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Trevor's Summer

In the last installment, Trevor and his mom talked about sex. In this chapter, Trev plays some games with his friend Amy.

5. An Afternoon Performance

Amy was pouting. "Come on," she said. "Let me."

"No," Trevor said softly, firmly. Shit, has everyone got the blowjob bug or something? First Beth, then Mike -- well, that was still going on, and to be fair Mike hadn't really started it -- and now Amy was asking if she could try it with him.

He wanted to, but something ... something was holding him back.

He didn't know what, and he didn't know why.

"It's not fair," she whined.

"You could have any guy you want," Trevor said, hedging. "Why me?"

Amy blushed, glancing at his soft penis.

"We all have these," Trevor said.

"Yeah, but ... you're hot." She blushed again, her nipples stiff in her top. "And big. And ... naked."

"I'm always naked at home," Trevor shrugged. "You've known that for like years now."

"But still," Amy said. "I ... like you."

"I like you too," Trevor said.

Amy nestled against him, her hand on his knee. "Really?"

"Yeah." Despite himself, Trevor got hard, his sex rising swiftly between his legs until it stood, fully upright, pulsing slightly. It happened all the time; he was used to it. But Amy wasn't, and she took it as a signal. She reached for him and he pushed her hand away. "No," he said again.

"But you're ... you got a..."

"Don't take it personal," Trevor said quietly. "Don't take any of it personal. I just want it to be ... I mean, I never did it before, you know, and I want to be sure it's right, I want it to be..." He sighed, knowing he was fucking it all up, knowing that every word he spoke only made it worse, and not even sure why he kept resisting her. "I mean, I really like you a lot, Amy, and I don't want to screw that up. Thanks. Really, thanks -- I mean, it's so fuckin' cool that you want to do it, but I just ... I don't want to fuck up with you, you know?"

"No," she said.

He sighed again. "If we do it," he said, picking the words as he went along, realizing the truth even as he said it, "everything we have will be ... like totally weird. I mean, we've known each other like forever, and if we ... I mean, if we change that now, and you or I or ... I mean, if any of it changes, I'll like ... I mean, you're my best friend as a girl and I don't want to ... I mean, say I do something stupid or shitty or whatever, and then, we won't be friends any more, and that'll like totally suck ... Ahh, shit," he said, scrubbing his face with his palms. "Shit, Amy. I just don't want to lose ... I don't want to have to stop being your friend because of ... because of a little bit of sucking or something. I don't fuckin' know why, really. I just -- I mean..."

Amy nodded, dismal, her face flaming. "Can't I even just ... you know, rub it a little..."

"No," Trevor said a third time, then looked into her eyes. She really meant it;. she wanted to share something very special with him, and she didn't understand -- any more than he did -- why he was resisting. He sighed again and relented a little, pushing himself forward on the sofa, reclining against the cushion, his sex pointing toward his face. "But you can watch while I do it, if you want."

"O -- okay," Amy gulped.

"You can't touch me," Trevor said. "If you do, you won't ever be back to visit again. All right?"

Amy nodded. Those were the rules she'd been given clearly from home, all the time she had known Trevor, her only nudist friend. If he ever touches you, or asks you to touch him, you say no, and you come home and you don't go back there to visit ever again. "All right." Her eyes were wide on his solid, large sex, and before he even started Trevor saw her hand slip furtively between her thighs, trim and golden in her bikini. Mostly his boy friends wore tightie whities or boxers when they came over; the girls usually wore bathing suits.

He won't. He won't touch me. She felt safe suddenly, safe and at once bold. "You want me to ... like take it off? Like ... you want to see my tits?"

"Yeah, if you want," Trevor shrugged, beginning to stroke his cock while Amy watched, fascinated. She slipped her top off, her breasts bobbing gently on her chest, and smiled shyly at him, her heart standing hard in her throat. He won't touch me.

She wanted him to.

But she knew he would not.

"Nice," Trevor said. He'd never seen her tits before, and he meant it. They were nice. Lemon sized, ripe and firm, beautiful.

"You can touch them if you want," Amy whispered. He won't. He won't ... will he?

Trevor shook his head. "They're great. You're great. But..."

"Okay," Amy nodded, relieved, angry, aroused, lost. "I get it. You really, really mean it." She slipped her hand over her bikini bottom. "You want to see ... everything?" She swallowed. "My ... you want to see my pussy?" Why am I even doing this?

"Yeah," Trevor whispered, "I want to see your pussy," and that fast her resistance went, and he watched as Amy stripped off the last bit of clothing on her body. Her bush, bright red, was thick around her cunt, and he stared at her as she began to move her fingers over herself, faint moist sounds rising from the fold between her legs.

It was weird, being like this with Trevor. Sometimes she thought he must be her boyfriend, but they never held hands or kissed or even dated, and now it looked like he wouldn't even have sex with her -- the one thing her mother dreaded, the one thing she wanted. The one thing that terrified her and filled her with desire.

Still, the thought of his naked body was never far from her mind.

He was so big -- so very big -- his cock was long and thick, his balls almost as large as her tits -- and the idea of having all of him in her ... it was scary, but it was so enlivening. She wanted it, but she was so very afraid.

Not just of it -- of what it would mean if she let it, his length, his warmth, within her.

If I fuck him it means I love him.

Oh God.

It was like living a nightmare, one where her legs wouldn't move fast enough, one that let her run from some terrible presence but not escape it, one that made her wake, sweating alone in her bed, frightened but intensely aroused, the idea of being at once a helpless victim but a willing participant awful in her mind even as her hands moved in the dark, as she lay alone, to the wet space in her, to the warm, willing space in her.

Oh God I want his body. Oh God I want his cock. I want his cock inside me.

That body, his body, lean and tight, muscular and strong and male and smelling so strange, musky and different, hard here and here and here, just where she was softest, and her body opening to him, letting him in, alien, terrifying, beautiful.

His arms, biceps and triceps, tracked with veins, steel in skin, closing gently over her torso, nestling to her soft breasts, his solid chest and its good skin warm on her flesh.

His breath mild and moist as he slept beside her, inside her.

Waking in the morning, loving him awake, then showering with him and letting him inside her again, where she wanted him most. She had seen movies, porn and others, and her number one fantasy was to shower naked with Trevor, to be fucked by him as the spray ran down her skin, as he shoved her against the tiled wall and fucked her, sucking her tits and thrusting into her, until they were both grunting and screaming, the shampoo sudsing in lather as his creamy load blasted into her most intimate space.

Oh, how she wanted that to be.

Her mother couldn't be right, could she? It couldn't be as she said, that boys would use her, discard her, never respect or truly care for her.

She had tried with Trevor ... and he'd said no.

He respected her; he cared for her.

Was he gay?

She thought of Mike, younger, lean, taut, hot. Trev's best friend, the boy he spent all his time with. Maybe. Mike looked at Trevor sometimes, checking him out, sizing him up when he thought no one else was watching. She was pretty sure Mike had it bad for Trev, and maybe Trevor felt the same way. Maybe they messed around together, and maybe Trev was gay for Mike.

But, she suspected, no.

He was holding back. That was all.

And everyone at school knew Trevor was a nudist, and that she saw him naked all the time -- and lately a lot of girls had wanted to drop by to visit, but Trevor had refused them, as easily as he had said no to her now. He let her and Jody come over, but they'd all known each other since the first grade, were practically brother and sisters, and she guessed that had something to do with it.

Every day she got questions from her other friends, and from girls just wanting to talk to her, all of them standing in a little breathless knot when they watched him walk by. It was perverse but when she saw Trevor at school in his jeans, his shirt drifting over the clean divide of his pecs, he seemed a lot sexier to her than he was at home, nude. His butt was so cute in the tight denim, and the brass buttons on his fly made a perfect, lovely, delicious curve over the shape she knew so well, had seen bare so often.

His ass and cock looked perfect in the faded, tight blue cloth.

"Is he really naked all the time at home?"

"Doesn't he ever get a boner?"

"How big is it?"

"What does his butt look like?"

"Is he your boyfriend?"

"You mean you never, ever did it with him?"

"Is he gay?"

"Can you like invite me by sometime?"

Why do I want to fuck him so bad? And why am I glad when he keeps saying no?

And why doesn't he just let me do it?

Trevor knew why the girls wanted to come to his house but he wasn't into parading around naked to turn other people on. The jealous part of her was glad, but she also understood the rest: He wanted to be liked for who he was, not for what his body looked like, and he didn't want to feel like he was under incessant scrutiny. She understood, because she was a girl and had spent most of her life feeling the measuring stares of others, sizing her up and rating her for attractiveness. She had never really felt beautiful, but she understood that she was very pretty, her green eyes flashing brightly from her clear face, her flaming red hair something that drove some guys wild. She had a damn fine body too, tits not too bad if she thought so herself and a nice, firm butt ... but still she hated being so visibly rated by the boys -- and men -- who looked at her.

Trev never did that. When he looked at her, he was looking at her, not at her tits or ass or legs.

But she wouldn't have minded if he'd looked at her that way just a little.

And, clothes or not, she saw the attraction and felt it herself. He was amazing, a perfectly beautiful boy. Funny, intelligent, and had a lovely smile that lit a room, and a laugh that invited others to join his merriment. Handsome, with a well-knit chest, broad strong shoulders, the cutest butt she'd ever seen, and what she was sure was a genuinely large penis; he was a sex god, but he was humble about it, which only made her want him even more.

But all of this was new. She'd never seen any boy touch himself like he was now, and she had never been nude with him.

"You want me to show you how I do it?" she said.

"Fuck yeah," Trevor smiled. He watched while Amy played, toying with her clit, playing with her nipples, the glisten of her pussy shining on her hand. He saw her nipples stiffen more, watched her breathing pick up, and knew she had to be close. "I'm gonna do it," he said quietly, his balls already pulling hard to his crotch.

"Okay," Amy moaned, and then she stared in wonder as she watched Trevor make himself come in front of her, watched the thick white spurts of cum jet from his pulsing dick. She had seen porn, but never had seen anything like this: a teen boy, a boy she wanted for herself, coming just for her live and in person, shooting his load all across his hard, hot body while he looked right at her own wet, open cunt.

She knew he was imagining his cum firing into her twat.

The sperm landed all over his chest and belly and she came too, her fingers working hard in her pussy, a thin rill of fluid running over them while she watched the last of Trevor's goo pump gently from him, sliding along the shaft and over his hand as he stroked, looking on while she had her orgasm, his cock jerking in his grasp.

Her hands slowed and she drew a deep, uncertain breath. "Well," she said. "I guess that's it."

"Yeah. Fuck, that was fast," Trevor said.

"It was?"

He nodded. "Usually I last like ten minutes, or maybe even half an hour."

"I guess you got it bad," Amy teased.

Trevor beamed. "You're hot. Thanks. For ... you know, for getting naked. And ... everything."

"You're hot too," she said, eyeing his body as he licked the cum off himself, wiping it up with his fingers and lapping them clean. "I didn't know you did that."

"Why not? It's mine."

"Isn't it gross?"

"No," Trevor said. "It's not piss or anything. It's just cum. It happens."

Amy dipped a fingertip in one of the drops and studied the glimmering fluid. Trevor's sperm, right there on her skin. "I think I want to have your babies." She looked in his eyes, then slid the finger over the cleft of her pussy and pushed the tip in a little, leaving a wet streak of his semen on her labia, the drop of pearl, so recently in his body, partway inside her own now. "Someday I want you to put all of it in me." She flushed brightly. "Right out of your dick, right into me."

Trevor's face heated when he saw Amy push his cum into her body, inseminating herself with his spunk. She was serious. She truly wanted to have sex with him, wanted his cum in her pussy, wanted him to make her pregnant.

And right then, it seemed like a pretty good idea to consider. Coming inside Amy's pussy would be great, he was sure. All his sperm just shooting right into her.

His cock filled again, and Amy stared hungrily at it as it swelled up between his muscular thighs.

But -- not today. They were still both kids, and he wasn't ready for a lot of things just yet.

He took her hands in his own and squeezed gently, the moisture of her cunt tacky on his palms. "When I'm ready to be a dad," he said solemnly, "I'll do it with you. Now ... now get dressed. Okay?"

"Yeah," Amy sighed, tugging her suit back on as the last of Trevor's seed vanished into his mouth. "Promise?"

Trevor sat up and turned on the Xbox. "Promise," he said. "Now be prepared to eat it hard in PGR."

In the next chapter, Trevor shares a shower with his mom.