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Trevor's Summer

In the last part, Mike and Carol agreed to go to bed together. Here we find out what happens.

15. The Best Night of Their Lives

It was amazing.

Amy was good -- but she was just a girl. There was a lot she didn't know.

Carol was a woman. And there was a lot she did know.

And she let it all go, showed him everything, let it all happen with him.

And it was amazing.

He wasn't thirteen any more, wasn't just a boy any more. He wasn't a kid. He felt himself become a man with her, felt himself change from an unknowing, unschooled virtual virgin into a well-made, well-hung young man, felt himself transformed in her ready, wonderful embrace, his sex buried in hers as he learned everything about lovemaking with her, an eager and bright young student.

After the first time, and the second, when they wore out the rubber in the living room, she had simply slipped it off him and told him they didn't really need them anyway; she was on the pill, and she was sure they were both safe.

That was good, because they wouldn't have had enough.

She screamed as she came, shouting his name, shouting aloud as he fucked her, at first uncertain, then steady, then knowing, turning from boy to man inside her -- an expert, a master lover. He knew that, at first, a lot of it was show, done by her to make him more confident; and he knew too that later, it was the real thing. Her orgasms got louder and more uninhibited, genuine, real, incredibly wet as he filled her pussy again and again with his dick, with his cum.

The feeling of fucking a woman, not a girl, free of a condom, his cock bare, was stunning -- as good as Trevor's asshole, but he could look right in her hungry eyes while they fucked and he helped her come, while he came too, and he knew that he could shoot it all inside her, that even his cum wouldn't matter because she was on the pill. Seeing the bliss in her face as she had her orgasms with him, letting her see him in his pulsing thrusts of pleasure, filling her sex with his fluid, he truly understood intimacy and lovemaking for the first time. It was better than sex with Amy -- it was better, even, than sex with Trevor.

His astounding seminal production didn't fail him that night. He came naked in Carol's pussy, came again and again inside her hot, willing body.

The first, the very first time, she had stared up at him, her lips slightly parted and her eyes lidded with desire, her calves resting on his shoulders as he pushed her back on the sofa, taking her right there in the living room. She had shut off the TV and he had stared in amazement at the green glistening shaft that rose from his body. "It glows in the dark," she whispered. "Here." And she pulled him to her, and in the glow from the rubber he could see the glisten of her pubes, then the cleft of her sex, wet, lit like night vision.

"Now," he'd said, his heart driving in his chest. "Right now, I can't wait any more, I gotta fuck you right now," and she had obliged him, letting him be the man, letting him take her, his lithe young body flexing as he gently moistened himself on her pussy. He looked into her eyes and swallowed. "Are you ready for me?"

"I've been ready for a while," she murmured, gently embracing his neck. "Come on, boy. Do it. Put it in." Her heart began to pound as the full reality of it hit her. She saw him look down between them in the dark and she knew she was about to make love on the living room sofa with Mike, her son's best friend, a thirteen-year-old boy ... but he was more sexually experienced than her own boy had been when she'd first gone to bed with him, and as she listened to Trevor and Amy fuck each other hard, she knew she wanted to have him tonight, all night, knew she wanted the sex as much as the shaking boy in her arms, his organ jumping as he stroked it on her labia. "You know where I am," she groaned. "You know where it is. Come on, boy. I can't wait any longer. Give me your cock." She massaged his shoulders, pulling him near herself as they both quivered with the flaring heat of their passion. "Put it in me. Give me your cum, boy. I want your cock. I want your cum. I need it, boy. Fuck me right now."

"Okay," Mike sighed, and eased forward, her hands pulling eagerly on his ass, looking down with her as he found her, the rounded tip of the condom slipping easily between the groove in her thighs, his sex pulsing jerkily with his lust for her. "Yeah." He watched his hard length glide slowly into her slick cunt, watched with her as he mounted her and took her and became one with her, watched the glowing shaft between them vanish into the darkness of her warmth, his penis at last engulfed by her hot slippery vagina. He moaned gently as he penetrated her, his young cock completely rigid, and she kissed his sweet lips, tasting his saliva as they began making love. She sighed in pleasure as he slid home, feeling his stiff flesh ease into her body, the tip of his cock sliding inside her deeper and deeper as he took her. She kneaded his tight butt hard, her fingers digging into the slender pad of muscles that flexed under her hot palms.

"Yes," she groaned loudly when Mike's cock was at last fully inside her pussy. "Yes, boy. Oh yes. Oh God yes." She was wet, soaking -- and he gasped and nearly came when his hips settled to her thighs, his hard sex entirely inside her vagina, the stroke of her tits on his chest unbearably arousing to him as his dick moved in her open, hot cunt. "God fuck yeah, Mike, fuck me, boy..."

"Fuck," he groaned, shoving his hips forward to meet her, jerky little thrusts that tingled in ripples through his skin. "Oh fuck, Carol, oh fuck --" He was really doing it; he and Carol were fucking. He was going to fill the rubber, he knew, in just a few strokes. "Oh fuck I can't hold on, I'm gonna lose it..."

"Do it," she hissed, biting at his earlobe, thrusting rapidly under him, her hands jerking his ass spastically as his balls bounced on her crotch. "Come. Come in my pussy right now."

"God --" He lasted only a few seconds longer -- but still, it was more than either of them expected. Within just a few heartbeats he was ramming it into her, gasping as his seed shot thickly from his pulsing dick. "Yeah! Yeah Carol I'm coming -- !"

It was very, very good. She pulled him near and ground herself against him as he came, shouting aloud with him, his rigid boy-cock exploding in her, cradling him as he gasped and shuddered atop her, having his orgasm within her. "Ahh, fuck..." he grunted. "Ahh, fuck, Carol..." He pushed down harder, thrusting his body into her as he spasmed, and felt his tight nuts pop into her warm, slippery pussy, cradled within her as his flesh erupted. He was fucking her with everything, every part of his sex inside her, and he wanted to be completely within her in that moment, wanted to have his whole body lost in her warm, wet depths. "My balls ... my balls went in..."

"Yeah, baby!" she screamed, his semen flooding the rubber, spurting out the end to slicken their bodies as he worked, plunging his jerking dick in her wet sex. "Ball-fuck me, boy!" He arched his back, thrusting totally, with all his strength, the final pump of his cum driving him hard against her, and he yelled, groaning, panting, his eyes misty as his muscles relaxed. His taut body shuddered, a rill of semen sliding over his slippery balls as he withdrew just a little, and she knew he wasn't done. He wasn't even close to done. She grabbed his sweet tight ass, pulling him against her with a wet sucking sound from her pussy as he gasped in delight, and kissed him hard as he shook over her, understanding himself that this was just the beginning for them. "Keep going. Keep going, babe, fuck me again..."

"The condom..." he gasped. "It's full..."

"I know. I don't care. We're fine. Just do it. Do it, Mike, fuck me boy, put your balls in again, do it..."

"Yeah," he said into her mouth, and did, thrusting rapidly against her, fucking her hard, his seed squirting out of the rubber and into her pussy as the membrane slid up his cock, slipping back and forth over his dick. "The condom's coming off..."

"I don't care," Carol panted. "Don't stop. Don't you dare stop. Pound my pussy. Fuck me, Mike, fuck me boy, fuck my cunt..."

"Yeah yeah yeah ... oh yeah ... oh God yeah..." He got his balls in her pussy once more as she screamed in bliss, and he came again in less than a minute, his sperm gushing as he shot heavily into her a second time, shouting her name in his spasms of pleasure, and halfway through he felt a sudden wave of more heat on his dick, felt a new well of wet and joy open to him as he shot his cum. "Yeah-yeah-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH --" He couldn't stop, couldn't do anything but come, ejaculating heavily, his body completely out of his control. "FUCK-YEAH-CAROL-I'M-COMING-IN-YOUR-PUUUSSS-SSSSY!"

Carol felt his fluid surge into her body and erupted under him, jerking him hard against herself, taking both of them all the way to the finish. "FUCK OH GOD MIKE OH FUCK YEAH!"

He bucked down and howled, thrusting deep into her a final time, the last pump a spurting torrent of spunk, and Mike knew it was all going into her body.

He fell on top of her, moaning with her in the glow of their orgasm, his skin hot and dry, his breath moist on her cheek. His penis was pulsing jerkily inside her, still totally hard. His balls relaxed and slid out of her pussy as they rocked together slowly, drawing out the pleasure just a little more. She smiled up at him, her body working against his, keeping a gentle motion for both of them as the last shudder of his climax rippled through him.

Oh fuck. Oh my fuck.

He stared at her in shock.

The condom had broken.

He groaned, rocking slowly, feeling the slick of his sperm in her cunt, relishing the sensation of being inside her, feeling guilty even as a new heat spread through him. "Oh God," he managed.

"Yes," she said, drawing him near, kissing his open mouth. "Yes, baby."

"Carol..." he said. "Carol, it broke. The rubber broke. My cum is in you now. My cum is in your pussy now."

"I know," she said. "It's okay. We're okay." she kissed his nose. "We're safe."

"It was so quick..." Mike said. "It happened so fast. I'm sorry. I ... I just couldn't pull out."

She shook her head. "Don't be. It was fine, honey, it was just fine."

"I just..."

"It's all right," she whispered, kissing him, "I didn't want you to pull out. I wanted you to finish coming in me."

"You ... you knew?"

She nodded. "I felt it. I felt it when ... when it was just you, with nothing there any more. I felt your cum. It wouldn't have made a difference anyway. You already came once, and when the rubber broke it all just went right into me. Even if you did pull out right then, I'd still be full of ... of your cum."


"It's okay. We're safe. But that's why you should usually use a rubber only once."

Thinking of the distorted sheath he had flushed earlier, weakened by Trevor's cock in the heat and friction of Amy's pussy, he nodded. "Was it because I went in too deep?"

"You didn't go in too deep," she said. "It just happened, that's all."

"But my balls were inside you..."

"I know," she said. "And it was very hot. I wanted to feel your balls in me again. I never had a boy's balls in me like that before."

"Yeah," he said. "I didn't even know they could do that."

"I didn't either, Mike. But you were fucking me pretty hard."

He smiled shyly. "I was?"

"Mmm-hmm," she nodded. "You were. It was great, baby."

"You liked it?"

"I loved it," she whispered. "And we have all night to do it over and over and over again."

Mike stared at her and smiled tentatively. "Yeah," he said. "You ... you really mean that?"

"I do," she whispered. "I told you if you stayed here tonight I'd fuck your brains out, and I meant it. Come to bed with me now, okay?"

"Yeah," he moaned. "Oh yeah." He withdrew, shuddering as his stiff penis slid out of her slick vagina, and looked down at the flap of glowing membrane that remained in Carol's pussy. His cock was naked now but for the ring at the end, circling his gleaming tip in an O of surprise. The wrecked condom had pulled off of his penis and most of it remained inside her vagina, leaking his spooge into her. "Shit."

"It's okay," she said. "I can get it out." She pinched the glowing flap and slowly tugged, easing the torn sac from her flesh with a gentle slurp as he watched. A thick flow of gelid spunk preceded it, running down her cleft. The tip burst open as it left her, the final residue of his fluid squirting out all over her thighs, and he gawked for a moment, then began giggling helplessly.

She laughed with him, holding him near, balling the wet, broken rubber in her hand. "You're too much for these," she said. "And almost too much for me."

"Oh," he murmured.

"I said almost," she whispered. "Come on. We have a lot more fucking to do. I'm gonna wear you out tonight, loverboy."

"Okay." They stood together shakily and kissed, her fingers sliding on his trim body, along his back, down his hips, over his fine boy-tight ass. She slipped the rest of the condom off his erect penis, the membrane still glowing, and paused just long enough to flush it all away in the bathroom.

There was no cum at all left in the rubber. It had all leaked into her.

At last they went to her bedroom, her pussy already full of his thick young sperm, and he filled her again, filled her and filled her as they groaned together, fucking hot and heavy, long and slow, coming naked in her every time, using nothing at all to keep his sex fluid from entering the body of his best friend's mother. She wanted it, craved it; and he did too, crying out again and again as he felt himself inject her with his pleasure, his joy, his satisfaction.

He could see Trevor's features in her face as she panted underneath him, saw her expression turn into his as she rode him, watched her in orgasm, watched her mix with Trevor until he almost couldn't tell them apart as he filled her with his semen, spurting thickly from his bare hard penis. She even smelled like Trevor, her sweat, her skin, her kisses just like the boy's.

Except she had tits, and they felt -- and tasted -- as good as her salty, cum-filled pussy.

16. The Night Continues

When it was done for a while Carol lay beside him, sweaty and spent, and Mike looked in awe at the divide between her thighs. His sperm was in there now, his semen ejected from his hard cock as it pulsed into her open flesh.

Six times.

He had fucked her six times, four while he was totally naked, had put his bare unprotected dick into her body, had blown his spunk directly into her pussy. It had pumped out of his cock, into her amazing hot flesh, and now he could see it flowing slowly out of her slit. She was full of cum -- but so was he, still.

He didn't know how much more semen he could make for her; he wasn't even sure he'd run out, ever. He could easily have fucked her again right then, loading her up with more sperm -- and he was sure he could go on like that, all night, all weekend if she wanted him to. It was like he'd turned into a walking, talking cum factory.

If this was what being raped was like, he decided, he could live with it. Why the fuck did those asshole kids ever tell? he wondered. This is the best thing that ever happened to me.

He kissed her as they lay naked together in her bed, the sexual heat between them already building again, their bodies close, the scent of their lovemaking filling the air with pussy and sweat, and she responded, tickling his nuts as they kissed, sighing as he stroked her taut nipples. "Sex is pretty wet, huh?" he said.

She smiled and nodded. "When it's good, it's wet." She kissed him. "And our sex is very, very wet, Mike."

"Our sex. Jesus." His fingers found her cleft, and he listened to the smack of their motion in her, listened to how her cum-filled pussy sounded. He shuddered. "No wonder Trev likes it so much with you," he said quietly, tonguing her warm, soft lips, relishing her saliva.

Her hand, caressing his chest, feeling his flat taut muscles, paused, then began moving again. "So you know about that," she said.

"Well, yeah," he shrugged. "He told me. And..."

"What?" she said.

"And ... well, I saw the video of you at the nudist camp."

Carol smiled faintly. "That was an amazing day."

"It's an amazing movie," Mike said. It had been. Unspoken agreement kept the video from ever being posted anywhere -- there was enough trust in their extended nudist community to be sure of that much, at least -- but Trev had a copy on his thumb drive, downloaded from a digital video camera the day after he and Carol had made their performance. Trevor had shown him the movie, blushing fiercely at first until he saw Mike wasn't freaking out about it, and when they fucked each other that night it was the first time Mike had really felt the explosive, cummy energy he was swimming in right now with Carol.

Her hand slid along his slender hips to the smooth, warm space at his groin, and she smiled gently at what she found there. "I guess it doesn't bother you."

Mike giggled. "It's the hottest fuckin' porn I ever saw," he said. "You could do it like pro."

"We got a lot of money that afternoon," Carol whispered, kissing him softly. "Those two fucks earned us nearly five thousand dollars." She drew back a little. "I had sex with my son for money, Mike, in front of hundreds of people. Does that bug you?"

He shook his head. "It was worth a lot more," he whispered.

"He's your best friend." She drew a breath. "Your best friend is fucking his own mother, Mike. Trevor fucks me every day, and I'm his mom."

"I know. He wants to," Mike said. "He likes it. I could tell from the movie. You both wanted to." She wanted to know, he realized, wanted to know that it was okay with him. "I would have," he said. "Uh ... I mean, I guess I sort of did..." He smiled at her, and watched her relax with understanding.

"Yes." She leaned back and studied his tight smooth skin, his lean muscles, his full hairless balls, his erect penis. He lay naked and bold, his thighs parted to show it all, shyly proud of his young male body, his sex, proud of his erection, letting her look, looking at her. It was the first time, she knew, that he had let himself be seen as a purely sexual being, the first time he had ever let himself be entirely naked with someone, trusting and sweet, not fearing any rejection at all. Even in his most close moments with Trevor, she knew, Mike had never shown this side of himself before. Until she had loved him, until she had taken him into her bed, he had been a virgin in the one way that really mattered -- he was vulnerable to her now, and she swelled with heat for him.

Jesus Christ, he's beautiful. No wonder the Greeks had it so bad for boys. He's the kind of boy they would have written thousand-line poems about. She felt her chest loosen to see the raw feeling in his face, to see the pure, unalloyed, frank desire in his young body. I'm not a rapist; if Trevor is Oedipus then I'm Athena, and Mike is Dionysius. "You're not very inhibited, are you?"

"If that means I like fucking you, then I guess you're right."

"It means ... it means you like doing things a lot of people might not want to do, because they're afraid or they think it's ... wrong."

"Then I'm not inhibited," Mike said promptly. "Everything has been so good. With you ... and Amy, and Trev..." He blushed. "Well, especially you and Trev." He kissed her. "I'm glad you and he ... I mean, I..."

"I bet the three of us would make it even better."

"Shit," Mike whispered. "Fuck yeah."

She leaned over and licked his smooth hard cock, because she liked how it looked and she knew she could do it, then smiled up at him. "You want to try it sometime?"

"All three of us?"

She nodded and sucked his balls softly. "Both of my horny boys putting their cocks into me," she said. "Both of my horny boys putting their cum into me. You already know a threesome is pretty hot. I bet we could make it incredible."

"Oh fuck yeah," he moaned. "Oh fuck yeah that sounds good."

"I wanna rim you, Mike," she said. "I wanna tongue-fuck your asshole. Okay?"

"But ... I mean..."

"You know what it is, right?"

"Yeah," he said. "I know what it is. I just ... I mean, it's my asshole."

"So?" she shrugged, stroking his belly. "You're clean, aren't you?"

He nodded jerkily. His skin was still tight in places from the chlorine of the pool.

"Then it's okay. I know you'll like it. So what do you say, boy?"

"Sure," Mike whispered. I guess I'm really not ... inhibited. "Anything you want."

"Damn right," Carol murmured, and he chuckled with her as she pushed at his thighs until his feet were over her shoulders and began rimming him expertly, licking him deep, tonguing his perineum, stroking his rod. Mike lay back and ran his hands through her hair, sinking into the pool of bliss that centered on her slowly working mouth. Her tongue was slick and firm, velvety, and slid gently over the pucker of his asshole, delighting in the flavor of him, and he rolled his eyes to feel, at last, the pleasure he so willingly gave to Trevor -- the one thing his boyfriend had never completely returned to him, just a few licks now and then but never anything like this. Oh God, no wonder he loves it. "Fuck, that's good," he moaned.

She backed off a little. "Told you." And then she went in for more as they both chuckled, her nose snuffling deep in his thighs, her hands making little circles on his nipples that lit him from scalp to toes as she devoured him with total freedom. She ran her tongue, slowly, all inside his smooth cleft, her fingers tickling from his hairless armpits down to his ribs as she ate him, her face slick with her own spit. He shivered at her touches, delighting in them, feeling her delight as well in the way she kept at him, built it, made it grow. "Here I come," she whispered. "Here comes my tongue, baby."

"Okay," he sighed.

She pushed her tongue in a little and he moaned softly, then relaxed for her, feeling himself penetrated by the warm muscle, letting her taste his insides. "Oh God yes," he whispered. "Oh God, yes, Carol..."

She stroked his cock slowly, devouring him, her tongue pulsing far inside him, inside his body, the center of his world. She was hungry for it, eating him deep; she knew exactly what she was doing, and she was kinky.

And, he was discovering, so was he. He felt himself begin to fill with cum again, felt the swelling happening deep in his belly where his vesicles lay. She was working him up, he knew, working him toward fuck number seven, hoping for more; and he knew he was going to give it to her.

This is what it's like to be in love with a woman, he thought as her tongue at last slipped out of him.

From down the hall they heard a moan, then Amy's panting voice. I want to have your baby.

And Trevor, groaning. Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah, Amy, I want to be a dad with you.

Do it. Do it without a rubber, baby. Put your cum in my pussy. Do it again and again and again. Make me pregnant.

Okay. Yeah. Okay. I love you.

I love you too, honey. Oh God, yes. Oh God I love you so much, oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me just like that, oh yeah do it baby...

"I guess they really mean it," Mike said. "Huh?"

"Yeah," Carol whispered, rolling his balls around gently in her fingers.

"She wants Trev to get her pregnant. And he wants to do it."

"They do," Carol nodded softly, kissing the plump tip of his sex, then moving up beside him again. "They're in love."

"Yeah," Mike said, his arms sliding around her waist. "So am I, Carol."


"Yes," he smiled, stroking her fine ass gently. "I'm not just saying it because we fucked. I mean, yeah, I love fucking you. But Jesus, Carol ... I mean, I wanted to do this for a while. Real bad. I mean, I..."

"Me too," she said. "Even before you started being nude with Trev, I've wanted to have you like this. I must have fallen in love with you before summer even started. I know that makes me a terrible woman ... I mean, I'm so horny I'll even fuck my own son, and then drag his thirteen-year-old boyfriend into bed with me too."

He thought of his very first reaction to her touch, how it had thrilled him even as his mind said he was being molested. "No," he said. "The people who say ... look, it doesn't matter, I mean, I've been doin' Trev a while now, and I did Amy tonight too, and ... and so it's not like we did anything I never did before." He shrugged. "I mean, I just wanted to do it with you more than anyone else, ever, is all."

She smiled softly. "So I haven't ... violated you?"

"No. Look," he said, "when I said rape me and shit ... look, it wasn't rape, I was just ... I dunno..."

She kissed him, lacing her fingers through his. "Thank you, baby," she said.

"Yeah," he nodded.

"You really are a good-looking boy," she murmured, sliding her hand over his bare cleft chest, tickling his small pecs, playing with his tight little young-boy nipples. "You're so sexy."

"Thanks," he said, his own hand gliding slowly over her full, firm breasts. "So are you."

"Do you know how good you look in jeans?"

He shook his head, smiling.

"It's perfect, baby. You have a perfect ass, and Jesus, your cock looks good in really tight pants. And when you take your shirt off..." She shuddered a little. "God almighty, your chest and shoulders ... and the way your abs just plunge right down into your jeans, all those hard young muscles, oh my God, I just want to grab on and ride, fuck you until your head spins and you sing hosannah."

"Ho-sannah," he said, putting a little pitch into his voice. He smirked. "I didn't know girls even noticed shit like that."

"Come on. You never even felt a little sexy? You never looked at your body and thought, yeah, that looks pretty good?"

"Well," he said. He had been looking at himself in mirrors more lately. He wasn't sure if his chest was much, not compared to Trevor anyway ... but Carol sure seemed to like it ... along with everything else. "My dick's kind of small..."

"No it's not," she said. "It was, but it's growing. It's filling out, Mike, like the rest of your body." She rolled his balls again lovingly, tenderly, then leaned over and kissed his sack. "You were a lot smaller back in February. Now you're not."

"So you did see it happening," he whispered, delighted.

She kissed his nipple. "We do notice, Mike. Any fine young buck catches a woman's eye. Especially one as fine as you."

He was elated at her words, her obvious passion for him. "Really?"

"Oh yeah, boy. I've been watching you for a while now, watching you ... grow. Waiting for you to be old enough to do this with me. Getting taller, your chest getting really good definition, your muscles ... your butt ... the way you look in your briefs ... Jesus, Mike, you're cute -- more than that. You're a hot, hot boy."

I'm hot, he thought. Wow, she said I'm hot. "Thanks. You too. Shit you're hot. You're so fuckin' hot, Carol, and I can't believe how lucky I am."

"Me too, babe," she cooed. "What do you like me best in?"

"Bed," he said, and they laughed, but then he got serious. "When you used to wear those half shirts and ... and just like plain panties, holy shit."


He nodded, smiling at the memories, at the half-guilty stroke fantasies he'd had over her. Her nipples were always hard on her bare breasts, poking through the thin cotton, and her white panties were always almost sheer, showing the patch of her pubes, the mound of her labia and the sweet groove of her deep, warm sex. "I don't even know why I thought I was gay all that time, even with how I am with Trev and everything," he whispered. "I mean, I got so hot just looking at you."

"I'm pretty sure you're not gay," Carol smiled, stroking his steel-hard rod with obvious delight. "Was it what you hoped it would be?"

"Like a billion times better," Mike said, and they giggled.

"You want me to put on some clothes right now, baby?"

"Fuck no way," he said, and they laughed easily, finding one another as woman and man, happily falling deeper and deeper in love together. He kissed her softly as she massaged his achingly-stiff penis once more. He looked down, watched his completely hairless shaft as her fingers slid gently over it. "I know I'm just a kid..."

"I don't care about that," she whispered, taking his hand. "You're not the youngest boy I've ever had sex with -- that would have been when I was a lot younger, with my second boyfriend, and he was in the sixth grade -- but you are definitely the hottest boy I've ever seen, and I don't care how old you are."

"I don't either," he said. "I don't either." He kissed her bare breast. "You really did a twelve-year-old?"

"...No," she said, "he was eleven."

Mike grunted. "Huh?"

"I used to babysit him," she said. "But I was just fifteen then."

"Oh. Was he your ... you know, your first?"

She shook her head. "But I was his." She looked thoughtful and bit her lip softly. "I don't even know why I did it so much. I guess I just always loved fucking, Mike, more than anyone else I know. Except maybe you."

He smiled at her. She seemed to want to explain it to him, even though he was fairly sure he already understood. He was a horny young teen and fucking was pretty much all he ever thought about. "Well, okay. So...?"

"So." She shrugged. "So I fucked a lot. When I was in school I was pretty easy, and I had a lot of sex with a lot of guys, and I had a lot of virgins too. Eight, to be exact." She thought of her son. "Well, nine, really. Tommy was just the first in a pretty long line."

"Wow. Eleven. And you fucked him?"

It was a tactless question but she wasn't offended by it; he didn't seem to be judgmental of her so much as surprised. "I did everything with him, honey. A lot." She sighed at the memory of it, the furtive and brief stolen moments in Tommy's upstairs room with the door open and his folks in the house and her mouth rapid on his boy-hard jut, the late-nighters they had sometimes with no one else around for hours, the few times they had been able to sleep together on weekends when his parents were both gone.

It had begun simply, with her showing him her breasts one afternoon just to see how he would react, and that very night she had stolen away his virginity, letting him try sex with her, taking off her clothes as he lay in his bed and stared at her, peeling his pajamas off him, guiding him into herself when he wasn't sure what to do or even how to ask for what he wanted ... because ... because...

Because she had known she wasn't supposed to, and because she hated rules, and because he had been so interested in how her body was made, and because she had sensed that he was ready, or as ready as he was ever going to be.

The very forbidden nature of the acts, the danger of possibly being caught in action, had drawn her to Tommy as much as the pleasure she sometimes received from him; he'd been a little too young for her, far too much of a boy to be a considerate lover, more selfishly interested in his own experience than in bringing her the kinds of joys she had later learned to relish. The joys she shared with Mike, the joys she was sure would continue with him. She marveled at what a difference two short years could make in a boy.

"Lucky fuckin' kid," Mike whispered in awe, and Carol looked suddenly very relieved. They chuckled softly together. "Almost as lucky as me. I never felt like this before. Ever. I love you."

"I love you too," she said. "Look, Mike, I never told anyone about Tommy and me before. Don't ... don't tell Trev about it, okay, honey?"

"Sure," he whispered. "Yeah. Sure."

"I mean, I'll tell him about it all someday but..." She shook her head. "As crazy as it seems, given how ... I mean, with everything he and I have done together ... he can be pretty ... conservative about some things." She sighed. "It might freak him out a little to know I was boning a pre-cum boy for a while, even though it was before he was born, before I even met his dad."

"Okay," Mike said.

"Does it freak you out?"

Mike shook his head slowly. "I probably wouldn't have stopped you when I was eleven."

Carol smiled gently. "Do you really mean that?"

Mike thought for a few moments. "Well ... I think I would've been ready. But I don't think I would've been any good at it."

"You're fantastic at it now," she whispered.

"Thanks." He stroked her cheek softly, then leaned in for a long, delicious kiss.

She broke it in a while and rose on her elbow to look at him, the naked young boy in her bed, her hand on his belly, her fingers turning suddenly cool. "Do you love me no matter what?"

"Yes," he said, not hesitating for even a moment. "Why?"

"Well, Mike..." She swallowed. "A girl isn't really a woman, I think ... until a man ... a hard, spermy young man like you ... has done a special thing for her."

"Yeah? What?"

She shrugged, her fingertips circling his navel. "I talked to Trev a while back. If he and Amy ... well, if it happens -- when it happens, I know it will, she's going to have his baby -- he already knows she can live here when she gets pregnant, that they can make it happen together."

"That's ... really cool," Mike said. She's nervous. Why?

Her fingers slipped down over his tight cum-filled balls, tickling him deliciously, and a suspicion dawned in him, and it turned his insides to liquid heat.

Oh. Oh yeah.

I love her.

And she loves me.

And we both don't care that I'm only thirteen.

Oh God I hope I'm right.

Carol smiled at him. "I'm glad you think so." She laced her fingers in his, read the swelling of his sex. "Are you ready for more?"

"Yes," Mike smiled, rolling fully onto his back as she climbed atop him, his naked young body shuddering as her hands slid over his bare skin. His mind, insisting he was still just a boy, still murmuring rape, stopped as he felt the hot groove of her lips part over him. What's happening here?

But he already knew. "Oh yeah, Carol," he whispered.

She settled above him, then took him in her hand and guided him into herself, his plump tip vanishing into the slick heat between her legs. "I love you, boy," she whispered as his penis slid fully into her again, her soft, wet warmth wrapping him.

"I know," Mike said, penetrating her, making love with her, watching in thrall as his sex vanished inside her good depths. "I love you too." He stroked her breasts as they rocked gently together, boy and woman naked and free with each other. Her lovely, lovely breasts. Her perfect breasts, ready to nurse one day.

"I wouldn't mind being a mom again," she whispered.

Mike felt his organ turn wholly solid inside her. Oh my God. Oh my God. "Really?"

She smiled and nodded, making love to the child in her bed, moving gently on him, feeling the thunder of his heart in his nude boy-muscular chest, reading the signs of his young hot arousal, knowing he had already decided. His palms were soft, baby-smooth, warm and moist as they slid along her body. He was too young still to even have grown calluses, but his hairless skin writhed with taut muscles, and the humid scent of sweat that rose from him, his sweet tight body squirming in their sex, had only a hint, the barest waft of musk rising from his smooth armpits.

He was still just a boy, his nipples small, his navel a taut oval as his belly moved beneath her hips, his body energetic and skinny, and he shivered in virginal delight as she let her fingers stroke over his downy forearms, up his biceps, across his chest and along his ribs. Inside her vagina she felt his erection stiffen and she saw his eyes glisten as he gasped sweetly, his breath a soft eruption on her cheek.

His penis felt so good in her pussy. So right. It belonged there, belonged inside her, and they both knew it. As right as it had been for Mike and Amy to make love, as right as it had been for her son to take Mike's flesh into his body and put himself into his best friend, the thing they were becoming together, woman and boy, was so much more for both of them.

He might be a boy, but sex was something he knew; still, to him, with her, this was a vast, important thing. She was his first real female lover and she knew it. She could play him all night, run her hands over his exposed ribs like a xylophone, make him hum and thrill and sing any song she imagined. She leaned in, letting her breasts brush his hot bare skin, tasting the nectar of his sweet, parted lips. "I can't have a baby with Trevor, honey. It would be..."

"Yeah," Mike whispered. "Yeah. I know. Inbreeding."

She smiled. "Yes. Oh you boy. Oh you beautiful boy. So I need ... someone else to do it for me," Carol went on.

Mike nodded, his cheeks deeply flushed, his little nipples stiff under her stroking hands.

"Do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah," Mike managed. "Yeah I do." She means it.

"Do you want to be a man with me?" Her lips slipped against his ear. "Do you want to make me a woman all over again?"

"Yes," he sighed. "Oh yes." His lean taut body shuddered.

She rocked back on him, riding him, her hands flat on his pounding chest. "Are you sure? Babies are a lot of work."

"I know." He gasped and pushed up. His cock slid into her warm body so deeply, such a simple thing, such a beautiful thing. "My little sister was such a -- I mean crying and stuff but ... you know..." She was his kid sister, just two years old, and he loved her, had loved her from the moment his folks brought her home from the hospital, amazed at the perfect beauty she was, ten little fingers and toes and a big, fat toothless grin when he nuzzled her belly and made silly faces at her. He'd even loved her when he was babysitting, changing her diapers or hearing her gasping suckle on the bottle when he held her to his chest and fed her; the kids at school had given him some shit at first, trying to make it all sound like it sucked to be taking care of her -- but the truth was that he'd loved every minute of it. It didn't matter. She was his sister, his little kid sister, and he loved her from the start and always would. "I'm sure. I am. And ... well, if you want to..."

"I do," Carol whispered, leaning over his working, tight flesh for another kiss, the muscles in his skin flexing beautifully, powerfully, her breasts brushing on his chest once more as he thrust up into her with his sweet, smooth penis. "I really like you, Mike. I love you and I like you. You're good-looking, totally cute -- and you've got a good body, and a nice big dick ... and ... and you're bright, and you're sweet, and you're full of cum, and you're ... good." She kissed him again. "This is right for me. I'm sure of it. I want to be a mom. If you want to be a dad."

Her pussy was soaking, much wetter than made sense if it had just been his spunk making her so slick. "Okay," he said, feeling himself get closer and closer. His balls felt suddenly swollen with potential, his heart hammering in his chest. She wants to get pregnant. She wants me to get her pregnant.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Mike said. "Yeah, Carol. I'll do it. I'll do anything." In his loins the mounting wave of heat built, the surge massive. "I ... I'll get you pregnant. I'll have a baby with you."

She kissed him. "Good boy," she smiled.

"Wh -- when?"

"Now," she said. "Starting tonight. I'll stop with the pills. Okay? If you're ready."

"Okay," Mike gasped. "I'm ready. Oh Carol I'm so ready."

He was just thirteen years old, and he was going to make Carol pregnant. He was going to become a father with her and they both knew it.

It was what she wanted.

It was what they both wanted.

His naked, stiff cock moved inside her wet, sweet pussy, his cum slurping in her while they made love again, sliding out along his shaft and making a pearly streak on his smooth root. He stared at it, amazed. He'd never seen his jizz look so milky-white before; it was thicker even than Trevor's. He knew somehow that it was because there was so much sperm in it.

She looked down too, looked at the richness of his young seed, flowing out of her cunt as he fucked her. "Christ, you're a spunky boy," she whispered.

"Yeah, I guess I am," he said, thrilled.

She looked into his eyes. "Is that because of me?"

He swallowed and nodded. "It's gotta be. I never had this much in me before. It never came out that white before. It's my sperm in there, huh?"

"Yes," she said. "It looks like that because of your sperm."

"Wow," Mike said. "Oh wow, Carol. It's even thicker than Trev's is."

"I know, honey," Carol whispered, and she took another kiss from his lips. "This same time next year you're going to be a dad." She smirked at another loud orgasm from Amy. "Trevor too, I think."

"Fuck yeah," Mike croaked. "Oh fuck yeah Carol I want to have a baby with you."

She kissed his sweet mouth again. "Me too," she said.

"I'm so full of cum right now..."

"Me too," she whispered. "I've never had so much cum in me before."

He thrust upward rapidly, his heart pounding in lust. "Really?"

"Really," she whispered, "and it feels so fucking good, honey. It feels great to be full of your cum."

"God, I'm gonna come," he gasped.

"So am I, sweetie," she murmured. "So am I. Give it to me, baby," she whispered, and he did.

"Oh God. Oh God..." he grunted, and then he exploded into her flesh, his five-inch-long, hairless penis surging his spunk out, knowing this was the first night of what would be many for them, until ... until what happened next.

Until she got pregnant with him.

Looking down at him as she rode him, watching his innocent, hot young body writhe beneath her, watching the boy have his orgasm in her body, Carol came too, her cunt slick and open on his throbbing young cock, taking every drop of his fluid as he filled her again. His rich boycum shot deep into her, not as copious as Trevor's but massively potent with creamy sperm.

"Seven," she groaned as the sparkles of orgasm faded in her eyes. He was still erect, and she could tell that he was still full of fuck for her, even more full than he had been before. She knew what his output meant, knew what his amazing cum production meant. He wanted to make her pregnant as much as she wanted to have his baby. This boy really is in love with me.

"Yeah," he gasped. "Oh Jesus Christ. I came seven times. I fucked you seven times and came every time. And I came with Amy and Trev too. Jesus, Carol, I came ten times tonight. I can't fuckin' believe it."

"Me too," she smiled. "It's gotta be a record. The most Trev ever managed with me was five, and that wasn't when you were staying over. I didn't know any boy could make that much cum." They settled together, Carol's body hot, her skin damp, her pussy still on his hard cock. "Thanks, Mike," she said.

"You bet," he whispered. As they breathed together, he felt his sex sliding gently inside hers, felt a heavy bead of cum drip out of her and along his balls, down the seam of his perineum, making his hairless cleft slick with their warm fluids. He'd put so much of his spunk into her that she was leaking it again.

"You don't mind about ... about me and Trevor?"

He shook his head. "Do you?"

"No," she said. "I love him. And I love you too, Mike."

"Yeah," Mike said. "Yeah, Carol, I ... I love you."

"I know," she whispered. "You're gonna make me a mom again."

"Will that be okay with Trev?"

"Yeah," Carol nodded. "The only part that'll piss him off ..."


She grinned. "Is that he'll have to wear rubbers when he fucks me for a while."

Mike chuckled and she joined him, and he slid out of her, laughing again when he saw the thick white lake of goo that had pooled on his belly. "Oops," she whispered. He smiled contentedly as she moved down him and licked it all away until his smooth skin gleamed, his fresh semen strong and metallic on her tongue, far more man than boy in his fluid. "Can't let any of that go to waste," she whispered after the last swallow.

"Can you get pregnant that way? From swallowing it?"

She smiled at his young naiveté. "No, baby. I need your cum in my pussy for that."

"Oh," he nodded. "I figured."

"I just meant that ... I want all of it inside me." She moved beside him. "So I guess you'll be in for blowjobs too when you sleep with me."

"I think I can handle that," he whispered, and then went down on her, pushing her unceremoniously back on the mattress to gobble her wet cunt, his slick smooth face bucking and rolling in her thighs as she came and came and came on him. He lived his fantasy with her, eating her cummy pussy, and Trevor had been right about everything. Cream pie was delicious. He slipped his tongue into her, tasting the salt of her cum, relishing the strong flavor of his own spunk as it slid into his mouth and down his throat, the mix of her fluids and his rich and full, the taste of sex completely satisfying him, letting him simply enjoy her body without having his cock sucked or fucked, working her just for the pleasure he was giving her, just for the sheer joy of hearing her scream his name in her passion. He slurped eagerly and gulped again and again as her cum shot from her cunt in thin slippery waves of heat, swallowing the juices of their love together, drinking deeply from her bottomless, salty fountain.

"Let's add that to the list," she panted in a while when he at last came up for air, smiling at his cum-slick cheeks, her fingers combing back his wet bangs.

"Okay," he said. He ran his hands over his face, rubbing the fluid of her pussy into his skin, then sniffed deeply at his palms and grinned at her, a purely happy boy. She had soaked him with her cum; he reeked now of her sex, and he obviously loved it, wearing it like a cologne. He kissed her, then got up and went to the bedroom door, his long slim legs coltish in the dim moonlight, his penis solidly erect. "I'll be right back, okay?"

"Where..." Carol said.

"Gotta pee," Mike shrugged.

"Baby..." Carol gestured across the room. "There's a bathroom right here, loverboy."

Mike chuckled. "Yeah," he said. "I forgot." He went in and she watched him stand in front of the bowl, listened to the sound of his pissing, saw the hot liquid flow from his still-glistening sex. He grinned at her, unashamed, putting on a little show for her as the stream ran out of his lithe body. In all their nights and days together Trevor had never treated her to a show like this; it had been years since she'd seen a man piss, and it lit in her to watch it happen now. This is my man, she realized. This is my man, pissing naked in the bathroom we share, and he's not even a little embarrassed to know I'm watching him do it.

It rolled from his half-stiff penis in a heavy clear stream, thundering into the toilet, and she watched his cute butt flex the last drops out of his bare young loins before he flushed. Ever the clean boy, he rinsed himself off, then came back to the bed, standing beside her, staring down at her, a single jewel of liquid beading on his tip.

"Everything all right?" she whispered, her bare body filled with waves of heat to see the lust in his young eyes. Christ. He's ready to go again. He's gonna fuck my brains out tonight. He's the one who'll be wearing me out.

"Fuck yeah," Mike grinned, his cock filling as she watched, jumping and then growing before him, rigidly erect in two breaths. He was hard again, just from looking at her. "Love the view." The fluid that had gathered at his glans slid quickly along his shaft, rolling down thinly; it was not precum.

Carol reached for the young boy's sex and pulled him cockfirst toward her. "Me too," she whispered, and sucked the last few drops of liquid from his organ, then tongued away the bead resting at the curve of his balls.

"You like that?" he said softly as she swallowed.

She nodded up at him. "I like everything that comes out of your cock," she murmured.

"Oh," he said, his hands shaking. She really was kinky, and it was really turning him on. "I guess you're really into me."

"You bet I am," she whispered, kissing his nuts. "You gonna fuck me again soon, baby?"

"Shit yeah," he smiled.

"Good." She licked his tip.

"Hang on," he said, backing away. "Hang on a few minutes, all right?" His voice was fluttery.

"Sure," she said. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he shrugged, going to the bedroom door once more. "I'll be back. I promise. Don't get up, okay?"

"All right," she said, wondering where he might be going but trusting the look in his eyes. Something was on his mind and, as he quietly closed the door behind himself, she lay back and sighed blissfully, not too concerned about what he might be thinking or where he might be going. If he was heading back to join Trev and Amy for a while, that was fine ... but she didn't hear the other bedroom door and didn't notice an interruption in the rhythm of the couple in her son's bed.

It had been very hard for her earlier, listening to the sounds of hot young sex going on just down the hall, knowing what the threesome in the next room were up to and feeling guilty about feeling excluded. But it had been necessary; at the time she didn't know that Mike was already fully aware of her relationship with Trevor -- and even if she had known that he knew, she still couldn't just jump into bed with all of them; there was Amy to think about.

But she was sure, now, that the next time it was just the boys spending the night together, she'd be welcome to join in, and she intended to act on that certainty. A little double-fucking would be just the thing.

It was hard to imagine, now, how hotly frustrated she'd felt just two hours earlier, before she and Mike had truly found one another, before she'd been fulfilled urgently and energetically and very often by the boy she was going to have a baby with. She'd heard the door close and then the resumed sounds of sex, the light under the crack in the door telling her someone was in the living room, guessing who it was, and her need to be satisfied had completely overridden all her remaining inhibitions. Whatever he was in his youth, Mike was certainly not a virgin any more; she wouldn't have been doing anything new with him at all, and her lust mastered her as she wondered if he would object.

What would he say? Was he waiting for her to come to him? Should she wait for him to decide and knock, furtively, on her door? Or was he just taking a break, not even thinking about her at all?

Even if he was, would it really matter?

All her life she'd known that, when it came to sex, women were in charge more often than men. It was up to the woman to let the man know she was willing; it was up to him to decide and move ahead, but like any dance, the man followed as much as he led -- and yet, Mike was too young, too unsure still to know that he was welcome, that he would have been eagerly accepted.

Experience had shown her that her offer of sex made to any horny man or boy would always be taken up, even if the boy in question was her own son. Still, it had taken more courage than she'd known she had to walk down that short hall and stand naked before Mike as he played Xbox.

Now she heard a rattle of plates from the kitchen, the whuff of the fridge closing, the low electric hum of the microwave. He'd gone to get a snack. Not at all surprising, given the amount of energy he'd used with her in the short time since...

She looked at the clock on her nightstand. Two hours. Not such a short time, then. He must have been starving.

Her belly rumbled.

He'd filled her multiple times, but she was ravenous too, in a different and completely understandable way.

The door opened quietly and he came in, carrying a plate. He shut it softly and settled beside her on the mattress, his sweet sex thrusting up between his taut thighs. His hands shook and he fumbled the plate and she caught it, staring in surprise at the little shapes that rolled around on it. It looked like crudités, baby carrots, small pieces of celery, cherry tomatoes and ... strawberries?

One of the pieces of fruit rolled off and she caught it, surprised at how warm it felt in her hand. He'd heated the offering in the microwave, it seemed, taking off the chill from the refrigerator. "What's this?" she said.

"A little midnight snack, I guess," he said, shrugging slightly. "I mean ... if you want to."

"You bet," she said. "I'm starving. But why did you..." and she saw his eyes, and she felt a deep blossom of heat in her center.

He'd warmed them to body temperature.

"Oh," she said, taking the plate from him and setting it on the mattress beside them. "Oh."

"Do ... I mean, do you want to?"

For an answer she picked up one of the carrots, firm and plump in her fingers, and kissed its round little head, then slipped it over her nipples. Mike gulped and licked his lips, then watched in thrall as she slid the tip down her belly, into her bush, gliding easily between her gleaming labia. It came up glazed, thickly wet with her fluids, with his.

She kissed it again, then sucked it gently into her mouth.

The sweetness of the flesh mixed with the salt of her body, the spice of his cum, and she bit, chewed, swallowed.

She lay back and parted her thighs to him and Mike took a carrot for himself, then eased it against the arch of her vulva, teasing her clit and turning the root slowly, seasoning it well in her body. He lifted the gleaming morsel to his lips and kissed it gently, then took it into his mouth, his eyes on hers, his face brightening in delight at the flavor as he ate.

She picked up a strip of celery and slid it against herself, then pushed it partway in, raising her hips to him and offering the feast of her flesh. He leaned in and lapped gently at her, worked the celery into his mouth and sat back, chewing, then fed her as well, giving her a fragrant taste of their lustful feast, sliding the stalk well into her before raising it to her mouth. She licked at it, then at his fingers, and took the food from him, her heart rising in love and desire as she and her newfound lover enjoyed their feast together.

He saved the strawberries for last, glazing each in the fluids of her sex, sharing them with her and savoring the tangy sweetness of the plump red fruit as it burst between his lips.

They kissed, fed, sated, their bellies full, their bodies ready for more. "That was delicious," she whispered.

He nodded, lost beyond words in his marvel at her.

She pulled him onto the mattress beside her. "What a perfect night," she said, then gave him head slowly, working his freshly-stiffened dick, milking his hairless body with her mouth, taking another load of sex from him as his fingers twined in her soft hair. She worked him just for the pleasure of it, not hurrying, making him come just for himself, letting him entirely enjoy the simple, good thing she was doing for him. It was different from how Trevor did it, less intense, less hard, but it was wonderful, and Mike lay for a long time as she drew it out, making it last, making him love her. It was the kind of thing one lover might do for another, the kind of thing that made two people into one.

She kissed his belly when his orgasm was done, swallowing his good youthful cum, smiling happily up at him as he gazed down in bliss. "Are you ever gonna run out?"

"I don't think so."

"Good thing," she said. "You have three of us to take care of now, you know."

"Yeah, I know." He smiled softly. "But you the most. I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," she whispered back.

"What about..."

"What?" she said, moving to lie beside him, in his arms.

He shrugged and kissed her as her body settled close. "Well, like ... you know, we're not like ... totally normal. I mean, we can't like do the prom or anything."

"Is that something you..."

"No," he said quickly, and kissed her again to show he meant it. "I love you. I really do."

"I love you too," she said. "But?"

"I just wonder how ... I mean, how are people gonna feel if they know it's our baby?"

"It's no one's business, is it?" she said.

"No," Mike said slowly. "Only everyone's gonna know someone got you pregnant, and I can't marry you until I'm eighteen."

She shuddered gently, seeing the openness in his eyes, the intense feelings in his face. Marry me. He's serious. He really is in love. "I know," she said. "I'll wait. It's not even five years, and meantime we can still do this. We can still have sex together, as much as we want."

"Okay," he whispered, drawing her near. "I mean it."

"So do I," she said, kissing his jaw. "I love you."

"I love you too," he sighed, easing his hips to hers, and she opened once more to him, let him slip inside her.

He loved her slowly, taking his time, lying on his side facing her and kissing her lips, her jaw, her cheeks, stroking her breasts, cupping her ass, his sweet dick as hard as it had been the very first time she'd touched it. "Fuck," he whispered. "I can't believe it."

"What? Are you all out?"

"No," he said, sounding very surprised at himself. "Not even close."

"Oh," she said, sliding her thigh around his hips. "Good."

"You really like it, don't you?"

"Yes, I do, baby," she said. "I love it. This is the best night of my life."

"Me too," he said. "Oh my God I was like so totally freaked out for a long time, 'cause I was doin' Trev, you know, and I thought ... well, I thought maybe I was ... only I didn't wanna stop doin' it 'cause it felt so good ... but this ... oh shit, Carol, this is the best. The very best thing ever."

"It is good," she murmured. "You're a terrific fuck, honey."

"Thanks," he said, his hips taking up a more purposeful motion, a steady rhythm that sped her heart. She knew she would have his cum inside her again very soon. "I'm gettin' pretty close."

"Okay," she said. "Any time you want is good. You never have to hold back for me -- because I know I can always get more. A lot more."

"Yeah you can," he said, working faster. "Oh shit."

She clenched her thigh around him and pulled him nearer, rocking hard against his energetic body, the surge of his penis inside her bringing her closer and closer to her own climax. "Come on," she whispered. "Come on, lover, come on, Mike -- I'm gonna come and I want you to come with me."

"Yeah," he grunted, pushing into her. "Oh yeah, Carol --"

"God, Mike ... oh fucking God, oh you boy..."

"You comin'?"

"I'm about to," she panted.

"Me too," he moaned. "Oh shit..." He stared into her face, watching her, and saw the climax begin in her eyes. His own eyes widened as she watched, and she knew his moment was upon him as well. She watched him, watched his face as he came in her body, his breath coming in ragged gasps as his astonishing cock began pumping his ninth load of cum into her. She erupted in orgasm with him, her body lost in the heat they were making together, and smiled in awe with him as they came at the same time.

His muscles unlocked and he rolled onto his back, panting, his erect penis gleaming. He looked over at her and touched her pussy, and she shivered. He smiled, slipped his index finger inside, his thumb massaging her clit, and drew half a dozen orgasms from her with as many strokes until she begged him to stop, then begged him to go on. "Ahh fuck yeah, Mike, eat my pussy again, baby, okay?"

"Yeah," he gasped. He pushed her onto her back and slipped down her body, her hands moving in his thick hair as his tongue began to fill her, slurping at her cum and his spunk, eating her soaking cunt with complete boyish enthusiasm. She bit the back of her hand and screamed, then stared in amazement as he mounted her urgently and fucked her once more with his rigid young-boy cock, riding her fast, blasting another hot wave of his teenage sauce into her needy cunt in just moments.

He lay atop her when he was done, his body gleaming with sweat, his chest heaving. He had fucked her deep and hard, and his balls had gone into her again. They slipped slowly out of her pussy as he arched up to look at her, smiling. "Good?"

"The best," she said, meaning it, caressing his biceps. "The very best I ever had."

"That's my girl," he murmured, dipping his mouth to hers.

"How about you?"

He withdrew and gestured to his glistening penis, still fully erect.

"Yeah," she said, taking him in her hand as he lay beside her. "That's my boy." She kissed him. "My man."

"I guess I am now, huh?" he said, his voice full of wonder.

"You are," she nodded, and kissed the tip of his nose. "I think I'm all fucked out, Mike. I've never been so totally satisfied."

"Okay," he said.

"If you want, you can go back down the hall and..."

"No," he said. "I wanna stay here with you."

"You sure? I don't want to keep you from having fun with them if you're still in the mood."

"I'm okay," he whispered. "I just wanna stay here with you."

She smiled gently at him. "Okay. I love you, babe," she said, nestling her naked body beside his. "Sleep with me."

I'll see you two tomorrow. Trevor knew. And Amy would too. They had to know; Carol had been screaming his name half the night by then, and he hadn't been quiet either.

And it was okay.

He and Carol were ... they were...

"Sure," Mike nodded. "Sure. I'll sleep with you any time."

"Every time, lover," she murmured.

He laughed, delighted. "Yeah. Okay. Every time." Lover. She called me her lover. He kissed her forehead, still salty from the sweat of their fucking.

His cock was still hard, and she smiled at it. "Can I watch you jack off?"

"Sure," Mike smiled, and began stroking himself, letting her see what he did, letting her learn how he liked to touch himself. She reached for his balls and caressed them slowly, knowing he was getting off on just looking at her, feeling deep love for this boy who truly couldn't get enough of her. She lay on her back and parted her thighs to make room for him as he knelt, the tip of his cock just above her bush. "I wanna come on you," he whispered, sliding his rigid shaft against her slick pussy.

"Do it," she said. "Do it any time, boy."

He nodded, his eyes on her tits, on her open cunt, still slowly dripping his cum. He stroked his rod while she watched him, slipping his tip against her pussy, using the wet of her body to lubricate his hand. Her cum was thin and slick and his own blended with it, the thick sauce of his fuck glazing his organ as he masturbated for her. He jerked harder, his tip deep red, and felt the wave build in him, unashamed, turned on to see how much happiness was in her face to watch him, and his hips jerked upward suddenly. "Yeah," he said quietly.

Carol watched Mike's cock buck and spurt as the boy gave himself an orgasm, watched the thick stream of cum jet from his tip to land on her tits. He pulsed again, panting, stroking rapidly, and five more ropes of juice shot from his heaving body before he was done, glazing her skin with his sauce, oozing into her open pussy. He leaned forward and rubbed his cum into her skin, using the tip of his cock.

"Fuck, that was hot," she said softly, watching him smear the last streaks of his juice all over her belly, his final climax for the night letting him at last settle into the warmth they shared. "That was really fuckin' hot, boy."

"Yeah, it was," he said. "I never did that before. I mean, like..."

"With a woman," Carol said, and Mike smiled sheepishly. "It looked really good, baby. I loved watching you come like that."

"Thanks," he murmured, lying once more beside her.

"Did you like jacking off for me?"

"Yeah," he said. "I like doing everything with you."

"Me too," she murmured. "Let's get some sleep now, okay?"

"Sure. Good night." He sighed. "I really am gonna marry you. I want to. I love you."

"I know. I want to marry you too. I love you too, baby," Carol said softly, her hand moving to hold his penis, and her eyes, filled with her feeling for him, slipped gently closed, a little smile of total satisfaction on her lips.

He lay awake for a while with his new lover, watching as she fell asleep beside him, listening to Trevor and Amy in their ongoing marathon together, knowing they both knew what his absence meant, what it meant that he and Carol were in bed together.

He studied her. His sperm was in her body now, so much of it, more than he'd ever known he could make. He had really done it -- he'd had sex with Carol; her pussy was full of his cum, and if they kept doing it ... if they kept doing it...

Do I mean it?


His balls filled again, his cock stiffening once more in Carol's light grip.

She's going to have my baby. I'm going to get Carol pregnant, with my cum.

She wanted to be pregnant, and he would make it happen, filling her with his incredible newfound fountain of semen. He would father her child; he would be her husband.

Lying next to the woman who was his best friend's mother, the woman he was going to marry, his seed settling in her body, knowing she would have his baby, Mike stared at her for a long time before he let sleep take him, as down the hall the sounds of sex continued, as Trevor worked with Amy at being a father too. They were really into it, and he understood. He'd had fourteen orgasms today (plus the handjob he'd given himself that morning in the shower), shooting spunk every time, and still he was ready for more. He didn't care that his cock ached with fucking now, didn't care how sore he was; he was a sex machine and he would keep on like this for years, turned in one night from a regular spurty boy into a creamy cum-pumping factory, turned fully into a man by the woman who slept beside him.

Yes, I mean it. She doesn't care how old I am. She doesn't care if I'm still a kid. She loves me. She said it. And I love her too.

He kissed her brow again and she stirred gently, then nestled nearer to his naked skin, her body tight and ready; he knew he would love her awake the following morning, using his mouth first, then sliding happily home.

Maybe even figuring out a way they could use a banana together or something.

It didn't bother him, the idea of eating from Carol's pussy. He liked it. When her juices were fresh from her cunt they were warm and wet, pure and sweet, just a little salty, but they were good, the fluids of her body flowing easily into him, sliding readily down his throat.

Her cum, he thought. I ate her cum. I even love her cum, and she loves mine.

Pretty fuckin' funny, he thought, looking at his lover's sleeping face. I'm gonna be Trev's stepdad someday and I'm younger than him, and I'm already a pussy-felching perv, just like in the movies he watches.

It didn't bother him -- and he knew it wouldn't bother Trevor either.

I'll eat from her pussy every day.

Thirteen, hairless, his voice still unchanged and engaged to be married, the young man named Mike, boy no longer, slept with his future wife and mother of his child.

In the next part our story concludes.

Do they all get together?

What do you think?