by: 70s Child

The following is a story very loosely based on the Tony Award winning musical Miss Saigon. Though it is very loosely based, copyright laws requires me to state that this is a musical by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil, the same duo that gave the musical world Les Miserables. The first chapter does revolve around the love between a gay man and a woman, but this will also bring the remaining chapters into focus. Now with that out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave and 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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My name is Barry Wilson Stevenson. I grew up in southwest Texas on a cattle ranch that dated back to the 1870s when my great-great-grandfather started it with a few hundred head of cattle. It was handed down and my father had it when I was born in 1955. It was highly successful and though we were not ultra-rich, we were very well off. I have a brother and sister, both older and we never went without. My parents were loving people and they cared for us a great deal. Like most of the people in Texas our lives revolved around football and I played on my high school team with my brother. I played quarterback and he was a great receiver. When I was a senior, I stood 6'2" and weighed 195 solid pounds. I have red hair and green eyes. Oh yes, I am gay. I did come out to my family when I was a sophomore and to only two other people, my girlfriend, Stephanie and my actual lover, Michael Williams, the tight end on the football team. My parents were not thrilled about my sexuality, but they still loved me just the same. My brother and sister took it all in stride. My sister was the funniest since she wanted to compare who I thought was the hottest guys. My brother is straight, but his love for his little brother was unconditional. Stephanie was the head cheerleader and she cared so much about me since we grew up together as far back as either one of us wanted to remember. She was my shield with the rest of the school and she did not care since she was actually in love with my brother, but that is another story. Michael and I became lovers during our freshmen year and though our actual love was just mutual jack-off sessions and blow jobs, we took care of each other.

When I graduated from high school, I did graduate in the top ten of my class. I seemed to have an aptitude for languages and wanted to explore that in college, but I decided I wanted to join the Marines first. My dad was a jarhead and he was very proud of what he accomplished. Since it was an all volunteer military, I just enlisted right out of high school and serve.

"This will make a man out of you." my dad said. "Just do as you're told and you will make it."

I went to Parris Island in South Carolina in the middle of summer. To say it was hot would be the greatest understatement of the millennium. But I was able to make it with minimal problems. It did actually add more muscle to my body. My family was proud that I graduated that they came to see it. My parents, siblings, and much to my surprise Michael, Stephanie, and Roger Peterson. Roger was a guy we graduated from high school with. He was the quintessential geek. He only stood 5'6" and weighed 130 pounds. But rumor had it that he had the biggest cock in school. Though I never saw it, I did wonder. I knew Michael had a large tool, but could someone actually be larger than my best friend? And I was curious why he came to my graduation. I had dinner with my family and we were allowed to be off the camp until formation. I went back to the hotel with my family and I saw Michael and Roger going into the same room. I put this out of my mind for a while when Stephanie and my brother took me aside.

"Hey little brother." Richie said. "We have something to tell you. First congrats on getting through boot camp. I'm so proud of you. But I want to tell you that we are engaged to be married."

"It's about time you dumbfuck." I replied. "I knew how Stephanie felt about you. And I have seen how you've been looking at her. Just remember, I am gonna be your best man."

We playfully shoved each other and hugged. My brother had no problems with intimate contact because we knew how we felt about each other. I hugged and kissed Stephanie.

"You got a good man here." I said to her. "And you better treat her right bro or I'm gonna kick your ass from here to the moon and back."

"I'd like to see you try that fuckwad." he responded with a laugh.

The phone rang and Michael asked me to come to his room. I hugged my brother and Stephanie again and left. I walked the hall to their room and knocked. Roger opened it in his shorts. You could see the outline of a huge piece of manmeat ever. He was very hairy and pulled me inside. As the door closed I saw Michael on all fours and bound. I was ready to knock Roger out and untie my friend until Michael spoke.

"Hey Barry, don't worry." he said. "I love this and I wanted you to see what we do. I hope that you're not mad that Roger and I are together."

"No I'm not, but are you sure about this?" I queried. "I mean you look like a hog trussed up for the slaughter."

"Trust me." he replied. "I love being dominated. And this guy knows how to do it. But we called you for a special reason. I'm about to have my cherry broken and we want you to do it."

"Why me?" I inquired. "Should that belong to your boyfriend?"

"Well two reasons." Roger answered. "First it's our way of giving you a graduation present from boot camp. But second, I don't want to hurt Michael with this."

He lowered his shorts and the outline did him no justice. A huge cock sprung out and it was pointing at me. My eyes bulged and my throat became very moist with the saliva that was forming. My own 7.5" rod began to fill itself. It was 13.5" long and 7" thick. I made sure of that by measuring it later. He had a huge set of nuts that looked like he was ready to play tennis.

"He does have a huge cock." Michael said with his head turned to me. "And he comes a lot. He shoots at least six to seven times. When I'm not there, he saves it for me in a pickle jar and it's almost full every time."

I stood there in awe and then I felt Roger undress me from my uniform. As he undid the buttons, he caressed my chest and played with my nipples under my red hair. He tweak them and my cock became fully hard. He moved his hands down and I felt my belt being undone, then my pants being unbutton and the zipper being lowered. The purplish-red crown of my cut cock was through the opening of my boxers. My mind was in sensory overload and I felt something warm and moist on my stiff pole. Roger had engulfed it to the base and his nose was in the opening and his nose was buried in my red bush. His right hand began fondling my balls and he expertly gave me the best blowjob I ever had. Michael was good, but Roger was the master. I grabbed the back of his head and began to face fuck him with all I had. His tongue expertly moved over the skin flute with ease. My drive was wanting to shoot my load into his body, but this small, geeky teen had other plans for my seed. He seemed to sense my impending release, pulled off, and grabbed my nuts hard. I groaned in pain/pleasure. Still holding the family jewels, he got up and kissed me. I tasted my flesh on his tongue and we kissed passionately for several minutes.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?" Michael cried out. "I thought that this was supposed to have my cherry taken, not you guys to make out."

Roger released my nut sac and walked over to his lover. He slapped his ass several times.

"Listen boy." he said sternly. "You are my bitch and you will watch what I want you to watch and no back talk. Understand?"

"Y-Y-Yes sir." my friend began to cry.

I was started to lose my hardon because no one speaks to my friends like that. I was ready to kill Roger when I saw Michael looking at me and shaking his head no. My mind was trying to comprehend what was going on with him. Roger then applied some lube to my cock and led me to Michael's manhole. I knelt behind him and Roger place the head at his hole. The small teen leaned into my ear.

"Shove it in." he whispered. "He loves it rough and I want to hear him yell for you to stop, then beg for more."

I glared at him and was ready to get off the bed when he shoved my pelvic region forward. Michael screamed like he was being murdered. He tried to move off my pole and I was ready to help, but Roger held me firmly in place. His ass clamped down hard on my cock. He was the tight end and I thought he does have a tight end.

"Please take it out." Michael begged. "It hurts so much. Please Barry, please take it out."

I tried to do that, but Roger was deceptively strong. He held me in place for several minutes and Michael began to relax. I figured that this was the best time to knock Roger to the floor, pull my dick out of Michael, and save my friend until I heard something I did not expect to hear.

"Fuck me Barry." my friend begged. "Fuck me hard and long. Breed me you jarhead bitch. I want to feel that sorry cock of yours in me."

This caused me to see red. No one ever mocks a Marine and to call my pride and joy sorry deserves what he gets. I might not be as large as these two, but I have a nice thick rod and he never complained about it before. I started to fuck him without mercy. He moaned like a whore in heat and I enjoyed hearing his passive wanton wails as I began to move harder and deeper into him. Michael continually begged me to fuck him harder and longer. Roger moves his cock to Michael's lips and shoved 10" before the submissive bitch began to choke. I knew I had to release my load and I did not care where it was going to go.

"So shall I breed this whore?" I asked Roger without care for Michael's feelings.

"Fill him up." the small man smiled. "He's going to be bloated with all the juices in him."

A few strokes more and I felt two things. First Michael shot his load all over the bedspread. Six times his jizz pulsed from his body and I felt the ass muscles wanting to milk me hard. My own load was ready to blast into his hole.


Nine rounds of manmade howitzer shells found its target and filled him with my seed. Michael also began to suck harder on Roger's pole, who finally had all of his meat in the tight end's mouth. I saw the large sac pull up and Roger whimpered as his body spasmed. Michael's Adam's Apple bobbed countless times. He swallowed every bit of his lover's juices. Roger and I collapsed on the bed beside Michael. We undid the ropes that bound him and he stretched his muscles.

"Clean up the mess you made." Roger ordered.

My friend obliged and laid between us.

"So how did this all start?" I asked.

"We met up about a week after you left for boot camp." Michael explained. "I was at Sears using the bathroom and Roger walked in. You knew the rumors about him and I had to look. Well you see they are very true and we went to McDonalds and began to talk. He had been alone, except for a couple of his friends, but they were straight. When they found out he was gay, they dumped him. I went over to his house and we began to make out. He's a great kisser and I had to taste that monster of his. Well as I was sucking him, he became very dominant. At first I was not into it, but then it felt like a change came over me and I needed him to boss me around. I love it now and we have been moving on. I'm sorry about what I said, but you weren't going to fuck me and I needed you to. Besides, you're not done yet."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I demanded.

"Well, when Roger begins to screw me, you're gonna screw him." my friend uttered. "He wants to know how a man feels in his hole."

I looked at the both of them and Roger sheepishly smiled and nodded. Being in our late teens, it did not take long for us to get hard. Michael lay on his back and you could see my seed forming a ring around his hole and some dribbling out. This cause Roger to place his cock at the hole and shove it in with one motion. Michael moaned in pain and pleasure. I spread the hairy cheeks of Roger and saw the brown pucker making kissing motions to me.

"Put a little lube on your cock and around my hole." he said with a smile. "Don't worry about hurting me, I have been using carrots and cucumbers on myself for a couple of years. You can fuck me hard."

I followed his advise and lathered the lube on my pole and his hole. I place it at his entrance and rammed so hard he fell forward on Michael. My friend had long legs and he wrapped them around us. I began to fuck Roger hard with the limited room I was able to maneuver. He moaned and Michael pulled him to his lips and kissed him hard and rough. I reached around and found Roger's nipples. I played with them very roughly and I could hear and feel him moan with pain/pleasure. I rammed him hard and long. He was not able to move, but I could sense he was enjoying the ride. I heard all our breaths becoming rapid and ragged. I was ready to fill his hole with my seed and I shoved in one last time very hard. I growled and shot seven rounds of jizz in Roger. This set him off and he dumped a huge load in Michael's teencunt. Michael then shot his own eight blasts of juices between them. As we collapsed, I pulled out, as did Roger. I noticed that there was a slight brown streak on my cock. I began to get upset.

"Who the fuck cleaned you out?" I demanded. "You two clean my cock right."

They obliged and licked my clean of ass, cum, and shit. Michael moved over my cock and I needed to urinate.

"Get off Mike." I uttered. "I have to piss."

He refused to get off and I tried in vain to get him off me. My bladder won out and a torrent of golden fluid gushed from me into Michael's mouth. He swallowed every bit of it and I wondered what they did. As my last few drops came out, he pulled off and smiled at me. He then took Roger's pole in him and I just saw a contented look on the small teen's face as Michael swallowed a huge amount of urine from him.

"What the fuck are you guys into?" I asked.

"Quite a bit." Michael replied. "Needless to say, Roger has opened a lot of doors to me. I can't wait until we get to college and really experiment. We're gonna be roommates."

I knew my friend and his lover were going to be off on new adventures while I was serving my country.

When I graduated from boot camp, with my skills in languages, I was sent to learn several: Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and for some odd reason, Vietnamese. With the war over, I could not figure that out, but perhaps it was for something in the future, though highly unlikely. After my training and two weeks furlough, I was sent to Paris and the United States Embassy.

As I arrived there, I learned my duties were to man the desk and assist those that needed aide through the embassy and translation during formal dinners and affairs. I was required to get a set of dress blues, which were not cheap to come by, but my father sent me the money and told me I could pay it back at my leisure. It was interesting duty and I was able to see quite a bit of Europe during my off-duty hours. Several of my fellow Marines wanted me to come with them to bars and strip clubs in the Paris nightlife, but I refused because of my secret. Had it been known about my sexual proclivities, it was a sure court-martial, possible time at Leavenworth, and more than likely, my head beaten. I tried to keep my personal life separate from my military life, which was hard because there were a couple of my fellow comrades that were very hot, but I knew they were definitely straight, and very homophobic. My duties also kept me busy, so going out and partying was the furthest thing from my mind. After a year, I was then reassigned to the American Embassy in Vietnam. This seemed a bit unusual, a short tour in one place, and then to be sent to Vietnam was definitely out of the ordinary.

After a short furlough, which I was the best man at my brother's wedding, I was off to Saigon. I did get to see Michael and Roger while I was home and let's say it was a very interesting get together. Michael became more subservient and at one point was wearing some rather provocative women's apparel. He kept his body hair to a minimum and he was very sexy, especially when he was dressed like a maid in a very short skirt. Roger had Michael wear crotchless panties on backwards.

"It's so if I want a quick fuck, no problem." he said with a masculine laugh.

Roger seemed to be a very dominant person and he did love Michael a lot. They were happy and I was very glad for them.

When I arrived in Saigon, I was met by a big surprise. The first person I met in Saigon was my former drill instructor from Parris Island, Pete Sanchez. Pete called me his special project during boot camp because he knew what I was going to be and for him a Marine is a killing machine. I guess his ideas mellowed when I met him. He did tell me that he was finishing his tour as a DI and we might see each other again. He met me at the airport and was taken aback a little. We had a smile for each other, but he was going to show me who the alpha male was.

"Alright maggot, load up." he said in the usual drill instructor way.

"Sir yes sir." I responded with a laugh.

He gave me a playful shove and we were off to the embassy. He told me that he arrived six month prior and specifically asked for Vietnam after boot camp. He had served in country in 1967-68 and was there for the Tet Offensive. He said that peace had been signed, that the country seemed to have quieted down quite a bit. We arrived at the marine barracks and I had to shower. I then dressed in my blues and we went to the meet the commanding officer and ambassador. It was a very short meeting and my duties were like the ones in Paris, helping those needing assistance and translating at functions. This however was different because, not only was I to translate Vietnamese, but also French. I had forgotten that Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos were all part of the French empire until just before I was born.

After the meetings, Pete drove me back to the barracks, where I changed into a pair of shorts and relaxed on my bed. I was tired due to the jet lag and I fell asleep quickly. I was roused from a knock at the door and I saw I had slept almost ten hours. It was dark out and when I answered the door, Pete walked in and sat at the chair by the window.

"Barry, during basic training I had a suspicion that you might be gay." he said matter-of-factly.

I looked at him intently, not saying anything, and not knowing where this was leading.

"You should know that I will not say anything to anyone." he responded. "I cannot see you getting court-martialed, receive a dishonorable discharge, and not getting ahead in the Marines. You have go the ability to do this."

"Thanks." I said with a sigh of relief.

"Just be very careful." he reminded me. "Your career will be gone and that dishonorable discharge will be in your future. You need to understand all the consequences that would go with that."

I pondered how to answer him, but the words came.

"Sarge, just so you know, you are right about me." I replied. "I know you could go to the brass with this, but I know you won't. Besides, I know better than to do anything stupid. I plan to get a good education after the Marines. Besides, I have this weird aversion to getting my ass whipped."

He chuckled.

"Well several of us are going out to a club tonight." he said. "Wanna join us?"

I tried to think of a way out, but since he was being honestly friendly with my sexuality, I thought what would be the harm of my going out.

We were dressed in civilian clothes, but you can still tell we were Marines. We caught a cab and went to a place called Bui Doi. Now there is no actual translation, but the loosest English equivalent was American Fathers. It usually referred to the children of mixed parentage, normally Amerasian children. I was not sure why they called the club Bui Doi until we entered. There was a smarmy little guy, who met everybody, and whose attitude was sleazy. One felt they would need a shower after meeting him. He was of mixed parentage, French-Indochinese. There was a two dollar cover, which we paid and then given a number, mine being sixty-eight. (I know what most of you were thinking, but let us get our minds out of the gutter.) I was not sure what was going on, but most of the guys chuckled when I questioned Pete on why we were given a number. We found a seat and had a round of beers. Pete paid for the round and said that this was a welcoming party for me and to enjoy because it did not happen that often. We kicked back and saw the entertainment. It was a strip club and some of the ones that paraded before us could give you some disease just by looking at you. I knew if I were straight, I would not touch them if I was paid to do so, let alone have sex with them. The club owner came out and gave everyone the same idiotic smile that greeted us as we entered.

"We have a new girl." he announced to the crowd. "She's never been touched."

I just thought that he was trying to give a huge build up and that any girl who worked here had to be very experienced.

"As is the custom, this girl will be going to the lucky winner." he stated. "Get your numbers ready."

That is how I learned about the numbers we were given. It seemed that every time there was a new girl, she would be raffled off with someone in the audience to break her in. He led her out, my eyes just looked, my jaw dropped, my heart raced, as I had just gazed upon the most beautiful thing in my life.

"This is Mai Li." the slimy owner proclaimed. "So pure you would not believe it."

It was at this point the words probably ran true and it was probably the first time in his miserable life the club owner told the truth.

"And the lucky winner of Mai Li is number sixty-eight." he broadcast.

I could not look at anything but this glorious person that was in front of me. I saw an innocence and beauty that was immeasurable. I saw her and for the first time I saw a woman I was not only attracted to, but also falling in love. She looked so demure. She also did what no other female could do. She gave me an erection.

"Come come." the little man said. "Who has number sixty-eight?"

"Look at your number." Pete said as he got me out of my daze.

"I got sixty-eight." I told him. "Why?"

"You lucky shit, you got her." he responded.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I demanded an answer.

"You got her." he explained. "She's yours for the night."

"No fuckin' way." I extorted.

"Go get her, she's yours." the sergeant said with a push.

I stood up and approached. I was so intimidated by this person. I approached the stage, I reached my hand out. She shyly took mine and we were led to a back room. I let her enter first, I followed, and then shut the door. There was a mattress on the floor, a single light bulb, and a chair.

"What a hell hole." I thought to myself. "But what can you expect for a strip joint and whorehouse."

I let her sit on the chair and I stood across from her.

"My name is Barry." I said softly.

She looked at me with fawn-like eyes and my heart broke. She did not wanted to be here, but circumstances forced her into this situation.

"My name is Mai Li." she told me, not sure whether I knew that or not.

I looked at her and could not speak. For several moments, we eyed each other. She stood up and began to unbutton the blouse she was wearing. I reached out, touched her hand, and shook my head no.

"Mai Li, you don't have to if you don't want to." I said quietly.

"But I must." she uttered with a hurt look. "It is the only way to make money. Do I not please you?"

"First you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever met." I replied. "I'm only here because I'm with some buddies that wanted me to come."

"But how will I make money?" she inquired. "My family needs money."

"Let's take this one step at a time." I responded. "Let's get to know each other."

She told me was sixteen years old and had been educated at a local missionary school. Her English was exceptional, especially for someone in Vietnam, but I spoke to her in Vietnamese and this surprised her.

"Many Americans do not learn our language because they feel it is beneath them." she explained to me. "Why do you speak it so well?"

"It's my job." I enlightened her. "My job is as a translator and I was taught a number of languages including Vietnamese."

I told her where I was from and about my family. We created a wonderful bond together, almost like soul mates. I do not know if would be called love or pity. I just wanted to be with someone who want to know me and not make a quick buck. I smiled at her.

"If anyone asked, we did have sex." I said.

"They will know." she stated. "The manager checks the bed to see. If the girl is a true virgin, he looks for the blood on the sheet."

I smiled and let her know how to rectify the situation. I pulled out a pocketknife that I normally carried and cut myself slightly. I drew blood and wiped it on the nasty sheet on the bed and hoped that I would not get any type of infection from it.

"It's a good thing that we did not lie on that thing." I joked. "Who knows what we would have caught."

I then moved to Mai Li and stood her up. I disheveled her hair, then mussed mine. I tore the first couple of buttons on her blouse and pulled it out. I pulled my shirttail out and left a couple of buttons undone.

"I would love to see you again Mai Li." I told her with pleading eyes. "Please say you would too."

"But I have to work." she explained as she looked down.

"How much did he pay for you." I asked her.

"Three hundred in American dollars." she answered.

My dad gave me one thousand dollars before I shipped to Vietnam and I was planning to put it in the bank the next day. I had it on me, which is another reason I carried the knife with me.

"Don't worry." I explained to her. "What is about to happen is that I am going to set you free from this jerk. I will not own you. I can never own something that is as pure and wonderful as you are. Please trust me on this."

When our eyes connected at that moment, the look she gave was one of trust and belief. As we went back out to the club, the hoots and catcalls that met our ears from the crowd resounded off the walls of the building. I went to the owner of the club and looked him directly in the eye.

"Alright, how much do you want for her?" I questioned with grave concern.

He gave me a look or amazement and disbelief that someone could be that direct on a matter of business.

"Look, I want her for my own." I added. "How much?"

"Too rich for you American." he retorted with a sneer.

"All I asked was how much." I repeated with a more direct and firmer tone.

"One thousand dollars." he answered quickly.

"Man you are so cheap that you probably got her for a hundred." I replied with a snort. "I'll tell you what, I'll go three."

"No deal." he stated.

"How much asshole?" I demanded again.

"One thousand." he replied again.

"Listen Hoss, you better start coming down on your price." I explained calmly, but firmly. "If you don't, I will guarantee that you will not have another American in this shithole of yours but tomorrow afternoon. We will declare you off-limits. Try and make money without us. So let`s start dickering, you dick."

I gave Mai Li a quick wink. then turned to my buddies and did the same. My fellow Marines smirked and nodded in agreement. Mai Li had a look of shock on her face not sure what was going on between us. When he heard the phrase off-limits, it caused him to reassess his position in the matter. He did not believe that I could have as much money to by the girl and he knew any price he might quote, I would have to back down in the end.

"How much?" I repeated for the last time.

"Nine hundred." he answered.

"Three fifty." I came back.

"Eight fifty."

"Four hundred."

"Seven fifty." he said.

"Listen, let's just make it easy. Five hundred and this is my final and top offer." I told him with no emotion. "Now it's your call."

He assessed the offer and what my position would be. He knew enlisted men did not have that type of money and that there is no way I could be able to pay him that amount. He figured I was bluffing and would back down with his next statement.

"Done. Five hundred. American. Cash. Now or no deal." he stated with a triumphant flair.

I reached into my pocket and peeled off five $100 bills. He looked at me in astonishment and was trying to figure what he actually did. He knew he could make quite a bit of money with Mai Li, but then realized that it could not happen with no business if the club was declared off-limits. I smiled at Mai Li and reached my hand to hers, which she took tentatively. I led her to our table and introduced her to the men I came with. She did not drink and I got her a soda. Though I did drink beer, I also got myself a soda when Pete pulled me to the door.

"What's going on here?" he asked. "Don't tell me you're switching reams."

"She stirs something in me that I have never felt before." I explained. "She's too good for this place and I know I can take care of her. Just don't give me any grief."

"Hey, I won't." Pete said with a smile. "But how did you have that much money?"

"My dad's a successful rancher." I told him. "He gave me a thousand for any emergency I needed it for. And this looks like a good thing."

"But she's a call girl." he said sternly. "She's gonna take you for all you're worth and dump you."

"I don't think so." I said. "I believes she's still a virgin. Besides I feel something special with her. But I will be keeping my eyes open."

We went back to the table and I handed Mai Li her drink. Our group chatted and I could see she was very uncomfortable in such a large gathering. We finished and I told everyone we were leaving. Pete knew that I was just going to take this wonderful person home, but the others gave me snide remarks which embarrassed her. I held out my had and she took it reassuringly. We left and she told me where she lived. We walked in almost total silence. I did reveal my closely guarded secret to her and he just squeezed my hand tenderly. I looked down at her and smiled. We arrived at the building she was living in and she invited me up to her room. It was small and sparsely furnished.

"The owner set me here." she explained. "So we can come back to do business. I am sorry it is not much."

"Mai Li, it doesn't matter if you lived here on in a palace." I responded. "You are too good for this. I am off tomorrow. I know it seems like I'm buying you, but I want you to be in a better place. I will be here in the morning and we can find a nice place for you to live. And I heard that there is an opening at the embassy for someone to serve at the dinners. I can put a word in for you if you want."

She smiled sweetly and my heart raced. My groin was doing things that had never happened before with a female. I smiled and we agreed that I would come by after morning formation. She took my hand and held it to her face and I began to cry. I could not understand why. She was like a lost child or pet and my heart went out to her. She came to me and kissed my cheek.

"Hush. Don't cry. Bạn là một nguời đan ông rất đặc biệt. (you are a very special man.)" she said softly.

"Bạn đang đẹp và tôi chăm sóc cho bạn rất nhiều. (You are beautiful and I care for you a lot.)" I replied to her.

We went to the door and I kissed her lips tenderly. I reminded her to lock her door and left. My heart soared and I knew that I really loved her. I went back to the embassy barracks. Some of the guys met me and wanted details.

"None of your fuckin' business." I told them.

I went to my room and closed the door. I began to undress and there was a knock. I opened the door and Pete was standing there. He came in and sat down.

"So how was she?" he asked as he smiled.

"She's lovely and no we haven't fucked." I told him. "I really care for her and I think I'm in love. I'm not sure."

"Barry, did she ask for money or did you give her any?" he queried.

"Nope, she didn't and I didn't." I answered. "I don't think she would if I did offer. I am going to find her a nicer place to live. The asshole club owner put her in a shithole of a room. I want to make sure she's in a cleaner and better furnished place. Do you know of any?"

"Yeah. There is a place only a few blocks from here that is pretty nice and is actually cheap. Only twenty-five buck a month." he told me. "Most of them are furnished nicely. Do you think you could afford that for here and meet your own expenses?"

"Yep." I retorted. "I also plan to ask the embassy secretary if she could apply for the serving job that was posted."

"Man you really have it bad for this girl." Pete said with a smirk. "You might wind up being straight after all."

He began to laugh and I charged him. I grabbed him in a full nelson, and though only a few inches shorter than I am, he was very strong. We wrestled and fell on the bed. I got up to get ready to get a shower.

"Pete, just so you know." I said. "When you were my DI, I did have the hots for you. I would have loved to definitely seen you naked and gave you a very wild blowjob."

"You fuck." he responded as he threw a towel at me.

We left the room and I took my shower. My rod sprang up every time I though of Mai Li. She permeated my mind endlessly. I really did care for her and I knew in my heart that she was the one I wanted to marry. I finished my shower and went back to my room. It was an extremely warm night, so I slept nude. I saw her in my dreams and we were making love. It felt wonderful and I really wanted to make her mine. When I climaxed in the dream, I woke and my cock was spurting its juices all over my chest and abs. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

The next day, after formation, I went to pick up Mai Li and Pete accompanied me. She was shocked to see the bull-like man, but I explained he was my DI in boot camp and my friend.

"Nếu nó không cho anh ta, chúng ta sẽ không có đp ứng. (If it wasn`t for him, we wouldn`t have met." I told her.

Pete was very impressed with my Vietnamese and Mai Li smiled when she saw the look on his face. As we left her room, we continued our conversation in her native tongue and I could see Pete felt left out.

"We should talk in English." she said with a smile.

"Don't mind me." he told us. "It's so cute to see you two chatting away without a care."

He directed us to the building and we met with the owner. I explained that I wanted to get Mai Li an apartment, but he was very hesitant. He was French and I could see that he did not want his place to be used as a brothel.

"Ne vous inquiétez pas, je veux juste la mettre ici, parce qu'elle peut travailler à notre ambassade. Y at-il une belle chambre mai-elle avoir? (Don't worry, I just want to put her here because she might be working at our embassy. Is there a nice room she may have?)" I explained to him.

He felt a bit better and showed us to a room on the third floor. It was nicely furnished and had a separate bedroom/bath, kitchen, and living room. It was furnished and he told me it was one hundred twenty-five dong a month. I handed him the amount and explained that I would be visiting frequently, but I would not be staying overnight.

"Une jolie fille comme elle, pourquoi pas? (A pretty girl like her, why not?)" he asked.

I was ready to jump on him, but Pete grabbed my arm and Mai Li grabbed my hand. I just glared at him and asked for the keys curtly. He did and left with just a sneer.

"Américain stupide. (Stupid American.)" he stated as he closed the door.

I started to calm down and looked at Mai Li.

"I'm sorry that you heard that." I seethed. "You don't deserve to be treated like that."

"Barry, just calm down." Pete said. "He's not worth the time and effort to get in trouble for. Besides, you have the place and Mai Li and at least sleep in a place that the roaches and rats aren't armed with guns and knives."

We laughed and left so Mai Li could apply for the position at the embassy. I took her to the office of the staff secretary and left her in capable hands. I went back to my room and changed for the evening. I was in my khakis and was at the door when Mai Li came out. She had a downhearted look on her face and I wanted to console her. She saw me and it looked like she was about to cry.

"You didn't get the job?" I asked.

She looked at me and a huge smile crossed her face.

"I have the job and I must be here for a dinner on Saturday. There must be some minor background checks is what they said, but I should be able to work.

I picked her up and dignity be damned, I spun her around the hallway. A couple of staff members looked at us as if we were crazy, but I really did not care. I put her down and pulled her to the door.

"We're going out to dinner." I said. "You tell me where to go. Remember, I'm still new here."

She found a nice restaurant, and though it was a little expensive, we had a wonderful time. I escorted her back to her old room to collect her belongings, which was not much, then to her new residence. I saw the manager again and I wanted to hit him so badly, but Mai Li just squeezed my hand.

"You must come to dinner to meet my family." she said.

I worried on how they would find me, but she reassured me that I would be more than welcome. We agreed on Sunday and I left. We kissed gently as I departed and I knew even further that I was going to marry this girl.

The rest of the week was busy for me, but I still was able to see her almost every night. We would go walking and talk. When she worked at the embassy, she knew that I could not talk with her and Mai Li took it all in stride. She told me the Sunday we went to meet her family, that I looked so handsome in my dress blues. Her family greeted me with respect and I them. Her father was a farmer north of Saigon and I talked with him in Vietnamese since he could not speak any other language. He was amazed at my ability to speak with great precision. Her mother was a simple woman and I always rose when she entered the room.

"Tại sao bạn làm điều này?" ("Why do you do this?") he asked me.

I explained that is how I was raised, to rise when a lady enters the room. He smiled and explained that in his culture that women are subservient to the men and I should not rise. I told him I understand, but I was raised in the south and that is how we were taught. He laughed and told me that he liked me. He then got very serious.

"Những gì bạn muốn từ con gái của tôi?" ("What do you want from my daughter?") he asked sternly. "Nguời Mỹ đến đy và nhận đuợc cô gái mang thai và để lại. Đ là những gì bạn muốn cho con gái của tôi." (Americans come here and get girls pregnant and leave. Is that what you want my daughter for?")

"No sir." I replied. "Tôi đang roi trong tình yêu với cô ấy. Cô stirs trong tôi những cảm xúc mà tôi đa cảm thấy không cho bất cứ ai khác. Khi thời gian là đng sir, tôi muốn hỏi bạn cho bàn tay của cô trong hôn nhân." ("I am falling in love with her. She stirs in me feelings that I have not felt for anyone else. When the time is right sir, I would like to ask you for her hand in marriage.")

"Bạn có kế hoạch đua cô đến Hoa Kỳ của bạn?" ("Do you plan to take her to your United States?") he queried.

"Có sir." ("Yes sir.") I told him. "Gia đinh tôi là có và tôi muốn cô ấy để đp ứng cho họ và tôi biết họ sẽ tình yêu của cô." ("My family is there and I want her to meet them and I know they will love her.")

"Bạn là một nguời đan ông tốt." ("You are a good man.") her father said. "Cô ấy nói với tôi nhu thế nào mà bạn đa luu của cô từ cuộc đời của nỗi buồn và hủy hoại. Nhung tôi muốn bạn biết rằng bạn phải tốt để cô." ("She told me how you saved her from the life of sadness and ruin. But I want you to know that you must be good to her.")

"I will sir." I responded. "I would do nothing to hurt her ever."

I had dinner with them and Mai Li sat across from me. We smiled at each other and her family would smile or giggle at us. I could feel the heat of embarrassment.

The following months were the best I had ever had lived. We would go out and walk or go to movies. Pete tried to have us come to a club, but Mai Li was very adamant about not going. He understood and kidded me about getting married to her. I knew it was what I wanted. I called my family and explained the situation.

"Barry, I thought you were gay." my mom said.

"Mom, I just don't know now." I responded. "She is wonderful and I have never felt this way about anyone, male or female, in my life."

"Do you have to get married?" she asked.

"Well Mom, I want to bring her home with me after my tour here is over." I said. "I hope you're not disappointed."

"Son, we aren't." Dad said. "If you want to marry her, then do it. We can have a ceremony or party when you bring her home. Meanwhile, find a ring and I will wire you the money for it."

I tried to refuse, but both my parents were very resolute in their decision. I found a nice ring, just a little over a karat, and was going to give it to Mai Li that weekend. I showed it to Pete.

"What, nothing bigger. What a cheapskate." he remarked with a grin.

That Saturday, after a dinner at the embassy, I took Mai Li to one of the offices. We sat down and I looked at her very seriously.

"Mai Li, you have brought out feelings in me that I thought I would never have." I said. "I really care for you. Hell, I love you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

I got down on one knee and presented the box to her. She opened it and saw the diamond engagement ring. She began to cry and said yes. We kissed and I was the happiest person in the world.

"Barry, I want us to make love tonight." she said quietly.

"Mai Li, are you sure?" I replied. "I don't want you to feel that you have to do this."

"I want to." she explained. "I have wanted since you took me away from the club. You want me as a person and you love me. I know it is not sex, but you want me as your wife. I love you and I have loved you since the first day."

She took me by the hand and started to lead me out of the embassy, but I stopped, She looked at me with a puzzled look.

"I have to change and sign out." I reminded her. "And so do you. You're still in your uniform too."

She smiled demurely and told me to meet her at the door in ten minutes. I went to change and hang up my uniform. I told Pete I was going to take Mai Li home and I proposed.

"Well did she accept or did she come to her senses?" he asked with a laugh.

"Fuck you and don't disrespect my bride." I said.

I met Mai Li at the door and we walked hand in hand down the street to her room. We entered and she led me to the bedroom. I had been in there a few times, but this was going to be the first time when we would make love. She reached for me and I sat on the bed. She began to remove my shirt and she saw the hairs on my chest. She began to stroke them gently and rubbed my pecs.

"Barry, you have lots of hair and muscles." she said with a slight grin.

As she continued to unbutton my shirt, she caressed down and rubbed my hard abs. I felt a shudder from her hand and she just looked at me. She removed my shirt and laid it on the dresser behind her. I reached up and started to undo her blouse. With each button I lightly touched her skin and she closed her eyes as her breath began to become deeper. I opened the item of clothing and her bra was exposed to me. I removed her blouse and laid on my shirt. I then unhooked the back of her bra and she let it slip off her to the floor. Her breasts were not large, but they were perfect on her. I began to run my fingers over her skin and lightly touched her nipples and aoreolas. She moaned loudly and fell forward. I grabbed her and held her to my skin. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled weakly.

"My breasts are a weakness to me." she said. "When they are touched, my body shakes and I become weak."

I just smiled at her and I undid the button to her skirt. It loosened and began to fall to the floor also. Her panties were soaked and I removed them from her body. She still had her shoes on and I removed them for her also. The hair around her vagina was trimmed and black. She took my hand and pulled me up. She undid the belt buckle, then unsnapped my jeans. As she lowered my zipper, she saw my boxers exposed. My cock had become erect when I saw her breasts and it was poking out of the slit in my underwear, as it stood its full 7.5". She gawked at it.

"That is very large." she gasped. "Please do not hurt me with it. I am untouched."

"I will take care my love." I told her. "I will be very gentle. You tell me if I am hurting you and I will stop."

I kicked off my sneakers and I fell on the bed as I pulled Mai Li on top of me. Her breasts touched my chest hairs and she moaned louder than before. I felt her entire body shake with pleasure and I knew that I wanted to make her feel so happy. We kissed and rolled on the bed. I reached between her legs and felt how moist she was.

"Are you sure about this?" I said gazing into her eyes.

"Yes my sweet Barry." she replied. "Make love to me."

I placed my turgid rod at her entrance and I slowly pushed. I met a little resistance, but she relented quickly. A gasp escaped her lips as I penetrated her hymen. Then as if years of pent up love was opened, she screamed.

"Oh yes my love." she yelled. "Make love to me. Make me a woman."

I pushed further in and she shook with a very intense orgasm. I slowly began to move in and out, pushing further into her. She moved with me, having orgasm after earth shattering orgasm. I felt her love flow to me and I began to move faster and harder.

"Oh yes, harder." she moaned. "Faster. Harder."

I obliged her wants and I knew I was about to have my own orgasm. After a few more thrusts I plunged in one last time and my seed exploded. I roared like a lion as shot after shot of my love emptied into her warm, loving, and wonderful body. As the last essence of love left me, I fell forward briefly, then moved to my left. I had not lost my erection and Mai Li went with me. I looked into her eyes, which were slightly closed. A smile was on her face and I returned the smile.

"Do you regret this?" I asked her.

"No my sweet Barry." she replied. "I know that you love me and I am willing to give this gift to you."

We kissed deeply and I held her, never wanting to let go. We made love three more times that night and, yes, without protection. I knew that this was stupid, but we wanted this. Each time was just as magical as the first and I knew this was going to be forever. We fell asleep and I held her on my body until the sun was beginning to rise into the window. I jumped up, which startled her.

"I have the duty this morning." I reminded her. "I will be by this evening if you want."

She rose from the bed, her petite and nude body bathed in the dawn's light. She looked like an angel appearing before me. I could not help but to smile and tears filled my eyes. She came up to me and hugged me tightly. I leaned down to kiss her and we held that kiss what seemed for hours, but for only a minute. I left and hurried back to the barracks. I entered quietly and I ran into Pete. He looked at me and began to laugh.

"So you finally got some." he remarked.

"How the fuck could you know?" I retorted. "And fuck you."

"You look like a man who finally lost his virginity." the NCO answered. "And no to the second part. You're not my type and besides, you probably couldn't get it up for a while. Did you use a rubber?"

I lowered my head and shook my head no. I could not give him a reason, so I just gave him the answer.

"That is stupid." he stated. "If she gets knocked up, what are you going to do?"

"What do you think?" I responded. "Remember, we're engaged. I just have to get the paperwork taken care of. If she gets pregnant, all the better. I want a child."

"Barry, just take it one step at a time." Pete said. "Get married, then have a brood that will rival the Brady Bunch."

We laughed and I ran to my room to get ready for the day. I showered, shaved, dressed, and reported for duty. The day was uneventful and I ran to see my fiancée. Mai Li made me dinner and we made love again that night three times. I did bring condoms that time, but Mai Li said she did not want to use them.

"Honey, I don't want us to have to deal with a child before we are ready." I said. "I want us to enjoy our lovemaking without having to worry if you become pregnant. I want a child, but when we are ready."


"Barry, how about every so often we make love without them." she said quietly.

She looked at me with her doe-eyes and I could not refuse her anything. I agreed to that when we feel it was right to do so.

Our days had us seeing each other everyday and making love each night. Our times together were magic and I never wanted it to end. One night, after we made love and we slept, I awoke to find her staring out the window. The moonlight streamed in and bathed her body. It made her look ethereal and the beauty stunned me. I rose and pressed her body to mine and place my chin on her head.

"I love you so very much." I whispered in her ear.

"My sweet Barry." she responded. "I am the happiest woman."

We kissed and went back to bed to make love again. Each time was so special and it pulled us closer and closer spiritually it seemed.


Then March 1975. The North Vietnamese began their invasion of the south. It started off slowly, but gained ground quickly. We were told at the embassy that we might evacuate if the Communists got within twenty miles of Saigon.

I had already started the paperwork for our marriage, but there was a hold-up after the North crossed the border. I went to my commander about the situation.

"Sir, if we have to evacuate, what will this do for my marriage?" I asked.

"If we do have to leave, you may take one person with you." he stated. "You will be given a pass to give her so that she may be evacuated with you."

"Thank you sir." I responded. "Would there be a problem of her entering the United States?"

"Hell son, I will make sure you're married before that happens." my colonel snapped back. "Besides, what's the hurry?"

"Well sir, I have been wanting to marry her for two months now." I answered.

"Don't worry Barry." he said. "Just remember, I get to kiss the bride after you're married."

"Thank you sir." I said with a smile.

I saluted and left his office. I felt better with the situation. As the days passed, things looked grim and we were ordered to pack our gear to prepare to evacuate. I told Mai Li to be ready to leave at a moments notice. We met less frequently, but when we did out love making was so special.

April 28, 1975. Word got out that the North Vietnamese army was approximately fifty miles from Saigon. I had gotten the pass for Mai Li and I made sure she got it.

"My love, we will be leaving tomorrow." I told her. "Be at the gate of the embassy and show them that pass."

"I will Barry." she said. "I have to tell you something, but I will tell you tomorrow. I love you."

I hugged and kissed her deeply. I left for the embassy and found most of the staff shredding or burning documents that needed to be destroyed. I got work and by midnight all documents were gone. The ambassador and his family were evacuated shortly after, then the civilian staff. We were issued our weapons and took up perimeter posts to prevent people who were not allowed entrance. We were also aided by the South Vietnamese soldiers and Saigon police, but I never trusted them.

The next day we were told to prepare to evacuate with our passengers. I was looking for Mai Li, but could not find her. As the planes were evacuating, a mortar attack hit the airport and destroyed the runways. There were no other planes that could take off, so an aircraft carrier dispatched its heliocopters to pick-up the embassy personnel and those who were going to be allowed to leave through the embassy. I checked with the guard at the gate and asked if my love had passed through with her pass. He told me that the pass was picked up and the person was taken to one of the copters. I felt relieved that she was fine. We were the last of the people to leave and it was hard to see many of the locals having to be left behind. As we left the embassy, a sight caught my attention...Mai Li. I screamed that we had to go back because my bride was still outside the embassy. The pilot refused and I began to lean to the hatch.

"MAI LI!!!!" I screamed.

I leaned so far that four men had to pull me back into the vehicle. I struggled and Pete sat on my chest. He gazed deeply in my eyes with sympathy.

"Barry, you can't go back." he said. "I'm sorry, but you can't endanger these men for her."

I glared at him. My mind went blank. I was forced to sit and strapped in to prevent any further problems. When we arrived at the carrier, we were shown our bunks and I began to become extremely moody. I went to look for the marine who told me that Mai Li was safe.

"What the fuck did you mean that my fiancée was safe?" I yelled as I grabbed him by the throat.

"Hey man, I got the pass." he sputtered. "How was I supposed to know who she was?"

A few sailor, including the Chief Petty Officer, walked by as the incident was happening.

"Look what we have here boys." the senior NCO said. "Looks like a couple pussy Marines are having a lover's spat. Let's leave them to make up."

"Hey fucker." I seethed. "My fiancée is still back in that hell hole. So fuck of you squid shit."

"Hey boy, you think you can do anything about that?" he barked. "How about you and me in a boxing match Saturday?"

I believed that I could have ripped his head off his so I agreed. I let the PFC loose and he ran to look for Pete. When my friend found me, I was on the deck looking towards where I thought Vietnam was. I was crying and he put his arm around me.

"Barry, I'm really sorry." he said softly. "But you need to get stop getting mad at everyone and everything. You need to realize that there is nothing you can do."

"I am gonna rip that motherfuckin' CPO's head off his body." I said. "That asshole needs some manners."

"He's taken on badder guys than you." my friend told me. "He will try and hurt you."

"The mood I'm in right now, I will definitely hurt him." I uttered.

Saturday came around. The fight was scheduled after evening chow. I had no appetite, but had something to eat. I had been exercising and when I hit the bag, I was thinking of my love and how much I missed her. I was in great shape and I arrived in a pair of shorts and sneakers. I was given a pair of gloves. Pete had boxed in his youth, so he was my second and taped up my hands. We went to the ring amid a resounding sound of boos and very few cheers. After the introductions, where I learned the Chief was undefeated in his boxing career. He was 5'10" and very stocky, about 230 pounds with a slight paunch. He had a crew cut with black hair and some grey at the temples. He had a ship tattooed on his chest and all I thought is why did this fool do that. I went to my corner and Pete gave me some last minute instructions.

"I heard this guy loves to hit with hard body shots, then some rabbit shots." he told me. "Keep out of the clinches."

I nodded and just glared at the man across from me. We met in the middle of the ring and touched gloves.

"I'm gonna cripple you man." I snarled.

He laughed and the bell rang. Before he could react, I shoved an upper cut into his jaw that staggered him back to the roped and he was on his knees. I was on him so fast, the referee could not get there in time. I proceeded to pummel him hard and such ferocity, it is still talked about today with my friends. I had shattered his jaw, broke three ribs, closed both eyes, broke his nose, and left him in a bloody, unconscious heap. Half the crowd rushed the ring and Pete pulled me off as I was ready to bring down another blow to his head. I was dragged from the ring and to the bunks. After we got in, Pete had to sit me down and got the gloves off me.

"Calm down man." he said frantically. "You nearly killed the guy."

"So what made you stop me?" I asked sarcastically. "I wanted to rip his fuckin' head off."

"It looks like you laid him up." Pete stated. "You're definitely on mean ass bastard when you get angry."

I then began to cry and could not stop. Pete just let me cry myself out. My mind could only think of what happened to Mai Li and who took her pass to get her out. What would life be without her.


NOTE: Well this is the start of another story. I know that the start usually brings the story to fruition, but to have it start with a heterosexual relationship does bring a new twist to the story. I thought basing it on Miss Saigon, that it would bring a fun theme. You will see how it unfolds. I would like to know how you thing of the story. Please email me your thought, either good or bad, to Please put the title of the story in the subject line, along with your name and where you are from so that I may add you to the Readers' List. I hope that you enjoy where the story is going to go. I have added some of the songs from Miss Saigon that go along with the story.





The Heat is On

["Dreamland" is a club filled with American Marines,]
[civilians and south Vietnamese officers. The girls parade]
[around and get the crowd to buy raffle tickets:]
[the winner of the "beauty contest" will be the prize.]

The heat is on in Saigon
The girls are hotter 'n' hell
One of these slits here will be Miss Saigon
God, the tension is high, not to mention the smell
The heat is on in Saigon
Is there a war going on?
Don't ask, I ain't gonna tell

[Two friends, CHRIS and JOHN, are among the Marines. JOHN is with one of the girls]

Ah, Monsieur Chris! Monsieur John!
You've come to win Miss Saigon

I gotta get my friend laid as a last souvenir

I love you, pal, but your bullshit
I've had up to here

The heat is on in Saigon

But 'til they tell us we're gone
I'm gonna buy you a girl

You can buy me a beer

[The girls leave the men and move onto the stage]

See my bikini, it's just the right size

Don't you enjoy how it rides up my thighs?
Look from behind, it'll knock out your eyes

I'll show you: my special trophy of war

For a Marine, I'll show more

You won't get up off the floor
The heat is on in Saigon
Don't tell me I'm reassigned, all that chickenshit sucks
Tonight I'm out of my mind, not to mention ten bucks

If I'm your pin-up, I'll melt all your brass
Stuck on your wall, with a pin in my ass
If you get me, you will
travel first class
I'll show you, we will make magic, chéri

You buy more tickets from me
The winner gets her for free

The meat is cheap in Saigon
I used to love getting stoned, waking up with some whore
I don't know why I went dead, it's not fun anymore

I'm seventeen, and I'm new here today
The village I come from seems so far away
All of the girls know much more what to say
But I know
I have a heart like the sea
A million dreams are in me

Good Jesus, John, who is she?

The Cong is tight'ning the noose
Is it a week or a day or an hour that we got?
Tonight could be our last shot got to put it to use

[The GIRLS come off the stage and mingle with the men.]

Tonight I bet that you and I will get along
Forget about the threat, forget the Viet-Cong

Mimi, Gigi, Yvette or Yvonne
Gonna buy me a beer, and elect Miss Saigon

[The ENGINEER holds the election by holding his hand over]
[each girl's head for applause. When KIM is judged, CHRIS]
[claps loudly, which makes her notice him.]

Yvonne, Yvette, Mimi, Kim, Gigi

[GIGI wins]

Attention, s'il vous plait!
By popular demand
Miss Gigi Van Tranh
Is elected Miss Saigon!

[The ENGINEER puts a cheap tiara on GIGI and a ribbon which says "Miss Saigon".]

The heat is on in Saigon
And things are not going well
But still at midnight, the party goes on
A good-bye party in hell

And now who wins this pussycat?

[The ENGINEER holds a bowl; GIGI picks up a ticket.]

Number 66!

[It is one of the Marines. He cheers with his friends. The scene freezes.]



- The Last Night Of The World Lyrics

In a place that won't let us feel
In a life where nothing seems real
I have found you
I have found you
In a world that's moving too fast
In a world where nothing can last
I will hold you
I will hold you

Our lives will change when tomorrow comes
Tonight our hearts drown the distant drums
and we have music all right
tearing the night

A song
played on a solo saxophone
A crazy sound, a lonely sound
A cry that tells us love goes on and on
played on a solo saxophone
It's telling me
to hold you tight
and dance like it's the last night of the world

On the other side of the earth
There's a place where life still has worth
I will take you
I'll go with you
You won't believe all the things you'll see
I know 'cause you'll see them all with me

If we're together that's when
we'll hear it again

A song
played on a solo saxophone
A crazy sound, a lonely sound
A cry that tells us love goes on and on
Played on a solo saxophone
It's telling me
to hold you tight
and dance like it's the last night of the world

they were all I ever knew
you won't need when I'm through
we may be
I will sing with you
a song...

A song played on a solo saxophone
So stay with me
and hold me tight
and dance
like it's the last night of the world

Songs by Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil