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Trevor's Summer

In the first installment, Trevor got his cock sucked for the first time. In this chapter, he shares the fun with his best friend, Mike.

2. Trevor Decides to Share

Mike stared, his eyes wide. "No fuckin' way," he said at last, his dick rigid. "She sucked your cock?"

"Yeah," Trevor nodded. "She sucked me off."

"Right there in front of Bill?"


"Did you come and everything? Like in her ... like in her mouth and everything?"

"Yeah," Trevor nodded, smiling broadly. "Both times."

"B..." Mike licked his lips. "Both times?" he squeaked.

"Yeah," Trevor said again. "When he took me home she got in back with me and did it again."

"Holy fuckin' shit," Mike murmured. He'd seen Beth. She was pretty hot. The vision of Trevor, naked, shooting a load into her mouth, his big dick throbbing, filled his thighs with rubbery heat. She really did that to him. She really did. I bet he loved it, too. "What'd you do?"

"I said, stop it, that feels like shit, fuckin' someone help me I'm bein' raped, help help child molester." Mike stared and snorted, and the boys laughed, the high hot tensions leaching but another low heat building. "The fuck you think I did?"

"You took it like a man," Mike said.

Trevor laughed. "Fuckin' A I did." His hand slid along his penis as he studied Mike's mostly-nude body. "She was like hungry for it, man. Too bad you weren't there or she would've blown you too, I bet."

"Fuck, I wish," Mike said quietly, his dick turned to stone. "Musta been fuckin' amazing."

"Fuck yeah it was." The boys laughed giddily, and Trevor went on in a moment, his filled sex jumping, pulsing visibly before Mike's wide eyes as he tickled his balls slowly. "I think it was maybe Bill's idea. Anyway, one minute we're like talking and drinking and shit, and the next my dick's in her mouth."

"Shit," Mike said, tugging his briefs off, his totally-stiff cock bouncing up along his belly. Trevor was naked like always -- Mike knew he and his mom were nudists, but Carol always wore something when he was there, which really kind of sucked ... but didn't -- but Trevor had never, in Mike's memory, worn clothes when he had visitors, even when his other friends -- some of them girls! -- were fully dressed.

In the last couple of years Mike had watched with envy while Trevor's anatomy blossomed, his muscles growing, his long thighs jumping with strength, his sex growing huge and heavy, his balls ripening so his sack now looked like a plump, juicy peach, cleft by the weight of his testicles, fuzzy and sexy to behold, ripe with the heady nectar of his full young manhood. Nectar that had gone, almost overnight, from thin and slick to heavy, creamy and pearly, from a few clear spurts to a large, warm surge that turned from slippery to jelly-like in only a few moments' time after leaving his hot young body.

The first time Trevor had ever even spurted was in Mike's hand; the boys had stared, amazed, at the product, and they had shared a nervous laugh over it. "Guess I'll have to use a rubber now," Trev had said, and Mike had giggled, wondering if that meant Trevor was already fucking someone.

He had learned, after a while, that Trev didn't mind being cleaned off, so he did it willingly, licking up the salty boy-juice while his friend let him, watching, looking a little amused like he always did, even when it meant Mike's tongue had to go as high as his chest and nipples. He always spent extra time getting the boy's shaft and balls clean, and Trevor never seemed to mind at all.

When Mike began shooting his own, he was delighted that Trevor was just as willing to clean it away.

Trevor hadn't been fucking anyone, not then, and as far as Mike knew he hadn't since. Beth, he was pretty sure, had taken Trev farther than anyone else ever had -- including himself. All the times he'd eaten the other boy's cum, he had never quite got up the nerve to start with his mouth on the boy's dick, before he'd shot his load. It had always been an after kind of thing. And while he was happy now for Trev, he also felt a little anger, a little sadness.

He'd wanted to be the first, but he hadn't known how to start it, and now it was too late.

It had taken him years to feel comfortable stripping down to just his undies with Trev, and he was sometimes intimidated now by the heft of the older boy's maturity, but what was cool about Trevor was he didn't care if anyone else was naked as long as he could be. It was even weirder lately, because Mike had become intensely aware of his own dick, how it filled his briefs, how everything down there was getting bigger all the time ... how his hardon was frequently visible to Trevor ... and to Carol. He knew it was just a teen-boy thing, but it was strange to suddenly feel so incredibly aware of how he filled his jeans. He felt like everyone, all the time, must be looking at him, seeing the way he was packed into the clothes he wore, like a thick filling of boy-sausage stuffed into too-tight skin; he felt more than naked, showcased, his thickening flesh on display for the entire world to see. Anyone who looked at him, he was sure, knew what was happening inside his briefs, and he wondered if that was how it felt to be like Trevor, naked all the time, but in a strange way wanting to cover himself all the same.

Trev and Carol both pretended not to notice, but Mike knew they saw it all the same, saw that he'd gained an inch in six months, that his nuts were swelling impressively, and he knew that whenever he stayed over he and Trevor would end up jacking or fake-fucking each other until they shot.

He wondered if Carol knew too, and somehow that always made it worse ... and better, all at the same time.

In his deepest fantasies, she watched them, watched him make cum while Trev worked him, and she was the one to lick it all away.

He stared at his own naked dick now, still hairless, two inches shorter than Trev's and not as thick -- but he had begun shooting cum a few months earlier, and he was stiff enough right then to cut glass. His eyes caught Trevor's, saw the boy was staring at him, and they shared a shy smile.

It was fuckin' weird to be proud of his boner, but to want to hide it at the same time.

But it was also good, because Trevor's body was ... it had always been hot. Even before they jacked off together the first time, even before they jacked each other, Mike had been a little in love with Trevor. And Trevor wasn't a little kid any more; his voice was deep, his body was tight and hard, all muscle everywhere, lean and trim, and his cock was huge, his balls full and heavy. He looked like he should be in the videos they watched together on the computer, before bed, like he should be the one fucking those hot girls and coming on their tits, coming in their pussies, giving them drippy wet cream pies.

Even before he knew what sex really was, he'd always felt a little tingle in his nuts when he saw his friend's naked body, and he liked the way Trevor looked at his hardon sometimes.

Like right now.

He knew the signs; he reached across Trevor's chest and got the hand cream, slicking his palm. As his fist closed over Trevor's hard cock he said, "Was it like this?"

"Better," Trevor said. He dry-stroked Mike easily, tickling his smooth balls with experience born of long, long practice. They had been doing shit like this on each other since Trevor had shown him how, back in the fifth grade. "It was warmer, and softer."

"Like this?" Mike said, slowing his motions on Trevor.

"No, like this," Trevor said, and leaned over Mike.

His mouth, smooth and warm, glided slowly along his skin, taking it all in with a single rapid stroke.

"Oh shit," Mike said, shocked, watching as Trevor began to give him head.

"That's what I said," Trevor murmured, but with Mike's dick in his mouth it sounded like Vaff whab eye feb.

"Jesus," Mike whimpered, staring stunned at what was happening to him. In all his life he had never felt this kind of delight, the simple motion of Trevor's head over his hips electrifying every nerve in his body.

Trev backed off with a slurp and looked up at him. "You can't ever fuckin' tell anyone about this."

"I know," Mike nodded. "I know."

In Trevor's hand, Mike saw his cock glistening, shiny with his friend's saliva. "You want me to keep going?"

"Yeah," Mike said. "Oh fuck yeah, man. Don't stop."

"Okay," Trevor shrugged, and moved his head over his friend's hips once more. They were in the same grade but Mike was a year younger, his body still hairless. But his dick was already pretty big, and as Trevor sucked it he felt his nuts tighten. He backed away again. "You wanna do me too?"

"Sure," Mike nodded, breathless. "Yeah."

"Okay." Trevor pivoted, bringing his hips above Mike's face, and then began sucking off his best friend once more. He felt his penis slip between Mike's lips and moaned gently, sucking harder, to show he liked it.

Mike already knew. How many nights had he fantasized something like this? How many times had he thought of suggesting a BJ to Trevor -- or just leaning in and starting to suck?

And it was Trevor who'd done it first, Trevor who had actually made it happen. All he'd needed to do was ... it was just so simple; he could have done it any time, he understood now. Any time at all.

Like right now.

He took Trevor in easily, sucking him slow at first as he tasted lotion and then skin, then harder and harder, working his best friend's cock urgently, and pretty soon he felt himself getting ready to go. He sucked his friend fast and hot, and as he started to come he felt Trevor's dick pulsing on his tongue.

Here it comes, he thought. He's shooting it right now, just like me.

Mike gasped as the flood of thick, salty spunk rolled into his mouth, the creamy waves surging from Trevor's cock. He came too, grunting, spurting his load into his friend's head, pumping six times to Trev's eight, then gasped a final time and relaxed. Trevor moaned and pulled his hips up, his gleaming sex organ sliding from his lips. "That's good," he whispered, his body quivering. "That's good, man. I'm done for now."

Mike swallowed the rich mouthful of cum, the first fresh load he'd ever had, then sucked his friend's balls, rolling them on his tongue as Trevor shuddered and sighed over him, then sat upright. He was straddling Mike's face and the boy naturally let his tongue slip into Trevor's crease, probing the pucker of his asshole gently while his friend moaned in quiet pleasure. He'd seen enough porn to know guys were supposed to like it, and from the way Trev was reacting he figured it must be true. The warmth of Trevor's cleft nestled on his cheeks and Mike could feel his powerful, lean-teen muscles moving as the boy shifted over him, riding his face gently, his palms resting on the younger boy's hips. It didn't smell bad; they'd swum earlier and showered, and Trev was clean; and it didn't taste bad either, just a little salty and sweet like any skin, with the faintest hint of bitter when his tongue slipped over Trev's tight sphincter.

A slippery heat told him Trev was sucking his cock again -- his hardon hadn't gone down an inch -- but he wasn't ready for another cum, and Trev seemed to know it. He was just ... just doing it, just for fun, giving him slow head while Mike devoured his asshole.

After a while Trev moved off and lay beside him, his warm thighs clamping around Mike's naked body. "That was pretty good," he said.

"Yeah?" In the dark, Mike smiled.


"Me too," Mike murmured.

"It was good as she was," Trevor went on. "Maybe even better."

Mike felt himself blush. "Thanks," he said.

"I'm not gay," Trevor said.

"I know," Mike nodded.

"Are you?"

Mike thought about it for a moment. "Maybe," he said. "Maybe a little, anyway."

"Well ... okay. I mean, whatever. So ... so you wanna do it again sometime?"

"Sure," Mike said. "Any time."

"I get pretty horny," Trevor said.

"I know," Mike nodded. They usually jacked off together three or four times whenever he stayed over. "Any time you want is okay."

"Any time?" Trevor whispered. "Like, instead of jacking me off, you'll like suck me off instead?"

"Yeah," Mike swallowed, his dick going stiff as he understood what Trevor was asking for, what he was agreeing to. Sex, oral, a lot of it, a lot like what had just happened between them. He'd be doing the Big O to Trevor a lot, and it was okay with him. "Yeah, sure. I'll do it as much as you want. From now on."

"Cool," Trevor whispered. "Thanks."

His hand moved and found Trevor only half limp. He shuddered gently, his belly fluttering with intense lust. "You want me to do it right now?"

"Sure, I guess," Trevor shrugged. "But I don't think I'll come again."

"That's okay," Mike said, his voice shaking hard. "It'll be like what you did a minute ago. It was real good. I wanna do it too."

"Okay," Trevor smiled. "If you really want it, go for it."

"Kay," Mike said. He slipped down Trev's muscular naked body, nestling his face by his hips, leaning over his friend's long, thick penis as he sighed deeply, settling back in pleasure. He moaned happily as Mike's tongue slid along his shaft, licking him fully, getting a good long taste of his sex. He worked the boy slowly, tonguing his balls, licking his half-hard shaft, the rubbery warmth of his friend's tip sliding in and out of his mouth. Trevor spread his knees wide and Mike eased between them, understanding everything, working down his tight, full sack until his tongue was probing at his asshole again, slowly stroking the older boy's rapidly-resurrecting shaft.

"Maybe I was wrong," Trevor said in a while. Mike paused and Trevor looked down at him, his fingers toying in his hair, smiling dreamily past the throb of his mostly-erect penis. "Maybe I will come again in a while. If you keep it up."

"I'm gonna keep it up," Mike whispered. "Until you get it up. I'm gonna make you come."

Trev giggled a little. "Okay," he sighed. "If you want it that bad, I'm not gonna stop you."

"Yeah," Mike whispered. "Fuckin' right," and he began devouring his friend's flesh again.

He worked the boy for a long time, nearly half an hour, getting him horny, charging him up with cum, happily licking his asshole before giving him slow, deep head. He seemed to know exactly what to do; maybe it was because he and Trev were both guys, or maybe it was because he just knew Trevor's moods really well by then. Whatever the reason, Mike knew that what he was doing to Trevor was putting the boy in heaven. He knew just how hard to work with his mouth; he knew just when to push, lick, suck and pull; he knew exactly when to let his hands slide over Trevor's skin, his fingers cool but his palms warm; he knew the way Trevor's muscles jumped under his gentle caress along his thighs, belly, sides and chest; he knew how to let his dry fingertips tickle at Trevor's armpits, at his nipples.

And all the time he kept his head between Trevor's good, hard thighs, kept his mouth on the boy's heavy balls, kept his tongue working on his asshole or his lips slipping over his enormous, erect cock, a good two inches longer than his own and twice as thick. The scratch of Trev's pubes on his cheeks, the scent of his crotch on his face, the warmth of his sex on his tongue, was all of Mike's world.

Trevor was at last fully rigid once more, and Mike began playing on him earnestly, rolling his big nuts and sucking him harder, using his other hand on the boy's shaft like he'd seen in porn videos. To Trevor it felt like Mike's mouth was a foot deep, warm and smooth and big enough to swallow his cock, his balls and all of his cum in a single gulp. It felt like his whole body was suddenly inside Mike's mouth, being kissed and licked and sucked everywhere, his skin alight with the climax. I'm coming, he thought. Oh shit, I'm coming again.

"I'm gonna blow," he murmured, his voice distant and deep, and Mike felt him start to pump, moaning gently with his friend as he felt the orgasm begin. "Ahh fuck, man --"

The boy's penis went completely solid, impossibly rigid, and Mike felt a spastic pulsing begin in the taut flesh in the underside of the shaft. He bore down, sucking and stroking him hard, his balls tight under his palm as he felt the surge rise in Trevor's organ, tasted another good rush of cum start to fill his mouth, two very salty thin jets from the mushroom of his tip, and Trevor gasped suddenly and exploded wetly, shouting aloud, begging him to stop even as his hands kept his head moving smoothly, his dick throbbing in sympathy to Trevor's sex release. The boy thrust up and in and came, he came thickly, hotly, heavily, his groans of pleasure loud, screaming through gritted teeth as he blew the last of his spunk in one final, heavy jet, pumping his hot load into his friend's eager mouth. The creamy warm jizz spurted against the back of Mike's throat, flowed over his tongue in syrupy salty gouts, filling him, flooding him until it burst from his lips and pooled on the boy's belly, and he eased off only when he knew Trevor was empty, the boy shuddering and gasping, his body trembling, and Mike swallowed the thick, bubbly juice and then licked him until his penis gleamed, clean of all the heavy pearly fluid.

Trevor lay breathless, his sex a long thick sausage lying along his belly, his balls slowly relaxing again between his lean thighs. He looked down at his friend as Mike snuffled in his pubes, lapping the last of his spunk from around his lightly-hairy root. "God," he murmured. "Oh my God."

"Guess you were wrong about coming again," Mike smirked as he moved back up to the pillow, plucking a stray pube from his tongue.

Trevor smiled faintly and nodded, still panting, his brow as sweaty as Mike's, looking pretty well worn out now. "Thanks, man. That was really fuckin' good."

"Better than the first time?" Mike teased, in awe of himself as his friend stared woozily at him. I drained him. Look at him. I totally drained him dry. He's fuckin' done in because of what I just did to him. He never had it that good, ever.

Trevor laughed shakily, running a hand over his face. "Jesus," he said. "Oh Jesus, man. If you were a chick I'd be like fuckin' marry me, bitch, right now."

"Glad you liked it," Mike said, his dick hard. "Glad you like having your own personal cocksucker."

"Fuck yeah." Trevor saw Mike's sex and reached, stroked him, worked him. "Come on, boy," he whispered, his breath warm on Mike's cheek, his lips dry as they brushed his ear. "Come on." He pinched his legs together and guided Mike in, the saliva from the BJ more than enough lube. Mike slipped his cock between Trev's solid thighs, the warmth of the boy's flesh intense on his shaft, the moisture of his breath hot on his throat.

It only took a few seconds, and even though it wasn't a BJ, it was the best thing Mike had ever felt. He gasped and thrust down, his dick pulsing, and squirted a puddle of warm goo onto the sheets under Trev's tight ass, then jerked up to finish spraying it all over the older boy's skin as his friend yanked urgently at his pulsing rod.

Trevor giggled at the feeling of spunk on his ass, at the fountain of gush that Mike had put all over him. "Time to sack," he said, Mike's cum gleaming on his belly and chest, a lake of it settling in his navel, rivers running down his pecs in a thready, thick glaze. "Clean me up, man."

"Mm," Mike murmured, going down to wash his friend with his tongue.

He watched, amused, as Mike licked his own spunk off him. "You like my cum, huh?"

"Yeah," Mike said.

"You like any cum," Trevor went on.

Mike savored the flavor of sex in his mouth, his own and Trevor's. "I like yours. Mine's okay too, I guess."

"Good," Trev whispered, then settled his beautiful naked body to him, his bare skin warm and smooth, moist where his mouth had been. "We're gonna do this again tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah," Mike said, "I'm gonna O you first fuckin' thing."

"Do it," Trevor said. "I mean it. Do it ... just do it, as much as you want, any time. Okay?"

"I will," Mike said. "Yeah. I will." And because Trevor seemed to want it, he added, "I promise. Any time from now on, man. Okay?"

"I'm not gay," Trevor reminded him. "I don't want like a boyfriend or holding hands or making out or any of that shit. But man ... man ... you do that again, and I'll..."

"I know," Mike said. "It doesn't matter. I'll do it. I'm still gonna do it."

"I'll do anything if you just do that again."

"I know," Mike said again. "I know. I'll do it. I'll do it." He wanted to kiss Trevor, but didn't. "I'll do it."

"All right," Trevor sighed at last, letting himself relax next to the best friend he'd ever had.

"All right," Mike said too, and he fell into a deep and satisfied sleep with a smile on his face and his best friend's penis in his hand, two full loads of Trevor's semen thick and warm in his belly.

When he woke in the morning, the sun's light just slanting orange across the flesh of the bare body beside his own, he kept his promise, and had a very good breakfast in bed.

Tune in soon for chapters 3 and 4, when Trevor and his mom have some discussions about sex.