by: 70s Child

The following is a story very loosely based on the Tony Award winning musical Miss Saigon. Though it is very loosely based, copy write laws requires me to state that this is a musical by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, the same duo that gave the musical world Les Miserables. The first chapter does revolve around the love between a gay man and a woman, but this will also bring the remaining chapters into focus. Now with that out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave and 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

After exams, we had every grade posted and submitted for grades to be sent. Two weeks before Christmas, we flew to Los Angeles and went to his mother's house. We entered the door and he dropped his bags on the floor.

"Mom, I'm home." he cried out.

"My son, you're home." she responded.

The voice I knew and could never forget. How could I ever forget that beautiful voice. MAI LI.


My knees weakened and I collapsed on the floor. I heard two sets of feet approaching me and I was curled on the floor. How could I face her? How would she react to me? And Barry. How would he react to know that I was the man who loved his mother? Could I be his father? If I was, how would he react to that fact? These thoughts raced through my mind when I felt a tender hand on my shoulder.

"Please get up." the soft voice I knew spoke.

I could not move, but I felt another hand under my arm lift me. I tried to keep my head down, but a gasp was emitted from the angelic tone.

"My God. Barry." she said in a choked voiced.

My face saw hers for the first time in almost a quarter of a century. Though there were some streaks of grey and small wrinkles around her eyes, I saw that teen girl I fell in love with all those years ago. I grabbed her and hugged her never wanting to let go. She held me and we were crying uncontrollably. What seemed like hours, our tears fell and I was repeating myself please forgive me and I'm so sorry. When we were completely exhausted and out of liquid from our tear ducts, I was led to the living room where we sat.

"What happened?" I asked. "How come you didn't get through?"

"Remember the owner of the club?" she replied. "He stole the pass you gave me and went through the gate. I tried to explain it to the guard, but he did not believe me. And then the troops came into town. The people were running around. I almost was knocked to the ground. I was going to tell you something that day."

"What?" I asked.

"Can I say something?" Barry queried with a wry smile on his face. "Mom. Merry Christmas. I brought Dad to you."

We both looked at him in utter surprise. He smiled, then began to laugh.

"Come on. I knew who my dad was years ago Mom." he said gleefully. "You gave me a lot of information and I did a lot of research. I just wanted to know who my father was. That's why I wanted to go to this particular university. And he is all that you said he was and more. I just didn't know if he would like me or not."

"My son, how could he not?" Mai Li stated. "But you said you were bringing your boyfriend home."

"Well yes and no Mom." he responded. "I brought the man I love, but I really brought him for you. You said how wonderful a lover he was. I just wanted to see if you were telling the truth or just exaggerating. He's really a wonderful lover."

It dawned on me my son knew who I was and planned this for years. I began to feel anger and happiness. Anger for not telling me the truth, but happiness that he brought my wonderful love back to me and I had a son. He came and gave his mother a hug and kiss. As he turned to me, I grabbed his wrist, yanked down his pants and began to spank him with my bare hand.

"What? Don't Dad." he cried out. "Please, I'm sorry. Please stop."

My hand crashed on his bottom several times and then I let him up. I then hugged him close to me.

"I do love you." I said with tears in my eyes. "But you should have told me from the beginning. You're my son. I'm just need you in my life. And yes you are a wonderful lover. You are so much like your mother and I am blessed to have you now with me."

We hugged with his pants still down around his knees. Mai Li wept with happiness seeing her son with his father finally. I let him up and smiled.

"Now old man." Brian said with a laugh. "You have to fulfill a promise you made to Mom years ago."

"What?" I asked.

"Well are you gonna renege about marrying her?" he queried.

I turned to my sweet love. She showed me the engagement ring that I had given her years ago. I got on bended knee.

"Mai Li, if you will still have me, will you be my bride?" I asked with all the sincerity in my body.

"My Barry, yes." she yelled.


I grabbed her and twirled her around the room. I then had to call my family. I first called my siblings and told them the news. My sister said she would fly out to help plan the wedding. My brother just asked who was going to be my best man. I had to think about that, but my brother laughed. I told him I wanted his youngest girl as a flower girl. I then called my parents and explained what has happened and about the wedding. I could hear my mom cry and my dad just asked when the wedding would be. I told them everything and they said they would be there. We had agreed on Christmas Day with all the family there. I called Pete and told him what would be happening.

"Are you shitting me?" he asked. "You mean you found her."

"Well not found her." I replied. "Let's say it was a set up."

"Well what about Barry?" Pete questioned.

Then it really hit me. What about my son? I loved him as my son, but also as a lover. What is he thinking about this? Pete said he would be there and I told him I wanted him to be my best man.

"Well it's about fuckin' time." he said. "I'll be there."

After I hung up the phone, I took my son to the side.

"You know how much I love you." I began. "But this will change everything between us."

"Dad, I knew this would be coming." he explained. "I knew you loved me as I am. But I also know how much you and Mom love each other. I could see it in both your faces and heard it in your voices. I want you to be happy with each other."

I grabbed him and hugged him for all he was worth. I kissed his cheek and he turned to kiss me on the lips. Oh how I would miss those tender lips. We did not hear Mai Li come in and she cleared her throat.

"Alright you two." she said. "Dinner will be ready soon. Go wash up and Barry, show your father where he will be sleeping."

My son picked up my bag and took me to the master bedroom. I looked at him and wondered what he was trying to do.

"This is your mother's bedroom." I said with a shocked voice.

"Yeah." he replied. "Where else would you sleep? With me?"

"But I shouldn't be sleeping with your mother right now." I responded. "That would be so wrong."

"Well what happened about twenty-five years ago?" he said with a laugh. "You trip and fall into her?"

I was ready to slap him for being disrespectful. How could he even dare say anything like he just did?

"Dad, I know that you love Mom." he said. "If you don't want to sleep here, then I can sleep on the couch and you can sleep in my bed."

"No Son, I'll sleep on the couch." I stated.

We went to the kitchen and explained the sleeping arrangements. Mai Li looked a little disappointed that I would not be sleeping with her. I took her hand.

"My sweet one, I just don't feel it's right to sleep with you until we are married." I told her. "I love you too much."

"I just want you to tell me, have you been with anyone other than my son?" she asked me.

"Yes. I could not find anyone that was like you." I explained. "But you both are one in the same. That's why I love you both. You are almost like twins."

Barry laughed and hugged his mom.

"Imagine, my mom is my twin." he said.

I finally have my family and my bride-to-be agreed to the sleeping arrangements. We had our first dinner together as family and I could not believe how we seemed to blend so well.

My family arrived within the next few days and met Mai Li for the first time. My parents were taken with her, though my mother thought no woman was going to be good enough for her son. Both the women in my life were almost the same height, so my mother brought her wedding gown for my beloved to wear. With just a few minor alterations, it fit and I could not wait to see her in it on our wedding day. Pete Sanchez and his family arrived at the same time because of all people I wanted to be my best man was going to be my fellow marine. Barry was going to give his mother away. As everyone was getting ready for the wedding, I realized I needed to get Christmas shopping done also. As Barry, Mai, and I were having dinner by ourselves, I turned to them.

"So what do you want for Christmas?" I asked them nonchalantly.

"You are my present." Mai said with a smile on her face.

I reached out and held her hand with a wonderful feeling that enveloped my body. I then turned my son and just gave him a huge grin.

"Okay baby boy, what for you?" I queried.

"Well Dad, just one thing." he replied with a twinkle in his eye. "You and me one last time."

I just swallowed hard and shook my head. I looked at my fiancé, who just stared at me. I loved my son and would do anything for him. But here I was going to marry Mai Li in a few days.

"I can't." I told him. "I can't betray this wonderful woman."

"My Barry, I know how much you love me." she replied. "And I know how much you love our son. If this is what he wants, give him this as a present."

At this point, I thought I had actually crossed into the Twilight Zone, and I was looking for Rod Serling to come out. Here was this beautiful woman who just gave me permission to have one last night with our son. I had to close my eyes and shake my head several times just to make sure I heard her right.

"Mai, do you realize what you just said?" I questioned. "Why are you saying this?"

"Barry, I know you love me and would never do anything behind my back." she responded. "And I know how much you love our son. This is his request so I think he should be given what he wants. Besides, you will now have something to compare him with."

We all laughed and I decided that two days before the wedding would be appropriate. I then saw a smirk on Barry and Mai Li's faces. What was going on with them? I was going to make a hotel reservation, but my love told me that she was going to spend the night with a friend. Then I saw a smirk on Barry's face that really had my curiosity going.

December 23rd. Two days before the big event and Mai Li had packed a small bag and kissed the two of us good-bye. I decided to take my son out for a quiet dinner and somewhat of a romantic one also. We went to a beautiful restaurant and I looked into his eyes the entire evening. I saw both his soul, but also I saw his mother in him. I paid the bill and we went home. I also planned a beautiful last night together. I got rose petals placed all over the bedroom and candles lit our way. As we undressed, I looked at my son with a new light. No matter with whom he finally has a love, he and Mai Li will always be the true loves of my life.

We moved into the bed and we kissed deeply and passionately. I could feel his love flow through his mouth. I wanted this one last night together to be so perfect. I caressed his body and felt his body shiver with my touch. My chest moved over his ultra-sensitive nipples and his moan was muffled in my mouth. I felt his body quiver and his hard cock erupted between us. As I felt the hot juices flow between us, I could feel his entire body stiffen, then relax as he came down from his sexual high. When the last shudder left his body, I lifted his legs and devoured his beautiful manpussy as my dessert. My tongue danced all over his hole and penetrated with hard movement. Each shove caused my son to moan loudly.

"Oh Daddy, please fuck me." he begged. "I need you in me."

"I will my love." I told him as I looked at him over his hard groin.

I moved back down and tongue-fucked him harder than ever, which caused him to squirm and jump with his body on the bed. I knew this always drove him insane and making our hot lovemaking even more intense. I moved up to kiss Barry again, but was given a surprise. My son flipped us around and I was staring up at him. He lifted my legs and began to eat my ass out. Most guys I have been with usually refused to rim, but this was so hot. His tongue penetrated me hard and fast. I was moaning and dripping precum like a leaky faucet. The pleasure I was feeling wanted more of my son to pleasure my insides, but I knew he was a pure bottom. But my son was full of surprises that night. After quite a while my ass was completely relaxed and I felt my son lift my legs higher. He placed his hard rod at my hole and pressed forward. Before I could even relax, the head popped through the ring and Barry took my virginity that night.

"Oh fuck." I muttered. "Oh man."

"Yeah old man, I'm gonna fuck your brains out tonight." he said with a smile.

He pressed even further and I loved the feeling of pain and pleasure surround my body. I pulled Barry's head to mine and kissed him hard and heavy. I was able to lower my legs and encircled his hips. I forced more of his body into mine and I loved every inch of him in me. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"Oh yeah." he smiled as he fucked me deep and slow.

His body moved back and forth, while his hard rod pressed my magic button over and over. I felt my own cock harder than ever and wanted it to last forever. As my own son fucked me, I knew I was ready to shoot a huge load as my balls began to retract to my body. I felt the sensation begin in a small pit of my stomach and spread like a pebble in a pond and the ripples expanded further and further until it hit.


The first load shot and hit Barry on the chin. Seven more times I exploded between us. As this was happening, my ass muscles clamped hard on my son's pole, which caused him to erupt hard into me.


I felt seven of his hot spooge fill my bowels deeply. I knew if I was a girl, I would have been pregnant quickly, and I would have been blessed to carry this wonderful boy's child. As we finally eased out of our ecstasy, Barry collapsed on my body and I wrapped him in my arms. We both lay there for quite a long time without saying anything. Our love beat as our hearts kept a steady tempo of it. Finally I looked at my son, who finally was able to gaze into my eyes.

"Damn Dad, that was fuckin' hot." he quipped. "Thanks for that."

"What makes you think that it's over?" I responded. "It's just the beginning."

"You mean I get to have that hot ass again?" he inquired.

"Only if you answer a question or two." I said.

"Shoot." he just joked.

"First, why did you wait this long to actually do the fucking instead of being fucked?" I asked. "Second, what was that look you had when your mother said she was going to spend the night with a friend?"

"Well, I am a bottom Dad." he replied. "I love the feeling of a hot cock in my ass, especially yours. You're such an amazing lover. Second, I don't know if Mom would want me to tell you this, but she's a lesbian. Before she even met you, she was in love with a girl in her village. But when she met you, she told me that you were the first to ever treat her with love and respect. Her own family were ashamed of her sexuality. I guess that's why you two make the perfect couple, a pair of gay kids who found love. Mom said that you were the best thing in her life. But now she has a girlfriend who his Chinese. She is a really beautiful person and I do like her."

I began to weep when I heard that and kissed my son. I could feel my cock enlarge, as well as Barry's. I pushed him on his back and straddled his cock. I lowered myself on it and let it fill me. I loved the feel in me and I rode my son for over an hour. Each time he was ready to shoot, I stopped and let the hot cock in me ebb a little. I actually brought him to the brink of eruption six times before I let him finally shoot. He begged and begged, while trying to push me off. We actually came at the same time and it made us feel as one. We continued five more times, with the last time me fucking him the only time that night.

We fell asleep, with my son telling me how much he loved me and was proud that I was his father. We slept quite a while until I heard a tap on the floor. There was Mai Li standing by the bed with a smile on her face.

"Well I would ask if you two had fun last night." she said quietly. "But from the smell in this room, that would be a very dumb question."

We both gazed at her wearily, but with schoolboy grins on our faces. She just laughed and told us to get ourselves out of bed. We got up and you could see the streaks of dried cum on each of us.

"Can we take a shower together Dad?" Barry asked.

"I would say yes." I replied. "But, well there is a lot to do today before the wedding tomorrow. Off you go and get a shower. Make sure you're presentable."

I swatted his butt and he scurried off. I got the temperature right in my shower and cleaned myself, though the cum that leaked out of my ass had dried and seemed to glue my cheeks together. It took a while to get the shower completed, but I was completely refreshed. I then dressed and went to the kitchen where Mai Li and Barry were making breakfast. I set the table and we sat down to eat. We ate in silence for a while, but then I had to say what was on my mind.

"Well tomorrow is our big day." I said. "Is your friend coming to join us?"

Mai looked a little panicked, but I held her hand and just winked at her. She tried to read my face and I just began to laugh loudly. She looked at me, then our son.

"Don't worry my love." I said. "Yes, Barry told me and now I know how much I really love you. We are made for each other and that will make our marriage be a happy one. And my love, if you ever want to see your girlfriend, I will understand. But you know what I want for Christmas. When we are married, I want us to have another child, a little girl. Just like you."

Mai and Barry looked at me, then smiled. We all held hands and we just enjoyed the last day of single life. A sudden knock on the door shook us back to reality. I rose and answered it. My family and friends arrived to take us out for dinner. As I was about to close the door, I noticed a small woman approaching the door. She was beautiful, as my beloved, and I knew in an instance that this person was Mai's girlfriend. She looked at me with apprehension and a little hate.

"Hello." I said with a slight smile. "And you are?"

"I am Peggy." she responded. "But my real name is Zhou Xi Ling. Is Maggie home?"

"Maggie?" I queried.

"Mai Li." she replied. "I am assuming you are the man who is taking her from me."

I took her hand and led her to a chair on the porch as I sat across from her.

"First, I am Barry." I told her. "Second, I love her with all my heart, from the first day I met her. I hope you can believe that."

"I know who you are." she said. "She always talked about you and how much you meant to her. I understand you want to marry her."

"Yes, very much so." I explained. "For about twenty-five years, I felt like my life was torn apart when I saw her in the crowd. I love her so much. But Barry explained how much she also loves you too."

Peggy stared at me in disbelief. She could not have imagined that Barry would have told a perfect stranger about his mother's other life. I took her hand and looked in her eyes.

"Peggy, I can understand how much Mai loves you." I said. "You are extremely beautiful and you really love Mai Li. I want you to know what I told her a little while ago. If you ever want to get together, I will understand and I will never be jealous. I hope you believe that."

This gorgeous Chinese woman shook her head and then stared at me. All of a sudden Barry came out, but froze in his tracks when he saw Zhou. I turned and told him to get his mother. He hesitated, but then went back into the house. A few minutes later a shaken Mai Li came out and was very nervous. I think she thought there would be a scene, but I reached for her hand. I led her between us and each of us took the others hands.

"Mai, you know I love you so much." I started. "And I know how much you and Zhou love each other. I said earlier, if you ever want time for each other, I will understand and I will be happy. We are too much alike to come between what we are. We are two people who are in love that love others that are the same sex. I know we will make it with all the perfect love we could muster. I know that you can fly out here or we can have Peggy to come visit too."

"What do you mean visit?" Zhou asked.

"Well we will be moving back east after we are married." I said. "I am a tenured professor at a major university. I can't leave that behind and Barry is my GA. And the spring semester is coming up soon."

I could see the anger and sadness fill her face, but Mai too her face in her hands and kissed her.

"You could move with us." she said. "You and I work in the same office, so we can get jobs there too. And I know we can find you a nice place to live, can't we Barry."

"Sure, and I know there are plenty of apartments in the area." I replied. "Besides she could live with us until she gets settled. Besides, I know that Barry is planning to move into an apartment himself, so how about you two sharing it, and saving expenses."

Zhou looked at me with skepticism, but agreed. The two planned on tending their resignation right after Christmas. We went back in and I took Barry to a bedroom to explain what would be happening. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, but thought about it the rest of the day. We joined the others and Mai had introduced Zhou to the others and said that she would be her maid of honor. I smiled and the entire group left for a nice dinner at a local steak house. As we got home, we went to bed, and Mai took me by the hand to her bed.

"Barry, I know you do not want to make love." she said. "But we can lie in bed as we did all those many years ago. I ask for this as my Christmas gift."

"I can never refuse you anything, can I?" I stated with a wry grin.

We stripped and she snuggled on my chest and played with my hairs. I saw the same beauty when we first made love. Her body seemed to be the same and there was no sign of childbirth. I held her close and my cock rose instantly. I wanted to make love to her, but I also knew that I should be able to wait until tomorrow when we have our honeymoon. Mai looked at me and smiled.

"I know what you are thinking." she said. "Your other head is trying to do all the thinking for you."

I held her and kissed her passionately. I felt her hand caress my member and I was leaking precum severely. She broke the kiss and stared in my eyes.

"If you want to, I want it too my love." she told me.

"I want it so badly, but no." I responded. "I want our honeymoon to be special for us. Let's get our sleep."

She snuggled deeper into my chest and I did have trouble getting to the realm of Morpheus, but I finally fell into slumber. I was suddenly awaken when I heard the alarm clock blare. A knock on the bedroom door and all of a sudden Barry poked his head in.

"HMMM." he said loudly. "I wonder what you two have been up to. I guess I might have another brother or sister soon, huh?"

We looked at him and I was ready to spank him again until I realized I was still hard. I was getting up and moved to my son. I looked at him, then kissed his cheek and went to relieve my bowels and bladder. Mai came in, but smelled the results of my morning relief.

"Good God, what died in here?" she said holding her nose.

We laughed and I finished finally. She was in the shower and I admired her form as the water cascaded down her body. I loved it and knew I was making the right decision in my life. We got ready and I was dressed in a navy blue suit. Mai was not going to dress until we were at the church, so I left with Pete and his family, while my bride-to-be left with Barry and my family. We arrived at a small Catholic church that Mai had been going to and we went inside. As we waited, the priest took me to the side.

"I don't know if you know this, but Mai is very special in many ways." he said.

"I know." I told him. "Ever since the first time I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the girl for me."

"Well, she is also a lesbian." the priest tried to explain.

"No need to tell me." I replied. "I know that. Besides I'm gay. And is there a problem with that?"

"No my son." the elderly priest said with a wry grin. "We are a very open church here, though the Vatican isn't happy about it."

We shook hands and I was ready to take my place at the altar. Pete was standing beside me and nudged me.

"You sure you ready for this, you fag?" he said with a chuckle.

I mouthed the words fuck you and held my hand behind my back and delivered a one finger salute. I heard the song Here Comes the Bride and turned to the far end of the church. I saw loveliness walking towards me as I saw Barry escort his mother to me in a pearl white wedding dress. I felt tears fill in my eyes as I watched the woman come to me. She looked like an angel floating down the aisle and she would be mine. She smiled at me and I was in such a state of ecstasy. When she stood beside me, I felt her hand in mine and we were happy. We then felt that perfect electricity that we were always meant to be together. We exchanged vows and the priest pronounced us married. We then moved down the aisle and I saw both Barry and Zhou's face. There was a sense of happiness and sadness on both their expressions. I knew we had to talk before we departed for the weekend on our honeymoon.

The entire wedding party went back to the house for two reasons. In all the day's events, we still had not opened Christmas presents, so we gave the children their gifts, along with my brother and sister and their spouses. My parents were given a fun gift. They had never been to Disneyland, so we gave them a three day pass so they could have fun and be kids again. We did get some wedding/Christmas gifts, and planned to pack them before we left. We also took lots of pictures for the special day. As we ate, drank, and shared the perfect day, it came to an end. As my family and our friends left, I turned to Barry and kissed his cheek.

"My baby boy, how I feel right now can not be said." I explained. "When you came into my life, how would I know it would change so much. And now I have a family. I love you my son."

He reached and hugged me tightly. I could never let him go, but now I have my love in my life now and forever. I kissed his lips gently and I saw the tears in his eyes. I brushed them away.

"Dad, give Mom the happiness she deserves." he said quietly.

We released the hug and I found Mai Li hugging Zhou. As their final kiss broke, I knew this was going to be a different family. I cleared my throat and Mai went to get her suitcase. Zhou came up to me, she affixed a cold stare at me.

"If you ever hurt her, I will kill you." she said firmly. "That I will guarantee that."

"I would never do anything to harm my love." I said with the same sternness. "I will constantly make her happy. And I also know that you are part of that happiness. Zhou I want us to be friends. Please know that you are always welcome."

She looked at me and just nodded. I realized that I would have to win her over, but I would do that in due time. Mai came back and we were off to the airport. We watched Barry and Zhou wave good-bye to us. As we arrived at the airport, we checked in and waited to board our plane to Hawaii. We waited and held hands all the time. Our plane was finally boarded and we only released our hands when we buckled our seatbelts. We held each other and Mai leaned her head on my chest on our flight. The flight attendant offered us champagne.

"Who ordered this?" I asked. "I know we didn't."

"We were told that this is for you by someone named Peggy." he mentioned. "She said that this is for a very happy couple."

We looked at each other in disbelief. I thought she hated me for taking Mai Li away from her. We toasted our new life together and enjoyed the champagne. I also felt my wife caress me groin and I sprang hard. I put my glass down and felt between her legs. She spread them slightly and I felt the wetness in her panties. I can see what was going to happen and I was happy that we were finally married. As we landed and got our luggage, a taxi took us to the hotel on the beach, though I knew we were not going to see too much of it. We checked in and the bell person took us to our room. He opened the door and I carried my bride across the threshold. I tipped the bell person, put the do not disturb sign on the outside, and I turned to my beautiful Mai Li. She smiled at me demurely as she did all those years ago. I was so enchanted with her and I just touched her face. She reached up and began to unbutton my shirt. I felt her delicate fingers caress my skin and I was harder than a concrete slab. As the last button was undone, the shirt fell to the floor. I felt my love's head on my chest and I caressed her silken hair.

"Barry, I can't believe this day is here." she said quietly. "How I have dreamt of this day."

I put my hand under her soft chin and looked deep into her eyes. I kissed her passionately. I felt the silkiness of her tongue tangle with mine and we held it seemingly for eternity, but for only a few minutes. I began to unbutton her blouse and felt her satiny skin shudder as I touched it. I lowered the garment off her shoulder and pulled her closer to me. As my chest brushed against her silken bra, she moaned loudly. We broke the kiss and I chuckled a little.

"Some things never change." I said. "And I think it's a family genetic trait that there are some very sensitive nipples."

"Yes we do." she laughed. "I guess Barry has the same unusual feeling when his nipples are played with."

"Oh yes." I replied. "He's actually louder than you."

I unhooked her bra and removed it. The lovely, perky cones of pleasure never seemed to lose their firmness. I picked up Mai Li and laid her on the bed. As he removed her slacks, panty hose, and panties, which were very wet. I admired the form before me as I undid my belt and unfastened my pants. As they fell to the floor, Mai leaped up and almost tore my underwear off my body. As it dropped and I stepped out of them, she grabbed my hard shaft and pulled me to the bed. I flipped us over so I was on my back. Mai kissed down my body softly until she was facing my turgid muscle leaking fluids. She ran her tongue all over it from bottom to top and caused me to tremble with the pleasure I was feeling. My precum was leaking heavily which she lapped like a perfect Siamese cat taking its cream. I was ready to flip her over and make love all night long. The only problem was if she would continue I would be ready to release my pent-up baby makers. I pulled her up to me and she looked at me quizzically.

"Baby, if you continued I would have gone off like a rocket." I explained.

I moved her on her back and I kissed her body also, but avoided the nipple area. I felt the moans emit from her body as I moved closer to her sweet hole of pleasure. I saw this for the first time in a almost a quarter of a century and I saw the beautiful teen girl I fell in love with all those years ago. I brushed my tongue against the shave twat and felt her quiver as she sensed the flick of her clit. Her back arched and the impending scream was almost to her throat. I delved deeper into her honey pot and played with her hot button which caused her to rise to a new level of bliss. She clamped her beautiful legs around my head and kept my mouth planted on her. I continued to eat her pussy and the juices flowed on my face as I did. I began to have trouble breathing and tapped her legs. I forgot how strong her legs were and I had to finally slap her ass before I passed out. She finally let go and I began to take deep breaths. She glared at me like a wildcat.

"FUCK ME NOW!!!!" she demanded.

I moved up and I slowly slid my cock into her cunt. I felt her legs wrap around my waist and I began to wonder what overcame my beloved Mai Li. She seemed like a woman possessed, but then I remembered that when a woman reached their middle years, their sexual intensity rose drastically. I then knew that this would be one wild honeymoon. I began to slide in and out of her, while I kissed her passionately and she tasted her own being on my face and lips. This made her more forceful in our love making, especially when my chest hairs past over her areolas.

"OOOHHHH GOD!!!" she screamed. "YEEEESSSS FILL ME!!! I'M YOURS!!!"

I moved faster and harder into my wife as she had several multiple orgasms. I married my love who was a great wildcat in bed. I was getting close to my own eruption and it felt like it would be massive. As my balls closed to my body, my breathing became erratic and labored. With one last push my sac contents rushed out of my body hard.


My juices flowed into my wife as my body jerked with each shot. I thought it would never end. As our exhilaration finally waned, I began to collapse on Mai, but I moved my body to my left and she followed me as my cock did not deflate. We were both sweaty and tired, but she was ready for more. At the new angle it was hard to get a good rhythm, so I move onto my back and Mai rode my cock hard and long. She started of slow and easy, then moved to fast and hard, and changed the rhythm over and over. She rode me for over an hour as her orgasms continued to wrack her body, my second load exploded much like the first. We both yelled in unison as our sexual escapades of our married life began. As Mai Li finally was exhausted, she lay on my chest, but my rod did not deflate. We rested for a little while and I kissed my love all over her face, where she smiled at me.

"Mai, are you happy?" I asked her.

"Oh yes my Barry." she replied. "Just as I have always dreamed of this."

"Well as I said, any time you want with Zhou, let me know." I told her.

"Oh, I know, so you and Barry can have time together." she uttered with a smile. "Barry, I told our son if you want time together, it is fine with me."

I kissed her passionately. I was still embedded in her slit and pulled out of her. I then flipped her into a doggie style position and rammed my hard 7" deep into her and cause her to squeal with delight.

"Oh yeah big boy, fuck me." she moaned. "And then fuck my little ass."

I obliged her all night. We made love over and over that night, with only time to stop for room service and more champagne. Our room also came with a Jacuzzi and we utilized it also and we made love in it also. Our entire time we never left the room, but just had room service all the time. We had a balcony that overlooked the ocean and I took my sweet love there too, with her yells of passion shouting to the water. We enjoyed time just talking also about our married life coming up. We did get a couple of phone calls from the front desk to ask us to keep the noise down. After a week of passion where we explored various aspects of lovemaking that included my sweet Mai Li ramming a 9" dildo up my mancunt for over an hour and the use of handcuffs on each other. We finally had to go back to the real world and checked out of the hotel. There were a few sly looks and one of the desk clerks actually smiled and gave us a thumbs-up sign. On the flight back we actually joined the Mile High Club after we spent an hour in one of the bathrooms making love. Of course Mai Li's hyper-sexuality was very loud and again we got several stares, along with a few smiles. We finally landed in Los Angeles and were greeted by Zhou and Barry, with smiles.

"How was the honeymoon?" Barry asked with a smirk. "Any sightseeing?"

"Well let's say we saw the sights we wanted to see." Mai replied.

After collecting our luggage, we headed for home. Zhou mentioned that she had turned in both of their resignations from their job. After we arrived to the house, Zhou said she would pick Mai up for their last week of work. Barry told me he talked with a friend at the university about an apartment. He said there was a two bedroom available. I looked at my son and my heart was breaking. Here was a wonderful person I felt that I was kicking to the curb because of the circumstances.

"Dad, this is the best." he said. "Besides it's not like I'm going away. I will always be here for you and Mom."

I hugged my son and kissed his cheek. His embrace was tight and I felt him cry. I stroked his hair like a little boy needing comfort from his dad when his pet died. I held him not wanting to let go. After a while, he calmed down and we noticed that Mai was standing in the hall and was looking at us. She had a smile that only a mother could have seeing a moment that was a true father/son moment.

"Okay you two, dinner time." she said.

We did not realize that she had made dinner and had not noticed how long we were hugging. We did sit down to eat and our son wanted details on how the honeymoon went.

"Aren't we a little horny devil." I said. "Wanting all the depraved details."

"Well I know you two aren't dead." he laughed.

"Young man, you should have your mind washed out." Mai told him.

"Mom, tell me, did you have plenty of fun?" he asked his mother.

She did not say a word, but the sparkle in her eyes spoke volumes. Barry just grinned and I would not say a word for fear of my wife. She winked at me and we did enjoy our dinner. As we finished our dinner, Barry and Mai cleared the dishes while I made a phone call. As my family finished getting the dishes in the dishwasher, there was a knock on the door. I answered it and Zhou came in the house. Mai and Barry came to the living room and saw the one person that could make my wife so happy. I had them sit down.

"Now we need to get the following things straight." I began. "First, Mai you are my life and all. You made my life flow. When I thought I lost you, I became so desolate, I thought I would die. Then years later, I met Barry. You are so much like your mother. You made me feel whole again and you brought us together again. I see in your face that you want us together, even sacrificing our love. Zhou, I see in your face the love you have for Mai, and for our son. That makes you family. You see me as the interloper taking your love from you. But believe me that is further from the truth. I want you to be with us, though the house I have is only a two bedroom. Barry has found an apartment that will be close by and you two will be comfortable. And I have said it before and I reiterate it now. Mai wants to be with you too, and I agree. Just remember that we love you as a member of the family."

Zhou looked at me and there were tears in her eyes. I saw the confusion on her face. I thought she felt I was just saying that she and Mai could get together, but renege on the idea. She could hear in my voice that I meant everything I said. I went to her and held her hand.

"What do you think your are doing with my girlfriend?" Mai said in mock anger.

"Well I guess two is better than one." I answered with a smile.

There sudden laughter, first from Barry, then eventually all of us. I explained that we needed to be back on campus in two weeks for the start of the new semester. Mai said she would be needing to store her furniture and call the landlord to be released from the lease. We did have a lot of work to get done, but we all would work together to have it done within the timeframe we had. There was one last bit of business I knew I had to deal with, the slime who prevented Mai Li and myself to have a great married life. We decided to finish the evening. Barry said a friend of his asked him over for the night, so he packed a few items and kissed us goodnight. Zhou got up, kissed us both, and left.

Mai and I went to our bedroom and literally tore our clothes off to get to bed. We spent the night making love for five hours and the feeling of passion made our union so perfect. After five hours, we fell asleep with me spooning against her back.

There were two matters that needed to be taken care of before we left California. The first was what Barry wanted to be done. He had already had the paperwork completed and showed it to us. He wanted to formally change his name to Barry Wilson Stevenson, Jr. I looked at him and saw that this was what he wanted. As his parents we knew he came to us for approval. I looked at Mai Li and she returned my gaze.

"Are you sure you want this?" I asked.

"More than anything else in the world." he replied. "I have wanted this ever since I found you. The only problem is that I don't have enough money for the fee."

There was no span of time to think about it. I just asked how much it would cost for the fee, he told me, and I handed him the money as quickly as I could get my wallet out. Mai went to her son and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Now we are a real family." she said with a smile and tear.

The second thing to correct was to get retribution on the club owner who had Mai Li and Barry pain by his deed at the embassy. Pete, who went to work for the FBI, went to a friend of his at the INS and found out where the slime was living. Ironically, he owned several strip clubs in Los Angeles and San Diego. It was decided to let the government to do the dirty work for us. The INS arrested the man at his home, then the local police and FBI worked together to confiscate his assets. It seems that stripping was not the only activities that was going on at his businesses. There was also prostitution and major drugs that ran in and out of his clubs. When his trial for deportation came around, I testified that he entered the country illegally with a pass that I had given Mai Li. His attorney said that since I was gay, how was I to be believed, in which I replied, even if I am gay, I do have better taste his client. He was ordered to be deported back to Vietnam, which I actually began to laugh at.

The time flew quickly and the four of us flew back to our home in the east. I carried my love across the threshold for the third time. We also got Zhou and Barry settled into their apartment. Zhou and Mai actually got jobs at a very prestigious law firm in the city, while Barry and I prepared for the new semester. We were met with some very surprised students and co-workers.

"Hey Professor Stevenson." one of my students said. "I thought you were gay and this good looking stud was your lover."

I just smiled and let them wonder about the situation. Mai truly dazzled the other professors and their spouses. Her wonderful spirit shone through at every dinner party I was required to attend. At the end of the semester, I was offered the head of the Foreign Language department and my wonderful wife, along with my son and my now best friend Zhou, gave a party that was not to be believed. And, though there was not a large Vietnamese community in our area, she was the leader of her people. They would come to her for help or advise.

How Zhou became my friend was my word for their time together. Every other weekend they would go to New York or Connecticut. My son and I would always get together and make love on those weekends. It brought us closer as father and son and as lovers. But what made this even better, what ever we did with our lovers, Mai and I would do it in our bed also. This made our love life even more exciting. After a month after the move, Zhou came to my office and sat down.

"Barry, I didn't believe you when you said that Maggie and I would have time together." she said very stoically. "But you kept your word. I have never trusted men, but you and Barry have changed my mind. Mai and I have talked and want to ask you something."

"What would you like Peggy?" I queried.

"I would like a child like Barry." she said. "We would like either you or Barry to be the sperm donor. Would you be willing to do that?"

I looked at her in disbelief, but agreed in part and conditionally. She did ask what the conditions were.

"First, that Barry be the donor." I stated. "Let's face it an old fart like me would not be a great dad this late in life. Second, all of us will raise the child. You have final say, but we all get to be there to help."

She looked at me again and smiled.

"Maggie and I had already thought of that and were ready for you to say what you just said." Zhou responded. "And I want all of you in the child's life."

I got up and surprised her even further. I bent down and kissed her cheek. She looked at me, rose, and then gave me a huge hug. I escorted her to her car and we passed Barry in the hall. After I came back, Barry was sitting in my office.

"So what's up?" he asked with a look that was unexpected.

"Well she wanted to thank me about keeping my word." I explained. "She also asked a favor of us. Zhou wants to have a baby and wants one of us to be the sperm donor. If you agree, I say you be the father. We will be in the child's life."

My son looked at me as if I had gone completely insane. I went over to him and knelt down. I took his chin in my hand and had him look me in the eyes. I kissed his lips gently and smiled.

"You can say no and I know I will understand." I continued. "I know your mom will agree with your decision. Even Zhou will understand, but it is your decision."

"I will do it." he said quickly. "Dad, I thought I would love to have a son just like me. But how are we going to do this? Let's face it, her pussy does nothing for me and I have seen her naked plenty of times."

"Well my baby boy, you are definitely gay if you can't get it up looking at a naked woman." I said with a huge grin. "And I know she doesn't find your hot rod of love enticing either."

We laughed and I kissed this wonderful young man who is part of me. We decided to discuss this when we got home. We found Mai and Zhou in the kitchen making dinner. We entered and I kissed my lovely wife, then gave Zhou a quick hug. Barry kissed his mother and also gave Zhou a hug. We set the table and the women brought the food into the dining room. We sat and Barry turned to Zhou.

"Dad told me what you would like and I say yes." he told her. "Just as long as I am part of the baby's life."

As we ate, we talked about what our lives would be like with a baby added to it. It was decided on artificial insemination to conceive the baby. Barry would make an appointment to donate his semen and then the process would go from there. The law office in which they worked also created a contract on the raising of the child. It did take several attempts from the harvesting the eggs from Zhou and the use of Barry's baby makers. Four months after we moved east, Zhou came to us and announced that she was with child. It was around Easter time and we all felt blessed. Though I did not go through the childbearing process with Mai, we definitely went through it with Zhou, with the morning sickness, mood swings, and hormone changes, I finally realized what my wife went through with Barry.

As Christmas approached, we were to celebrate our first anniversary. Barry said he had already got our present and told us he would be taking us to New York for dinner, theater, and a hotel. He had a friend that was in a Broadway production and got us very good seats for the musical. Our son would not tell us what the show was, but we were ready to go for a wonderful time. He did get tickets for all of us, though Zhou was already eight months along. Mai already had a baby shower for Zhou and it was going to be a great holiday for us. We arrived at the hotel Barry booked, the Plaza.

"Son, how can you afford this?" I asked.

"Well my friend also has some connections and he was able to get us two rooms here." he replied. "And we do have dinner reservations nearby at the Jekyll and Hyde club."

Never hearing of it, we arrived and it was excellent dinner theater where it was a Halloween based restaurant. We enjoyed a great dinner and was entertained, but Barry reminded us that we still have the theater to get see the musical. As we left, a limousine picked us up and took us to the Broadway Theater. We saw the title and were ready to leave. Though we did not know of the musical, the title hit Mai Li and myself hard. Barry got us in and we found our seats and they were great. As the musical was to begin, one of the actors came out.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, before we begin there is a special dedication we have to make." he said. "We are performing about the end of Vietnam and how it affected many people, the American military forces and the locals. But tonight we have a couple who lived it. They met before the fall of Saigon, fell in love, were separated, and finally reunited and married. Tonight they are celebrating their first anniversary. They have a son due to their love and he was able to bring them here. Mr. and Mrs. Barry Stevenson, please stand up and for this show, we dedicate it to you."

The lights found us and I glared at Barry, who just smiled at us. The theater exploded in thunderous applause. As we finally were able to sit down, the show began and I hugged Mai Li as we cried. When the song Bui Doi played, I grabbed my son and hugged him, cried, and apologized for not being there for him. He held me and whispered in my ear.

"There is nothing to forgive Dad." he said quietly. "You are my father and I know you love me."

When the final note sounded, the audience exploded and we were the first on our feet. The cast came out for their final bows and we felt blessed to see this show. We were then escorted backstage to meet the cast and they asked us what it was like at the time.

"You have got it down and we enjoyed it." I said. "But it did bring up some hard memories for us, but thank you for the wonderful performance."

We left for the hotel and Mai kissed Barry for the wonderful time. We went to our room and made love three times, which for us was not much. We fell asleep and I dreamt of my life as a grandfather and Mai Li with us forever.

By January, we were ready for the baby to come. But we were given a bigger surprise. When Zhou had a sonogram, she said she did not want to know what the sex of the child was because she knew what color to have for the baby. One night in the middle of January the phone rang. I answered it and there was a panicked voice on the other end.

"Dad, hurry. The baby is coming." Barry was yelling into the phone.

"Get Zhou to the hospital and we will meet you there." I said calmly.

I turned to Mai and kissed her cheek. She was looking at me and smiled.

"I guess we're going to become grandparents soon." she said.

We dressed and drove to the hospital. After parking the car, we entered and found the after hours information desk and asked for the maternity ward. We were directed to it and we found Barry putting on a sterile gown, booties, and the cap. We ran up and asked what was happening.

"Peggy was in the delivery room being prepped." he said. "The doctor said there might be a surprise."

The doctor came out and said that Zhou was prepped and was ready to deliver. Mai and I were directed to the waiting room and we sat down. I looked at my wife and she seemed to be a little tired and I assumed it was because we were woken in the middle of the night. We were sitting and talking about how we were going to spoil our grandchild for several hours when Barry came in with a stunned look on his face. I got up and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Well is it a boy or girl?" I asked.

"Yes." he said.

Mai Li and I looked puzzled and Barry finally came out of his daze.

"IT'S TWINS!!!!" he yelled, where everyone looked at him. "It's a boy and girl."

We were standing in shock, then I hugged my son. Mai kissed her baby boy on the cheek and then I finally asked the obvious question.

"How is Peggy doing?" I asked.

"She's tired, but she's okay." he answered. "And the babies are so perfect."

We hugged and we went to see the new additions to our family. I was standing at the window to see the babies and was very impatient. Finally they brought the new babies and we were making fools of ourselves trying to get the babies' attention. We then went to Zhou's room, where she looked tired, but smiled.

"How are the babies?" she asked.

"Beautiful." Mai answered. "They are so perfect."

"Now we have to decide what to name them." I said.

"Well we talked about it." she replied. "If it was a boy we planned on calling him Barry. If it were a girl, Marguerite."

We talked about where the babies would be raised and it was decided to have Zhou to move in with us since we had a larger bedroom to accommodate the extra crib and we would be there to help out also. Barry was not happy about the situation because he was going to lose his roommate. I told him two specific things. First, I would help with his rent until he got a roommate. Second, since he was going to graduate in May, there was going to be an opening in the department. He looked at me why did not know about it.

"Simple, we haven't posted it yet." I said. "But you do have an ace in the hole."

He came up and hugged me. I saw Mai smile, then she collapsed and was unconscious. Zhou pressed the nurse's button and I ran to her. I held her against me and kissed her forehead. A nurse came in and ordered assistance in the room. I was ordered aside and I stood helplessly as I watched them working on her. They did lift her on a gurney and raced he to the emergency room. I was running behind them and they tried to stop me until I told them I was her husband. Several nurses, resident, and finally the doctor on call were examining her. She finally woke and saw my worried face. She smiled and I caressed her cheek.

"How are you feeling?" I asked softly.

"Very tired." she replied. "What happened?"

"You passed out." I explained. "You have been out for almost two hours."

She tried to get up, but the nurse told her she had to lay still. She was stubborn, but I was even more stubborn as I said she had to remain in bed. She finally relented as the doctor admitted her to the hospital. We went to the room and he took me to the hallway."

"Sir, I am not sure what is wrong." he began. "I just am baffled why she fainted and why she was out for so long. We will be doing a battery of tests on her. Do we have your permission?"

"Fuck yes." I said forcefully. "What ever it takes. She must get the best care."

He assured me that all would be done for her. He left and I went back into the room. Mai looked at me wearily and smiled.

"Don't worry my Barry." she said. "I'm just tired and probably need a good night's sleep."

I tried to be strong, but I began to cry. I worried what was going on. The day that was supposed to be a day of happiness became a day of worry. My head was bent and she stroked my hair.

"Hush my love." she said quietly. "There is nothing to fear. You must be strong for our son and our family."

I refused to leave her room and slept in the chair, or as best as I could. In the morning, I found Mai sitting up and she smiled. There was a nurse who looked me taking my wife's blood pressure and temperature. I sat there like a lump on a log. After she finished and left, I looked at my sweet bride.

"How did you sleep?" she asked.

"Well I can say that I slept better in a foxhole." I replied with a smile.

"Well my love, I want you to go home and go to work." she ordered. "I don't want you to worry. It's probably nothing."

I was ready to argue, but the tone of her voice left no decision. She made me get up and get ready for work. As I was leaving, Barry came in.

"How's Mom doing?" he asked.

"Well you know how she is." I replied. "She could have been run over by a Mack truck and said it was just a scratch. They will be doing a battery of tests to find out."

"So where are you going?" he demanded.

"Ask your mom. She demanded I go to work." I said.

"What? Mom are you nuts? Dad should be here." our son barked.

"Don't talk to me in that tone young man." she snapped. "And remember who you are talking to. You're still not too old to be spanked."

This left our boy speechless. We were laughing finally and Mai asked how Zhou and the babies were doing.

"They are doing fine." he responded. "We were going to bring them to you if the nurse's allow. But they said they would not allow it until they heard what is wrong with you."

I saw the sadness cross her face, but reminded her that it is in the babies' interest. She relented but was not happy about it. She ordered the both of us out of the room and I went home to get dressed.

I went to work and my mind was wandering during classes. I went to my office and Professor Wallace came in to see how I was.

"Well my grandchildren came into this world early this morning." I explained. "But Mai passed out and we don't know what's wrong."

"Barry, if you need any time off, let us know." she told me. "Just let us know what is going on."

I told her I would keep everyone up to date and she left. After the day ended, I saw Barry leaving the GA office. I told him I was going to the hospital and see the babies, then Mai. He said he would be over later.

I went to the hospital and went to see the babies. They were with Zhou, who like the proud mother she was, smiled as I entered. I did tell her that they were doing tests on Mai and hopefully we would know what happened. She told me to go see my wife and come back later. I went to Mai's room and she was sleeping. I went over and kissed her cheek. She woke up and smiled at me.

"Hello handsome." she said weakly.

"How is the most beautiful woman in the world?" I asked with a worried smile.

"Tired my love." she said. "They poked and prodded me so much I thought I was a guinea pig."

I chuckled half-heartily, but I was still worried. A knock on the door and the doctor came in. We saw on his face it was not good news.

"Mrs. Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson." he said stoically. "We have the test results. I do not want to be the one to say this, but you have cervical cancer. It has spread into the uterus and is inoperable. I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am."

I was stunned. I could not say one word and just looked at my wife. How could this happen? What cruel joke was this? I just broke down and was crying uncontrollably. I was mad and sad. I glared at the doctor through the tears and I wanted to tear him apart. He saw my look and excused himself. I held Mai's hand and put it to my cheek.

"Why is this happening to us?" I asked, still crying hard.

"I don't know my love." she replied. "I don't want you to worry."

We just remained as we were when Barry came in and saw the scene. Our son was always trying to make us laugh, but there are sometimes it does not help.

"So who died?" he said.

My mood was not wanting hear anything lighthearted. I lurched out of the chair and backhanded my son so hard it knocked him to the floor.

"Your mother is dying." I spat out with extreme venom. "She is going to die you little shit."

I stormed out of the room and went down to the parking lot. I found my car and drove off, almost crashing several time. I barreled down the street and found a couple of bars. Not being a big drinker, I thought that this might help my mood. My idea of a big time with alcohol is a six pack over an entire day. I found a place to park, entered into the bar, and ordered a double bourbon. The bartender recognized me and could not believe what I ordered.

"Professor, are you sure you want to order that?" he asked.

"Just give me the fuckin' drink." I snapped at him.

"What would your wife say?" he queried.

"Do I get the drink or do I go somewhere else?" I yelled.

He placed the drink in front of me and I slammed it back. I ordered another and continued to do so for over 3 hours. I was feeling no pain and I demanded another. The bartender refused and I really became belligerent. He offered to call me a cab, but I stormed out to look for my car. I walked into a police officer, who stopped me.

"And where do you think you are going?" he demanded.

"I'm going to find my car and drive home if you need to know asshole." I slurred back.

"Well you don't look like you are in any shape to drive anywhere." he countered. "Let's see how sober you are."

"Fuck off ass wipe." I snapped.

He ordered me to face a car that was next to us and I refused. I then took a swing at him, but missed wildly. He pushed my body over the car's trunk and handcuffed me. He then called for a patrol car to get me. He sat me on the sidewalk and I muttered to myself. When the patrol car arrived, he informed the officer about the situation and they loaded me into the back. I began to cry and babbled on about life. As he drove me to the station I just kept rambling, but not in English but Vietnamese. The only way I knew of this was the reports from the principals involved. When I was taken to be fingerprinted and my photo taken, then told me that I was argumentative and refused to be printed. They took me to the drunk tank and let me allowed to sleep it off. I placed my body on the metal bench and tried to sleep. All I could do was toss and turn worrying about my wife. I woke up from a fitful sleep to feel my stomach get revenge on me for all the alcohol. I tried to stand and my entire digestive system decided to exit fast and furious. I found the metal toilet and began to spew my body into it. All you could hear is my heaving sound and the splash of water as the vomit hit it. Several minutes later, when I thought I had left my internal organs in the toilet, I finally collapsed on the bench again. The door opened just then, with a large guard looking at me.

"Professor Stevenson, please come with me." he said firmly.

I got up, but my brain was on fire with pain and my stomach was definitely not back to normal. He led me out and they finally got me printed and photographed. I was led to be arraigned and the judge looked at me sternly.

"Professor, what do you have to say for yourself?" he demanded firmly. "Why is a man in your position going out and getting drunk? Have you no shame?"

"Sir I have no excuse." I responded. "I got bad news yesterday and I was completely stupid with my reaction."

"Well how do you plead?" he asked, a little more calmly.

"Guilty sir." I responded. "I have no excuse for being drunk and disorderly."

"Well since it is your first offense, I will not throw you in jail." he said. "I here by fine you five hundred dollars. I will suspend the sentence if you complete five hundred hours of community service."

"Thank you your honor." I replied.

I turned to be processed out and saw my son. I noticed the large mark on the side of his face and my stomach began to get sick again. I got my personal belongings at the desk and my son drove me home. I could not say a word or look at him on the way. We entered and I looked at him finally. I was ready to say something when I found myself on the floor. He hit me so hard that blood was filling my mouth. I looked into his eyes where I saw tears and anger.

"And if you ever hit me again, we will finish this." he seethed as tears dropped to his mouth.

I got up from the floor and looked at him.

"You I did something really stupid yesterday." I uttered. "I hit someone I truly love and for no good reason. How could I have been so stupid?"

We embraced and I could not help myself but cry on my son's shoulder. He led me to the couch and held me like a father does to his upset child. I could not control myself and wept uncontrollably for almost an hour. I finally ran out of emotions, tears, and any energy. Barry rocked my body with his and he led me to the kitchen. I began to make breakfast, but my stomach was still revolting against me from the previous night.

"Dad, how could you do this to your body?" he demanded.

"I'm not sure why I did it." I rejoined. "Every time I took a drink, I was trying to forget what happened with your mother. I couldn't forget and I drank more and more. And on top of that I hit my baby. I was such an asshole."

"Dad, you need to realize that I'm here for you." he said softly. "Mom was so mad at you she was ready to hunt you herself. But you need to apologize to her."

We agreed to visit after classes, but first I had to make a telephone call. I went to our room and began to call my parents. I realized she was not there and began to cry again. I managed to finish dialing and my mother answered. I explained what was going on with the arrival of her great-grandchildren and the findings about Mai Li. Mom started to like my wife and was shocked to hear the news.

"Barry I am flying out today." she said. "I will be there to help take care of her."

I tried to argue, but I know how my mother was when she made a decision. I relented and I told her I would pick her up from the airport. She said she would call when she got the flight information. Barry and I went to school and the day seemed to drag pathetically slow. As the last class ended, I had my secretary cancel all my appointments for the day and explain that I will reschedule. I found Barry and we drove to the hospital. We first went to see Zhou and the babies. She was breastfeeding and we waited until she was finished. We walked over to hold the twins, but she wanted me to hand Barry to his father. As I did she asked me to lean over to tell me something. I then felt a hard slap cross my left cheek.

"Don't you ever hit Barry again." she seethed. "How dare you hit your son and make his mother upset."

"I know." I responded. "But you have heard about Mai. I was upset. Wouldn't you after what he said?"

"I would have yelled, but never hit him." she retorted.

"It won't ever happen again." I promised them.

It dawned on me what I probably be in for with Mai when I went to see her. This was one moment I would dread for the rest of my life. Zhou told me that she knew how I felt because of her love for my wife. I nodded and smiled gently. I kissed the babies foreheads and left to face the music. As I approached the room, the doctor met me.

"Don't upset your wife." he ordered. "And if you ever hit another person in this hospital I will personally press charges and then kick your ass."

My anger began to rise and I just glared at him. I went into Mai's room and she was sleeping. I quietly walked to her bedside and kissed her lips tenderly. She slowly opened her eyes and saw me standing over her. She smiled, then another slap crossed my cheek. I saw tears flowing and I just held her hands.

"I'm sorry baby." I said as the tears filled my eyes. "I don't know what came over me. I hear my wife is dying. I hit my child. I get wasted and arrested. I'm such an asshole."

"You were arrested?" she articulated with shock. "How did you get out?"

" I pled guilty and the judge gave me community service." I responded. "I don't deserve someone so wonderful."

"My love, don't be upset." she said. "I'm as afraid as you are, even more. But knowing you are with me makes it easier. Please be strong, not just for me, but for our son, our grandchildren."

I promised I would do my best to get us through this tragedy. We held hands until my cell phone rang. I answered it and it was my mother. She told me that they would be arriving later that night. I told my beloved that I would be picking them up.

"Why are they coming?" she questioned.

"You know my mother." I explained. "When she makes up her mind, there is no arguing. She said she wants to come to see you. Besides, you two seem to be getting along."

"We do, but would it be a good idea for her to come?" she inquired.

"Actually what I am trying to figure out is her telling me they are coming." I puzzled. "I hope that she doesn't mean the family."

We smiled a little and noticed her eyes shining as she looked at me. That beautiful look that she always had that made my heart melt when I first met her. I loved her with all my heart and my heart was breaking that I would lose her again. She saw the sadness return and squeezed my hand. This was her reminder of my promise. Barry then entered with our grandchildren and Zhou. I took my granddaughter and Mai raised her bed to take her grandson into her hands.

"They are so beautiful." she said. "They are perfect."

We hovered and acted like huge idiots with these two wonderful additions to our family. It did not last long as Zhou had to feed the babies, my wife was to get a treatment, and I had to get my mother from the airport. Barry went with me and we had just arrived when the plane landed. We waited for the passengers to deplane. My mother got off first, followed my by father, sister and her family, brother and his family. I could not believe what was happening. The family came with my mother and to be with us through this time of trouble. My family was always there for any reason, why would I not expect this. My mother came to me and kissed my cheek. I went to shake my dad's hand, but he held me and gave me a huge hug. I had never felt this in such a long time and it brought me back to my childhood. I hugged my sister, brother, their spouses and children. We somehow fit in my vehicle and went back to the house. Barry and I pulled out sleeping bags and rollways to let everyone someplace to sleep. Dad said that Mom and he would stay at a nearby hotel. I tried to argue with them but they were very set in this decision. My siblings said they would do the same, but wanted the children to stay at the house to be with their cousin and uncle. I could not refuse and we got the adults to the hotel while my wonderful son got his cousins ready for bed. I made sure my parents were settled and they wanted to see their great-grandchildren, but I reminded them that visiting hours was over, but since the next day was Saturday I would take them to see everyone, but could not stay. I explained what happened the previous night and my mother joined the seemingly never ending parade of slaps I received. My father shook his head and told them I was not exactly proud of my behavior. My brother and sister came over to see what the commotion was and my mother embellished my stupidity to them. Well the final slap came from my sister and Stephanie. My brother looked at me, but he just did what my father did. How low could I have gotten seemed to steam off my cheek.

"Listen I got stupid." I said. "I know what I did in the last twenty-four hours does not endear me as the Father of the Year or the prime citizen. I now have to do five hundred hours of community services at a local school as tutor. So will all of you please let this pass? I will pick you all up early and we will head to the hospital."

We agreed to meet at seven the next morning and I left. I did wonder what they would be talking about as I headed to the elevator. As the doors opened and I got in, my father entered.

"Barry, I know you are hurting." he said softly. "I probably have done the same thing, but you need to think of three people. Your wife and the two new lives that are part of our family. I want to offer this to you. There is a hospital, or a chain, called the Cancer Treatment Center. Take Mai there to see if they could do anything for her. I will cover the costs, but do everything you can for her."

I stared at my father. I knew he loved me, but the soft side and the caring in his voice was alien to me. Why was he being so gentle? He was one person who believed in raising his children, especially his sons, as being tough. This was confusing me. When the doors opened he walked with me to the vehicle.

"Barry we need to talk." he began. "First I want to tell you how proud I have always been of you. I know that your mother and I had been upset when you told us you were gay, but you seemed so confident in who you were. Then when you went into the Marines, we were afraid for you. When you told us of Mai Li, we were happy for you, though your mother was not sure why you chose a Vietnamese girl. When you wrote about her, the love you felt for her shone through. Then when you lost her I couldn't help you through the pain. I'm sorry about that. Then when you met Barry and how much you loved him, we were confused about you, but knew you were happy. Then when you told us about finding Mai Li and that Barry was your son, we were happy that you found your love again. What I am trying to say is that I love you son and I am so proud of you."

I looked at the man I loved and hugged him. He reciprocated and I felt a new bond that took us to a new understanding of each other. We remained like that for several minutes. I finally released the embrace and looked at my father. He had been quietly crying and this was another first. I had never seen this man cry ever and now he was showing pain to his son. I ran my thumb over the tears and smiled weakly. He tried to look away and I refused to let him.

"Dad I wished we had this time before." I said. "Scott and I talked about you a lot. We know you love us, but we wish you showed more of yourself. I'm glad now we have this. I love you Dad."

I kissed his cheek and got in the car. I saw him go back in and now had a larger respect for my father. I drove back to the hospital and was stopped by the nurse on duty.

"I just need to talk with my wife quickly." I explained. "Please only five minutes."

She relented and I entered the room. Mai was sitting up and watched me enter. I ran over to kiss her.

"Barry, what are you doing here?" she asked.

I explained the conversation I had with my father and she seemed to brighten with the news. I told her that my family was here for us and we were going to do our best to save her life. I kissed her lips and just held her until the nurse said I had to leave. I kissed her again and left after thanking the nurse.

I went home to find children crashed all over the house and Barry in bed. He smiled at me and asked if everyone was settled at the hotel. I told him the slaps I received and the conversation I had with my dad.

"Do you think it might help?" he asked.

"Don't know, but at least it's a shot." I replied.

"Can I crash here tonight?" he pled with his puppy dog look.

"Yeah, let's just hold each other." I stated.

We slept in our underwear and held onto each other, until there was a knock on the door. My youngest niece, Nancy, came in.

"Uncle Barry, can I sleep with you?" she asked.

"What's the matter honey?" I asked.

"I had a bad dream." she responded. "I dreamed that Mommy was hurt and I could not help."

I pulled back the covers and she climbed on the bed between Barry and myself. I held both my child and my brother's child close. We were asleep quickly and did not wake up until the alarm went off. I got up with an erection and carefully got up so as not to wake either of my charges. I went to the bathroom and put on my robe. I went to put on coffee and began to make breakfast. All of a sudden the aroma seemed to wake the sleeping kin all over the house. A sudden screech came from my bedroom had me turning off the stove and ran to see Barry on the floor on the side of the bed and Nancy throwing a pillow at him.

"Barry has a big peepee." she yelled. "He is a bad boy."

I could not help but laugh and had several children behind me. They all climbed on the bed and a pillow fight commenced. My son was the prime target and his cousins were pelting him with the pillows on the bed. He got up and grabbed whoever got within arm's length and blew on their cheeks. The laughter and giggles got my mind off what was going on in the real world. I began to laugh myself and a pillow hit me in the face. I picked it up and joined in the fun. My two eldest nephews grabbed my arms and tried to take me down, but I wrapped my arms around them and body slammed them onto the bed. The fight continued for quite a long time, but I put it to an end when one of my nieces wound up flying off the bed and I grabbed her before she hit a wall or the floor.

"Okay that's it." I said with a stern voice. "Everyone get a shower and get to the kitchen for breakfast. And there will be no discussion."

Everyone trooped off to the bathrooms and there was the sound of water running as they showered and brushed their cheeks. There were some arguments on who could do what, but I said to finish up or there will be some spankings on the way. While they were getting ready, there was a knock on the door and I answered it.

"Nice way to answer bro." my brother said with a smile.

My family rented a van and drove over. My mom and sister just laughed at my state of near dress, while dad and my in-laws just smiled. I told them the children were getting ready to have breakfast. Mom shooed me out of the kitchen and made sure breakfast was prepared properly. I finished getting ready for the day. Dad came into the bedroom and I told him about my talk with Mai last night. He just looked at me and I could see the stare of amazement on how I was still in shape. I figured it was family genes in action because my father had the same physique as I remembered growing up, just like my brother.

"You know with that body you could have had lots of children." he said.

"Dad, just remember that it's hard to get a guy pregnant." I retorted with a laugh.

We enjoyed the joke and heard Mom yelling for us to come down for breakfast. With everyone there, the children ate in the living room and watched cartoons. We talked about what needed to be done while I took Mai to the nearest Cancer Treatment Center. My parents would stay and look after the house, while my brother looked after the ranch. We went to the hospital and first went to see the babies. Zhou had just finished giving them their breakfast and the twins were ogled over by lots of people. We then gave them their fill of adoration then went to see Mai Li. The doctor was there and was overwhelmed by the mass of people who wanted to get into the room. Though I stayed in the room the entire time, two others would enter and give my wife hugs and kisses that brightened her day. I also explained that we would take her to the Cancer Treatment Center, which he agreed and was able to get us to the one in Philadelphia. We planned to leave by the next weekend. Barry would cover my classes and I would clear my office appointments by that Friday. I left to tutor and worked for almost ten hours tutoring students where they needed help. When I got home, the family was there and I was greeted first by Nancy. I picked her up and kissed her cheek.

"Uncle Barry's home." she yelled.

My mother and sister had dinner ready when I arrived home. They asked me how the tutoring session went and I told them the students were good but needed extra help. It was great to have the family there, even if was because a problem. Barry told me that Zhou and the babies were to be released from the hospital that Monday. We would have to get the room ready for them to move into. My brother bought a second crib and we had it set up after dinner.

Over the week we would visit the hospital until Zhou, Mai, and the babies were released. Mai and I packed our bags to leave on Friday and arrive in Philadelphia later in the day. My mother and sister set up house and took over the care of the twins while Zhou rested. My brother, brother-in-law, and their children went back to Texas, where Mai Li and I left for Philadelphia. We arrived at the hospital and checked in. We were met by an oncologist who got my beloved into a room and said that the tests would begin in the morning.

"You mean we can't go for a tour of Philly?" I joked.

"Well maybe later." the doctor said with a laugh.

I felt better about the week to come. The staff got me a reservation at a local hotel nearby the building and I checked in. I put my bag in the room and went right back to the room. Mai looked lovely and there were several nurses and residents checking her vitals. She saw me and smiled. One of the residents came to me and took me out of the room.

"Mr. Stevenson, we're doing preliminary tests right now, but the full battery begins tomorrow." she said. "It will be a long day for your wife and my suggestion for you is to be here when we bring her back during lunch and later in the afternoon. We did get the records from her doctor and we will do our best, but please don't think we are miracle workers. If we can do anything to help her into remission, then we will."

"I understand." I responded. "Just please take extra special care for her."

The doctor nodded and went back into the room with me. After several minutes the staff left and I closed the door.

"Baby, the resident and I talked." I said. "She said they are going to do their best. But what if they can't help? You know I can't live without you."

"My sweet love, I'm prepared for anything." she responded. "If they can help and save my life, I will be so happy. But if not, then baby just remember until that day, we will live in love always."

We held hands and talked until the nurse said that visiting hours are over. I got up and kissed her lips. She kissed me deeply and I left quietly. I entered my hotel room and called home. Mom told me the babies were sleeping, but everyone else was up. I asked to speak to Barry.

"Hey Dad." he said with a smile in his voice. "How's Mom doing?"

"Well she's sleeping, but they start the tests tomorrow." I replied. "But I want to be honest with you. The doctors said it might be a fifty-fifty chance. I need for you to be strong my son. I don't know how I would be able to handle it."

"Dad, you've been strong." he said. "I know you can handle it. I was thinking about Mom dying and I want to be able to lean on you. Please Dad, I need you."

I knew at that moment, I had to be strong for my family. I made a promise to myself that I would do my best. We talked a little while longer and I told him I loved him and would see him soon. I took a shower and put my body on the bed. I just could not fall asleep immediately. My mind was racing on how could I lose my wife again. I tossed and turned and after almost two hours later, I fell asleep. I had a dream of Mai as she ran to me with her arms outstretched. I called and she waved with a smile. I tried to run, but the more I ran, the further she was from me. I kept crying out and she was moving more and more away. I woke with a start and saw I had slept only two hours. I tried to fall asleep again and had a very fitful night. I woke up in a sweat as if I had been working out for more than an hour. I got up and took another shower. I went to get a quick breakfast, then left for the hospital.

After I had arrived, I found her room empty and the nurse told me that she was in the middle of the morning battery of tests. She suggested I have a seat and wait. I decided to go to the gift shop and get her as many roses as I could. I brought them back and had them scattered around the room. When she came back for lunch, she saw them and me sitting.

"Why did you buy all these?" she asked with a smile. "You should have bought me a teddy bear."

We laughed as the orderlies put her to bed. I did not see them smile, but I took that as they did not like their jobs. I asked Mai what she went through. She said they poked and prodded her so much that she was surprised if her organs were in the same place and that she might not have any blood left. The orderly brought in her lunch, which was light so as not to interfere with the afternoon tests. I sat as she just ate the fruit salad and the tea. I wanted to remember what she was like as she did a normal, everyday activity. I smiled at her and she noticed what I was doing.

"Barry, get yourself some lunch." she said firmly. "It's not going to get me better if you starve yourself."

"I'm okay." I responded. "I will get something later. I just want to be here for you until they come to get you for the afternoon tests. I don't want you to worry. And besides, you don't need a teddy bear. Aren't I furry enough for you?"

We laughed again as she stroked my arm. I took her hand and kissed it gently. I wanted to tell her what I was feeling, but I did not want to upset her with that. She actually shocked me.

"Barry, we need to talk if the tests come back badly." she said. "I want you never to feel sadness. This last year has been so wonderful. We have a beautiful son and now two perfect grandchildren. We need to feel happy about our lives. Please do one thing for me. Do not wait long to take your love in your life again. I know you want Barry as much as he wants you. Please just be happy in your life. And baby one other thing, I want to be cremated and my ashes to be split in two. One for you to keep and the other to be scattered in Vietnam, where we met. Please do that for me."

I could never refuse her and I told her I would fulfill her wishes, but I added that I hope it would not be for a long time. I smiled, but she saw the look of forlorn in my eyes. The orderlies came to get her for the afternoon tests and she left with a wink. I went to get my lunch and I realized how true that hospital food was there to keep you there because it was that bad. I went back to the room and waited what seemed to be forever, but for a couple of hours when they wheeled my wife back. They put her into bed and she was tired. They brought her dinner, but she was not too hungry. She picked at it but finally ate only a little of the spaghetti and the pudding. I tried to prod her to eat more, but she refused. She was tired and I did not want to leave until the very last minute. She slept while I was there and I left quietly after kissing her forehead and cheek.

Another restless night in a hotel room by myself and I realized that this was the first time in the last few years that I have been in a bed by myself. Was I being selfish or truly worried about my wife? I got out of bed and showered quickly. I decided to forego breakfast and got to the hospital as soon as I could. I went into Mai's room and was met by two doctors. Now was the moment I was going to dread for the rest of my life.

"Mr. Stevenson, please have a seat." the elder physician said with a serious look on his face. "We have the test results. I am sad to say that your wife's prognosis is not good. Her cancer has spread and is inoperable. We don't want to give such bad news, but I wish there was something we could do. She has a year, maybe two. She needs your love and care to make he life more comfortable. We can recommend a hospice is you want."

"No." Mai said resolutely. "If I am going to die, it will be at home with my family around me. Just tell us what I need and we will get it. And doctor, I am not mad or sad. I just want to live my life on my terms."

He nodded and said that he will sign the discharge papers for later in the day. After they left, I went to her side and hugged her. I suggested that we tour the city before heading back home. As we got her ready to go, the doctor and nurse came in with a wheelchair. I always thought that having to be taken out of a hospital in a wheelchair was ridiculous, but I guess necessary. I went to get the car and they were waiting for me. As I was helping my wife in the car, the doctor said something that had me think.

"How come your gynecologist missed this?" he asked.

As I shook his hand, I was thinking and began to drive off. As we were approaching the Independence Hall parking lot, it dawned on me that the question was legitimate. I parked the car and turned in my seat.

"Mai, tell me the truth." I said sternly. "Did you know about this before?"

She could not look at me. The truth came through the silence. I could not believe this and wanted to get angry, but something in my brain told me not to be upset. I took her hand and just held it.

"Barry, I should have told you before we got married." she said. "But I thought you would have left me or married my out of pity."

"Baby, when I saw you, I wanted to marry you right then and there." I replied. "If you told me that you were sick, it would not have been out of pity's sake I married you, but because I loved you from the moment I saw you all those years ago. I would have done anything to cure you. But you should have told me from the start. Have you told anyone?"

She shook her head not. I said when we got back home she would need to tell everyone the truth. She was afraid, but agreed. We toured the city and I never let go of her hand. She would squeeze it and I would look into her smiling eyes and gentle face. We finally ended our day and drove home. It was almost midnight when we arrived and everyone was asleep. We went to our bedroom and found Mom and my sister sound asleep. We decided to go to a hotel room and spend the night. We were tired, but made love that night slowly and passionately. As our orgasms merged into one, I realized that this would be one of the last times we would make love.

We got home the next day and Zhou was feeding the babies and Barry was making breakfast. They ran to greet us and asked what the prognosis was. I said we would talk about everything after we ate. Mom and my little sister came in and kissed us. We sat and talked about touring Philadelphia and how we found everyone last night. My mom asked why we did not wake them, so I said it was after midnight and we wanted you to sleep. After the dishes were stacked in the sink, I had everyone sit in the living room with Mai Li and myself on the opposite side.

"First, let me say that the prognosis isn't good." I said. "The doctors there confirmed what was diagnosed here. Mai is very sick and they said maybe a year or two. They did suggest a hospice, but this girl whom I love with all my heart wants to live her life at home. I agree and this will be hard on all of us, but we will manage. We are a family. We will convert my study into a bedroom for her when the time comes because we will need to put medical supplies in there, like a bed and so on. But she needs to tell you something."

She looked at me with a nervous stare, then face the group. She explained that she knew about the cancer two years prior, but could not afford the treatment, which was why it progressed as it did. She did say that even then, the doctors gave her a slim chance of survival. I watched everyone's face and the one that stood out the most was my mother's. She would get this look when she got angry and I saw it cross her face, but before she could utter a word I intervened.

"Listen, this came as a shock to me." I spoke. "And let me tell you I wasn't happy about it. But she is my wife and my family. If you are angry, be angry, but don't ever do or say anything you might regret. I love this woman. I loved her from the moment I saw her and I love her deeper than ever now. We need to pull together as a family. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

My sister, Zhou, and Barry rose and hugged us, but my mother remained seated and would not move. I asked everyone to leave us alone for a little while. I sat next to my mother after they left and took her hand.

"Mom, you might be upset, but believe me not as upset when I first heard the news." I explained. "I need you more than ever. Please forgive her."

"But why would she hide this from you?" she retorted. "How could she not tell you the truth?"

"Mom, let me ask you this, if Dad told you he was going to die before you got married, what would you have done?" I asked.

She thought and looked at me with a look of shame. Her reaction was what Mai said to me. I hugged my mother and told her I loved her. I explained that was what Mai told me when I asked her. My mother said she would be there for us no matter.

As the weeks and months wore on, we worked and played as a family. My father and sister's husband would come out every other weekend. Mai seemed to live life fully. We would take little trips and have fun, but her libido waned. I did not care because she was still with us. Almost a year after the original diagnosis, we were celebrating the twins birthday and Mai was enjoying her grandchildren when she began to stumble. I reached her and carried he to bed.

"Barry, I don't know what is wrong." she said. "I can't seem to stand. Help me."

I called a friend who was a private physician. He came over and examined my wife. He gave her a sedative and we went into the hall.

"Barry I hate to tell you this, but the cancer is finally taking it's toll." he said quietly. "I can't tell you how much longer. We can get her to a hospital right now."

"No." I responded. "She wants to remain at home. I will order a hospital bed and clear out my study."

The doctor signed a prescription order for several items that we would need. He also recommended a hospice nurse to come in to assist with the medications and he placed an order for them. I thanked him for his help and he reminded me of what to expect, especially the pain she was about to go through. My stomach turned and I felt I was ready vomit. He left and I went into our bedroom. Her eyes flickered and smiled weakly. I could not believe how she tried to be strong.

"Barry, I guess this will be a birthday none of us will forget." she said.

I removed my shoes, turned off the lights, and climbed into bed. I just held her and she weakly pressed into me. As she fell asleep, I began to weep. I prayed and hoped that this was all a bad dream, but knew better. I slept and woke every hour just to make sure she was still breathing.

I got up the next morning and was met by my family. They could see that I was not in a good mood and they allowed me to leave for work. It seems that I was going through the motions of teaching, but did not want to be there. I left after my last class, even though I had office hours to keep. Barry met me and said he would cover my office appointments. I got home and found my dad and brother cleaning out the study.

"Hey." I said quietly.

They hugged me and I saw the medical bed in the corner of the study. Mai was brought to the room and I saw a large male looking at her while taking her pulse.

"Get your fucking hands off my wife." I shouted.

"Barry, this is the nurse." my mother explained.

I began to blush and stammered an apology. As my family were straightening the study, the nurse took me aside. He had at least six inches over me and forty pounds. He had muscles and had a very large pair of hands. I apologized again for my outburst.

"No problem." he replied. "First, the name is Harry Blake. Just so you know I am very professional that I would never do anything that would ever harm a patient. Besides, your wife is not my kind, if you know what I mean."

I saw a wink, but I could not believe that he might be making a pass at me. I went to see my beloved and saw her hooked up to medicine monitor. She saw me and smiled.

"Well my knight comes to my rescue." she said softly. "So are you here to protect your maiden fair?"

"You're wish is my command my lady." I joked. "How are you feeling?"

"Barry, I know you want to be here with me." she responded. "But don't forget your job. I would hate to be evicted while I'm dying. Go to work and do your job. Take care of your students. Believe me that I will not leave you unless you are here."

I kissed her tenderly and held her hand. I started to take my meals with my wife and I would never leave her side. Even with her in that small bed, I managed to fit and hold her. I could never leave her side and I would have to be blown away from her. I did what she wanted. I would get up, teach, do my office hours, and come home to be with my family. The grandchildren would run to me and we went to see Mai. Though they could not climb all over her as they wanted, she held and kissed them. I thought this was so poignant, but so heartbreaking that they would lose their grandmother. The hospice nurse would bathe her and I could see he definitely did not have any attraction to her. But I would see his winks and smiles at me. Harry was always polite, but I suspected there was something he wanted. I worried about my love so I pushed it to the back of my mind.


It was a Saturday in April. It was cool out, but still a beautiful sunny morning. I woke up and saw you looking at me. I smiled at you and we kissed. You had been growing weaker and I felt you were ready to die. I just did not want you to go and my heart was breaking. Harry came in and checked your vitals. I saw the look on his face and I could see the end was near. We laid in bed and I held you. We talked about the family and how beautiful the grandchildren are. We talked until you fell asleep. I felt you labored breathing and I just prayed that this would not be it. Your breaths became even more shallow until I heard a small sign and nothing else. The vitals machine announced your death, but I would not let go. Harry, Barry, and the rest of the family rushed in to see me hold you. Barry and the nurse tried to pry you from my arms without success. I acted like a child who just lost his favorite pet. Harry had to give me a sedative and Barry called the funeral home to collect you. When I finally awoke, the realization of what happened finally hit me and I began to frantically search for you. Our son intercepted me and held me. I cried like I had never had before. Barry led me to the couch and held me as the family gathered around. I felt our little boy cry with me and I clung to him tightly. My grief was only reprieved with the knowledge that I had him. For over an hour I could not stop and the family rubbed my back and kissed me. I finally was able to stop and saw the looks on all the faces. They had been crying also and I knew that you were loved. I finally asked where you were and Barry said he had called the funeral home and they had taken you several hours ago. I wanted to see you one last time and he drove me to the mortuary. I saw you on the table and I wanted to die at that moment, but Barry was there to support me. He was the tower of strength that I needed. The mortician came out and asked what we wanted done. I explained your wishes and Barry looked at me very quizzically. I explained what you wanted and he was not sure if he wanted to go to Vietnam. I said you wanted him there and he finally relented. The mortician said if there was anything we wanted to have you dressed in, to bring it and we talked about when to have the wake and funeral. It was agreed to have the wake on Friday and the funeral next Saturday. We left and told everyone the plans. I picked out the blue dress you wore when we went to the play. I selected a piece of jewelry that you said you wanted with you. I sat on our bed and wondered how life would go on without you. I opened the nightstand and tried to find something to have framed of yours. I found a sealed envelope with my name on it. I picked it up and opened it. When I read it, I saw your handwriting and your love coming off the pages. Tears filled my eyes and fell on the pages, but I continued to read. You told me how much you loved me and that no matter what you wanted me to live on with Barry. Then when I read on, I could not believe what you asked of me. You wanted me to remove the wedding ring from your finger to give to our granddaughter and the engagement ring to give to our grandson when he decided to marry. You write that there is cheap duplicates to bury with you so that can be destroyed. I was surprised with your decisions. I finished the letter and put it down. Barry entered and saw the letter. He read it and cried along with me. We agreed to make your wishes come true. The week moved on and I was numb most of it. Family and friends came to the wake and made sure we were alright. The funeral was beautiful with our family on the front pew. Zhou was with us and she gave the eulogy. As we passed to see Mai for the last time, the twins did something funny. They had Barry pick them up and they blew you kisses. As the funeral home took you, we sat and waited for them to return, but it was quite a while until they returned with a beautiful urn. We took you home for the last time. Harry had left us, but said if there was anything he could do please let him know. He did take me aside and told me what they would talk about. He said you would tell him how much you love me and our son. You told him that you wanted me to be happy and never be alone again. I was so glad you had someone to talk with when I was not home. He also told me that he found me attractive, but understood that I was in love with Barry and wished us all the best.



We agreed to go to Vietnam in July, though I remembered how hot the country was when I was there. It took quite a bit of time and string pulling to get the passports and visas set. We got the tickets and it was very expensive, but worth the money. The family flew to Ho Chi Minh City and went through customs. The local police questioned why we were there and I explained that we were here to bring the ashes of my wife home to her village. They were very arrogant about doing that, but I explained that she was a Vietnamese native who wanted part of her to come home. What they could not figure out was how I was able to be able to speak Vietnamese fluently. They looked at Barry intently and I explained he was my son and was a United States citizen. We finally got through customs and went to a local hotel. I had some trouble to find a rental car, but finally got one that could only take myself, Barry, and Zhou. We drove to her family's village and found that her brother and two sisters still lived there. Linh, Nhung, and Minh remembered me. I explained that their sister died and the sisters cried. They also remembered Barry as Vien, which confused me. I asked them why he was called that and they explained that he was the completion of our love. This threw me and began to cry again, not knowing what my love called our son. I asked about their parents and the siblings explained that they had passed away almost ten years prior. I also explained that we wanted to bring Mai's ashes to her village. Minh wanted to refuse, but his sisters argued with him to bring their sister home. I asked to speak to him alone and everyone left us. I explained that I did not know how he felt, but that I loved his sister. I did not want to leave her, but the confusion of the time caused her to be left behind. I had planned to marry her and he should know that no matter what. He stared at me and agreed to allow us to scatter her ashes. The six of us found the graves of her parents and we spread the ashes around them so that she could surround them with her love and being. After a meal with my wife's family, we left to Ho Chi Minh City and found our family walking around the streets. I told them what happened and my father was the one who said the most profound thing.

"Well you brought her home." he said. "Now I think it's time we head home too."

We looked at him and I suggested we stay for another day, but my family wanted to go home. Barry was the most adamant about this because it brought him extremely hurtful memories. We agreed to go home then next day. As we arrived home, my family wanted to know if they wanted me to have them stay. I explained that everything should be alright, so they left the next day. Dad said to call if I needed anything or just to talk. My brother took me aside and said to remember Mai as she was. I took my family to the airport and kissed all of them good-bye.

I went home and Barry had made dinner. We ate and talked a little. Barry asked what I was going to do with Mai's things. I had not thought of it and said I would have to think about it. I was tired and decided to get to bed. I kissed my grandchildren and went to bed. It finally hit me and I started to cry again. All the days from her death until that moment was filled with business of her funeral and carrying out her last wishes. Now it was the first time that I realized I was alone again. I wanted to die at that moment and never wanted to go on. I cried myself to sleep and I woke up. Barry gently shook me and I said I was not going to get up. I turned over and laid there. Barry tried to get me out of bed, but I did not want to do anything ever again. He left me and I just closed my eyes. A few minutes later Zhou came in and shook me. I told her to leave me alone, then she did a great Cher impersonation. I felt a sharp sting cross my cheek.

"Snap out of it." she demanded. "Mai Li died, not you. We both loved her and her love would not want you to live in despair. How dare you dishonor her memory."

"I lost her a second time." I screamed back. "Do you know how hard it was to lose someone twice in a lifetime? Tell me you know how it feels."

"I can't, but she loved you so much." Zhou seethed. "Remember that. When she talked about you before you came back into her life, she shined. I was jealous of that. I knew I could never have her full love because of a ghost. You came back and it hurt. Yes I lost her, but you need to know that she loved you and lives in your heart."

I was dumbfounded. I looked at her and could not believe that I heard her right. I saw tears glisten in her eyes. I felt so low and realized that this person also lost someone also. I took her hand and just held it.

"But it hurts." I uttered softly. "And her birthday is coming up soon."

"I know, but we will get through it." she spoke through the tears. "It will be hard, but as time goes on it will soften. We won't forget her, but we will honor her by living her love in us."

I got up and went to my dresser. I pulled out a gift that I had bought Mai several months before for her birthday hoping she would be with us for it. I handed it to Zhou and she opened it. It was a small chain with a locket. She opened it and there was a picture of Mai, Barry, and myself on one side and a picture of Zhou and Mai on the other. Zhou looked at me in disbelief. She then felt the back side and saw the inscription that I had placed on it. It read Tôi yêu bạn luôn (I love you always.) I asked her to wear it as a bond of our love for Mai Li. Now it was Zhou's turn to cry and I held her until we heard the children getting into mischief. We found them in the kitchen pulling out pots and pans. It was then that I realized that my love was still here with us no matter what.

When Barry came home, we talked. I told him that I did not know how long it would take me to move forward, but to wait for me. He just kissed me tenderly and hugged me.

"Dad, no matter how long it takes, I will be here for you always." he said.

That weekend we gathered Mai Li's belongings and sorted through them. Zhou picked some items that were part of their love. I found something that I knew I was going to keep forever, a picture of the two of us in Vietnam outside the embassy. I had also called my family to see if there was something they would like to keep. They came out and chose some items that would be kept for the future. Barry kept one thing that I thought was a little unusual and later learned why he kept it, a perfume bottle. The remaining items were sent to Goodwill for sale.

Mai's birthday came and we had a little celebration. The grandchildren kept me laughing as they had cake all over their faces. I could feel Mai's presence with us. I did feel a little depressed, but my family kept my spirits up as we talked about my love.

The days and weeks passed and I tried to get through the days. Some days were better than others, but they were still hard. The hardest times were when I was alone in bed. I slept and worked but there was a hole in my soul for my love.

One night I fell asleep and had a strange dream. I was in Vietnam and a Marine again. I saw a beauty from behind and touched her shoulder. When I saw the face, it was Barry. Then a light shone around us and I heard Mai's voice.

"This is your love." she said. "Take this love and live my sweet. I will always be with you and you with me forever. Grieve no more and live."

I woke with a start and got dressed. I drove to Barry's apartment and banged on the door. After several minutes of knocking the door opened slightly.

"Dad, what is it?" he asked groggily.

"We need to talk." I said. "Let me in."

He let me in and we sat on the couch. I must have roused him because he had no clothes on and answered the door in his birthday suit. I then hear a stir come from the bedroom and Harry came out wearing nothing. I began to see that my son was not lonely at nights. The piece of meat that was swinging between his thick thighs might compete in a hot porn set.

"I'm sorry Barry." I said as I tried to excuse myself. "I see you have company."

"It's okay Dad." my son responded. "Harry's a big bottom and all we have been doing is just enjoying each other's company. Besides I think I know why you're here. You're here to say you're ready to move on."

I looked at him in awe and very confused. How could he know that I had that dream about his mother? I tried to get my composure, but Harry sat on my other side and hugged me. This was unusual from a man who was my late wife's nurse.

"Barry, your son is your one love right now and I'm happy, but a little jealous of you." he said softly. "And if you ever hurt him I will be glad to kill you."

"Well you can believe that will never happen." I told him. "But I don't want to come between your relationship."

"Hey like Barry said, I'm enjoy getting off getting fucked." he said with a smirk. "Besides he said that if he tires of your old ass he'll come back to me."

I looked the both of them and they began to laugh. We heard one of the neighbors bang on the walls we quieted down. I then got down on my knee and took my son's hand.

"Barry, I had a dream about you and your mother." I said. "She said to take you as mine. Will you commit your life to me? Even though same-sex couples can marry in this state, relatives can't. But I want you to have me as your one and only."

"Dad, I have waited so long to hear this." he replied. "Yes, a thousand times yes. I know how much you and Mom loved each other and I want our love to match that. But with one condition. Harry is a nice guy and I would like to have him join us from time to time for a little fun. And he gets to keep the apartment. He moved in with me months ago."

I looked at my son and Harry. I saw how much Barry cared for this man, just like his mother had for me. I readily agreed.

"But are you sure you're only a bottom?" I asked. "With that cock, you could probably fuck someone to death."

"Yep, I'm quite sure." he responded. "But Barry did try it out a couple of times."

"Yeah, and I couldn't walk straight for several days." my son added.

"Harry, would you mind if I take my son home?" I queried.

"Only if you do me one favor." he replied.

They led me to the bedroom and stripped me. I saw his hairy mancunt and I could not resist. I began to eat his opening and he shuddered all over. His moans and groans made my effort double as my tongue delve even further into him.

"Oh yeah, Barry was right." he uttered. "You know how to make a man feel good. I wanted you so bad. So you big, bad marine, fuck me."

He had lifted his legs and he amazed me with his limberness. His hard cock was already at his mouth and I saw it was a monstrous 13" and very thick. Barry had coated my own cock with lube and I aimed straight down on his man-slash. I shove it all the way in and forced his cock into his mouth. His muffled scream could only be heard by the three of us as I began to slam his ass hard and long. He grunted with every thrust and his cock moved in and out of his mouth.

"Yeah you hot cock hound." I seethed at him. "You want this don't you? You are such a hot slut."

I pounded him over and over. I then saw his large nut sac move up to his body. I slammed further, but grabbed his cock and pulled it from his mouth. With one last push I could hear him howl and his load exploded all over. Shot after hot shot of white molten lava seed cover his face and hair. He came so much that it did not seem possible. After his third shot and his ass clasped around my own cock, my own release blasted from my body. I growled as my seed filled his colon and bowels. I guess my built up storage of seed needed to go somewhere and it wound up in his man's body. As we finished, I collapsed on Harry as his body relaxed. I looked at his face and he was completely covered in cum. Barry began to lick it off him and shared it with the both of us.

"Barry is so right." Harry said. "You know now to make a man feel so very good."

"I'm sorry I was so rough." I apologized. "I just couldn't stop myself."

"It's okay." he rejoined. "I love it rough. I enjoy hardcore sex, really kinky stuff. I just hope you don't mind doing it with me."

"This would be interesting." I stated.

The three of us kissed and then I realized that Barry had not gotten off. Harry wanted to have his seed mixed with mine. I then got up and my son had already lubed his cock. I was not ready to see Harry ready again, but his cock was standing hard. I had to sample this and began to swallow as much as I could. Though this time took a lot longer, the rush of cum was not any less, but I could swear it was more. It flooded my mouth and spilled out. I swallowed as much of the salty nectar, but I could not take it all. Barry filled the manpussy to overflowing as it ran down Harry's legs. Barry then got up and we presented our cocks to be cleaned, which this nurse did readily and without any reservation. I tried to pull out when I needed to relieve my bladder, but the large submissive man refused and I had to let loose. It seemed like I was a milkshake with a large straw and he was drinking it down to the last drop. When I finished my son just placed the head of his cock out of the reach of the man's mouth and began to piss on his face, up his nose, in his mouth, and in his eyes.

"Don't wash it off." Barry said with a firm voice.

"I won't sir." he responded with a subservient tone.

"And I hope you have some more for me." my son demanded as he faced me.

"Oh you know it boy." I replied. "Now get dressed to go home. And Harry, you will present yourself at our bed tonight."

"Yes sir." he said with a smile. "Imagine, a father-son master team."

We dressed and headed home. I held my son, now my spouse. We go to the bedroom, but was interrupted by Zhou.

"Where the hell have you been?" she demanded.

She then saw Barry and understood. She just asked that we kept it down because the babies were sleeping. We only enjoyed a slow and erotic sixty-nine that allowed us to build our orgasm to a final climax that we both erupted hard and filled each other. We kissed and slept quietly that night.

Harry did join us quite frequently and he was very thoughtful of our feeling, but also showed us a new side of sex. He loved to be fisted and double-fucked. We would go to the apartment where Harry bought a sling. We would fuck him back to back, where he would unload his juices on his body. We would not let him clean himself and the white juices would cake his body. We actually liked him and the grandchildren adored him. He became part of our family and I could never forget how he cared for my beloved.

After a couple of years, teaching was not what it once was. I gathered everyone and asked them a question.

"Would you guys like to move to Texas?" I asked quietly. "Teaching doesn't have the thrill after all this time. Dad is getting on and I want to move to the ranch. What do you all think?"

The children thought it was going to be fun. They had been there several times and loved the horses and cattle. Zhou thought and asked where we would be living. I explained that Mom would love to have them live in the main house, while Barry and I would have our own house on the ranch. Harry looked hurt until I mentioned the servant's quarters next to it, with all the special equipment that was needed. We took a vote and it was unanimous that we all move. I tendered my resignation along with Barry that at the end of the spring semester we would be leaving. Since the house was college housing, we would be bringing our furniture.

We moved and all seemed right. My brother had a house on one side of the ranch, mine was on the other side, where the main house was in the center. I got back into the swing of working on the ranch and it seemed so right. My brother just said one thing when we moved home was that it was about time. Barry took to ranching and Harry's natural strength was quite an asset.

Here we are now with me in my late fifties, Barry in his mid-thirties, and my grandchildren in almost teenagers. They have learned about diversity, not only race, but religion, sexual orientation, and to treat all fairly. They have been told their father was a fag, but they ignored it and their true friends have never shirked from their side. Zhou had adapted and actually love the country life. My mom and sister have taught her many things about living on a ranch and she had won prizes at the county fair for her preserves and jams. She did meet a new love and Dad actually build a house for them to live in. Betty Jean loves the kids and they love her too. But each year we all gather to remember who brought all together - Mai Li. My love I still miss you, but you have brought a great family together.


NOTE: First my apologies for taking so long to finish the story. And I am sorry that there is little sex, but I tried to make this a true love story. I hope that you enjoy it. Finally, if you have any comments, either good or bad, please email me at Please put the title of the story in the subject line as I do have many stories on Nifty. And please also let me know where you are from so I may add you to the Readers' List.