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Welcome Home -- Chapter One


As I pulled up outside the house that used to be half mine, I took a deep breath. I had not seen my ex wife or step-son and his girlfriend for two years. The split had not been acrimonious -- more - sad than anything. After years of trying I had just given up on all the problems that had beset our marriage for so long.


My ex wife is probably the most sexually uninhibited person I have ever met. Sex was not the reason we broke up a few years ago - there were lots of other issues especially concerning her children - my step children -- including my stepson Ben's drug problem. Jenny always wanted to have sex even when our relationship was at its lowest ebb. She is bisexual and willing to try anything for her own and her partner's sexual pleasure. We had enjoyed threesomes and foursomes and had some wonderful sexual adventures together. But great sex, alone, is not enough to keep a marriage together. Besides that, Jenny had stacked on the weight and become very negative about almost everything for the last two years of our time together.


I had finally got settled in to a place of my own, and decided it was time to face the emotional stress of returning to my former home (which my wife got as part of our divorce settlement) to retrieve the personal items I had salvaged from the marriage. 
So there I was walking slowly to the front door. Jen was still in bed when I arrived -- she and her son like to sleep in on Saturday mornings - so her son's girlfriend, Kylie, let me in and helped me open the shed where all my things were stored. She has been living there for almost 5 years and is now 21. She is quite pretty and has a great figure which had bloomed since I last saw her. She was wearing a thin pullover which accentuated the perky shape of her breasts and allowed the hint of a nipple to show. Her tight track pants showed off her firm butt nicely and I couldn't help glancing at her body now and then. She and Ben had met when they were both in rehab and she is now off drugs whereas he still has a bit of a problem. 


It was cool in the morning but I had a lot of things to lift and carry out to my trailer and I got hot so I had to take off my pullover. I was wearing just a t-shirt with no sleeves. Kylie, who stayed with me chatting the whole time, commented how well built I was for a man my age and I explained that I was working out a lot. She said that she wished Ben would work out or get healthier as he was thin and pale and didn't have much energy. Then she dropped the bombshell - she likes sex a lot and they used to make love all the time. For the past two years or so she has hardly had sex with him at all and when she does, it is pretty quick and not very sensual. He seems to have trouble even getting it up which, at 23 is a big problem. She also said she knew he was at least bisexual - he showed a lot of sexual interest in boys and had had at least two "experiences" she knew of. From my "heart to heart" talks with Ben in the past, I was not surprised by this remark but I was staggered when Kylie told me she was sure Ben had had a crush on me for years. She asked me if I could have a talk him as Jenny had told her that I was the best lover she had ever had - and she has had plenty!


I thought about my stepson, a beautiful, if some what effeminate looking boy who had had all the girls at school chasing him. He was intelligent, artistic and sensitive and I had had to stick up for him on many occasions when some of the local boys wanted to pick on him. We still met for a chat now and then and he always gave me a warm hug. Although I knew about his doubts about his sexuality, I never imagined that he fancied me. My only sexual contact with a male had been the odd playful touching during some of the encounters with other couples Jen and I had shared.


Feeling a little uneasy, I said I would talk to him next time we got together alone and asked her a little about what happens when she wants to make love. As if it was a relief to finally talk about it to someone Kylie really opened up to me and the conversation gradually became quite intimate and detailed and I started to get a hard-on. Despite my best efforts I'm sure she noticed the bulge in my track pants and decided to have a bit of fun by becoming even more graphic in her description of their sex life. Eventually I finished packing the trailer and we sat on a couple of boxes in the shed. I was going to wait until my erection went down before standing up to leave but she kept talking in intimate detail about sex. She often used words like "fuck" and "cunt" whilst I tried to keep my language fairly tame. Soon she was telling me how sensitive her nipples were and how Daniel never pays attention to them any more. She said "watch this" and ran her fingers over her breast for a few seconds. Sure enough, as she was wearing a thin pullover and no bra, that nipple could clearly be seen poking out against the material. I nearly fainted! 


She said she usually lies awake at night next to him as he goes into a deep sleep often helped by some drug or other.


"I lie there touching my nipples and stroking my tummy pretending it's him until I can't stand it any more and have to make myself cum - but I really miss fucking and being touched," she said -- tears welling in her eyes.


My cock was nearly bursting out of my tight pants as I asked her if she ever just woke him up by playing with him or sucking him so that he was hard and then climbing on top of him - like his mother used to do to me sometimes.


"I'm just so unsure of how he'll react now," Kylie said sadly, "and I would die if he pushed me away".


She asked about my sex life with Jen and I told her some of the more adventurous moments we had shared - even about threesomes and so on. Now it was my turn to be salacious and she sat, wide eyed as I gave her some heavy details of some raunchy encounters.


Kylie squirmed in her seat and I noticed her nipples were more prominent. She said she thought Jen was very sexy but we agreed that it was a shame she had put on so much weight in the last few years before we separated and lost interest in her looks. She did say she had been making an effort for the past 9 months and had lost a lot of weight. The she confessed that she liked to watch Jenny as she dressed for work in the morning admiring her large, pendulous breasts.


She said she thought Jen often made sure she got a look at her naked or semi-dressed and that she didn't mind -- in fact she deliberately exposed herself quite often. I told her Jen was very bisexual and that was why we had so many 3'somes. I kidded her that maybe she should get Jen to touch her and make her cum and she gave me a sexy look and laughed. 
I was quite dusty and dirty from the stuff which had been stored in the shed for years and it was getting late so I stood to leave -- I also needed to get home and take care of the raging hard on I was sporting. I didn't care by now if she saw the bulge in my pants as I realized she was deliberately trying to turn me on. She stared at my crotch openly and said "wow" - Jen had told her that I had a larger than average (quite thick) cock but she didn't expect it to bulge so much.
"How big is it?" she asked.
"I don't know - I've never measured it."
"Do you want to see?" Kylie said reaching for the drawer of the bench which was under the window. "We have some tapes in here - I measured Ben's out here one day - that was years ago when we used to fuck in every room of the house when you and Jenny were out," she said with a hint of sadness.
I laughed, thinking she was joking.
"Are you too chicken to let me measure it?" she teased.
"What if Jenny or Ben come out?"
"They always sleep in long past this time on weekends - you know that. Besides you can see the back door from the window in here."
I turned to look out the window and she took that as an "OK". She pulled her box over to where I stood and took hold of the waist of my pants. I made a weak protest but by now I was past self control. She ignored me and peeled my track pants down to my knees. I watched the back door as I felt her lift my jocks over my rampant cock. I looked down to see her smiling at me as her fingers circled the base.
"How on earth do you squeeze this inside a woman's cunt? Ben's is half this thick."
"You'd be amazed how much they stretch."
"I know - I borrowed one of Jenny's big vibrators the other day when they were both out all day - it wasn't this thick though."
"Did you enjoy it?"
"It was OK but it made me want the real thing."
"Did you cum?"
"Of course - I cum at least once every day. I fucked myself with it while I played with my clit." She was deliberately being raunchy for my benefit. "I came like a hurricane - it turned me on to know that I was fucking myself with something which has been in Jenny's cunt."
My cock twitched.


"You like that don't you? You'd like to see me cum wouldn't you Kane? You'd like to see me fucking myself with Jenny's dildo wouldn't you?" she teased as she ran her hand gently up to the head of my cock and back to the base.
I wasn't going to let her think she was shocking me. I smiled down at her.
"I suppose so - but I'd rather see Jenny fucking your tight little cunt with her dildo while she licked your clit."
It was the first time I had really sworn. She looked at me in shock at first and then giggled.
"What an interesting thought. Now let's measure this little dickie. Where do you measure from I wonder?" She held the tape at the base of my cock on top. "Or here" she held it under my balls.
"Perhaps from the base on the side" I suggested. "And don't forget to measure around the curve - not straight to the tip - that wouldn't be fair" - I protested, playfully.
"It has got a hell of a curve on it hasn't it? Jenny told me about that too - she said that made fucking you very enjoyable - especially with her sitting on top of you."
"How much have you two actually discussed about sex and about my sexual habits?" I asked with mock indignation.
"Oh you'd be surprised - I know you like this." She pulled my cock downwards and closed her mouth over the head. I nearly came on the spot.
"Whoa - careful there - you won't be able to measure the full length if you know what I mean."
She let my cock go and it slapped against my belly as it sprung back to its normal position of curving up towards my belly button.
"And I know you love to make a woman cum with your mouth. Jenny says you made her cum 8 times in one afternoon that way. If only I could get just one from Ben."
"OK - now let's see." She had a flexible dressmaker's tape which she held at the base on one side and pulled up along the curve to the tip of my cock. Every touch sent spasms of pleasure right through my balls to my toes.
"Depending on how you measure it, it could be anything between 6-1/2 and 8 inches. Around the base it's nearly 6 inches in circumference. I still don't see how that could squeeze into a normal cunt."
"I'm sure it would fit quite nicely into yours - especially if you were very turned on and wet."
"Are you asking me for a fuck, Kane?"
"I'm offering to prove to you that it will fit. If you don't like it I'll stop. I can be very gentle." I was losing self control.
"Oh I know that. Jenny says you make love like a woman sometimes - a woman with a cock."
"Come here," I said placing my arms under hers and lifting her to her feet. Then I lifted her to sit on the bench next to the window and not quite in view from the back door. She ran her hands over my bulging arm muscles and sighed. Then she frantically helped me remove her track pants - she wore no panties.
"Let's make you nice and wet - keep a lookout."
She turned to look out the window and I bent to lick her sweet young pussy. She was already dripping wet so I decided not to waste any time - I sucked her clit into my mouth and strummed it with my tongue. In no time she was gasping and wriggling around on the dusty bench top, pussy juice flowing. I got her as close to cumming as I could without taking her over the edge and pushed one then two fingers into her. She was tight alright -- had never had a baby - only ever been fucked by Ben's smaller than average cock. This would be interesting.
She protested when I stopped licking her and looked a bit dazed when I picked her up and stood her on the floor again. I sat down on the sturdier box with my cock sticking up in the air and told her to straddle me with one leg either side of mine. 
"Now take it nice and slow I said, "Slowly bend your knees."
She lowered herself slowly until her pussy was an inch or so above the head of my cock. I held my cock in one hand and parted the lips of her pussy with the other. I felt her wetness close over my cock head and, as she lowered, the first inch entered her. She was so tight. I fought off the orgasm which was so close to the surface and concentrated on her pussy. As my cock started to slide into her I reached around and caressed her pussy lips and clit from behind. She moaned and held me close giving me control over everything except her rate of descent. I could feel her pussy juice running down my cock and over my balls. She hissed as she lowered herself to about half way at which point I started moving her a little from side to side to work my cock in. She was so tight it was hurting me a little but she was so wet it just kept sliding in. She grabbed my face and planted a deep kiss on me sucking my tongue into her mouth and moaning into it. After several minutes she settled with her legs around me and my cock buried deep inside her. We stayed still for a few moments to let her get used to the stretch of her vaginal walls.
"Are you OK?"
"It hurts a little but it feels fucking great."
"It feels fantastic for me - your cunt is so tight - and so wet - it feels wonderful."
"You can start fucking me a little now...ohhh."
I grabbed her ass cheeks and began moving her back and forth so that my cock was moving in and out just a little and her clit was rubbing against the base of my cock and my pubis.
"This is where the curve comes in handy" I told her. "Move in whatever way feels best for you."


I had to see those lovely breasts so I pushed her pullover up and leaned back to admire them. Her nipples stood out invitingly and I took one between my fingers as my mouth closed over the other.
She grunted something and started squirming around on my cock. Her pussy opened up and flowed with love juice. Her breathing became ragged and she started making little whimpering noises which turned into grunts. She was getting louder and I became concerned that her cries would carry into the house and wake them or raise suspicion. I grabbed her head and pulled her to me in a deep kiss. She moaned again and began to suck on my tongue.


For the first time since she sucked my cock I became aware of my surroundings. I disengaged from her mouth and licked her throat and ears as I looked around to see if I could see out the window but I was too low. Then in the dim light I saw Jenny standing in the doorway of the shed. I must have looked panicky because she caught my eye and just put her finger to her mouth to say "shush".


I looked at her kind of apologetically, my mind racing. Her response was to let her robe fall open, cup one large breast in one hand and pass the other between her thighs. From what I could see, she had certainly lost weight and regained her former curvy figure.
Oblivious to Jenny's presence, Kylie continued to ride me, striving for her orgasm. Jenny moved so she could see the back door from the window. Kylie's movements became frantic as she ground her clit against me forcing my cock deep inside her. I felt her vagina spasm around me and as she came I covered her mouth with mine to stifle her loud moaning and gasping. There was no way I could cum now with Jenny standing so close and watching. I was worried what the consequences might be but intrigued that she didn't want to interrupt.
It took a few minutes for Kylie's orgasm to subside and for her to come back to earth. Standing right behind her Jenny closed her robe and spoke in a stern but not angry voice.


"It's a good thing Ben didn't wake up."
Kylie gasped and turned quickly to look at Jenny. She started trying to get up but had to slow down as her legs were shaking and my cock was still stretching her cunt which clung to it despite the juices flowing over me.
"It's OK - don't panic. That was so horny to watch but we don't want Ben to find out. I think he would be very upset but I know he hasn't been looking after you lately Kylie. It's OK."
Kylie slowly extricated herself from our embrace and I saw how lustfully Jenny watched her. She turned towards Jenny slowly now and made no hurry about covering herself. A look passed between them which could only be a promise of things to come. Kylie was right - Jenny fancied her alright and had probably wanted to have sex with her for ages. She had probably been waiting for the right moment to broach the subject without scaring her off. That explained the intimate sexual conversations.


My cock stood out rock hard and shiny with Kylie's juices. Jenny stared at it.
"It looks like you have a problem there Mr. B. Kylie, put your pants on and keep watch. I might have to help Kane with his little problem here - just like the old days."
Jenny dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock in her hand. I knew what she wanted. For many years she had enjoyed sucking the juices of a woman off my cock - either her own or one of our female lovers. She obviously fancied Kylie so this was just as much for her as it was for me. Jen is a great cocksucker and she loves pussy so she began licking all Kylie's juice from my balls whilst gently stroking my cock. She licked up the length of my shaft moaning her approval of Kylie's taste. I noticed that she was using only one hand now as the other was between her legs. I knew she would be massaging her clit frantically under her bathrobe. Kylie watched, fascinated. I think she understood that Jenny was enjoying her taste as much as anything. Kylie must have heard the back door slam and whispered "Ben!"
"Go and keep him busy" said Jen, "we won't be long."
As Kylie left the shed and closed the door behind her, Jen resumed her sucking. Soon I was stifling my groans as the intense pleasure coursed through my cock and right through my body. Jen always swallows and squeezes every drop out of my cock and my pleasure just went on and on. I was oblivious to Kylie bursting in the door arguing with Ben, trying to keep him out. I didn't see him looking through the window at his mother fondling my balls as she squeezed the last drop of cum from my cock. I was too caught up by the intensity of my orgasm to notice Ben staring at my cock.
"What's going on?' Ben demanded through the window.
Jen stood up straightening her robe. "Err...Kane and I were just having some fun for old times sake.....Kylie just stumbled in on us and I asked her to keep you out of here until we finished honey. That's all."
"What was Kylie doing?" Ben asked as I stood up - my still half hard cock waving around in front of me. 
"Nothing honey she just came out and caught us."
"Then why does she look like that?" Ben protested, tears in his eyes.


We all turned to look at Kylie. She looked like she had just been fucked. Her hair was mussed up, her lips were swollen, her face was flushed and her nipples stood out boldly. But even more incriminating was the fact that in her hurry to pull her pants up, Kylie had given herself a bit of a camel's toe. The crease of her light blue track pants went right up between very swollen pussy lips - and they had a large, wet stain on them. Jenny and I obviously lying. There was an awkward moment's silence until Kylie spoke up.
"Kane just fucked me. Yes he fucked me with his lovely big cock. I haven't been fucked for so long I almost forgot what it was like." She was becoming hysterical. "You won't even touch me let alone fuck me and I needed it....and I'm not sorry!"
With that she burst into tears and ran into the house. Suddenly I became aware that I was still naked from the waste down and that, after watching Kylie disappear into the house, Ben had returned his gaze to my cock. I pulled my pants up as Jenny went to Ben and took his hand.
"Let's go inside honey - we have a lot to talk about."


I hope you have enjoyed the story so far -- Chapter is underway.