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Trevor's Summer

In the last part, Trevor carried on with Amy, and then Mike; here he and his mother make love together before an audience of their friends and acquaintances.

11. Trevor and Carol Take a Vacation

Every year in the summer, Trevor went with his mom to a regional gathering of nudists. Usually it wasn't that strange or unusual to either of them -- but this year it was different.

To begin with, he and his mom were lovers now. They had sex morning, noon and night; they had quickies of only a few minutes; they had hours-long marathons; they slept together whenever they could -- which was often -- they never stopped fucking. What was funny was that even though Carol knew about the other things he did, she wasn't jealous of his girlfriend or boyfriend; she said she didn't feel like she owned him, that he could have sex with whomever he pleased as long as everyone played safe, and as long as she was in the mix sometimes.

Maybe part of it was because he made love with her the most. After all, they lived together, slept together almost every night, and fucked at least once a day no matter what, sometimes grabbing a quick piece while Mike was taking a shit; or Carol sucking him off hard and fast while Amy was spermiciding herself, getting ready for the next round from him. He and Mom fucked and slept together so much that they were practically married.

He didn't know how she felt about that, not really; but there was no one else in her life or her bed, and he had realized that even if he lost all his closest friends he would still be with her. No matter what, they would always have each other. So he figured that he and his mom really were lovers. It was crazy, but it was such a good thing to wake next to her in the morning, to kiss her, to feel her naked body alongside his, to make love with her as the sun rose and the day began with their cries of joy.

For their one-month anniversary she had given him a fine gold-braid necklace, a beautiful little chain that he always wore proudly as a reminder of what they were to each other, even when it was all he wore. She loved to see it glinting on his neck when they were together, watching it sway gently when he thrust himself smoothly in her, catching the light as it lay in the hollows of his collarbones while she gave him the head he craved, tickling over her clit when he paused in devouring her pussy. She knew what it meant that he never took it off, and she ached with her love for him.

He'd asked her, just before they went to the gathering, how to explain things to anyone who might ask. "What do we say, Ma?"

She lay on his good chest and kissed his nipple, smiling up at him. "Say whatever you want, baby," she murmured.

"But..." He shuddered as she stroked his full balls. "But ... I mean, we're..."

"Yeah," she said, sliding her tongue over his throat. "We're lovers."

"So I just say --" he gulped. "I say..."

"Say whatever works," she murmured, loving him, mounting him, taking his solid cock into herself, lacing her fingers into his. "We're not going to stop doing this for anyone. Are we?"

"No way," he sighed, penetrating her entirely. "No way."

"We'll be okay, then," she murmured, leaning in for another kiss as he loved her. "We're okay."

"I love you, Mom," he said softly.

"I know," she said. "Me too."

Amy and Mike never seemed to notice how much or how little juice Trevor had in him. They just did him and seemed happy with the results.

Well, so was he. He was fucking three different people, his mom, his best boy friend and his best girl friend, daily on the one and usually four or five times a week on the others. Who wouldn't love that?

And this year especially, Trevor and Carol paid close attention to the Contest Area.

Over the years the CA had become a target, a place that was focused on by some as being the center of everything nudism wasn't ... while it was the place, for some, to express what nudism was.

Nude wasn't lewd -- Trevor believed that. He'd been born and raised nude all his life. He wore clothes only when he absolutely had to, and took them off as soon as he was able. But the CA wasn't really about nudism.

It was about fucking.

Every day couples and groups, together with an audience of a hundred or so, would gather in the CA, closed off from casual eyes, and have sex on stage, in public, displaying different lovemaking techniques for the edification of all. Or at least, that was the story. What it came down to was live-action porn. In the years he'd been nudist Trevor had never gone into the CA, nor had his mom, as far as he knew; but this year he felt a little differently about it. "Come on, Mom," he said softly one morning, slowly lapping her freshly-fucked, cum-filled pussy, working her toward the fourth orgasm after waking. "I bet it'd be fun."

She shook her head, but not as emphatically as she had before. "It's not what we're here for."

"I know," her son said, licking her clit and smiling at the way her body shivered. "But what could it hurt?"

"You're underage," Carol managed. She was getting very close to losing control.

"Not by much," Trevor murmured, his lips pursing around her mons. "I just wanna see. And it's not like I'd be seeing anything new. And anyway I got ball hair now. So..." He tilted his head, then made a little circle that she knew well. It was the move he always did when he was trying to talk her in to something.

He used it because it always, always worked.

The first time he asked if Amy could stay the weekend, he had used that move, and she had agreed, assuring the girl's parents Trevor would be sleeping in pajamas, in a different room from his new girlfriend all Friday and all Saturday too.

Lies, lies, lies.

When he had told her about him and Mike he had done the same -- he hadn't needed to; if Trevor wanted to be bisexual that was okay with her. But she had let him believe she needed convincing, just to get the stunning orgasm she knew she would.

And now he wanted to go into the CA, and as she came on his face, she knew she would go there with him.

Trevor watched as the man and woman fucked, their gleaming bodies heaving rapidly on the stage, the CA quiet except for occasional hoots and whistles. It was a full house -- at least a hundred people -- and everyone was watching the show.

Mostly everyone: As he looked around Trevor could see a few men in the audience with their faces buried in the thighs of the women beside them, and several more were getting BJs from their mates, open sex happening in public. Random pairings were taking place as casual acquaintances, heated with lust, became momentary lovers. There were lesbian and gay encounters happening as well, and no one cared; some even turned into bi threesomes as he watched. Glancing around he saw that he was the youngest person in the room. Everyone else was an adult; and everyone was having a hell of a good time.

More than a few couples nearby were quietly handfucking each other, and he heard one hissing gasp that drew his attention just as a man blew a thick load of cum all over himself, his boyfriend's hand rapid on his spurting cock.

There were digital cameras clicking quietly, video cameras trained on the fucking pair at the front of the room as music played, a good steady rhythm timed to the thrusting of hips.

No one was hiding his arousal, no one was trying to be secret about what was happening. The audience was enjoying the show, and the scent of sex floated heavily on the humid air. The room practically reeked of cum and wet pussy, and he glanced at Mom to see her furtively looking his way, eyeing his rigid cock. He leaned over to her, sliding his arm around her waist. "This is pretty hot," he whispered.

She nodded, her hand slipping down from between his shoulderblades to coast over his tight ass. She could do it freely now, could touch him like this, treating him as her lover, not just her son. Their friends knew. They had known since the day they arrived: She, Carol, and her teenaged son, Trevor, were sex partners, were lovers. There was no way for them to hide their incestuous romance, even if they'd wanted to. And here, they didn't have to.

Nude was not lewd, but it was very accepting.

Some had even asked her why it had taken her so long to figure it out. "I thought you were boning him since two years ago," one had said.

So now she stood, naked and free, with Trevor's luscious ass in her hand.

They were standing near the back, watching the show, watching the crowd. "I'm glad you like it," she whispered back. "It cost fifty bucks each for us to be in here."

"I know," Trevor said, turning to face her, his penis stiff on her belly.

She had a premonition, and even as her body shivered yes, her mind fought it.

"You can make your money back," said one of the ushers, overhearing them as he walked past. He gestured with his head to the couple on the stage, their passion mounting, nearing orgasm together. "Just get up there and you get a refund, maybe even a prize if you do it right."

Trevor stared at Carol briefly, his face heating. He and Mom were known to a lot of people at the gathering; they'd been going for years, and with this visit they hadn't tried to hide the way their relationship had changed, hadn't tried to keep the secret that they were more than mother and son, that they were now lovers as well. No one seemed to think it was a problem. More than a few of those people, their friends, were in the audience now, watching the sex. "Uh..." he said.

"You want to give it a try?" the usher asked, a smile on his face as he watched the pair onstage reach climax, the man pulling out in the last few moments to shoot a few spurts of goo on the woman's tits. The crowd applauded, cheering, as the sweaty, flushed couple stood and bowed.

He looked into his mother's eyes, his heart beginning to pick up. "It's a hundred bucks," he said.


"More, if you win," the usher said. "Half the day's take."

"Yeah," Trev nodded. "That's gotta be like tons." He kissed her. "Come on, Mom. Let's do it. We'll win. I know we will."

She watched another couple take the stage, numbers written on their bodies. It really was a contest -- crowd reaction served as judgment of the acts, and there was the possibility of winning a lot of money. Half the admission price went into the pool and the daily winners stood to carry home several thousand dollars. That was a lot of car payments -- or a good chunk to be added to her son's college fund. "Are you sure?" she whispered. "There are a lot of people here. Are you sure you want to have me while they're watching us?"

The hardness of his cock was answer enough, but he nodded. "Come on, Ma. It'll be fun. Everyone already knows we're fucking. We'll put on a real good show for them." He kissed her. "Come on. Let's do it, Mom."

She watched the new couple working each other up. Her boy looked a lot better than the man, and she thought she rated at least as well as the woman. She shuddered a little. "Okay," she said, "let's do it, son," then turned to the waiting usher, taking Trevor's erect penis in her hand. "Where do we go?"

12. The Show

Trevor stood beside her backstage, his long sex soft but ready to spring into action, his swollen testicles written with the number -- 26 -- that they had been assigned. His breath was rapid and she could see the pulse of his heart in his strong chest. "You sure about this?"

He glanced her way, taking his eyes off couple 25. It was a good fuck, the man lean and tight, the woman really a girl, in her late teens. He smiled at her, at the number on her breasts. He'd written it there with greasepaint a while ago, when they had been assigned their slot, just as she'd put it on his heavy balls. "Yeah," he said. "We're next, Ma."

"I know," she said. "We're going to have sex out there."

"Yeah," Trevor nodded, his face alight. "Yeah we are."

In the hour they had waited after agreeing to make love in front of an audience, that audience had swelled. There had to be at least three hundred people out there now, and she was sure they were waiting for her and Trevor -- word must have spread that a fourteen-year-old boy was going to be in the act, that he would be having public sex with a fully-grown woman, performing incest openly with his mother. It was illegal twice over, but it didn't look like anyone had phoned the cops. No one was going to stop what was about to happen next ... and she didn't want anyone to stop it.

She wanted to celebrate, wanted to let the world know what had happened with her and her boy. She was a woman in love with her son, and she wanted to share that love with everyone.

She had gone in one summer from being a frustrated, lonely woman to a completely fulfilled person, her life and her bed changed forever by the boy she had given birth to. He had made her feel loved again, desired, wanted, needed -- he had turned her into a queen, worshipping her with his body every day, bowing before her feet in sweet, gentle submission, reminding her what it felt like to be a sex goddess, bringing back to her the heady years of high school and college, the endless nights of perfect joy, the days of sex and pleasure.

But it wasn't just the fucking -- which was always spectacular -- it was the sense of total fulfillment, the utter completion she found when she was as close as she could be with her son.

She was a queen, yes ... and he was her prince, and she had never loved any man as she loved him, her son, her knight, her beautiful young lover.

Her boy, her very own, all her own.

Trevor glanced out at the packed house, his taut muscles jumping with nerves. "I bet we win," he said quietly. "That's gotta be like five grand out there, just waiting for us to win it."

"I know. But it's always winning with you," she murmured, stroking his naked taut ass gently. He smiled fleetingly. "Son, if you're not sure --"

The man came heavily, shooting a load of cum on the girl's tits. "I am," he said. "I wanna do it, Mom. I wanna do it. Everyone knows about us already anyway now, and we don't have anything to hide. I wanna fuck you in front of everyone. I wanna do it where they can all see us."

"Okay," she said.

"I know what it means," he said softly.


He shrugged, fingering his chain. "Nothing."

Trev looked at the tracks of sauce the man had blown on his girlfriend's body. He knew the unwritten rules of porn, even live porn onstage. "I can't come in your pussy this time. Everyone has to see it."

"I know. But it'll still be good."

"Yeah." He turned to her as the crowd applauded and whistled, the man and woman leaving. "They're done, Mom. We're next."

"Yeah," Carol nodded, her heart speeding. "I know."

"You ready?"

She kissed him softly. "Let's go," she said, and led him by the hand onto the stage as their number was announced.

We're really going to do this, she thought. Oh God. The whole world is about to see me have sex with my son. Here we go.

They took their marks onstage, naked, hand in hand, blinking in the bright lights. "Hi," her son said to the audience. "I'm Trevor, and this is my mom Carol." He turned to her and smiled. "And we're gonna fuck, huh, Ma?"

"That's right," Carol smiled gently, stroking his cheek. "We're gonna fuck, baby." She smiled again, then raised her voice for the audience. "I'm going to make love ... with my sweet, perfect boy."

They looked around, at the hundreds of faces turned their way, at the simple camp stool and soft mattress on the stage. She saw Trevor's sex begin to swell and gathered him near, stroking him, and as they kissed she was certain she heard a sigh rise from the watching crowd. He became entirely stiff in her hand and nuzzled her, the brush of his soft lips sending a good rich tingle along her spine.

"Make love to me," she whispered in his ear.

"Yeah, Ma," he said.

He smiled at her and she was able to forget the audience, to forget they were about to have sex together onstage. She lost her sense of self-consciousness and settled on the stool, led there by her sexy, capable teenaged lover, her horny son, her mate. He stood before her and she ran her tongue along the shaft of his cock, teasing him, exciting him, and looked around to see the entire room staring in rapt attention. Even the sex acts in the crowd had stopped; everyone was watching her get ready to have public sex with her own teenaged, hard-body son.

Here goes, she thought, and let his fully erect penis slide into her mouth, a lucky woman giving her sexy boy head as hundreds watched.

Trevor moaned softly, his tight young body rocking gently as she sucked his cock. Her hands slid over his ass, up along his chest, down to his balls, in the slow circular caress she knew he loved. As she stroked her son's naked body she felt his hands moving slowly in her hair, drawing her against him, pushing his large cock into her with each slow motion of their bodies. She opened her eyes to look at their audience and saw them rapt, silent, and knew they had already won the prize. Even if Trevor only came on her tits now, they would carry the day.

Live sex acts were regular in the CA. Incest was not. Especially incest done by a couple as hot as she and her young buck of a son were.

"Oh yeah, Mom," Trevor said, his voice carrying over the crowd. He wasn't projecting, wasn't trying to be heard; the audience was completely silent. "Oh shit yeah, Mom." He looked up from her working head, looked out at the hundreds of faces turned toward him, watching while his mom sucked his dick. It was like when Beth had done him on the lake shore, with Bill right there and watching everything, only it was a lot better. Many of these people were strangers to him but some weren't, and everyone knew what was happening.

And he could tell, looking at them, that they were all getting off on it. He was having sex with Mom while all these people watched. He was going to fuck his mother in front of a live -- and huge -- audience.

His balls surged suddenly and he pulled her head back. "Ahh shit -- wait, Ma." She looked up at him, kissing his hips, his long thick penis shining with her saliva, waiting for him to settle. He tugged her to her feet and kissed her, his hands gliding on her breasts, slipping down to cup her sweet, smooth ass. "I wanna eat your pussy," he whispered, and she nodded.

He settled her once more on the stool. He knelt before her, between her knees, and pushed her thighs open. As he began to descend, his mouth open and the tip of his tongue sliding toward her, she caught his eyes and smiled down at his look of passion, of pleasure, of amusement. He was happy, very happy, quivering in his anticipation and lust -- as he always was right before he fucked the shit out of her. She knew he was full. They hadn't made love all afternoon -- they hadn't had the time -- and she knew he was as much in desire as she was, knew that he would please her hugely and then fill her body with the hot, heavy fuck he carried between his trim muscular legs. He would eat her and then do her, covering her body in his thick white cum.

Her son's face nestled on her cunt and electrified her instantly, the feeling of his expert mouth drawing heat into her. She felt the wave of desire and passion rise in the crowd, smelled her own pussy in the air, smelled the sex scent from the audience, and rolled her beautiful boy's head gently in her crotch, her fingers lacing in his thick soft hair as he ate her. She cooed at him in delight and his hands moved to her breasts and he tweaked her nipples gently, then firmly, reading the rising lust in her body with the total certainty he had as her lover. He moaned at the rise of wet in her, lapping joyously, swallowing and then going in for more.

They'd only been fucking for a few weeks, but he was perfect at it, the very best sex partner she had ever had in her life, her body completely known to him, her desires transparent to his sweetly-horny mind. She hooked her knees over his broad shoulders, feeling his muscles move as he pleased her orally, and gasped when she felt his tongue slip entirely into her body. "Fuck yeah," she said softly, smiling down at him. "Oh fuck yeah, baby, that's so good ... you eat my pussy so good..."

He withdrew a little, slurping, swallowing, and smiled up at her. "I love you, Mom," he said.

"I love you too, son," she murmured, and as the crowd looked on he settled his face to her pussy once more, the pussy he had come from, and her body filled with sparks of heat and desire.

Trevor lapped at his mom's cunt, eating her out in front of hundreds of people. He was aware of the crowd, but didn't let it get to him too much -- it was hot, hotter than he would ever have guessed, to be doing this with her out in the open, to be naked and having sex with her in public, on stage, having sex with her just so other people could see it. He knew there were a lot of guys out there wishing they could be him right then, and figured probably a lot of the women were wishing they were Mom.

But it was just them, just the two of them, doing this wonderful thing together, free and perfectly in love.

His cock swelled as he felt Mom start to tense, felt her pussy get wetter. She was starting to come. He lapped deeply, licked her, drank from her, and listened to the passion in her voice as she cried out, cried his name, and came all over his face, her juices wet and copious. The fluid of her pleasure gushed and ran down his chin, down his bare chest, and he smiled up at her when it was done, his warm naked skin streaked with her cum. She was panting, her body glistening with sweat, her eyes glowing. "You came a lot," he said. "You got me all wet."

"I know," Mom smiled, and gasped when he leaned in for more. "Oh God yeah son don't stop. God, boy, eat me. Eat me long and deep and fuck me, fuck me hard, oh God yeah, oh it's perfect baby, oh it's always so good with you..."

They forgot everything, losing all sense of time and place as they made love together, uninhibited and free.

Trevor devoured her, licking and tasting her, his tongue deep in her salty wet cunt as she came on his face again, then a third time and a fourth, groaning in pleasure, her eyes taking in the silent, watching faces. They were all staring now, unable to look away, unwilling, most of them even forgetting to use their cameras. She opened her thighs as wide as she could, pulling her boy's working mouth against herself, and lost count of the orgasms as they blended into one long heat of ecstasy, her back arched and her hips rocking on her son's smiling face, her fluids flowing down his naked body, his throat flexing and shiny as he drank her salty rush, his bare muscular chest gleaming with the raw heat of her sex, her cum mixing with his sweat and rolling over the root of his sweet, thick hard cock to drip off of his ripe young balls.

He leaned back at last, sighing, his cheeks flushed and shining -- glazed -- with fluid. "You ready?"

"Oh yeah I am," she said, smiling back at him, taking a kiss from his mouth as he rose into her arms, still on his knees, his torso smooth and warm on her skin, beaded with drops of her cum, rolling down his naked skin like water from the shower they'd shared that morning. She had soaked him, and he smelled of fuck, of her fuck, her heat.

His arms slid over her shoulders and as they kissed, she tickled at the light growths of hair in his armpits, the musk of his developing boy body rising to her nostrils, a scent of young manhood, a scent of raw, pure male sex. She felt his rigid penis throbbing against her pussy and smiled when their lips, at last, parted, the flavor of his tongue lingering in her mouth. "Let's finish the show, okay, son?"

"Yeah," he said, standing with her, his cock solid, his balls heavy, his massive sex anatomy clearly on display for hundreds of people to see. In just moments, his penis would be sliding into his mother's body while the crowd looked on, and he knew it. "Let's fuck now, Mom."

"Yes." Carol felt a delicious shiver of heat rill from her cunt. "Oh baby," she said. "Oh my God, son. Fuck me. Fuck your mommy now."

They fell onto the mattress together, their bodies twined, their mouths hungry on each other. Trevor smiled at her, rocking his sex stiff as it slid over her belly, and then pivoted, nestling his cheeks between her thighs as he lowered his hips over her face. She took him in, moaning as he ate her, and sucked his rigid cock, working him for a lot longer than she thought was possible before he eased back, gasping, his face slippery again with her cum. "Let's do the scissor," he whispered.

Carol nodded. It was a good position, one that would let the crowd see everything, and got on her side in front of him as he probed her from behind, then entered her gently, his gleaming penis sliding slowly into her cunt, first his tip disappearing into her body, then the length of his thick shaft, and then his balls were warm on her and his hips were pressed against her ass as he began fucking her with total expertise.

She rocked back against him as he fucked her, looking out at their audience. They were rapt, staring, hundreds of faces watching her being fucked by her boy, watching her having sex with her own teenaged son, and as his hands slipped over her tits she let out a little shriek. "I'm gonna come," she panted. "Oh God baby I'm gonna come on your cock -- oh fuck, Trev, oh shit, fuck me hard, fuck me hard, boy, fuck your mommy make me come..."

"Yeah," Trevor gasped. "Oh shit yeah ... oh shit Ma you're so fuckin hot ... oh Mom ... oh fuck Mom..."

"Fuck yeah come on boy," she gasped, and he did. He pushed hard against her, his taut balls bouncing on her cunt, ramming himself deeply into her body, and when she came he reached around and rubbed her clit, and she screamed, her arms flailing wildly, pushed forward by her boy's hips and erupting all around his rigid organ. "Ahh fuck Trev come on -- fuck yeah -- fuck yeah -- fuck ... YEAH!"

"Fuck yeah," he murmured, stroking her naked tits, teasing her in the finishing glow as she gasped, her skin beaded with sweat, her pussy slick with her cum. He slowed, eased off, and pulled out, his stiff cock gleaming in the lights of the stage, her pussy a gaping slit that glistened, fresh-fucked and wanting more of him. She turned to face him and lay back, letting him probe her, letting him work into her carefully, his eyes on hers. She watched his face while his penis entered her for the final act, his cheeks flushed and his jaw slack with lust. He swallowed and blinked. "I can't hold it off," he whispered. "I'm gonna come fast, Mom."

"I know, honey," she nodded. "Just do it like always."

"No," he said. "I can't come in your pussy. They gotta see me."

"Do what works, then," she said, pulling his lean sweaty body near. Her son smelled of sex, their sex, and she drank his scent as he fucked her, working himself to the orgasm they both knew would be impossible to put off. "Give them all a great show."

Trevor watched his mom's tits bounce on her chest as he rammed it into her, as he fucked her in front of hundreds of watching people. He knew he would come, knew they were waiting for it -- all those people were waiting to see him have his orgasm. He suddenly knew just what to do, knew just how to do it. He would pull out of her right before the first pump of his sauce and let it go on her cunt, then put it into her again while he finished his cum. He was going to unload his balls on, then into, his mother while more than three hundred people watched the spunk shoot out of his thrusting erect dick.

"Oh God, Mom," he groaned. "I love you..."

"I love you too, son," Carol whispered, reading the signs in her boy's perfect body, his penis going rigid in her vagina. She slid her hands to his warm smooth ass, cupping it, stroking it as his cock descended into her womb, fucking upward to meet his thrusts. "Oh my baby."

"I can't hold it ... you have to help me pull out, I can't hold it in, you have to help me..."

"I know." She nibbled his ear. "I'll help you. I'm right here for you. Always."

"Mommy ... I'm gonna come," he moaned against her mouth. "I'm gonna come, Mommy..."

"I know," she panted. "Come on, boy, fuck your mommy. Come right now."

"Oh God -- I can't hold on -- Mom -- Mommy, I'm coming --"

"Now," she whispered, feeling his spasm begin, pushing up against his rocking hips. "Pull out of me now, boy."

He did, his penis shiny and rigid, and Carol watched the first thick jet of his hot white spunk fly out of his bare tip, landing in a streak on her face. She grabbed his glistening dick and stroked, hard, smiling up at him as he came for their audience, came naked and unashamed in front of more than three hundred people. He shuddered and drove forward, the second pulse landing on her tits, and then grabbed his dick, pushing its tip against her cleft as the third surge blasted out. "Mom Mom I'm gonna fuck you --"

"Yeah! Fuck me right now fuck me FUCK ME BOY!" She opened to him instantly, grabbing him, yanking him in, and as he finished his orgasm she felt his warm teen cream bubbling deeply inside her and came too, came as he ground himself helplessly into her. He shot in her, firing heavy and thick, white strings of his boy-spunk glistening on his shaft, and she groaned her delight as she felt his seed pulsing into her body, the wet squelch of their sex audible to everyone.

It was perfect. He had done it perfectly. He had started his orgasm outside her -- much like that first heady time when they had become lovers -- and finished inside her, letting everyone see and know he was coming, letting them all enjoy the sight of his creamy teen-boy spunk on her before he put the rest into her, coming bare in her body, not even a condom between them. He came within her, naked, proud and unashamed, came in her for the crowd, his massive cock erupting in her flesh, and she screamed with the bliss of it as he bore down on and into her, his cum shooting far, far inside her. His eyes rolled back and he gasped, grunted, thrust. His back arched and he drove it all inside, pushing deep into her with his final surge.

Everyone knew that Trevor's sperm was entering his mother's body; everyone knew that his seed was filling her pussy, jetting heavily from his long, solid penis. Everyone knew that her son was finishing his naked orgasm inside her vagina as she came with him, writhing under his glistening muscles, pulling his ass down, pulling her boy's dick deeper into herself, the thick hot fluid of his completed sex surging into her womb.

He slowed, his skin hot and sweaty, his face flushed. His cock made wet sucking sounds as he moved slowly in her, gliding through the warmth of their combined fluids, the aftermath of their public sex together. He had just made love with her; he had had an orgasm inside his mother's body. He smiled at her, then leaned in for a kiss. "I love you, Mom," he whispered. His body smelled of his sweat, her sweat, their musk and their cum, boy and woman, and she inhaled deeply, lost in him.

"I love you too," she smiled, her son's seed flowing in her, and the crowd erupted in cheers.

Trevor and Carol didn't notice, kissing, nuzzling, loving, the world gone but for the two of them, still fucking, Trevor's cock still rock-solid. "I wanna do it again," he whispered. "I wanna do it again, Mom."

"Can you?" she smiled up at him, stroking his tight naked ass gently, and he nodded, kissing her once more.

"Then do it," she sighed, her hands moving on his bare sweaty chest, arms sliding around his warm, strong shoulders to draw him into her embrace as his lean boy-body moved deliciously against her own. "Come on, son."

He pushed his erect penis fully inside her vagina, smiling softly at her, and his mouth sipped at hers, drinking from her lips, swallowing, his delicate kisses wet with the nectar of their saliva. "I love you, Mommy," he murmured.

"I love you too, baby boy," she whispered. "Oh God, my boy, my sweet baby boy, I love you so much."

"I know," he said, and eased his belly against her warm skin, stroking his good sex deeply within hers as she slid her calves over his slowly-working thighs, softly kneading his taut ass. "I wish we were like married or something."

She lit, shudders of delicious heat flowing through her at his words, at what her son was doing to her. "I think we are," she said, gently stroking the filament of gold that circled his neck.

"Oh God," he sighed gently, kissing her. "Oh God, Mommy."

"Yes, my baby boy," she whispered, her tongue slipping between his lips, making love to him with her mouth, her hands, her whole body. "Is it really what you want?"

"I want to be everything to you," he gasped, his voice a low rasp.

"You are," she murmured. "Oh son, you are." She drew him close, his body warm on hers. "Marry me, honey."

"Yes," he shuddered. "Oh yes, Mom. Oh yes."

The audience gradually fell silent as Trevor and Carol gave them the encore, this time not a staged sex act; this time it was true lovemaking, a sensitive, delicate sharing of lovers, bodies twined with speechless pleasure in sight of hundreds of witnesses, mother and son joined in pure, natural, conjugal bliss. They became married there, man and woman, true hearts beating for one another, husband and wife joined in the eyes of their friends, all of whom knew what they were seeing. Trevor and Carol were marrying one another as they made love together, letting everyone watch them in the first joining of their honeymoon.

They made love for a sweet, beautiful half hour, the air filled with her cries of passion, rolling together on the mattress until she was riding him, her son's erect sex fully within her the whole time, delighting in the intimacy of it, and then Trevor's breath sped and his penis began to pulse in her flesh once more. She smiled down at him as his eyes sparkled in his heat.

When her boy had his second orgasm she didn't let him pull out; she made him have it all in her body. He didn't have any choice, and they didn't want it any other way.

He stared up at her in the sexual rapture of his climax, stroking her breasts, lying on his back as she rode him, her hands playing over his flat chest while his hips bucked up in orgasm.

He gasped, then cried out in the depths of pure male ecstasy as he filled her with his semen, as his cock pumped in plain view of everyone, his balls shiny and taut and the shaft of his penis surging as he thrust upward into her vagina and ejaculated in her body, letting all of his cum go inside her, a teenaged boy coming wholly in his mother, inside the body of the woman he loved and had married, not a single drop of his sperm-rich fluid spurting on her bare skin.

No one seemed to mind.

There are three parts left to this story series. In the next installment, Mike shares a hot afternoon with Trev and Amy, and then he and Carol get together for a talk ... and much more.