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Trevor's Summer

In the last part, Trevor made love with his mother. Here, he and Amy follow though as well, and then Trev rocks Mike's world.

9. Trevor and Amy

Amy stopped by for a visit a few days later. Trevor, his virginity utterly gone, lost inside his mom's body, was nude as usual, and she was in a bikini. As always her eyes were all over him, taking in the sight of his fine lean body, his lightly-hairy sex long and delicious in her eyes, his balls heavy and full.

Not too long after his twelfth birthday, when his sexual development was becoming visible, Trevor had asked her, seriously, how she felt about his nudity. "If it bothers you or anything," he'd said, "I can put on shorts or something when you come over."

Even then she had known she never wanted him to be clothed. "No," she'd said.

"You sure?"

She had thought about it for what felt like hours, looking into his eyes. "Yeah. I'm sure."

It was scary, more than a little, the feelings she'd had for him. At the time she hadn't really understood them herself. She'd known distantly that when she saw Trevor, the tingle in her pussy, in her developing breasts, in her growing nipples was about sex -- but even though the feeling was new and a little frightening, it had felt too good for her to want it to go away.

She had watched him grow and he had done the same, seeing her body go from skinny and girly to swell and fill in her shorts and shirts, her bikinis, and he'd never made fun of her when she got her first bra (like other boys had); he'd never said she only had mosquito bites; he'd never laughed at her nipples and made comments about high-beams or anything like that. He'd always just looked at her and liked her for who she was. Her body just didn't matter to him, even when she was sure he liked what he was seeing happen to her.

She had spent so much time in front of the mirror for a while just staring at her body and wondering why, when she was just getting life worked out, everything had to suddenly change so much, why she had to grow tits, why her hips had to get wider, why her muscles had to be covered with all those new layers of bobbly, bouncy skin and fat. And she hated the way boys said things to her, and she hated the way some girls looked at her, and she was always so glad that Trevor never, ever said anything. They both knew what was happening, but with him she had been able to live with it. She couldn't ignore it -- he couldn't either -- but it had never been a problem, never been something she felt was embarrassing or shameful when he was around.

He was sweet to her, he was good to her, he was a friend to her when she needed a boy to just like her and not care about anything else. He wasn't like any other boy she knew except maybe Mike, and she wondered why her mom sometimes seemed to worry so much about Trev. He was naked all the time, sure -- but he was her friend. Probably her best friend.

Definitely her best friend.

Now she understood a lot more than she had that day two summers ago, but there was still so much for her to find out.

He had grown up so much since then, grown tall, grown strong, his body stark and beautiful, lean and limned in power, his skin gliding surely over his taut muscles. He was handsome, he was gorgeous -- and he was the only boy she had ever seen naked, and most of the time, most of the time, it felt normal, natural, just a part of Trevor and who he was. The length and heft of him as he grew, the way it seemed that his penis had to be heavy and full of meat and veins, thudding heavily in his skin, seemed almost regular. Mike used to joke about it, saying Trev had to be packing himself with sausage, seemed funny.

But not always.

Some days, like today, that tingle came back -- and came back powerfully.

She was hoping he'd put on another show and as they settled together on the sofa she watched him stiffen and grow. They smiled at each other, and Trevor put his arm around her shoulders, stroking his penis gently. It was long and thick in his hand, almost intimidating, but it looked so good.

She stared into his face and saw something different in his eyes, something that made her breath quicken. "Something ... happened, didn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah," Trevor said quietly.

"You ... you did it, didn't you?"

"Yeah," he said again.

"Oh," Amy sighed, pressing her cheek to his chest. The tip of his cock was just a few inches from her lips.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded. "I guess I knew it was gonna happen someday," she said. "But I guess I hoped I'd be your first."

She felt him shrug, his hand slipping through her hair. "I ... I mean, I want it to be right with you, if we ever ... I mean, I wanted to know what I was doing first."

"So you know now?"

"Yeah," Trevor murmured, his heart thumping. "You pissed?"

"Uh," she said. "Well, I ... shit. I mean, I guess I thought I'd be ... but ... shit. I -- I don't know."

"Because it wasn't you?"

"Fuck, Trev," she said. "Can we talk about something else?"

"I hear the sun doesn't orbit the earth," he said. "Crazy, huh?"

She laughed, too hard, and then looked up at him. "Did you like it?"

He nodded, smiling faintly at the memory. Just this morning he'd woken naked in bed next to his mother and fucked her repeatedly before she went to work, once on the mattress, again in the shower and a third time in the kitchen, her cunt leaving wet streaks on the countertop that he'd wiped clean afterward with his tongue. Since that first night he hadn't slept in his room at all.

"Who with?" she said.

He shrugged. "Just ... it happened."

"Oh," she said. "Did you do it ... safe?"

"We're safe," Trev murmured. "We're safe forever, girl. I'd never put you in trouble."

She gulped, realizing instantly what his words meant. "What did you ... do?"

"Everything," Trevor whispered.

"Wow," Amy said.



Trevor's heartbeat was hard in his chest, and his fingers had gone cold. "Would you ... I mean, I'd really like it if ... if I was like your boyfriend."

She smiled softly. "Really?"

"Yeah," Trevor said. "I mean we've been friends like forever and I like you ... I mean I always liked you ... I mean I really like ... Shit." He rubbed his face. "So, I mean, uh ... will you?"

She leaned in and kissed him, her own heart loud in her ears. "Yeah," she said. "Of course. I've been waiting for you to ask."

"Oh," he said, looking sweet and surprised, a smile of delight slowly spreading over his face. "Really?"

"Really," she nodded. "You're not messing it up. Really. We're okay, Trev."

"Thanks," he said, and kissed her.

She moaned gently at the press of his lips to hers, gasped when his tongue slipped between them, tasted him and loved the warmth of it, the simple pleasure of this, the sweet flavor of his mouth and the feeling of his good, warm skin close to her body.

His hands caught around her hips and she allowed herself to be pulled over him, parting her thighs to settle her body along his. She felt the spring steel of his dick throbbing powerfully against the thick pad of her pussy and shuddered at the pure sex of the moment, her nipples stiff, kissing him again. She leaned back, her hands on his shoulders, and looked boldly at his sweet body, so good, so sexy. The bulge of her sex, barely contained in the taut fabric between her legs, pressed warmly against his bare shaft. In the groove of her cunt she saw the moisture of her arousal darken the thin cloth, her fluid making the shaft of his penis glisten where it touched her pussy. She smiled at him when she saw he understood what was happening to her, the wet streak of her arousal obvious to them both. "You're naked," she said quietly.


"You've always been naked," she went on, playing gently with his stiff nipples.

"Yeah," he said again.

She looked into his eyes. "Can I be naked too?"

"You bet," Trevor smiled, and she lifted her top off. As her breasts came into his view he reached for them and stroked gently, his thumbs circling around her nipples.

"I want to fuck," she said. "No more waiting. No more waiting, Trev. I want to fuck you, today, right now."

"Me too," Trevor whispered. "Oh God, Amy, I want to fuck too." He massaged her breasts, his face flushed. "I'm ready. I'm ready. Let's do it."

"Yeah," she moaned softly and kissed him again, then lifted away to lose her bikini bottom, getting naked for him, getting ready for -- for whatever he wanted to do.

Trevor took in the sight of her bright red pubes, watched as she settled over him again, the warm moist divide of her body sliding along his solid shaft, making his skin gleam. "God," he sighed. "Oh God, Amy."

"I guess you really like me, huh?" she whispered, his hands still moving slowly on her breasts, filling her body with an electric heat that she was sure was about to be satisfied. Something in her made her slide her wet pussy along his naked shaft, the fire in her groin hot, frightening -- but compelling, urgent, demanding a satisfaction she couldn't even guess at even as his solid, hot flesh slipped along her slick cunt. She didn't even know what he wanted to do with her, but whatever it was, she knew he'd done it before, and that he knew she was still a virgin.

She knew her first time with a boy was going to be as good as he knew how to make it.

"I really, really like you," Trevor said. "I ... I always have."

"Me too." Amy stared down at his hardon again, long and solid. "Can I touch it now?" she whispered.

"Yeah," he said. "Of course." He kissed her. "I'm your boyfriend. You can do anything you want with me from now on."

She giggled. "About time." She'd thought about it for years but never actually felt his penis before, never laid a hand on it. She'd never touched any boy's cock in her life, and as she slipped her hand over his hard length she marveled. It was absolutely rigid but it yielded just slightly, and she felt his warm skin sliding over the veins and filled flesh of his shaft. He was alive, alive in her fingers, and she felt his heartbeat in his cock, so delicate, so stiff. He pulsed slightly, hardening more in her grasp, and she smiled. "Am I doing it the right way?"

"It's perfect," he said, and leaned forward to kiss her again. "Come on, girl."

She moaned gently when his tongue slid into her mouth again, his thumbs stroking her nipples, the warm shaft of his cock sliding over her slick pussy. He reached between them and she felt herself probed gently, felt the thick rubbery head glide between her lips, felt herself pierced.

It was warm and good ... and then...

She gasped, and he eased back, withdrawing, looking into her eyes. "You all right?"

"Yeah," she managed. "Yeah. Do ... do it again."

"Okay," he said, and they both watched as he eased himself into her once more, the corona of his dick slipping inside her until she winced.

Her hands clenched on his shoulders. "I ... Trev..."

"Okay," he whispered. He pulled back once more, his tip glistening. He pulled her near and they kissed, her heart thrusting in lust, in fear, in gratitude.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I just ... I just can't..."

"I know," he said quietly. "It's okay." His lips sipped against hers. "I know. Not yet. Take your time. Whenever you're ready. It doesn't matter."

And as he kissed her again, she knew it really was okay, that he wasn't angry; he wasn't disappointed. She was in charge; she was the one who would set the pace in this.

She fell in love with him then, instantly and completely.

When their lips parted she was panting, a light glisten of sweat on her brow. She smiled uncertainly. "Now what?"

"Lay back," Trevor whispered. "Lay back on the sofa."

She gulped and the word burst from her lips. "Why?"

Trevor smiled gently. "I won't do anything that hurts," he said. "I just want to kiss you. That's all."

She looked into his eyes, beautiful and pale blue, and saw the years of friendship there. Trevor. Dear, sweet, sexy Trevor. Her closest boy friend, and now her boyfriend, and she trusted him. "R -- really?"

"Yeah," he said. "Just kisses. I won't hurt you. I can't hurt you."

"You promise?" She grunted. "I know I'm being stupid. I know I --"

His fingers pressed her lips delicately. "Shh," he said. "It's okay. I promise, Amy. I promise I won't hurt you."

She nodded haltingly, then lay back; and she watched, her heart accelerating, as he lifted her ankle to his face and kissed the arch of her foot, then up along her calf, then to her thigh, his hair tickling her skin as he moved, his naked muscular boy-body warm and smooth, firm and good, as her leg slid over his shoulder.

"Oh, yes..." she said quietly, understanding, pulling him down, pulling him where she most wanted him to be. She felt the brush of his breath on her hot skin, felt the tickle of his smooth, moist lips, and arched her back gently when his palms slid over her breasts. "Oh yessssss..."

Trevor's tongue flicked forward, sliding against her, finding her clit easily, and she groaned. "Oh my God, yes --"

His hands pressed her breasts, his palms circling on her dry, warm nipples, and she felt his face rock and pivot, turn and nuzzle, and then his tongue lapped slowly, then deeply. "Oh fuck, oh my fuck, oh yes..."

She listened to the wet noises he made on her, listened to his moans of delight as he tasted her body so deeply, so sweetly, his cheeks hard on her thighs, his nose snuffling in her pubes, his mouth ... his mouth ... "Oh, oh yes, oh yes, oh Trevor ... oh yes ... oh yes..."

It was just kissing.

And it was -- it was --

The warmth of his tongue glided and sparked in her, and it was --

"Oh --" she gasped.

It was huge, it was terrifying, it was glorious and bright, and it seared through her flesh in a white explosion that left her screaming helplessly under him, thinking that he hadn't hurt her but it was an agony she could not endure, an agony of bliss, and then even thought was gone in the fusion of her climax, the best she had ever known, and she softened in the flare, felt her body begin to calm, felt herself soothed by his touch and kiss, caress and breath, and felt too the latent heat in her that told her this was only the beginning, that she and Trevor -- her new boyfriend, her first boyfriend, her beautiful boyfriend -- would find things together she had only heard of, things she had never even known could be.

She saw his eyes, his lovely eyes, his heaven-colored eyes, and saw he was smiling, his face still in that good moist part of her, and as he began to move again, as he began to kiss her again, she smiled back, and then she fell into the sky that winked at her from her center.

They were swimming when Carol got home. Amy was glowing with the heat of the afternoon, lost still in the pleasures Trevor had brought her, stunned almost to worship by the feasts of bliss they had shared.

His semen had been the purest joy, surprising and spicy and salty but good and thick in her mouth, and she had eagerly learned to give head as he taught her gently, surely, passionately. His good seed rested now inside her, becoming a part of her, as her fluids were now a part of him, gulped joyously from her quivering body as he had taken her to peak and peak of sublime release, the orgasms swelling in her until she couldn't tell them apart, until she knew this day would always feel to her like one multiple-hour climax.

She felt herself glowing with joy and love, and knew that Carol knew what had happened the moment she saw them together, swimming and playing casually, totally naked and totally comfortable.

He hadn't been inside her in that way -- they hadn't tried again, but she knew they would soon, and then she would let it happen, no matter how much it hurt at first -- but they had made love together all the same.

She stayed for dinner and traded regular looks with Trevor's mom, understanding that they were now both women, that they shared a secret no man or boy -- not even the one who had pleased her so -- could ever fully know.

She spent the night as well, staying in Trevor's room, showering and loving with him, and that night, in his bed, in the sheets that smelled of him, she was entered at last, his hard strong organ slipping into her as she relaxed, then gasped, then cooed delight, and in the morning went home feeling complete, fully satisfied. There had only been a little blood; and the pain had become a memory even as he fully loved her for their first time together.

Trev had condoms but she had told him no; not this time, not the first time. She wanted it to be just him inside her, him and nothing else, his skin and hers, his body and hers, nothing at all between them. He had nodded, and then he had made her a woman.

He had been inside her, but in the final moment he had pulled free, had let his sex pulse its delivery onto her skin instead of within her, where she truly wanted it to be.

Soon, she promised herself. Soon, it'll really happen.

And as she lay in her bed and remembered, she felt herself glow. He was her best friend, and she was certain of her love for him -- and his for her.

I'm going to have his baby someday.

10. Trevor and Mike

Mike relaxed slowly, his friend's hand moving gently along his axis, relishing every moment. In just a few seconds his cock would be in Trevor's mouth -- but that wasn't the only reason he loved coming over lately.

He really liked giving head to his best friend.

He sucked Trevor off two or three times a day now, just going down on him for no reason, even when his dick was totally soft. He'd learned he could make it hard, fast, and he'd learned Trevor never objected to a BJ.

Now it was night and he was staying over. They'd stoked together on web porn until Mike was certain it was bedtime, and then Trevor had dragged him, cockfirst, to the mattress, his hand warm and sure on his rigid dick.

He felt lips sliding over his shaft and sighed.

This was why he loved staying over.

Mike sucked Trevor whenever he wanted it -- but when they spent the night together, when it was just the two of them, when he was in Trevor's bed, Mike knew he'd be pleased in ways most guys twice his age couldn't even guess at.

Trevor worked him slow and long, deep and wet -- just how he liked it -- and then paused, looking up at him. "Hey."

"Yeah?" He looked down at his friend, letting his fingers slide through the boy's hair.

"You doin' okay?"

"Yeah," Mike smiled. "I'm doin' great."

"Wanna try something new?"

"Uh," Mike swallowed. "Sure."

Trevor crawled above him, his face hovering just overhead. "You sure?" As he whispered, his breath fell in a warm mist over Mike's cheeks.

Mike nodded.

Trevor leaned over him and their lips touched, and Mike's brain blazed hot and true -- he's kissing me, he's kissing me -- so bright he didn't notice what was happening until he felt the lotion on his cock, felt Trevor probing himself with the dick in his hand. "Here goes," he whispered.

"What --" Mike's voice stopped as he felt himself ease, slowly and surely, into Trevor's tight, warm body. His friend lowered himself gently, moaning softly, and Mike felt every inch of his organ sliding into Trevor, felt himself fully fuck his best friend. "Oh my God," he said.

Trevor leaned in for another kiss, the second in their new way together, his palms tacky with lotion when they slid over his naked chest. "Is this okay?"

Mike nodded silently, stunned, his rigid cock moving slowly in Trevor's ass, in his body, rocking his hips gently. He was fucking Trevor, his closest friend, the sexiest boy he'd ever seen. And his best friend's asshole was the best thing he'd ever felt, smooth and warm, tight and good on his dick. He'd tasted that asshole dozens of times, tongued and licked it, sucked the cock and balls that rose above it as he 69ed with Trevor, always willing to suck the boy's dick whenever he wanted it -- which was a lot.

But they had never kissed, never fucked before; Mike had never fucked anyone before, and the sensation of it filled him to his roots, leaving his whole body tingling with sexual joy. Trevor was taking his virginity away, and he gave it up willingly as his hands slid over the hot naked body above him. "Won't Amy be pissed?"

Trevor smirked. "Who's gonna tell her I'm your boyfriend?"

Mike caught his breath. "My -- my -- you mean it?"

"Well, yeah," Trevor smiled, leaning in for another kiss. "We make out now. And we suck each other." He leaned back and smiled again, his palms moving on Mike's tight nipples. "And you're fucking me."

Mike felt the tingle of Trevor's touch all the way down to his rigid dick. "Yeah..."

"If that doesn't make us boyfriends, what does?"

"But ... Amy..."

"She's my girlfriend," Trevor said, "and you're my boyfriend. Okay?

"Okay," Mike nodded, stroking Trevor's chest, loving the feeling of his hard muscles. "Yeah. Okay."

"Good," Trevor whispered, sliding his tongue along his throat, ending with his lips moving slowly over his earlobe. "You're the best friend I ever had."

"You -- you too," Mike murmured. "Oh shit, Trev. Oh shit, you're my best friend ever."

"I know," Trevor smiled, and kissed him gently, his tongue slipping in, and Mike sucked it hungrily. "You gotta promise me one thing," he whispered.

Mike nodded up, stunned. "Anything," he said, meaning it.

"Never tell anyone," Trevor said.

"I won't," Mike whispered.

Trevor smiled and took another kiss, his taut body moving steadily, his muscles hard under Mike's stroking hands. "Not about this," he said. He kissed Mike again. "Don't tell anyone I'm fucking my mom."

Mike slowed, amazed. "You ... huh?"

"I'm ... Mom and me, we're ... lovers now. We fuck every day," Trevor sighed, leaning back, riding Mike's cock. "And I know what it is and I don't care and I don't wanna stop."

"Oh," Mike said. "But I thought you and Amy..."

"Yeah," Trev said. "Her and me too."

"Oh," Mike said. "The three of you...?"

"No," Trev smiled. "But maybe someday."

Jesus, what a lucky fucking shit. I'd give my left nut to ball any one of them and Trevor's getting it all. "Does she know?"


"Uh -- Amy, does she know..."

"Not yet," Trevor whispered, rocking softly, sweetly over him. "But Mom knows about her and me, and she probably knows about you and me too."

"Oh," Mike said again. "Oh. Well ... okay."

"So --"

"Okay," Mike whispered, pushing up, pushing himself into his friend's body once more, warm and tight and willing. "I won't tell. I don't care." Anything. I'll do anything if we can keep doing this.

Trevor nodded. "Good boy," he said, and leaned in for another kiss, lighting Mike's nipples with his fingers. "Jack me off, kid."

Mike took Trevor's thick, long cock in his hand. "This okay?"

"It's great," Trevor smiled, and kissed him again. "God, fuck me. Fuck me deep."

Mike obliged, joyously, pushing every inch of his dick into Trevor's body. "Yeah," he sighed. "Oh shit yeah."

"Fuck yeah," Trevor gasped. "Fuck me." He grabbed Mike's hair, his hands tight little fists in the roots, pulling. "Fuck me," he said again, his jaw clenched, and when he kissed Mike his teeth pulled and bit a little. "Come on boy," Trevor moaned in his ear, biting gently at the lobe. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you mean it."

"Oh shit," Mike gasped, ramming his hips up to meet his best friend's body. "Oh shit, Trev --"

"You gonna come?"

"Yeah," Mike said.

"Okay. One more thing."

Mike was getting close, getting so close -- nothing had ever prepared him for this ecstasy, this pleasure. "Yeah," he managed, beginning to drive upward, his dick already starting to throb. "Anything. Anything."

Trevor kissed him once more, riding him hard and fast, and Mike knew he was about to blow his load. "Never wear clothes when you come over again. You look fuckin' hot naked."

"Okay," Mike nodded, the word strangled, and he groaned and pushed in, pushed up, thrust himself deeply into Trevor's asshole, and he came, exploding inside the best friend he'd ever known, his cum shooting deep in Trevor's tight warm body. "Shit," he groaned. "Oh fucking shit..."

"Yeah," Trevor gasped, his hips pumping hard over Mike's. "Oh shit yeah."

The thick spray of fluid on his chest and face told him all he needed to know and he jerked Trevor's cock madly, milking him of his cum even as he emptied himself inside his friend's warm, good flesh.

"Oh my fucking God," he managed in a few moments, his cock still pulsing in Trev's body. "Oh my fucking God."

"Yeah," Trevor whispered, the word so soft, so gentle on his naked throat. "Oh yeah, Mike." His head moved and Mike felt his lips brush along his jaw, over his cheek, to his mouth. They kissed, and he stared up in wonder at his friend. "Every time you come over," Trevor said, "I want it like this with you."

"Uh --"

"Is that okay?"

"Yeah," Mike said. "But I thought you weren't gay."

"I'm not," Trevor smiled. "Doesn't mean I can't get some cock sometimes, does it?"

Mike giggled and felt their bodies slide apart, his sex slipping out of Trevor's hot, tight flesh. "I guess," he said.

Trevor smiled at him, then cuddled to him, his hand cupping his penis. For the first time in his life, Mike's cock had gone soft after he came. Trevor had completely emptied him. "More later," he whispered. "That was real good, and I want more. Okay?" His breath was warm when it fell over Mike's naked chest.

"Okay," he said.

He lay awake for a long time after, even after being entered by Trevor, even after their midnight shower together, even after the 69, after more kisses, his head resting on Trevor's chest. He stared into his friend's sleeping face, Trev's seed inside him, and wondered.

I fucked him.

He fucked me.

And he's fucking Amy, and he's fucking his mom. He's getting it three ways all the time.

He cupped Trevor's heavy sex gently and sighed, his breath misting across his friend's smooth pecs, his body full of semen that wasn't his own, his head nestled into Trevor's downy armpit. The soft waft of musk, Trevor's, male and good, filled his nostrils.

And I love him, and I'll do this with him forever.

He smiled. He slept.

In the next part, Trev and his mom go to a nudist celebration ... and let the entire world know how it is between them.