over her breasts and belly, the last few strands dripping heavily onto her bush, as she stroked his back and they smiled at each other, their foreheads touching. "Fuck yeah," Bill said softly, kissing her, letting his body press hers to slide over the slick that lay on her skin. He shuddered as his penis, wet now with her juice and his cum, slipped into her once more, the tip still leaking a milky river of spunk. The last of his semen was flowing into Beth's body right then, Trevor knew, the sex fluid entering her along with his dick. "Fuck yeah," he sighed, kissing her again.

"You got more?" Beth said softly.

"Uh-huh," Bill smiled, working on her again, working in her. "And this time I'm gonna come in your pussy. Hope you took your pills."

"Okay," Beth murmured, "I did. Come in my cunt, babe." She drew him near, and Trevor watched his cousin make love to his girlfriend again, watched as Bill thrust up against her, his back arched, shoulders flexing. Watched as Bill came inside Beth, watched as Bill's bare cock pumped a second load of his cum, this time to disappear completely into her body, every spurt happening inside her pussy.

"Fuck," Beth said, kissing Bill. "I felt it, baby. I felt you shoot it all in me."

"It was good, huh?" Bill whispered, kissing her.

"The best," she smiled gently, stroking his cheek. "The very best. It always is, baby. I love the way you fuck me. I love it when you come inside me."

Trevor's cock was rock-solid but nothing was really happening down there. Maybe he really was too drunk to do or remember anything -- normally a show like the one he'd just witnessed would have him squirting his own wad, maybe even rivaling his cousin's. But it just wasn't happening, at least not right then.

"Hey Trev," Bill said to him. "How much we got left?"

"Uh…" Trevor sat up and wished he'd moved a little more slowly. He propped up on an arm fast to keep from falling over, his solid penis jutting up between his parted thighs. Beth's eyes widened at the sight of his erection, at last able to see just how large it really was, but Trevor didn't notice. "Uh, three cans," he said in a moment. He thought there were three. It looked like it had to be three. But his eyes didn't focus well.

Bill rolled onto his side, his sex sliding out from between Beth's thighs with a wet slurp, the flesh shiny. "Mix us another, okay?"

"Sure," he mumbled, and got the cups, pouring most of a can of soda into them and some onto the sand around them, then adding more or less equal amounts of the heady, strange rum. His cock bobbed as he walked over to his cousin, the tip pointing straight up. He might not be able to come, but apart from that everything else down there seemed pretty normal.

He was too intent on not spilling the drinks to notice the way Beth was eyeing his hardon or the swells of his balls, and the way Bill looked at her as she watched him. He whispered something in her ear and she nodded, giggling, her eyes hungry on Trevor's teen-boy-solid length.

As they took their drinks Bill smiled up and lofted his cup. "Cheers, cuz," he said. "May this be my mom's last do."

"Yeah," Trevor nodded, clicking his rim against Bill's. He sipped slowly, the heat of the alcohol sliding down his esophagus and into his gut. He smiled at Beth, who toyed with her own cup and sipped, her eyes going to Trevor's dick, just a few inches from her face. Her tits gleamed where Bill's cum lay on them in gelid blobs.

Bill glanced at Beth. "You know, she really likes sucking cock," he said.

Trevor took another drink. "Oh yeah?"

Beth nodded up at him as Bill went on. "Yeah, but I'm outta cum right now."

"Oh," Trevor said, taking another swallow of the sweet-tangy liquid.

"I love cum," Beth said. "I love giving head. I love it when a guy comes in my mouth. It tastes so good."

"Oh," Trevor said, his stomach suddenly fluttering.

"You got a hot bod, kid," Beth murmured, her cheeks red. "Real fuckin' sexy boy. You're gonna be as hot as Bill one day."

"Thanks," Trevor rasped, his heart leaping.

She looked into his eyes, hers wide and round. "You shoot cum, right? You look old enough."

"Yeah," Trevor said. "Yeah, I shoot cum."

Bill nodded. "And you still got it, right, cuz? I mean you didn't blow your wad or anything."

"Uh, yeah," Trevor said. "I mean, no. I mean, I didn't…"

"I want cum," Beth said. "Can I have yours?"

As she reached for his dick Trevor nodded. "Sure," he managed, "I guess." This cannot be happening. This just cannot be happening.

"Go slow," Bill whispered. "It's his first."

Beth nodded and slid her tongue along Trevor's shaft as the boy moaned, the cup slipping from his fingers. It really was happening, and the feeling of warmth that rose in him was incredible, better than anything he'd felt, better than lotion, better than his best friend's hand. "Oh shit," he said.

"You should maybe sit down," Bill murmured, making room for him on the blanket. Trevor nodded and sat gratefully, then looked on in shock as Beth dove instantly between his legs, her mouth closing over his length. Her tongue was smooth and warm, and her lips made a sweet muscular O, slick and taut, that left him breathless. He felt his tip slide in and in, until it pushed against something slippery and yielding; he knew it was the back of her throat.

"Oh shit," Trevor said again, lying back on his elbows, then fully supine, staring up at the stars as they spun back and forth in his eyes, his hands moving naturally into Beth's hair as her head moved gently over his hips. "Oh fucking shit." All the drunkenness seemed to vanish from his brain in that moment, in the hugeness of what was happening to him. His cock was being sucked. He was just a kid, only fourteen, and for the first time in his life he was getting his cock sucked.

Beth let him slide out of her lips with a pop. Her saliva was a thick glaze on his pulsing tip. "You're pretty big for your age," she whispered, then licked him, then began sucking him again.

"Seven." Trevor whispered. "Inches." He stared, fascinated, watching his dick disappear into her mouth, then slide out, shining with her spit, only to vanish into her warmth once more as she pushed down on top of him, doing something to him with her tongue that he couldn't see, but felt all the way through his shuddering, taut body, her fingertips light on his chest, tickling his nipples. "Oh my fucking God," he murmured, catching Bill's eye. They shared a look, and Trevor knew Bill saw his gratitude for this, saw that he approved of what was happening. Bill's girlfriend was sucking him off and it was okay.

Beth's hand closed over his balls and squeezed gently, rolling them around, and he gasped and came, grunting suddenly and sharply, his cock pulsing powerfully on her tongue. He'd never shot a load so heavily before, and never even guessed it could feel that good. He came and came, came with his whole body, grunting loudly through grit teeth as his hips jerked helplessly under Beth's sure, knowing motions. She made a little gasping sound but kept going, sucking him dry, and only leaned back when she knew he was done. He stared in amazement at his glistening, reddened cock, then into her flushed face. He'd squirted nine times, and she'd managed to keep it all inside. "Fuck," he managed weakly.

Trevor heard her swallow his cum, her throat working as she gulped it down completely into herself. She wiped her chin. "You shoulda told me before you shot it," she said, pouting a little.

"Sorry," Trevor said, sitting up, his dick still hard. "It happened so fast --"

"Still," Beth said.

"Take it easy," Bill said. "He's still new at it."

Beth stared at Trevor. "That really was your first?"

As the boy nodded Bill said, "You think I was kidding about that?"

"Well, I mean, he's kinda cute, and I guess I thought you told every girl that story so he could get some too."

"I wish," Trevor said, and in a moment they were all laughing together.

He had enough for a second round, later, that Beth was only too happy to take from him, sitting in the back of Bill's car with her while his cousin took him home, watching in stunned drunken bliss as the girl's head bobbed in his lap and the lights drifted by outside. He slipped a hand against her crotch, his fingers gliding naturally into the slick hot cleft of her pussy while his other hand massaged her nipples slowly, and she sighed, then moaned gently as he made her come, her breath a warm mist on his bare, muscular belly, her mouth tightening on him as she let go, her body quivering, her tongue stunning.

It lasted much longer that time, and he shot as much as the first.

That's it for now. In the next installment, Trevor shares the fun with his best friend, Mike.