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Trevor's Summer

In the last chapter, Trevor gave head to his best friend Mike. In this part, he and his mom talk about sex.

3. A Mother's Dilemma

Carol paused before coming outside to join Trevor in his swim. Since the day of her sister's latest wedding, she had been looking at him with different eyes.

Something had told her that night that Trevor and her nephew were up to no good. Maybe it was the looks the boys had shared before leaving, or maybe it was the way Bill had been whispering in his girlfriend's ear most of the night, seeming to try to convince her of something.

Maybe it was the high flush that rose in her son's cheeks when the boys and girl left together, or maybe it was the peak that stood at the front of his trousers, the black of the tuxedo masking most of it, but his erection still large and obvious.

After they were gone her mind kept coming back to what they might be doing. It all seemed so unlikely; Trevor was still a boy in many ways.

But he wasn't really that much of a boy any more. He had grown up a lot in the last couple years, his voice dropping, his body maturing, hair where it was supposed to be and ... and other parts of him swelling, lengthening, ripening.

Strange visions kept floating through her mind, visions of threesomes, of bisexual lust, visions that didn't disturb her so much as worry her a bit. Trevor had always been strongly attached to his cousin -- her son had no other male role model in his life to speak of -- and she was pretty sure the boys had played at sex together from time to time over the years, hearing sounds from the bedroom they occasionally shared that could only mean one thing, unless they also moaned in orgiastic pleasure every time they bounced on a squeaky trampoline. She knew he and Mike messed around with each other too, the kinds of things that horny teenaged boys got up to with one another as they matured, learned, experimented; and most of the time she thought that was okay.

Most of the time.

But Bill was very experienced, and she wondered, worried a little, about what he might be getting her more-or-less virginal son into. It wasn't the occasional largely-innocent incest; it was that Trev was still, in a lot of ways, maybe not entirely ready for everything Bill seemed so eager to show him.

So after another hour or so she had made her excuses and left, driving to the lake, trolling slowly along the known haunts until she spied Bill's car.

She'd parked a distance off, then walked back, sneaking in the bushes and thinking a bridesmaid's dress was probably the most useless thing in the universe as it caught on every branch and twig.

She was only a few hundred feet away when she saw Trevor, naked, mix some drinks, then walk over to where her nephew sat with his girlfriend, also naked.

Her fury at Bill -- he's getting my son drunk! -- peaked when she saw the girl reach for Trevor's erect penis and begin sucking it.

She felt her stomach fall away, felt a cold wave of shock fill her. Her boy, only fourteen, was being given head by his grown-up cousin's adult-aged girlfriend while Bill looked on in approval.

She watched, stunned, as she saw Trevor sit heavily, then lay back, knowing it was hopeless to hope that he might object, might put a stop to it; and then she watched her young teen son have an unmistakable, intense and loud orgasm in Beth's mouth, his penis visibly throbbing at the climax as his hips thrust upward, his seed obviously pumping from his bare organ as he ejaculated between Beth's slurping lips.

She wondered, horrified, what else would happen; was this a preliminary?

Or had the Main Event already taken place? Was the BJ just a kind of ... of dessert?

And the fucking cunt swallowed when Trevor was done coming. Carol could hear the gulp from a hundred yards away as her son's semen slid down the girl's throat and into her belly.

Trevor sat up and stared at Beth woozily as she looked at him, his still-hard organ gleaming with her saliva, then shared a comment with Bill, and she heard them all laugh together.

She stumbled back, stunned, and made it to her car, then drove home in a haze too bizarre to understand.

She was still awake when she heard Bill drive up, heard the door slam, heard her son let himself in the house. She pretended to be asleep when he paused at her doorway, dressed only in his boxers, his cheeks flushed and the tux slung casually over his bare shoulder. "Mom?"

Her bed shook with the beating of her heart. She was angry, she was furious -- with Trevor, with Bill, with that slutty bitch --

Jesus, had he fucked her? Had he had unprotected sex with her while Bill watched, smirking?

"Night," he said quietly.

She listened to him pad down the hall, heard him strip, heard the creak of him getting into bed. Heard the mattress squeaking softly, heard him masturbate, heard his soft gasp of orgasm, then listened to the house quiet into his slumbering breathing.

It was dawn's twilight before sleep finally took her away.

It wasn't that Trevor was having sex with girls at last, finally taking that step into completely-realized young manhood. She knew it would happen, and she had been sure it would be happening soon. He was a developed bookend to his friend Mike, both boys taut with the prime muscles of teenage hormones, puberty filling their bodies with tight flesh and intense lust, Trev's voice a wriggling unsteady baritone next to Mike's still-unbroken soprano, but both obviously growing into manly stature. He was handsome, very, and had a superb body, all legs and muscle, gangly but lithe, athletic and toned. A tight butt and a trim, neatly-muscular torso, well-endowed and cute, a very male boy with a devastating smile.

It was that he'd had sex without talking to her about it first, and though she knew her son had a private life, she'd hoped it wouldn't be a secret, almost-shameful one; she'd hoped he would be able to talk with her first before he put any part of himself into anyone else. Especially that part.

Now, today, he smiled at her as she took a deep breath and stepped outside. "Hey."

She nodded. "How was your day?"

He shrugged, shoulders and head bobbing above the water. "Okay. You?"

"Fine," she said, slipping into the pool, the water sliding cleanly over her bare skin to lap at her breasts. Was he watching her get in?

They had skinny-dipped together all their lives; they were nudists and pretty much never wore clothes around each other. So why was it so difficult for her to be naked with him now? Especially since he didn't seem to be any different? Had seeing him as a sexual being so changed her view of him that she couldn't even enjoy their mother-son swims any more?

He gave her a strange look, then dove, bubbling, and swam to the far end, waiting for her to follow. She did, her eyes open under the water, not wanting to see the patch of tufts that grew at his center -- so new, and so natural -- or the heavy shape of his still-growing young manhood. Trevor was going to be a big boy, just like his father had been.

No wonder Beth hadn't been able to resist.

And had she been the first?

She surfaced to Trevor's eyes, sparkling blue, and watched as he cleaved the water again to swim away to the opposite end once more, his lean butt shimmying under the cool ripples.

She felt a hot ache at her center as she watched her son swim off, away from her, then shuddered and followed, as she was expected to do.

4. A Very Close Relationship

Expert fingers kneaded the hard knots in her shoulders and Carol sighed, contented, the warmth of the concrete seeping into her body, as Trevor moved to straddle her. She felt the gentle press of his thighs on her ass and drew a breath when his limp penis slipped over her skin, the tip settling heavily in her cleft as it always did lately. He was so large. So large.

Trevor sighed and stopped, his hands moving from her. "Mom," he said.

She tried to play casual. "Yeah?"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said.

His hands went to her shoulders once again and probed gently. "Bullshit," Trevor said in a moment. "You're so tight it's like you're gonna pop." He whispered, his fingers gentle on the taut bulges of her back. "Come on, Mom. What's wrong?"

Carol shook her head. "It's nothing," she whispered, astonished at the sting of tears. The vision of her boy's cock pumping his sperm into Beth's mouth came to her and she shuddered.

"Mom," Trevor said again. He took a breath. "Mom, look at me."

She shook her head, but then relented, turning slowly under her son's bare body to face him. She lay naked beneath him as he continued his straddle of her, the sun shining down, and he was above her, the blonde locks framing his face much as his spare curls framed his organ, pulled to the side by her motions, its tip deep pink where it lay on her hip. As they breathed she felt the tickling brush of his full scrotum on her mons, his large testes ripe and warm, resting on the divide of her sex. "I ... I guess we need to talk," she said.

"Yeah, we do," Trevor nodded. "You've been all fucked up for like two weeks now. What's going on?"

She admired his chest. His muscles lay flat under his gleaming skin, taut with youth and vigor, and his belly was cleft beautifully, ripples of abs moving slowly as he breathed, studying her. His navel was a delicate oval, and underneath it a thin trail of fine down thickened to a peak over the still-forming shout of his pubic hair. She was lost for words, and not just because of his presence so near; lately that presence had begun to change in her mind. Trevor was no longer innocent; he wasn't a virgin any more. She was sure he was looking at girls and women differently now, and wondered time and again if that meant her as well -- though he certainly seemed the same as always right at that moment.

Was it truly only herself that had changed?

"Son," she said, and then didn't know where to go next.

"Yeah?" Trevor said.

She swallowed. "If ... when you're ready to have sex, tell me, so I can be sure you have condoms, okay?"

Trevor flushed deeply. "Jesus, Mom," he said, shifting a little. His penis slid against her skin as he did and hung down, his tip coming to rest on the slit of her labia, his sex organ now just barely outside of her own.

Carol rolled her eyes, ignoring the wave of heat that had suddenly filled her at the sensation of her boy's penis so close to the entrance of her sex, so very much like the prefatory moments to lovemaking. If they had been lovers, she realized, she would be moments away from being penetrated, and she felt an unbidden and surprising rush of anticipatory moisture in her vagina. "Don't pretend you don't know anything about anything. Just ... when it happens, and it will, just be sure you're ... make sure you're wearing a condom."

"Fuck duh," Trevor said. "You think I'm stupid?"

"No," Carol said. "But you are fourteen and horny, more horny than you'll ever be again in all your life, and being as horny as you are now is new to you, and sometimes that can make you ... not think any more."

Trevor nodded slowly, assessing her. She had become pregnant with him when she was his age. He knew that. "Is that what happened to you?"

"Well, I ... yes, I wasn't thinking and neither was your father, and I..."

"So if you'd done it the right way I wouldn't be here," Trevor said.

Fuck, Carol thought. Shit. "No, son. That's not what I meant."

Trevor didn't meet her eyes. He looked off along the cement to the pool. Between his taut legs his limp, long sex moved gently, stroking hers as they breathed. The top of his shaft glistened faintly with the lubrication of her body; she hoped that, if he noticed, he would assume it was just sweat or water from the pool.

Because if he even suspected how intensely aroused she had been moments before, imagining her own son's stiff cock gliding joyously into her open warm cunt to spurt a gallon of his young spunk deep into her body, he'd shit orange cupcakes.

But oh, he was so lovely. And oh, she ached to love him as she did.

"Son, listen to me." She took his hands in hers. "I have never, ever regretted having you in my life." She squeezed his fingers as he looked at her. "I wanted you, Trevor. Even though a lot of people told me I was crazy, a lot told me I should ... abort. I love you. I always have, from the moment I knew you were inside me. You weren't a mistake, son -- you may have started as a surprise, but ..." She squeezed his hands again and this time he squeezed back, smiling faintly. "But you were never something I wished didn't happen."

"Was it good, though?"

"Well, the morning sickness was bad sometimes, and it hurt a little when you crowned, but --"

Trevor shook his head. "I mean when you ... when you ... uh..." He blushed, and she felt his penis stir against her body, stiffening slightly.

"Oh. When I ... got pregnant?" Trevor nodded. "Yes, son. It was good. It was very good. You were conceived in love, and I've loved you ever since, and I always will."

"Good," Trevor nodded, his mouth working. "Sorry," he murmured.

"For what?"

Her son shrugged. "Nothing. Everything I guess. Being around when you needed to be ... by yourself. Being in your life when you didn't want me to be."

"Jesus," Carol said. "I've never felt that way, Trevor. I live for you, son, and I'd die for you. I mean that. Have I ever said or done anything to make you think I didn't want you around?"

"Well," Trevor said, his eyes coming to hers, then skittering off once more. "Uh. Well, there was ... Dave."

"Oh," Carol nodded, the crash of the memory filling her with guilt. David, in his twenties, hot and horny; and she, enjoying the feeling of his love; and then Trevor, naked and afraid, rubbing his eyes, asking Mommy, are you okay?

And David: Who cares? Let's just finish. And his continuing motions on her, and the way she had pushed him aside, shoving him so hard he landed on the floor.

And the way she had sent Trevor back to bed, alone, his eyes filled with fear when he saw her with David, the erect male flesh, the gleam of bodies in congress, the terror he'd seen too much, the certainty even as she reacted that it wasn't the right response.

Her boy, who was starting Kindergarten, who giggled at SpongeBob, who slept in Cookie Monster sheets, his eyes shown things that his young mind couldn't understand, wasn't ready for; and the things she had said to him, her body aflame with unsated lust, her frustration making her talk before her brain and heart could stop it.

Go away. Just leave me alone, okay?

She cringed at the memory of his deep wounded eyes.

And then David, whom she'd dumped that night, the sex over and done forever, his orgasm still pending, when he had said to her, can't you control that fucking brat for one minute?

Her angry answer: One minute is all you ever need. Get out now, and don't ever come back.

"Well, you came in on us in a very ... a very close moment. One I ... one I think you understand better now. I ... I didn't expect it, and ... and, son, I was nineteen then. Not very ... grown up in a lot of ways. And you were only five. I didn't know how to ... I didn't know a lot of things back then." She stroked his thighs. "I'm sorry, son. I really am. I know I said some shitty things --" Jesus Christ, give me some fucking time alone for once, okay? -- "I'm sorry I was so angry that night."

"I thought he was hurting you," Trevor said. "You kept ... making sounds..."

"I know. I know. And ... sometimes ... when two people are close, they make sounds that..."

"I know that now," Trevor said, and then his face turned bright red. "I mean, I didn't know what was happening then. I didn't mean to..."

"Okay," Carol said. "I hurt you. I was wrong. I'm sorry, son. Have I done anything else? Ever?"

Trevor thought for a moment. "Well, you never let me get Dairy Queen..."

For a moment Carol stared at him, and then they started giggling. Her son's body shook over hers, his muscles rippling smoothly in his skin as they chuckled.

"Mom? Have I ever done anything?"

Unbidden, the image of Beth's mouth slipping over Trevor's penis surfaced, her boy standing on the beach as the girl knelt before him, looking down at her bobbing head. The sounds he made as he came inside her.

The sounds he made now, he and his best friend both, when Mike was spending the night. The way both boys had changed in the way they looked at each other, traded sotto voce asides with each other, the casual, oh-so-easy way they let their bodies brush together now.

The sounds were the same, and she knew what they meant. Her boy wasn't just exploring any more; he was charting territory in leaps, with young lustful abandon, a Marco Polo intent on visiting every harbor he could reach.

"No," Carol said. "I just wish you would trust me. With ... well, with all your life. I don't need to know details, but if you need something ... like to be with ... a girl ... anyone ... I hope you can trust me."

"Yeah," Trevor smiled. "Well, if it ever gets to that, I'll remember it, okay?"

Carol nodded. "So ... it hasn't?"

Trevor rolled his eyes. "Mom."

"Okay," Carol said, her breast feeling suddenly light and loose. "Okay. Forget about it." His play with Mike is what boys their age do. And whatever else there is ... there isn't anything else, not right now. "Whenever it happens, whatever you've done up to now, just ... know it's okay with me."

Trevor's penis swelled and filled suddenly, rising to solidity with amazing swiftness. "You saw us," he said quietly.

She thought crazily of Mike, his frequent throbbing erections obvious in his briefs, and the one time she had spied on them in bed together more than a year ago now. Their hands had been working slowly, their bodies naked, their faces close together, cheeks touching, eyes distant, an open porn mag lying forgotten on the bed between their twined calves, Mike's leg hooked casually over Trevor's as they masturbated one another. She had stood in rapture, knowing this was an intimate moment not meant for her eyes but unable, at first, to leave. The boys were beautiful with the sweet warm innocence of youth, of friendly, safe sexplay ... but underneath it she could sense a gentle swell of something much more like mutual attraction. "I ... what do you mean?"

"You saw me with Beth," Trevor said. "That night with Bill at the lake. You saw her give me ... you know she gave me a BJ." His eyes met hers. "Don't you?"

"I ... shit, son. Yes. Yes, I saw what she ... I saw it."

Trevor groaned.

"I wasn't trying to spy. I just wanted to be sure you were okay, and..."

"I'm sorry," Trevor murmured, his organ solid. "It just ... it was so quick, and no one ever did it to me before, and it just happened, and I was like ... I mean I..."

It was his first, Carol marveled. That night with Beth was the first time my son ever ... not even with Mike ... She stopped herself. Remonstrances died behind her lips; she didn't want to attach shame to what Beth had done for her son, especially with something so delicate as his first real taste of the bliss men and women could know together. "I know you didn't want to stop her," Carol said. "I understand that. It's okay. It wasn't the ... what she did to you. I mean, that was okay. It is okay. Don't feel bad it happened."

He shrugged miserably.

"But, son ... you got drunk that night, you had booze, and that's what really bothers me. Alcohol can really ... it can really stop you from thinking. I don't care that you ... that you had sex. I'm just a little worried that you did it when you were ... well, not completely grounded." She lowered her voice. "Do you ... drink?"

Trev shook his head and she saw his eyes, saw the honesty there. "Just that once. God, I felt so sick the next day."

"You did look pretty done in." He'd emerged from his room very late, just before noon, his face glacier-white and his actions careful, deliberate and graceless. She had dropped a large, greasy jumble of eggs, bacon and buttered toast before him and watched, feeling vindicated, as he struggled to work it down.

"I was," he chuckled mirthlessly. "I don't know how some people do it, you know? Like get drunk all the time. I mean at first it was okay, the buzz and everything, but then it got ... I don't know, my stomach got messed up and I felt like I was gonna puke and shit, and I was so dizzy. It sucked."

"That's why most of us don't drink too much. And why it's not so good for kids your age to do it at all. And it can really mess up your mind ... and the way you see the world."

"I guess," Trevor said. "Mom, I'm ... I'm sorry I got so messed up."

"I'm sorry too, son, but ... I'm glad you learned from it. Please don't do it again, okay?"

"Yeah," he said. "No way."


"So were you drunk when..."

"No," Carol said. "I was sober and so was Ted. But you weren't, that night with Beth and Bill. And you can take ... chances then, do risky things, that maybe ... that maybe you wish later you didn't."

Trevor nodded.

"Did you take a chance, son? Did you ... do anything a little ... something that could..."

"No," Trevor said. Between his legs, his penis pointed straight up, the tip as high as his navel. "I wanted to. If ... if she asked, I would have. But ... no." His face was flaming and his eyes watered.

Carol sighed. Enough was enough. She was just torturing him now, making him feel a wretchedness that he didn't deserve. "Okay," she said. "Forget it. Really. It's okay, and I mean it." She dusted her hands together. "All done, all over."

He smiled a little, tentative, at the gesture she's used all his life to reassure him that his childish mistakes weren't very important as long as he learned from them. "Okay. Thanks, Ma."

"Sure, baby. Now finish my back, all right?"

"Sure," he smiled.

She turned over once more and smiled faintly as she felt Trevor resume his massage. Whatever had happened with him and Beth, it hadn't been ... that.

And yet there was a tension, one that he broke. "Mom?"


"Did it hurt? I mean, like, when you ... I mean, like, the first, uh, time..."

"The first...?"

"Like, you know ... the first time ... the first time it ... the first time it went ... in."

She felt the inner wave of terror, of tension, and let it go, wondering why she should feel so frightened at such a simple and obvious question in a boy his age. "A little," she said. "At first. But it passed. After that ... well, at first, there was a little ... yeah, it hurt, and I bled some, but then it..."

"You bled?"

"Only a little," she said quietly, knowing he needed the reassurance. "It scared me. It scared me a lot. But Frank, he ... he knew it might happen like that, and I trusted him, and then it was ... after that, it got better." She sighed. "I mean, at first it scared me, but then it just ... it just turned out to be so good."

It hadn't been that great, but she wanted Trev to think otherwise. Frank, sixteen, had been a virgin himself, she understood now; but to her young eyes he had been very worldly, very mature, very aware.

Later, after, in a week or so, it had become good. Very good. Practice tended to do that, and she and her first lover had practiced quite a lot, a boy of sixteen letting a girl three years his junior be his guide into manhood.

"Oh. Well, does it ever, I mean, does it ever ... like now, when you..."

"It doesn't hurt," she said. "It should never hurt, not after the first time. If it does there's something wrong and you should stop, to keep from hurting her more."

"Oh." Trevor's hands paused. "The first time hurts?"

"The very first time," Carol said. "For the girl. It can, but it doesn't always. After that ... no, it doesn't hurt. It feels ... it feels wonderful."

"Like what?" Trevor said.

"Like..." Carol sighed. "Like how it is to have a really good dinner when you're hungry as hell. Full, and satisfied."

"Oh," Trevor murmured. "I meant ... uh..."


"Well ... when he first ... I mean, when you're ready, and he ... I mean, he goes ... in."

"Oh. That's good," she said. "That's always good. He fills you ... I mean, when you're a woman, you feel him filling you. And it's good. It's good to be so close. It's good to be ... so close."

"Okay," Trevor said. "Mom?" His voice was very low, his hands delicate on her skin.

She ignored the sudden flare of heat she felt. What we he about to ask her? Mother, may I?

"Yeah, honey?"

"When you ... I mean, do you ... I mean, do girls, like with a guy, when he's, you know, and he's like totally into it, and then, at the end, he ... he ... you know, he comes ... so do you ... I mean, do girls also..."

"Oh yes," Carol wanted to laugh, but she nodded languidly as Trevor's deft fingers stroked her spine. "It happens to girls too. If the boy's doing it right, it happens a lot."


She nodded again, smiling at a lot of very good, private memories. "Girls can come a lot more often than boys. More, and faster. We don't have to ... recharge or get ready or anything."

"Oh," Trevor said. "Okay. But ... Mom?"


"Do you ... you know ... feel it?"

"Feel what, honey?"

"When the guy ... when he ... I mean do you feel it coming out or anything? Out of ... him?"

"Sometimes," she said. "When there's a lot. Yes, a girl can feel it when her boy ... when he's done."

"Beth said she did," Trevor murmured. "With Bill."

"Then she probably did," Carol sighed.

"Did you ... I mean, did you ... with Dad?"

She had. She nodded.

"What's it like?"

Ted's semen inside me, his body joined to mine, his flesh and his seed deep in my warmth; and knowing as I looked into his eyes that he had given me something special, a gift terrifying and beautiful, wonderful and immense, and now ... and now here we are.

"Just a ... a wet feeling, slippery. Warm." She smiled. "And good."

"Oh," Trevor said.

"Sex is good, Trev. I don't want you to think that I'll be angry about anything you do. I want you to be able to feel good about it, not guilty. There's nothing wrong with sex, and there's nothing wrong with you having sex, whenever you're ready for it. Just be careful, that's all."

"I don't think I'll ever be ready," he whispered.

"No one ever really is, the first time," she said. "I think. It changes everything. In good ways, in bad ways, in weird ways. It's good ... but it's scary. You really have to trust your ... lover. You really have to be in love. And even then it's a lot to deal with."




"Do you want me to ... I mean, if you're uncomfortable, we can ... wear clothes."

"No," Trevor said, quickly. "No. We've always been ... like this. Different, I know, but ... but I like it."

"So does Jody, and so does Amy," she said, "and Beth too, I guess."

"Yeah," Trevor chuckled. "Well ... nude isn't lewd."

"Having sex on a beach is," she murmured.

His hands paused, then began once more. "I know," he said. "It won't happen like that again."

"Are you sure you're okay with nudism?"

"Yeah," Trevor said. "I mean, it's different now, not like it was before when I was a little kid and didn't know any different, but ... yeah, it's okay." She felt his shrug. "I mean it's just a dick and stuff. Everyone knows I got one anyway, so what's the difference?"

The difference, Carol thought, was in the way the girls who came to visit looked at her son lately, how they frankly sized him up, admiring his lithe, healthy and very naked body.

The girls, yes ... but Mike too, and she wondered if Trevor noticed. The boy was her son's closest friend, occasional casual boy-on-boy sex partner, but she was fairly sure he wanted to be much, much more than that. He sometimes looked at Trevor in ways that made her think of love poems, and sometimes -- only a few times -- she saw the same look in Trevor's eyes.

Mike was in love, but Trevor didn't seem to know that he was too.

And there was no way she could tell him about that. He would have to figure it out on his own, and it made her heart ache to think of it.

Nude wasn't lewd -- but to teenagers, it was pure, raw sex. At least if they weren't used to seeing handsome, bare-bodied boys all the time. She wondered, not for the first time, if social obsession with clothes wasn't most of the reason teens seemed to be so horny all the time, so fucked-up about ... about fucking. Maybe if they could just be naked and free, could fuck and suck and stroke and cum as much as they played Xbox, boys and girls in wet, sweaty groups together, everyone playing with everything freely, some of the obsession would go away.

Well ... no, probably not, but maybe it wouldn't be as big a deal.

"All right," she said.

"Don't worry," he murmured. "I won't fuck anyone too soon. Amy's nice and stuff, and Jody's funny, and I know why they come over. They like looking. But I don't care and I don't wanna fuck them, Mom."

"Why not?" She was truly surprised. Both girls were wonderful, bright and funny; they were also beautiful, their bodies as good as his was. Either of them would have made a fine match for her son.

"I ... it just wouldn't be ... I mean, I just don't want to." He sighed. "I'm not gay or anything. I just don't like them that way." He laughed. "Beth was ... I mean, if it wasn't for the, uh, you know, the rum and everything, it wouldn't have happened. It really surprised me." He paused. "I won't do it that way again," he said. "It was good. But it ... it wasn't how I really wanted it to be."

"How do you want it to be?"

Trevor sighed. "I ... I don't really know," he said. "I just want it to be ... you know, the first time and everything, I want it to be real special. You know? Like with someone I really care about and stuff."

"Yeah," Carol said, understanding at last. Oral sex, to him, wasn't sex. It wasn't cock-in-pussy fucking. That one action held a mystique to him, meant that since he hadn't done just the one thing, he was still a virgin.

Boys hadn't changed at all, she guessed.

And ... and in a way, maybe he was right.

That special moment, being penetrated by a new lover for the first time, always stood out to her as being the greatest in the delectations of the body. And Trevor, her boy, her teen son, had not had that one singular moment of full knowing.

Her heart opened in sympathy. Poor kid. He has sex all the time, but he doesn't think he's made love yet.

"I get it. And ... and son, I think you're right. Just ... don't be sorry it happened that way with Beth."

"I'm not," he said, and they laughed together.

Trevor, she understood, was displaying considerably more maturity about sex than she had at his age, even if he didn't fully understand why. Another reason to be deeply proud. She smiled, relaxing, as she felt a little of their old routine come back, Trevor's palm heels and elbows working over the harder knots in her body. She was even able to ignore, as she used to, the press of her son's erection on the small of her back as he stroked the thick muscles of her neck.

In Chapter 5, Trevor and his friend Amy play around a little.