Before I can get right down to the nitty gritty, I must first explain myself so you can get a better understanding of me and my problem. My name is Michael and I live in a southern state that frowns on any homosexual activities. I am an only child and we live in the country, about fifteen miles outside of the city. I am twelve years old, but look much older. At twelve, I am already 6' 1" and weigh a muscular 175 pounds. Although my body appearance seemed older, I am still twelve years old with all the problems a confused kid could have without any assistance from anyone. I have dark brown hair which my father keeps very short and my eyes are a deep green.

My best friend in the whole world; my only friend, is Daniel. His mother had passed away when he was a baby and his father recently remarried to a very gorgeous woman who already had a daughter. Her name, the daughter, is Tabatha. We all call her Tabby for short and she is fourteen years old and already is the envy of my many masturbating thoughts. Yes, at twelve, I can actually shoot quite a load. I already have a thick patch of pubic hair and measured my dick to be right at seven and half inches. Tabby has long golden blond hair that dangles past her shoulders, beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that would melt the darkest of hearts. She stands about an even five feet with her breasts that barely stick out from her body. Tabby's butt is the butt from hell. It juts out from her backside and forces your eyes to follow her every movement. Her butt isn't big, but it certainly is in the shape of a perfect pearl drop with about an inch gap of daylight between her closed legs. To sum it up, Tabby is purely gorgeous.

Daniel is a few months older than me at thirteen, but our bodies are completely different. He stands about 4' 10" and barely weighs eighty pounds. Daniel has dirty blond hair that he keeps cut short with a set of wonderful blue eyes, dimples on both cheeks and a smile that takes your breath away. His lips are always reddish in color and his mouth is rather small. Daniel has thick eyelashes that are a dirty blond in color just like Tabby's.

It was summer time and school was out and like always, Daniel and I did everything together. Up until this time, I had never seen Daniel naked or anything close to it. Tabby never hung around us cause she was more interested in socializing with the varsity football squad and cheerleaders. This is where I became the most confused I had ever been in all of my twelve years of life. My nightly masturbation series started involving Daniel, as well as Tabby. No matter what I tried, Daniel would always appear in my mind while I had a firm grip on my dick.

We had spent many nights together at each other's home and always shared the same bed. Nothing remotely sexual ever occurred, nor did we ever talk about sex at any time. I knew my sexual cravings for Daniel was increasing on a daily basis, but nothing I tried seemed to ever change things from my perversion state of mind. I knew the terminology of gay, lesbian, blow-job, and eating pussy, but I had never came close to any of those things. Here is where my sick mind began playing tricks on me. I actually believed that Daniel was incapable of using the bathroom-taking a dump, nor did he have the ability to display a fowl aroma. I remembered all the times we played together and never once did his breath ever smell bad. It seemed to always be extremely fresh. There had been numerous occasions that we wrestled one another, and his butt would somehow be pressed against my nostrils, and never was there a fowl odor. It always smelled of freshly cleaned fabric. I thought I was the one who was different and felt like I had no-one to talk to or tell just how I was feeling.

Thinking back in time, Daniel and I had always been on the same baseball team. I never needed a reason to pat him on his little butt. His butt was really small and it felt like my hand was patting a piece of metal and not someone's flesh. I wanted to tell Daniel my feelings but feared for our relationship. He was and is my only friend. We had planned for me to spend the night at his house and after all the parents' agreement, Daniel and I was in my bedroom packing some clothes. Nothing eventful took place, other than me having a raging hard-on just being near Daniel. No matter what time it is, day or night, Daniel always smelled of fresh baby powder. I know he didn't use the stuff, bit the aroma just flowed freely from his body and was more than a welcoming sensation to anyone's nostrils.

At one point in time in my bedroom, I thought I saw Daniel stare at my bulging shorts, but soon brushed that thought from my mind. We began walking down the trail to go to his house. Daniel was in front of me and my eyes zeroed in on his tight little butt only hidden by the shorts he was wearing. It appeared to be almost flat with a small curve to it to prove that he had a butt indeed. I stared at the backside of his legs and there wasn't any life form of any growing hair visible. His gorgeous hair blew freely in the wind as we walked towards his home. Many times I contemplated the possibility of stopping him and telling him the entire truth, but chickened out and remained silent.

Once we got to his house, we went straight to his bedroom. Tabby was in the shower while his parents was getting ready to go out for the evening. We played on his X-box game until everyone departed. I had to go use the bathroom and walked inside the bathroom that Daniel and Tabby share. I had finished peeing when I turned around to wash my hands. In the corner was a dirty clothes hamper. For some odd reason, my heart began pounding out of my chest and my sick thoughts took over. I opened the lid to the hamper and there was Tabby's freshly worn bra and skimpy panties. My hands were shaking as I picked each of the items up and brought them to my inhaling nostrils. The bra really didn't have anything to offer, but her panties sure did. Something took over all my controls and I placed her used panties in my mouth and almost shot a load in my shorts at the rewarding flavor that overwhelmed my virgin taste buds.

After chewing in her panties for a short time, I dug around and literally sniffed Daniel's used socks. In the balled up mess of clothes rested a pair of Daniel's Fruit-of-the Looms. Putting his socks down, I picked his underwear up and searched the interior. Not even a pee stain, pubic hair, or anything that would change my sick mind. Just as I had done with Tabby's underwear, I put Daniel's underwear in my mouth and graciously sucked all the flavor that could possibly be offered. Without realizing it, my dick was in my hand and I was beating on it like there was no tomorrow. All too soon, my sperm flew out and landed on some dirty clothes. I used the freshly saliva coated underwear to clean myself up before returning to Daniel's bedroom.

As soon as I walked in, Daniel said, "Man, it looks like you just busted a nut or something!" I was totally speechless and after regaining my thoughts, denounced any such activity. Daniel played with his games while I concentrated on him. He is so beautiful and I was so sick for having such thoughts. After an eternity had passed, my thoughts became vocal as I blurted out, "Hey, have you ever seen Tabby naked?" He put the game on pause and turned around to face me. Still with a smile on his face, he said, "Heck no, but it's not like I haven't tried." Daniel licked his top lip, then said, "She's not interested in a runt like me. She likes guys who are big, like the football players." His next statement floored me and I think he accidently let it slip out without thinking, when he announced, "The closest I had ever come to Tabby was sniffing her used panties!" His face flushed as he quickly turned around back to his game.

Several minutes passed and Daniel finally got tired of the games. I was sitting on his bed when he told me to wait here. He walked out of the bedroom and upon his return, was holding the same panties of Tabby's that I had already sucked on. "Hey, these are her's that she worn today." I watched Daniel as he brought them to his nose. His chest rose as he inhaled the intoxicating aroma from the fabric. When he brought the panties down from his nose, he handed them to me. He said, "Holy cow man, her panties are really wet this time and it looks like she busted a nut inside them." There was a pretty good sized glob of cum on the end of his nose and I watched in total amazement as he wiped the cum off his nose and quickly inserted it into his mouth. Out of fear as to what he might say or do, I didn't tell him that the cum wasn't Tabby's, it was mine. After he swallowed my sperm, he said, "Ah man Michael, you ought to try this. It is delicious!" I shook my head more out of disbelief than anything else. Daniel had just tasted my sperm and he loved it. I couldn't build up the nerve to taste my own sperm as I looked into her underwear and there were several more globs of my sperm all over.

Daniel reached out and took her underwear and said, "Don't be chicken, this stuff tastes pretty good. This is the closest I had ever come to a real pussy." Without any hesitation, I watched as Daniel began slurping up my previously spilled sperm inside Tabby's panties. My own cock grew larger than life because this was the very first time that Daniel and I had ever really talked about sex. We were not only talking about it, but he was eating my sperm while thinking it belonged to Tabby. I did take the time to stare at his crotch but was unable to see the slightest signs of any bulge. Either had the worlds smallest dick, or his underwear trapped his erection, concealing it to perfection.

After Daniel finished slurping away all my sperm from Tabby's panties, he quickly put them back inside the hamper and returned to his bedroom. He sat down next to me and asked, "Have you ever been with a girl?" I nodded my head no and was surprised he had asked that question because he already knew I hadn't. I asked, "Have you ever snuck in the bathroom when Tabby was taking her shower?" "A few times, but the shower curtain is too thick and I couldn't really see anything." We just sat there, both of us figuring out what next to say. I asked, "Do you think Tabby is still a virgin?" Daniel let out a loud chuckle, then said, "Hell no she ain't no virgin. Sometimes when mom and dad are gone for a few hours, she has one of the football players over and I can hear them in her bedroom."

I figured out then that I wasn't the only one who was interested in seeing Tabby naked. Daniel was just as engrossed with his step sister as so was I. Her bedroom was next his so I asked, "Have you ever tried to make a peep hole from your bedroom to hers?" His face lit up as he slapped the edge of the bed. "Damn, I never thought of that before, but that is a great idea." We both carefully walked inside her bedroom and studied every square inch before returning back to his room.

It took some time, but we managed to create a peep hole inside his closet that overlooked Tabby's entire bedroom. The only place we would not be able to see anything is if she would be doing something on the floor to the right side of her bed, but everything else was clearly visible. We had just finished when Tabby and a big guy, named Joel, walked in. Daniel blurted out, "We're going over Michael's for a little while." Tabby smiled and replied, "You brats stay gone for a long while." Daniel and I walked outside and only pretended to be going down the trail to my house.

It didn't take me long to figure out his intentions. We circled back and very quietly opened the backdoor. We took off our shoes and tip toed back to his room. Daniel removed the panel from inside his closet and our eyes was blessed with the scene that was unfolding. Joel was a big guy who had to stand at least 6' 4" and weighed well over two hundred and fifty pounds. He towered over Tabby's small frame as their tongues entwined while his hands groped he beautiful butt. Daniel and my cheeks were touching in the close confinement of his closet and my cock was rock hard while my nostrils inhaled his sweet fresh breath and natural body odor. Tabby was fumbling with Joel's belt and Joel began tugging at her shorts. Tabby won the race by yanking down Joel's shorts and underwear in one single motion. Joel's rock hard cut cock jutted straight out about six and half inches and his black pubic hair was very thick. Tabby knelt onto her knees and began licking at the mushroom head. Her tongue traced his shaft before returning to his cock head. Daniel and I watched in awe as she ran her mouth over his cock head and swallowed all six and a half inches of his erect meat. I felt Daniel's mouth open as Tabby began to rivet her mouth onto the cock before her.

Joel's balls were not really too large, but they were thickly covered with curly black hair. Tabby placed each testicle in her mouth while Joel ran his fingers through her hair. After licking and sucking each of his balls, she returned to his cock. Tabby's hands roamed Joel's muscular butt cheeks that too was layered with black hair. We heard Joel scream, "Yeah baby, suck my cock. I'm almost there. Yes, yes, suck it, ah, oh yeah!" Tabby put her right hand on his tool and began pumping it with a mad passion while her mouth was opened right at his piss slit. Her tongue rested on the underside of his mushroom head and we watched as his first few shots blasted off inside her mouth. Joel was shooting his load inside her mouth while her right hand pumped away on his cock. He sure did have a big load and when it finally began to dribble out, Tabby placed her mouth back over his cock and began sucking like crazy. We could even hear her whimper while she sucked.

To my surprise, when Tabby stood up, I could see her swallowing his cum while having a tremendous smile on her face. Joel quickly removed his shirt and threw it to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off while Tabby was tearing at her own clothes. From the waist up, Joel was almost hairless, but from the waist down, he was a mass of fur. I watched carefully as Tabby finally undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were small, barely a handful, but her nipples stood out a good inch from her flesh. She yanked her socks off and began pulling down her pants. Soon was standing there in only her skimpy panties and my cock was painfully erect straining against and inside my shorts. I was wondering to myself if Daniel was experiencing the same problem I had. Tabby yanked down her underwear and now I finally got to see this gorgeous girl absolutely naked. Her delicious butt jutted out from the rest of her fine body leaving an everlasting impression in my mind. Her pubic hair was a light brown in color and it was shaved in the form of a Mohawk. From my position, I could see her pussy lips glisten from her own juices as she hopped up onto the bed and laid on her back with her legs widely spread. Her pussy lips were tightly sealed as Joel crawled onto the bed between her legs. He ran his tongue up and down each of her legs, but my eyes trailed off to see his butt. Massively hairy, but I could see his butt hole that was barely visible due to all his hair.

Joel spread her pussy lips with his fingers, leaned forward and I watched as his tongue dove into her pussy. His finger raised the hood over her clit and his mouth fell onto it and we could hear the slurping noises coming from him and her moans that ricochet inside Daniel's bedroom. Tabby's fingers found her erect nipples and it appeared as if she was pinching them while trying to pull them from her body. Her back was arched and I could see her legs as they shook while Joel was eating away at her moist pussy. Joel's hairy balls hung down from his body and they swayed while he was lapping at her cunt juices. Joel raised Tabby's legs even higher and further back and it looked like his tongue was darting in and out of her asshole. I wanted to pull my dick out and masturbate right there but knew and thought better of doing so. Joel rolled Tabby on her stomach and she got up on her knees while resting her left cheek on the bed. She didn't know it, but she was staring directly at me and Daniel. Joel's tongue licked up and down her entire hairless crack. I almost shot my load when I saw his tongue force its way inside her butt hole while his right hand was playing with her pussy.

Joel's cock grew hard and stuck out from his body wanting its own taste test of Tabby's sopping wet cunt. After some time, Tabby had inadvertently scooted her body to the right side of the bed while Joel's tongue molested her little butt hole. Tabby rolled onto her back and Joel raised his thick right leg over her body and guided his hard cock to the waiting and open mouth of Tabby. Joel was eating her pussy and Tabby was sucking on his cock. Her hands slid over his hairy butt while her mouth eagerly worked on his erect organ. What happened next caught me way off guard. Tabby's head rose up and her tongue shot right into Joel's hairy asshole. The harder and further she worked her tongue inside his hairy butt, the harder he worked on eating her pussy. Tabby cried out, "Oh God, oh God, I, I'm, oh shit!" Her body twitched violently as she achieved an orgasm and Joel began sucking harder on her exposed clit.

Tabby worked in unison eating his hairy hole and sucking on his pre cum dripping cock. I could see Joel had a finger or two inside her cunt while still chewing on her clit. The heat from Daniel's body was driving me insane with passion and my cock felt like it was going to explode any minute now. Joel raised his big right leg and lay on top of Tabby where their tongues collided. Tabby's legs raised high enough to where she wrapped her thin smooth legs around the waist of Joel. Their moans were very loud as Joel worked his mouth onto her perky little nipples. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples and it must have felt really good to her because she cried out in pleasure the entire time.

Intensely, we watched as Tabby guided his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy lips. Joel leaned forward and his hard pole disappeared inside her wet cunt. Joel's large arms hooked her legs and brought her forward as he began pounding his meat in and out of her with a blinding speed. Tabby screamed, "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy hard!" I could hear Joel's flesh as it struck hard up against Tabby's flesh as he slammed his meat into her. Joel said something and soon pulled his dick out of her. Tabby rolled over onto her stomach, spread her legs wide and lowered her upper half to the bed mattress. I could see her pussy gleaming from the wetness and her hairless butt hole looked as if it were winking to the audience.

Joel inched forward on his knees and reinserted his hard tool inside her and began ramming his cock back and forth. Joel's hands had gripped what little flab of her butt cheeks that could be offered and it appeared that he was trying to rip her further apart. Both of them were screaming in pleasure and I think Tabby had achieved another orgasm from the mixed up words she was trying to say. Joel had pounded his meat inside her for about five hard minutes, but to my surprise, I heard Tabby scream/cry out, "Fuck, fuck my ass, take my asshole, fuck it now!"

I was flabbergasted when I saw Joel take his shiny cock out of her pussy and shove it into her little butt hole. Tabby cried out as soon as his cock forced its way inside her hole. He pressed forward until his meat was buried inside her anal canal. No sooner was his cock buried in her little poop chute, Tabby screamed, "Oh shit, cum, I'm, oh shit!" Her body twitched and jerked violently while his cock rammed her hole while it looked like she was fingering her own cunt. Joel grunted and temporarily paused and I figured he was unleashing his load inside her anal cavern.

We watched as he pulled his now soft cock out from her hole and the two of them lay there gently kissing one another. Like two thieves in the night, Daniel and I silently crept out of the closet and made our way back outside. We walked to the trail and sat down on a fallen log. I had just seen someone else's dick other than my own and had a good look at Tabby's beautiful naked body. My dick was still hard and strange feelings controlled my entire body.

Daniel was the first to speak, "Man, did you see how hairy Joel's butt is?" I shook my head in agreement. He continued, "His dick was huge and I can't believe Tabby swallowed his spunk." I didn't say anything, but I knew my own dick was bigger and thicker than Joel's. Daniel said, "Oh hell, they stuck their tongues in each other's butt hole. Yucky, that is too gross. You poop out of that hole and I still can't get over them licking their poop chute." I finally spoke, "It must have felt good to them, because they did it to each other for a long time. Heck, Tabby begged Joel to stick his dick in her butt hole." Daniel said, "That's right, she did beg him to do it to her. It seems to me that the pain of something so big going into something that small would be too much to handle." I said, "Apparently it felt really good to Tabby, because she had numerous orgasms."

We were sitting so close that his left leg was nestled against my right leg. I wanted to reach out and massage his smooth leg but didn't know what he might say or do. Our arms were touching and my cock was painfully erect all bunched up in my underwear and shorts. I was wondering if Daniel's dick was as hard as mine. His natural body odor was driving me delirious with an unexplainable lust. Up until I saw the sex between Joel and Tabby, I never realized a person's butt hole as being an object of sexual desire, but now I was more than curious as to what Daniel's looked like, along with his dick. Daniel interrupted my train of thought when he said, "I bet someone sucking on your dick feels really good." I said, "I bet you're right. I know I can't wait to get my first blow-job."

From where we were sitting, we saw the two of them get into Joel's car and drive off. We began walking back to his house. My eyes fell upon his little butt and watched as each small cheek moved up and down with his every step. I wanted so desperately to pull my cock out and begin jacking-off, but thought better against it. We entered his house and I really can't remember how it started, but we soon began to play wrestle. Being much taller and stronger, I could have pinned Daniel any time I wanted to, but was enjoying the accidental touching to stop it. I took every opportunity to inhale his sweet, intoxicating breath as our faces came within inches of our lips. At one point I was on my back and Daniel sat down directly on my face with his legs spread on either side of me. My nose was pressed hard up against the area I knew his butt hole was and I began deeply inhaling at that particular area. My flared nostrils only inhaled the fresh scent of his clean shorts and nothing else.

I knew Daniel had to notice my erection as it climbed down the right side of my shorts. From time to time, his hand would brush up against my dick causing it to jerk and twitch. I tried to accidentally touch his dick, but felt nothing but his denim shorts. One time when he was on his back, I snuck a peek at his underarm area and saw a small line of dirty blond hair in the pit. His shirt rose up one time and I got to see his little belly button as it looked like a little line or a small dot. The match finally ended with him sitting on my chest with his crotch in my face. I pictured him naked and my mind immediately began playing out that he was going to feed me his dick, but that never happened.

I took my shower first and unleashed a heavy load of sperm on the bathtub floor before exiting the bathroom. Daniel was next and I waited in his bedroom. I heard the shower head activate and waited a few seconds. Something was controlling my every movement as I silently walked to the bathroom door. My hand trembled as it slowly grabbed the door knob and turned. He didn't lock it and the door opened slightly. I could hear the water as it was falling from his body and I saw his clothes as it dangled out of the hamper. Quickly and silently, I inched my way to the hamper and pulled his freshly worn underwear out and immediately inspected the inside. Not a stain of any kind and not a single pubic hair was to be found. I brought the underwear to my nose and began sniffing like a bloodhound at the area which I thought his butt hole was once hidden inside. No fowl odor, only his natural body odor which aroused my every single nerve. I sucked on his underwear trying to get any kind of taste I could from his butt and where his dick rested.

I placed his underwear under the dirty clothes and was about to leave. I noticed that he hadn't closed the thick shower curtain all the way. There was about an inch space from the shower curtain to the wall on the opposite end of the shower head. I pressed the right side of my cheek against the wall and with a shaking left hand, gently pulled the curtain to my left. The most beautiful sight seared my eyes. Daniel had his back facing me and I saw his little butt softly wiggle as he was washing his hair. His butt was muscular, yet ever so tiny. It looked like a sideways grin as I studied the small crack line. Soap was running in and along his thin crack, down his smooth thin legs. Not wanting to get busted, I closed the curtain and almost ran to his bedroom where I leaned back on the bed pretending to watch television.

As always, Daniel entered wearing a short sleeve shirt and small shorts and I could tell he was wearing his Fruit of the Looms underwear as well, because the top of the band was sticking out over the shorts. Nothing else happened as we drifted off to sleep. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and like before, something had taken control over me. Daniel was laying on his left side with his back towards me. The covers had been kicked off during the course of the night. He was balled up as if he were in the fetal position. I inched down to where my face was right over his little butt and stuck my nose within a fraction of an inch from his little butt hole. I inhaled deeply numerous times, but only smelled the fresh fabric of his clothing. I crept out of bed and walked over to his side where his face was and leaned down. He was so precious as he lay there lost in his own little sleep world. His small mouth was open and I leaned down and began breathing in his every soft breath. Pure sweetness was all that I was offered. I don't remember how long I kept this up, but soon got back into bed.

I had a difficult time going back to sleep. My mind kept reviewing the sex between Joel and Tabby, as well as seeing Daniel's perfect little butt. While dreaming of the three, I drifted off to sleep. We both woke up at the same time and after saying our good mornings began to move about. Nothing much happened throughout the course of the day, but Daniel made several statements about eating a butt hole and having someone suck his dick. I stayed rock hard the entire day while being around Daniel.

For the next month or so, Daniel and I took every opportunity to spy on Tabby and her sex life. We watched her have sex with four other guys from the football team and each and every one of them ate her pussy and asshole. They all rammed their meat in her pussy and butt and she always ran her tongue inside their butt holes. We even watched her on two separate occasions, have sex with another girl. I couldn't get enough of watching Tabby in action and seeing her gorgeous body in play. My own sexual frustrations grew stronger as time went on over Daniel.

Our parents were going on a planned trip and it was Tabby who was going to watch over us. It was Friday night and it was storming outside, raining cats and dogs. The three of us sat in the living room watching television. Tabby was sitting in the recliner with her legs crossed wearing a tight night gown. I constantly glanced at her hoping for a small peek at her pussy, but the material blocked my view. I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra and only had skimpy panties on underneath. She told Daniel to go take a shower, so he did like he was told. Several minutes later, he returned and she told me to go take a shower. I did as told and like always, took the extra time to sniff her underwear and Daniel's as well.

Daniel and I both were wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts with our underwear on underneath. We sat there watching television with me and Daniel sitting on opposite end of the sofa. My eyes trailed between Daniel and Tabby, staring at their crotches. The television suddenly went off and I thought that we had lost the power due to the storm, but quickly discovered that there was still lights on in the house. Tabby got up and walked in front of the television and looked at us with an evil grin. I could see her small breasts through the thin fabric and her nipples were poking out. Her tone of voice caught both of us off guard when she screamed, "You sick little perverted fucks! I found your peep hole you sick twirps. You invaded my privacy and no telling what all the two of you saw. Did you have your little dicks in your hand while watching me? Oh my God, I can't believe you punks did this! Daniel, if I tell mom and dad about this, you know their going to punish you forever. You Michael, your dad will whip the shit out of you! And which one of you little bastard's has been sticking my underwear in your perverted mouths? You two fucks has pissed me the fuck off!"

Daniel and I both trembled with fear and the unknowing. I was speechless and was afraid to speak and from the look on Daniel's face, he was too. I didn't know whether to apologize or start crying. I knew my dad would take the belt to me and forget to stop whipping me. We sat there shaking like summer leaves not knowing what we should do, or say.

Tabby took a deep breath and said, "Okay, you sick little creeps, I have two choices. The first being that I tell our parents what you guys did, or the second being, you have to do everything I tell you to do. I mean do whatever I say without any hesitation. Do you little fucks understand me?" Neither one of us spoke, but we nodded our heads in agreement. She said, "Well what do you want to do? Do you want me tell our parents, or will the two of you do everything I say without hesitation or asking any stupid fucking questions."

I didn't need to think about this one, so I blurted out with a raspy voice, "Whatever you say, I'll do, but please don't tell my parents." Daniel replied the same as me and we sat there not knowing what Tabby would do. She paced the floor in front of us for a few seconds before saying, "Let me get this straight. The two of you would rather do whatever I tell you to do instead of telling our parents." We both shook our heads. She walked over to the recliner and sat down, folding her legs in the process.

"Stand up you fucks and stand in front of me!" We did as she told us without any hesitation. Tabby still had an evil grin on her face as she just stared at us. "Get on your knees!" We did as instructed. "Daniel, I want you to put your tongue in Michael's ear and don't stop until I tell you to stop!" I felt Daniel's hot breath on my cheek as his tongue began driving inside my right ear. A few minutes elapsed before she stopped him. "Now, Michael, I want you to stick your tongue in Daniel's ear; do it the fuck now!" I rammed my tongue in his left ear and found myself being over whelmed with desire. To my regret, Tabby stopped me. She placed both of her feet onto the carpet and leaned forward and said, "Michael stick out your tongue and I mean as far as it will go. Daniel, I want to see your mouth, your whole mouth suck on his tongue. Now, I said!" I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and Daniel leaned over and began sucking my tongue right out of my mouth. All too soon, she stopped him.

It was my turn to suck on his tongue and I did with a fiery passion, enjoying as much of his sweet saliva he could deliver. I was lost in the moment and she had to tell me twice to stop. "Stand up!" We stood on trembling knees before her. "Take off your shorts, now!" I fumed with the top button and after it popped free, zipped down and kicked my shorts to the side. The both of us was standing in front of her just in our underwear and t-shirts. "Take your shirts off, right now!" The both of us quickly obeyed her command and tossed the shirts to the side. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Daniel's tiny speckle of a nipple.

I tried to catch a glimpse of his crotch, but Tabby was to quick with her commands. "Kiss each other and I mean I want to see a kiss like the two of you mean it!" Our lips collided and our tongues rolled over one another's, inside our mouths. I had my hands on his shoulders and his hands embraced my arms as we kissed passionately for a good while. As my luck would have it, she stopped us. My underwear was tenting out due to my solid erection. I caught a quick glimpse of Daniel's underwear and saw a bulge in the middle of his underwear, pointing upwards. We turned around to face her to await another command.

Tabby just sat there looking over us deciding what she wanted us to do next. She finally yelled, "Feel each other's cock through your underwear. Do it, do it now!" Daniel's hand was the first to reach out and grab my straining erection. His small hand felt incredibly wonderful on my dick as he gently squeezed it. My hand trembled as I finally got to touch the object I had dreamt about for so long. It was kind of thick and traveled upwards a good five inches. I never wanted to release his precious meat, but Tabby stopped us after about five minutes. I did notice that where Daniel's piss slit was, was very wet.

"Take your underwear off!" I took very little time discarding my underwear and throwing them to the side. I actually wanted to show Tabby and Daniel my raging hard-on. Daniel didn't hesitate, but I could tell he was more embarrassed at showing his erection. We stood in front of Tabby totally naked with our boners pointing in their perspective directions. My dick was sticking straight out while Daniel's thick five inch cut dick jutted to the ceiling, resting firmly against his lower stomach. His piss slit was glistening and there was clear fluid running from his piss slit down his shaft. I got a good look at his perfectly rounded nugget sized balls, as they were snuggled firmly in a hairless sac. He had a little bit of pubic hair that was a dark brown just above the base of his cock. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

She coarsely said, "Well little step brother, it looks like you're not so little with your fat cock dripping pre cum everywhere, and you Michael, you sure do have a big dick for a twelve year old." Although Daniel's dick was kind of thick, mine was way thicker than his. "Michael get on your knees!" I did like she instructed. "Daniel get in front of Michael!" I saw his cock as it barely moved from side to side as he stepped in front of me. She had me turn to the right so she could get a better, unobstructed view. I could see the fluid as it was streaming down his shaft and dripping onto his hairless balls.

"Suck on Daniel's balls and I want to see your tongue lapping on his nuts too!" His shaft pressed against my nose as I leaned forward. My tongue slid over his balls and the fluid shattered my taste buds. The heat form his balls and the liquid that slid down my throat caused my cock to twitch. I sucked and licked on his balls until she told me to stop. She asked, "So Michael, did you like the taste of Daniel's pre cum?" Still on my knees, I replied yes. "Good, now lick the rest of his pre spunk up with your tongue!" I slowly traced his shaft upwards getting all his delicious pre cum that had spilled. Without being told, I licked at his piss slit and without thinking, placed my mouth over his fiery red cock head. His cock felt at home inside my mouth as I imitated the movements of earlier spying sessions of Tabby. It was so hard, yet so velvety smooth. Daniel started moaning as my mouth rocked back and forth on his wonderful cock. My hands remained at my side while I sucked on his hard organ. All too soon, Tabby stopped me. I noticed Daniel's chest had been rising at a rapid pace.

She had us switch positions and now I was standing and Daniel was on his knees. His tongue was so hot on my balls as he licked all over them. I thought I was going to die when he sucked both of my hairless balls inside his hot mouth. Looking down at him, our eyes met and I almost shot a load at this wonderful vision. His tongue traced my shaft and soon his mouth engulfed my cock to about four inches. My knees started shaking as his mouth worked on about four or five inches of my solid meat. I felt the familiar stirring in my balls and knew that I was getting close to unleashing a powerful orgasm. Tabby must have sensed it, because she had to tell Daniel three times to stop.

Sternly Tabby said, "I'm only going to say this once! Daniel stand up and put your hands behind your back. Michael, I want you to suck on his nipples; use your teeth to nibble while you take your left hand and play with his balls and use your right hand to stroke his cock. Daniel, you best not bust a nut, do you understand?" He said yes and she said do it now. I leaned down and placed my lips over Daniel's left nipple and began sucking and licking on it while playing with his balls and jacking on his hard dick. Daniel began moaning rather loudly and I was afraid I was biting his nipple too hard, but out of fear of Tabby, I continued. His body started shaking like crazy as my mouth roamed back and forth to each nipple while my hands played with his cock and balls. I could tell somehow, that Daniel was getting really close and so did Tabby, caused she yelled at me to stop.

We changed positions and now I could understand why he was moaning. His lips and tongue felt great on my nipples and his hands worked their joy all over my cock and balls. Within minutes, I became dangerously close to busting a nut. My body shook uncontrollably at his every move. His nibbling on my nipples caused my whole body to quiver. "Stop, I said stop!"

Both of us were standing in front of her still with our cock's standing at full attention awaiting her next command. "Follow me!" We followed her into her bedroom and stood on the left side of the bed not knowing what would be next. She said, "Daniel get on my bed with your stomach facing down." I watched as Daniel got on the bed and ly on his stomach. Tabby was in full control adjusting him how she wanted him to be. His upper body was laying flat on the bed, while his lower body was jutting at the ceiling. Daniel's legs were spread wide and his butt was sticking out for any and all to see. Tabby referred this to be a doggie-style position.

I was told to get on the bed behind Daniel. I was kneeling behind him looking straight at his little, almost a dot of a butt hole and it was a shiny pink in color with no hair anywhere. "Michael, I want to see your tongue go inside Daniel's poop chute, understand?" I nodded my head while eagerly lowering my face to his butt. I used both hands to grip what little flesh I could get from his butt cheeks and spread them wider. My nostrils flared as I inhaled his fresh powdery aroma as my nose was pressed against his small, pink poop chute. Lifting my nose from his hole, I shot my tongue up against it. Daniel wiggled as he cried out that it kind of tickled. I lapped at his hole with all intent and did my very best to gain entry. After a few seconds, Daniel stopped saying it tickled and he began to groan as my tongue slopped away at his tiny pink rosebud. Tabby screamed, "I said I want to see your tongue go inside his asshole!" I didn't want to stop and tell her I was trying. My tongue pressed even harder and all of a sudden Daniel cried out as my tongue pried open his extra tiny hole and began snaking its way inside his hot chamber.

I was overwhelmed at the tremendous feeling that was rocketing throughout my entire body knowing that my tongue was deeply rooted inside my best friends asshole. Daniel was thrusting about while my tongue was exploring an area never before ever having been explored. Regretfully, and way too soon, Tabby stopped me. We changed positions and I felt Daniel's soft little hands as they latched onto my butt cheeks and spread them wider apart. His hot breath tickled my ass crack as his head leaned forward. As his tongue met my pucker hole, I almost jumped out of the bed. It tickled awfully bad, but his tongue never left my clinched hole. I grabbed onto the sheets with both hands while biting my lower lip. My body was soon rewarded as the tickling sensation departed and a new feeling shattered my body. I felt his pointy tongue as it forced its way inside my anal canal. It was a little painful, but felt kind of good as his tongue traveled deeper inside me. After about ten minutes, she stopped Daniel.

I could feel my asshole dripping from Daniel's saliva as we sat on the bed awaiting her next command. She explained the sixty-nine position and had me lay on my back with Daniel on top of me. She made it clear that she did not want either of us busting a nut just yet. Daniel's cock strained as I had to use my hand to force it under him and I began licking up his delicious pre cum. His mouth felt great on my cock. My balls ached from all the cum that had been building up. While Daniel's hot mouth was working on my cock, he began using his hands to gently roll my balls. I was swallowing his cock and enjoying all his pre cum while my nose was surrounded by his hairless balls and pressed against his tiny butt hole.

Had I known Tabby would have us do all this, I would have told her about the peep hole a long time ago. My every fantasy, my every dream was coming true. Throughout our mutual cock sucking, we both gagged numerous times, but never did our cock's fall out of the other's mouth. Tabby was laying on the bed to my right. She was on her right side with her right arm holding up her head with the prettiest smile anyone could possibly have. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the knuckles of her left hand as they pressed under her skimpy panties as her fingers darted in and out of her soaking wet pussy. The fabric between her legs could not conceal her fluids as it soaked through the skimpy material.

My hands began to roam all over Daniel's little butt cheeks and I admired his smoothness and was overwhelmed by his all around beauty. I didn't think I could hold back much longer, mainly due to the fact that I had never done any of this before and was only use to jacking-off. Daniel's mouth was awfully hot and felt great and his small hands was doing a number on my hairless balls. As per the case with the rest of our controlled activity, Tabby yelled for us to stop. Both Daniel and I found ourselves gasping for air as the cock's slipped out of our mouths.

Tabby spoke softly, "Okay Daniel, now I want you to sit up and squat directly over Michael's mouth. Now, you little pervert!" Daniel's legs slid as he positioned himself and my eyes glued to his little hole as it began to lower directly over my stiffening tongue. His hole was on my mouth and my tongue needed no commands to find its objective. With little resistance, my tongue drilled its way inside my best friend's asshole. As my tongue traveled inside him, Daniel cried, "Oh, oh my God, ah ye-es!" The sound of his soft spoken cries sent me to a heightened and frenzy state. I reached over Daniel with both hands and aggressively spread his butt cheeks to the point that his inner crack turned a different shade of white. I felt the pressure on the bed as if someone was moving and since Daniel was on my face, knew it was Tabby. I looked up and she had maneuvered herself right next to me and was using her hands to push Daniel forward, keeping his butt firmly intact with my impaling tongue.

Tabby dropped to her knees and she rammed a finger inside Daniel's asshole, accompanying my tongue. Daniel took a deep breath and screamed, "No, no, it hurts, oh please!" I watched and felt as she drove and dug her finger into his tight hole, which in the process made more room for my tongue to eagerly lap at his anal canal. Tabby's left hand was still inside her panties working on her pussy and I could smell her sweet pussy juice as it flowed like a water fall. She pulled her finger out from his hole and Daniel gave a sigh of relief, but now I shoved my finger inside his hole. I buried my finger all the way inside him and Daniel's body began shaking violently while soft moans escaped his clinched lips. Tabby instructed Daniel to jack-off, but don't cum just yet. Daniel was pounding his meat while I was drilling his delicious and intoxicating hole with my tongue and pile driving finger. It didn't take long and Daniel had to stop working on his cock so he wouldn't shoot his load.

Tabby made us stop and had Daniel get off of me. We sat on the bed while she was standing on the carpet just looking at us. Our cock's were hard as steel and I could see Daniel's piss slit spewing out pre cum by the gallons. Our eyes were wide open as we patiently sat there awaiting her next command. Tabby took off her little gown and dropped it to the floor. Having no bra on, her breasts came into view. Small, but perky and her nipples had to be a half an inch long. She hooked her panties and we watched intently as she slowly removed them. Her pussy lips came into view as she stepped out of the panties. Her small pussy lips glistened from her juices and as if in a choir, our cock's began to jerk and twitch on their own.

"Daniel, get on your knees! Michael, I want you to clean his messy cock up, but I don't want to see you suck it. Clean it with your tongue!" While she was barking out orders, I was already leaning over to happily clean his pre cum dripping cock. It was like shock therapy as my tongue began licking up his juices from his now hardened balls. Loud moans echoed throughout the room and his body shook out of control. After cleaning his balls, my tongue lapped at the juices at the base of his cock and worked its way up to his little piss slit. I savored every ounce of his delicious liquid and craved for more. "STOP!"

"Now, I want the two of you to jack-off on your own pathetic dick's, but don't even think about busting your nuts. You hear me you spying little brats?" Nodding our heads, we each took a hold of our cock's and began pumping. I was torn between staring at Daniel's cock and Tabby's gorgeous, nude body. Within seconds, I felt like my nuts were going to explode and slowed down my pace. Apparently, Daniel was in the same fix as I was because he too, slowed down drastically. Tabby began pulling at her nipples with both of her hands and barked, "Faster, beat your meat faster, but you better not cum!" I wanted to bust my nut so bad, I felt like I was going to cry, but managed to quicken my pace. For the first time since we started all this, I was more than happy when she yelled stop.

"Michael, lay down on your back with your head facing me!" I did as she told me to do and once I was in position, she said, "Daniel, get behind me!" She crawled onto the bed and positioned her legs on either side of my face and squatted. She buried her pussy in my face and screamed, "Daniel, eat my ass and you boys better do a good job!" Her pussy juice smelled something like a faint odor of a fresh fish, but was not gross, but rather inviting. Without having to be told, I immediately began lapping up her cunt juice. The heat from inside her pussy lips sent chills up and down my spine. Looking up, I could see Daniel driving his tongue into her hairless asshole. Tabby screamed, "Yes, oh hell yes, that's it boys. Eat my pussy and ass! Make me cum!" Tabby's left hand reached back and yanked on her left butt cheek while her right hand reached down and she began pinching and pulling on my right nipple. My body jerked from the pain that her fingers were giving me on my nipple. Daniel's smooth chin was on top of my nose and my tongue was moving freely inside her dripping pussy. My first taste of pussy and I knew I wanted more, or at least, more of Tabby's. All three of us began moaning and groaning and not long after that, Tabby screamed, "Shit, shit, I, I, yes, oh my God! Her body shook rapidly and my mouth filled up with more of her delicious juices. After her body stopped shaking, she yelled stop.

My own cock began to create its own little formation of pre cum at the head of my piss slit. Tabby made us both clean the other's cock up without sucking on it, just licking it up. When Daniel licked my pre cum up, he began to moan and I knew that this activity between us would continue, with or without Tabby. She had us lean back on the beds headboard and forced us to cross our legs and spread them wide. My right leg was under Daniel's left leg and we sat there with our legs wide apart. Tabby climbed in between us and swallowed Daniel's hard cock in one gulp. Her right hand had a firm grip on my stiff erection and I was more than excited watching her skilled mouth in action. She sucked on his cock for nearly a minute, then she dove on mine. Just like Daniel, she swallowed my cock to the base without choking or gagging. Her left hand was wrapped around Daniel's cock and her head was rifling up and down on mine. Tabby took turns on our cock's for what felt like an eternity. The both of us fought back from blasting our loads and I didn't know about Daniel, but my balls hurt something awful.

Tabby stopped sucking our cock's and she turned around, stepped backwards and bent over while saying, "You boys share my asshole!" We leaned forward and our tongues fought each other as we both lapped in and around her tiny pucker hole. It was almost as if we were kissing while giving her pleasure at the same time. The taste of her ass and the sweetness of Daniel's fresh saliva began to drive me crazy. Tabby was playing with her pussy while our tongues were assaulting her asshole. Not much time passed before she cried out that she was having another orgasm. As soon as her climax was over, she stepped away from our lapping tongues.

She sat down in front of us and said, "I want to see the two of you kiss like you are lovers, and I mean deeply in love with one another!" Our bodies slid down the bed as we held each other in our arms and our lips partes as our tongues darted inside. His breath had always seemed so fresh to me, but now, it was sheering my every nerve with its sweetness. I sucked his tongue dry and did my best to drive my tongue down his throat and swallow his saliva glands. Our hands found the other's hard cock and we began to gingerly stroke the other. Our echoing moans shattered and bounced off the walls. From time to time while we were kissing, my finger found his tight little butt hole and massaged the closed entrance causing Daniel to groan louder. He did the same to me and I probably groaned just as loud. Tabby allowed us to kiss for a long time before she screamed at us to stop.

We were panting for every breath as she smiled at us and sternly stated, "You boys want to experience all I do, well now you are going to find out what it is like. Daniel, lay down on your back with your head facing me." Daniel did as told and I was ever so amazed at his naked and gorgeous body. "Michael, I want you to get on top of Daniel, like in the sixty-nine position, but don't touch Daniel's cock!" I got into position and waited for the next command. "Daniel, open your mouth and Michael, I want you to jack-off and blow your load into Daniel's mouth. Daniel, you had best not spill one single drop!" I began pumping my cock fast and furious and was thankful for the moment I could finally unleash my overly built up load. While I was working on my dick, Tabby maneuvered my right leg so that my heel was resting on top of the bed while my left knee was firmly intact. I looked down and could see Daniel laying there with his mouth open and his beautiful eyes glassed over awaiting my load. I was getting close when Tabby shot a finger straight up my asshole. Her finger wasted no time driving in and out and I was torn between the sudden shock of a sharp burning pain and busting a nut. I pressed my dick towards his open mouth, coming within a fraction of an inch of shoving my cock head in and began spewing my guts out. I had jacked-off many times, but this time was the hardest and longest of them all. Thick, creamy, and watery sperm flooded Daniel's mouth. Tabby was shooting her finger in my hole and looking at Daniel to see if he would spill any of my sperm. I heard her yell at him, "Don't you dare try and swallow any just yet. Keep it in your mouth!" With only a few driblets remaining, Tabby had me roll my cock head over Daniel's bottom lip to catch the last few drops.

Spent and exhausted, she made me roll over and sit next to her. Daniel was still on his back with a more than a mouthful of my sperm still contained in his mouth forcing his cheeks to expand to accommodate my heavy load. She made him sit up, but he had to lean his head backwards in order for any of my sperm to slide out. His mouth was still open and she said, "I want you to swallow a little at a time. Enjoy the flavor, don't rush it!" I watched as his small Adams apple moved up and down while swallowing my spunk. As the last bit slipped down his throat, Tabby asked, "So, Daniel, what did Michael's cum taste like?" He licked his lips with an ever so precious smile, he said, "Absolutely fucking grade A delicious!" Tabby smiled and had us switch positions. I wanted so desperately to taste his sperm, but was caught up with a whopping nervousness as well.

While he was jacking-off, I became even more infatuated with his tiny pink butt hole. So small, yet so delicious! His small balls shot back into their sockets and only a shriveled up hairless sac was visible. Tabby had stuck her finger inside her pussy and after pulling it out, I watched with full intent as she slammed her finger to the knuckle inside his tight hole. Daniel arched his back at the sudden invasion as her finger shot back and forth inside his hot tunnel. Daniel screamed, "Oh shit, oh shit, here, here, ah y-y-y-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-!" He pushed his cock to the opening of my already wide open mouth and I knew that my nervousness had no vote at this time. Several hot, thick globs of his sperm hit the roof of my mouth and tongue. Within seconds, my mouth was getting close to overflowing. He pounded his cock furiously and it was still shooting in massive quantities. Somehow, I managed to close my throat, trapping his sperm inside my mouth. Thankfully and somewhat regrettably, his load diminished. The last of his nectar was wiped off with my bottom lip. She made him sit next to her and had me sit up. Just like Daniel, I had to lean my head backwards to prevent any from spilling out. After telling me to swallow a little, I was addicted at the first drop. Barely a hint of a salt taste, I found that I could drink his delicious sperm day or night. It was warm, thick and gooey. I savored every parcel until the last of his sweet load was down my throat. Licking my lips to ensure getting the last of his sperm, she asked, "Well, did you like Daniel's sperm?" With a smile as wide as China, I said, "Hell YES!" The three of us sat there with smiles on our faces, but after tasting Daniel's sperm, my own cock grew extremely hard. From looking at Daniel, he must have enjoyed it as well, because his cock was now standing at full attention.

The three of us became entwined as our tongues did battle. We kissed and roamed each other's body for a rather long time. Tabby broke our kiss and crawled out from between us. She had Daniel lay on the bed where his knees fell across the corner of the bed and had me stand up. I watched as Tabby lowered her hot pussy onto Daniel's erect cock. She flung her head backwards and yelled at me, saying, "Hurry, shove your big twelve year old dick up my asshole!" I stepped in behind her and guided my cock to her little pucker hole. Tabby leaned forward onto Daniel and I pressed hard against her hole. To my surprise, my dick slipped in and I fell forward feeding her all I had to give. Tabby screamed, "Oh God yes, do me, fuck me hard NOW!" I could feel Daniel's hard cock buried inside her pussy while I was rapidly ramming my cock in and out of her hot, tight asshole. My hands found her hips and I began thrusting inside her ass like a bull in heat. Her beautiful hair was flinging wildly as both cock's were giving her the pleasure she sought, and deserved.

Tabby experienced multiple orgasms during the entire anal and pussy assault. Her cries drowned out the blast of thunder from the storm. She was screaming and hollering while both cock's ravished her two glorious holes down from under. Daniel and I both had worked our juices up and would not take too much more of this activity before we would send our spunk deep inside her.

The friction from her ass, the feeling of Daniel's hard cock, her cries of ecstacy, and Daniel's loud groans sent me way over the edge. I pumped and pumped all my sperm into her hot anal canal and while doing so she was having yet another hard climax. Daniel followed her in sending his delicious sperm up her cunt. The bed was rocking and the room was filled with loud and deafening moans and groans. In unison, our deflated cock's slipped out of her. Tabby ordered me to get down on my back and start eating her pussy and for Daniel to start eating her asshole.

We quickly obeyed her command. I could hear the slurping noises Daniel was making with his tongue implanted in her recently sperm fucked asshole. I was licking and lapping at her incredibly wet pussy and realized that Daniel's sperm was seeping into my mouth. I was lost in time savoring her sweet pussy juice and Daniel's delicious sperm. Tabby continued to have multiple heart pounding climaxes. I began to suck on her pussy in an attempt to suck out all of Daniel's cum, as well as Tabby's slippery cunt juices. Daniel must have been getting some of my sperm as well from the moaning and gulping he was doing. We ate her pussy and asshole for nearly fifteen minutes before she stopped us.

Tabby fell on her back at the foot of the bed and told us to sit down facing her. Her chest was rising at a rapid pace and I guess ours was too. We stared at her with impatient intent. We were all exhausted, but from the looks of our cock's, we wanted more, much more. Tabby instructed me to bunk over in the doggie-style position and for Daniel to eat my ass out thoroughly. I just about jumped out of the bed as he shot his tongue straight up my poop chute. The more I moaned, the harder he dug his tongue up my hole. I just about died when Tabby ordered, "Daniel, ram your cock up his ass and fuck him long and hard!" Daniel removed his tongue and I could feel him inch toward my exposed hole on his knees. I was scared, nervous, and possibly, a little excited. I felt his mushroom head as he pressed against my quivering tight hole, but he was unable to gain entry. Tabby crawled over towards us and with one tremendous and painful slap against my left butt cheek, his cock forced its way inside my ass. My upper body immediately fell to the bed, but Daniel had a firm grip on my hips. I cried out, "No, no, please no, it really hu-hu-rts!"

My cries fell onto deaf ears as Daniel began tearing and stretching my hole beyond belief. Tears began trickling onto the bed as he slammed his steel like pole in and out of my ass. I latched onto the bed spread and clamped down on my bottom lip to relieve some of the pain, but that definitely didn't do anything for me. Daniel continued to ravish my hole and Tabby would slap my cheeks periodically. What seemed like forever, actually was about three to five minutes, the pain left my body and I was soon enjoying this anal invasion. Inadvertently, I found myself ramming my ass onto his thrusting cock while tightening my ass muscles around his thick member.

Tabby lay on her back in front of me and scooted herself towards my panting mouth. She raised her legs and my tongue immediately began lapping up her sweet cunt juices. I wrapped my hands around her tiny hips and using my right thumb, carefully pulled the hood over her now pretty bright pink clit. It was so small, but I remembered the other people who had dined on her pussy had raised this hood and sucked on her clit. I placed my mouth over her clit and began sucking like crazy while my tongue flickered out, stabbing at her clit. Tabby cried, "Yes, oh yes. Eat my pussy Michael!"

Daniel was still slamming his meat into my hole with a vengeance. The sound of flesh striking flesh echoed throughout their home. My butt hole was being plugged by the only guy I had ever cherished and my mouth was eating the only pussy I had ever dreamed of. I was in Heaven! My hard cock was bouncing all over due to the hard pounding my hole was getting from Daniel and his beautiful cock. Tabby arched her back while leaning back on her head, screaming at the top of her lungs, "Ah ye-es, I, I'm cum-----------ing!" Her body bucked furiously and I had a difficult time keeping my sucking mouth on her tiny clit, but kept it in place the whole time.

After her mind boggling climax, I pushed both her legs towards her face and began letting my tongue lick her pussy, all the way down to her little poop chute. Tabby began pulling, pinching and yanking on her nipples, stretching the soft flesh of her mounds towards the ceiling. I continued ramming my butt on Daniel's stabbing member and his moans and soft touches drove me delirious with absolute delight. Up to this point I had never dreamed of a cock in my butt hole, but I knew I enjoyed having one up there now.

Daniel started pulling his dick all the way out of my ass and then would ram it back in. He did this numerous times and I found myself empty every time his cock left my hole, but felt much better when his cock filled my anal canal. Tabby, on the other hand, was having orgasm after orgasm while my mouth and tongue savored her little clit. I had two fingers inside her pussy and was working them in and out while sucking and licking on her clit. A third finger plunged inside her tight asshole and she was out of control, or at least temporarily. Daniel's small hands took turns slapping my exposed butt cheeks. He would slap, then aggressively grab at the tender flesh with his digging fingers.

Daniel softly cried out, "Going to cum, I'm cu---------------ming!" His lower stomach bounced off my butt cheeks as his cock erupted inside my anal canal. Splash after hot splash of his thick creamy cum shot deep inside me. His cock tore into my ass while Daniel was making sounds like, "Ah, humph!" Tabby was having another orgasm while Daniel was sending his load inside my butt. I continued to slam my ass onto his thrusting cock while tensing my every ass muscle. Daniel leaned onto my back and I felt his lovely cock softening inside my butt. Unfortunately, his dick slipped out and Tabby scooted her delicious pussy and ass from my sucking and licking mouth.

Daniel could barely stand on his weak knees and he was gasping for air. Tabby slid her body around so that her face was at Daniel's soft dangling cock. She ordered him to bend over into the sixty-nine position. He began lapping at her wet cunt and I watched her as she guided his soft dick into her mouth while reaching over his small frame and spreading his cute little butt cheeks. With not quite a mouthful of soft dick, she ordered, "Eat it, make it sloppy wet!" I bent down and savagely began licking at Daniel's pretty butt hole. I put a finger against his wet hole and gently pressed forward. Daniel's body shook as my finger penetrated his extra tight hole. He moaned and groaned as my finger twisted, turned, and plunged forth.

I began ramming my finger into his butt while licking the inside with my tongue. Daniel's small body bucked and bounced as Tabby was sucking his cock and my finger and tongue devoured his hot hole. I placed a second finger at the opening at shoved it in. He almost flew off the bed, but Tabby had his upper body restrained with her legs that was wrapped around his upper body. I don't think it could ever be humanly possible for me to get enough of eating Daniel's delicious asshole. No matter what, it seemed to still be powdery fresh and always delicious.

Tabby scooted down toward the end of the bed and grabbed a strong hold onto Daniel's head. She pulled his face towards her's and their lips parted and they began kissing deep and hard. Her hands were wrapped around his head and I could still see Tabby's glistening pussy from my vantage point. She is so gorgeous! I pulled my fingers from his tight hole and inched my cock toward his tiny dot of a butt hole. It is so pretty and a wonderful bright pink in color. I positioned his legs so that I had a direct shot at his glorious butt hole and started pressing my cock head against his hairless hole. I pushed and pushed, but my dick kept slipping everywhere but inside his hole. Daniel kept grunting as if I actually had penetrated him.

Frustrated and slightly embarrassed, I leaned down and started eating out his ass some more, only this time, I made sure I left a lot of my saliva on and in his hole. Several minutes elapsed and I stood up and repositioned my jerking cock at his tightly sealed entrance and pushed. Daniel inched his knees closer to his hips, spreading them wider in the process. I grabbed the base of my cock with my right hand and gave one mighty heave. "Humph, oph, aaaaaaaappphhhhhhhh!" Daniel tried to scream, but only those sounds managed to escape their tightly sealed lips as my cock spread his hole wide to make for proper accommodations. His thighs quivered and shook as my cock explored further inside his extremely tight, and burning hot asshole. Tabby held onto his head and had locked his arms with hers forcing his mouth tightly onto her sucking mouth.

I finally had shoved all my cock into his ass and began slowly rocking my hips back and forth. My hands fell onto his tiny hips and my thumbs literally pressed against his cock filled asshole. Daniel's blocked and muffled groans grew louder and longer as my cock invaded, plunged, and stretched his hot little tunnel. After about three to five minutes of going really slow, I began ramming my pre teen meat hard and fast inside his ass. Loud thuds of flesh crashing against flesh and Daniel's loud grunts was the only sounds that could be heard. Tabby released her tight hold on Daniel and his head sprang backwards while he rammed his tiny butt onto my drilling cock. I felt his ass muscles close around my cock as if it were a python strangling its prey. Tabby slid under Daniel and began sucking on his cock and balls. Her legs spread wide and Daniel leaned down and began eating her wet, juicy pussy.

Daniel stopped eating her pussy long enough to catch me off guard by yelling, "Yes, oh yes Michael, fuck my ass, God yes!" That was music to my ears and I began drilling his ass like a mad man. Tabby's hands found my hairless balls as they swung back and forth with every thrust. She wrapped her hand around both of them and softly began squeezing and pulling. I arched my back at this new tremendous feeling that her hand was doing to my nuts. My right hand came crashing down on Daniel's smooth, silky ass cheek. Daniel let out a loud groan as my hand began slapping at his barely moving butt flesh. My fingers dug at his muscular little butt cheeks while I pounded his ass into another a state.

From this moment on I knew I loved Daniel in a different way, especially his beautiful cock, his sweet sperm, his extra tight and wonderfully delicious butt hole. Daniel's cock must have grew hard because Tabby was whimpering and making slurping noises. Tabby continued to fire off numerous orgasms and Daniel whimpered, "Cum, cum-----------------------min!" I pounded and slammed my rock hard cock faster and more furious than ever. Daniel's cock began shooting his mouth watering sweet honey into the greedy and sucking mouth of Tabby. I felt my juices as they traveled from my tightly gripped balls, through my shaft and soon began to spray his hot anal track with volleys of my own sperm. As my sperm flooded his anal cavern, Daniel cried out, "Shit yeah, yes, I feel it, ah hell yes!" His ass began to slam against my lower stomach as my cock continued to flood his tight tunnel.

Daniel and I were completely spent as we sat with our back's against the head board. Tabby was still on her back near the foot of the bed. All three of us were panting and gasping for air. Without having to be told, Daniel and I began kissing. His heaving breath was still ever so sweet and I savored every drop of his delicious saliva he could muster. Our cock's were soft, but our erect tongues roamed freely inside the other's mouth. While sitting there kissing, I could feel Daniel's sperm wanting to fall out of my butt. I clinched my butt cheeks together with my muscles in an attempt to prevent any such escape.

Tabby rolled off the bed and had to hold onto the bed rail due to her legs were very wobbly. She walked over to my side and climbed onto the bed. She ordered, "Michael, bend your ass over, we're not done just yet!" I wanted to tell her about Daniel's cum wanting to slip out, but was too embarrassed to say anything. I bent over as instructed and soon felt both of their tongues lapping at my hole. I squeezed and squeezed trying not to allow either tongue to penetrate my hole, but my attempts were fruitless. One of their tongues slipped in and I lost all control. It was Daniel who invaded my sperm leaking hole because I could hear him moan as he was swallowing his own nectar. The other tongue, Tabby's tongue followed suit. Soon, the both of them were moaning and groaning and I knew that they were swallowing Daniel's sperm that was sliding and being sucked from my butt. Their tongues felt so awkwardly wonderful as they plunged and licked at my asshole. After several minutes eluded by, Tabby yelled, "Daniel, switch positions!"

My legs were trembling watching Daniel as he bent over and his gorgeous ass jutted in the air. Needing no instruction, I attacked his ass while he was trying to get into position. I lapped at his sweet hole and found my tongue deep inside his hot chamber as Tabby's tongue was lapping at the outer ring of his hole. Within seconds, I discovered the joys of their moans as my own sperm slipped inside my mouth falling free from his well fucked asshole. Our tongues collided as we battled for position trying to suck and swallow the cum from Daniel's hot little ass. We sucked and licked and swallowed until there was nothing left. As our tongues departed his delicious asshole, Daniel fell onto the bed on his stomach. Somewhere during our ass eating session, my finger had found its way up Tabby's ass. We sat back with my finger deeply implanted in her hot hole.

CLAP, CLAP, CLAP rang out at the entrance of the doorway. All three of us looked up and only Tabby knew who this was. Tabby, with a broken voice said, "Gar, uh, Gary. We were just, just." He cut her off and with a voice as loud as thunder said, "You little slut. You are fucking with two queers and one of them is your brother, you sick whore!" Daniel blurted out, "Fuck you, I'm her step brother and Michael is my best friend and who the hell are you anyway coming into our home uninvited?" The big guy named Gary huskily said, "Shut up runt, I came here to fuck Tabatha, but I can see she has already been fucked by two little boy dicks!" I sat there frozen in time. This guy was huge and stood at least 6' 8" and had to weigh a solid 280, if not more, pounds. I recognized his face as one of the star football players on defense who was very popular because the scouts from the professional football league already wanted him to play.

Tabby found her voice and shouted, "Think what you want, but the three of us had a great time tonight, so fuck you!" Gary just stood at the doorway and he had the beginning of a broad smile crossing his face. He looked at Daniel and asked, "Little runt, how old are you?" Daniel replied sharply, "Thirteen fuck wad!" He turned his head from Daniel and looked straight at me and asked, "How bout you pussy boy, how old are you?" Scared and nervous, I replied, "Twelve, but I'll soon" He cut me off and said, "You need to be playing football with your size and not playing with little boy dicks instead." Gary stood there chuckling, but I was too afraid to say or do anything.

Gary stopped chuckling and looked at Tabby and rudely said, "So Tabatha, are we gonna fuck or not? You don't need little boy dicks; you need a man size cock up your twat!" Tabby had an evil grin come across her face and in a smart ass way, replied, "You've only talked about having a man sized cock, but personally, I've never seen it!" Gary looked kind of stunned, but later asked, "What the fuck do you want me to do? Do you want me to pull it out in front of these little boys or what?" Tabby grinned and said, "Don't tell me a football star is afraid to pull out his dick in front of two little boys. What's the matter? You afraid that your supposedly man sized cock is not so man sized?"

Gary nodded his head and yanked off his shirt in one quick motion. He was only wearing shorts now and he hooked the top of them and yanked them down to the floor, kicking them off. His boxer shorts had a large tent in the front and I sat there curious as to the size of this guy's cock. His chest and stomach rippled with muscles as he yanked his boxers off and stood before the three of us totally naked. His soft cock was uncut and hung down an amazing six inches. Soft, it was thicker than mine and Daniel's put together. His huge balls dangled between his massive and muscular legs a good six inches. His pubic hair was thick and dark black in color. This guy looked like a Greek God, or a statute of some kind. His one ball was way bigger than all four of mine and Daniel's put together. Gary reached down with his left hand and twirled his huge soft member and said, "Now this, is a man size cock!"

This was the first time I had ever seen an uncut cock before. His foreskin hung freely over his large cock head at least three to four inches. His cock looked like it belonged on a horse, not a human being. Tabby no longer had a smart ass grin on her face. She was staring at his cock like we were and she was licking her top lip while mesmerized at the sight of his beast. Gary pulled his foreskin back to reveal a bright pink extra large mushroom head with a piss slit that was gaping open. Even his piss slit was long and he was definitely leaking pre cum. Whether he was admiring our nudity, or just Tabby being naked, his cock began to grow. The massive tool grew to an astonishing and mind blowing eleven inches and was thicker than my ankle and wider than my foot. My jaw just about dropped onto the bed at this amazing sight. Daniel, who was still on his stomach, was clinching his butt cheeks together while looking at this one-eyed beast. Tabby, on the other hand, was fingering her dripping wet pussy.

I was scared to death just by the mere sight of Gary's huge cock. Gary broke everyone's train of fascination by saying, "Now you see it, what do you plan to do with it?" He was looking at Tabby, thank God, when he said it. Tabby licked her lips and eagerly responded, "Shit, I'm already in love with your dick!" Daniel sat up next to me and neither one of our dick's were hard, but frightened soft. I believe both of our mouth's were open in disbelief at the size of this guy's metal like structure. It stuck way out from his body with a downward angle that bent right in the middle of his long and thick shaft. Gary walked over to the side of the bed that Tabby was at and just stood there. Our eyes followed his ever step.

Gary barked out, "I don't do no faggot shit, understand?" Daniel and I nodded our heads while Tabby's left hand reached out and grabbed a hold of Gary's huge cock. Her finger was still darting in and out of her pussy and her hand could not even get close to wrapping around his thick cock. Basically, her hand, completely stretched, rode along the side of his enormous shaft. She began to slowly move the skin back and forth while Gary had his hands on his muscular hips. His foreskin maintained its full coverage over his mushroom head.

Gary stepped up onto the bed resting his large frame on his knees. Daniel and I watched as he lowered his head and began licking and sucking on Tabby's juicy pussy. From my angle, I could see his arched crack and noticed that his crack was heavily coated with thick black hairs. My own cock got over its nervousness and began to grow. Daniel's started to get hard as well. Neither Daniel or I knew what to do so we just sat there and watched and listened as Gary slopped at her soaked pussy. Gary's huge cock was massively hard and it dangled between his legs while his mouth worked on her pussy. I listened at his slurping noises but my eyes never left his enormous cock and free swinging balls. Tabby reached over with her right hand and began jacking my now rock hard cock. Daniel stood on his feet on the bed and turned to face me. My right hand reached out and pulled his cock down and shot it straight into my mouth without any hesitation. I reached back with my left hand and started twisting and pinching Tabby's stiff right nipple. All four of us were whimpering, groaning, and moaning.

Daniel started driving his hips back and forth, ramming his cock in and out of my mouth. Gary was more interested in eating Tabby's pussy and paid us no attention. Even while Daniel was fucking my mouth, my eyes never left Gary's massive pole. In less than three minutes, Daniel's cock erupted inside my mouth and I was instantly rewarded with his hot, thick sperm. I didn't swallow any of it, but trapped his nectar inside my mouth waiting for him to give me all he could offer. I took my right hand and began squeezing softly Daniel's shaft enabling me to milk his cock free of his delicious sperm. As the last drop was offered, I took my time and swallowed his creamy sperm until the last of it slipped down my throat. Daniel fell onto his butt next to me gasping for air.

Tabby's soft hand felt good on my dick, but Gary took a break from his pussy eating long enough to ask, "Did you just swallow his sperm?" With a smile on my face, I nodded my head while saying, "YES!" Gary just smiled and lowered his head and resumed eating Tabby's quivering pussy. I no longer feared Gary, instead I wanted to touch his over enlarged man meat. I scooted myself behind him and waited to see if he would offer any reaction, but he paid me no attention. I was now face to face with his butt. His cheeks was hairless, but his crack was a forest of black, thick hairs. His butt hole was concealed from all the hair and as I inched my face closer, my nose was filled with his odor. It was sweaty and heavily musky, but none the less, turned me on. Gary was on his knees with his legs spread and his lower body leaned down so he could eat her pussy.

I inhaled his strange and unexplainable odor deeply, then ran my tongue straight into his crack to the area I suspected his concealed butt hole would be. My tongue became entangled with his ass hairs, but pressed forward until I found the object of my fascination. As soon as my tongue struck his hairy asshole, Gary's body shook and he pushed his muscular ass even further into the air. His hole was already wet from his sweat and my tongue pried the muscular opening far enough for my tongue to gain entry. Gary started moaning as my tongue drilled its way further. My own butt was stuck out while I was on my knees and Daniel started shoving his tongue up my hole. I began groaning from all this exciting pleasure. My right hand drifted between Gary's knees and found his pole. My hand could not go all the way around it. My left hand cupped his balls, or should I say, cupped only one of his large egg shaped nuggets.

I manage to pull his cock under him with little strain or effort. His enormous foreskin covered cock was bent right at his butt hole. I pulled back on his foreskin and his pink cock head was slimy from all his pre cum. The odor was strong, like a mixture of pee, sweat, and pre cum. My tongue departed his hole and flickered out to sample a taste of this weird mixture of fluids. Extremely salty and somewhat bitter shocked my taste buds. My initial instinct was to not try this again, but I was trapped in my emotions. Daniel was tongue fucking my asshole and I was getting off on all the noises escaping everyone's mouth. My tongue darted out and obtained a huge portion of his juicy mixture. The more I sampled, the more I wanted. I soon found myself drilling his open piss slit with my tongue. My widely open mouth could barely cover his enormous cock head as I did the best I could do to swallow his huge cock. I gagged and gagged, but could only get his flared cock head inside my mouth.

My cheeks exploded out from his thick meat in my mouth. His pre cum was falling out like a water faucet. My tongue found room to roll over his mushroom head and savor his salty and bitter fluids. My mouth and tongue took turns working on his cock and asshole. Periodically, my tongue would bathe his huge balls, but always returned to his cock or his furry hole. I felt oddly proud eating a man's asshole and sucking on a man's cock.

Gary grew tired of eating her pussy and inches his way forward. Both Daniel and I stopped our actions and our eyes opened wide as we saw Gary shove his huge tool all the way inside Tabby's moist pussy. Tabby took a deep breath and screamed, "Oh shit, shit, it's toooooooooooooooo BIG!" Both of her lips sank inside her mouth and tears started rolling out from the corner of her eyes. Gary had lifted up her legs and was holding them with his large hands and began driving his thick and long tool in and out of her stretched pussy. Tabby was slapping the bed with both hands and her head was floundering about. I was watching the scene between Tabby and Gary, but Daniel was now sucking on my hard cock. I was so close to Gary that our legs were touching. I stuck a finger in my mouth and shoved it into his hairy tight asshole. His butt muscles almost broke my finger as they immediately clamped down, trapping my finger in place.

Gary groaned as his entire body tensed as I forced my finger to move in and out of his asshole while he was driving his meat inside Tabby's searing hot pussy. Gary's head flung back at the finger that was twisting and turning inside his never before invaded asshole. Daniel was sucking my dick and had two fingers plunging in and out of my butt hole as well. Tabby continued to scream all kinds of things, but none were close to the English language. My body tensed as I unleashed a load of sperm into Daniel's oven like mouth. His fingers picked up their pace inside my ass while I was spraying his mouth with my cum. I gave Daniel all I could offer and I smiled as I watched him slowly swallow my sperm. After I was drained, Daniel removed his fingers and stood up on his knees where we kissed long and hard.

We, Daniel and I, were lost in the moment with our lust of kissing one another when we couldn't help not to hear Tabby scream, "NO, NO, not there, it's too fucking big!" We looked down and Gary had his cock pressed against her asshole. Tabby had her hands on Gary's rock hard stomach trying to push him away, but he was way too strong and we watched as his huge cock forced open her tiny asshole. Gary showed no mercy as he shoved his eleven fat inches all the way inside her ass. Tabby was crying out, but apparently Gary was in no mood to listen. Gary began slamming his long, thick cock in and out of her puffy asshole.

Daniel's cock remained hard throughout and he told me to lay down on my back. I happily did so. Daniel pushed my legs over my head to where my knees extended behind my ears resting firmly on the mattress. Daniel slammed his cock all the way inside my ass in one single effortless motion. A slight burning pain shot through my body, but pleasure in seeing the pleasure on Daniel's gorgeous face soon replaced all the pain. He began drilling my ass with his hot poker. Tabby's asshole was filled to the brim with a huge cock and my asshole was filled with my best friend's delicious cock. My left shoulder was touching Tabby's right shoulder and our eyes met as we were getting the shit fucked out of us. Her eyes were partially open and the tears streamed down her face. Her mouth was contorted, twisting in different directions. I was so glad that Gary was more interested in fucking Tabby, than committing an act of homosexuality on me.

Gary shouted, "Fill his asshole with your sperm boy! Shoot your shit up his ass!" As if Daniel needed anymore encouragement, he started really fucking my ass harder than ever. His pounding thrusts was causing the air to escape my body. I also couldn't believe Gary taking the time to tell Daniel what to do with another guy. I watched with fearful amazement as Gary pulled his cock out of her asshole all the way, pause a second or two, then slam it back inside her asshole. Tabby was unable to utter a single word and I really don't know if she experienced an orgasm or not, but she seemed to like his huge beast thrusting in her ass.

I saw Gary whisper something into Tabby's left ear and watched as he withdrew his cock from her butt hole. With the assistance from the head board, Tabby climbed up and stepped over my head with her right foot. I was amazed as I watched her squat down over my face and was even more surprised to see her still gaping asshole as it got closer to my face. Tabby squatted over my mouth, shoving her wide open asshole onto my lips. My tongue traveled out of my mouth and into her open asshole. I couldn't tell what was going on in front of me because my face was covered with ass and my ass was being fucked severely by Daniel. I heard Daniel moan and thought to myself that Gary was either eating Daniel's ass or had a finger shoved deep inside him. I simply couldn't tell, but I knew from the sounds that Daniel was making, something wonderful was taking place.

Lost in time, and not really caring, Daniel's cock pulsed inside my ass and soon my anal canal was being filled with his sperm. I felt every hot jet as it coated my anal walls. My legs were still behind me and Daniel continued to spray his hot jets while I drank Tabby's ass juice and lapped at her anal walls.

Daniel still had his throbbing cock in my ass and I felt him tug on my legs pulling me down the bed. Tabby kept her ass on my mouth and she inched her body forward while on her feet, still squatting. I felt my ass as it rested on the end of the foot of the bed. The top of my ass crack and upper body was all that was on the bed. Gary said, "I want to see you (Daniel) bend over on your knees and shove your ass into your best friend's mouth!" Tabby stood up and I saw that Gary had his large finger in Daniel's asshole. Gary told Daniel to squat on my face, facing the head board and to hook my legs with his arms and lean forward. Daniel's butt hole was a welcoming vision as he lowered his powdery smelling ass onto my awaiting mouth. When he hooked my legs and leaned forward, my lower body rose up further upwards and over my head. I could feel the cool air shoot up my recently well fucked ass, but was over joyed in running my tongue up Daniel's super hot and delicious asshole.

I felt fingers as they probed my overly exposed asshole. Two fingers had to have belonged to Tabby because they were short and slender, but the other two definitely belonged to Gary. They were very long and super thick. I could barely hear what was being said by Tabby and Gary due to Daniel's thighs firmly enclosed on either side of my head. At this point in time, I really didn't care what was being said, I was enjoying sliding my tongue up Daniel's asshole.

Barely visible, I noticed Tabby lay down in front of Daniel and spread her legs. From the slurping noises Daniel was making, I knew he was lapping up her cunt juices. I felt a tremendous pressure at my asshole and fear over came all my sexual emotions. I tried to scream out because I knew Gary was going to try and shove his cock up my ass. I didn't want this to happen, because I knew that there would be a whole lot of pain. The pressure increased but my pleas were stifled and only echoed into the ass I was eating. I was scared to death and my body began to shake violently beyond my control. I felt Gary's left hand on my stretched out right butt cheek and knew that he was going to split me wide open.

The pressure on my resisting asshole grew stronger as Gary tried like hell to shove that thing inside me. I was crying like a baby as I felt a sharp burning pain as his thick cock head pried my asshole open. The pain was a mind boggling intensity beyond any description. Daniel's ass pressed harder against my mouth as I felt my anal walls being ripped apart at the invading monster. My ass was on fire and the burning of the heat traveled throughout my entire body. I felt like I was bleeding from the inside as his enormous cock traveled further, splitting my anal canal wider as it tore through my ass. I was so lost in the pain that I couldn't hear the sounds of pleasure coming from anyone in the room.

It felt like my insides was being torn out as his cock pushed deeper and deeper. His right hand gripped and pulled at my left butt cheek. His cock ripped right through my anal canal and for an instant I thought it was going to lodge inside my throat. Breathing was difficult, almost non existent. I felt his large balls as they slapped up against the bottom of my ass crack and shriveled up balls. I was still crying and my body still was on fire as he began drilling his huge member inside me at a frantic pace.

I thought I was going to die from the tremendous and ever so increasing pain. Gary pounded his massive rod in my ass like a depraved starving bear. As time wore on, the pain began to slumber away. What seemed like forever, only was about ten minutes before I found myself enjoying his huge beast as it ripped and tore through my ass. My cock grew even harder as it was forced to be cramped against my stomach. I ate Daniel's ass like tomorrow would never come and he was slurping on Tabby's pussy the same way.

Gary released my butt cheeks and grabbed a hold of Daniel's hips, bringing him backwards. The heat of his ass seared my cock as his ass slipped over my cock. Gary was pounding my ass causing my cock to slam inside Daniel's ass. Daniel was sitting on my cock and his muscular erect cock rested firmly against his solid stomach. Tabby stood up and sat down on my face while shoving Daniel's cock into her pussy. She began riding his cock and on her downward descent, my tongue would dart inside her asshole. I couldn't see what they were doing above me, but I knew everyone of us was getting fucked one way or another.

Tabby was the first to cried out, "Oh God, Oh God, I'm, shit yes!" Her riding on Daniel's cock became more forceful as she drove her pussy hard onto his throbbing cock. Gary was still pile driving his huge cock in and out of my ass and my own cock was ever so close from blasting another load. Daniel was next to follow as he moaned, "Here, here, shi----------------t, cum----------------ming!" His juices flowed inside Tabby's pussy and she kept pounding her pussy onto his erupting cock. Daniel was still shooting his load when my cock unleashed a heavy load inside Daniel's tight ass. The feeling of me fucking Daniel, tongue fucking Tabby, and Gary's huge cock up my ass caused me to blast off a huge and heavy load. I felt Gary's massive tool expand even wider and his thrusts became even harder as he shot his thick, hot load further up my ass. Daniel was drained of sperm, but my balls kept sending my juices out into his tightening ass. Gary was still pumping his load up my ass and my tongue was buried up Tabby's asshole. Everyone of us was grunting as we shot our spunk up someone's ass, with the exception of Daniel blasting off inside Tabby's pussy.

Gary's cock began to deflate and so did mine. Gary pulled his cock from my ass and my anal walls was relieved as the cool air rushed through the enormous opening. I was just about to let my legs lower when Daniel grabbed them and quickly hopped off the bed. Gary asked, "What the fuck are you doing?" Tabby quickly responded, "Oh, Daniel's going to eat his ass out and Michael here is going to suck Daniel's sperm out of my pussy!" Gary simply said, "Yuck. Damn that's gross!"

Gary sat on the bed closest to the head board and Daniel began tongue fucking my well fucked asshole. Tabby lowered her pussy over my face and my tongue drove right into it. In no time, Daniel's sweet, delicious sperm began oozing into my mouth, along with Tabby's wonderful pussy juice. Daniel was making all kinds of slurping noises as he was definitely getting a mouthful. I had his load and Gary's load inside my ass. While I was getting the sperm from Tabby's hot pussy, she reached two more orgasms. After the second one, she joined Gary at the head of the bed. Daniel kept his tongue in place as he crawled up onto the bed and lowered his cum filled ass onto my open mouth.

I sucked and licked and soon my own sperm ran down my throat with the awesomely sweet mixture of his ass juice. Daniel and I ate each other's ass out for a long time and neither of noticed Tabby and Gary had left us alone. After cleaning each other's ass's out, we were on our sides sucking one another's cock's. Our sexual appetite had been awoken and neither of us wanted this night to end. We sucked on our cock's until we both shot off another volley of sperm into the other's hungry mouth. Like before, I held his sperm inside my mouth until he was completely drained. Slowly, I worshiped the sweet taste of his hot sperm as it slid down my throat ever so slowly. With just a little of each other's cum still inside our mouths, we clung to one another where we kissed, swapping the last of the sperm into one another's mouth.