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Trevor's Summer

In the last part, Mike and Carol agreed to have a baby together. Here, in the final chapters of the story, we learn how their lives will play out, along with Trev and Amy, the four of them living together as a family of lovers.

17. The Morning After

Carol stretched languidly in the late Saturday morning light, opening her eyes to see Mike looking at her, propped up on an elbow and smiling sweetly. "Hi, lover," she murmured, drawing him near for a kiss. "Been awake long?"

"A little while," he said. "I just wanted to look at you."

In the light of day his skin shone with taut patches everywhere, spots all over him where their cum had dried to a glaze. His thick hair was tousled, his bangs matted to his forehead from the hot wet muff-diving he had done with her the night before, and he looked boyishly gorgeous to her, cute and sweet, his sexy body warm and smooth in her arms. The heat in her was instant in its rising and she felt his fine young tool on her hip, stiff and ready. "You in the mood?" she grinned.

"Always," Mike nodded. "With you ... always."

Carol felt the fluids start in her pussy, felt herself beginning to well with lust for boy-fuck as she caressed his taut hairless frame. Mike's smooth penis was rigid, his plump tip full, his bare balls taut at the neat join of his thighs, and she stared hungrily at his body. His tight muscles worked fluidly in his creamy skin, the flex of his chest and abs delicious to see as he rocked against her, kissing her, stoking the flare of her arousal into a bright, hot flame. He massaged her breasts slowly, already knowing how to do it perfectly, his thumbs sliding back and forth over her nipples, replaced in time by his lips and tongue. He suckled her gently, firmly, pinching a little with his tongue and teeth, and she shuddered at the thrills that ran through her flesh as his hand wandered down her, stroking her belly, caressing her hips, then roaming over her bush to find her well wet, fully ready. His expert fingers worked against her cunt and he used three on her, just how she liked it, his middle plunging inside and his index and ring sliding on her slick labia as she sighed happily. His lips bore down on her nipple, his tongue licking avidly while he sucked, and his thumb pinched gently at her mound and she gasped, arching her back, and had her first orgasm of the day.

He smiled at her, knowing what he'd just done, and eased himself down along her, down her body, until his shoulders were settled between her parted thighs and his face was rocking slowly against her open slit. He ate slowly, using his hands too, relishing his breakfast in bed, taking his time and pulling her gently along toward her second cum as she shuddered and writhed under his careful attentions. The knob of his chin and the bump of his nose caressed her as he bobbed his head rhythmically, his lips sucking her gently when they slid over her clit. He was facefucking her like the pro he was, his forehead and cheeks soon gleaming with her fragrant juices.

The boy worked her for a very long time, slowly easing the climaxes from her at first, then taking them from her in a mounting wave of rising passion. In one night he had gone from an almost total virgin to a master, loving her now with his mouth in total confidence, with perfect technique, his tongue bobbing and dancing in her, massaging her labia, dipping into her wet channel, sliding over the taut nub of her clit. She lay and loved him as he pleased her, loved him more and more with each moment, each stroke of his warm tongue in her body. Trevor was in for some serious competition, she realized -- Mike ate pussy every bit as well as her son did. Maybe one day they'd have a contest.

In a while her moans had turned to low gasping cries, then wails of bliss as the waves of climax crashed through her faster and faster until she couldn't tell them apart any more, and at the last, she lifted herself off the bed in a tight arch as he gobbled her enthusiastically, thrusting herself against his mouth for minutes as the explosions in her body soaked his face and chest, running down him to stain the sheets. Her cum flew out in thin pulses of salty heat and he lapped it up as she fed him, licking everywhere, greedy for her fluids, and she gave and gave, then fell back onto the mattress, gasping and moaning his name as he eased off at last, letting her body slowly uncoil from the bliss he had given her.

Mike looked at her, smiling, his skin glistening with sweat and cum, rubbing it into his face and chest. He loved it, loved the scent of her fuck, loved that it was hers, that it had come from her sweet pussy while he ate her out. His whole body had to smell like her cunt by now, and still he wanted more of that musky scent on himself, wanted to bathe in her hot fluids. She lay and stared in wonder at him, her eyes glowing with love, and his heart throbbed to see how much she adored him, how happy he had just made her feel.

She sat up and slid her arms around his shoulders, the warmth of their bodies gathering between them, wet kisses growing deeper as she pulled him back to lie atop her. He stroked her tits again, loving how they felt, loving that he could touch them freely, caress and kiss them, see and enjoy them. She reached between them and guided his stiff cock against her vulva, his tip glazing quickly in her juices, and then he eased himself into her with a contented sigh. Carol's pussy closed slowly over him, taking in his penis with a sweet, warm friction that left him unable to move for a moment, unwilling, drawing out the moment of penetration as long as he could. At last he was inside her completely, wholly engulfed in her body, his tip plumbing her depths as he rocked against her, then slid up and out almost entirely, then back in, making his strokes in her long and slow. It was their first sex of the day and he reveled in it, his athletic body graceful as he loved her gently, surely. He took a slow rhythm and smiled into her eyes as they fucked, forehead to forehead, her hands lazily circling on his ass, feeling the way his butt flexed and relaxed, pulling him toward herself, opening herself to him fully, urging him gently on, urging him to slowly increase his speed.

The boy leaned in and kissed her, and Carol welcomed his gently-stroking tongue, its actions in her mouth timed to the thrusts of his spring-steel young cock in her pussy. She sipped his saliva, swallowing it down eagerly, looking forward to another fluid that she knew would be coming from him very soon, his hips now steadily driving on her, sweat forming on his brow, his skin dewy with its salt. His breathing became deep and sharp and he shook above her, his muscles starting to quiver as he carried her over the edge with him, making her come as she read the signs in his body. He grunted loudly and bore in, his breath exploding across her cheek.

Mike pulsed hard, his first cum of the day with Carol blazing through his flesh, groaning wordlessly as he bucked down into her, making himself keep going, forcing himself to fuck her even in the spasms of his climax. He yelled with the thrusts, his muscles working hard against her as his cock shot deeply into her body. Her eyes grew wide and he watched her come too, watched her delight and bliss as she felt his first spurt of cream surging into her, followed by a thick boyish flood, the overnight buildup huge and bubbling from him in a hot, salty froth. He came naked in her, free to have her like this any time he wanted, and gasped in delight when he felt his balls slip into her pussy with the final thrusts of his orgasm. Carol bucked her hips up to meet him as he rammed it home and let out a low wail of release, her body a tight arch under his, her tits bobbing as he fucked the last of his cum into her, pounding her cunt eagerly until he gave a final shudder, his back releasing and his breath deepening as he relaxed atop her, sighing in sweet, whole satisfaction, a perfectly happy boy. His heart slowed its hammering in his chest as her hands soothed his taut muscles.

They hadn't said a word to one another since their brief conversation on waking, more than a half hour ago. They didn't need to say anything at all. There was nothing they could add to the moment, the good work of their good bodies saying more together than anything else ever could.

Carol laced her fingers in Mike's and they smiled softly together, kissing gently sometimes, his penis still hard and inside her cummy vagina, and they continued their speechless lovemaking for nearly an hour longer, the only sounds between them the wet smacks of their bodies and the inarticulate cries of their passion.

Trev and Amy cuddled nude together on the sofa, touching each other, kissing softly, smiling and murmuring gentle words of affection. They had woken together to the shouts of joy coming from Mike and Carol and soon raised their own voices to join the chorus of pleasure, eventually rising to greet the new couple as the boy and woman worked in the kitchen to make a huge brunch for them all. Everyone was sore and tired, aching with the night's joys, bodies still aglow from the waking feasts they had shared, and everyone was starving. They had devoured the food eagerly and now relaxed together in the living room, fulfilled entirely in their lovers, both couples unashamedly bare and still fresh from their showers, everyone understanding just what had changed in the night and how much it had all changed.

Carol slid her hand along Mike's supple thigh, relishing the feel of his smooth warm skin as he reclined against her, slowly stroking her breasts and kissing her softly from time to time. "Trev," she said in a while, surrounded by children so recently become sexually-intense young adults and knowing her role among them, "I think it's time for the four of us to talk about all this."

"Yeah, Ma," Trevor nodded. "Okay."

"I know you and Amy are in love," she went on in a moment, and the girl pinkened and nodded, her smile wide. "And I know what you want to be to each other, what you want to do together. I told you before, son, that it's okay with me. I want you to know it still is."

"Thanks, Ma," Trev murmured, taking Amy's hand. "We want ... we want to have a baby."

"I know you do, honey," Carol said. "Mike and I want the same thing."

Amy's eyes widened. "Really? The two of you..."

"Yeah," Mike said, and kissed Carol's cheek. "The two of us." He looked into her eyes and she saw the love there, the adoration, and her heart skipped as she drew him near.

"Cool," Trevor whispered. "Really cool."

"You're okay with it?" Carol said.

"Yeah," Trev said, beaming. "I think it's great."

"Me too," Amy said, smiling at her. "We'll be ... pregnant together."

"Yes, we will," Carol said. "Our men will give us that."

"Are you scared?" Mike asked his friend.

"Fuck yeah," Trevor laughed. "But ... I'll deal with it."

"Me too," Mike grinned. "Jeez. This is so fuckin' great." He turned to regard his closest lover, slipping his arms around her shoulders and drawing her near for a long, deep kiss. Carol moaned softly with love and desire, seeing that her son and Amy were doing the same, and she settled above Mike's lap, letting him slide gently into herself. They began making love together, unashamed, knowing they were being watched by the teen couple beside them, and in a while Amy and Trev began the same motions, boy and girl working together, Trevor's long, heavy cock glistening with Amy's fluids.

The couples watched each other, shyly at first but then more boldly as the boys continued caressing the bodies, hips and breasts that moved above them, and Amy at last began to understand that in Carol's eyes she was a woman now, and Trev and Mike were their men. She watched Mike at love with Carol, looked down to see herself being pleased in the same way by her mate, Trevor's penis rigid as he watched his mom fuck his best friend. She leaned in and nibbled his earlobe, drawing his attention back to her, and whispered to him. "I love you. I love you so much, Trev."

He nodded, cheeks flushed, his breath beginning to pick up. "I love you too," he said. "Oh God girl I can't get enough of you..."

"Me too, baby, oh me too ... oh Trev, your cock is so good, oh Jesus Christ Trevor that feels so fucking good..."

"Yeah," he sighed, sucking her nipples, tasting her skin, getting ready to come and taking her along. "God it's good, oh fuck this is so good."

Amy heard a whimper and glanced over at Carol, saw her arching her back as Mike sucked eagerly at her breasts. The boy was jamming upward into her, working it fast and hard, and she saw the sweat on his skin and smiled, watching while Carol started to come, and it set her off too. "Trev..." she moaned. "Trev --"

"Yeah," Trevor gasped, thrusting into her, his cock solid. "Fuck yeah, Amy, oh fuck girl I'm gonna come..."

She grabbed the back of his head, her fingers knuckling in his hair, the thick soft gold silken in her hands. She pulled his face between her tits, felt him nuzzle and lap her eagerly. "Ahh -- ohh -- oh me too Trev, me too I'm gonna come Trev, oh come on boy pound it in, come on boy push it in deep..."

"Fuck ... yeah," Trevor groaned, looking up into her face and his mouth seeking hers, and as they kissed he came, jerking his hips up, lifting her off the cushions, and she felt the spurts of his cum surging deep inside herself, felt him erupt in her cunt, his long thick penis throbbing. She lost it, grinding helplessly against him, clutching his shoulders as he fucked her full of jizz. From the corner of her eye she saw Mike doing the same, coming inside Carol, the boy obviously lost in the bliss of his orgasm as the woman bobbed on his hips. He let out a yelping moan and thrust hard as Carol shuddered, screaming his name out, Mike's smooth cock pulsing visibly with his spurts as he unloaded his balls directly into Carol's body.

Amy groaned and fell forward against Trevor, fell completely into her own orgasm, sharing the joy with her boyfriend as the couple beside them grunted their way through their own finish. She shuddered and moaned deeply, a sound she hadn't known she could make, a sound of complete pleasure, of wanton heat and joy. Her pussy, slick and wet, spasmed hard on Trev's shaft, gripping it with her inner muscles, milking him dry as he gasped and stared at her in shock, wondering where the feeling was coming from even as Amy's eyes widened in surprise. The motion had been involuntary at first but she seized the sensation, learning instantly how to control those muscles and how to keep them working on his thick cock. Trevor grunted and lifted her up again, his muscles powerful in his body and lost in his animal, raging pleasure, his hands hard on her ass, having a second orgasm immediately, dry-firing and shuddering in nameless delight as she sucked his cock with her cunt. She squeezed hard at him in her body and jammed her hips down, digging her fingers into his broad shoulders and rocking her clit onto his pulsing root as he gasped and thrust helplessly into her wet flesh, his eyes wide and his mouth open in wordless joy, the sheet of heat from her sex raging through her electric skin, then collapsed on his body, breathing rapidly, the scuff of her nipples on his warm muscular chest bringing her a staccato of smaller orgasms, little high groans of satisfaction escaping her throat as Trevor shuddered and moaned in stunned exhaustion. She felt the hard thrust of his heart in his naked body, felt the intimacy of his breath and life and heat, felt the way she had taken him beyond pleasure, and slowly her muscles relaxed, letting go of him as he panted and moaned, the sound of him and the feel of him deeply, completely male, and she knew then that she was fully a woman, that she had done to him something no girl could ever understand. The boy she loved entirely shuddered with the final ripples of the very best orgasm he'd ever had, and she knew they belonged to each other then, that nothing would ever take away this moment of complete union.

At last she could breathe again, could take some control back of her body, and stared in amazement at the slick of fluids that lay low on Trev's belly. "What the hell?" she panted softly.

"You came," Trev said, smiling woozily.

"Well, yeah."

"You came," Trev said again.

"I..." She got it. She had felt something else at the end when her cunt was contracting on Trevor's erupting shaft, another new thing, a strange ripple of heat in her pussy as the last of Trev's cum shot into her, but she hadn't guessed it was anything like this. "But I -- I mean, I thought it was ... I mean, isn't it just boys who..."

"Not when it's good," Carol said breathlessly, gesturing to the glisten that lay all over Mike. The boy smiled proudly at what he'd done, what he had made her do. "We can do it too."

Amy looked down again. "Wow," she said, sliding her fingers through the thin, slippery fluid. Trevor joined her, rubbing her cum into his skin, smiling happily at her as she watched, understanding that he liked it, that he didn't see it as some kind of foul mess.

It's just cum, she remembered him saying once about his own fluids, and she tasted her fingers. It was a little salty, not at all like boy-spunk, but it was good. "Do I really taste that way?"

Trev nodded. "You taste great," he said, leaning in to kiss her, his half-flaccid sex slipping from her body to lie glistening between his thighs. A rill of white followed it, Trev's cum flowing from her pussy, and Amy bent down to lick him clean.

Mike uncoupled from Carol gently, his penis still erect, gleaming and wet, freshly-polished. Some of his cum leaked out too, and Carol worked it away as the boys watched their lovers, sharing smiles with each other of knowledge, friendship and delight. "This is the best weekend ever," Mike murmured, and Trev could only nod in silent agreement. The boy leaned over and they kissed as their mates watched.

Amy and Carol traded a look, and then the girl and woman gave in to it, let their mouths meet in joy, soft feminine sounds of pleasure rising from them as they found their special women's heat together. Mike and Trev scooted closer together, stroking each other's bodies, kissing and looking on as Amy settled herself next to Carol and massaged her full breasts. They watched the women as their passion grew, watched as Carol worked slowly down Amy's taut body, sucking her nipples, kneeling between her lean thighs, at last lapping delicately at the girl's cleft, eating her son's cum from her salty wet slit. Amy groaned and arched her back, rocking her pussy up to meet Carol's stroking tongue, the velvety friction of the woman's cheeks sliding deep between her legs. She gave another moan and then gasped, her hips jerking rhythmically, a little spray of fluid spurting from her working cunt. Carol moaned happily and lapped Amy clean, then smiled at the girl as the pleasure she had given was returned to her. She came hard on Amy's face, cooing in bliss as her naked body shuddered, her eyes closed in the sweet warmth of her orgasm while the boys watched her.

The women smiled at each other, then at their boys, cuddled together in a sweet embrace, Mike glowing as he settled against Trev's broad chest, the older boy's arms circling his torso, his hands playing gently with his lover's smooth cock. The boys had clearly loved watching the show the women had put on for them and smiled, then Mike turned to face his boyfriend, kissing him, working him up, and gave Trevor head as Carol and Amy watched. His technique was different from how they both did it and they learned by watching exactly how Trev liked it best, watched his passion and desire rise, watched as he thrust sharply upward, crying out in his spasms as Mike's face lit with delight at the flavor of his boy's cum. He gulped it down as he leaned back and they kissed once more, and Trev pushed Mike against the sofa, then licked him until he gleamed everywhere, kissing his full smooth sack, letting his tongue slide over the boy's rigid shaft. He let Mike's cock slip between his lips and sucked the boy off expertly, drawing a shuddering, panting orgasm from his hairless loins in just a few dozen strokes. He swallowed when Mike was done and sat up, kissing him, smiling at him.

"You're stayin' again tonight, right?" he asked.

Mike glanced at Carol as she moved to sit beside him once more. "Can I?"

She smiled. "Of course you can, sweetie," she said, nestling near him. "You and Amy both. Of course you can."

18. The Natural Thing

"You know what?" Trevor said a month later, pausing in sucking his friend's cock. "I bet you get her pregnant on like the first try tonight."

"Not if you keep doing shit like this," Mike smirked. "I'll be like dry-firing all the time."

"Not you," Trev grinned. Mike's ability to cum on command was amazing. He could go from pumping three cockloads into Carol to tit-fucking Amy to blowing another heavy wad into Trev's mouth in just a few minutes, and he never dry-fired. He didn't pump as much as Trevor in any one go, but he could do it a lot more often, at least three times what his boyfriend could manage on his best days. Of the two of them, Mike was the spermier, and they both knew it. "You want me to stop?"

"Shit no," Mike whispered, moving to 69 with his boyfriend, Trevor's long cock smelling deliciously of his mother's cunt. They had both fucked her earlier in the day, before she went to the store; Amy would be coming by later in the evening and the four of them would be in for a sweaty, good night together; but for now it was their time to be alone with one another.

"Your voice is changing," Trevor teased.

"It is?" As he said it, he felt the break.

"Yeah," Trev smiled. "It's getting deeper."

Mike's balls felt swollen again. "Well..."

"No wonder," Trevor said. "You're fucking my mom. She'd put ball hair on a fuckin' frog, man."

Mike giggled. "She's hot," he allowed.

"And a great fuck," Trev whispered.

"Yeah," Mike said.

Trev smiled softly. "She's gonna get pregnant with you."

"I know," Mike whispered, licking his lover's cock softly. "Amy will too."

"Yeah," Trev sighed, shuddering slightly, his penis fully stiff in Mike's stroking hand. "She's gonna have my baby."

"Your cum in Amy, and mine in your mom." Trevor's sex was as rigid as his own. "It's fuckin' hot. It makes me so fuckin' hot."

"Me too," the other boy smiled. "I can't believe how bad I want it to happen. It's like my balls are full all the fuckin' time now, man."

"Mine too," Mike nodded. "I'm like in perma-cum mode now or something."

Trev laughed. "Yeah. Cum everywhere," he whispered.

"Save some for me, okay?"

"I won't let you down," Trevor said, and didn't.

Amy's heart thrust hard in her chest as she felt Trevor's sex slip gently into her, the swollen tip probing deep and deeper still. His organ had gained another inch over the summer and she felt all eight slide into her full, slick pussy until their hips met and he was in her up to his balls, until there wasn't any more of him to go inside.

He was truly naked, wearing nothing at all on his long penis ... and she knew that when he came, he would do it deep in her body, his sperm filling her with its thick warmth.

And she knew what it meant.

He was going to make her pregnant. She was going to have his baby.

She was so ready for it.

Her hands slid over his warm bare skin, along his hard muscles as he moved atop her, inside her, working herself and him to the inevitable, to the beautiful, wonderful thing they had agreed to do together.

They were boy and girl now.

But not for much longer.

In a short while she would have his seed in her womb, and they would continue like this, lovers, naked and unafraid, until nature had made a woman of her and a man of him.

Just like Mike and Carol.

Carol was pregnant. She knew it. Mike and Trevor knew it. Everyone knew it. Mike had done it, had fulfilled his flesh in his lover's body. Carol was pregnant with Mike's son. He was just a boy of thirteen, and she was was the mother of his child.

Mike had filled Carol with his semen unceasingly for two months, fucking her brains out constantly, making love with her a dozen times every day until they knew for certain it had happened, shouting their love for one another together as they fucked over and over again, the boy losing himself in orgasm in her flesh, his cock pulsing out his thick, spermy young cream, shooting it deeply into in her wet, warm cunt. They were in love together and it was obvious, the boy wearing a serpentine marriage chain just like Trevor's, matching the one Carol wore, matching Amy's too.

They were a hot couple, very sexy when they were doing each other, and Amy always loved to watch Mike come inside Carol, his root pumping helplessly in the woman's body as he lost control of himself in his climax, his heavy white cum almost as thick as frosting every time. He was an incredibly good fuck, and both women knew it -- but so was Carol, her naked body bucking with his, the sweat on their skin running freely over them as they went after it hot and wild.

Mike had given Carol the ultimate gift. He had filled her womb with life, his, hers. They had made it together. They had made love, and they had made a baby. His sperm had filled Carol completely, had done what sperm always did when a man and woman lay together naked and uninhibited, his sex pulsing and surging inside hers, his heat and hers becoming one in the perfection of their love.

They had not stopped making love, boy and woman. Even after Mike's seed had taken hold, they had not stopped in their endless fucking of one another. They had found together an abiding, deep joy as lovers, his permanently-erect young cock filling her body every day with the proud, fluid proof of his love for her. He devoured her cunt and she sucked his dick madly, passionately, her face showing her delight in everything they were to each other. For them the sex they were having wasn't just about Carol being pregnant -- it was about the love they held, the pleasure they had in one another's company, often cuddling and caressing one another for hours together, his hard dick moving gently in her between his richly-creamy orgasms, smiling and laughing, kissing and nuzzling. He spent all his weekends with her, showering with her, sleeping with her, sharing her with Trevor, enjoying Amy too -- but Carol was his one true love.

But while her womb had made Mike a man, while his semen had made him a father, they all knew the rest of the world wasn't ready to face their relationship. Even though they practically lived together now, even though their matching necklaces showed them to be the family they were, married and whole together, they kept quiet about what was happening between them. He was a man to Carol but he was too young; the truth of their love was more than most could ever handle. So they kept it low-key, but their closest friends -- as well as Mike's family -- all knew that he and Carol were much more to one another than a spring-summer love affair, that they were more than simply an item. Mike wasn't just a hot young buck she was fucking, the bloom of puberty still just beginning on his taut, lithe body, still a boy in a lot of ways, in all the best ways when they were at love together. He was a man now, his still-growing cock always ready, his still-growing balls heavy with sperm, a father-to-be, her lover, her mate; and he was her future groom as well.

Amy wanted that kind of happiness herself, and she had found it in Trevor.

Mike said he would marry Carol, on the day of his eighteenth birthday, and Amy believed it. His family was incredibly laid-back; they seemed genuinely happy that Mike and Carol had found one another, and the worst of all their fears -- cops, arrest, prison -- melted to nothing when Mike's folks had said they were comfortable with the idea of their son marrying his best friend's mother. He had already given her an engagement ring, originally belonging to his great-grandmother, and Carol wore it proudly. Usually, it and her chain of marriage to Trev was all she ever wore, spending her days and nights bare with her naked boyfriend, joyously at love with her husbands and her wife.

Carol and Trev were married, yes, mother and son in a forbidden relationship of heat, lust, love, incest; but she had married him too, and Mike as well, and she had taken Carol into her heart as willingly as she loved the boys. They were a foursome, they belonged together, but as much as she loved Mike and his wife, she adored her boy-mate Trevor beyond everything else, and she knew it was the same for the other couple as well. Mike and Carol were made for each other. Their insatiable need for sex was only part of it; they fitted each other flawlessly. Mike finished Carol's sentences and she popped off the kinds of jokes he expected in response to his dry one-liners. He massaged her shoulders when she was tense and she snuggled with him when he was sweetly ready for a long cuddle. They spoke frankly and freely with one another about everything, their bodies, their romance and sex life together, their hopes and fears for the future, their imaginings about how their son would live his life. He seemed so much more mature now with Carol in his heart, and she seemed so much more full of joy and vigor; it was as though they'd blended their ages together and settled on a young, stable version of life in each other's arms, he adultlike and manly, she relaxed and more girlish.

Amy had never seen two people more in love. They were happy; they were content. They completed one another.

And, seeing how happy they were together, seeing how much Mike, who was a boy of thirteen, was in love with Carol, who was a woman of twenty-nine, she felt secure in the knowledge that her life with Trevor would yield the same results. He was cut from the same cloth as his mother, intelligent, level-headed and sweet, and she adored him.

She felt her lover's penis moving with a steady, knowing rhythm in her flesh -- Trevor was an expert fuck, and she knew it was because of his mother.

She'd suspected from the moment Trevor had told her he'd lost his virginity. No way had it been Jody; she, Amy, was a lot closer to Trevor than anyone except Mike, and anyway she knew Jody. She would have known if her pussy had been Trevor's first.

It wasn't.

And he had become so free with his mom, so openly willing to hug her and kiss her, to touch and caress her body in ways she knew weren't usual for any boy to be holding his own mother; she had seen them kiss deeply, lips touching, mouths working, had seen him part from her with his cock stiff and a knowing glint in his eye.

Trev was self-assured, but Carol was glowing, radiant with the heat of having a passionate lover in her life, a shining warmth Amy recognized instantly once she knew it for herself.

There was no one else he might have done it with; nothing else made sense.

And, when she and Mike had continued their happy two- and three-way affairs with Trev, she had felt him fuck her, eat her, tongue and finger her in the same way Trevor did. That meant they had to have learned from the same person; both boys had picked up the same skills with the same woman. There was variation, sure, a lot of it, and she loved them both for it -- Mike especially loved titty-fucking her, watching his cum shoot over her throat and then licking it off if Trevor wasn't there to pick up the spill himself; and Trevor gobbled her pussy with abandon, sometimes spending most of an afternoon with his sweet, smooth face buried in her thighs. But even still, they were very much alike in the ways they had sex with her.

And she knew Carol and Mike were lovers, so she had known Trevor was fucking his mom long before he'd admitted it to her.

It had surprised her at first, but only a little, and she had become used to it, as she had become used to the way he and Mike carried on sometimes. It didn't bother her any more. She wondered, sometimes -- especially when he was loving her -- why it ever should have. After all, making love with Trev was the most natural thing in the world.

He's making me a woman, she thought. He's making me a woman right now, just like Carol.

She pulled him nearer, felt his strokes slow, his rigid sex pulsing madly inside her warm wet body. He was close, very close; what they were doing together tonight -- what they would keep doing -- had made him excited, had filled him with need, had turned him into a penis with legs, brimming with hot young fuck for her.

And hands and lips, moving on her naked skin.

He worked steadily in her, holding it off, bringing her the orgasms she loved as he fucked her; and she knew when he could not hold back any more.

"Now," she murmured, biting his earlobe gently. "Now. Come on, Trev. Come in my pussy, baby. Gimme your sperm."

"Yeah," he groaned, then pushed deeply into her. "Oh fuck, Amy," he managed, and then his seed was surging into her body, pulsing from his throbbing penis, and as it entered her she knew.

This was it. This was the moment. This orgasm was the one that would fill her with Trevor's child.

She bucked up, pulling his cock deeper into herself, and gasped as she felt his thick spunk surge directly into her womb, spurting through her cervix, coming with her boyfriend, coming on his heavy, hard young dick.

Even before he was finished with his climax, she knew she was pregnant with Trevor's baby.

"It happened," she sighed. "It happened, lover."

Trevor stared at her. "What ... you mean..."

She nodded slowly. "You're a dad now. I'm pregnant."

"When?" he blurted.

"Just now." She kissed his lips as he stared into her eyes. "You just got me pregnant, honey. You just made it happen."

His face cleared and his smile became so wide, as proud and happy as Mike was whenever he held Carol's hand now, knowing his lover, his future wife, was carrying his boy. Seeing his happiness, she fell in love with him all over again. "Are you ... are you sure?"

"Yeah," she said.

"How can you tell?"

Amy shrugged. "I just ... I just know," she whispered, kissing him. "I'm pregnant now, Trev. I'm having your baby." She looked to Carol for help.

Carol smiled softly, stroking Amy's belly, the girl's bright red pubes glistening with fluid. "I think I know what you mean," she said.

"Did you know when you got pregnant too?"

Carol took Mike's hand. They had looked on as Trevor and Amy made love, recharging themselves by watching the hot young couple in the heat of their bliss. They'd had sex together themselves only moments earlier, putting on the same kind of show for Amy and Trev. "Yeah," she said.

"Really?" Mike asked, his eyes wide.

She nodded happily at him. "Remember that night, five weeks ago, when you had me by the pool? You came three times. You and Trevor both tit-fucked me that night and ate each other's cum off of me."

It was easy for Mike to know the night she meant. He could remember every time with her. "Yeah," he murmured, his cock turned to steel at the memory. "And then we went in here."

"Yes," she nodded. "And you had me again, and that was it. The fourth time you came in my pussy. That was it."

"You felt it?"

Carol shrugged. "I knew. I just knew, honey. I wasn't pregnant, and then you came, and then I was." She stroked her young mate's sex, then reached for her son's, holding the penises of the boys she loved. "Some things a woman just knows."

Trevor smiled again, and then he moved aside. "I guess you can go now, Mike," he murmured, and shifted over to mount his mother as his best friend slipped his still-growing sex, nearly six inches long now and showing no signs of slowing down in its lengthening or thickening, into Amy's ready flesh.

Carol truly had made a man of Mike; his voice was much deeper now, his balls heavy and full, and his lightly hairy, cum-filled cock was getting to be very impressive.

"I'm gonna be a dad, Ma," Trevor said, beginning to make love to her as Mike and Amy caressed.

"I know, son," Carol smiled. "Don't let it slow you down."

"No way," Trevor grinned, his long cock solid in his mother's cunt. They kissed, slowly, his perfect body moving in hers. "I love you, Mom."

She tickled her son's flexing ass in the way he liked, delighting in the delicious shiver that ran through his tight lean body as her touch stroked over him. "I love you too." Her mouth opened to his, their tongues close, the heat of their lust driving them together, carrying them toward climax.

"I'm gonna come, Ma," Trevor moaned, his body's motions short and strong, the power of his young male strength barely kept in check as the thrill of climax began to take him. "I'm gonna come." He shuddered. "It's gonna be a big one..."

"I know, son," she panted, her arms a circle around his working shoulders, her thighs wide, her calves locked around his knees, her hips fucking up to answer his thrusting cock. "Me too. Make it big. Make it big, Trevor. Come on, son."

"Oh fucking God," Trevor groaned and his eyes went distant, the sign both women knew well. "Oh God, Mom," he gasped, "here I come," his skin in gooseflesh, and then he shuddered and heaved, his muscles standing in his skin, thrusting with all his exhilarating young male power, driving his rigid penis into her, his organ throbbing between them, his seed filling her body in ten creamy hot pulses, counted aloud with each grunt of yeah! from his throat, as Carol cried out in the bliss of their shared orgasm, nodding at him, caressing him, kissing him, loving him. He gasped, thrusting three final times -- fuck! yeah! Mom! -- and drove entirely down into her, howling, his back arched and his head thrown back as Carol pulled him wholly inside, his final spurt jetting the last of his sauce far within her, her cunt squelching loudly with the rich spunk of two horny boys. They moaned together, breathing hard, their foreheads touching, their mouths hungry for each other in deep, wet kisses. "Oh yeah," Trevor panted. "Oh yeah, Mom. Oh fuck yeah."

She whimpered. "Jesus, boy," she said quietly. "Oh my fucking Jesus God." Her hands laced with his. "Oh my boy. Oh my beautiful boy."

They smiled at each other, their bodies slick with the good sweat of their good sex, and then Trevor kissed her and gave her an encore performance.

Amy watched her lover have sex with his mother, watched him come inside Carol again, making love to Mike condom-free while the other couple strained through their follow-up orgasm. She and Mike smiled at each other, and his warm hands slipped along her pert breasts, tickling her nipples. "I'm gonna come," she told him quietly, her body wide open to him, her legs thrown up along his chest to give him the best depth he could have, his bare penis stroking hard inside her, the naked shaft sending deep ripples of pleasure from her clit.

"Me too," Mike murmured. "I can't hold on."

"Do it," she begged. "I want to feel your cum in my pussy." She clutched at his taut ass, loving the ripple of his muscles as he fucked her harder, faster. "Come in my pussy, baby, baby do it please..."

"Oh God," he groaned. "Oh fucking God, Amy, here I come..."

"Yeah," she managed, already starting, knowing he was about to erupt. "Come on, Mike, come on boy, don't hold back, let it all go, come on, Mike, come on --" Lights burst in her eyes as he grunted and she felt Mike shudder on her, felt the boy go rigid inside her, and then she screamed in joy as she felt the first hot gush of his cum. He gasped, then bucked and heaved into her, pushing in all the way as his cock pumped, and her body filled hugely with his thick, white seed. She felt herself totally filled, brimming with Mike's essence as the boy had his ultimate pleasure with her, as he pleased her, coming naked in her body for the first time.

Until that night, he had always used a rubber with her. They had wanted to be sure her baby would be Trevor's. And now, there was no doubt.

Mike leaned back, still breathing hard. His cum flowed thickly inside her and they smiled as they both felt it, felt it flowing around his tip, into her warm, soothing depths.

He slowly disengaged from her, his face red, his hard sex glistening, a thick rope of boycum slipping off the end and slathering in her pubes. He always stayed erect, even after he shot his load, and everyone loved that about him. He could -- and did -- jump from cunt to cunt to mouth with complete joyous abandon, never seeming to run out of hot white spunk.

He looked proud now as he stroked his cock on her, working the rest of his cum into her hair, and he had every reason to be. He had fucked her brains out, and as she settled her legs back to the bed she caught a knowing smile from Trevor and made a face at him, laughing.

She felt the warm trickle of Mike's semen as it began to flow and settle inside her, joining the thick pool of seed Trevor had put into her already, and held his hand as they looked into one another's eyes, their bodies near. "I love you, Mike," she whispered.

"I know," the boy said. "I love you too."

She had moved in with Carol and the boys last month, adopting their nudism as readily as they made her a part of their family of sex, and it wasn't just about fucking, though that happened more than she dared dream was possible. They had sex constantly, in couples, in threes, as four; she was having at least two dozen climaxes a day in her lovers' capable hands, the boys and woman pleasing her in ways she never wanted to end, Trevor and Mike's flesh filling her even as she gobbled hungrily at Carol's wet, warm cunt. She'd learned she was every bit as bisexual as the boys, and there had been plenty of times when she and Carol had made love together, two women embraced in the very best way, kissing and stroking and tasting only each other while their male lovers were off somewhere on adventures.

She was a sex goddess, a woman with perfect tits and a cunt of endless delights. She was lusted after constantly and lusted herself, freely, after cock and pussy, in a state of almost constant arousal. And she knew that she would always be satisfied, any time she wanted it; earlier that day Carol had simply dived down on her, eating her pussy just for the fun of it during a Survivor commercial break, kneeling on the floor between her thighs with her ass up in the air and her open cunt in plain sight. She continued doing oral sex on her while Mike and Trevor watched them, the boys masturbating and then sucking each other to hardness, then taking turns rapidly fucking Carol to orgasm, filling the woman's pussy with their randy teen-boy cum while she went on pleasing the girl.

By the time the commercials were done, so were they, and they all cuddled together on the couch after that, smiling in a wet, sticky mass of limbs and bodies before pairing up to carry on the oral joy, Trevor with his mom, she with Mike.

She had never guessed sex could be so easy, or so frequent, and she had never been so happy in all her life.

She kissed her mother-in-law, enjoying the other woman's tits, and the two of them stroked and licked and played together as the boys had their fun as well, loving as a wet, sucking, joyous pair of pairs in the room they all shared. Everyone was charged up tonight; the sex in the air was thick enough to see. Mike pulled Trevor onto his hands and knees, slathering himself with the lube Carol had bought, and slipped his cock into Trev's ass. The boy fucked his friend energetically, his hot body a flexing sheet of muscle, and came hard inside him, breathing fast as Trev looked back at him, smiling, his stiff cock in the younger boy's hands. Mike pulled out, his dick still rigid, and Trevor lay back, moaning softly as his boyfriend went down on him.

Carol came on Amy's face, giving the girl a good climax of her own, then shoved Mike aside gently, Trev's cock glistening with the boy's spit. "Gimme some of that," she said, and Mike nodded happily as she began giving her son head, moving over to eat Amy's gleaming slit.

"Fuck me, Ma," Trev whispered.

"Okay, baby." She rose, then mounted her boy and kissed him when his penis slipped inside her, and Trevor smiled at her. She felt another pair of hands on her shoulders, the slick glide of hard boy on her asshole, and paused long enough to let Mike enter her, his stiff cock lubed and ready. The double penetration filled her with low heat, her lovers' cocks filling her body, the thickness of their organs sliding against one another. She knew Trev and Mike could each feel the other inside her, the massive distention of her boy's shaft swelling in her cunt as Mike's perky sex moved in counterpoint. Trev tugged gently at Amy's hips until the girl settled over his face, riding his lips as Carol leaned in for a taste of what her son was enjoying. She and he ate the girl's pussy while Amy kissed Mike, no one saying anything for a while until the girl started to come, thin streaks of fluid squirting from her warm slit onto her lovers' cheeks. The younger boy's speed picked up as she rocked on Trevor's cock and she felt his breath on her neck, his hands squeezing her tits rhythmically, and when her younger lover came she did as well, taking all his good juice, her back cooling as he slipped out of her and away to the side.

"Turn around, Ma," Trevor said.

She looked into his eyes, reading some mischief there, then swiveled on his dick, riding him reverse cowgirl. She gasped in surprise, then in pleasure, when Amy and Mike moved to her groin and began lapping happily at the joined flesh of herself and her son, taking turns tonguing Trevor's balls and shaft as his cock worked in her cunt, licking Carol's clit, sucking her nipples, putting her in the center of a four-way sex feast.

Carol, her pussy being eaten and fucked at the same time, lost count of her orgasms, coming again and again until Trevor gasped and slowed, his heavy balls tight against his crotch, the tip of his rigid penis just within her body. "Okay," he said quietly, and she wondered what he meant by that.

Amy and Mike seemed to understand. She watched in amazement, looking down her body to where Trevor's penis rested within her as the boy and girl worked their coupled sex organs together, the tips of their tongues stroking over her labia, up inside her, lapping at her clit and Trev's frenulum until he shuddered and spouted a thick, hot river of goo, his hands cupping her tits from behind.

Carol came again when she felt his seed spurt into her, her fluids mingling with her son's in her body, watching his cum squirt out to fill the mouths of the boy and girl who were helping her have this stunning climax on her own boy's sweet, thick young cock.

She came harder than she ever had before, watching everything happen to her, inside her, in front of her.

She sat there for a while, astonished, impaled on Trevor's cock, as Amy and Mike grinned happily at her, their faces slick. "What'd you think?" Amy said.

Carol drew a shuddery breath. "Jesus. That was ... terrific. How did you know to do that?"

"We do it all the time," Mike said, smiling. "We just sorta made it up one day. Only there's just one doing the mouth-work when it's the three of us. Did you like it?"

She nodded woozily. She had just learned a new way to have sex, schooled by the eager teens in bed with her, and she knew there would be a lot more of it in the future, couldn't wait for her own turn at cock-filled pussy while Trev and Amy ... or Mike and Amy ... whatever; it didn't matter. "Thanks," she managed. "That was fucking great."

"And great fucking," Trevor said.

The women and boys laughed and she dismounted to lay with them all, and they cuddled, kissed, loved.

Mike was ready to go again, and Amy happily accepted him. She smiled blissfully as he made love to her again, as Trevor had sex with Carol beside them again, as they all twined, tasted, licked, sucked and fucked until the younger boy's penis injected his fluid deep into her body for only the second time in their career as lovers. He hadn't been able to put his cum into her once, not even before she had begun living with them; only Trev's cock had been bare in her pussy. Now she knew it didn't matter any more, and she and Mike reveled in their new sexual freedom together.

The next baby, she knew, would be his.

She looked lovingly at Trevor, his face relaxed in sleep, and took his hand. He stirred a little, then drifted off once more.

She lay on her back, pregnant now, her belly full of her lovers' seed, and sighed with contentment. Beside her lay three bare bodies, two boys -- young men -- and a woman, the room filled with the aroma of the orgy of love they had made, sweat and semen, pussy and musk. Every breath she took reeked of fuck, and she relished it, relished her newly-made womanhood as her boyfriends slept easily, Trevor's legs wrapping hers, Mike's body brushing her arm, Carol's breasts still in the boy's hands. Everyone was asleep except her.

Warmth filled her, warmth of love, of certain knowledge, sure they would be like this for a long, long time. In the dark their matching necklaces glinted, a sign to all of them of what they were together.

Family. They were all family, in a way all doing incest; Trevor and Mike were like brothers, and she was like a sister to them, a daughter to Carol, who had two sons she could have any time she wanted in her beautiful matriarchy. And they belonged together like this, and they always would be.

It wasn't a miracle, even though it felt like one. It was the simplest, most natural thing in the world. They were in love, that was all. They were in love together, all four of them.

And here, in his bedroom, Trevor had given her a baby.

She and Carol and the boys had decided it would be best to love together here, in the bed that had begun it all for them, so in the years to follow they could tell their children that they had been made in love in the very same space where they were growing up.

In the morning, all four of them would take up residence in the master bedroom and continue their lives of love and sexual heat together, and Amy smiled softly. Loveplay in the shower would be much easier with the bathroom right beside them, instead of down the hall. It would be much more congenial to group joy.

She looked at the walls, the ceiling. She'd have to do their half of the soon-to-be nursery, formerly Trevor's bedroom, in pink, to offset Mike and Carol's pastel blue side.

The warmth in her womb was real as she quickened with new life.

Pink, she reflected, sliding gently into slumber beside her lovers. Yes. Pink. And one day, she will love her brother just like I love her father. Our children will find the same joy together that I have now with my mother and my brothers, with Trevor, with Carol, with Mike.

She knew, knew that her girl and Mike's boy would be raised free of clothing, free of taboo, free to be together in any way they wanted; and they would grow up to become lovers.

It would begin with their son masturbating while his sister looked on in the bed they would share; she would watch him stroke his smooth penis, studying, and play with her hairless pussy for a while as they smiled shyly at one another. It wouldn't be new to either of them; sleeping together, nude, they would have been watching each other masturbate for years by then.

She would have an orgasm, watching her brother, and he would smile in appreciation of her pleasure for him.

Then she would change everything by reaching for her brother's cock, moving naked atop him, mounting him as he stared at her in joy; and then it would happen for them, the theoretical knowledge they would have of sex turning real as they moved and kissed and became one together, his erect penis sliding gently into her slick vagina for the first time, boy and girl made one body, one flesh, one motion, the most natural thing.

They would gently give up their virginity to one another, sister and brother becoming lovers in the night, soft kisses and words of love drifting between them, and it would be beautiful for them both.

He would watch in rapture as her smooth flesh slid easily over his erect sex, engulfing him with her warmth. He would stroke her flat chest, making her body tingle even as he shuddered beneath her in their perfect bliss together.

Yes, they would say, whispering, understanding, kissing. Yes, this is it. This is what they do. This is how they do it.


One day they would waken to the shouts of their son and daughter in joyous lovemaking, brother and sister sharing an orgasm together for the first time, enjoying one another in the very best way, a loving couple at the age of ten, before they felt the first real urges of puberty, before hair, before breasts, before semen.

They would teach their daughter how to give head; and then they would show their son how to eat pussy; and one day, it would be six, not four, sleeping naked and in love together, and sometime, sometime in the future, the girl would have her brother's baby.

Yes, she knew. A woman always did.


That's the end of this story -- and the beginning as well.

I've never experienced any of the things we've seen here; I've never been in an incestuous relationship and I've never shared a girl- or boyfriend with anyone. But I know these sorts of things happen, and I think if the love is there it's okay.

This is a heavily erotic work but I don't think it's porn; I think it's more like a love story, a tale that allows some things to take place some of us only imagine -- and that much of the world doesn't even want to think about.

But I don't believe that any of it is necessarily wrong just because it's different. Carol told Trevor that sex is never wrong if it's meant to be a joyous sharing, and I believe that's true.

Thanks for reading. May all your encounters be filled with wonder, awe -- and bliss.