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Trevor's Summer

In the last chapter, Trevor showered with his mom, letting her fully understand what he wanted to do with her, what he wanted to be with her. Here, mother and son finally give in to what they both want.

7. Night Falls and Desires Rise

They ate together naked, like always, talked a while in the living room like always, and then Trevor went to his room, still anticipating the talk that never quite happened. He was surfing porn but Mom kept coming back to his mind, like a beacon. He checked out MILF sites, cream pie sites, incest sites, thinking with every click of his mother, how her bare skin had felt under the spray, how her naked body had felt in his arms, how her nipples had peaked under his soap-slick, gentle fingers, and when it was nearly ten he heard her shut off the tube. She paused by his door. "Trev?"

"Yeah," he said, hastily minimizing the browser and almost covering his hardon with a shirt, but deciding against that. He didn't think too much about how much he wanted her to see his stiff cock right then.

She didn't go past the crack in the door, but he knew she saw his erection. "I'm going to bed," she said. "Don't stay up too late, okay honey?"

"Sure," he said, his mouth dry.

"Trev?" Her voice was lower, smoother. "Sweetie?"


"If you need anything ... well, if you ... need anything, be sure to tell me, okay? I'm ... my door is always open to you. You're always welcome to come to me, day or night. If there's anything you ever ... want."

Trevor gulped. What does she mean by that?

His dick seemed to know. It stiffened even more than it was before.

Hey, Mom. Want some company in the shower tomorrow?

...Or ... or maybe in bed ... tonight?

I want to fuck you, Mom.

"Ma --" He almost said it. Oh God, Mom, I want to fuck you. Right now.


"Okay," he said instead. "Sure, Mom."

She came into his room and stroked his hard shoulders, rubbing them gently as he leaned back and sighed, his hair tickling her belly. His hardon jutted up solidly between his naked thighs, pulsing frankly as she massaged him. "I love you, son," she said, her hands sliding down his chest, feeling his taut muscles, tickling his stiff nipples. "I always have and I always will, no matter what."

"I know," Trevor said quietly, breathing in the scent of her, her clean skin, and under that a distant moist aroma that he couldn't name -- but he knew what it had to be. "Thanks. Me ... you know, me too." He sighed, the heady scent of her wet pussy floating into his nostrils. I want you. I want to put my cock inside you. "I mean, I -- I love you too, Mom."

There was a pause, and then she leaned over him, her naked breasts pressing his neck, and kissed his ear. Her palms slipped sensuously down his chest, over his bare abs to play at his navel, the place where his body had once been joined with hers when he had been entirely inside her, when he had grown in her womb to emerge as the boy he was now, a boy with knowledge of sex, a boy ready to fully enter manhood, a boy with a towering erection, a solid jut of pure need rising from the center of his body. He felt his balls tighten and draw hard against his crotch, firm and full between his spread legs, and he didn't try to hide any of it from her.

Like Mike's lotion-smooth thighs closing over his cock. He was sure that was how it would feel as he slid into her.

She stopped when her hands lay just above his pubes, her knuckles brushing the rigid shaft of his thick hard penis, her fingertips tickling at his root. Her fingers were cool but her hands were smooth and warm as she gently stroked his hot flesh, feeling his body, feeling the thrust of his heartbeat, the embrace seeming to offer him something, another chance to join with her, to be within her, a chance to become a man inside her. "Good night, honey." Her breath was warm on his skin. "Com -- go to bed soon, all right, boy? Don't stay up alone all night."

"Okay." He put his hands over hers and squeezed, lost in passion, relishing the intensity of the heat and love that flooded him, shuddering in the depths of his lust for her, wishing he could feel her caressing stroke on his stiff flesh. He knew she saw how hard his cock was, knew she was looking right at it.

The things he wanted to do. The things he wanted to say to her.

But he did not know how.

He had the words, but how could he possibly tell his mother that he wanted to be everything to her, that he wanted to be the man in her bed, the sex in her life, the completion of her needs as a woman?

How could he, a boy of fourteen, tell his mother any of it?

"Night, Mom. I really do love you."

"I know." Her hands slid up again, up along his tingling skin, and left him.

She kissed his ear softly and drew away.

He heard her go down the hall to her room, leaving him with his porn ... and a boner like none he'd ever had before in his life.

8. Mother and Son

Carol lay naked on her back, her heart hammering in her chest, listening to the clicking of Trevor's mouse. She knew what he was doing, knew what he was looking at. The same kinds of things he looked at when Mike was staying the night, the boys very quiet and masturbating furtively shoulder-to-shoulder, Trevor nude and Mike in his little tight briefs, the younger boy's erection every bit as obvious as her son's.

But Trevor's so much larger.

He had watched her shower tonight, had joined her, had made his hands slide over her body; he had almost asked to make love under the spray with her, and she had almost let him.

She had been so close. One more time, only once more; his sex had been so solid, so frank on her body; if he had asked just once more, if he had refused to leave...

Almost wasn't going to work for either of them any more.

Something would be happening soon. Tonight. If Trevor didn't start it, she was sure she would.

Christ, she wanted to be fucked. She wanted to fuck him. She wanted to feel every inch of his hard, thick boy-cock thrusting joyously inside her cunt.

He was her son ... he was her son ... but he was so handsome, so sweet and good, his body tight and athletic and toned, his penis long and gorgeous, his sex drive ... she was sure it was as enormous as his erect flesh. Beth couldn't have drained him in one inexpert, ninety-second-long BJ.

Remembering the smears of semen on the shower walls and floor from earlier in the evening, how he'd looked when she saw him coming, she was pretty sure no one could empty him on the first go. He's got to be full again right now, she thought, a naughty rill running in her pussy at the idea. He's got to be primed and ready to go again, right now.

It had been more than six years since she'd been fucked, more than half a decade spent without even an inch of cock or a drop of cum inside her needy wet pussy. She was lonely, and horny, and she needed to feel herself filled by a boy or man; it didn't matter any more. Oh God, she wanted it.

I want to be fucked tonight. I want a penis inside me.

She thought of Mike, glad for once that he wasn't staying over. The taut glide of his smooth skin over his sweetly-developing boy-muscles. The tight white cotton of his briefs wrapping his dimpled butt. The long vault of his lean thighs to the swell of his undeniably male form, bulging clearly in his underwear. The way he looked at her sometimes, the young heat of pubescent lust in his eyes, his visibly-erect cock an obvious shaft of desire, of pleasure, of frank male need. She knew what those looks meant, saw the sex in his eyes, saw the stiffness of his flesh, had begun slyly to let him see more, teasing him, wondering at herself even as she preened under his aroused gaze, wondering if she was really trying to seduce him ... or was just playing with him in a controlling manipulation of his randy young hormones.

Fuck, if Mike was here now...

She would have pounced on him, fucked him, sucked him, done things to him that would have left him helpless, breathless, stunned, destroyed. Utterly, totally without fluid, his young tight body turned into a raisin under her hot, driving thrusts. Jesus, she thought, her fingers knuckle-deep in her wet cunt. I want to fuck my own son's best friend, and his voice hasn't even changed yet.

And as for my son...

Just down the hall there was more than half a foot and probably a fucking gallon ready to go ... and just as she used her energies on her hand, Trevor was doing the same. She had masturbated furiously in the shower, climaxing four times in less than a minute, and it hadn't helped; with each burst of heat from her clit she had been imagining him, his sweet face, his good body in her arms, his sex pistoning inside her needy cunt until the spunk rolled from him in frothy waves.

All that hard cock, all that willing pussy, all that rich creamy cum ... going to waste. Rinsing down the drain with the shampoo. It just wasn't fair, was it? She was a woman, dammit, and she had needs ... and her boy was really a man now, and he had needs too. Spermy needs, creamy needs, hard fucking needs.

She had felt his need, raw and true, solid on her ass when he had been in the shower with her, and she -- terrified, but oh so very aroused -- she had sent him away.

She would never make that mistake again, not with him.

I want his penis inside me.

She remembered how his muscular body had felt, hot and smooth in her arms as she had hugged him and kissed him good-night, skin warm, so very male, his heart pounding in his chest, his sex stiff between his legs. How close she had been in that moment to easing her fingers over his tight balls, up along his cock. Why hadn't she just done it? Why was she putting herself -- both of them -- through this?

She imagined her hands slipping over him in the forbidden touch. She knew he would not have stopped her if she had knelt between his legs and begun giving him head. He would not have prevented her from dragging him over to his bed and riding him like the stallion that he was. He would have stared up at her in bliss and exploded in her pussy, filling her with jizz, his face drawn in joy and delight while he came inside her.

She whimpered softly in need, in desire, a bitch deep in heat.

I want to fuck my boy. I want to feel his penis sliding into my body. I want his big hard cock in my cunt.

I want to have sex with Trevor. I want to fuck my son.

It was incest. But it was more than that. It didn't matter to her any more, and she was sure it didn't matter to Trevor either. They were both lost in something much greater than themselves, an ancient need to love that was far deeper than any taboo could ever be. They were mother and son, but the sexual tension between them had been growing steadily, mounting now for months, working toward a release that they both knew was inevitable -- that they both wanted, needed, and feared. They both needed to get laid -- and there was no one there for them but each other.

I'm going to fuck my son.

The dread of it was strong, but the lust for it, her need to be fucked, was stronger; and she knew her love for him -- and his for her -- would overcome any wall they might face.

She knew that it was only a matter of time -- days, maybe even hours -- before she made love with her boy, and she decided. It was time for that last wall to be broken, time for them to face the reality of what they both felt.

It's time, she told herself. Tonight. Right now.

She was about to get up and go to him, to offer him ... she wasn't sure what, a handjob, a BJ, her pussy ... everything ... when she saw his form at her door. "Mom?"

His voice was young, small, unsure, and it quelled the sudden thrust of her heart. "Yeah, honey? What's wrong?"

"Mom, I..." Trevor shrugged, his long penis hanging limply before him. "I think I got a bad problem, Ma."

"What is it, sweetie?" She sat up as he came into her bedroom.

"I just..." He sat on the mattress beside her. "I ... it hurts, Mom."

"What does, honey?" But as Trevor gingerly spread his legs, cradling his heavy balls, she was sure she knew.

"My dick," her son said. "Well ... I mean, I mean my nuts. They're like totally sore. Can you get like herpes or something from a BJ?"

Carol wanted to laugh. Oh my God, it's this easy. I'm gonna do him, right now. We both want it and it's about to happen. "Yes," she said. "You can. But I'm pretty sure you didn't get any diseases from Beth."

Trevor looked into her eyes. "Then what..."

"I just think it's because you need to come, but you haven't."

"I did," Trevor said. "In the..." he stopped. "Uh..."

"In the last few hours?" Carol said smoothly.

"Well ... yeah," Trevor shrugged.

She knew she was seducing him, and she went on, because she knew he wanted to be seduced. He wanted her but he didn't know how to say it to her; he needed her to take charge tonight if they were ever to be consummated together. "Well, you're fourteen, and boys your age recharge pretty fast. So you shouldn't be surprised that you need sex again so soon."

"Oh," he said uncertainly. "Well ... I mean, I don't know if I need it..."

"Yes, you do," she whispered. "We all do, sometimes."

He gulped. "Uh. Yeah."

"Do you feel pain at the bottom of your testicles?"

"Uh ... yeah," Trevor nodded.

"And pressure low in your belly, here?" She pressed the smooth plain of her son's body just above his pubes. His skin was taut and felt hot to her touch, and his lean muscles jumped spastically as a thin bead of pearly fluid leaked from his soft pink tip, his sperm-rich precum soaking into the sheet in a dime-sized drop.

"Yeah," Trevor said, looking her in the eye.

"Then you need it," she said.

"Oh. But how do you know..."

"It happens," Carol said. "Especially to boys your age." She cupped his warm sack gently as he gasped, staring down at her hand on him. Christ, his balls were big; and they felt swollen, heavy, full. "The pain in your ba -- your testicles is coming from sperm being backed up. The pressure inside you is due to semen being backed up. Basically, son, you have too much cum in your body right now. You're overfilled."

"It hurts, Mom," Trevor said. "What do I do?"

"The best way to deal with this," Carol said, her voice quiet, "is for you to have an orgasm, as soon as you can."

Trevor glanced down at his cock, blushing, his discomfort rising as his mother cradled his nuts, playing slowly with them, rolling them around in her fingers. He was still limp, but his heart started to pound. "I ... uh ... dunno if I can. I mean, I can't get it up." He groaned as he felt another wave of spunk fill him, her hand gentle on him and all he could feel, her naked body, her open pussy all he could see. "Oh shit Mom it hurts so bad..."

"Then the next best way is to get help," Carol whispered, taking his penis in her hand and stroking slowly, beginning a gentle handjob. His slick precum made it easy, letting her palm glide smoothly over his tip and shaft. Jesus, it's just this simple.

Trevor got hard, fast, turning rigid in moments, but he stared doubtfully at her. "It's okay," she said. "I'm your mom. I see you with a boner every day." She smiled gently. "I'm just doing what you do to yourself all the time."

"Oh shit," Trevor sighed. His eyes were fixed on her tits. "Oh shit, Mom. Oh my fuck. Oh Mom I wanna -- I wanna --"

"I know," she said. "I know what you want. Let me help you. It's okay." He was steel in her caressing hand, totally stiff in the way only teen boys could manage. It felt good, it felt so very good, to be holding a hard cock -- his hard cock -- at last, and Carol shuddered, her pussy gone slick, ready to let him slide it all inside. "It's okay," she whispered again, and drew him close, parting her legs to make room for him, her flesh rubbing softly against his. "Come on, son. You need this. It's an emergency." Her warm naked skin pressed his, slid along his, and she felt the hard muscles in his body, felt the speed of his heart as his plump tip slipped against her. "I'm sorry I sent you away before in the shower," she whispered, his sex stroking over her heat. "But we're together now, and you don't have to leave unless you want to."

"Oh shit," Trevor moaned. "No fuckin' way am I goin' anywhere."

"Good boy," Carol whispered, and dipped her head low over him, licking his shaft as he gasped in surprise, then again in desire. She let her boy's cock slip between her lips and into her mouth, sucking him, working him up, then leaned back to smile at him as she stroked his glistening sex. He was panting, his chest rising and falling rapidly with his lust, his skin in gooseflesh. She drew him near, his breath hot on her neck, and kissed his earlobe. "It's all right, baby," she whispered. "It's all right."

His cock leapt in her hand and he shook in her arms. "Oh shit, Ma. Oh shit I think it's happening. Oh fuck Mom I'm gonna come."

"I know," she said. "It's okay."


"That's it, boy," she murmured, her lips brushing his ear. He quivered and moaned. "Let it go. Come on. Let it all out."

"Mom --" Trevor managed, "Ma --"

"Come, son," she told him as his sex turned rigid, the tip stroking along the hot groove of her cunt. "I want you to come right now."

"Okay," he groaned, and started.

"Yes." She felt the first spurt of his fluid rise through him, felt his seed as he began to pump against her, and her heart began beating hard as her boy started his orgasm.

He gasped, and then he yelled, his dick pulsing in his mother's gentle, expert hand. He surged and came, felt the cum shooting up along his shaft, watched helplessly as he spattered his warm goo all over his mother's body, a heavy pearly spout that slathered her pubes and slid thickly into her pussy's cleft. "Ah fuck, Ma..."

Just like Bill had done to Beth.

"Yes," she whispered, stroking him, taking him along, wanting it, wanting all of it to happen. "Come on, Trev. Come on."

"Oh God," Trevor growled. That was only squirt number one; he was still coming. "Oh my fucking God... Mmmmmaaaaaaaaaa..."

"Yeah, boy," Carol sighed as another jet of her son's seed, thick and warm, fell on her open vagina. She pulled him nearer. "Come on. Come inside."

"Fuuuuuck --" Trevor pushed his hips forward and pumped a third time along her thigh, unable to stop himself, the thick spurt of cum shooting right into his mom's open pussy, splashing inside her as he watched. As he ground his cock against his mother's belly his upturned face rested along her cheek, and then there was a warmth on his lips and he opened his eyes to see he and Mom were kissing. He felt another warmth lower and looked down to see that the tip of his penis was just inside her -- it was in her --

"Oh fucking God," he gasped as his hips jerked, thrusting him in before he could stop it, pushing his spurting cock into her open, wet cunt, his fourth pump happening just as he rammed himself deep into her. "Mom --!"

She gave a little scream as he entered her totally, her eyes very wide, stunned, and then she lay back, taking him with her, her hands on his ass, pulling him into herself, his balls heavy and hot on her slick, tight pussy, his cum jetting helplessly into her naked body underneath his. He thrust down, penetrating her, taking her. "Yes..." she said. "Yes. Come on, boy. Fuck me. Fuck me, baby."

Wanting it.

Needing it.

"Ahh fuck..." he grunted. She rocked her hips up to meet him, welcoming him, and she was so warm, so slick, and he knew she wanted this as much as he did. He stopped holding back, began thrusting urgently, letting his spunk blast out of his body. She needed it as much as he did, and they let it happen, clutched at each other and began fucking earnestly, the boy gasping helplessly in orgasm. Trevor let go and came, his cock all the way inside his mother's body, grinding against her, his sex erupting in her flesh as he thrust himself into her.

She groaned as another wave of his seed gushed inside. "That's it, boy..."

He pushed into her, gasping, as far inside her as he could go, thrusting his virginity away as another creamy spurt shot into her. "Ahh, fuck, Ma," he managed, the words strangled in his throat. "Ahh shit --"

"Fuck yeah," she sighed, opening herself fully to him, taking him all the way in. "Come on boy, come on..."

He kept coming, fucking her spastically, shooting his spunk heavily into her wet groove as her tongue pushed between his lips and into his mouth. The kiss was wet and deep, and Trevor shuddered as another hot wave of cum surged out of his cock, into his mother's body. Carol gasped and pulled him even closer, even farther into herself, and felt her son's next pulse of seed splash deep inside, followed rapidly by more pulses as he let it all go, lost in the full wave of his climax. He was bucking helplessly over her as he came in her pussy, his orgasm enormous, and she moved with him to help him along to full satisfaction, his breath coming in ragged gasps between their impassioned kisses. He arched his back and drove down into her, shouting aloud with his next hot thrust, his massive penis throbbing, flooding her with more cum than she'd ever felt inside her. Seeing his face at the moment of his supreme bliss in her, feeling the roll and swell of the good muscles in his good young body, she came too, rocking up to fuck herself on her son's rigid cock. A thick bead of milk-white spunk squirted out of her, Trevor's semen loaded with his sperm, and matted in their pubes as she fucked him hard and fast and he kept coming, throbbing within her.

He moaned and gave a final thrust, the last of his fluid pumped into her pussy, and half-collapsed on her warm bare torso as she lay back, pulling him with her. His hips slowed, his body drained, his hard dick totally inside her, and he shook, breathing heavily. "Oh shit Mom," he moaned. "Oh shit I'm sorry. Oh shit I'm so sorry. Oh fuck Ma I couldn't help it, I came, I came, and I felt you on me and I just ... I just pushed in and I couldn't --"

Carol was panting, feeling Trevor's seed settling inside her, all around the tip of his thick, long dick. He pumped twelve times. Her son had only blown part of his load inside her, but even that fraction of it was more semen than she had felt in her body in her entire life. He pumped twelve times. Nine in me, three out, and I came too. My own son just fucked me and I came while he did it.

She was stunned at the volume of his semen, stunned at how good it felt to be lying on her back with her own teenaged boy atop her, his cock still inside her, his cum filling her. He had just fucked her full of his spunk and she wanted more, immediately, all he could give her, but she knew he was terrified now, his passion momentarily slaked and his cooling mind filling with fear. In only a few moments everything had changed between them. "It's okay," she managed, feeling his body shake in her arms. "It's okay, honey. It's okay. Don't worry about it..."

"I wasn't even wearing a rubber," Trevor sobbed softly. "Oh shit, Ma..."

"Don't think about that, baby," she murmured quietly. "I know you didn't mean for it to happen like this."

"Oh God, Ma," Trevor moaned, unwilling to slip from her but terrified of what was happening. He felt betrayed by his own body, repulsed by the intense lust that was already rising in him once more, the desire to keep his cock inside his mother's pussy, to keep fucking her until there wasn't a drop of sperm left in him. His penis was still hard and shining with cum when he withdrew, the skin gleaming with their fluids, and he looked down to see a thick strand of milky white semen stretching from his tip to her open, pink cunt. He'd just fucked his own mother and he hadn't even meant to do it, and even still he wanted to do it again, right away. What a total fuck-up. His eyes filled and he began to sob.

Carol pulled Trevor close, hating herself for the hot sheet of desire that ran in her skin at the feeling of his still-erect penis as it pressed against her belly. Her boy was still full of fuck -- she knew it -- and she had never in her life wanted anything more than she wanted him inside her again, right away. But he was terrified, and she needed to calm him. Her mother's love glowed and burst into flame in her body as she rocked him gently, making soft soothing sounds, feeling the wet heat of his tears flow over her neck. Between their bodies she felt the heavy trail of his seed sliding on her skin, the three spurts he'd shot outside her before that titanic moment when he had stopped being apart from her as he came, having his first orgasm with a woman inside her flesh. Let's see Beth top this, she thought, and the cool wave of jealousy and loathing she had been feeling for weeks at last broke, and she understood why she'd been so angry that night to see the girl suck her boy's cock.

Oh my God, she thought. Oh my God, is it really that simple? I've been hating her for all this time because -- just because I wanted to be the first to fuck my son?

Yes, she realized. She had been jealous. That was it. That was all there was to it.

Trevor's lean, taut body was warm, his shoulders still shaking gently as he cried his last few tears of shame, remorse and shock against her throat. "It's all right, honey," she said quietly, caressing his even, warm skin. Jesus. Jesus, I just had incest with my son. "It's all right. Things like this -- they happen sometimes."

"But you're gonna get pr-pregnant now," Trevor gasped. "Everyone will see it. And they'll know it was because I -- because I got stupid and fuh -- fucked you and I came in you ... in your ... your pu -- I came in your pussy, Mom, I did something dumb, and..."

"Sweetie," Carol said quietly, soothing his shaking with gentle strokes of her hands. "Honey, son, listen to me." His quivering subsided slowly and he sighed gently as she caressed his naked young frame. "I'm taking the pill, so I won't get pregnant, and what you -- what we did ... it was an accident. I was just trying to help you, and you needed my help, and we both wanted it to happen, and then ... and then our bodies took over."

"Yeah," he said, his voice fluttery, hysteria close to the surface, his skin warm under her slowly-moving hands.

She kissed his ear softly. "It's okay, son. It's okay. We're okay. We couldn't control it. It was going to happen someday, I think we both know that, and it finally did. And it was good, honey, it was a good thing, it was the best thing we could do, the thing we both needed to do. We couldn't stop it from happening." Oh my God I just fucked my own boy. "Like ... like when you get the hiccups and you're drinking water, and you hiccup and spill some on yourself. It was ... it just happened. That's all." Hiccups! His sperm is inside me now, Trevor's semen is in my body ... I fucked my son ... oh Christ I want him to do it again ... hiccups! This is a fucking joke...

"But Mom, I..."

"It wasn't a bad thing," Carol whispered quietly, gathering her son's hot, tight body near. And, in that moment, believing it. I had sex with him. Oh God, I had sex with my boy, I had sex with my own boy, but it was ... it was okay. It was ... it is ... okay. "And no one ever has to know it happened. It was an accident, son. It's okay."

"But Mom, I pushed in..."

"I know, baby," she whispered. I know, and I wanted you to. "It's okay."

"Did I hurt you?"

Carol shook her head slowly. It felt so good I never wanted you to stop. "No, honey. No. You just surprised me a little, that's all. When a man is having an orgasm he thrusts. There's no way to stop it. We just happened to ... we just lined up in the right way at the ... at the same time. You came in my pussy, but it was ... we didn't mean for it to be that way."

"Oh." Trevor snuffled. When I felt myself go into you all I could think of was how bad I wanted to go the rest of the way in. I pushed inside on purpose. I fucked my own mom because I -- I had to. I just had to. "Sorry."

"Never be sorry for being you," Carol said. "Never be sorry for having a penis, for having the needs of a man. You can't change it and I don't want it to change, any more than I can change being a woman." She stroked his shoulders and smiled at him. "I came too," she said. "I came too, honey, while you fuc -- while you were coming. And it was good."

He stared at her. "It was? R ... really?"

"Yes. We shared an orgasm, honey. You were coming, and you were inside me, and ... and I came too. And it was as good for me as it was for you." She kissed his cheek, the salt of his tears on her lips. "Honey, I wanted you to do this with me. I wanted to have sex with you tonight."

"You ... you did?" His voice was lower now, calmer, his body gentled by her soothing caress.

She nodded slowly.

"Me too, Mom," he murmured. "I ... I've been thinking about it a lot lately."

"So have I," she smiled. "If you hadn't come in here, I would have gone to you. Nothing was going to keep it from happening tonight. Nothing."

He smiled uncertainly. "Yeah. I guess not."

"I almost ... in the shower, before, I almost said yes to you, and before you came in here I was getting ready to get up and go to you. I wanted it then, and I've been wanting it for a while, but until you came into the shower with me today I didn't really know how badly I needed to make love with you. Sweetie, I ... Look. We had a sexual moment, Trevor. That makes two for you in the last month with a woman, right?"

"Uh, yeah," Trevor said. "But I never -- I mean, not like this..."

"I know, honey. But it's all right. You'll have plenty more, as much sex as you want, as often as you want, with anyone you want. I know you will.

"Son, I want you to listen to me, and I want you to believe me, because I'm telling you the truth. Sex isn't wrong. Sex is never wrong when you're doing it for the right reasons, when you love someone or you're having fun and just enjoying being alive. It's always good, making love is always good, and when it's with someone you care about in the right way, it's the most beautiful, loving thing you can do. The love we made together ... honey, it was one of the best things that's ever happened to me." She stroked his bare shoulders, moved her hips a little, slipped his thick tip over her slick labia, male and female sex organs in a slow caress of heat and desire, of lust and love. "Can't you feel even a little good about what happened?"

Trevor nodded, breathing heavily. "Okay. Yeah ... yeah, I guess I ... yeah." She felt his penis stiffen against her once more. "I love you, Mom."

She kissed his face. "I love you too," she whispered. "More than I've ever loved anyone."

"Me too," Trevor whispered back, his breath quieting, his face gaining color. He shook in her arms and the spasm passed, his body nearer again to hers. "I never felt this way about anyone else."

"I know. Me too, honey. I love you more than I can say." She smiled up at him, her arms holding his warm body near, her thighs parted to let his hips rest on hers, and between her spread labia she felt a thick trickle of his seed, her own son's semen, slide out of her. "Are you okay?"

He thought about it. She saw him thinking, saw in his face that he was considering the question deeply. "Y -- yeah," he said at last.

"We made love, Trevor."

"I ... I know," he said.

"I'm glad we did." She held him, warm, so near, so sweet, his scent filling her as she breathed. "I really am. So many things have changed now. So many things we wanted to say. So many things we wanted to do. And we've done it, Trev. We've broken down the walls. We're done with it all now. There's nothing between us any more, nothing holding us back any more. We're okay, and we always will be, and I love you, and I don't ever want to change any of this."

He sighed, his shaking at last fading completely. "Yeah," he said. "Me ... me too."

"Good," She said. "We wanted this, son. We both did. It was natural for us to want this, natural for us to do this. And now it's happened, and no matter what we're going to be all right."

"But ... everything's different now..."

"Yes," she said. "But not in a bad way. Everything is different, Trev -- but that's only because we've grown, you and I, we've grown into something a lot bigger than we were to each other yesterday."

He thought about that; she could see the ideas in his mind, reflected in his sky-blue, pretty eyes.

"You didn't ... mind?"

"No," she whispered. "I didn't mind. It was good. It was very good." She slid his half hard shaft into her body once more. "I like doing this for you. I like being with you like this. And I hope you'll make love with me again."

He pulled out shyly and studied her, chewed his lip gently, then nodded, at last accepting what she was telling him. "Can I ... uh, can I do anything for you?" She felt his full, ripe balls slide against her pussy, his young erect penis solid on her skin. He was offering, she knew -- offering her his body, his sex.

And she wanted it.

He wasn't done; he wasn't anywhere near finished.

And neither was she.

"Yes. How about a quick massage?" she said. "And ... and maybe you could stay here in bed tonight. With me. If you want to."

Her son smiled down at her. He knew, she saw, knew what would happen if he stayed in her bed, knew what it would mean for both of them if they actually slept together. He knew what she was offering him, knew she was willing to make love with him again. And as he smiled at her she knew her boy was going to do it.

His hard cock slid against her. "Sure," he said. "Sure I'll stay, Mom. Anything for you."

"That's my boy," she said. "My good, wonderful boy." She kissed him and he flinched a little, then relaxed into it, sliding his tongue gently into her mouth as the kiss progressed, moaning softly with pleasure as the love they held for one another filled them both with building heat. She knew he would fuck her again, that he would sleep with her and wake next to her in the morning, and make love to her when they woke. "I love you, son," she whispered.

"I love you too," he said. "Mom..."

"Yes," she said. "Yes. I know what you're thinking of. So am I." She stroked his penis, feeling it swell deliciously in her hand. "And the answer is yes, son. If you stay with me tonight, we'll do it again." She pulled him near to whisper into his ear. "I want to make love with you again. I'll have sex with you all night, if you want."

He bit his lip. He nodded. She knew they were going to be lovers, and so did he. "Okay. Okay."

"You will?"

"Yes," he said. "Yes. I will."

"You'll have sex with me again?"

"Yeah," he sighed, his body shuddering as he breathed, his cock stiff between his legs. "Yeah, Mom. I will. I'll ... I'll ... we'll ... have sex all night. If you want."

She kissed his cheek. "Okay," she said, smiling. "I do, honey. I do want it. I want to have sex again tonight with you, and again tomorrow, and again ... whenever you want it."

"Okay." He panted a little, then gathered himself. "Okay." He smiled too, softly, his hand stroking her breast gently. "Now ... turn over, Mom, all right? I wanna rub you down. And then we can ... I mean, if you want to, maybe we can again like you know..."

"Yeah, honey," she said. "We can. And we will."

"Oh God," Trevor whispered, his cheeks flaming, his cock stiff. "You really mean it."

She kissed his lips, soft and tender, sweet with his saliva. "I really mean it," she murmured. "I'm yours, son. I'm all yours. From now on."

"Me too, Mom," he gasped. "Oh, me too."

"I know," she nodded. "Now massage me, son. And love me. Love me again tonight. Okay?"

"Yeah," he said.

She rolled onto her stomach, feeling his good, hard thighs as he straddled her, falling deeper in love with each breath they shared. His muscles were powerful and full of young male vigor, the scent of his body, the musk of his armpits gentle but potent, his flesh warm and good where it touched her own.

He was her own now, her boy, her man, her son ... her lover, eager to please, full of stamina, ready to send her into ecstasy, fulfilling her every last desire. She would do things with him that no one had ever done before; he would enjoy her in the best way a boy could love a woman, and it was right, it was so right for both of them.

She sighed gently when his strong, warm hands began to knead her shoulders. Inside her, she felt his semen settle, felt the slick heat of her body grow as her boy, an expert, gave her a perfect back rub. "You got a great body," he said softly, his iron sex rigid in the cleft of her ass.

"Thank you," she said quietly. "So do you. I've never loved a boy with a body as good as yours."

"Jesus, Mom," he murmured in her ear, "I really mean it."

"I know," she said softly. "So do I. I want your love again, son. I want you to be inside me again tonight."

"Me too," he moaned. "Oh God, I wanna be inside you again too."

"I want your body all night," she said. "I want your penis in me, Trevor. I want you to fuck my brains out."

"I know," he whispered. "I know. I'm gonna. I'm gonna, Ma." He gasped as his body rocked in a spasm of pure male lust. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard."

"Do it," she murmured, smiling, dreamily drifting under his touch. It had been so long since she had been lovingly caressed; she had almost forgotten how good it was to have a sweet male body beside her, inside her, and she floated in the joy she held now, her teen boy stroking her and his flesh ready to join with her once more. She was loved, she was beloved, and she was in bed now with her mate, a boy she adored above every other she had ever known. "Do it all until you're done."

"Yeah," he murmured. "Oh yeah, Ma." He was massaging her lower back and nestled himself between her legs as she parted them, her hips resting on the muscles of his thighs, his stiff young cock cradled in her groin. She felt his tip stroke against her perineum, slippery and warm. She rocked her hips upward, toward him as he scooted nearer to her, and moaned gently when his hands left her back to guide himself against her body. She felt herself probed tentatively, felt the tip of his sex slide against her open slit, then partway in. He sighed, then withdrew, glazing himself with her juices.

"Mom?" he said.

"Yes. It's all right," she said. "Go ahead. Let it happen."

"Are you sure?"

She nodded. "Come on," she whispered. "Come on, son. Make love to me again. There's nothing wrong with us making love. It's what we both want, and there's nothing wrong with any of it." This is incest. This is incest. She drew a breath. "Put your cock inside me, baby."

"Okay," Trevor sighed, and his hands moved to part her folds, and she felt his tip glide gently against her moist cleft. "Is this okay?"

"It's just right," she nodded, her heart pounding. The first time had mostly been an accident.

This wasn't.

She and her son were about to make love again, both of them fully aware of what was happening, both of them willing. She shuddered. "I want your cock," she whispered. "Come on, boy. Give it to me. Come on, son."

"Oh God," Trevor moaned as his head slid against her labia, thick and ready. "Oh God, Mom. I'm gonna put it in."

"Come on, boy," she breathed. "Do it. Fuck me. Right now."

Trevor grunted, shuddering, then drove forward suddenly, taking her inexpertly, piercing her in a single hot, solid stroke. He thrust inside, mostly dry, and his heavy, rigid organ filled her suddenly, entirely. "Ahh -- baby --" she gasped.

He withdrew instantly, leaving her empty once more, leaving her wanting him inside her again immediately. "You okay?"

"Yeah, Trev -- just -- when you go into a woman, honey, go a little slower, okay?"

"Oh," he said quietly. "Sorry."

"It's all right." She opened herself to him again. "It's just that you're so fucking big, so big, and it's hard for me to take it all at once. Just ... just rub your tip around a little first. Get yourself wet in me."

"I'm big?" He was delighted.

"You're huge," she whispered. "Be gentle with me, Trevor. God, boy, your cock is so big."

"Okay." She felt his hot head slip against her slit until his sex was glazed with her fluids, her labia making little wet sounds as he slid around on her. "Like this?"

"Yeah," she said softly. "Now go ahead again ... slower this time, honey, you're so big, God your cock is so big..."

He panted a little, and she felt herself tentatively pierced by his flesh, felt him begin to ease into her. "Like this?"

"Perfect," she whispered as he pushed slowly forward, pushing in, his shaft gliding into her cunt. He moved in a circle and she shuddered. "Yeah, baby, that's good, like a corkscrew. Work it in slow. Go ahead, son ... Slow, baby, slow ... oh God yes fuck me ... fuck me with your huge cock..."

"Oh God." He groaned as his thick head slid into her slick, warm depths, her wet pussy slurping gently as he moved into her. "Oh God, Mom, this feels so good." He eased his hips forward and she felt his sex slide fully into her cunt, felt her fourteen-year-old boy enter her, properly taking her from behind, his thick warm cock piercing her, massive, hard, solid. "Oh fucking God. I love you. I love you so much, Mom."

It was the most inexpert mount she'd ever felt; but it was the best, and she sighed slowly as she yielded to his cock, taking in every inch of his solid mass as he relaxed into her flesh, the full length of his young erection penetrating her entirely, his plump tip deep in her, the ridge of his sex stroking the slick walls of her cum-filled pussy.

"Yeah," she whispered, wriggling slightly as he slid home, letting his hips come to rest against her warm skin. "I love you too, baby." She was being fucked; her long, long dry spell was at last ended, and it was sweeter than she could have guessed it would ever be because it was Trevor who was doing this to her at last. Her own son was fucking her. His cock was entirely within her now, and it was the most beautiful thing she had ever felt. "I love you too, son. I love you. Oh yeah. Yeah, push it in, push it all the way inside."

"Like this?" he murmured and pushed, his thighs hard on her hips, his organ impaling her, his tip thick and firm deep within.

She nodded, her mouth curled in a smile of gentle, total bliss. "Yeah, boy, every inch, right up to your balls. Just like that, Trev. Give me every inch of it."

Trevor looked down at his mother's body as she lay beneath him, watching his cock slip into her cunt, amazed at the warmth of her, at how she felt, how it felt to be inside her again, to be fucking her and know it was okay, that she wanted it as bad as he did. Beth's mouth -- and Mike's -- had been almost as good, but he knew that nothing in his life would ever compare to what he was feeling now, his love for his mom the most complete and real thing he'd ever known. "We're really doing it," he said softly. "We're fucking. We're having sex, Mom. We're fucking..."

She smiled at the tone of wonder in his voice. "Yeah, we are. We're fucking. We're having sex together, son. And this time we both mean it."

"God," he murmured, taking up a gentle, steady rhythm in her flesh. "Oh my fucking God this is so good. Nothing ever felt this good. Oh God Mom. Oh God. Oh God." When he'd shot his first load partly in her, it had been stunning, the forbidden fucking bursting to life in his chest while his cock pumped deeply inside her. It was incest, he knew, but he had wanted it, and now he understood she had as well. And nothing could match the complete freedom he felt now, knowing he had her permission to do this, to fuck her. He paused, panting gently. "Mom?"

"Yeah, baby?"

"Can I come in your pussy? All the way this time?"

"Yes," she moaned. "I want you to. I want your cum in my pussy, son. Now fuck me, boy. Fuck me right now."

"Okay," he said, and began moving against her again, his long cock gliding in and out of her slippery flesh. "Thanks."

"Oh, yeah," Carol moaned, feeling herself being truly fucked for the first time in years. "Oh God yeah, boy, fuck me just like that."

His long, thick dick was pulsing rhythmically into her cunt, the tight flesh of her body opening to let him in, sliding on him with each stroke, his tip plunging into her heat. "Am I doing it good?"

Carol was beginning to whimper, sweat beading on her brow, as her son worked her to another climax -- and she knew this would be bigger than anything she'd had in years. His shaft was stroking solidly on her clit and she gasped at the pure delight of it. "You're doing it perfect, honey ... oh Jesus yeah, oh fuck I needed this so bad, come on, fuck me, son..." She squirmed on the sheets, her hips driven forward with each press of Trevor's hard body against hers. She lifted up to give him better leverage and felt him get on his knees behind her, probing her urgently with his young hard need, his hands clasping her waist. She let out a low keening cry as his strokes became more smooth on her hard clit, his flesh streaking against her in warm, sweet waves. "Fuck me hard," she begged. "Fuck me hard, ram it in, come on boy fuck me fuck me, fuck me hard..." He grunted and pulled her back against himself, pushing forward at the same time, and she felt exhilarated at the power of him, the animal need of him, his strong body flexing, lifting her hips with his at every thrust, and he began an energetic stroke that built the heat fast in her body, her tits bobbing and swinging on her chest as he thrust behind her, into her. "Oh fuck yeah. Oh fuck yeah baby fuck me hard. Come on, boy, fuck your mommy..."

"Jesus, Mom," Trevor panted. "Oh Jesus, Mom, oh holy fuck..."

"Harder," she said. "Faster."

He obliged, pistoning inside her, and she felt herself start, losing herself in the raw power of his muscular thrusts as he pumped, fast and hot, in time to her hammering heart. He let out a low growl that mounted quickly, becoming a roar of lust as he pleased her totally. "FUCK -- YEAH -- MOM --!"

She keened again, her voice high in her pleasure. "Oh come on honey boy, come on, yeah, I'm gonna come, honey, oh fuck yeah, I'm gonna come on your cock, don't stop, don't slow down, fuck me, oh yeah fuck me, it's perfect, Trevor, it's perfect son ... oh God you're making me come ... I'm coming, babe ... oh shit oh shit don't stop boy ... oh shit Trevor boy fuck me --" Her body erupted around Trevor's dick, slickening them both with her cum as she felt him drive steadily into her, his kisses falling like rain on her shoulderblades, his palms cupping her tits, stroking her solid nipples. "Yeah baby boy I'M COMING fuck me don't stop fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!" She shrieked and came again, her body riven with sheets of heated white bliss, squirming beneath him, her hands catching his and their fingers lacing while she orgasmed, driving her hot cunt against his bucking sex, ripples of lust coursing in her body as she writhed helplessly. She saw lights in her eyes and lost everything, lost herself in her driving boy's thrusts on her ass, screaming against the pillow and biting at his fingers, then gasped, then moaned deeply while he kept going, coming again, surging her wet onto him, pleading for more and panting, her cunt jerking rapidly on his working, hard teen-boy cock. "Fuck yeah," she gasped, helpless in her need. "Oh fuck yeah, come on boy fuck me make me come again fuck me fuck me..."

"I can't hold on," Trevor breathed. "I'm gonna come, Mom. I'm gonna come, Ma, I can't hold it, I can't hold it..."

"Yeah," she groaned, pushing herself against him. "Come on, boy."

"Mom ... oh shit, Ma ... oh fuck, Mommy ... oh Jesus fuck Mommy I'm gonna come..."

"I know. I want it. Do it, baby," she screamed. "Come in my fucking pussy right now!"

"Fuck," Trevor gasped, his voice thick. "I'm doing it. Mom-meeeeee..." She felt him bear down, felt his naked dick pulse heavily in her body. "Oh fuck Mommy I'm coming..."

I'm coming, Trevor thought. I'm coming ... I'm coming in Mom... and then he rammed his hips forward, unable to keep it from happening, knowing she wanted it as much as he did, the thick stream of goo jetting out of his rigid, naked dick, nothing between them as he filled her deep womb with his warm spunk. He exploded in her, his body lost in the spasm, his rigid cock pulsing the heavy load of his sperm deep into her cunt.

Carol felt the burst of Trevor's orgasm as his semen surged into her flesh, felt her son's climax pulse in her, and rocked up to please him as his body froze. He groaned and bucked hard and pumped again inside her, all muscle, thrusting forward, lifting her hips in his strong arms, ramming it all in, and she shrieked in bliss, having another shattering climax on his sex while he filled her with his thick, hot juice. He spasmed, pumping wildly, helplessly; and he shoved her forward, then bucked down and pushed her to the mattress, ramming it home as she squealed in pleasure, and his tip slid deeply into her, the shaft of his good hard dick thrusting as his body discharged his load of seed. He ejaculated heavily, pulsing his delivery to her in eight hot wet spurts, and she felt it jet thick into her cunt, felt the flow of his semen squirt into her uterus with his final thrust of bliss, and then he slowed, his breathing fast and deep, his skin clammy with his sweat when he let himself down heavily to lay atop her, still breathing hard, his sex throbbing.

The final orgasm, the climax they shared, had been stunning. It was the best fuck Carol had ever been given, and she panted and whimpered softly with the last vestiges of it as she felt his reaction subside, felt the last few jerky thrusts of his hips ease and slow, settling into a sweet, warm coupling of man with woman.

His hands were still caught in hers and they breathed slowly, mother and son, his body still inside her, joined in the perfect consummation of their love. He stirred and moved, slipping gently out of her, and studied the results. Her fresh-fucked cunt was slick and shining, a thick bead of pearl settling between her parted labia. That's my cum, he thought, marveling. That's my cum in Mom's pussy.

She turned over, spreading her thighs, and smiled at him as he looked at her body. He'd just shot a second load of sperm, almost as much as the first, and still Trevor felt his cock swell and stiffen when he looked at his mother's glistening cunt, when he saw the dark slit of her body part to his view. He could see inside her now, saw where her vagina opened, where his penis had been twice already. He probed her sex gently with his fingertips, parting her further, wanting to see even deeper into her good body, the body his own had come from.

She smiled again as she watched Trevor explore, watched her son learn directly how a woman's body was made. He stared in total fascination as her flesh opened before his wide eyes, laughed with her when her cunt bucked under his fingertips and a bubble of cum surfaced and burst suddenly, moaned quietly when he opened her wider and watched his boy-cream roll around inside her pussy. "I can see my sperm," he said softly, surprised.

She nodded. "There's a lot in there."

"Yeah," he said. "I came pretty heavy, huh?"

She smiled at him languidly. "Mm-hmm. Me too. Christ, that was a hot fuck."

He blushed sweetly in pleasure at her compliment. "Mom?"

"Yeah, honey?"

"Can I eat you?"

"Oh fuck yes," she moaned, rocking her hips toward his face as he descended. "You never have to ask permission to do that."

He hesitated. "How do I ... ?"

He's never done it before, she realized, and bloomed with new heat, preparing to take another facet of his virginity from him. "Just..." she was panting with need. "Just lick me, honey, lick me where you touched me, lick me where you put your cock." She pulled his head to her crotch. "Lick me where you fucked me, boy."

"But I -- I don't know how --"

"Yes you do," she whimpered. "You know it all. It's like dancing, you know what your partner wants from the way she moves and you know how to guide her along. Just do it, feel my body and do what you know is right, come on, boy, do it..."

"Okay." Trevor dipped his face low, catching the scent of her, the musk of sex heady in his nose. He slid his tongue out and tasted her gently, the salt of her pussy surprising -- he had expected it to be tangy, maybe like citrus, but the flavor was different, yet good. He nestled his face between his mother's thighs as she moaned sharply, pushing into her cunt with his tongue, his lips pursing around the opening of her cleft, and he did know, he knew it all, understanding instantly how her body worked, where her clit was, how to massage it with his lips as he licked her deeply. In moments his cheeks were slick with her juices and his spit, and as he tongue-fucked her his cock swelled and filled again.

He thought of the blowjobs he shared with Mike. Guess I'm not gay. Sucking his best friend's cock was good, but nothing was like this. Nothing had ever felt or tasted so good to him as his own mom's cunt.

He lapped at her, licking her as she subtly directed him, her hands moving lazily in his thick hair. She opened herself fully to him and he tasted his cum in her, knew that his tongue was dipping into the pool of semen that he'd put into her body just a few moments earlier. He slurped noisily and his mouth filled with thick warm liquid, his and hers, and he swallowed it down, then went back for more.

Carol moaned gently as her boy ate her, turning from virgin to expert in just a few breaths. She heard him gulp, listened as he swallowed, and smiled down at him. "That's perfect, honey," she said.

"God this tastes good," Trevor whimpered.

"You like eating my cummy pussy?"

"Oh shit yeah, Mom," Trevor sighed, pausing to smile up at her, his face gleaming with cum. "It's so fuckin' good."

"Watch your mouth, young man," she said quietly, and he chuckled. "If you're going to say fuck, you'd better be ready to do it."

"I am," Trevor said, turning on his side to display his solid erection, his penis totally hard, his balls swollen and full. "I'm gonna fuck you again, Mom. I'm gonna fuck you full of cum tonight."

"God fuck yeah," she said.

"But not just yet. Not just yet." She whimpered as she watched him descend again, as she watched his glistening face nestle against her wet mons.

"God yeah," she gasped when his hands wandered to her nipples. "Oh Jesus God fuck yeah, boy, eat me..."

"I guess I got another chore to add to the chart," he whispered, his wet face rolling against her cunt.

"I'd rather you did this than mow the lawn, do the dishes and take out the trash," she panted. She pulled his face down again. "Come on, boy, eat my pussy."

"Mmm," Trevor said, his head rocking slowly as he pleased her, and she felt the wave building. He slurped at her loudly, swallowing another gout of fluid, and she started moaning. "I'm gonna come, boy."

"Good," he slurped.

"I wanna suck your cock while I come," she said. "I want you to come in my mouth. Sixty-nine me, baby."

"Yeah, Ma." He swung around instantly and she took him in, his stiff shaft sliding joyously into her mouth. His cock was throbbing, fully solid, and she worked him urgently, his hips rocking over her face, pulling his ass until his tip slid into her throat. He moaned and shuddered, plunging deeply into her, and then she felt him start again, felt him come, tasted the rich metal salt of his sex as he throbbed and came in her mouth, then came with him. His face was working rapidly in her crotch as he drew her along with himself, the last few pulses of his cum flowing over her tongue, and as he slipped out of her she groaned with the full pleasure of her hot orgasm, knowing he wanted this as much as she did. He swiveled to lay beside her, keeping his mouth on her, working her wet and deep.

"I'm gonna come again, baby," she cooed. "I'm gonna come on your face..."

He nodded, working the gesture into the sex he was doing to her. "Come on, Mom," he slupped, lapping wetly at her, then diving deep for a long tongueful, his fingertips tweaking her nipples gently. "Come on, Mom, come on girl..."

She groaned, then pulled his head against her crotch. "Here I come, boy," she said quietly, pushing her slit up onto his lips, her hands knuckling in his hair. "Oh God, son, give me your tongue, put it in my cunt..." He did, sliding the warm muscle inside her, probing her deeply with its smooth gliding warmth, and she came hard, erupting on him, the orgasm ripping through her body and a stream of fluid gushing out of her sex. Trevor lapped happily, his cheeks glistening with her cum, slick and clear and warm. She heard him slurp and gulp, her cum running down his chin and dripping onto the bed, licking away what he could and swallowing rapidly as his mother came all over his face. "Ahh, fuck," she gasped, her cunt glowing, her clit tingling, her nipples rigid under his fingertips. "Ah fuck yeah boy come on eat my cunt..." He kept at her, eating her firmly, and she came a third time, right after the second, screaming as her pussy exploded on him, listening to her son drink from her body, moaning softly in his surprised delight at what she was giving him to gulp down.

She pulled his head away. "Fuck me," she panted at him, his face flushed and slack with lust, his blue eyes gleaming. "Fuck me right now, boy."

"Yeah," Trevor managed, shuddering, and he was over her in a heartbeat, his cock solid and long between his sexy, strong legs. He looked down between them as she took him in her hand, slipping his tip over her cunt to get him ready, and then he stared into her eyes. "I love you, Mom," he whispered, his voice hoarse, his chest thudding with the drive of his heart. "Oh fuck I love you so much."

"I love you too," she said. "Fuck me, Trev. Put your cock in. Put your cum in. Fuck me, son. Fuck me."

"Okay," he rasped, and they watched each other as he slid slowly against her body, found her, and entered her sweetly, confidently. His eyes widened a little as he slipped inside her, then became far-away for a moment while he eased to her, seating himself properly over her hips. Her lips parted slightly when she felt him coast in, and Trevor saw that the pleasure he was getting then, the sweet friction of her pussy as it slid over his cock, was the same pleasure she felt while his plump tip probed her to the fullness of his warm hard length.

She sighed and smiled up at him, entered fully once more by his sex, this third mounting perfect, expert. "That's so good," she whispered, pierced through by his rigid heat. "It feels so good to have you inside me again."

"Yeah, Mom," Trevor smiled back. "Nothing ever felt this good. Ever." He changed his stroke, making it deeper, and she gasped. "Good?"

"Christ," she grunted. "Oh Christ the best, fuck me hard boy, fuck me long and hard and deep..."

"Fuck yeah," he gasped between his rolling thrusts. "Oh fuck yeah Mom..."

"Will you be able to come again so soon?"

"Yeah," he whispered. "Oh fucking hells yeah."

"Good," she said. "I want all your cum."

"Okay. Okay." He leaned in to kiss her and Carol smelled her pussy on her son's cheeks, let his tongue slip between her lips, answered with her own probings, his saliva warm and slippery, tasting a little of his cum, of her cum, but mostly tasting of him, his clean mouth, his teeth and tongue. Her boy had always been scrupulously hygienic, and now the scent that rose between them was of clean, good sweat and sex, her wet cunt, his thick semen, just a little musk. He slowed his strokes and caressed her breasts as her hands slipped deliciously over the muscles of his back and ass, relishing the good feeling of his naked hard body. "Can I say fuck now?"

She giggled with him as he moved inside her, his thick rigid penis easing in and out slowly. "You better," she smiled.

"Fuck," Trevor said, grinning back, but his smile faded. "Oh fuck, Mom. Oh fuck yeah this is good." He dipped into her lips again, kissing her, his tongue lapping gently on her parted mouth. "I'm fucking you, Mom. I'm really fucking you."

"Yeah. It's perfect," she said quietly, her hands sliding along his naked body, down to his lean smooth ass, his taut skin firm and warm, his young muscles bunching and flexing as he loved her. Her boy, her own boy, his body so fine, his penis so hard, his loving so good in her. "We're fucking, baby, you're fucking me, and you're doing it just right. God this is good. God you're a good lover."

"Yeah?" He looked delighted, unsure -- sweet.

"Yes," she said, meaning it. "You're such a good lay. You're so good in bed. Christ you're a hot fuck." Her hands slid along his torso, down to his ass, the tight muscles working smoothly as his hips thrust rhythmically over her. "Jesus you have the hottest body I've ever seen."

"Oh God, Mom," he groaned, then nuzzled her throat and picked up his speed again, fucking her fast and deep, as his sex grew harder inside her.

"Ahh..." she sighed. "My boy ... my lover..." Carol turned her head to the side, panting, locking her heels around her son's thighs as he worked hot and hard. In her adult life she had never been to bed with anyone even remotely as sexy as Trevor was. In the last two years she had begun to seriously doubt her nudism with her son, wondering if his regular erections were due to her, wishing she didn't feel the waves of lust in her flesh when she saw his developing body turn slowly from boyhood to manhood, watching day by day as he changed from child to young adult, watching his muscles swell, his balls fill and develop, his penis lengthen and grow.

Now she was glad. If they hadn't been so free with themselves over the years, there was no way this night could ever have happened; there was no way he could ever have ended up making love with her.

And now that he was, she wanted it to go on for a long, long time. She wanted to have sex with him like this every day. And she was sure it would happen.

She remembered the day they discovered his pubic hair. They had been nestled together outside by the pool, her body still aglow with the massage he'd given her. They were staring intently into each other's eyes, the look foreshadowing the lovers they would become together, and Trevor reached down to scratch himself.

The afternoon sunlight had caught in a fine tangled glisten above his sex, thicker than the peach fuzz on the rest of his body, thicker even than the downy hair on his forearms. "What's that?" he'd asked, tugging softly at the kinky hairs.

She looked down with him, then smiled. "What do you think it is?"

"Oh wow," he'd said, his face suddenly delighted, his boyish grin wide. He stared happily at the growth. "Oh wow. Really?"

"Well, you're about that age," she had said, and he had been -- twelve, his stature already beginning to build, his body taller, stronger, his muscles already lean and taut ... but his voice still high and unchanged.

"Jeez," Trevor had said, looking down again at the spare, thin growth on his root. He pulled at his scrotum, but it was still smooth. "But it's..."

"That'll grow in later," she had said. "It starts up there first."

He stared at his sex organ, then looked openly at the thick golden tangle around her pussy. "Huh," he'd said, his fingertips brushing lightly at her curls.

"Someday," she had told him, taking his hand in hers to divert her attention from what was happening. Even as his touch was giving her a deep tingle, she saw Trevor's penis become erect. "Someday you'll have hair like that too."

He pressed his hips over hers and looked down, studying the effect, borrowing her hair to thicken his own. "It'll be all curly and tangly like this?"

"Yeah," she had said, and because his penis was hard and sliding gently against her cunt, she tickled him until he wriggled away and begged for mercy.

Now she watched as her son's still-growing hair meshed with hers, watched the cup of his navel slide over her own in their good lovemaking, watched as his young, hard cock glided easily inside her body, his muscular frame flexing and relaxing above her, inside her. It was the most erotic thing she had ever seen, and she came four times beneath him before she felt him shoot his load, his fourth orgasm of the night with her every bit as wet and sloppy as the earlier ones had been.

"God, Mom," he groaned.

"Do it," she said, caressing his perfect ass as he shuddered over her. "Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard."

"Oh God, Mom..."

"Come on, boy. Do it."

"Oh fuck Ma. Oh fuck yeah Ma. Oh fuck I'm coming..."

"Yeah, baby..." She stroked his sweaty boy-muscly chest, tickling his nipples, and watched his face as he came, watched his eyes roll in pleasure, watched his expression become distant with the start of his orgasm, then focused and urgent as he began ejaculating inside her, his teeth gritted and his breath hissing in hot little bursts timed to the pulsings of his young stiff cock in her body, his thick pearly boy-cum filling her once more. She shuddered under him, staring hungrily into his eyes, bucking up to meet his strokes, and he cried out and thrust down hard a final time, his penis surging one last pulse of semen into her sex.

He gasped and slowed, sweat beading his brow, breathing deeply and shuddering the last of his orgasm into her as he stared down into her eyes, color high in his cheeks. "I love you," he murmured. He leaned in and they kissed, and as they kissed, she knew this was only the first night of many, that this summer was the summer of Trevor's full entry into manhood, that she would be the one to guide him into complete maturity as a young man and lover. With Amy, with Mike -- with everything -- it had fallen to her, and she took the role gladly.

"I love you too," she whispered when the kiss broke.

"Thanks, Mom," he whispered, withdrawing, his sex glistening. "This is the best night ever in my life."

She kissed him and smiled, his seed thick in her pussy. "Me too, son," she said.

"I wanted to do this for a long time."

"So did I," she nodded. And she saw it was true as she said it. Even on that distant day when her son had been so thrilled to learn he was growing hair at last, she had wanted to make love with him. "You still want to sleep with me tonight?"

"Yeah," he said. "Can I stay ... like ... every night?"

She glowed. "Yes. Of course." They kissed deeply, a kiss of lovers. Carol frenched her son and he responded, their tongues probing and tasting one another. They smiled at each other and she caressed his face softly. "Make love to me every night, if that's what you want to do. Stay with me whenever you want."

"Okay," Trevor said, his breath warm on her cheek. "Mom?"

"Yeah, honey?"

"I love you."

She hugged him. "I love you too," she whispered.

"Can I be your ... like boyfriend? I mean, am I like your ... your lover now?"

She studied him, her boy, her body still glowing with his lovemaking, his semen settling inside her. "Would you like that? Do you want to be my lover?"

"Yeah," he said.

"Then we're lovers," she whispered.

"Okay," Trevor sighed. "Okay. Wow ... lovers. Uh, Mom?"

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"Can I ... can I put my dick in you? Not to, you know, have sex again ... I mean, unless you want to ... but just like to feel it."

"Yes," she whispered. "Put your cock in me, baby. All the way inside. Any time you want, from now on, whenever you feel like it. I'll always do this with you, baby, I'll always make love with you, I'll give you head, I'll fuck you any time you're in the mood, and you can always keep your cock inside me when you're done having sex with me, just to be close to me."

"Thanks." He nestled happily against her, sighing softly in pleasure, his face pressed to her breasts. "Did you like giving me head?"

"I loved it," she said. "I love everything we did. It was so good, honey."

"Me too. You're the best at it, Mom. You're the best at everything. " Between her thighs she felt him stir and grow once more, and he laughed with gentle delight as she moved under him, letting him slip into her, knowing they would fall asleep together like that, their bodies joined, one flesh of lovers, mother and son, boy -- man -- and woman. "This feels so nice," he said quietly, and Carol nodded, kissing his ear tenderly as he relaxed atop her, his good young body warm, his skin smooth and taut. "Good night ... Mom ... lover."

"Good night," Carol whispered. "Lover."

He let sleep take him away at last, and as her own eyes closed with her son resting atop her, his penis inside her vagina, his semen inside her body, her heart glowed with awestruck gratitude and love.

In the next part, Trevor and Amy truly get together, and then Trev sends Mike to heaven with his body.