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Welcome Home -- Chapter Two



I trailed in behind them last - I didn't really want to go in but it seemed unfair to leave Jenny to handle the drama by herself. She looked at me gratefully and suggested I have a quick shower, as I was filthy, then stood and watched me undress in the bathroom. She took my clothes to the laundry then went to fetch Kylie from her bedroom. Ben went in and sat glumly in the living room. By the time I had showered, Jenny was still trying to coax Kylie from her room. I hoped that her training as a counselor would help. I had nothing to wear so I grabbed Jenny's spare robe which was hanging behind the bathroom door. I entered the living room where Ben sat and tried to keep myself covered in the inadequate robe -- unable to keep Kylie's words about his crush on me out of my head.


"Are you OK mate?"
"I guess so."
"I'm sorry about what happened ...I didn't plan it..." I stammered.
"It's OK Kane - it's been coming for a long time. Better you than one of our friends. She's a horny chick. She needs to fuck more often than once every few months."
"What's the problem mate? I seem to remember we had trouble keeping you out of girls' pants since you were 14."
"I don't know. I could be the stuff I have been on.... and I'm not sure..."
"Not sure what?"
"I'm not sure if I like girls that much..." he looked away from me as if ashamed.


I shifted uncomfortably but pressed on.
"Hey Ben - you know that the people who love you don't care about that - except maybe Kylie. She deserves to know where she stands. But gee the rest of us love you no matter who you prefer."
Tears flowed down Ben's face and he stood up and threw his arms around me - like he used to do when he was little and I had to get him out of some jam or another. He is a few inches shorter than me and quite thin. I put my arms around his shoulders and held him as he sobbed into my chest. I was a little uncomfortable as my robe had come apart a bit and I was aware that the front of my body was only hidden by him. 
"Do you not fancy girls at all ... or do you just prefer boys?"
"I still like girls but I think about guys all the time. When I jerk off I think of having a guy's cock in my mouth. I know that Kylie often makes herself cum when I pretend to be asleep. I feel so sad and guilty about it that it's even harder to get horny - you know, hard. She starts playing with my dick some nights and I'm not sure whether I can get it up so I pretend to be asleep. I hear her sigh and then start touching herself. I get horny then but by that time I feel very awkward about touching her."
"You guys need to talk - I'm sure that would fix a lot of things."
I was conscious that Ben was still holding me very close and that my cock had stirred due to the subject. I also thought I felt his cock moving and hardening against my thigh. I didn't know what to do - I was frozen. Just then, Jenny walked in the room with her arm around a slightly teary Kylie. They looked at us quizzically and then Ben pulled away. I pulled the robe closed but not quick enough to disguise my half erection. I thought I should explain that it was nothing to do with Ben holding me but I stammered a few syllables and gave up. I sat down on the sofa and crossed my legs gathering the robe in front of me. For some reason my cock continued to grow harder.
"Kylie and I had a long talk," said Jenny.
"So did we. I think Ben and Kylie should have an open honest talk - let all their feelings out. I'm sure that will be the start of things being OK."
"So do I. Kylie why don't you tell Ben what you just told me in the bedroom."
"Should I leave?" I asked not wanting to intrude.
"Please stay." Ben sat beside me and put his hand on my arm. "I know you can help us."
Kylie then related most of her feelings to us including what she had told me. She felt that Ben didn't love her any more and that he might prefer boys. It flowed out like an infected boil being squeezed. She looked so much better when she finished - if a little teary.
Then it was Ben's turn. He explained that although he loved Kylie with all his heart, he felt the need to have some sexual contact with a male sometimes. He didn't touch her at night because he felt guilty about it even when he wanted to. They both had tears in their eyes as he spoke and I must admit to shedding a few myself. Incredibly, despite the emotion in the room, by this time my cock was rampant and I wondered how I was going to get out of the room without them noticing.
I looked at Jenny and she nodded, sensing what I was going to say. I explained how Jenny had told me she was bisexual and that we had decided that rather than fighting it we would enjoy it. It started with me telling her stories about us having 3'somes with another woman whilst I played with her pussy and progressed to us actually having another woman in our bed on many occasions. We had also enjoyed sex a lot just between the two of us.


"So you see, mate, it doesn't have to be a bad thing -- as long as you love and trust one another, and you are careful, it can be an exciting enhancement of your relationship."
Ben looked at his mother as if a lot of things now made sense - and Kylie smirked knowingly to herself. She had felt Jenny's eyes on her many times and enjoyed teasing her now and then with an "accidental" flash. 
"OK," said Jenny who was quite flushed. "Let's do a little experiment. Kane, open your robe."
"I know you've got a hard-on - but you've never been shy about showing it before."
"But...." I was very embarrassed that my cock was so hard in these circumstances and I was afraid of what she had in mind. Jenny can be very kinky when she is turned on and I was conscious that she had not cum this morning despite all of the stimulation she had received. Well she was pretty kinky until a few years before we separated and then she went strange for a while, got very depressed, gained a lot of weight. Now she seemed her old self and I was happy for her - but what was she up to?
"Who is the psychologist here," she said. "Do you want to help these kids or not?"
I sighed and opened the robe, keeping my legs crossed. Jenny gave me a look. I uncrossed my legs and opened them slightly. My cock stood out boldly, curving up along my belly, and I blushed furiously. Ben stared at it. Kylie smiled.
"Do you like Kane's body Ben?" Jenny asked.


He nodded hesitatingly.
"Touch him if you like he won't mind will you Kane?" I sort of did but I shook my head.
"Kylie, sit next to Ben." 
Kylie came across the room and Ben moved closer to me to make room for her.
"Go on honey - touch him wherever you like. He enjoys being touched," Jenny encouraged Ben. I was frozen again.
Ben put his right hand on my chest tentatively - very softly. I tried to smile at him and he seemed encouraged. His hand roamed over my chest and teased my nipples causing them to stiffen. Growing bolder he slid his hand lower, over my belly, down one thigh, up the other. I admitted to myself that it felt good. Kylie was watching, fascinated. I spread my legs wider. 
"Pretty horny sight eh Kylie? Now take off Ben's pajamas." Jenny cooed.
Ben lifted his bottom to enable Kylie to remove his pajama pants. He had a raging erection. His thin cock stood straight out from his slim body. Then he resumed his exploration of my thighs. He looked at me sheepishly as his fingers reached my balls. I smiled again and he turned his attention to my crotch. After teasing my balls for a while, he ran his hand up the length of my cock. His feather light touch felt incredible. I looked across to see Jenny encouraging Kylie to play with Ben's cock. She caressed it and kissed it as if greeting a long lost friend. He moaned to show his approval. Jenny was like a movie director. She encouraged Ben to go down on me and I watched as my cock disappeared into his mouth. Then she was back to Kylie, helping her out of her clothes in preparation for the next phase. I marveled at her lack of inhibition as she touched all of us - even her son. She stroked Kylie's thighs and breasts and ran her hand over Ben's cock. By now he was sucking me earnestly and I had lost all vestige of inhibition myself. When Jenny got Kylie to climb on top of Ben, he had to let go of my cock for a moment but then she got me to kneel beside them on the sofa so he could have both. Ben turned his attention to Kylie for a while as they kissed and caressed one another. As she sank down onto his cock I saw Jenny's hand caressing them both from behind - fondling Ben's balls and Kylie's lips and clit. Kylie seemed to understand what Jenny was trying to do and as they broke their kiss, she reached for my cock and pointed it at her lover.


"I love you Ben," she said with tears in her eyes. "I want to share everything with you".


"I love you too Kyle -- I'm sorry about the last year or so - I'm gonna make it up to you, I promise."


Something passed between them - a new acceptance or understanding - as Ben turned and his mouth engulfed my cock again. Then they took it in turns to suck me. Once again I fought off my orgasm as their mouths alternated between kissing one another and sharing my cock and their fingers tickled my balls.
The excitement was too much for Ben - suddenly, he cried out that he couldn't stop. He clutched onto Kylie tightly and thrust into her. His orgasm hit him without warning as he pumped his cum into Kylie's pussy who seemed a little disappointed at first. It could have been a difficult moment had it not been for Jenny. She assured him it was OK and that the next one would last longer. His cock subsided only slightly as he watched his mother caressing his girlfriend's breasts and teasing her pussy which still held his cock captive. Then he turned to my cock again and commenced sucking it and fondling my balls. I moaned and rocked my hips in encouragement.


Kylie turned to Jenny, took her face in both hands and kissed her deeply. After nearly a minute of sensual, open mouthed tongue wrestling, Kylie looked deep into Jenny's eyes.


"I love the way you look at me when I am half naked. I have wanted you to touch me like this for, like ages. You must know I have been giving you a show on purpose."


"I thought you might be, you little minx! You have no idea how many times I have gone to bed and touched myself thinking about doing this."


With that, Jenny bent to take Kylie's nipples in her mouth one at a time. Kylie groaned. Then Jenny raised her up a little and stroked the base of Ben's cock where it disappeared into her and massaged her clit at the same time. Soon Kylie was moaning loudly and I could tell she was approaching her orgasm - as was I.
As I felt myself getting close, I cupped Daniel's face and pulled him away from my cock warning him I was close. His response was to put both hands around my buttocks and pull me to him. That was all the encouragement I needed. I let the feeling flow over me as my cum spurted into his mouth. He sucked and swallowed greedily - just like his mum. As my orgasm subsided, I heard Kylie's cries of pleasure and turned to watch Jenny's hand working on her from behind, intensifying her climax. Her little whimpers became loud grunts and she ground her tight little pussy on Ben's cock. Ben continued to thrust upwards into her and came again soon after - oh the power of youth! The air was filled with the smell of semen and wet pussy.
As Ben and Kylie lay cuddling one another, I was very conscious that everyone had cum except Jenny. I knew she would be desperate to climax soon and sure enough, when I turned to look at her, she was stroking her pussy under her robe.
"Come here old girl," I said taking her hand and sitting her down beside the young lovers. "Let me take care of you."
She was literally dripping. I knelt on the floor and spread her legs wide then started running my tongue up and down the length of her pussy. I savored the delicious flavor of her copious juices and teased her mercilessly. Soon she was writhing under my tongue and begging me to stop teasing her and let her cum. Ben and Kylie watched fascinated so I pulled her robe apart fully so that her large breasts with their huge nipples were exposed and motioned them to sit either side of her. I took their hands and placed them on her breasts before returning to the task of teasing her pussy. Jenny moaned loudly and I looked up - oh what a sight. The kids were sucking on one nipple each and looking at one another across her heaving chest.


"Oh my god -- I'm so close. Suck harder kids. Oh yes. That feels so good. Come on you cunt, Kane -- make me cum. Ohhhh!"


I looked up again to see Ben and Kylie avidly sucking Jenny's swollen nipples -- her hands on the backs of their heads. Suddenly she grabbed my hair with one hand and thrust her pussy into my face. I sucked her clit into my mouth and circled it with my tongue. She began to tremble as an orgasm of great intensity started to course through her whole body. Crying out and writhing around on the sofa, Jenny finally climaxed with a low guttural groan. The spasms lasted for nearly a minute until she gradually relaxed. Then I brought her back up by holding her lips apart and blowing on her clit until she was ready for more licking. I slid three fingers into her gaping vagina and let my little finger slide into her asshole -- something she has always loved. Her juices were flowing so there was no need for lubrication. Ben and Kylie began alternating between sucking her nipples and kissing her mouth. Then Kylie kissed her deeply and passionately as their tongues entwined again. It was such a turn on for Jenny that she was cumming again in no time - and then once more less than five minutes later. 
I left them sprawled out on the big sofa hugging one another. I was not sure how I felt about what had happened but I knew I had to get away and think about it alone. I agonized about it all week until the following Thursday when Jenny rang me to tell me how things had gone during the week and asked me to come over on Saturday afternoon. They had been very affectionate with one another but there was little sexual contact -- except for some lingering kisses and some playful tickling. For two days I agonized over what I should do. Take a chance that everything was going OK and visit or stay away just in case I got caught up in something which could go terribly wrong? 


Then on Saturday morning Kylie called me. She said that things had been much more relaxed around the house but that they had decided not to rush things. She was getting very turned on by the mounting sexual tension in the house but they wanted me to be there when they went further, especially for Ben. He hadn't taken any drugs for the whole week. They were really looking forward to my visit so they could explore the next step. I decided to go and visit.


End of Chapter two. Chapter three is under construction.