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Trevor's Summer

In the last part, Trev and his mom made love in public, agreeing to be married to one another. Here Mike has a fantastic night with Trev and Amy, then gets (willingly) seduced by Carol, his best friend's mother and wife.

13. The Special Weekend

Trevor leaned back to smile up at Mike, his legs very far apart as his best friend crouched between them. His smooth cock was shining with Trev's spit and the boys both admired the effect for a few moments, the sexy way Mike's stiff rod pulsed gently in the air, glistening with the wet of his boyfriend's mouth. "Amy's coming over today," Trevor said quietly, leaning in once more to lick Mike's balls. He slurped gently, working the boy's warm sack between his lips, sucking as the smooth sensitive flesh slid along his tongue. Mike's balls were bigger than they had been at the start of summer, and Trevor wondered if it wasn't partly because of what they did together all the time now. Mike had begun pumping out record amounts of cum in the last few weeks, his body suddenly switched into an incredible production volume of the salty fluid, and Trev reveled in the heat of it all, loving the way the boy's sauce flooded his mouth every time he came. It was strong and metallic, much spicier than his own jizz, and though it wasn't as thick or copious it was substantial, and Mike never seemed to run out.

"Oh," Mike said. "Okay. When do you want me to go?"

Trevor looked up, surprised. "I don't," he said.


"Stay," Trevor whispered. "She likes you, man. Stay around and ... and have some fun."

"You mean like ... like the three of us?" Under his friend's caressing fingers, Mike's penis stiffened fully.

"Yeah," Trevor said, licking Mike's tip. "The three of us." He pushed down and let his dick slip into his mouth. "I kow you vike ve ibea."

Mike was stroking Trevor's golden hair gently. He did like the idea, a lot. "You sure? I mean, she's like your girlfriend."

"Mmm-hmm," Trevor murmured, his head beginning to bob steadily.

"Ahh shit," Mike moaned. "Oh holy fucking shit..." A threesome, him and Amy and Trevor. That was all that his boyfriend could mean. The three of them, having sex together -- and while Mike was very firmly in love with Trevor, he'd been thinking for a while now that Amy was pretty hot.

As hot as Carol -- and Carol had got a lot more ... easy with him lately, starting to let him see her naked when it was near bedtime, just not bothering with clothes after her nightly shower, as nude as the boys.

"You wanna do her," Trevor whispered around a mouthful of cock. "Don't you?"

"Fuck yeah I do," Mike said.

Trev glanced up at him, then turned his face fully to Mike's crotch again. He pushed the boy's thighs wide and lapped softly at his puckered asshole. "I mean my mom."

"Oh," Mike said. "Well ... yeah. So do I."

"You should go for it," Trevor said. "I bet she'd do you all night."

"Is she good?"

"She's the best," Trev said. "She loves fucking as much as you do. She runs me outta cum every time, but I bet you'd be able to keep going with her all night long." He looked up again, his tongue slipping sensuously along Mike's shaft. "Seriously. You should really do it with her. I know you'd like it and I bet she would too."

"God," Mike grunted as he watched Trev's head descend once more, as he filled his boyfriend's mouth with his hard meat. Is Trevor serious? Does he really think I should have sex with his mom? And with Amy too? He thought of Carol's hot tits, then thought of what Amy's tits must look like, what her pussy must taste like, and his balls tightened. "Here it comes," he managed, wet pussy on his horny mind, and then Trevor was gulping hungrily as Mike let out a huge blow of goo, six creamy warm jets. "Ahh fuck," he gasped. "Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah --"

Trevor rolled Mike's spunk around, savoring it, and then let it slide down his throat in a loud bubbly swallow. "Your cum's getting thicker," he said.

"Yeah?" Mike looked pleased.

Trevor nodded. "And there's a lot more of it than before. More salty now too. It's good." He got on the sofa next to his friend and kissed him, his sex full and throbbing visibly. "So you wanna stay and get some pussy later, or what?"

"Fuck yeah I wanna," Mike smiled, and dove for his boyfriend's raging hardon.

"Oh," Amy said quietly, staring at Mike. "Hi." Her eyes flicked to his bare cock and she blushed, looking aside. "I didn't know you'd be here."

"Why not?" Trev said, leading her into the house. "He's your friend too."

She glanced at Mike again, at his dick. He wasn't hairy like Trevor -- he wasn't hairy at all -- but he was ... bigger than she thought he would be, especially since his voice hadn't even changed yet. He was ... yeah, he was sexy, and then she looked into Trevor's face and saw he'd been watching her stare at Mike, and she was sure, suddenly very sure, what her boyfriend had on his mind.

She looked at Mike again, this time more frankly, and smiled at him. "Well," she said, and took off her swimsuit in a single, smooth motion -- she had taken to wearing a one-piece lately because Trevor said she looked good in it, and because it was one less thing for her to have to take off before she fucked him. She tossed the cloth onto the sofa. "So who's up for a swim?"

The boys nodded, both of them staring at her body, and as she walked past them she saw they were both definitely up. She watched them trade a look, and they followed her out back.

Mike was panting, his cock rigid, as Trevor gently rolled the condom over it. He shuddered a little at the feeling of his boyfriend's gentle touch, then looked over at Amy.

She smiled and lay back on the bed, her nipples firm on her pert breasts, the red glisten of her pubes beckoning to him, shrouding the mystery of her folds. She parted her thighs and Mike let out a little moan as he saw Amy's cleft, saw her body open slightly, gleaming with her richly-scented fluids. "I guess it's time," she whispered, her chest bouncing with the speed of her heart. "Come on, Mike. Let's go."

Mike glanced at Trevor. His boyfriend nodded, then shoved his ass a little. "Go on," he said. "She's ready for you, and now you're ready for her."

Mike moved to Amy and lay himself over her, lifting his hips and probing uncertainly. Amy caught his cock in her hand and helped him find her, his tip slipping over her labia until he felt her body's heat, even through the membrane of the rubber. He stared down at her, then glanced over to Trevor, and then relaxed against her as her hands pulled his butt down gently.

He slipped easily into her body, the taut warmth of her pussy a lot like Trevor's asshole, but the condom pushed some of the sensation aside. He didn't mind; he would last longer this way, and as it was he was so close to losing his load that he figured a few extra minutes, a few extra strokes in her, could only be a good thing.

They had swum together for less than ten minutes before Trevor was all over Amy, then pulled Mike into the embrace. The three of them had shared hot kisses that grew more heated with each motion of their lips and tongues, and then Mike felt Amy's hand sliding along his shaft.

"He's never fucked a girl," Trevor whispered to her.

"Well," Amy blushed. "I guess we need to change that."

That had been just five minutes earlier; they had gone directly into Trevor's bedroom.

And now Mike was in Amy, wearing a condom for the first time in his life, having sex with a girl for the first time in his life as his best friend watched. His smooth cock was in her up to his hips, her bright red patch glistening as they moved together.

He stroked Amy's breasts as she began rocking beneath him, helping him learn the motions, and kissed her, smiling at her, letting his lust and friendship show in his face. In just a few moments he would be coming, shooting his load into the condom he wore, the only thing that was between them -- and then, he knew, Trevor would have his joy with Amy too, filling another rubber with his hot, rich spunk as Mike looked on. Trev was letting him go first, staying right beside him to guide him through everything, and he loved the boy for it.

"That's good," Amy whispered. "That's real good, Mike."

"Yeah," he said. "Oh yeah." He kissed her. "Oh God this is good, Amy. Thank you. Thanks so much. Thanks so much."

"You're welcome, honey," she murmured, tickling his ears as he shuddered in wordless delight. "Take your time," she said. "Make it last."

"I ... I can't," Mike rasped. "I want to, but..."

"Then do it more than once," Trevor whispered, gently massaging Mike's balls.

"Okay," the boy groaned.

"Go on, Mike," Trev murmured. "I know you can't hold on."

"Christ," Mike gasped and bore down once, then bucked, shuddering, coming fast and hard in Amy's flesh. He pumped heavily, jerking his hips spastically, losing his coordination and freezing completely as the final surge of his cum blasted into the rubber, then lay panting on her for a few moments as she stroked his back and shoulders, kissing his face and smiling. He leaned back to stare in awe at her, then blushed. "I'm sorry," he whispered.


"It happened so fast. You didn't come."

"That's okay," Amy said. "I will, later on -- and Trev'll show you how to make it happen a lot. We've got all night, remember?"

"Yeah," Mike said, smiling faintly, and he slipped out of her with a gentle pop. The condom gleamed, wet with lube and Amy's juices, the tip swollen full of his pearly load. Trev showed him how to take it off, sliding it along the length of his still-hard cock, and took it down the hall to the toilet while Mike and Amy cuddled a little, the boy exploring her body gently with his hands, relishing the sensation of her skin under his fingertips, delicately playing with the satiny softness of her beautiful breasts. She was sexy, lovely, beautiful in his eyes, and she saw the heat and love in his gaze.

The show she and Trevor put on afterward, his heavy balls bouncing on her pussy until he thrust hard, his sex pulsing as he discharged his cum into her, was enough to get him charged again, enough that he was ready for a second round when Trevor had finished a half hour later, and this time he lasted as long as his friend had, to Amy's unfeigned and loud delight. When that was done Trevor fucked him -- Amy asked to see them do it -- and he rode his friend's naked cock expertly, taken on his hands and knees like a bitch dog in heat while Amy watched and fingered her own cunt until he knew his boy was blasting his load deep inside.

Mike woke in the middle of the night, his young cock solid, to the rhythmic motion of the bed and watched as Trevor and Amy made love beside him, touching them both gently as they fucked, stroking her tits as she bobbed on Trevor's dick, riding it energetically, massaging Trevor's balls as he pushed up into her. His fluffy blond pubes meshed with her red tufts, his shaft gleaming wet when it slipped out of her. It was good with just two, Trev had said earlier, but three was a lot better, and Mike could only agree. There was plenty of sex to go around, lots to see and touch and taste, more pleasure to be shared than Mike had ever guessed was possible. Just watching was good -- Trev and Amy were stunningly sexy when they were going at it hot and heavy, their taut bodies writhing, their muscles working hard under their gleaming skin, the boy and girl very obviously in love together -- but knowing he was welcome to join in any time he wanted, enjoying both of them freely, made it even better. Two completely uninhibited bisexual boys and a very horny teenaged girl made for a fantastic mix.

He watched his best friend's cock -- the cock he had sucked just a little while ago while Amy looked on -- easing into and out of her cunt, the cunt he'd eaten right after Trevor had shot his mouth full of his good cum while the boy ate his girlfriend's hot slit. Her fluids were salty and good, not at all like Trev's cum or his own, and he loved the flavor of her, the scent of her, the way her pussy had slid over his face, warm and slick, the way she had pulled his head hard against her thighs as she came on his lips.

He sat up and licked her nipple, her small firm breasts bouncing gently on her chest as she continued riding Trevor's solid organ. "Hi," he whispered.

"Hey, baby," Amy smiled down at him and leaned over to kiss him, then swung around eagerly and began giving him head while Trevor continued fucking her.

Mike moved nearer to his friend, kissing him deeply while they both had sex with Amy, feeling more happy than he ever had before in his life. He knew things would always be like this now with the three of them, that they would get together like this all the time, that he could look forward to many amazing nights of fantastic boy-girl-boy sex that had begun this Friday night, the last Friday night of the summer. The first day of their return to school had never been further from any of their minds as the three of them made slow, hot love.

Carol had been incredibly cool about the idea of the three of them spending the night together, had handled the negotiations with their families perfectly, and had even made sure they had enough rubbers.

Mike didn't need one right then; he shot his jizz right into Amy's mouth, and a few moments later heard and felt Trevor come. He watched as his friend slid his cock out of Amy's gleaming pussy, the rubber shining and filled with his thick white sperm.

Mike sat up. "I gotta pee," he said quietly.

Trevor smirked, for no good reason Mike could guess. "Okay," he said, and handed Mike the heavily distended condom, carefully slipping it off his half-hard cock while Amy watched. As she licked his dick clean he said, "Dump this for me, all right, kid?"

"Sure," Mike said, and half-stumbled down the hall, naked, his penis damp and cool with Amy's saliva, carrying the full rubber. It swayed heavily in his hand, tacky from Amy's pussy, misshapen from the stretching Trevor's big dick had given it, filled with his cum.

He examined it closely in the light of the bathroom, studying the milky fluid, fascinated by the way it flowed over his pressing fingertips, still bubbly and warm from his boyfriend's body. The yellow membrane was thin and felt weak, felt like it could break at any moment now that its purpose had been served. This is sex, he thought. This is pure sex and it came right out of his cock.

He pushed some of Trevor's creamy spunk up the tube and tasted it, scowling at the flavor. It was bitter with spermicide and latex, nowhere near as tasty as the fresh, direct injections he normally got from Trev's solid organ when it pulsed on his tongue. He wondered how it would be to eat a cum-filled pussy and shuddered at the idea, a deep heat of lust blooming in his belly. He knew Trev did that with his mom, eating her cummy slit all the time, licking his own spunk out of her when they were in between fucks. He said fresh cream pie was the best thing he'd ever tasted, and Mike believed him.

Warm cum in a slick pussy. If only Trev could do that. If only he could do Amy naked and come inside her so Mike could go for a deep, wet dive. Fuck, he thought, his dick pulsing rigidly, it would be so hot to eat her twat right after he fucked her. And I'd really do it, too. I'd eat all of his cum right out of her, and then watch while he ate mine. He felt his balls tighten as another fresh wave of semen built up inside his body, his vesicles swelling with the load of fluid. He had discovered that he wasn't just horny -- he was capable of simply amazing performances, always seeming to have enough sperm for anyone who wanted it.

But he also understood that what he wanted wasn't possible, at least not right then -- Amy wasn't taking birth control and if Trev really did come inside her, she could end up pregnant. Regretfully he let the fantasy slide away.

Still, it had been an incredible night. He was still firmly in love with Trevor ... but he figured maybe he loved Amy now too, and she now knew that he and Trev had something hot going on. She had watched Trevor fuck him, had watched as he took every bit of the boy's seven-inch cock into himself, watched as Trev came naked inside his body, loading his tight little asshole with thick white semen. She now knew her boyfriend was bisexual and that he was active with Mike in every way two best friends could be.

And she was okay with it. Hell, she liked it. She had told them she was glad they'd figured it out together, which confused him at first until he understood that he must have been openly lusting after Trev for a lot longer than he'd ever realized. And ... and that Trev had been wanting him too, in the same way, for a pretty long time before he'd finally made it happen on that first night after Bill's girlfriend had given him head. Beth had changed everything for them, for Trev and Mike and Amy and he supposed Carol too, had been the catalyst in turning their lives into the hot sex journey they were all taking together. He silently thanked her for the few moments of suction she had performed, at last forgiving her for being the first to know Trevor in that way. He'd made up ground rapidly and joyously, had gained a lover in Trev, and now another in Amy.

Everything -- everything -- was so fucking good. There was just no way anything could be better than this.

He dropped the condom into the bowl, watched as it sank into the water, thready strings of Trevor's spunk oozing out of it. He pissed, flushed and rinsed, pausing at Trev's bedroom door. From within rose the sounds of sex, sighs and wet noises and the creak of the springs, and he smiled, then went on to the living room. Why not, he figured. Leave them alone for a while, then come back to bed.

14. Mike and Carol

He was playing Bejeweled on the Xbox when Carol came into the room, cursing softly as a bad drop cost him a black pearl. "Hi, Mike," she said.

Mike thought of covering his dick with a sofa cushion or something, but decided against it. Carol was getting used to him being naked, and that wasn't so bad; and besides, she was naked too, and that was actually pretty good.

Really good.

He'd never seen her fully naked before, at least not live and in person, not this long. He had seen Trevor's video of them together, so there weren't any surprises for him, but she was much better in real life than as an MPEG. Until this moment he'd had just a few glimpses of her before she went to bed, and he took in the sight gladly, frankly studying her body as she let him, her lack of shame or embarrassment allowing him to look openly at her.

Her breasts were high and firm, about the size of a half grapefruit, just about a perfect handful, her pink aureolae big as quarters. Her bush was curly and rich, as blond as Trevor's and much more full than Amy's, glistening sightly, and her waist was impossibly trim, her belly flat -- he'd heard more than once that she didn't look like a mom. Maybe it was because she really wasn't very old; she was just a little over twice his age. She had a body a lot like a cheerleader, only more complete, in all the right places to his young eyes. Her muscles showed as she moved, a good set of shapes that were just perfect under her clear skin, and at the join of her legs he saw the slit of her body, nude of hair save a gentle downy crest, smooth and full.

This was her sex, the pussy that Trev kept putting his big hard dick into, and it looked very good to him. He had learned, with Amy, how a girl was built and he knew what nestled within the folds of her labia, a fragrant warm channel of lust and passion. He wondered if Carol's vagina would look different from Amy's, if it would have its own little unique clefts and rills along her inner labia or around her clit, sort of like how every boy's cock was as individual as his fingerprints, some having a plump mushroom head like his own, some tapered gradually to a helmet shape like Trev's, some smooth on the shaft and some rippling with veins. Maybe even the flavor and scent might be different, like how his cum didn't taste the same as Trevor's.

Probably it would be different from Amy, he mused, and exploring those differences would definitely be sweet, something he knew he would enjoy doing for a very long time.

She stood naked and let him look at her, not flinching under his gaze, seeming to be a little amused at the way he stared until he blushed and looked away.

He could see why Trevor liked fucking her, and he knew why she liked balling with him. They made a hot couple when they were going after it hard, his cock balls-deep inside her.

In the light from the screen, he knew she could see his erection swell and grow to total hardness, stiff in less than a breath.

"Uh, hi," he said, wondering if maybe he should have covered up after all, but she just smiled casually, her eyes roving over his bare body much has his own had done with her, taking in the sight of his slightly-cleft chest, his dark nipples peaked in their coffee aureolae, his navel taut on his lightly-defined abs, his legs slender and long, well-muscled from the bike riding he did, and when those eyes of hers at last settled on the stiff male rise between his smooth thighs her cheeks colored.

Carol moved and sat next to him, her naked skin stark in the television's glow, and she took the remote from beside him. "Gotta nuke it or the plasma will burn," she whispered, blanking the screen to a sterile blue face. From her body rose the scent of soap mixed with the natural aroma of her skin, warm and inviting, and it made Mike think that he must completely reek of fuck, the sweat of him and Trevor and Amy all over his body, the scent of the girl's pussy on his face.

But she leaned in nearer to him and didn't seem to mind.

"Yeah," he said.

From down the hall rose groans of pleasure, sounds of male and female bliss. She glanced at his hardon, then smiled at him again. "They get to be too much for you?"

"Not really," Mike said. "I mean ... well, I got up to pee and then figured maybe they'd like ... you know, to be alone together for a while or something."

Carol nodded. "Mike..."


"Do you ... I mean, when you and Amy, or Amy and Trev -- I mean..."

Mike set the controller aside. "What?"

Carol's eyes met his, then she glanced at his boner again, then away again. "Did you use ... protection?"

"Oh," Mike said. He nodded, passing his hand through his hair, breathing deeply and catching another tantalizing whiff of her body. He couldn't believe how hard his cock was now. He wondered how it must have been for her earlier, to be lying alone in her bed and hearing three horny teens getting it on. He wondered if she'd felt lonesome or jealous, and he hoped not. He didn't like the idea of her hurting alone in the dark while he and Amy and Trev fucked each other into another universe. "Yeah. I just ... I mean, a little while ago I flushed a rubber Trev ... they used."

Carol nodded. "Good," she said, looking over Mike's body. In a lot of ways he was as Trevor had been when he was the same age: Lean, taut, smooth. "All of you?"

Mike looked at her. "Yeah," he said again. "They ... I mean, we ... played safe."

A loud series of grunts came from the bedroom, pure male animal pleasure. Trevor was having another orgasm, and they looked at one another and smiled to hear it, sharing together the enjoyment of his sex with Amy. Carol nodded. "Okay," she said. "I'm glad. Amy's ... she's young, and ... fertile. It wouldn't take much to get her pregnant, especially with two spermy boys helping her along."

"Yeah, I guess," Mike said, taking a peek at Carol's bush. It was thick and blonde, like her son's, but apart from that she was shaved and smooth. Deep down he could see the divide of her, the opening of her pussy into her body, some pink there. It glistened a little.

She was wet. She was turned on; she was horny. His dick jumped.

He wanted her, he realized, as bad as he'd ever wanted anyone, even Trev. He wanted to put his cock inside Carol. He wanted to have sex with his best friend's mom, and he wanted to do it right now.

And she was naked, just like him, and she was turned on.

Just like him.

Oh wow, he realized in a flash. I'm not gay at all. I really am bi. "Uh, Carol..."

Trevor's door opened and Mike saw his friend head down the hall with another full condom in his hand, his penis still mostly hard. They both watched him go into the bathroom, heard the toilet. He paused on his way back, his naked body lean in the television's glow. "You okay?"

"We're fine, honey," Carol said smoothly. "Go back to bed, all right?"

Trev looked at her, then at Mike, something unreadable on his face, and then he smiled, his penis growing to full stiffness. "Okay," he said. "Well, I guess I'll see you two tomorrow. Sleep good, okay?"

"We will," Carol said. "Thanks, son," she added quietly.

He nodded at her, his grin wide, his cock rigid as he studied Mike's unalloyed need, and went into his room, back to his waiting girlfriend.

Carol turned to Mike, her face open, her cheeks heated. She licked her lips, looking at his stiff dick. Her nipples were hard.

She touched his bare knee, her palm hot on his skin, and he could smell her pussy, humid and warm. The pussy Trevor fucked every day, and it did smell different from Amy. "I guess it really is just you and me now, huh?" she whispered.

Mike gulped and nodded. You two. You two. I'll see you two tomorrow. Sleep good, okay?

Like we'll be ... we'll be ... together when we go to sleep, and when we wake up. Her and me.

Trevor knows I want to bone her. He knows I want to have sex with his mom. And he doesn't care. He practically said I could fuck her and it would be okay with him.

And she said we will. We'll sleep good. Together.

He stared at Carol, saw her smile, saw the way she was looking at him, and his heart skipped, then ran, and his mind raced with it.

She said we'll sleep good.

She knows it. She knows I want to be with her.

Holy shit. She wants to fuck me too, doesn't she?

Really? Really?

Of course. Nothing else made sense. She was fucking Trevor, after all, and he was only a year older ... plus, he was her kid, and her hand was sliding slowly up his thigh, sliding along his naked leg, sliding toward his balls, making him shudder. Her free arm circled his shoulders slowly, the warm touch of her hand on his neck making his skin break in goosebumps, his nipples stiffening. "I ... like you, Mike," she murmured, playing delicately with his earlobe, his body quivering at her touch. "I like you a lot."

"Y -- you do?"

"Mmm-hmm," she nodded. She settled nearer, her breasts brushing his arm. "I've always liked you. You're so cute." She squeezed his resilient thigh. "Muscular, too. You have a very good body. You're a very handsome boy."

Oh shit. She was one of those molester chicks, one of the ones he heard about on the news sometimes, like a teacher who raped her boy students because she wanted hard teen cock more than anything else.

But he didn't feel like he was about to be raped.

He was beginning to understand that Carol really liked having sex. As much as Trevor. Maybe even more.

"Do you like my body, Mike?"

He nodded jerkily, stealing another glance at her tits. He really liked her body.

"Look at me, honey. Look at me."

His eyes, wide, took in the sight of her. Given permission at last, he stared at her skin, at the downy lifts of the light hairs on her flesh, at the rises of her taut nipples, firm and resilient. The cleft between her breasts was smooth and invited his face to nuzzle; her belly hove rapidly with her panting breaths and in the divide of her thighs her golden tangles glistened softly. Her slick pussy gleamed in the dim light from the TV and she parted her legs a little to let him see her, the arch of her vagina glinting, the sweet entry into her body shining with the heat of her lust, the moist scent of her sex rising into his nostrils with each breath he took. He saw how ready she already was, how prepared she was to let his penis slip into her, and he quivered with his need to let it happen, to have her, to be with her completely. He wanted to touch her dewy folds, wanted to stroke her glistening cunt with his fingers and then the tip of his rigid cock, wanted to feel the heat of her as he entered her flesh.

Carol stared openly at the boy beside her, watched him watching her, saw his sex buck madly with his need, pulsing visibly in the air. His naked skin was smooth and seemed to beg for the skating touch of her fingertips and she slipped her hand over his chest, along the divide of his pecs, her cool shaking fingers tickling at his warm, tight body. He shuddered and his eyes rolled in bliss as she stroked his fine hairs, a small gasp of pure lust breaking from his throat, his tight young muscles jumping under her hand. His nipples stood erect, small but solid, and he moaned as she gently tickled them, stroking her breasts on his chest, her own nipples circling around his with a delicate, delicious friction that made them both shiver.

She leaned in, the warmth of her skin near him, her breath brushing his ear. "I like your body, honey. A lot. You have so many muscles, and you're such a good-looking boy. You have a great body, Mike."

"Th -- thanks," he squeaked, his heart thumping. "You too."

"Do you like how I'm touching you now?"

"Yeah," he said breathlessly.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No," he sighed, shuddering.

She nestled her lips against his neck, nuzzling him, her breath warm on his skin. "Do you want me to go on?"

He couldn't speak. He nodded, panting gently.

"Okay," she said.

Her fingers, probing farther up his thigh, brushed his swollen sack, just fractions of an inch from his sex. His dick throbbed harder, and he shivered at the rill of desire that ran through him, pulling his nuts to his crotch. She saw his reaction, watched his balls tighten, and she smiled a little, her fingertips sliding into the smooth crease between his nuts and his thigh. He drew a shuddery breath. "Yeah," he murmured.

"Do you like that?" she whispered.

"Yeah," he gasped. "T --" his voice was a squeak. He swallowed and licked his lips, his heart pounding. "Touch me."

"Are you sure?"

He nodded jerkily, his chest heaving. "Touch me," he said again. "Please."

Her finger tickled his left nut casually, gently, and she smiled again. "All right," she said, then slid the finger up over his shaft, touching him, stroking along the length of his rigid penis as they both watched in delight, tickling his frenulum, playing gently with his tip. The slow friction of her skin on his flesh made him gasp. "You're very hard," she said.

"Yeah," he moaned softly. "I know."

Oh my God, I'm being molested. I'm being raped.

It still didn't feel like rape to him. He wanted it. He felt even hotter than he had just before he put it in Amy.

I'm gonna get laid.

He no longer doubted, but he also no longer cared -- if she had simply jacked him off right then, he knew it would be the best handjob he'd ever had. He would do anything she wanted, anything she asked of him, and he would love every moment of it. His heartbeat hammered in his ears, the rapid thump in his chest making his body shake.

She was talking; he barely heard it through the haze of lust that filled his young teen mind as her cool fingers settled in his hot groin, slowly massaging his cock. "...And you need to be careful about diseases, and ... and babies."

"Yeah," Mike said. Shit, is that all I'm good for now? Yeah yeah yeah?

She rolled his smooth warm balls gently, studying their fulness, hefting them. She seemed surprised at how large they were, how heavy they were. They were bigger than they used to be, swollen in just the last few months and probably still growing. Right now they felt like full water balloons. "Do you make cum, honey?"

"Yeah," he managed. I got like a quart ready to go right now. "Been doin it for a while."

"Good." She smiled, tickling his shaft, her fingers sliding so softly on him. "How much?"

He shrugged. "Like a year, I guess."

She shook her head, blushing hotly. "I meant ... how much at a time?"

"Oh." He blushed too. "Dunno, I mean, sometimes it feels like a lot, but..."

"How many times do you ... you know, pump?"

"Sometimes like three or four, but I gotta recharge in between..."

She was laughing. "I meant ... at once."

"Oh." He thought. "Well, usually like six or eight at ... I mean all at once, it might ... you know, squirt like six or eight times." God damn. God damn I am so fuckin' horny...

She smiled, and her finger played along his shaft a second time, dry, warm, delicious. "You cum three or four times a day?"

"Y -- yeah."

"Not bad," she nodded. "A super-soaker, huh?"

"I guess," he mumbled, more turned on than he could ever remember being in his short life of hot sex.

"Is it creamy?"

"Yeah," he said, panting a little. "It's pretty creamy, I guess."

"So you really do need rubbers when you're with a girl," Carol said quietly. "You aren't shooting blanks."

"No way," he said. "No ... blanks."

"You know how to put one on, right?" She made her hand a fist and stroked it over him, her thumb and finger sliding in an unspeakable ring of pleasure over his solid length. "You roll it on like this."

"Yeah," Mike said. "Tr -- Trevor showed me." He looked down and was stunned; his cock was glistening, covered in a sheath of thin latex. He hadn't felt it, hadn't even known she had it in her hand, but she had put the condom on him with a quiet, easy gesture.

He stared at his cock, wrapped, ready. "What... How..."

"When a boy wears a condom with a girl, you know what that means, right?"

He nodded rapidly, still staring at it. The tip was a little loose over his head, ready for his spurting cum to fill it. She put a rubber on me. She put a rubber on me.

"Good," she nodded. "Do you like ... it, Mike? Being with ... with her? Both of them?"

"Well ye -- uh, sure," Mike shrugged. "It's ... it's good."

"You like being with a girl?"

"Yeah," Mike said.

She licked her lips again, her cheeks red. "You like ... having sex with Amy?"

"...Yeah," Mike said. "It's ... it's good."

Carol nodded. "Sex is good," she said, and settled nearer to him, her leg warm where it pressed his. "But here we are, all alone, while they're having sex together."

"Uh ... right," Mike managed. Holy shit, am I really about to fuck Trev's mom? Is that why she put the rubber on me? Well why don't we just get right down to it?

"And here you are, with a condom on your cock."

He nodded, panting.

"All alone together," Carol said quietly, "just you and me, while they're off having sex," and she let go of his balls, reached up between his legs.

Her fingers were gentle, and they shook a little.

"Oh God," Mike moaned.

She took her hand away. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Fuck no," he gasped, "it's not rape. It's not rape."

She looked a little surprised. "Rape?"

"It's not," he moaned. "I want it so bad ... oh God, Carol, touch me again..." and he put her hand back where it had been, her palm slipping over his penis, his heart in his throat, his fingers cold, his body shaking, and he kissed her.

He kissed her.

She didn't draw away. She welcomed it, sighing yes softly and sliding against him, her naked skin electric on his smooth flesh, her tongue gliding easily between his lips, met by his eager tastes. Her saliva tasted just like Trevor's, and his cock leapt in her hand.

"I want to go to bed with you," he blurted. "I swear it's not rape. I swear it."

"I know." She let go of his sex and her arms slipped around his shoulders and she pulled him nearer, stroking his naked young body, caressing his slim biceps, fingers playing wonderfully along his boyish chest and ribs and belly. "But you have to be sure. You have to be. I want to go to bed with you too, Mike, but I can't ... not if you're not sure."

"I know," he gasped, the words swelling from him in a passionate flood. "I know what happens when kids tell. But I won't tell. I won't ever tell. I've done it already anyway so it's no big deal and I promise, I promise I'll never tell anyone ever. Oh God I'm sure. If this really is rape ... oh shit, Carol, please rape me all night. I want you to. I want you to so bad."

Her hands were as cold as his; she shook in the same way he did. She slipped her palm under his balls, cupping them gently, weighing them, her fingers curling along his solid length. I am in control, she understood. I am in total control of this boy. He will do anything I want and he will do it willingly. Her heart accelerated as she fully understood that Mike wanted to be with her every bit as badly as she wanted him. "It's not rape if we both want it, sweetheart."

"Jesus," he shuddered. "Oh Jesus then it's not."

I own his body, I own his sex. He will do anything I tell him to do. "You're not really a little boy any more, are you? You haven't been for a while now."

He shrugged, his hands just tickling her breasts. They were warm and firm, smooth and elastic, and she wriggled a little and sighed in pleasure as his thumbs slipped over her nipples. Oh my God. Oh my God. We're going to bed together tonight. "Guess not."

"You're not a virgin. You've had sex. You've felt a girl's pussy on your cock." Her lips were hot on his ear. "And you liked it."

"Yeah," he gasped.

"And you want it again."

"Fuck yeah," he said, shuddering.

"Suck my tits, boy," she murmured.

"Which one?"

"Start with the left," she said. "It's my favorite." She smiled as his lips slid over her taut nipple, his mouth pursing gently, brushing his teeth gently against her. He suckled her slowly, his tongue gliding over the peak of her breast, heat rising in her as the nipple distended into his mouth and he nibbled softly, perfectly, his palm stroking her other tit gently. Between her thighs she felt the trickle of her fluids, beading in her flesh, her clit sparkling gently as he worked her with his sweet young mouth. "God, Mike, yeah," she murmured.

He leaned back and smiled at her. "Was that okay?"

"It was great, honey," she said, and leaned in for a kiss, then returned the joy, sucking his little boy-nipples slowly, the muscles in his flat chest warm, his heart thrusting in his ribs.

They both heard the creak of springs as Trevor mounted Amy, heard her sigh with happiness as he slid his penis into her.

They looked into one another's eyes. That's gonna be us soon.

"He needs a new bed," she murmured. "The springs squeak."

Mike giggled explosively. "Yeah," he managed, "he's wearing them out," and then they were both trying to hold back the laughter, shushing one another until her body was almost atop his, her skin so warm and good on his quivering muscles.

Her hand was over his mouth, and she took it away, but looked into his eyes, her body warm on his.

"My bed's a lot quieter," she whispered.


She nodded slowly at him. "Let's try it out, okay, honey? I mean, if you still want to be raped tonight." She grew bold. "I'm gonna rape you unless you run away right now." She took his head in her hands. "Run away, boy, before I drag you to bed with me. I'm gonna get fucked tonight. I need to be fucked tonight, and if you stay in this house with me, I'm gonna fuck your horny young brains out."

He stared into her eyes, her thigh smooth and firm where it rubbed his hip, his balls tickled by her golden tufts. She was telling him to come to bed with her, ordering him to fuck her, leaving him no choice but to do it or leave, just walk home naked with a rubber on his hopelessly stiff cock. He knew it, and he knew he would let her do anything she wanted with him. "No," he said, getting into the game. "No. I won't run away. I'm not gonna go home tonight."

"Then I'm going to fuck you, Mike."

"I know," he gasped, surrendering his body to her. "Do whatever you want with me."

She was on top of him, naked, and she felt his hardon pressing her body. He knew it, and she had to as well. There was no way she could miss how erect he was. His dick was leaking at the tip, something it had never done before, and other things were going crazy in him too. His muscles began to jump. He tasted pennies. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes," he groaned. "Yes."

"Say it, boy." Her lips brushed his. "Say it out loud. Say you want to fuck me." She kissed his nipples again and he shuddered. "Say you want me to fuck you."

He quivered. "I w--want you to fuck me. I want to fuck you. Oh Christ, Carol, I want to fuck you so bad."

She smiled at him, twined her fingers in his thick soft hair. "Good," she whispered, her breath delicate on his face as they kissed again, her experienced mouth sliding easily against his, the tip of her tongue gently tasting him, slipping in, lapping at his lips, his teeth, his saliva.

Mike knew he was being seduced and he let it go on, surrendering all control to Carol, his mind blazing with lambent passion. The heat of her skin was radiant, almost burning, and he opened his mouth to her fully, pushing his tongue urgently into her, the flavor of the warm kiss sweet and electric in his young body. She tasted like Trevor, but her kisses were so much better, so much more experienced, and he lapped blissfully at the woman who was about to take him. She sucked his tongue with a soft moan of need and he groaned helplessly and shivered, then clutched at her, pressing her body along his as he gasped in surprise.

"Did you come?" she said, looking down at the condom to see if it was full of his spunk. It wasn't, but a heavy bead of pearly fluid was swelling at the tip.

He shook his head jerkily, panting helplessly. It had almost felt like it, but he hadn't.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah," he managed. "I'm close, I'm so fuckin' close ... but ... Carol..." He shivered again. "I didn't come. I'm not cold. I mean I am. I just..." His teeth chattered, shocking him, as another wave of vibration passed through his body. "I mean, I don't know what's wrong." He put his arms around her involuntarily and drew her naked skin to his, just to get the heat of her flesh, and shook again, the spasm rocking him and leaving him feeling bewildered and a little frightened. "Oh shit..."

"I do know," she said quietly. "I know, honey. So much energy." Her face came so close to his, and he relaxed as he felt her wrap him gently like a living, soft blanket, his heart thundering in his chest, in his ears. "It's almost more than you can take, isn't it?"

"Yeah," he gasped, trembling spastically. "Holy shit. Yeah. What the fuck is wrong with me?"

From Trev's bedroom came sounds of hot energetic fucking.

"Nothing," she whispered. "You just want to do to me what Trevor is doing to Amy. You want me as bad as you've ever wanted anyone. Don't you?"

"Fuck yes," Mike rasped. "Oh Carol, oh fuck yes."

She drew him closer and his body settled in the intense warmth she gave him, taking his heat as well; she was shivering along with him. Her seduction of Trevor had been easy, natural, the first sex with her son something they had both known was inevitable; she was being slow and careful now with Mike, wanting to be sure that he was sure before she went on with him. "I want you too, honey. You're okay. It's just something that happens sometimes when ... when two people are about to make love."

Amy came, loud and long, and Mike groaned. We're gonna do it. I'm gonna fuck her all night long. But still they had to play it slow. He couldn't just say it out loud, not like that, any more than she could just put his dick into her pussy right this second, even though they both already knew what was going to happen, what was happening. He didn't know how or why; he just knew it had to go down like this. Carol was in charge, and he followed her lead, trusting her completely. She knew more about sex than anyone else, and she was completely in control, and he let her take full charge of him.

"It's not fair," she whispered as another shiver ran through their bodies, naked, woman and boy so close, so close together. "I'm glad they're having fun, but ... what about us? I mean ... here we are, all energy, suffering."

"Yeah," Mike said.

She swallowed. "I like feeling a cock in my pussy."

"It's good," he managed. He shuddered again helplessly. He'd never had a feeling like this before in his life, he'd never been so hard before, and it was amazing to him.

"It's the best. I love having sex. I love it it when I'm being fucked by a horny hard boy. A boy like you."

"Yeah," he said, and another spasm took him as he thought of what it would be like to slip his penis into her body. Oh my God. That's what it is. I'm too fucking horny. I gotta fuck right now. I gotta fuck her right now.

He looked into her eyes, and saw she knew it.


"Yes." She leaned in and kissed him then, pulling his hand to the space between her thighs, warm, slick, very ready. "I know, honey," she said. His fingers coasted against her, then inside her, as she shuddered in his arms. "Yeah -- yeah, Mike, touch me, put your fingers in my pussy."

She was shivering too, shaking as much as he was, and he knew what it meant for both of them -- what it had to mean.

"You're not a little boy," she sighed, her hand teasing his solid length as his fingers slipped in and out of her, the sound of her own dripping cunt making her shudder.

"No," he said, shaking, feeling exactly the opposite, his fingers moving slowly in the slick heat of her body.

"You're not a virgin."

"No. I'm not." He was terrified. He was exhilarated. He was ready.

"I want to fuck," she said quietly.

He gulped. "Me too."

She gave a little gasp. "I want to fuck you," she whispered.

"Me too," he said again. "Oh please..."

"I want you to have sex with me, Mike. I want your cock inside me." She kissed his mouth. "Say it, boy. Say it if you want it. Tell me you want me."

Mike groaned. "Yessssss ... Oh God, Carol, I want you ... I want you so bad..."

"You're thirteen," she said.

"I know," Mike said.

"People would say it's wrong."

He shuddered, feeling the tickle of her pubic hair on his belly, the caress of her warm wet slit over his skin. She was doing it on purpose, letting him feel her readiness, enjoying his hardness against her, kissing his balls with her sex, making them slick with her pussy, slipping his tight nuts into her hot ready body, teasing them both along as she got bolder and bolder in her need for him. "I know. But it's not wrong. It can't be wrong. It's not. Carol ... Carol ... please..."

"No, it isn't. But they'd say you're too young. For me. If anyone ever knew."

"I know." He could barely say it through his shaking, the gentle suction of her cunt on his balls taking him closer to coming than he'd ever been without actually doing it. "Jesus God, Carol. Please, Carol. I can't help it. I can't help it. I want to do it. I have to do it. Please. I'll do anything. I'll do anything."

"I know," she said, her hands so soft on his body now. "You can't tell anyone."

"I know. I won't ever. I promise. Please, Carol ... Oh God, please..."

"Yes," she said. "Yes." She stroked his chest. "Love me. Let me take you to bed tonight."

"I do. I will. Oh God..."

The mist of her breath fell over his lips as their mouths met once more, and her warm open slit eased along the stiffness of his shaft until it was sucking gently at his pulsing tip, her sex kissing his penis, and his young body erupted with desire, and he understood at last just how much he wanted her, how much he had to have her, how much she needed him.

"My bedroom is just down the hall," Carol whispered when the kiss broke.

"I know. But I -- I don't got any rubbers. Trev has them all."

"It's okay. I have plenty. He got them from me. And I want ... I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me."

"Christ," he gasped. "Oh holy Christ Carol I want to fuck you too."

"Okay." She kissed him again. "Let's do it. Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me again and again. Make me come. Fuck me until we both can't come any more. Tonight. Right now. All right?"

"Yeah," he nodded jerkily. He was going to have real sex with a real woman, would feel a pussy for only the second time on his completely rigid dick, and he knew he would come inside her body. "Yeah. Okay."

"Let's go to bed," she whispered.

They almost made it.

There are two installments left to this story, and in the next part we see what Mike and Carol mean to each other as friends and so much more.